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are mothers aware that they can talk about their trauma with their daughters without inflicting it upon them or is this something they choose to do on purpose

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my brain is trying to make me develop a crush on someone i know from the internet this is insane it’s insane can it please stop

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Un dia mΓ©s sense veure’t ni parlar-te! Els dies aquests els descomptarΓ© de la meva vida, i els afegirΓ© a la columna del temps perdut.

Yet another day without seeing or talking to you! I’ll subtract these days from my life, and add them to the column of wasted time.

- Pere Calders, Cartes d'amor (Love Letters)

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not me 44 chapters into this monster of a wip and having the author say dean isn’t physically attracted to men πŸ§πŸ»β€β™€οΈi’m sorry but what the FUCK did i just read and why the fuck is cas in a female vessel i’m actually gonna

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was talking about txf to one of my cousins and she asked me who plays mulder and when I told her this bitch goes β€œoh like the youtube vlogger guy?”


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Tmi nsfw text


This random muscle in my vagina keeps twitching for no reason and it is driving me bananas hot take but I think it should stop doing that?????????????

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hot bitches have less than 20€ left on their bank account

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why are men so fucking selfish what is up with that why are they so evil and selfish let’s unpack that

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