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hoodart ยท a day ago
if you want good, do good.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; you meet in person for the first time
- pairing; k.kenma x gn!reader
- genre; fluff
- w.c; 779
- warnings; none
a/n; for @kirakirasaku ๐Ÿ’• this song is so beautiful and the lyrics are haunting ๐Ÿ˜ญ i can't bring myself to do anything angsty with kenma, he's my lil feral bby so i hope you don't mind this fluffy piece! kozume kenma + yasashii suisei by yoasobi
*this fic is a part of my 500 follower milestone event. check out the other fics here!
Tumblr media
Iโ€™m scared
Kenmaโ€™s thumbs fly across the keyboard.
itโ€™s okay, he types, me too
The little gray bubble appears beneath his message, his left leg bounces.
The bubble disappears, then reappears, going back and forth a few times which only spikes his anxiety even more. Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe he should tell the driver to stop, drop him off right here and get a ride back homeโ€”
Promise you wonโ€™t be disappointed?
Heโ€™s quick to respond.
i could never
Heโ€™s adamant about those three words, wish he could emphasize them with all the emotions swirling around inside of him. How could he be when you gave him the moon and stars? When youโ€™ve slowly become the reason he wakes up in the morning, the last person he thinks of when he falls asleep, the reason heโ€™s always so smiley on his live streams, just knowing youโ€™re there watching and cheering him on.
His phone pings again.
I think thereโ€™s going to be a meteor shower tonight
Kenma glances out the window, at the blurring street lamps and the sliver of the moon. You booked a late flight, taking off for the airport right after work so you could spend an extended weekend with him.
i hope so, he writes, itโ€™ll be fun to watch it with you
He slouches in the seat. how much longer is the flight?
Pilot just announced we should be landing soon. Theyโ€™re turning off the WiFi in preparation
His heart squeezes.
ohโ€ฆ okay
Aww Ken-ken donโ€™t miss me too much ๐Ÿ˜˜
Iโ€™ll see you soon, love
A smile blooms across his face.
see you soon, land safely
You donโ€™t respond after that, the WiFi is probably cut off, and Kenma scrolls through your past conversations. Photos of cats, food and breathtaking landscapes are scattered between little text bubbles. Voice and video call logs litter the screen and Kenma canโ€™t help but grin as he rereads old messages.
He thinks back on the video call you had two months ago. He was exhausted, having come home from back-to-back meetings for an upcoming merch launch but his day is never complete without talking to you.
โ€œYou know,โ€ you said, as you fell back on your bed, his phone screen blurring for a moment from the movement. โ€œI have a three-day weekend coming up in a couple of months.โ€
His heart sped up.
โ€œOh,โ€ he said as casually as possible. โ€œDo you have any plans?โ€
The mischievous grin you gave him made him flush, causing him to avert his eyes and look at the wall. โ€œWell, I was looking at flightsโ€ฆโ€
โ€œAnd?โ€ Kenma knew how impatient he sounded but he didn't care.
โ€œAnd,โ€ you said with a laugh, โ€œItโ€™s actually not that bad.โ€ You sat up, staring into the screen with a serious expression. โ€œWhat do you think, Ken-ken? Should we meet?โ€
You ended up booking the tickets twenty minutes later.
โ€œHaneda airport.โ€
Kenma jumps, a heat prickling his cheeks, ears, and neck as he scrambles to exit the car. He nods at the driver, giving him a 5-star rating and a tip through the app before checking his messages to see if there was anything from you.
So far, nothing.
He sighs and shuffles inside the airport, happy itโ€™s not too busy as he looks for a board with incoming flights information. He checks which terminal youโ€™ll be coming from and proceeds to make his way over. As he walks, Kenma checks his phone and notices a news ad pop up with the words โ€œMETEOR SHOWER: LIVE.โ€ Curious, he clicks on it and sees what looks like a live feed of the night sky, stars twinkling in the digital picture.
Then he sees it. One shoots across the screen. A moment later, a second one. Kenma watches in awe as the stars sparkle and streak across the night sky. Heโ€™s so busy watching, he doesnโ€™t notice that he walked right by you until you softly call his name.
He freezes. His heart is pounding, blood rushing so loudly in his ears, he wonders how on earth he even heard you in the first place. He has to remind himself to breathe as he turns slowly until heโ€™s met with your smile.
Itโ€™s a real smile, not one pixelated on his phone, not one sent to him as a photo that he stares at longingly until Kuroo calls him out on it. No, it's a real smile, one that eclipses the stars (falling or not), the sun, and the moon combined.
You tighten your hold on your suitcase.
โ€œHey Kenma,โ€ you whisper. He pockets his phone, a smile slowly growing on his face.
โ€œHey, Y/N.โ€
Tumblr media
taglist: @rintah0e @justanawolf @amarinthe @akaashis-liquidluck @v4mpirinaa @hikkarins (if you would like to be tagged on future fics, fill out this form!)
reblogs appreciated <3
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embyrinitalics ยท 11 days ago
Chapters: 2/2 Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Link/Zelda (Legend of Zelda) Summary:
The stillness stretched. There never seemed to be a good way to begin, to pick up where they left off. He could feel her calculating beside him: thoughts humming beneath the throb of pendulums, the nauseating jerk of cogs in timepieces, the pulse of her heart.
โ€œThe moon looks beautiful tonight,โ€ she said, testing the waters.
He scoffed quietly, not bothering to look up. โ€œYou think so?โ€
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shinaus ยท 3 months ago
One day you were lying next to Shinso while he was reading, and at one point you began to kiss his cheeks. He didn't say anything to you, but he looked at you lovingly and began to smile. He went back to reading, but you continued to kiss his face. He tried not to be distracted, but when you reached his jawline, he gasped, quietly and softly, looked at you, pouted and said "baby, it's hard for me to focus on reading if you're doing something so cute"
he gasped.... he softly gasped... calls me baby... pouts... god this made me all kinds of fucking feral you have no idea
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angelslant ยท 4 months ago
i know ive been complaining abt focus issues for a while now but girl literally WHAT is going on up there in my brain lately. hello. please.
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tsunonotarou ยท 4 months ago
*hypothetically speaking* IF I was the anon that says how much I look forward to your screaming over Leona hours (basically almost every post, thank you for that btw! You're It's very cute and in no way annoying), and *hypothetically* IF I were to say that I accept your offer for my hand in marriage...๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AY???? AYYYYY?????????????????? ANON??????? HELP ISKCKAKDA
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cor-armatum ยท 14 hours ago
I know you can't stand the the DJD but what if they approached you for a talk ? What r gonna do ?
Tumblr media
โ€œYour hypothetical situation is extremely broad, anonymous messenger. In any case, I would speak with them, and have preparations should the conversation escalate into a conflict. I would not initiate a fight, but I would not hesitate to inform them of where their actions stand in the laws of war and morality. To them, those two things might be the same, so I will be ready to fight and retreat, knowing their ruthlessness.โ€
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