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#🪐 anon
seakicker · 8 days ago
foul legacy tounge fucking you with his long monster tounge *giggles*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i just wanna say i am SO glad all four of us are on the same page when it comes to "foul legacy childe having a very long tongue" because god... all i'm able to think about sometimes with foul legacy childe is how he must have the biggest, pointiest, sharpest teeth and the longest, slimiest, thickest tongue under that mask yknow... boy what that mouf do!!!
also side note, i think i describe foul legacy childe to be bigger than he already is in canon (in terms of height, hand size, etc.) but you know what? good for me. it's what we deserve. massive foul legacy childe is what we all deserve. <3
Tumblr media
well, aren't you just adorable like this? look at you, your body's so small compared to his while he's in this form... he can cradle your body effortlessly in one hand, supporting the weight of your entire frame with just one of his hands. you're like a little doll, lying limp in his palm as he toys with you however he pleases. he thinks it's fun to toy with you, prod you, and play with you like this— poking a long, clawed finger at your breasts, lifting you up off the ground and holding you in his big, strong arms, and, most importantly of all, effortlessly overstimulating you as you squirm in his hold and weakly beg for mercy.
he had torn your tights and your panties right down the center with one of his claws, leaving your pussy bare and exposed for him and him alone— he would never let anyone else get the pleasure of experiencing you when you're like this. you don't even care about him ruining yet another pair of tights and yet another pair of panties (he kinda has a thing for just ripping your clothes to shreds in this form rather than allowing you to strip yourself; it's an easy display of power for him that really gets you and him going), all you can care about is the feeling of his long, almost reptilian tongue licking up one of your thighs, swirling over your pubic bone, and ultimately tracing down to lap a stripe over your pussy.
there's a low, echoing chuckle that rumbles from childe's chest when you squirm in his grasp, letting out a tiny whine of his name as he flicks his tongue back and forth over the lips of your cunt and your swollen clit, teasing you endlessly until you're all but begging for him to fuck you with his tongue the way he knows you like. you're shivering and squirming helplessly as he just continues to tease you— there's nothing he loves more than rendering you a whiny, pliant, desperate mess— and he's amused by just how wet you're already getting for him; he can see your wetness shimmering on your inner thighs as he continues to tease you.
before he indulges you, he'll humiliate you a little more just because it's fun. being able to play with his darling little lover like they're little more than a doll is way too fun for him for cut back on— he wants to work you up until you're crying and begging to be fucked by him. childe hunches over, his mask splits open, and he's revealing those two rows of sharp, jagged fangs and that long, slimy tongue you love so much. he intimidates you in just the right way— he never scares you, as he's still soft for you even while he's humiliating you and working you up to the point of tears. his overwhelming size, stature, and presence intimidate you in the way that arouses you; you like feeling small and helpless before him like this. childe will give your cheek a long lick with his tongue just like a beast, prodding at your skin with the tip of his tongue as he brings his other hand up to rub against your bare pussy. you moan when he commands you to open your mouth with that deep, rumbling voice of his and you obey, shyly opening your mouth and wincing when some of the saliva dripping off of his tongue lands onto your tongue. he chuckles and requests that you just hold his saliva on your tongue in a pool for a moment before he allows you to swallow, and you're so embarrassed you could just melt, but you obey. you always obey him.
once he's had enough of teasing you and once he's decided that you've begged enough, he'll prod at your pussy once more with the tip of his tongue, and you don't realize how wound up you are until that simple alone gesture elicits a harsh, depraved whine from your throat. your boyfriend laughs again and swirls his tongue around your clit a few times for good measure, your back arching up off of the palm he's cradling your body in as you offer him one more "please". childe finally, finally gives in, sliding his tongue into you and, quite literally, fucking you with his tongue. it's not like when he's eating you out outside of his foul legacy form; when he's like this, he can literally fuck you with his tongue— it's certainly long enough and thick enough to fuck you with. he can reach your cervix with the tip of his tongue, lapping at the deepest part of your pussy as you squirm and writhe from the overwhelming sensation. there's absolutely nothing else in the world that compares to this feeling, and it comes as no surprise that childe's able to effortlessly pull orgasm after orgasm out of you like this.
by the time he finally pulls his tongue out of your pussy, you're so spent you can hardly tell up from down or left from right. your face is an absolute mess of tears and drool, your inner thighs a mess with your own release and his saliva. he'll be sure to tease you for making such a mess all over him; you've squirted onto his tongue and his arm, and his degrading, teasing remarks strike you as deeply as his tongue does. before you even have an opportunity to catch your breath, he's licking a line back up your thigh so he can overstimulate you all over again.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 4 months ago
Hi,this is my fist time submitting ANYTHING so i dunno if I’m doing this right.... but current brain rot??
Rn for me it’s deku. Just pro hero! Deku being all big and beefy is his too tight hero costume....✨Yes✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
:(( deku who knows his costume is tight in all too many places!! pretends to blush when interviewers compliment how good his body looks and how fine he’s grown up to be after all these years.
pro hero deku who lets the ladies feel up his muscles from underneath the turquoise of his suit, keeping down the twitch of his fat cock tucked into the leg of his suit. he pretends to be embarrassed; when really he’s trying to lure them in !! trap them into sucking his cock with his pretty boy nature. they’re surprised when he gets them home; tying them up and fucking their cunts until they bleed with rounds of his potent seed.
of course it would be a game to izuku; how many women can he coax into his bed under the guise that he’s a nervous little boy who needs someone to take care of them— when all he wants is to see their faces twist with ecstasy when he slaps their pussies, pinches their clit and fucks his cum so deep into one of his fans they might just end up pregnant with his kid. in the end no one would believe them, because pro hero deku is too innocent to have ever ruined a woman like that <3
Tumblr media
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dovesgrave · 21 days ago
OK DOVE hear me out this is a little bit of a rollercoaster of a mega incomplete thought i had
imagine yan! childe with a willing darling who is friends with scaramouche, since, yknow, he’s one of the only other people around considering he’s a harbinger along with childe. now let’s say in hypothetical darling is allowed to use a phone only to be able to contact the harbingers and childe in case of an emergency since i feel like childe would be a bit more on the lenient side. one day darling goes to send childe nudes since he must be having such a hard day at work! ….and… wait…. that contact name doesn’t say childe…. and that notification back says scaramouche…. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN??
that’s a really unfortunate mistake for darling 😂 just one text sent to the wrong person leading to a world of problems
cw: smut, nude photos, mild slut shaming against reader
So not only would Childe be insanely jealous and start to suspect something may be up with you. (You’re being unfaithful, you’re tired of him, he’s not good enough in bed, things like that.) you’d be subjected to his whiny and clingy insecure side after he’s had enough of fucking you out of possessiveness and sending the videos and pictures to Scaramouche. To Childe, this was his way to one up anyone else who might have eyes for you. They could see clearly who you belonged to and that they’d never have you this way. He fully expected it to work in his favor. But it only results in the opposite effect.
Scaramouche plays it cool, like he’s shocked or disgusted the first time he gets that nude photo. Just- [???? Why would you send me this?? / You really think I care what’s under your clothes, idiot??] Is the sort of reply you could expect back from him.
He really is offended… he knows you’re fucking that orange haired brat. Childe has to make sure everyone can hear it and he always has to make your displays of affection public and present during their meetings. But maybe… maybe you hadn’t really sent that by mistake..??? No, that can’t be possible. Why would you take interest in him? He was nothing but cold and cruel to you. But more importantly…. why did he even care?
He would be conflicted about the text. He finds himself thinking about it, and you, more often. Usually long after the days end and he’s lying in bed with his mind reeling. He brings the picture back out, telling himself at first that he’s just going to take one last look.. and then delete it. Before he can actually bring himself to hit that little trash bin symbol however, his cock is hard. He might as well keep this just for now then. If he jerks off he can fall asleep faster. This picture is already there so there’s no need to even lower himself looking for porn on the internet. And things only get worse after Childe finds that text you sent. And he starts sending the videos and pictures of him fucking you to Scaramouche in attempts to chase him off. It only serves to further delude him deeper into his sexual obsession with you.
Maybe you actually did want him all this time. He starts to convince himself that any glance you spared him before obviously had more to it beneath the surface. Maybe you wanted him to challenge that brat and take you from him. Maybe you were just a slut and wanted two guys at once. Either way, these thoughts about you keep him up all night. It all started over one text.
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svpnap · 2 months ago
Hello! I'd like to request soft morning sex with c! Karl please :) male reader with he/him probouns if you could. If not gn reader :)
Also could I be 🪐 anon please <3
hi! so my style of writing doesn’t really use pronouns anyway, so you can just imagine what you are most comfortable with! & yes of course, welcome 🪐 anon, happy to have you here! & thanks for the request <3
soft mornings.
(karl x reader)
(cw: smut, no pronoun use. mdni)
Tumblr media
it was the morning after a long night. both you, and your boyfriend karl knocked out as soon as the two of you got into his bed. you could’ve slept longer if the sun peeking through the window, and karl’s gentle touches on your leg didn’t wake you. you shivered at his fingertips tracing over your skin.
you hummed gently, acknowledging his touch, which caught his attention. karl looked down at you with tired eyes and messy hair.
“morning baby.” he whispered. his morning voice was still evident.
“morning.” you sweetly replied, stretching your limbs. you gazed over his features as his creeping hand worked higher and higher on your thigh, before stopping.
you pouted at the ceased movement and grabbed his hand, placing it on your crotch. you whimpered lightly at the feeling. he immediately caught onto what you were doing, gently beginning to palm you through your sweatpants, paired with soft kisses on your neck. his movements were slow and light.
you lightly squeezed your legs together at the sudden pleasure surging through you. your shaky breaths turning into soft whimpers.
“karl—“ you barely managed to croak out. “I need more.”
“so needy.” he whispered back. he placed a soft kiss on your forehead, before slipping his own pants down. neither of you were bothered with the lack of foreplay, the exhaustion of yesterday still resting on your limbs. he just wanted you to relax and make you feel good.
karl pulled your sweatpants half way down your thighs, doing the same for himself. he just needed you. he lightly feathered kisses on your thighs, before pulling his cock out. he was already hard, having thought about you all night. the two of you were still laying down, as he lined himself up with you. he slowly slid himself in, and the two of you let out soft gasps, and small mutters of praise.
“fuck you feel so good just for me. I love when you’re around me like this.” he whispered between moans.
he grabbed your waist and began tiredly rutting himself into you. his thrusts were slow, but they were deep, hitting just where you wanted him every time. he dipped his head to rest in the crook of your neck, placing delicate kisses across your collarbones.
your hands made their way into his hair, tugging tightly on the strands in order to relieve some of the building tension.
with each thrust your moans grew louder and sloppier, losing yourself in the feeling. your face was buried in the pillows that laid beneath you— and karl smiled fondly at the sight.
you felt all the pleasure begin to rush to the bottom of your stomach, and your moans became choppy and shaky.
“karl mm’ gonna come.” your eyebrows pinched together, pleading for your climax.
“come for me.” he breathed, and that was all you needed to spill over the edge.
the feeling of you clenching around him, sent karl spiraling right after you. the room filled with sounds of desperate moans and pants, before falling comfortably quiet. the two of you laid in each other’s arms, coming down from your highs. he then eventually pulled out, turning his head towards you, with a soft gaze. he reached up, the pad of his thumb running over your lips before speaking.
“we should go get in the shower, then we can stay here for the rest of the day and watch a movie. I’ll let you pick.” he offered.
you were quick to perk up, the two of you spending the rest of the of your time together in other’s arms.
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spilledtee · 5 months ago
still not over shirtless bang chan so allow me to share my thoughts
being chans girlfriend and watching the performance and getting so horny seeing him shirtless (as if it’s new to you pfft) so you wait till he is home and then you just push him onto the nearest surface, undress him, and just lick, kiss and mark hickeys all over his chest and abs and just touching him everywhere you can and you just lick a loooooooong stripe from his chest down to his dick (why is saying cock so cringe I refuse to say it sometimes) and then:
giving him the suck of his life cause you’re just horny and you want to feel him everywhere and touch him everywhere and it’s just hot sweaty and very fast that he doesn’t even comprehend what’s happening from how fast you’re on your knees
I’ve been thinking about this for the past few hours someone save me (dont)
Even though I know this man to be a hard dom in bed, when you take charge he get so flustered, poor sweeite. Especally after you comment about how he showed his body off. He could even tease you and be like "Oh, baby did you like what you saw?"
Definitely you did, but that man also flashed his greek god-like body to everyone on national television and that somewhat pissed you off. So, in a jealous rage you shove him up against the wall, taking him by surprise as your fingers trail against the one patch of skin that was exposed to you by his leather pants, all the while smiling against his lips as you pull as his beautiful matted hair.
"Sit back baby." You would say. This man would be so entranced by our bold moves, watching as you barely even acknowledges your words so you have to push him back. Allowing him a rest after such a hard day and winning on top of that, as you pulled the leather pants and his Vetements boxers down.
You would pull out his cock, slow stroking it as he back a little. He would watch you with so much intent, the contacts he wore for the performance making his gaze even more intense as he watched you kiss the tip, before bringing your tongue out to lick it.
You watched as you stripped himself quickly of his shirt, leaving himself bare to you. All he wore were was the chain around his neck and waist, coupled with the leather "restraints" and fake red claw marks on his body. It was hot.
Not as hot as you licking your way up the underside of his cock, before sucking the tip into your mouth again. With your hand around the base, you took him in deeper and you watched as his face contorted in pleasure, his hand tangling in your hair. As you pulled your had back, you hollowed your cheeks, hearing him sigh out from the pleasure.
Now you began fully bobbing your head, gradually become faster, a mixture of saliva and precum dribbling onto your chin and cheeks. This was all the while your hand was pumping in sync with your mouth.
"Oh,fuuuck." He would nearly groan out, his head falling back as he let the pleasure consume him. You hummed around him in response, eliciting another graon from his throat, the grip on your hair becoming tighter.
You weren't gonna stop though, after all your man just won Kingdom and he deserved more than just a trophy for all his hard work.
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bozowrites · 6 months ago
HIII, first of all, can i be the 🪐 anon (i'm pretty sure there isn't anyone using it, but if i'm wrong i can totally use 🧸)
can i request a 2nd part of the famous person watching them? also head canon, maybe there's a video of us watching their stream (and yes i'm totally daydreaming that i'm elizabeth olsen) and how they would react
↳ Part 2 to THIS headcanon 
Members: [CC] Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Wilbur Soot, Quackity and Karl Jacobs. 
TW: small mentions of insecurites.
note: welcome 🪐 anon <3 i forgot to tag ;-;
Tumblr media
When he learned the news of you watching him, he took a daring chance to DM you on Twitter. 
One thing led to another and you two started chatting which led to feeling and that led to dating. 
You both kept it hidden for the first few months, only close friends of both parties knowing. It was especially hard since he’s a faceless streamer, so you two couldn’t go out in public without you being photographed. People could easily start picking in your lives and figure it out. 
It was kind of a strain on your relationship, but you two tried making it work as best as possible. Having dinner dates and such at either place. 
BUT! That doesn’t mean you and Sapnap couldn’t go out! You and Sapnap are besties now and hangout all the time when you can’t be with Clay. the public thought y’all were dating at first. 
And as hard as it is, once he did a face reveal, you two were in public a lot and going for those fancy dinners he wanted to take you out on all those times. Even if it was strange since secret photos were being taken all the time. 
Oh, the life of popularity.
Tumblr media
When he was live, he mentioned your name and the interview with secret hopes you were watching. You were ;) 
You sent him a DM on Instagram during the live stream and, sure, he didn’t see it till three hours later, but when he did see it? 
D E A D 
Stared at it for a few minutes, contemplating every choice he’d ever made in his life. 
Was this real?
It was, Gogy. 
Same thing as Clay, one thing led to another and before you knew it, you and Gogy were dating! 
Kept it quiet for many, many months, but got ratted out by nosy fans of yours. The word spread and now there’s millions of news articles about him and you. Ship names have taken over. 
DNF? Noppers, not anymore. 
Clay will be dramatic about it and whine that Gogy’s left him for some actor. Will definitely send “hate” tweets to you. People find your two’s dynamic hilarious. 
And as much as Gogy loves you, he also finds the public’s eye on your two’s every move annoying. He’ll try to see past it as best as possible though. 
Also, with you came another few thousand subscribers. 
Tumblr media
Was streaming when he made a tweet mentioning you, which he hoped you’d answer. You did, of course.  
People started shipping you two before either of you could bat an eye. 
Fandoms, am I right? 
You two started out as really close friends before anything happened though. It started off with fun tweets back and forth, to DMing to meeting in person. 
He had to get used to the photographers, that’s for sure. He felt insecure about it at the start, but you reassured him and made him feel great about himself. 
He’s had you come onto stream many times and chat always goes wild over it. 
Doesn’t matter how many months has passed, still can’t wrap his head around how he’s dating you. So cool <3
Tumblr media
As stated beforehand, he sent you a DM on Twitter while streaming right away. And you answer, right away. 
People were quick to jump on the shipping train. 
After DMing you on Twitter for an hour while also streaming, he went to buy your movies and shows to binge for the next few days. He will be absent from the face of the Earth. 
Very much grew a celebrity crush on you. 
Did he tell you? Yes. 
Did you ask him out on a date after he said that? No, BUT he asked you out four months into the friendship. 
For once he didn’t mind the shipping between him and his friend, because he was dating this friend. 
He has you come onto stream a lot, more than Sappy, and his viewers have become used to it. You’re in the background nowadays if you aren’t too busy with other famous celebrity stuff, ust chatting with his viewers. 
Has everyone already planned y’alls wedding? Yes. 
Tumblr media
Again, off stream he started DMing you and was pretty chill about it, well on the outside. 
Insides he was freaking out and absolutely out of this world amazed to know he was chatting with someone like you. 
He would joke about it nearly every stream and wink at the camera imagining you were watching.
As time went on, you fell for him more and more, obviously it’s Alex, how could you not? 
Asked him out, he said yes BADABING BADABOOM you two are in love and the world is peaceful for once. 
He literally talks about you at least five times per each stream. People are close to breaking him in half. 
Tumblr media
Chatting in his tweets upgraded to chatting through private messages and BAM boy is in love! 
Sure, he already had a crush on you to begin with, but now he knows you personally and it’s just beautiful! 
Sometimes he thinks he’s dreaming when he actually starts dating you. 
Posts pictures of you two on his socials all the time. He’s so proud of himself to have reached someone like you. You’re just a human too, yeah, but that still doesn’t change the fact that you are an extremely well known actor with millions upon millions of fans. 
Gushes about you on stream all the time and doesn’t care how annoying people find him because of it. 
He loves you and everyone shall know about it <3
Tumblr media
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saenia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING ; bf¡sunwoo x fm!reader
GENRE ; fluff, angst, suggestive (slightly)
EPITOME ; an argument which lead to you ignoring sunwoo and being stubborn to him giving you sweet commendations
WARNING(S) ; kissing, just making love but I don’t think it should be a warning,……….what? 🤔
‘I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to clean up your mess Sunwoo.’ you huffed out scolding him for the third time today. “I’ve been working all day, I’m exhausted, and I said I was going to pick it up later.”
‘You should’ve just picked it up then and there to get it over with!’ you snapped back. “Gosh y/n, calm down I told you I was going to do it, it’s not like it’s harming you in any way!”
you both were yelling at each other which seemed to have lasted forever until you just walked away, annoyed with Sunwoos actions.
You go into your office room slamming the door behind you.
Trying to calm down by doing some of your work, it only seemed to have made you more frustrated, which lead to you silently sobbing in your elbow. you weren’t much of a crybaby but with all the pressure from your boss and the amount of papers you had to finish, you couldn’t help it.
after a few minutes of you bawling your eyes out, you started to hear footsteps coming towards your way. You quickly wiped your tears from your face and straightened up just in time for Sunwoo to come through the door. He came closer to your seat and hugged you from behind resting his face in your neck.
“Happy now? I cleaned up” he joked earning only silence. He looked at your face and realized why not even a chuckle came from you. “What’s wrong, berry?” He asked cupping your cheeks placing a kiss on your fluffy lips (´∀`)
‘stress..’ you worded out receiving a huff from sunwoo. he grabbed a chair nearby and sat next to you. he looked at you for a few seconds and spoke, “ I’m sorry y/n, I don’t know if it’s me that’s putting this stress on you I really don’t wanna be the cau-”
‘It’s not you, it’s my work, I shouldn’t have been slacking off.’ you cut him off fiddling with your fingers.
“Come here” he motion for you to come sit on his lap grabbing your hips once you sit down. He then wraps his long arms around your torso pulling you into a pampering hug.
You rested your head on his shoulder and enjoyed his warmth almost drifting off into a deep sleep before his voice beamed through your ears, “what’s that smell? Is that your new shampoo? it smells so good, it smells like, like,….strawberry cheesecake~~~
🪐: “omg, please don’t come after meee (`_´)ゞ hsshehencjsjsjej, I know I know this oneshot is not really considered good as I can say, but I did try my best. And besides, this is my first writing :) I’ll try to make better stories later on as school is right around the corner ψ(`∇´)ψ so just look out for themmm 🥳
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anqeluv · 7 months ago
OKAY i know we are all in hard!jeno hours with the last ask BUT consider soft dom jeno making you feel good when you’re sad :( like you come home to him in tears and after cheering you up a bit he pulls you into his lap and asks if you’re gonna let him make you feel good and it’s just slowing kissing (and maybe some fingering if your up for it) on the couch as he wipes your teary cheeks... i am GONE — 🪐
awwww this is so sweet. i love the idea of coming home to him and he knows you’ve had such a hard day and so he takes such good care of you, doing everything himself. he’d take your makeup off for you if you wear any, and he’d give you a bath himself and maybe do your skincare routine for you if you’d let him. he takes every possible responsibility off of your shoulders, so that you can relax completely.
and then, later when you’re all cozy and sitting on the sofa to watch a marvel movie in your matching pajamas, his fingers slip beneath your pajama top to play with your nipples. he pinches one of them, and you moan softly, arching your back a little and his other hand slips into your pajama bottoms to play with you. he wants to make you cum over and over, you smell and feel so delicious, but he doesn’t. he doesn’t even ask you to suck him off afterwards; he knows you’re sleepy and he just wants you to rest.
“shh, it’s okay, love. just go to sleep. i’ve got you.”
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saintobio · 3 months ago
hi saint! i love how you occasionally drop some astronomy references here and there and the whole thing with sera and eula had me cackling 😭 kinda wished i was there with a camcorder lmao anyways amazing chapter as always! thank you for your hard work, saint. pls give yourself a pat on the back and a well deserved rest 🤩
- 🪐 anon
thank you sm <3 yes i’m in my space arc hhhh i love astronomy references :’) mayb bc i’ve been watching lost in space for the past week. it’s rly good <33 also yea sera n eula’s scene is ridiculously funny bsjsj
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scarlettwlw · 14 days ago
And imagine puppy going to sleep in the most 'uncomfortable' places
Nat just standing there like 👁️👄👁️ watching puppy sleeping 😴 because puppy finds it comfortable and cozy
Ana just giggling in the background and taking photos to put in puppy's photo album
Puppy squeezing herself between the back of the chair and a wall, nat turns around in the chair to plug something in and she’s like 😐
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catboy-on-main · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
c!ranboo & c!slimecicle moodboard for anon
with parks and books in green and purple!
art credit -> 💚
banner credit -> 💜
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kingkatsuki · 26 days ago
Jo… I’m going through a crisis😭. With the recent passing of Halloween…and my increased consumption of candy, specifically lollipops, I may or may not have discovered a slight oral fixation.….And while this could just be me going candy crazed, I have begun to realize that this has possibly been very long in the making .
Thinking about Bakugou coming over and stealing the lollipop directly from your mouth and putting it in his🥵
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dovesgrave · 25 days ago
dry humping virgin scaramouche. that’s it that’s the post
Planet anon you always come thru w the galaxy brain I forgot about him 😭 but he could definitely go into the cute short genshin boys virgin pile.
He’s absolutely the worst case the group has ever witnessed. In fact, he’s likely the odd man out in the group because there were 4 before he was somehow roped into joining. Maybe he got sick of being teased for being a virgin and Venti offered to help. We really don’t know all of the details. And he doesn’t plan on telling you. He’s already sacrificed enough of his precious pride to be here in the first place. The other boys all watch him with curiosity and a slight bit of envy while you help him get undressed. You ask him how much experience he has, and he goes red, turning away from you.
“Don’t worry, we’re all close here. Let (y/n) take care of you.” Venti coerces him to relax his shoulders and takes Scaramouche’s hands, guiding them to grip either side of your waist. You feel his cock reacting keenly to the feeling of your bare skin under his fingertips and the unfamiliar sensations of being straddled this way. He still refuses to look you in the eye as you wrap your arms around his neck and begin rolling your hips against his. He hisses behind clenched teeth and his grip on your waist turns painful. The other boys begin muttering among each other, exchanging whispers and giggles and Scaramouche is so red- his jaw is clenched so tight, you think he might pass out.
You turn your worried glance at Venti. He gives you the same cheeky smirk you’ve seen a hundred times. Keep going, his eyes say it all. You kiss the boy underneath you, starting at his neck and going lower toward his collar bones. Venti crouches down, admiring his face, Scaramouche’s expression slowly melting from frustration into pleasure. Venti’s blue eyes shine with mischief and he coos into his ears. “It’s okay, if it feels good just enjoy it.”
You whine, feeling Scaramouche’s fingertips cruelly digging into your sides, you were sure they’d be bruised for days. Venti circles around to your side, rubbing small circles in your back in an attempt to comfort you. You were doing so good, just bear with it for a little longer. You wished that were true, but with the heated gazes the other boys were giving you, you knew you were in for another very long night.
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svpnap · a month ago
hey!! its been a while :]
what abt headcanons for how the crewboys would be when you introduce them to your family? i hope ur having a good day/night !
- 🪐
hi! you were missed 🪐 anon, but this is such a cute concept thank you thank you & welcome back.
introducing the crewboys to your family.
(crewboys x reader)
cw: (no pronouns use, fluff.)
Tumblr media
DREAM: out of all the crew boys, dream would be the calmest. I feel like he does well under high pressure situations like this. and of course there were some doubts, but he’d managed to push those to the back of his mind. your family would absolutely adore him. the conversation would flow so well, and he’d be so polite, but definitely stay true to himself the whole time. how easily he navigated himself in conversation blew you away, you almost couldn’t believe it. as soon as the two of you left, your parent(s) were begging to see him again.
- [ ] SAPNAP: sapnap would be the most nervous out of all of them. im talking hands sweating, wiping them on his jeans nervous. he’d put on the most polite persona, only referring to your parents as “ma’am” or “sir.” he’d shake their hands, hold doors open, offer to carry things, etc. on his absolute best behavior. which we all know is starkly different from his normal self. you’d tease him about it afterwards. but your family would welcome him back with warm smiles anytime. they loved him and think he’s very good for you.
GEORGE: george would be secretly nervous. he wouldn’t outwardly express it to you, but you could tell from how quiet he was, adjusting his hair in the mirror, twiddling with his fingers, all the tell tale signs. even when you tried to reassure him, he would say say he’s okay. but eventually right before meeting them he’d grab your hand, finally confessing that he was worried. you’d give him a light kiss and of course tell him that your family is gonna love him. he’d calm down eventually. it didn’t take long before you could see him get visibly more comfortable, talking to more people, finally coming out of his shell. you couldn’t help but smile watching him interact with everyone you love.
KARL: from what ive seen karl is a naturally anxious person. before you arrived to wherever you were meeting your family he’d be pacing around asking a million questions. “does this outfit look okay?” “should I bring a gift with me?” “am I allowed to talk about that?” you’d reassure him that your family will love him for who is is and that he should be himself. once he actually got there he’d calm down, piecing himself right into the conversation. he’d make the environment feel so easy. and finally when you two were alone again you would reassure him that there was nothing to worry about and that they loved him.
QUACKITY: let’s be honest, quackity might be more excited to go see your family than you are. he’d talk about it the whole day, excitedly wondering how the conversation will go, or what things all of you would get up to. he’d greet your family with a bright smile, and they would love it. he would definitely light up the room, cracking jokes, and making the whole situation feel so relaxed. you didn’t even have to ask your parents how they feel to know they adored him. you could tell from their loud laughs and bright smiles.
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spilledtee · 5 months ago
thirst hours are always open in my world so let me just:
you’re on changbin’s lap pressed to his chest, he is fingering you so good that you’re crying, a lot of biting and neck kisses, his hands all over your body; touching you everywhere and he is being the cocky motherfucker he is
bonus: he has a spitting kink
Okay but imagine him calling him you out for being so needy for him, as you kiss him cause he can feel you grinding against his muscular thigh. A little cocky smirk on his face as he pulled away from you, hearing you whine and he just "tsk"s because you really are needy for him. But like who wouldn't be?
He'd tell you to open your mouth, spitting in it first, because you take two of his fingers and coat them in the mixture of your saliva and his on your tongue. Before pulling them out of your mouth when you gag, only to have him snake them into your panties, giving you the relief that you wanted.
You have to steady your grip, whimpering when his head in tucked in the crook of your neck as he sucks marks into you, but Changbin only laughs at you. "Isn't this what you wanted by?" He would question you in such a cocky tone, lips biting into your neck and marking your again.
A hand would go around your throat after he's done marking you, as he would tell you to get off on his fingers. "My needy little bitch." But seeing you like this is such an ego boost for him. Seeing you having to steady yourself by gripping his muscular arms, so eager to reach your high even though it's just from his fingers. "Such a good little slut for me. You don't even need my cock."
dhfdgjsak okay enough!
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bozowrites · 6 months ago
↳ Request here!
Members: [CC] Tommyinnit and [C] Tommyinnit.
TW: platonic love!
note: hope you don't mind I did simple dialog reactions ^^
Tumblr media
“What the fuck?! Why are you hugging me? WHAT IS THIS?! I don’t want your love! Wait, no, why are you letting go?”
Tumblr media
“What do you want from me? Nothing? I find that to be a lie! YOU WANT SOMETHING FROM ME, I KNOW IT! Love? The fuck do mean “love”.”
Tumblr media
@lmfaosoph @b3l0v3ds @sabinanotfound @youngstarfishdinosaur @acidtabletz @loonylovegood13
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saenia · 4 months ago
˚⁺༚「↶Sunwoo cyberpunk icons 🎆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🪐- thankyou so much for the support of my recent oneshot of sunwoo !✨💕 i really appreciate it because I wouldn’t think anyone would’ve liked it, lol. it’s kinda cringy trying to read it , idk , I always feel that way about my stories 💀
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squidgameheadcanons · 7 days ago
Lmao imagine if there was squid games for guards.
Like no one dies but guards compete against each other for readers love who is like the successor to Ilnam. They’re just shoving each other in red light green light trying to get to the end because who ever wins the game that day gets to spend their time with reader
Winner gets their head crushed by readers thighs
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anqeluv · 8 months ago
i literally can not get the idea of (consensual!!) somnophilia w yuta out of my brain..... i’ve been thinking of it all day. LIKE the idea of being so dazed and confused when you first wake up to him inside you and him just kissing away your pout / fixing your morning bed head, asking if you’re gonna be good for him and let him use you.... AHH i’m crying over it all — 🪐 (also hello hello! ‘m a new anon :D)
no because imagine you being so sleepy and falling asleep right up against yuta with your little head on his shoulder and he just can’t stop thinking about how pretty you look and oh look the shirt of his you’re wearing has ridden up a little bit and is that his favorite pair of underwear you’re wearing?
and you wake up to the feeling of being so full and everything still feels so groggy, but yuta’s there, right on top of you, pressing kisses down your jaw and gently fixing your hair for you.
“hi, baby,” he says, his voice all raspy and soft, “so good for me, aren’t you? just go back to sleep, my love. this will only take a minute.”
obvi this is all with prior consent touching someone without checking with them first is never cute ‼️
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tenthgrove · 2 months ago
What are you guys favorite animals? mines either the Komodo dragon or cats(Siamese cats specifically)-🪐anon
Formaggio: “Cats! Gotta be.”
Illuso: “Dolphins. Not because they’re cute, but because they’re bastards. Look it up.”
Prosciutto: “Owls. They look incredible flying.”
Pesci: “I like rabbits. They’re cute, nothing else.”
Melone: “Giant Oar fish, just because of how terrifying they’d be to see floating under your boat in the sea.”
Ghiaccio: “Snow Leopards. Babies.”
Risotto: “Are you familiar with the baby seal?”
Sorbet: “Gelato. You should see what he’s like at 5am.”
Gelato: “All of them. I can’t pick.”
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