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“how to prepare and eat a pomegranate” - @/billypotts (x) // unknown // azra t. @/5000letters // luciano ventrone // “eat the music” - kate bush // sara ghedina on flickr // “oom sha la la” - hayley heynderickx // pinterest // louise glück // victor hugot
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dogkin · 6 months ago
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featurefilms · a year ago
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Killing Eve (2018–) Red Dragon (2002) Burning (2018) Jennifer's Body (2009) Hannibal (2013–2015)
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vamp1r3-luv3r · 5 months ago
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oh to have blood covered lips and teeth
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kittie-spit · 9 months ago
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hanmasbunny · 7 months ago
POV: Someone left a voice message
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[sniff] (in a hoarse voice) Hey... Hi... Uhm... [tongue click] Fuck... Uhm... Hi... [chuckle] It's-It's been a while now, right?
Right, this is a voice message who am I fucking kidding.
Hey, I uh... I uh... [deep sigh] I'm not drunk I swear. [nervous chuckle] Just uh... Just drinking... A bottle... One bottle, I swear. [Sniff]
Ah. Fucking shit... Hey, listen... I know I fucked up... I knew you were-- I knew you were trying-- Agh. Fucking shit. [sniff] I'm sorry. I know it's something you don't want to hear... But it's all I can say...
What? It's only been months? Years? [broken laugh] Well, it felt like a fucking eternity for me.
Why did I fucking let go?... [Sniff]
I... I've been scrolling through your socials. You got me worried. Are you okay?
No. Who am I kidding?
Listen, I know... that I hurt you real bad... and that's on me... I said things... did things... that were far from what I said my intentions were.
We both know we were broken and you were trying to fix yourself... But I wasn't...
And I- [voice break] I... I broke you even more because of that. I... I dragged you back down and hurt you... [cries]
I swear... [sniff] I didn't- I knew I was an ass to everyone but I didn't want to be an ass to you... Especially you, I swear...
Ever since you stopped messaging me I realized how I fucked up big time. I tried to ignore it but I can't help but think about you when I'm alone.
Your messages, your voice, your pictures... [laughs] I deleted them but they're still stuck on my mind.
I... Should have said something...
I should have said I love you too because I do. I just found that out a little too late I guess. It was an ass of me to expect you to know that when I didn't do anything concrete to show it.
[silence, chuckles] Is it bad to wish that you'd pick up the phone, right now? Tell me to fuck off. [chuckle] I'd take it. If it meant hearing your voice one more time. But once I hear your voice I just know that I'll try to take you back. [sniff, chuckle] Can't let anyone have what I want.
Ah, fuck. That was a shitty thing to say too. [laughs]
Listen, I was stupid. I gave you things to expect and didn't follow through with it. I really really want to start over... If you would let me.
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© Alfi. Alterations and republications are not allowed. Support the owner.
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myscrubslife · 5 months ago
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Blood donation and organ transplant themed postage stamps from all around the world
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hobgayblin · 3 months ago
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I’ve made a gay little beast for the eldy rings haha don’t worry about it
I stayed up until like 6am the other night frantically writing a shit ton of notes for this guy and how he would be interactable as an NPC so I’m gonna put that under a cut here too sghfghd 
tl;dr: He’s a vampiric shapeshifting beast that wants to be a dragon so bad he’s going to eat all the dragons. And Varre wants to study him because of his weird blood magic. They are gay friends :)
Draethil, Draconic Impersonator (He/It)
Albinistic Vampiric entity, can drink blood of creatures to shapeshift into the source. Obsessed with dragons, desperately wants to be one but cant transform into something that big. Decides to hunt and drink the blood of every dragon it can find to hopefully be able to slowly change into a dragon. Tall, elongated neck, kinda gangly but obviously strong, spikes and small horns, claws, probably tail, etc etc. Current draconic features come from hunting dragons/draconic beasts on his own for a while. Can shapeshift into many different things including a regular human form but given his goal of becoming a dragon he prefers his fucked partially draconic state at the moment.
As an NPC  - large, scary, but very passive, can be encountered randomly in fields, picking flowers or hanging out with animals - if talked too will be surprised you want to talk instead of attacking him - tells you about his interest in dragons, asks if you have encountered any - if you have you can say yes and tell him an area you've seen one in. He will go to that area and can be summoned to help fight that dragon - if you send him to a dragon he will stay there until you kill it OR if you do not kill it before the great rune boss of that region he will try to fight it alone and die. His body will be found by whichever dragon and you can get his armor. - if you summon him and reload/go back to the area you will see him crouched over the dragon/part of it sucking blood from it and muttering to himself about becoming a dragon. You can get his attention by hitting him once and immediately tell him the location of another dragon, which he will again help you fight etc etc - if you dont immediately tell him you will have to find him in one of his random spawns again  - you can also attack him several times in the field/when hes eating if you wanna fight him I guess. He will be difficult either way but he will be MORE difficult if you attack him while eating a dragon corpse. Will use more blood magic incantations and be more aggressive  - if he helps you kill all the dragons and is able to eat them you can find him in [location pending] as a secret boss fight hee hee hoo hoo - he becomes a giant draconic/humanoid abomination and he is such a hard bitch oh man. You dont even know bro. Will no longer drop his armor instead will drop uhhh weapon or helmet that let's you do a draconic transformation like in dark souls
Special Varre interactions/Questline - Sometimes if you talk more to Draethil While he is in the fields he will tell you about a nice masked man he met. This will activate a secondary quest line with Varre - The quests are with Varre but Draethil will tell you more about Varre and himself every subsequent time you find him (while not eating a dragon) - IF YOU HAVE JOINED THE BLOOD CULT. Varre will talk about what an interesting creature Draethil is. Basically he wants to study him like an ant because of his weird blood powers and he wants you to give him an invite. If you find him in the field again you can give him and item and he will accept, stating something along the lines of "a new home? for me?" - You can go back to Varre and see him initiate Draethil Into the blood cult. Reload and Varre will have more dialogue about him, but he will be gone and continue his regular quest line - Gives Varre a quest line where u dont have to kill him to finish it - Whenever you kill a dragon for Draethil's quest line Varre will have more dialogue about him - if you get all the dialogue from Varre he will be summonable for Draethil's big boss fight - If you kill Draethil with Varre summoned you can reload and see him kneeling by the corpse, being sad and saying sad shit. Varre will give you Draethil's armor. This is the only way to get the armor and do the boss fight - If Varre is summoned and can survive the fight, when Draethil is at about 1/5th health Varre can help pacify him and there is an option for surrender - If you spare him during the boss fight and then attack him anyway he will die instantly, giving you his boss item,  but Varre will immediately become hostile and attack you - if you let him live you will get gay dialogue between him and Varre and he will permanently go hang out with him. He will also assume his human form (realized his dream may be a bit fucked, finds new comfort in humanity) and become a teacher for blood incantions. - He will also give you an item called Vampiric Blood Vial or s/t like that and it’s basically a mimic veil but instead of changing into objects in the area you change into fauna like turtles or goats and can run around as those.
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🍭💕🌈🧟‍♀️🩸Roripoppu Chēnsō🍭💕🌈🧟‍♂️🩸
Commission from @basilfawn!💖💖💖
Thank you!🥰🥰🥰
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 3 months ago
we've lost :(
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nxivm · a month ago
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twistedtapeworm · 4 months ago
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Anyone else excited for the stage in climate change where Jellyfish take over the planet?!
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featurefilms · a year ago
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I didn't expect a knife, though. Is it the one missing from the kitchen? — Poison Study, Maria V. Snyder
Misery (1990) His House (2020) Halloween (1978) The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) Scream (1996) Hush (2016) Parasite (2019) The Invisible Man (2020) Malcolm & Marie (2021) Candyman (1992)
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deepestcondolences · 5 months ago
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meta angel
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kittie-spit · 8 months ago
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crypitd · 7 months ago
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🦤 Haunted Dodo Bird Skeleton for Halloween! 🎃
Happy Halloween!
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© Harlen Chen
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too-hard-and-fast · 7 months ago
Oh fuck there's people here now.
┈┈┈┈․° ☣ °․┈┈┈┈
Follow my rules or fuck off
Have your age in bio or message it to me
No minors, I'm 24, this should be an obvious one
I don't chat, you can try but I probably won't respond
You can send me dirty asks but i will block you if you're an ass or break my rules (i still might not respond)
┈┈┈┈․° ☣ °․┈┈┈┈
Terfs, transphobes, truscum whatever bullshit word y'all came up with to be a pice of shit
ED blogs
Racists, including race play
If you don't have your age in your bio i will assume you're underage and block you.
┈┈┈┈․° ☣ °․┈┈┈┈
CNC stands for
💢 Consensual
💢 Non
💢 Consent
Consent is key. Everything here is about roleplay with a consenting partner/partners.
┈┈┈┈․° ☣ °․┈┈┈┈
Search the emoji in tags (im not good at tagging though)
CNC 🌶️
R4pe play 🙊
Weapons 🔪
Blood 🩸
Crying 😭
Breath play 💨
Pregnancy/breeding 🤰🏽
Lactation 🐄
Somno 💤
Monsters 👹
Petplay 🐾
Eggs 🥚
Object insertion 🍾
Interact with me 💌
I tag my posts #babbles or #🖋️
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tallymali · a month ago
Panty check??
do not ask me this for the next uhh four days
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fvgitive-pilgrim · 6 days ago
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I ❤️ Juliet Starling.💖💛 Like, alot!💖🌈🍭🩸💕✨
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