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#'oh yeah this is gonna be short'

headcanon masterlist : alternate world / huntercorp dean winchester


verse description ( added to verse page ! ): dean winchester ( currently under the alias, dean harrison ) comes from an alternate reality where he is a hunter at huntercorp, a global organization of monster hunters led by wealthy father.  back in his world, he was practically a celebrity.  when his own world gets destroyed, he and his brother, sam, manage to escape to another reality.  his father’s whereabouts remain unknown, despite the fact that all three went through the same rift. now, he is currently travelling the world, exploring the notable differences  and trying to survive without the comfort of his own wealth. meanwhile, he may stumble across people that may mistake him for the other dean and try to play along with it for the sake of survival.  

  • dean was raised with his brother in a wealthy environment that their father had arranged for them when he took the initiative to start his own company
  • given the fact that he and his brother had left everything behind to start their life from scratch in a new universe, they lack financial stability that does not strike them at first but will soon become an issue for them. 
  • he comes from a world where monsters are something that people know about, so he may slip up and make the mistake of telling someone that monsters are real.
  • physical appearance
    • dean has an extremely good physique; he eats healthy meals, works out, gets enough sleep and generally leads a healthy lifestyle as a result of his upbringing. 
    • he wears fancy clothes and accessories. 
    • he does not enjoy cheap alcohol, though he won’t reject an offer out of politeness. 
  • personality-wise
    • he is smart, good-mannered, polite, kind, but very prideful. 
    • he avoids confrontation, bar fights, and breaking hearts. 
    • he is used to being chased by women, and he is not one to make the first move.
    • he is very open to having relationships.
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