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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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herkes her şeyi istediği ve işine geldiği gibi anlamakta özgür. beni yeterince tanıyamamış ve anlamamakta ısrar eden kimse için çaba sarf edemem. beni tanıyan zaten sınırlarımı bilerek davranır. anlamak isteyen sessizliğimden bile bir anlam çıkarır. zorlamaya gerek yok bazen.

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  • It would remain the Same look that is had in Lightning era
  • There would be Gender Fluid Dorms {Do you know how much of a hassle it would be to have nothing in your dorm because you keep switching genders [I don’t know how exactly gender Fluidity works, please educate me] so they would have just one for them all} 
  • There hall of fame is where the Fireplace used to be 

Ok so to Explain Basically they have 2 Stairs that lead to the separate dorm. The gender Fluid dorms are all the way on the other side so theirs no need to worry about that. Picture the 2 stairs in Barbies Dream house {Thats all I could think of} And originally the fireplace was there but they replaced it with a hall of paintings of Famous gryffindors. The Fireplaces are in the dorms btw

Uniform/Dress code

  • Lots of Leather {Not required but you see it a lot} 
  • They use shorts instead of Skirts but Skirts ARE an option
  • Their pins are on their leather jackets cause Gryfindors are Cooooooolllll
  • Their Shorts have the Gryfindor symbols embroidered on the back
  • They are required to have Tanktops under Shirts.
  • They  Wear regular Black/White shirts with no designs.Button ups are an option.
  • In the winter they wear coats similar to Northfaces . 
  • I’m sorry but you know damn well some Gryfindoors wear them leather gloves in winter instead of the assigned wool ones.
  • During Class’s there hair is to be in a bun ,messy or not { They don’t want another “ My hair is on Fire!!” Incident so the assign these hair requirements just for class}
  • So you rem when I mentioned that Diagon Alley had seperate shops for the houses 
  • In the Gryffindor Store unlike the others The pants have patches have diffrent colors {just red and Gold}
  • Ex - 

~ End ~

Btw the houses don’t have shoe requirements cause some of them like to be fancy with heels

Await Hufflepuff next. 

Also Am I spelling Gryffindor right?

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oh my god the fact that these Steven Universe fans have only heard of Patti Lupone from thei r cartoon … incredibly insulting.

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wack my queue ran out and im too lazy to fill it up again (งツ)ว

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You hate getting all the covers dirty my love, but you’re the one pushing them all off the bed. You know this, as your favourite little plush lays abandoned on the floor and you carry it back up with coos of apologizes. You’re so wonderful as you brush off the dust and shove the little fluffy dog between us so I have to cuddle him too. 

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