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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Okay, I know I should be finishing the Lawbin shorts (which I am working on, lol) but my brain did a story-in-my-head thing and… y’all LuSanji. Like, cute kitchen kisses. Being fed snacks. Ranting about the All Blue while Luffy naps in his lap. Sanji growing aggravated with all men but can’t stay mad at his captain. Such a cute rare pair. ToT

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So, my birthday is going to fall into the 3 weeks that we’re in lockdown. It’s honestly pretty sad coz me and my friends planned on going to a laser tag place but yh✌️

But then I realised that there’s so many more people out there whose birthdays are gonna fall into the quarantine/ lockdown months…

So this post is for us! ❤️❤️❤️

If your birthday is going to be spent stuck inside your home & nothing to do,

This one’s for you x

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fjdduchxh anyway, crisis over, but you said mike would try to leave micky but he wasn’t strong enough, but that just made me think about him after he’s gotten a lot better thinking to himself “i could leave. i could just get up and walk out the door. it’ll be good for micky, i can take care of myself” but micky walks in and is like “hey best buddy! wanna help me get some groceries? you can keep track of the list!” and mike just smiles and nods a bit and forgets about leaving micky

Omg,,, when Mike started getting better he’d have moments like “ok. I’m better so now I can leave, it’ll be good for the both of us, he’s done enough I should really leave” but then the moment he sees Micky he’s like “,, maybe,, maybe I’ll leave tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow” 😭 he can’t quite admit to himself that hes become attached to Micky and the things they do together. Mike also can’t admit that he really does need the things Micky has him do, like keeping track of the grocery list, holding the eggs in the front seat of the car, helping put the groceries away, helping with cleaning n all that.

He feels like he’s been a lazy bum all his life so he desperately needs to do these things to feel complete,,😭

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As if this game couldn’t be any cuter, I find out tonight that ACNH lets you stargaze and wish on stars

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