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nightstitchera minute ago
my neighbors are being loud and having a barbecue that i cannot participate in but they鈥檙e playing fleetwood mac dreams so i can鈥檛 hate them too much. thunder only happens when it鈥檚 raining as they say
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dontcrywritea minute ago
Hello! Here鈥檚 my underwing question and I鈥檓 sorry if I missed this somehow in your posts! But I was wondering if female knights were a common thing in the area of the Lucent Sea or if that would be a conflict Sir Helen would come across. Either way it would be fantastically interesting!
Also as a side note, my mom鈥檚 dog is named Whiskey so her horse has a great name!
Hi!!! I actually haven't talked about this in depth before, but female knights are a common thing in Arla and the surrounding Lucent Sea area! The head knight is a woman as well! There's a healthy mix of male, female and nonbinary knights :))
I personally don't like writing stories (especially fantasy stories) where the characters have to deal with homophobia or racism or misogyny or anything like that on top of the plot. I see enough of that in the real world, and I don't want to write about it! (Not that there's anything wrong with stories that grapple with these issues!! It's just a me thing lol) Though tbh the exception to this is corrupt governments, because there is just something so cathartic about characters curb stomping politicians njvfbhfvh
oh thats so cool!! what kind of dog does she have?? whiskey is one of my favorite names for a pet :))
thank you so much for the ask!! <3
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oakskull3 minutes ago
oak. sit down (or don鈥檛). i am going to tell you a story. and i had no thoughts before opening this ask so it sure isn鈥檛 gonna be coherent. let鈥檚 go.
once upon a time, in the deep and wonderful sky, there were two small spots of light. the people traveling up and down the streets hardly stopped and studied the two, to them, they were just some random stars dotting the star-covered night sky.
but those two spots of light were entwined in a bond of light and joy and friendship. looking closely, one spot of light had a greenish hue to it. the planet鈥檚 name was oak, and he was kindest journalist you鈥檇 find in the millions and millions of skies, he was the best.
beside him, was a star, who answered to star as well as fluff. they were known for their interactions with artists among the galaxies. their bond with oak was eternal, as were they.
to most, the two were simply specks of light in their grand and populated skies, but star and oak鈥檚 unbreakable bond could only be described as the purest and most genuine connection of hearts that one could find. yet to most, they were simply two spots of light who happened to be next to each other. and if you asked them yourself, simply existing by one another would be enough for them.
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soyjazmin5 minutes ago
decided to take myself to get a drink to make my day better and this girl comes up to me and says, "i make you smile. i get your number", i agree, and then she says "the pros and cons of you dating me would be my mouth". 馃槒
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queenbeeharry8 minutes ago
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mayalopez12 minutes ago
do you know if roy is still dead? I really need to catch up with dc
hes back :)
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crankygay14 minutes ago
Mother鈥檚 Day #16 without mine and tbh every time I have to mutter those words to someone else I die a lil inside
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koushiberries16 minutes ago
when i listen to the drums i think of my ex 鈥 but i also think of the one and only: miya atsumu lmfao
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kiyoo-omi16 minutes ago
I should do a ask the character question game in the form or me drawing but my characterization said no </3
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chaoticsue17 minutes ago
omgg happy bday if im not too late 馃挄馃挐馃挅馃帀!! hope it was amazing and that your year ahead brings you so so many good things! 鉁
thank you darling!! 鉂わ笍
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toorusangel18 minutes ago
oh so you say? you better watch your words princess we all know you would be flustered as hell
-oikawa <3
mod: aaaa im so sorry love, i fell asleep last night right before you responded and I鈥檝e been so busy today :( you better be taking care of yourself 馃槨
Oh ofc I would get flustered but it鈥檚 still fun :)) 鈾
(No worries lovey! Hope you鈥檙e taking care of yourself and things slow down so you can relax鈾 I am! Scouts honor)
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lingyaos23 minutes ago
i co-opped with a random person who was at ar25 today and literally one shot their pyro regisvine 馃拃
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shenwu24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
bestest special skill ever
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