#'all 600 of them?'
justthatspiffy · 5 months ago
for somebody who does printing and also worked housekeeping it is hilarious how much of a baby i am about my hands. they are princess hands and they will never harden to the work required of them and every time i break a nail or get a paper cut or a bunch of microabraisions across my knuckles i WILL get emotional about it
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zombietrait · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
batman sims ok cool come get them
** they come individually but i combined them all into one big zip folder w subfolders so the zip file is. absurdly big lol you don’t have to download All Of That **
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tswwwit · a month ago
I'm putting Bill vs Bill up on AO3 for no good reason!
Forget everything else I've ever complained about with writing; titles and summaries are by far the worst.
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felikatze · a month ago
top secret writing tip: when you’ve finished your draft, and you think “well, i’ve included everything i want in this, but it feels too short. I don’t know what else to add.”
Simply.... don’t!! If you’ve got everything you want, throw out your arbitrary word count goal, and let your story be as long as you need it to be.
If you add things just for the sake of hitting some length, then you’re probably gonna end up with unneccessary fluff that you might as well just trim out again.
Only 5k words? That’s perfectly fine. 1k words? Fine too. 500 words? Perfect. 100 words? You know it.
Sometimes stories are short, and that’s alright!
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technoplane · 12 days ago
has anyone else who plays skyblock ever experienced like. someone tries to do an ~Epic Troll~ on you where they try to disrupt whatever your grinding (mining ur ores, killing ur mobs, etc) but they're so hilariously bad at it that THEY end up raging and leaving the lobby
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out-of-context-batfam · a year ago
Tumblr media
Red Hood and The Outlaws (2016) #25
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lyricsonmywrists · 3 months ago
I just started the burning god but I already feel the emptiness I’m going to have to deal with once I’m done with the series
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afriendlyblackhottie · 5 months ago
Ugh I can’t stop talking about my 600 lb life. But I’ll at least put this long ass rant under the cut.
The people on the my 600-lb life sub are actually fucking psychos. Why am I on there? Why am I arguing with these people. The people on my 600 lb life are being taught to further their disordered eating. Like… if you say that that the diet should only be done to prepare for surgery, you’re agreeing with me. It’s not sustainable. It’s not a long term diet. It’s a crash diet. Like… you’re agreeing with me. They’re all just agreeing with me… and don’t… like they know once you lose weight you have to maintain it right. If these people are so concerned with these peoples well beings they’d want solutions for the long term… and they go huh there’s only a 5% success rate. And then when you go because the diet is unsustainable and everyone goes noooo that’s not it… it doesn’t make sense!… clearly it’s not working. Even if you want to call those people lazy which I’m sure everyone would love to you’d be still agreeing that it means it’s not sustainable. Because it’s a crash diet. … you’re agreeing… I’m fucking taking crazy pills. I hate being on my period.
You know what else is disordered eating. Most diets. Keto. Is fucking batshit. And it makes your breath stink stop doing that shit to yourself!
Ohhh my god this show has triggered me soooo bad and I’m not even watching it it’s just I’m realizing the fuuuuuuuuuucked up shit I was told. Like… just wooooorst diets. Like diet after diet after diet and none of them worked cuz they were the fuuuuuucking worst. And then feeling like nothing fucking worked. And I see these people and I understand how they feel. And how fucking hard it is to put things into perspective. And feeling guilty. For nooooo fucking reason. Until I was like why am I feeling guilty I should just.. eat when I’m hungry and it like… so small but it made such a difference. And then these shows are on promoting this absolute bullshit so people can hawk and go well at least it’s not me. Well fuuuuuuck that. If you really cared about peoples wellbeing it wouldn’t be about a time frame it should be about learning how to be kinder to yourself. To give yourself grace and to feel good about yourself because you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life and you should wanna be your best friend. And a real best friend would not let you do something that made you miserable. Overeating makes you feel like shit right. And that’s fair. It’s uncomfortable. You feel icky after. But you know what also feels like shit? Eating shit you don’t enjoy. Eating a salad when you really want hot wings or sushi or bread even or an apple because fuck you can’t even eat apples on keto.
Your body is good. It’s your home. Forever. That means you should do things that it likes. Like eating what you like but not to where you feel uncomfortable. Exercising but in a way that you find fun. It shouldn’t be about feeling forced it should be about what you like. If every time you try to workout at home and you find yourself like shit this sucks, maybe that’s just not that right kind of workout for you. If every time you hop on a treadmill and you’re bored outta your mind then get off the fucking treadmill. Stop doing things that make you happy in your body.
I’m not saying anyone needs to like listen to me. I’m not ab expert. Fuck I’ve barely got the hang of whatever the hell I’m trying to do but is been so fun. And I wish I’d done it sooner and I just see how far I’ve come and tbh I want that for more people. And it’s so much more than losing weight. It’s about being able to be free in your head.
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marbleheavy · 8 months ago
hmm jason would fall for the foreign prince email scams and hazel and nico would run them
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thin-mini5 · 23 days ago
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Starting the AAD 🧚🏾‍♀️ on Jul 28.
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dragonnnfly · 2 months ago
Please, I beg you. Acknowledge that I am a chaotic piece of shit
Don’t think I’m normal
I want people to be at least a little bit worried about me at all times, not genuinely though, but in the kind of “was she dropped as a child?” The answer is no by the way, but I want you to secretly wonder
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teslacarbombs · 12 days ago
in february i bought a 600 pill bottle of benadryl (literally why do they sell those) but i tried throwing them out by pouring all the pills into a big garbage bag but the next day i changed my mind so i cut open the bag with my knife and i accidentally stabbed myself in the foot and i still have the scar
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gingerbreadmonsters · 15 days ago
me, an idiot: yeah, it'll be about 3k, maybe 3.5, nothing too long, just something fun and relaxing
me, 6k later: what the fuck. what the actual fuck
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lesbianwilbur · 5 months ago
calling all c!wilbur enjoyers. stop scrolling. send me your favorite c!wilbur songs or playlists right now
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gryphsdeadbones · 28 days ago
iam. 75 hours and counting into rgg 5
im not done yet!!!! 2 more parts to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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out-of-context-batfam · a year ago
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Challenge of The Super Sons #6
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iloveyoumorethansoup · a month ago
I don’t know what I need to be happy but I do know I absolutely need to move into my own space and I need to spend a lot of time creating spaces for myself both outside in a home and online
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