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How to Plan for an Affordable Luxury Trip in 5 Steps | Travel Budgeting | Travel Tips

How to Plan for an Affordable Luxury Trip in 5 Steps | Travel Budgeting | Travel Tips

If you are longing for a luxury “champagne vacation” 🥂 but only have the “beer budget” funds , you can still have an amazing vacation. As a recent college …


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Our Magic Helpers team has an absolute checklist to ensure your home is left as it was received by all renters. We never outsource the cleaning of your home.

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@liberaised​ sent    »    ❝  reiner! reiner! look what mr. huber taught me to make!!!  it’s an IED.  ❞

There are truly no words in any language that strike more fear and provocation in this warrior’s heart than ‘ Look what Mr. Huber taught me to make! ’ Mostly because Mr. Huber has proven on more than one occasion that his judgement when it comes to the candidates is…QUESTIONABLE at best.

Which, in all likelihood, would probably explain why Gabi is standing in the middle of his office, cradling a homemade bomb.

His mug of coffee, once ascending towards his parted lips, comes to a stop. Tension gently draws his brows together, knits the sinew between them in a look that says, I’m not surprised at Mr. Huber, just disappointed. Reiner sets the mug back down on his desk, administrative duties for the morning abandoned. This is obviously going to be a cold-coffee type of day.


“Gabi,” he begins calmly — it isn’t HER fault, after all. “I’m glad you’re paying attention to your training—” though something tells him this lesson was likely off the books “—but what have we said about bringing explosives inside?”

He notices her finger is precariously close to what looks like a pressurized trigger. His heart lurches. “Don’t touch that.” He rises from his chair swiftly and rounds the desk. “Let me carry it, we can take it outside and…do something with it.”

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Sometimes I remember that the How I Became Yours sequel was abandoned midway through chapter one, so it means that the Fire Nation rebelled against Katara/Zuko, put someone else on the throne, and now the comic’s versions of the canons are all in some kind of hot water (pun not intended)

and considering the comic versions did nothing but sit around in fancy clothes and talk about love, letting the kingdoms go to the toilet…

Happy End?

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