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anna karenina 2012 thread pt 3

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Oooh I’d love to get in on this secret 🥺🥺🥺 and spicy, you say? 😏😏 I love spicy😏😏😏 But honetly, whatever makes you feel comfortable, I’m fine with both insta and pm!

chileee what the heck, that’s wild! Bad classmates are one thing but I feel like online classes have made them a whole lot worse. And I don’t even wanna imagine how group projects are gonna be like this sem either 🤢🤢 I hope you don’t come across those people this time around!!

But yes moving on to the better things life has to offer,,,Kevin Moon!! I definitely gotta agree with you there 100% on everything ugh couldn’t have said it better myself 😤😤 and oof I’d love to join in on the manifestation cause I believe the boyz are really involved in music production, I would like to see their own take on music. In Eric Nam’s podcast, Kevin did say he was into producing experimental music, I wonder how far he could take their discography 😏😏

YAAASSS BABE I’M SO PROUD OF YOU LIKE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME TO HEAR THAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING AMAZING! I REALLY HOPE THIS ENERGY STAYS WITH YOU, YOU DESERVE IT!! 😤🥺❤️ Taking care of yourself can be tough at times and there are bound to be moments when you’ll feel down cause that’s how life is but I hope you have enough energy to be kind to yourself when times are tough (if not then I’ll still be here to do that! 🥺❤️)    

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OMg thank you for this, school and work has me away from this account and my love for writing and tis a tragedy luv 😭😭

But on a real note, thank you for asking me and in a way catching up. Your simple words really made my day😭❤️❤️ I hope you’re doing wonderful, splendid, excellent, amazing yourself!! 

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Oh? So you think you were cringy, eh? Well I’ll be the judge of that!

Name one song from each of these artists off the top of your head

  • Simon Curtis (+3pts)
  • Hollywood Undead (+2pts)
  • BOTDF (+2pts)
  • deadmou5 (+3pts) (+5pts if you discovered him through Goat Simulator)
  • 3OH!3 (+1pt)
  • Melanie Martinez (+1pt) (no points if it’s Play Date)
  • Chris Crocker (+5pts)

Add points if you listened to:

  • Nightcore (+2pts)
  • Fnaf fan songs (+3pts) (If it’s by MiatriSs it’s +5pts)
  • Creepypasta songs (+3pts)
  • The Septiplier song (+5pts)
  • 2009, 2012, and 2022 (+3pts)
  • Psycho Teddy (+5pts)
  • Vocaloid (+3pts)
  • iNSaNiTY (+5pts)

How’d you do? The highest you can get is 50pts. That means you were, in fact, mega cringe

Thanks for playing you cringy bastard!

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one day colleges will do a latine heritage month event that’s only for alt-latines and u wont be allowed to wear red (unless you’re a commie punk) and blazers aren’t allowed. The words business and entrepreneur will be banned. 

then i’ll thrive.

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