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#🧡 anon
spaceman-earthgirl · 5 hours ago
27 and sc, please? 🙂
27. “I can see the stars again.”
“She’s outside.”
Lena doesn’t even need to ask, Alex already knows she’s stepped into the living room looking for Kara.
“Thank you,” Lena smiles. She’d usually be embarrassed, but Alex isn’t smirking, there’s no teasing look in her eye, she’s just smiling as she says the words, and Lena knows it’s because she’s happy that Kara is happy.
Lena steps outside to find Kara lying on the cold, and probably damp grass, eyes on the sky above them.
Kara tilts her head up when she hears Lena, smiles when she finds Lena watching her.
“Look,” Kara says, eyes back on the sky. “I can see the stars again.”
Lena looks up too, and it really is a magnificent sight. Lena knows one of the reasons Kara had been so excited to visit Midvale is because there’s no light pollution like there is in National City, the sky is spread out around them, bright with stars.
“Mind if I join you?” Lena asks, nodding to the empty space beside Kara.
Kara is smiling again as she tilts her head back to look at Lena. “Of course.”
“I’ll be right back,” Lena throws over her shoulder as she ducks back inside, grabbing a blanket to lie down on.
She spreads her newly acquired blanket on the spot next to Kara, can feel Kara watching her as she lies down herself. No sooner than she’s settled on the ground, Kara moves, and Lena assumes it’s so they can share the blanket, which Lena would never complain about even though the blanket is small. She will never admit it, but she definitely grabbed a small blanket so they’d have to cuddle close.
But no, Kara sits up and spins in the spot she’d been lying, only to lie down again, but this time with her head pillowed on Lena’s stomach.
And okay, she’s not going to complain about this either.
“Comfy?” Lena asks, looking down to see blonde hair splayed across her stomach.
“Mmhmm,” Kara hums. Lena can hear the smile on her face.
Lena’s not sure how long they lie there, eyes on the sky above them. At some point, Lena’s hand finds its way into Kara’s hair, gently carding through blonde waves as the lay under the night sky.
“Thank you for coming with me this weekend,” Kara says.
“Thank you for inviting me,” Lena replies.
She’d been slightly terrified, when Kara had asked her to visit Midvale with her, it was a few firsts she wasn’t sure she was ever going to get. It was her first time seeing Eliza since they’d started dating, the first official “meet the parents”.
It’s her first weekend away with Kara.
(Not yet, but later tonight, and Lena doesn’t know this yet, but Kara’s going to say “I love you” to Lena for the first time too).
“Eliza loves you, I’m glad you two get to spend some time together.” Kara turns her head, presses a kiss to Lena’s stomach. “And I’m glad I get to spend some proper time with you too.”
Lena’s not sure how she got so lucky, not only to have Kara in her life, but to have Kara’s family love and accept her too.
“Me too.”
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wolfythewitch · 2 hours ago
He says he never dies because he wasn't even supposed to live that long so it's a bittersweet joke but mans know he will die like SOON and still makes the most of it <3 not fun wolfy <3
Exactly!! You get it!
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hunxi-guilai · 4 hours ago
So like... if an animated corpse can be a “ghost”, how are these guys not “wizards”? wtf is a “cultivator”? Am I a dick for being annoyed by this?
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saintgojo · an hour ago
hey saint ~ i got a question... idk if i'm the only one feeling this, but it's something that I've been seeing for sometime
how do you personally feel when readers don't really take your character growth seriously? Like they constantly feel like they can't accept their growth, so they look back to past chapters so that they don't feel remorse (in which they don't have to since it's their opinion and values) or they don't give redemption a chance? I've seen this in wastelands with rin, but I'm also heavily seeing this in SN too, so I was wondering how you feel as a writer when things like these happen. Because for me, it makes me a bit discouraged when I see comments that say "remember what he did?" or "you wont feel remorse, go read ____ part." Like of course I remember, but the story wont really go anywhere if I keep dwelling on the past, which makes the redemption less impactful? (I hope I'm making sense) Or do you think readers are portraying your story with their irl standards that some characters just seem unforgivable unless you flat out, as a writer, kill them off or tell the readers what they want? Just wanted your opinion, do the comments and audience acceptance as such burden you, or does it motivate you (I know it's something you have no control over)? I just found it a bit odd whenever I would read the comments and get such adamant hate for some characters.
it upsets me, that’s why i said yn’s decision is up to me bc i feel like some people are flat out refusing any character growth. sure you can hate gojo all you want and that’s vv reasonable ofc (in a real life setting, his actions are unforgivable), but rejecting his progress is indirectly an attack to my efforts as well. it’s like whatever i write will never satisfy and it’s highly discouraging. why not just end the series here since nobody wants to see a gojo redemption? no need for me to work my ass off producing 10k chapters every week since he is irredeemable so it’s useless to keep writing.
this is the reason why i wanna disconnect from tumblr lately bc i wanna focus on writing my chapters without any distraction. and before anyone tries to twist my words, i’m not asking people to be a gojo apologist (lol you guys are free to feel whatever). all i want is for everyone to trust the process and appreciate the changes without constantly disregarding my efforts in writing them. you can say “gojo deserves what he’s getting and i really can’t forgive him, but i acknowledge his growth” instead of putting things another way. you’re all entitled to ur opinions, but i’m also entitled to voice out how i’m feeling as a writer.
at this point, none of you have any idea on what’ll happen when the series ends. none of you have any idea how even more interesting the sequel is gonna be. i feel like the journey to get there is difficult for me bc i’ve been feeling less and less motivated to write each day, but all i’m holding onto is my passion for writing.
this is the last time i’ll talk abt this bc i don’t wanna engage in lengthy discourse. i’m always too busy or too drained to do so, but i’m answering this one so i can finally move past this topic.
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woundthatswallows · 5 hours ago
why do you post so much about cannibalism
because it's fun and sexy next question
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ace-culture-is · 3 hours ago
ace culture is following a cool new blog but then you discover they are actually aphobic so now you have to block them...
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savemesomenachos · 3 hours ago
Hii I know you're doing the 200 followers drabbles right now so congrats on that 😊😊 but when ever you get the time I would love to see some Sebastian stan x reader where the reader is playing with his beard and she loves when he rubs it over her neck and he's lying on her chest and it eventually turns to beard burn between her thighs 😉😏
Because we all have a beard kink for this man 😩
Thank you. It doesn't have to be during your drabbles but whenever you get the time 😁
Thank you so much for this request!!! My vagina just spontaneously combusted-
Cry Baby
AN: I think I suck at writing smut but here it is anyway😬
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Female! Reader
Warnings: Smut – Beard burn, oral – f receiving,
Word Count: 839 (forgive the smolness)
18+, Minors DNI
Y/n’s POV:
The sunlight streaming in from the window of our bedroom tickles my eyelids and with a groan, I roll over and cuddle further into the warm chest next to me. A deep chuckle reverberates in my ear, and it sends a pleasant shiver down my spine. He nuzzles his bearded layered cheeks against my own and further down in my neck. I giggle and lean closer to him while wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him impossibly closer.
“Good morning,” he rasps as his arms snake around my waist. A moan escapes my lips as his beard scratches against my cheek and neck. Wordlessly, I pull him closer, so he lies on top of me and his face rests right on my chest while his lips meet my neck.
“Having fun there?” I ask, muffling my laughter in his incredibly soft hair.
“Lots of fun,” he whispers against my skin while continuing to pepper kisses on my neck and working his way down to the top of my breasts.
“Seb,” I whisper, a whimper bubbling up in my throat. “What are you doing?”
“I’m just lovin’ on my girl,” he says, sliding the sheets of my bare body while continuing to kiss every inch of stripped skin.
“It’s so early,” I whine as his beard scratches against my stomach and my back arches off the bed.
“Are you complaining? I can stop if you want,” he smirks as he pulls away almost completely and rests his head in the palm of his hand, staring down at me with a knowing look in his eyes.
“No!” I almost scream. “Don’t.”
His smirk widens and he continues descending my body leaving occasional kisses to tease me.
“Seb, please!” I beg, his arm thrown over my waist, pinning my hips to the mattress below.
“I haven’t even touched you properly yet baby,” he whispers, kissing my hip bone.
I whine and my hands reach forward to tangle in his hair and pull him closer to my centre. He chuckles at my impatience but complies, nonetheless. His lips mouth at my lace covered centre and my fingers involuntarily tighten in his hair and he moans against my clit. The vibrations send a jolt through my body, and he takes that as his cue to slip my panties down my legs with a teasing finger. His lips follow the trail all the way down to my ankle and after he tosses the underwear aside, he works his way up while leaving marks all over my thighs. I whimper as his tongue licks a long stripe across my folds. His lips move further up and attach themselves to my clit. A long, drawn-out moan leaves my lips, and he chuckles darkly.
“Please,” I pant, stroking his cheek lovingly, my eyes begging.
“Aww, I love seeing you beg honey,” he giggles. He fucking giggles and I groan in frustration.
He parts my legs wider and settles comfortable between my thighs as he swipes two of his fingers against my dripping slit. A moan gets caught in my throat as he enters two of his soaked fingers into my drenched pussy and curls them just right. His lips find their way to my clit again and suck while his fingers start to gain momentum. His eyes meet mine and I see the black completely engulf the blue of his irises. I shiver at the intensity of his gaze while my body tries to lift off the bed. His arm keeps me pinned and a warning glare has me on my back again, trying not to squirm. His fingers start to move at a punishing pace while his lips begin to suck harder, and his eyes never stray from mine. My eyes begin to roll to the back of my head with the speed his fingers are going at and suddenly, wave after wave of pleasure washes over me and my body convulses. One of my hands fist his hair while the other clutch the sheets and my thighs tighten around his shoulders.
As I come down from the high, I feel a pleasant burn between my thighs, and I lean up on my elbows as my fingers meet the redness covering my thighs.
“Oh my god, I think that’s from my beard,” Sebastian says, his eyes blown wide open and his fingers grazing the redness which my leg tremble. “Honey, I’m so sorry. I had no idea this would happen and-”
“Babe,” I say, wrapping a hand around his neck and pulling him up to my face and burrowing my face in his neck. “I liked it,” I whisper in his ear to which he pulls back to look into my eyes.
“Yeah?” he asks, a wicked smirk on his lips, his hands rubbing the outside of my thighs.
“Yeah,” I whisper flustered at my bold admission.
“Again?” he asks, already slipping back down my torso, his beard scuffing my breasts and my stomach.
“Definitely,” I whisper, throwing my head back, unsatisfied in the least.
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If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
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genshin-headcanons · 4 hours ago
Additional hc to how much Venti pissed off Zhongli based on the latter's physical form: one can also tell with Venti's. If he summons his wings, there's nothing to be worried about. If he turns into a wind spirit form where he could fly the fastest and harder to catch, one needs to intervene before 'another' archon gets killed.
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pallanophblargh · 3 hours ago
I saw your post about the demonization of snakes on pipeline art.
I just wanted to clarify (in case you didn't already know) that there are native prophecies that state a black snake would come and destroy the land by poisoning it.
The native (anishinaabe at least) have interpreted pipelines to be the black snake of that prophecy. Which is why so much art surrounding the pipeline are of things attacking a black snake.
I wanted to inform you because it comes off as insensitive and ignorant to put down native prophecies because you don't like/understand the symbolism being used. And I'm sure that's not your intent as you clearly care.
The snake can't be swapped out for another animal. The snake carries sacred symbolism. If you change the snake you may as well change the art completely.
I was unaware of the black snake prophecy/symbolism up until this point. And I do apologize if my lamentations regarding snakes came across as ignorant. I can only speak with authority regarding my own background and cultural exposure (white, ex-catholic, etc.) , and welcome those from differing cultures to offer their voices and feedback, if they are willing to share.
Just to go on record: I have zero qualms with native-made art featuring the black snake/pipeline and all its symbolism; my thoughts were more surrounding the tendency for white artists to portray certain animals in extremely negative light, which in many circumstances have concrete repercussions. I also acknowledge my viewpoints do not pertain to cultural expressions outside of my own, and I do respect that.
All in all, this is good to know, and thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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captainkirkk · 17 minutes ago
Idk if this is a hot take but i actually love when the writer of a fic on ao3 has a little monologue in the tags. Gives it a little personality and a lot of the time they expand on the tags already there. I click on a fic with monologue tags quicker than one without them
So do I! It's cute (So long as it's not like,, 200+ tags or something)
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miggiisdumb · 3 hours ago
See now I just wanna be a pretty little fairy just humping barbarian bakugous finger like rabid animal 🤤.Anyways girl I'm gonna go water my kitchen or something...
Nooooo because he’s be so cocky about it😭 chin on one propped up and while the other is palm up for your ass to sit on it and cunt drag on the fat meat of his fingers, your little wings fluttering to every roll you manage to stagger out, gasping and clinging the rest of his finger to ride your high out and fuck, Bakugou’s down so bad since he hasn’t fucked anyone in awhile now. If you weren’t so small, he’d try his chances, but he’ll definitely curl his tongue over your pussy after you’re done cumming because he just needs to get by the week even with just a little taste of you.
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kinschi · 3 hours ago
Your akumabug design made me want to come up with my own and i was thinking instead of using red i could use orange. Sine orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel. And both tikki and marinette have blue eyes. What do you think?
OHH that's amazing!! I think orange would look pretty cool. It makes also sense when thinking about an evil version since the asian lady beetles are actually considered to be "an evil ladybug" and they are often orange.
Have fun designing! 🥰
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captainkirkk · 30 minutes ago
The only Star Wars media I've ever consumed is Rogue One, but I've absorbed so much of the content from the internet that I SMOKED a bunch of guys at Star Wars trivial pursuit. One of them got so mad that he cried, lamo.
Tumblr media
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kanmom51 · 4 hours ago
JUNGKOOK hates skinship with JIMIN. Have you not seen his reactions when JIMIN initiates skinship vs when other members does it? Especially when it's TAEHYUNG. There's a start contrast so i don't get what "big picture" you are talking about lol
OMG I finally see the light anon. JK hates JM's guts. Thank you oh so very much for enlightening me.  What would I have done without your insight??? 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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miggiisdumb · 2 hours ago
This may be too far... but fairy!reader realing just how durable they are. You're tiny, and scare him so much. It sends him into a spiral when you're stepped on one dark night, and it's only when you're desperately pulling on his ear to make him stop that he realizes that you're completely fine despite a painful bend in your wing. He nurses you, holds you in his palm and turns you over for any injuries, just to find none. It comforts you when he asks if he can taste you, so small and sweet in his palm when you lay back and spread your legs. He can't help it, and the tip of his tongue turns into your legs splitting so he can press the flat of his tongue against you, then his tongue is slowly pressing into you. You sob, but just spread your legs as wide as you can and sniffle at how cruel it is as your tummy distorts and you can feel Bakugou's entire tongue stuffed into you deeper than things should be able to be, but it doesn't hurt. It's only a few days until he's fulfilling the wet dreams about you and using your tiny cunt to cockwarm just the tip of his cock while he pumps himself till you're so full of him you're spitting it out your mouth
Pls this would’ve been hotter for me if the poor thing hadn’t been stepped on😭💀
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kinschi · 3 hours ago
I'm thinking about Akumabug's glowing eyes doing that thing where when she moves her head too fast they leave, like, little trails of light... spooky if true
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angeltiddies · 4 hours ago
Genuinely fucken sad right now :(
me too my friend, and that’s okay. take your time to process— ultimately only they know what is best for their relationship— and so i hope that they are able to grow and learn from this and find something good in the sadness — sending you hugs 🫂
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65asuka417 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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miggiisdumb · 2 hours ago
Bullkugo chasing around a new staff member cause shes ovulating an he can *smell* it
God he will not let you work. Bull Bakugou already tries to mount you on the daily as is but he’s extra persistent when you’re at the peak of your most breedable state. He want his cock in you, his cum in you, put a calf in that pretty body and he stops at nothing for it that day. Catches you off guard fixing the fence and damn near breaks your neck when he shoves you forward to bend over and present yourself.
You can only brace for impact and hope that the wood holds up when he finally mounts you, your teeth knocking together at the heavy and fat flop of his dick buries deep in your cunt and he’s huffing a storm at the feeling of your warmth.
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