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I just want you all to know that if sweater daddy was my hoe hole filler, I’d call him “Handsome Ransom” as a dumb, annoying nickname. 🥺 And liiike he’d probably scowl and grumble about it, and roll his eyes and be a dick, but secretly he’d be preening like a goddamn peacock on the inside. And also, he’d likely ruin me as punishment for my “smart mouth” and teasing, but then he’d be so soft afterwards and I cry from both ends 😭


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Y’all 🥺 I’m the only person in my family my niece came out to (only the 2nd total) but I keep trying to let her know how supportive I am (we are both bisexual) and today she felt comfortable enough to share that she wishes she could wear boys clothes bc her mom won’t let her and then asked if for Christmas or her bday I could get her some tshirts from the boys section. I made sure to tell her that she doesn’t have to be a girl (bc I’m going thru gender identity stuff and I’m pretty sure she is too but I’m letting her figure that out) and I just only realized I’m not straight like two years ago and I just wanted to share

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I don’t want taylor to change much for the re-records at all but if she could just throw in a little “let me see you jump” on ybwm or hygtg I’d be forever grateful for the serotonin

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JAMES I’m gonna cry 😭💖 I love you so freaking much!! You’re genuinely one of my best friends in the world and I’m so so thankful everyday that we met 💖💖💖💖

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Hello hello my lovely ❤️ first of all let me say that I’m so sorry for what you’re going through right now; I am so glad to hear that I could do something so so important as to lighten your day a little more. You are so strong for still going to work and I’m so proud of you, I just want you to know that!!

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madison reyes .

Madison Reyes!


this girl just posted a cover of heather 🥺

she saved my 2020!

forget charlie and owen and jeremy

SHE OWNS MY WHOLE LIFE … as she should and that’s on periodt

that’s it that’s the post

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