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Lolol please keep your kidneys!!!

Right now I’m STRUGGLING to get my current fic done (got kinda in my head and it’s been nearly impossible to fight that when I’m also fatigued) but!! I liked both of the ideas (beards falling in love is truly grade A material imo) and 1) I’m still not 100% set on my bb idea and 2) I want to write a 12 days of Christmas fic if I can 🤞🏻 (and that CEO idea world great for that)

So…..we will see!!

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“I can see that.” Nera laughed softly to herself, as it was quite evident the little cat faunus had made herself comfortable. “Well lucky for you, neither am I.” It didn’t matter when or where; the doctor would always find ways to make time for a faunus child that wanted her attention. And Jayden always put a smile on her face.

She gently pet her head with a gloved hand. “We can stay here for as long as you like. Well… unless your father calls you back.” She laughed again.

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