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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#馃枻 anon

If he wasn’t already blushing, he would be now. His arms curl around her too, squeezing her tightly before letting her go.

“Go do your paperwork,” He smiles shyly, “We can’t be too distracted, you know what Hotch said about keeping things professional.” He kisses her anyway, “We can be as affectionate as we like at lunch.”

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i most certainly am doubting you baby, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. but if you want to play that game then sure, let’s see how it goes~


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Garcia nods and leaves the room.

Spencer lets out the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding. “So much for just us.” He whispers, letting out a small laugh a moment later. He squeezes her hand, “Even $50 won’t stop her accidentally telling everyone.”

It’s funny, stupid, ridiculous, typical for him - they agree to keep things quiet and two seconds later get found out. He’s not at all surprised, and although he’s a little bummed about it not being their secret, he’s okay with it. There are worse ways to tell people you’ve been hiding something from them for weeks.

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*Some* men are just horrendous, and I don’t know why but it always seems worse in a workplace setting? Maybe it’s because I am a young female and I do work in an office and that somehow makes me inferior in his eyes? I don’t know. I’m just pretty tired of it. 😅

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Yes I definitely agree with you and the fact that a lot of people go into music without intending to teach despite that fact that everyone has to if they wanna make some money— it sucks but not everyone’s a teacher and that can really affect how kids can learn. Also you study physics? That’s so cool!! 🖤 anon is big brained lol I could never have the braincells to study it properly so I bow down to you haha 😂 that’s a really good way to approach music!! There’s a lot of classism and sort of superiority involved in music (child prodigies and pop stars for ex) tbh which makes it seem a bit exclusionist so I’m really glad that you went after it because you loved it and arent daunted by how it can come off as something for only the virtuosos— and ye im seriously considering redoing it :”) I’d get a better grade and I have the space for it next semester plus it wouldn’t cost me more cuz of the way I’ve paid for my courses

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babyboy would be so clingy after you’re done 🥺 he’d be so whiny, not wanting to get out of bed and you’re like “i have to clean you up baby” but he’s like “nooo mommy just wanna sleep” 🥺 sjdndndj


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There’s nothing you could have done, your highness. I’m sorry. I need to get you out of here before they spot us. We’ll continue to the villa - it might not be overrun.

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i might!! i just have so many things that i want to write and so little time and energy :(

i am thinking about doing a mixed nekoma-fukurodani one soon though!! the power of kuroo and kaashi combined is far too powerful for my tiny pea brain to resist!! 🖤

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maybe!! if i can finally get through my writers’ block any time soon! also,, 👉🏼👈🏼 thank you so much!! i’m really glad you liked them! as for who was who- if you scroll down a lil on my blog, you should find the answers!! 🖤

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normally when you write a post on mobile and highlight your text- a little <s> option will appear next to the bold, italics, and strike-through options!!

otherwise, if you’re on your computer you can highlight your text and press [command] (or ctrl if you’re on a pc, i think) + [shift] + [-] !! i really hope that helps! 🖤

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Genesis smiled and giggled quietly at them sneaking around, it was so much fun. She closed her eyes and gladly kissed him back. She needed this to get through the day. Their kiss was cut off short when she heard a squeal, pulling away and seeing Penelope there. Her eyes widened as Genesis looked at Spencer quickly, pulling Penelope into the break room and closing the door. “Penny, I love you. We will tell you everything sometime soon okay? But please, do not tell a single soul here. We have to keep this between us, okay?” Genesis said and placed her hands on Penelope’s shoulders, giving her pleading eyes. “Promise me, Penny. No Morgan, no whispering to JJ or Emily. Can you keep our secret?”

“Oh!” Garcia looks between them, “oh, yeah, yeah sure um, yeah.” She grins, “I’m so happy for you guys, I… Actually not telling everyone for another week means I’ll win $50 so my lips are most definitely sealed. But I gotta ask why not tell everyone!? Everyone’s been shipping you guys for years.”

“Shipping?” Spencer frowned. “I don’t-“

“Wanting you to get together.” Penelope clarified, “Waiting for you both to realise how in love with each other you are.”

He nods, still somewhat confused, but accepting the term. He frowns after a moment, “You were betting on us?”

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He grins, looks around too, “Me too,” he whispers, and pulls her face to his. It’s not a quick kiss, though it’s not particularly long… and it’s cut short at the sound of a big squeal

“Oh. My. God!” Penelope stands in the door to the break room. “You guys are!” She hurries in, shutting the door behind her, “Since when!? Tell me everything! What happened? Who confessed first? Where did it happen? Why did it happen? Oh my god!”

Spencer can do nothing but stare at her in shock.

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