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antihongseok-networka minute ago
skz, nct, dreamcatcher and the pentagon solo songs (no covers)! - vijfhoek
Stray kids:
Get cool
Victory song
Nct (i assume you a whole yeah?)
From home
Say it
Blow my mind
My everything
Full moon
Silent night
Jazz bar
Fly high
For you
Dodoripyo (thats a duo but im counting it)
Her voice
To do list (another duo but still)
send me an artist/group and I鈥檒l tell you my top 5 songs by them!
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magna-sicut-leonum7 minutes ago
rip to my friends on goodreads who are just helplessly watching me spam the feed with updates of me blasting through the haikyu!! manga 馃槀
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mjelby9 minutes ago
'For me, I hated every single minute of that second half' - Emma Hayes
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imaharrie17 minutes ago
You鈥檙e a fast reader. Wow!
I don鈥檛 consider myself a fast reader at all. I read an average of 100 pages a day and I spend maybe 3 hours per day reading? I saw a bunch of people who can read that in 30-40 minutes so I鈥檇 say I鈥檓 actually pretty slow haha
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dreamsequencer20 minutes ago
To the people saying they think I'm tall: I hate to break it to you but I am 5'2
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bouncyirwin23 minutes ago
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alsaurus-loves-dean29 minutes ago
(it's reluctant!jimmy) I can see where you're coming from with the truck theory, but alas they are just out behind the con center. There'd be loading bays behind the building for catering and other con supplies, which usually have a roll-up garage-like door as well as a regular door, and it looks like they ducked into one of those for their little makeout session :)
Yeah I think they鈥檙e tucked away near the roll-up door in the loading bay, and maybe there鈥檚 a step down in front of that regular door? Which would make that horizontal part high enough that someone could walk under it. because I鈥檓 like, how the heck can anyone go through that door lol
And my life is still ruined because even the loading bay is more secretive than just in the middle of an alley/road like I鈥檇 always thought 馃槶
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pink--and--white29 minutes ago
omg ive been waiting for appreciate anna day ur very very lovely and ur one of my favorite people on this hellsite 馃槡 hope ur day is as wonderful as u are u make the #TumblrExperience heaven 馃榿馃挊馃挊
It's getting ridiculous 馃槀 i have to look for some sets to reblog after every single ask, otherwise your dash would be flooded. (Thanks to that anon who started this trip)
ANYWAY!!!! Stela, so good you're here. Please tell me your secret! Your latest set is the best thing EVERRRRR! And I have to look for some funny post about cam, I need more of your tags 馃槆 (never forget his victorian nightgown)
In conclusion: thank you, my greek goddess! 馃挅
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ryanmasons30 minutes ago
chris coleman giving bale man of the match absolutely love it
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mxflowered0836 minutes ago
Some sort of tag game 馃ぃ
Tagged by: @hyunubear thank you, Niki馃挒
For "science", everyone has their own endearment words. What would your bias' contact name be on your phone?
I'll follow Niki and do this for all mx
Shownu: Nunu or cuddle bear/屑械褔芯馃惢
Wonho: superman or my moon馃挏
Minhyuk: Minmin馃挏
Hyungwon: the meme king or cuore mio鉂わ笍
Kihyun: Ki or hubby鉂わ笍
Jooheon: honey bee or Joo鉂わ笍
Changkyun: Kyun or mon c艙ur/mystery lover馃尮
Tagging: @minhyukopedia @carrotcakerules @morkyun (if you want of course)
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yerimyah43 minutes ago
weeeklie and purble kiss.......
Ahhh thank you~!!!! 馃榿馃榿
Wiggles: Soojin = Soeun > Monday > Jaehee = Zoa > Jihan > Jiyoon
Parking Spot: Ireh > Chaein = Yuki > Dosie > Jieun = Swan > Goeun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Love them 馃グ
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ot-hoe-me46 minutes ago
Tumblr media
After much anticipation, I present to you @pdrrook,聽鉁═hereed鉁
And the debut of my MC, Thea Fairchild (after she changes her name at the end of the VN, I remember that鈥檚 a thing we can do.)
This beautiful work was done by @silkanide and she is an angel~
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unclegarou55 minutes ago
Daddy dom Garou who is new to ddlg and his baby has to show him the ropes but once he gets the hang of it he starts being a real good daddyyyyy who praises his princess hnnnggggg
head empty. only garou calling me princess.
Tumblr media
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kmarz262an hour ago
Tumblr media
#instagood #inspiration #instapicoftheday #picoftheday #nasa #moon #nasa #sendhelp馃槀 (at New City, New York)
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albonooan hour ago
Tumblr media
they tagged red bull 馃拃
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capcarolsdanveran hour ago
E word has a dad bod now. I鈥檓 not saying it鈥檚 a bad thing but I鈥檓 just shookt because didn鈥檛 he just had a photoshoot where he was so fit and even had a caption about working hard for it? Like, it seems like he literally dropped his fitness routine after he did the photoshoot. Good for him I guess. He seems so happy to be in the beach while Brie looks like she enjoyed her phone. Lolz.
Lmao lowkey I thought the exact same thing 馃槀馃拃
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