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@pandorasbox289 tagged me for a selfie so here’s one I took today after getting dressed up for no reason lol also my bangs are so awkward right now but whatever 🤮

I’ll tag @junkyard-gd @chubbawubbadubdub @petite-pixie-princess @catharticwound @sentient-glow @whiskey-nightmares @sigh-beam @wonderinghobbit @weedtortoise @cesttreschic @stayfree86 @stellarlumiere @succubus-kisses and anyone else who wants to do this 😇

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Okay, but seriously? Adam is a TRIP. At first I was like "ah, yes, he probably got his soul ripped straight from his body, typcial fnaf shenanigans-", then I read more and it turned into "oh god, is Adam some eldritch angelic creature, send down to punish, oh god, I need to see his angel form with a billion eyes-" and now I'm left doing nothing but screaming in confusion.


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Umm hello this is the cuteness police, I’m gonna have to cuff u and sentence u to a spanking for being so cute

this made me giggle lol

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i just need to calm down. i’m just overwhelmed right now. it’s a lot to process. there’s a lot i still don’t understand.

there are a lot of good things there, but i… she kind of broke me and i don’t know. i’m probably looking too much into what she’s saying. we were friends before anything. that’s all she wants now. she just wants to be friends again. and i’m just… being me again. being too much.

i just want to go back home. i’m glad shea understood that. and i did ask her to come home with me and… i think i’m going to just have to tell her the truth. i’m still getting over a heartbreak and shit is crazy. i hope she doesn’t hate me or storm off or something. i do like being around her. i’d like to get to know her more. i just… don’t think… it’s going to end up where she’s hoping. and i feel so horrible about it because i do like her. that’s the fucked up part. i do like shea.

but i can’t help it. my mind goes back to tara every day. every time i wake up and when i fall back asleep. and i think being honest about it is the best thing.

the real bummer here is i don’t think tara feels the same. at all. and i think shea will back off of me after that because who the fuck wants to be hanging around a dude that can’t get over his ex? and i’m still going to tell shea the truth because i just can’t lie to her. i just hope that when i tell her, it doesn’t blow up in my face.

i never meant for any of this to happen.

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OMLLLL 19x19 PLEAAASSSEEEEEE 馃サ馃サ馃サ馃サ馃サ that.. with your writing..... and the plot you have... oh god i’d die happy

Anonymous said: Are you gonna have Harry be older than louis in webcam fic? And size difference? 🥺

i’m just gonna combine these since my answers are gonna be pretty much the same dfjkgdjfkgdjf. SO i’m thinking louis will be 19 because he’ll be a first year uni student, so 19 y/o louis omega uni student vibes. and i’m thinking harry will be a little bit older (maybe like 23?) but with similar aesthetics as the 19x19 concept. like 2013/2014 harry with the headscarves and the football jerseys and t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up lmao but then with like 2015-ish harry’s long hair??

so basically this


with this



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there’s a lot going on with my friends. i’m worried about them. i’ll go home this weekend. if shea wants me to even stay that long. i’m just kind of playing it by ear.

i’m worried but i’m also kind of enjoying being here with just her and just hanging out. i don’t really know what advice to offer anyone. i’m not really going through much except trying to fix a broken heart which isn’t meant to sound all sappy and shit.

i’m trying, though. but i’m also enjoying my time before i go back to #therealworld.

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Harrison has some shoulders to die for. I'm not kidding, if he wasnt as gorgeous and lovely as he is I'd fall for him simply for his shoulders. You can tell boy works on his arms. I just know I'd kiss his shoulders every single time he got out a shower. Or worked out. Like, any time I could. Sneak up and just peck and nibble them. Maybe hoping I could slip his towel off in the process. Possibly. Now my brain is working and I need a cool shower. (Blurb? 馃槝馃憠馃憟 please?)

spicy stuff read with caution.

he was fresh out of the shower, water droplets still dotted his exposed skin as he rumagged his dresser for something to wear to bed. the towel loosely wrapped low around his hips threatened on falling off any moment and you couldn’t help but kneel on his bed and sneak your arms around his middle pulling him closer to you, your hands caressing his relaxed abs and chest while your lips placed soft and wet pecks on his broad back slowly moving to his neck then his shoulders. “what’re you doing, love?” he inquired softly, you could hear the grin in his voice and that made you smile against him.

“nothing.” you replied innocently, letting your hands move lower on his torso until they met the towel that covered him. your teeth came in contact with his damp skin at the same time your fingers tugged the towel, easily unraveling the tuck making it pooling around his ankles. your mouth latching on his opposite shoulder as your hand gently held his slowly growing shaft.

“this ain’t ‘nothing’, y/n.” he breathed out, throwing his head back a little then to the side.

“want me to stop?” you quizzed, running your thumb over his tip.

“no.” harrison almost moaned causing you to smirk devilishly before you latched on his neck, swiping it with your tongue while your agile hands worked him up. 

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uhhhm. i’m out here pandemic-ing for two. it’s pretty cool actually like i didn’t see it coming but it’s chill. i feel chill. and it’s actually pretty fun and i’m glad there was some way to get outside without really being around all the crazy people out right now. and not to mention like… she’s really cool and i like being around her. this whole thing is kinda sick.

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