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#((Although I did see very clearly through them.))
bryn-nae-nae · a month ago
((PLZZZ- I thought the glasses looked horrible before and it wouldn't get any worse... but it did. They were already fairly large to begin with but they're HUGE now. It's like they maxed them out on the size of the frames. Not only that but they slip off super easily. 😭))
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ootori-sibs · 2 hours ago
The Ootori princess
Chapter 8: Sister knows best
Tw: discussions of trauma, implied abuse, implied transphobia
Yuuichi was incredibly pleased with how the day had gone, especially with how Kyoya had gotten to spent time with the hosts. The meeting he had that day wasn't nearly as enjoyable, father had been there, and although the meeting was perfectly pleasant, Yuuichi couldn't help but think about how that man had been treating Kyoya for years. Father seemed oblivious for Yuuichi's hatred, or at least chose to ignore it. In father's eyes, Yuuichi could do no wrong- he was the heir after all.
Yuuichi hated that sentiment, especially when, after the meeting, father had asked if Kyoya was behaving- not if he was doing well, or if he was happy, no: if he was behaving. It turned Yuuichi's stomach to realise that was how father saw the kid, that was how father assumed everyone saw Kyoya. He had informed father that Kyoya's was very happy and was doing well, it was disgusting how father looked skeptical.
But Yuuichi had almost forgotten that when he sat down with Kyoya and Kyoya's friends for some food. It was sweet how Kyoya had fallen asleep with a hen on his lap, it had amused Yuuichi greatly and clearly it had amused the hosts as well. At that moment, Yuuichi sat in his office, going over paperwork, he didn't really care for this stuff, he couldn't help but worry about Kyoya- oh and he had good reason to worry. The Souh child had mentioned Kyoya wearing dresses twice at school, and Yuuichi simply had to pray that his baby brother hadn't gotten mocked for it. He wondered once again why Kyoya kept dressing like that, it always seemed in situations where none of the family could see too… Yuuichi hoped Kyoya knew that he at least would support him through anything.
This paperwork, it was just some boring admin work for a few of the family hospitals, and some signing of papers for the new wellness centre- Kyoya and his friends had tested it for them just this year, and now it was going to open. Yuuichi thought it might be nice to bring Kyoya and maybe a friend or two on a nice week or maybe weekend there, but it wouldn't be open for a little while; there were still a few kinks to work out.
After he finished the paperwork, it was half past eleven at night, he sighed, glancing at his coffee, he should probably turn in for the night. He approached Kyoya's room, knocking gently on the door before peering around the door, he saw the hosts all sat around the room, talking. Yuuichi didn't know what they'd been talking about, as they had become silent when he entered. He smiled at all of them, "you guys should probably start turning in for the night, I'm going to bed now myself. Oh, and Fujioka? Can I speak with you in the morning? I have some questions." He figured since Kyoya never had that dress before going shopping with the commoner boy, that it must be where he got it from, he may as well ask.
The commoner nodded, though, like the others, he looked confused. Kyoya was clearly racking his brain for reasons Yuuichi might have to speak with the commoner, it seemed he couldn't find one. "Goodnight then." He smiled again before ducking back out of the room and continuing to his own.
Laying in bed, Yuuichi thought about how he always thought Kyoya looked much more natural in more feminine clothing, how when Kyoya was very little, they used to play games- princesses and dragons… Kyoya always wanted to play the princess just like Fiyumi, taking the little pointy hat from her and running around in a too-large shirt. He had never thought much of it; of course Kyoya would want to be like Fiyumi, Yuuichi certainly wasn't the best role model. The more and more he thought about it, however, he wondered if there was more to it then that, he'd seen Kyoya wearing that dress after all…
Yuuichi was not a morning person, none of the family were. He did manage to drag himself out of bed though, heading to the kitchen to find Yuki already awake, making a large amount of scrambled eggs. She smiled at him, "awake already sir? I have to tell you that one of your brother's friends came down here at five am, asking for cake. Is it alright that I let him have the rest of the cake?"
"Oh that's odd," Yuuichi started making some coffee, amused by Kyoya's friends' antics, "sure, I don't mind." He decided to make more coffee, for Kyoya and his friends. Maddie entered the kitchen at that point, smiling and nodding to them. Yuuichi returned the smile, raising his mug, "morning Maddie, could you go wake Kyoya and his friends for him? Thank you."
Maddie nodded, "alright, I'll get to doin that then, you got the coffee ready sir?" Yuuichi handed her the tray and she headed back out of the kitchen, likely to Kyoya's room.
Yuuichi sat down, sipping his coffee as Yuki put a plate of eggs in front of him. "Thank you, Yuki. Once you're done with your duties you may take the rest of the day off."
"Oh! Thank you sir!!" She beamed, clearly happy by this news as she rides to complete her duties in record time. Yuuichi knew that she'd mostly be spending the day playing video games, that or watching other people play video games- Yuuichi never understood how that was fun for anyone but each to their own he supposed.
Kyoya and his friends came downstairs after a while, happily eating the eggs they were given. Kyoya was quiet, grumbling under his breath about having to wake up. The others seemed happy though, laughing and chatting and greeting Yuuichi with glee, Yuuichi was glad Kyoya had such nice friends.
He had pulled the commoner aside just like he said he would, sighing, he looked down at him, "did Kyoya get his dress from you?"
The boy paused, looking up at Yuuichi in concern. It was clear that the common boy was taking the defensive stance, "there's nothing wrong with him experimenting." The boy's tone was harsh and biting, Yuuichi realised the only experience this boy had had with Kyoya's family was witnessing father hit him…
He put his hands up, taking a step back, "I didn't say there was, I just wanted to know if you gave it to him, what else do you know?" He sighed, "I'm so sorry if you perceive me as a threat, but I just want to support my brother. Is there anything you can tell me?"
Haruhi looked so surprised, but smiled softly, "of course sir, I was throwing away some old feminine clothes and senpai had argued that it 'wasn't' feminine so I told him he could take it. He hasn't actually told me anything but he did keep asking me about how gender works, so I do have to wonder." He reached out and put a hand on Yuuichi's arm, "I'm glad Kyoya has someone he can look to for comfort, we all worry about him."
Yuuichi was equally as glad that Kyoya had friends, the idea of Kyoya being supported and cared for. He smiled down at the boy, "thank you, I hope you also look out for him." Haruhi nodded and Yuuichi sighed with relief, "thank you."
Kyoya was once again spending the day with his friends, they were heading out for the day so Yuuichi had an entire day to himself. He had a few days off so he did what any busy person does with a day off; he calls his sister.
Fiyumi had picked up almost instantly and made Yuuichi smile, she was always so punctual. "Good morning Fiyumi, are you free today? Kyoya's out with his friends and I'm not working so did you want to go to the spa or something like that?"
"Oh yes! Akito did tell me that Kyoya moved in with you! How wonderful! Uh-huh," there was the sound of clicking- likely Fiyumi checking her schedule, "oh awesome! Yeah I've got the whole day free up until maybe five? 'Cause it's date night so me and my husband have a reservation somewhere really nice, he has yet to tell me where." She giggled softly, god, Yuuichi adored his little sister, "what spa did you want to go to? A nearby one?"
That was how Yuuichi found himself sitting in a sauna, discussing Kyoya with his sister. "-so I think he clings to you because you remind him of father but nicer," Fiyumi was probably right, Yuuichi nodded in agreement, she was so good at reading Kyoya.
"Yeah… enough about trauma, do you remember when we used to play princesses and dragons?"
Fiyumi nodded, brushing some hair out of her eyes, "yeah! And Kyoya always used to be a princess! He was such a sweet little kid…"
"He's been wearing dresses again."
"Huh? Has he?"
"Yeah," Yuuichi started, unsure if he should even be saying this, "he got a dress from his friend and I saw him wearing it in front of the mirror- he's gotten new hair clips too. Apparently he's worn dresses as part of his club activities too."
Fiyumi nodded slowly, "ok, so is that something we should be worried about?"
"Not really, I'm just glad he feels safe enough to explore himself like that…"
She chuckled softly, "you're his brother, he trusts you when you tell he's safe there." She very clearly pauses, examining his expression, "you are worried, aren't you, Yuui? You're worried Kyoya will find something whilst exploring and you won't be able to protect him from everyone who wouldn't like that. I'm right aren't I? I can tell."
…She was right, that was the one thing Yuuichi was scared of. His biggest fear was not being able to protect his siblings… and if Kyoya kept dressing the way he had in his room, even going so far as to do so in public… would Yuuichi be able to protect him? He hated how well Fiyumi could read him. Yuuichi nodded, sighing, "I just want to make sure he's safe…"
"I know Yuui, I know. I feel the exact same way, but you know… you've gotta give him some room, has he said anything about it to you yet?"
He shook his head, "no, he doesn't even know I saw him wearing the dress…"
Fiyumi paused, sighing heavily and massaging her temples. "Yuuichi…" He suddenly felt even more guilty, Fiyumi might be younger than him but she was always the more emotionally mature one. "Don't you dare mention that to anyone, ok? Ok good. Now Kyoya doesn't have to say anything to you if he doesn't want to, and nothing might come of this. But if he does say something then you still don't bring up what you saw, you take everything he says as gospel and you listen and give him the space he needs, ok? This is our baby brother, he deserves the safe space you promised him."
Yuuichi nodded, understanding that she was completely correct. He felt guilty when he realised he'd already tried to forcefully support Kyoya, what with the apron… god, he was stupid. He sighed, "you're right, you're always right. Thank you Fiyumi, I needed that."
"Just speaking my mind," she shrugs, smiling.
After the sauna and a deep tissue massage, they went to get lunch, sitting down in a lovely little café. They both got coffees and some food; Fiyumi ordered soup whilst Yuuichi got a small pie. It was nice to just sit and talk about everything and nothing. It seemed that Fiyumi had something on her mind, however, "I have to ask, how did father react when you told him you were taking Kyoya?"
Yuuichi paused, remembering the argument he'd had with father, "well… I'd been screaming at him for over an hour at that point, and I slammed the office door after telling him I was taking Kyoya so I'm not sure how he reacted," he chuckled lightly, remembering father's face, "I didn't give him the chance to."
Fiyumi's eyes sparkled at the thought of Yuuichi standing up to father and Yuuichi understood it completely- he remembered how hard his heart had hammered in his chest. "Woahh… you're so brave Yuui, I definitely wouldn't be able to talk back to father, let alone yell at him."
He didn't like it when Fiyumi downplayed her own confidence like that, he knew first hand how brave she could be. "Don't say that, Fiyumi, you're braver than you think."
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p1nkymilk · 6 hours ago
PhuTian enemies to lovers AU part 2: The Wound
holy crap somehow i knocked out 3k words, this is extremely angsty and definitely OOC and hellla self-indulgent so proceed with caution hahaha
warning for spoilers, and mentions of wounds and blood but nothing too graphic
Once my AO3 acc gets created, I''ll post there too but till then its on here as well sdogbsdigbosid
note: in this AU, Tian did not own the car, and it wasn't his friend that killed Torfun. She died of a random car accident. And also, Tian knows of his father's involvement. Here, they had to strike a bargain such that Tian would only be allowed to leave if his father had eyes watching out for him there. Phupha is ordered to keep a close eye on Tian, but he only knows that Tian's health isn't that great. He thinks that the main reason that he has to escort Tian around is because Tian is rich and privileged. At this point, he only knows very vaguely about Tian's health problems so he doesn't take them seriously. Also warning Phupha is definitely acting like an ass, but he will redeem himself in later chapters
The next morning, Tian got up and stretched, sighing because of the ache of his back from the hard mattress. The hard mattress and the tiny teacher's house didn't bother him as much as the memories from last night. It wasn't that Tian was in love with the obstinate, cold chief by any stretch, but when he first arrived, he was so impressed with the chief, his dedication, his skill, and most of all, how much he truly cared for Pa Phun Dao and its people. He wanted to make a good impression on the Chief, but even with Tian trying his best, it wasn't possible. And it hurt just a bit more because the Chief was handsome, one of most handsome men that Tian had ever seen in his entire life.
Well, it's a good thing I'm not here to fall in love, Tian mused as he picked up his brush and toothpaste. For a second, he took a deep breath and stared at Torfun's old name tag, which flooded him both with guilt and strength. I'm here for you, Torfun. I need to go on. I need to finish what you have started. Although, I really don't know what you see in Phupha.
Tian went outside and brushed his teeth, and then went back in and changed his clothes to a fresh pair. There was a knock at the door. Tian quickly answered it, opening the bamboo door wide.
To his absolute and utter shock, it was Phupha, glowering like a raincloud, standing up straight in his forest ranger uniform, looking a bit like a Greek--er, Thai God in the morning sunlight.
"Chief, why are you here?" Tian asked, surprised, just managing to conceal the frown off of his face.
"I have to walk you down to the school. It's special orders, that's why a rich kid like you gets a chief to walk him down the fifteen minute walk," Phupha responded curtly.
Tian winced. He knew that his father was using his influence to make sure that Tian, with his fragile health, was protected in this physically taxing environment. It was the most he could do just to convince his father not to have another, more medically advanced teacher's house built for Tian to stay in.
"Okay," Tian responded quietly. "Let's get started then, the sooner that we leave, the sooner you can be finished of this chore with my subpar company."
Tian was hoping for a flicker of pity, something, from the ranger's eyes, but all he got was a steady glare of stone, and then Phupha started walking.
"Hey, slow down!" Tian said. "I can't keep up!"
Phupha rolled his eyes, and slowed down a little, but not enough.
Tian tried to make small talk throughout the walk, but Phupha never responded well, more than a few short words. He clearly did not want to continue the conversation. It didn't stop Tian from doing his best through the conversation, but Phupha was a wall that did not move an inch.
Phupha left Tian with the much friendlier Yod and went on to continue his duties with a nod towards Yod and nothing towards Tian.
Yod winced. "He's really not a bad guy. He'll take some time to warm up, but he has a good heart. In the meantime, Rang and I are here to support you! And Dr. Nam, he is a good guy as well." "Thank you so much sir," Tian said gratefully, his eyes full of warmth. Yod's heart softened for the young volunteer. He was a little privileged, sure, but it was clear that he was a good person. He made a note to speak to Phupha about going a little easier on this young man. It was already difficult for Pa Phun Dao to receive volunteer teachers, and no one should ever look a gift horse in the mouth.
Tian introduced himself to the kids in the school house, the boisterous boy Ayi, the curious Khaoneung, the quiet Inta, the inquisitive Meejoo and the sleepy looking Kalae.
"Your name is Tian? Like Seetian!" Meejoo exclaimed, grinning.
"Not quite--" Tian started, but was interrupted by Ayi saying "What are we going to do today Seetian?"
"Today...." Tian said, thinking for a while. "We are going to go on a field trip!"
"I don't know if it's a good idea," Yod said hesitantly.
Tian wanted to prove himself, he wanted to show the world (and himself) that he really could be a teacher who helped his students, even if he was just doing this for Torfun.
"Us teachers--we are showing our students how to understand the world, right? What is a better way than to immerse the students in it?"
"Alright, if you say so...I'll come with," Yod said. "Stick with me at all times!"
Tian flashed Yod an excited grin. "Thank you so much, sir! Come on, guys!"
The kids were bursting with excitement, just like Tian and Tul back in secondary school, the morning right before the field trip to the aquarium or science museum. Tian smiled. Some things are just universal.
The group set out together, and Tian pointed out the different colors of all of the items around them, teaching them how to say each one in English. Meejoo especially was drinking in the knowledge, her eyes bright.
They were walking across the bridge to go to the waterfall. Yod suddenly got a call on his walkie talkie that something urgent came up. Tian convinced Yod to let him take the kids, promising that they were safe in his care. Yod didn't look like he wanted to agree, but he nodded anyway and sprinted off.
Tian and the kids finally got to the waterfall, and they had fun splashing around and swimming. Tian taught them the names of all of all of the items in English, and taught them about the scientific properties of water. They were drying off and getting ready to walk back. Suddenly, Inta asked, "Where's Kalae?"
Tian looked around the shore but couldn't find him. Heart racing in alarm, he swept the water with his gaze and saw Kalae sitting on the ground in an outcrop of rocks in the water, clearly in pain and very scared.
"KALAE!" Tian shouted in alarm, and ran through the water, swimming through when it got deeper. He got to Kalae, thankfully, and clambered onto the rocks, lifting him up, and carrying him back through the water. When he got onto the rocks, he stumbled and skinned his knee, but he didn't care about that at all. All he cared about was getting Kalae to safety.
"AYI! GO GET HELP!" Tian yelled. "GET THE DOCTOR!" Ayi was the oldest, so he'd have the best chance of success. He nodded and sprinted off. Tian laid Kalae across the grass once they got back to the shore. Kalae had a bad injury on his shin, the skin split open with blood streaming down his leg. Not only was he wincing from pain, he also looked terrified at the amount of blood flowing from the wound.
Tian forced himself to stay calm. "Kalae, look at me. I want you to answer these math problems while we wait for help. What's 7 plus 5?"
Kalae struggled to even formulate the thought, but he eventually answered, "twelve..."
"Good job Kalae, good job, now--don't look down!-- tell me what's 13 plus 5?"
"Seetian, I don't feel good, it hurts, it hurts..." Kalae cried, his chubby cheeks wet with tears.
"I know, Kalae, and I am so sorry. For now, focus on me. Tell me what 13 plus 5 is."
"eight....teen..." Kalae said.
"Hey, Kalae, I'm here now, you'll be okay," a smooth, assured voice sounded from next to Tian. He turned and saw a man in a white coat with an honest looking face.
"I'm Dr. Nam," He said quickly as an aside to Tian. "You can step back now. I can take care of this."
Dr. Nam cleaned the wound, holding Kalae's hand through the sting of the antiseptic, and then securely wrapped a bandage around it. Kalae was then helped onto a stretcher, and Yod, who was manning the ambulance, drove him to the clinic with Dr. Nam right next to him.
Tian was, firstly, relieved that Kalae was going to be okay. But then, guilt and self-loathing hit him out of nowhere. All he could do was stand there, stare at the waterfall, his heart turning and turning inside him, making him feel nauseous with guilt. The wound on his knee from the rock hurt and stung, but he wasn't even focusing on that. Kalae got hurt way worse, and could have died because Tian didn't have an eye on him.
Phupha walked up to Tian, storms brewing in his eyes. Tian internally prepared himself for whatever hurtful thing Phupha was going to say. Even more, Tian didn't mind that Phupha was going to scold him, because he deserved it. His first day, and it was such a disaster. It honestly couldn't have gone worse.
"You should go back," Phupha said shortly. "Back to Bangkok. At least there, you will not hurt anyone else." After saying this, he didn't even look for Tian's reaction, just walked away.
Without even being conscious of it, Tian's eyes started to tear up. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he stood there, barely able to blink.
"Chief, that's too far," one of the other rangers called out, walking closer to Tian. "Hi, Tian, I'm Rang," he said in an even-toned, kindly voice. "I'm one of the other forest rangers stationed at Pa Phun Dao along with Chief, Yod and Dr. Nam who acts as the medic. It's true that you probably should have looked out better for the kids, but this was an accident that could happen to anyone. Please remember that. It could have happened to anyone. Even the chief."
"Thank you, sir," Tian responded mechanically, mustering up as genuine of a small smile he could for Rang.
Later that night, Tian was lying on his hard mattress again, still in the same drenched clothes earlier from that day, his knee throbbing. He couldn't stop thinking about his mistake, that resulted in Kalae getting hurt. He didn't even want to start to think about how everyone in the village would see him, with distrust, and the rangers just with a cold pity.
There was a knock on the door, suddenly jolting Tian from his thoughts. He slowly walked to the door, putting weight on his right food because his left leg was hurt, and opened it. Tian saw who was on the other side and groaned internally. He wasn't equipped to deal with anymore cruel words that day, even if he deserved them.
Phupha's eyes narrowed in distaste. Tian just stayed quiet.
"Meejoo told me that you got hurt. Why didn't you say anything?" Phupha said, surprising Tian. That was not what he was expecting.
Tian kept silent for a second as he tried to figure out what to respond. He wanted to say "because I didn't think you care," but he decided to be more mature and not cause more problems. "I didn't think it mattered, Chief," he responded, voice devoid of emotion.
"If the wound gets infected, my supervisor, who reports to your father, will kill me for messing with the son of an important government official." Phupha responded after a couple seconds of silence.
Tian winced internally. Somehow, without realizing it, he had hoped--a little, just for some kindness. He should have realized that it wouldn't come, not from him.
"Show me the wound," Phupha said. "I've brought antiseptic and bandages. I'll dress it."
Tian moved forward to try to roll his pant leg up, but suddenly the wound sang with pain and Tian tipped forward, right over the steps. He thought he would fall on the ground, but thankfully he was caught. Not so thankfully, it was by Phupha. For a short second, Tian's hazy brain forgot who it was that caught him. He felt so safe and secure in the strong embrace, his face cradled tight against Phupha's chest. But he realized that it was Phupha's chest, and he scrambled back instantly. Phupha's arms shot out to catch him, and Tian looked up into eyes that were flatly annoyed. "Relax. If you fall over again, that will just cause more wounds and more problems." Phupha guided Tian by the shoulders outside to the bench right under one of the orange lantern. His movements, although precise, clinical and clearly trying not to touch Tian more than he had to, were not rough.
The Chief reached over and rolled up Tian's left pant leg.
"How did you know the wound was there?" Tian asked, thunderstruck.
"That was the leg that buckled first," Phupha responded shortly, continuing to roll up the pant leg until he got to the wound. He took a quick breath in.
"Tian, this wound is pretty big. You need to be transparent about when you get hurt."
On a day when Tian was more well-rested and less emotionally wrecked, or a day where Phupha hadn't said cruel words beforehand, Tian would have been able to interpret that statement for what it was, a clinical concern. But to his exhausted brain, Phupha was somehow saying that not only was Tian selfish, he was also someone who was trying to cause problems by hiding things.
"Don't worry, Chief, if the wound gets infected I won't tell anyone, and definitely not my dad. That way, you won't have anything to worry about," Tian said back, his voice completely devoid of emotion.
Phupha looked up at Tian for a split second, and there was a flash--a milisecond flash-- of regret in his eyes.
"It's not just that, Tian. You're the teacher of this village. Your health is important," Phupha said, trying now, for some reason, Tian didn't know why, to sound more diplomatic.
"If it were up to you, I wouldn't be the teacher of the village starting tomorrow. But I'm not going to go back. I made a horrible mistake that resulted in one of the kids getting hurt badly. Tomorrow I will go and apologize to Kalae and his parents. But I am not going back. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not, I can't, I can't go back, I can't--" What started out as a measured and rational sentence was slowly unravelling into panic.
"Tian," Phupha said sternly. But Tian wasn't even listening. He was thinking about Torfun. He didn't deserve this heart of hers. She did. Not him. But he has ended up with it. That's why he needs to stay, that's why he needs to dedicate his life to Torfun, so he can do a pale imitation of whatever greatness she would have accomplished. Torfun would not have let a child get hurt. Tears started to stream down his face again.
"Tian!" Phupha said, louder this time. Tian snapped his head back down to Phupha, startled by the loud noise.
"Tian, I shouldn't have told you to go back. I apologize," Phupha said tersely, looking into Tian's wide, shocked, tear-filled eyes, and then studiously continuing to dab antiseptic onto Tian's leg. "I shouldn't have said that, alright? I'm sorry. So stop panicking. No one is going to make you go back." Phupha looked right into Tian's eyes, holding his gaze.
Tian just nodded, wiping his face with his sleeve and sniffling.
Phupha wrapped the bandage slowly and carefully around Tian's knee.
"Can you stand?" Phupha asked quietly. Tian nodded, and slowly got up. Phupha stood stock-still for a moment, and then moved slowly to help Tian. But Tian didn't want to lean against him. Tian just wanted to go to sleep. Tian wanted to be born with a healthy heart. Tian wanted to be someone else: someone strong, someone capable, who didn't let kids get hurt. Someone with a shine so golden it could compare to Torfun's. Someone so bright that Phupha wouldn't hesitate to treat them tenderly.
So Tian moved away from Phupha, the movement sudden and jarring. Phupha saw that, and then his eyes, so strangely open in the lamplight, closed up again and became the pools of black stone that they usually were. Tian moved back towards the house, his movements jerky, and he brushed past Phupha, his arm touching--for a milisecond--Phupha's arm. And that was all that was needed. For suddenly, Tian was catapulted into a memory again. Here, Memory-Phupha was the one who was crying. He was crying silently, his eyes closed shut, and Tian could feel his memory self wrapping his arms around Memory Phupha, and stroking his head softly. "It's okay, it's okay, mountain of mine, you're here with me now, I forgive you, it's alright, you're the only one for me, don't you know that, the apple of my eye? " And then memory Phupha didn't say anything at all, but cradled memory Tian to his chest. Memory Tian melted into the warmth. Memory Phupha used his hands to move Memory Tian half a foot away, scrutinizing his face, and then he tenderly wiped the tears from Memory Tian's face, that Tian hadn't even realized were falling while he was giving Memory Phupha that reassuring smile. And then memory Phupha kissed above the high points of memory Tian's cheekbones, right where the tears were falling previously, quickly in succession, but so, so tenderly. Tian sighed in relief, and the memory suddenly faded.
Phupha had the strangest look on his face. There was still refusal and anger, which hurt Tian's heart, but something else that frankly, Tian was too exhausted to figure out.
"Thank you for dressing my wound, Chief. Goodnight," Tian said politely but emotionlessly, struggling to get up the steps, but ultimately succeeding. Without turning around, he opened his door, closed it behind him, fell on top of his mattress, and instantly went to sleep.
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skippyv20 · 11 hours ago
Thank you for this space.
You are the only reason I come to Tumblr, dear Skippy. I have never spoken here or anywhere apart from to family and friends. Please know you are very loved. I am not catholic but I do say a prayer when I see a request and I love the warm space here and please don’t leave. It is very difficult to explain how people who have dealt first-hand with a certain personality come to recognise it. In my case, I was so excited to see H happy and I actually sat with a glass of wine and chocolate for the interview. I couldn’t watch it all the way through though and still can’t. I just saw it straight away- and to my family’s bemusement (who thought she was stunning and knew I was keen to see the interview) I said I hadn’t seen it all. They asked why and I said she is like me ex. They rolled their eyes and eventually I went very quiet, because I knew I sounded like all the things you are accused of being. Now, they all message me because they can see it too. I resist saying “told you!”. Haha - I hope that gives you a smile. I refuse (well, I try not to) click on other articles as I don’t want to feed the beast, but I love coming here. I also like Lady C and find her very perceptive. I am so sad for HM and any family dealing with this type of thing. I now call him Humpty - because if all the king’s horses and all the king’s men… well, if there is good to come out of this, perhaps it has helped people see that this type of thing can happen in any family. It is a true nightmare when there are no boundaries and nothing is off limits. Using such an intimate name must hurt. If there was a conversation I am guessing they did not say it was her pet name they were intending to use - if they did - well, a shocked silence may have been the response. They could have called the little baby after both mothers and shortened it to Dee-Dee, there are so many sweet things that could have done. This is so hurtful and trashy. Aside from the hurt (if there is hurt to HM - I am giving the benefit of the doubt here - perhaps HM was delighted - what would I know) what a poor choice for a little baby who they say they want privacy for. Bless her and her brother. I worry for Harry (though am really embarrassed by/for him) and how this will all end. It is a very scary, lonely place when the screen lifts and the glasses come off and you see how manipulated you have been. I found that out for myself, thankfully it wasn’t played out on a global stage, but it was agony and the pain persists although I have grown a lot as person from it.  I do hope some days that I have got it all wrong, and they are just in a love-bubble, but I think I am kidding myself. If they are in a love-bubble and happy then to me it is an odious one and personally I’m sick of smelling it.
I find the talk of her suicidal ideation offensive. Who would take/go on the front row on a balcony if that were the case?! As for going to HR -who the hell does that? Aside from everything else, they had their friend Oprah - I am sure she knows a few people. And her sporting friends who must employ top therapists. What an awful manipulation and yet another sympathy card played. I think my final straw was when she stood in South Africa in the most luxurious surrounds, having met with women who truly know suffering, and then had the audacity to moan about her lot. I still cannot get over that. If the plight of those women didn’t humble her it is clear nothing will.  I just hope they remove their titles completely, all of them - esp before anything awful happens. Hopefully she’ll divorce a mere Mr and then the long process of healing can begin. I was, like the rest of the world, so upset when Diana died - I still adore her (and all the royal family) but I can see more clearly what a complex and tricky personality she was and that has made me kinder towards PC. When I got *very* upset about her sons I remember my dad talking to me and saying lots of children lost their mum this year - and for a lot of those children their mum was all they had, financially and/or emotionally. My dad said to me that a lot of children are coming home to an empty house and getting their own dinner tonight because their mum died too. It really did stay with me (my dad is dead now). Yes, it was dreadful and played out globally, but at the opposite end they had enormous support and love. A lot of H’s poor choices were forgiven, we all wanted the boys to be happy. We all loudly loved Harry, as William quietly got on. Well, he lost his mother too. I am so glad that PW has a supportive wife and family. He has my admiration and respect and so does DoC. PC & C too - I think she would be supportive and wise. I love PA and I do hope she voices her opinion to her father imo it would be spot on.
Love to you Skippy and you are in my thoughts x
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and views on this all….as you know I will beg to differ on certain points…and that’s ok….I’m sorry for the loss of your father. Your father sounded very wise and what he said is very true. It is very sad. I greatly appreciate you praying with us, it means so much. All we can wait and see what happens…God Bless you my friend🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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So it's been 1 year today since FFWF was created! In honor of that, can you take us through how your fanfic writing has evolved in the past year?
happy ffwf!! this is such a good question, girl, also even though i know my writing has changed it feels like it hasn't 😂 i think a fun way to answer this would be to compare two excerpts of my writing, one from a year ago and one from my most recently-written fic!
here's the first paragraph from of cats and curses, my catradora-meets-kyoru crossover, posted June 15th, 2020:
Catra had been more than willing to let Adora do most of the talking. She was normally more eager to learn about the new planets they were exploring, but that day… Ugh. She really wasn’t sure what was making her mood so foul. Or she couldn’t pinpoint a singular cause, anyways. It was probably some God-awful combination of the pittering drizzle of rain falling from the gray sky around her, the fact that the miserable planet ‘Earth’ she was on seemed to have no traces of magic whatsoever, and the immediate reality that Adora was no longer by her side. Which was the main downfall of Adora doing all of the talking - Catra was left behind. At her own request, of course, so she could only blame herself, but still. She wanted to stew in her misery for a bit.
and here's the first "paragraph" of veritas, a oneshot i wrote where bucky grapples with the fact that tony stark is the one person he can never make amends to, posted June 1st, 2021 (N.B. i know my aang rarepair week ficlets are posted more recently than this story, but they were actually written several weeks prior to this fic, making veritas technically the thing i've most recently written):
Veritas. Latin. “Truth.”
The truth was that there was one name Bucky would never—no, he could never cross off his list.
Bucky remembered when he’d first started drafting in Steve’s journal, when he’d first started taking note of every person he owed amends to, he hadn’t been able to write that one name down. It was shameful, yes, guilt-inducing, even more so. But he couldn’t. Bucky couldn’t document what could never be stricken, never be removed, never be undone.
He’d never forget, though. He’d never rest easy again.
clearly fics of very different voices and very different tones, lmao! still, since this is strictly for a fun, i think a comparison can be made anyways. for one, i clearly still love long sentences (although in veritas it is for Dramatic Effect while in of cats and curses it's more me being overly wordy 😂). i still use past tense (i think i've only written one fanfic in present tense and that was my yuaang ficlet, ataraxia). personally, i think veritas reads a little more smoothly than of cats and curses, but that's more of a subjective thing. i also think i used more adverbs in of cats and curses than i did in veritas, and even though i love adverbs, it's probably for the better i don't use them as much now as i used to 😂 as you can see, i am using the proper em dash in my fics now (thanks, jake!), which i used to Not do. however, i am yet to lessen my use of commas, ahahaha.
all in all: i would say there's distinct improvement, but maybe i just want to think im getting better and im actually just stagnant, lmfao! this was such a fun question boo thank you for sending it in!! 💛
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iamanartichoke · 2 days ago
All right - I’m serious, I don’t fucking know what to say. There is so much analysis to be done and I’ve got FEELS and my brain short-circuited. But, some reactions under the cut. Spoilers, obviously. 
[please blacklist spoiler tags: #loki tv series spoilers, #loki series spoilers, #loki spoilers]
Well my first reaction is that - 
Okay. There was some cringe - mostly stuff that we already saw in the trailers. (Loki doesn’t say “crap,” btw. I think he says “bunk.” Which, okay.) I’m just kinda ignoring it. 
There were some genuinely funny lines and moments. Toward the latter half of the episode, there was a more subtle balance between serious and humorous and it flowed together well. 
Re: Loki’s powers - I actually really like how they handled it here. The narrative made fun of him when he tried to use his powers, but idk, I didn’t find anything wrong with it. It was amusing and the joke was not “har har Loki is weakling,” it was “har har Loki thinks he can use his powers here,” which was more funny and ic for me. Also, Loki slamming his fists down and saying DAMN IT WHY WON’T IT WORK sent me. 
That said, they did a good job showing that even a “declawed” Loki, powers-wise, was still formidable in the sense that he fell back on his wits and gave them a run for their money. Plus him getting one over on Jailer Time Lady was *chef’s kiss* 
I’m intrigued by the storyline and general plot. 
Okay, what broke my brain (and my heart) was everything between Loki and Mobius. Mobius kept dragging Loki in all the most hurtful ways we’ve all meta’ed about endlessly, and I couldn’t figure out if he was trying to goad Loki or if he actually believed what he was saying. Idk, I can’t get a firm read on Mobius at this point, although I kinda hate him a little. He preyed on all of Loki’s most vulnerable doubts and insecurities - rude. 
Most importantly - 
LOKI CRYING. Loki cried a lot. My emotional whumpy needs were met. Mobius fucking showed him Frigga’s death, and then Loki watched his own death (which they showed somewhat graphically but I really liked how we got to see Loki’s reaction as the snap of his neck occurred off-screen, like, well done and also fuck my life), and the way he stood there, laughing and crying as the realization of his wasted life - and how it ends - sunk in was just, god, my heart. 
Mobius’s interrogation revolving around forcing Loki to admit whether or not he likes hurting people and causing death and destruction was good. I also liked how, when Loki was threatening Casey, you could tell that he didn’t intend to kill Casey at all but it wasn’t done in a mocking, like, “pfft okay Loki” way, it was more like a “okay, we all know you have no intention of actually gutting Casey like a fish bc you clearly don’t enjoy hurting people and we’re establishing that right off the bat” and, yknow, that works for me. 
I’m probably forgetting things. I will have to rewatch and analyze much more closely. I anticipate many metas (sorry in advance). But, I mean, my overall reaction? There wasn’t really anything that I disliked enough to make an impression. Just the cringey humor parts and the times where Loki’s reactions felt exaggerated but, I mean, it was easy enough to overlook. I certainly didn’t get the impression that Loki was being portrayed as “clownish” or too zany, despite the trailers. Loki had a ton of really good lines; I feel like we got a solid glimpse into what’s going on in Loki’s head but there’s obviously so much more going on beneath the surface. 
And also, Loki’s mannerisms deserve mentioning! Nothing special but just, he had so many facial expressions and gestures and things that, thus far, have only existed in my imagination when reading/writing fic. He pushed his hands through his hair at one point, even. I realize I’m probably the only one lame enough to care about things like that, but I just loved watching the way Loki spoke and moved and reacted. It all felt very natural. 
... Imma just leave it there for now. I give this episode, upon first viewing and first reactions, a B-. More meta to follow, etc. 
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kabrainy · 2 days ago
Shrek Forever After (2010)
Tumblr media
It's ain't ogre... til it's ogre
“Are my kids cute or do they make people uncomfortable?”
This movie is better than I remember, but not by much. It has more importance to the series than I initially thought. I used to think the ending sucked, but now I realise it was all for Shrek’s character arc, which is refreshing when comparing it to Shrek the Third. 
As a conclusion, this film is strong. Shrek’s final realisation of loving what he’s gained over these movies and understanding that it won’t be the same. He was overwhelmed by the changes but has now learned that it’s okay. While this message is fantastic, the movie could’ve done more with this, but didn’t. It’s clear at the beginning and end, but wasn’t utilised a lot throughout the middle. The main romance with Shrek and Fiona has returned, it was evidently watered down compared to 1 and 2 but worked well for their arc. Shrek’s, almost incredibly dark, exclamation that he’s happy he could fall in love all over again with her was emotional.
The first act is strongest, seeing Shrek and his family was good exposition and subsequent inciting incident. Moving into the alternate universe and witnessing Shrek meet everyone again made for cool contrasts. But the third act and climax was weak, the pacing was too fast, with Pied Piper missing in the climax entirely.
There are a distracting amount of plot holes in this film. This alternate universe stuff doesn’t work since there’s so much not accounted for. E.g. Where’s Farquaad? He would’ve saved Fiona, right? And why did Rumpel have the Dragon? And why didn’t Rumpel kill Fiona so that Shrek wouldn’t have a chance?
Despite these plot holes, I think Rumpelstiltskin works as a villain here. He feels like a natural involvement with his contracts and trickery. He isn’t as strong as Farquaad or Fairy Godmother but he does feel relevant and necessary. While on the subject of previous installments, this movie clearly wanted to forget Shrek the Third. The credits, that run through the entire storyline of Shrek, completely omits Arthur and Merlin. They only show Harold’s death and the Ogre babies. Don’t blame them, Shrek 3 is really bad.
Shrek 3 and 4 feel very different tonally. The humour is more spaced out in the film and rarely blended with the drama of it all. There’s less pop culture references and fairytale references in the later two as well, almost forgetting the franchise’s roots. The humour was okay here but just lacked the layers adn wordplay, it was all in your face and came from stale dialogue mostly. Puss in Boots eating Gingy was pretty funny though. While Shrek the Third felt like Illumination bullshit, this installment felt like a generic animated movie for the most part, like typical dreamworks around this time. 
The animation was beautiful here, the contrast between the original and alternate universe is clear in its design. The character design changes look nice too, they’re both familiar but realistically different. The clothes and hair in this series has looked great throughout, especially for 2000s.
The good music returned, both in the score and soundtrack. But it did feel watered down in comparison, especially if you compare the action scenes they’re used in.
Overall, this movie is a good conclusion. It lacks the special and revolutionary impact the first 2 movies had, although it does keep many of their core elements such as the immersive romance, fun characters, good music, and life lessons, and let’s not forget the beautiful animation.
K - 6/10        B - 5/10
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breastmilkconjuration · 2 days ago
The six different films that now make up this series [What the Water Said 1-3 & 4-6] are made from unexposed film stock that Gatten put into crabtraps and tossed into the ocean off the coast of south carolina where salt water from the sea meets the fresh water of the Edisto river. Retrieving the film stock from the water, he rinsed and cleaned the raw stock but did not develop it. The resulting film, both visually and aurally, consists of footage exposed to this seawater sojourn, and whatever abrasions the traps and surf caused (i find gatten’s claim that crabs and other sea creatures made some of the marks by nibbling on the film a bit fanciful—but perhaps it’s true!). The film was never passed through a camera, and in that sense is not at all photographic (it circumvents the optics of the camera entirely), but the film did undergo a chemical reaction due to its immersion and handling and the subsequent process of cleaning, repairing sprockets, printing, and ultimately projection.
The result is stunning and delightful, abstract animation at it most frenetic and varied. We see a kaleidoscopic succession of scratches, abrasions, and blotches of a variety of colors, transforming at the rapid speed of 24 film frames a second, while a cacophony of white noise crashes and crackles on the sound track. Sometimes the backgrounds are black, sometimes white, pinkish, magenta, or salmon colored. Some scratches are very linear, while other seem curved and circular, some lines are dark, others white or reddish. The blotches blossom like flowers in a spectrum of colors, or burst on the screen like white snowflakes or multicolored popcorn. Any verbal account only indicates the inadequacy of describing this visual experience in words. It is the kinetic energy of color and form, the dance between figures and backgrounds that delights the eye and mind. and, yes, there is something to think about there, even if you don’t have to. The title, for one thing (there are also a series of literary quotes from Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Daniel Defoe, T.S. Eliot, and Fernando Pessoa, which i find a bit unnecessary, although appropriate—perhaps unnecessary because so appropriate). Thinking of these images as “what the water said” enriches the film and relates strongly to themes from gatten’s other series. These films, like the others i have discussed, while utterly noniconic and nonrepresentational, are clearly indexical, the visual record of the interaction of the sea and the film stock. The visual and sound patterns are the result of the film’s immersion in the sea, its subjection to these natural forces, and gatten refers to them as “oceanic inscription written directly into the emulsion of the film.” They are in this sense another example of the writing of nature, the collision of elements artaud found in cinema. The sea has left its mark on celluloid. The ocean made a film. This can only be said with some irony and humor, of course. Gatten threw the film into the ocean, then retrieved, repaired, and printed the film. (both Gatten and critic Scott Mcdonald refer to the series as collaborations between gatten and the sea).
The film is an artifact of course. It remains mediated by the cinematic processes of printing and projection, even if it eliminates the usually essential mediation of the optics of the camera. But nothing human composed the images or sound; Gatten merely allowed and preserved them. They correspond to that ideal of religious art to which icons aspired according to Mondazin, the acheiropoietic image, made without the intervention of human hands but the direct imprint of the divine, like the image of the face of Jesus imprinted on Veronica’s veil.
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glowyjellyfish · 3 days ago
New day, new batch of episodes, new post. I’m gonna limit myself to 2-4 episodes instead of “as many as I can cram into an evening”, because I clearly miss a lot when I try to binge it.
First, some thoughts from before I kept watching:
I’m curious to what degree the laws of equivalent exchange take into account things like… sentimental value, and how much of a sacrifice the offered matter is to the alchemist. Obviously the raw materials that make up a person are not the same value as an actual person; and it’s heartbreakingly poignant when Ed talks about being able to purchase all the ingredients at the market as a child. He wasn’t old enough to understand, but of course that wasn’t valuable enough. I have interpreted the order of events when the boys tried to resurrect their mother—and I could very well be totally off—as follows: the boys set up the circle and did their thing, Ed had a vision/experience of the universe showing him exactly why that wasn’t good enough, and once he understood further payment was extracted in the form of his leg and Al’s entire body and/or life (I am slightly unclear on that point), and even then it wasn’t enough to give them anything more than a grotesque human-shaped husk (I am also unclear on when that happened, but I think it was before the boys were mutilated as payment?), Ed then proceeded to have a complete breakdown and bound his brother’s soul to the armor, using his own blood, and, in my interpretation at least, it worked precisely because he was willing to offer anything up to and including his own life, and the universe only took his arm for that, which may or may not have been generous at that point (considering it nearly killed him and horribly disabled him arguably more than the leg, but it wasn’t like he couldn’t live without it). Do I have that about right?
My theory is that it’s worth more to sacrifice things that actually mean something to you (ie your brother, your own limbs) than a cold calculated precise life exchange that’s just some guy you don’t care about, and that although Ed and Al’s resurrection attempt failed horribly, largely because Ed was a child and didn’t fully understand what he was doing, it came closer and accomplished more for comparatively little price than the whole military ever managed, which is why the military went “holy shit recruit that child”, not grasping that it was more about what Ed was willing to sacrifice than simple talent. (...I know it was a particular guy who decided to recruit him on the spot, Roy Mustang I think? But basically it was the military.) Which could also be why the deadly sins crew think he’ll make a good sacrifice—they have reason to believe he is more valuable than your average person, and/or my theory last night was right and the actual person wanting to sacrifice him is his father. I feel like this works with the Philosopher’s Stone, too—it takes hundreds if not thousands of human lives to pay the price for unlimited power. Most people freak out about that, and only the people who don’t think that is too high a price will actually go through with it… I will have to think about this some more, though, and learn more too.
Okay, I watched three more tonight. The third was lovely enough that it felt like a good place to stop; I think the next one is maybe the season finale? Anyway, I loved the one with their teacher, the third one I watched tonight. S1e12. Beautiful and poignant and heartbreaking. I really appreciate the show’s… arc? Theme? of showing us Ed’s trauma and showing us how hard he covers it up, and it was very present in that episode. Poor boy needs so much therapy. Both boys do, really, but pretty sure Ed needs it more because of all he does for his brother.
One mention of their father and I nodded along, ah yes he is going to be an antagonist. I think I dimly recall seeing his name amongst spoilers over the years, now that I’ve heard it, but of course I don’t really know what sort of role he will play. It’s just very strongly signposted that he’s gonna be evil, at least to me.
I’m not at all sure whether all my speculation from this morning about sacrifice matters; it doesn’t really seem to with everyday alchemy. Conversely, I found Roy Mustang’s flashback talk about low-level soldier’s lives not being worth much to be very interesting for the speculation. Maybe basic objects can be exchanged easily, but when you start trying to transmute sentient beings it becomes difficult to balance the value, bringing sacrifice in as the only acceptable price? Or maybe I’m just wrong, I can’t tell yet!
It is very interesting to me that their teacher (I… didn’t catch her name) also saw the universe-vision when she attempted human transmutation. Does that happen to everyone who tries, or at least tries with some scrap of success? Since alchemy without circles is apparently so uncommon, I have to think this vision does not happen to everyone who attempts human transmutation, or there would definitely be groups of people trying it deliberately just to gain that ability, sacrifice or not. Unless, of course, that is a major reason why the military/government cracks down so hard on human transmutation. They wouldn’t want traumatized alchemists who can work without circles running around unsupervised.
I keep going back and forth on whether we are supposed to view the whole organization of the military as bad or not, but as I said yesterday it sure looks awfully evil to me. I do not believe the leader for one second that it’s a conspiracy, and think he’s behind the philosopher’s stone research, and he told the group not to talk to anyone explicitly so he could control the information and immediately learn what they find out.
...I also did not expect any major character death. I don’t know how I feel about that!
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adiabolikpastel · 4 days ago
Title: Lunar Eclipse Masquerade
Kanato pt. 1
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,291
Pairing: Kanato x Yuuki (m/f)
ღ After hearing the news about his father's Masquerade, Kanato feels the effects of the moon while trying to get dressed. ღ
Mun Yu: This is going to be presented a little different than my other written works. Since it is so long, I have decided to publish it in parts, rather than the novel that it is. Each boy will receive their own post, some getting more post than others. For each post, it will make a sort of time line of events - to help paint the entire story. All post will begin with the premise, and the continuation under the cut. Enjoy.
Additionally: I would love to thank @akai-anemone for their wonderful analysis on the affects of the Lunar Eclipse in DL
☆+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。☆*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。
Despite what most people think, demonic beings are very social creatures. The elites hold countless balls and parties, celebrating their immortality together, and entertaining one another with stories. Typically, they are done in celebration for something – though this is not always the case. All types of beings from across the Demon Realm will come if the host is of high enough prestige.
There would be no such host if it was not for Karlheinz. Seated as the head of the Bat Clan (vampires), Karl’s reach spans far. Being the widow for the former Demon King’s daughter, and having children of the first blood, an invitation from the Vampire King is not one to refuse. Though why would you? In his immaculate castle within the Demon Realm, Eden Castle, it is always quite the spectacle. While the celebrations held in his Human World mansion are nice, nothing compares to a true night of pleasure within the true home of the King.
On this night, there was to be a Masquerade in honor of the first Lunar Eclipsed Moon in over two years. While this night may serve each species differently, the idea to celebrate its return was simply too tempting. For this reason, Karlheinz took it upon himself – or rather – his house, to host the event. This extended to his offspring as well, regardless of their personal agenda. Members of every social elite race accepted the offer, and gathered for a truly unforgettable evening.
Tumblr media
Restless. Irritated. Apprehensive. Panicky. Yuuki could clearly see all of these emotions simply bubbling through Kanato. The night before the household was informed of a ball taking place in the Demon Realm in the Bat Clan’s official home. Apparently, Reiji did not tell anyone the news until this moment on purpose, so they would have no chance to decline. That being the case, Yuuki could understand their distress. Full Moons were always so difficult for all of them, she couldn’t imagine having to deal with that as well as a formal affair.
Regardless of their feelings though, all six of the boys, in their own reluctant way, prepared for the evening. Karl had sent them specific outfits to wear, each one unique yet uniformed. White three piece suits, lined with silver, and complemented by beautiful teal color broaches. Kanato’s was surprisingly intercut, at least six or seven different pieces – Yuuki wasn’t sure. Since the night of the news Kanato had been in a mood.
He was acting more clingy than usual – which was already fairly intense. Although that was normal of him for Full Moons, somehow this felt different. Yuuki knew that Kanato had to be anxious for the night ahead. Sure enough as the smallest vampire dressed himself, his temper flared.
“Ahh! This is unacceptable!” Kanato whines as he steps on the trailing of his outfit. Yuuki was seated on their bed, putting together something special for Kanato. “Why do you simply sit there!? You would have me look like a fool!” Kanato’s emotions begin to swell as the all too familiar tone in his voice notes the tears in his eyes.
Yuuki felt the pain in his voice, as she always did whenever Kanato started a tantrum. “Why don’t I help you?” She offers, placing the small accessory on the bed. “I could help with your hair!” She offers happily.
Sniffling, Kanato walks over to the bed, and sits beside Yuuki. His tears fall softly onto the blankets, but for the moment he does not lash out. Yuuki gets right to work, wanting Kanato to feel confident with himself. She grabs the usual supplies; comb, hair gel, and hair pins. To her amazement, Kanato sat quietly through the process. He even seemed to be enjoying himself, Yuuki could see it on his face.
As she secured his last pin, Yuuki also grabbed the surprise she had been working on. “One last touch… I thought this would look cute on you. It goes right… here.” Yuuki says securing a floral arranged, ribbon hair pin, with a cute bat in it.
Kanato got up to look at himself in the mirror, staring, similarly to how he would stare at Yuuki when she was modeling a new outfit for him. “… have I become your doll now…” He asks softly, a hint of humor in his voice.
Yuuki got up, and walked over to join him, “No! That’s not- I made that because… well… if you don’t like it that’s okay!” She panics a little, worried that Kanato was going to become angry. Instead, the vampire smiled and started laughing.
Yuuki watched in confusion. Not that it was uncommon for Kanato to laugh, but his words and actions were not making sense. As Kanato calmed he turned to Yuuki and cupped her face. Her body immediately responds to the familiar touch, causing her knees to become weak. A soft blush darkening her face.
“Mine… or Yours… I wonder just which is right…” Kanato murmurs moving his lips slowly to hers. The kiss is soft. There is no anger or anxiety behind it. Those emotions seem to have vanished. “How is it that you are still here…? Have I not tormented you enough…? Are you not so scared of me…? I could break you in an instant… yet you choose to stay with me…"
Yuuki could do nothing as she looked up into her keeper’s eyes. He seemed genuinely hurt, as if he was speaking to something that caused him suffering. Before she could stop, tears began to form in her eyes. The feeling in her chest ached for him. Her hands reached up on their own and grasped onto his outstretched arms.
Kanato couldn’t help but smirk, “Now you even cry for me… You truly are My Doll after all…” He moves one of his hands off her face to take Yuuki’s hand in his. Turning her wrist to his lips, Kanato kisses her flesh softly before biting into it. Despite the pain, Yuuki didn’t flinch or try to pull away from him. They stayed like this until Kanato had his fill, pulling away just enough to lick at blood that rushed from the wound.
Yuuki used her other hand to wipe the tears from her eyes, “… are… you okay now… Kanato-san…?” She watched him clean the wound, and in no time it closed.
“There was never anything ‘wrong’ with me.” Kanato says, dropping her wrist and moving back to fix himself in the mirror. “This look will have to do, I suppose.” Moving to secure the final additive of the teal broach, he motions to the closet. “More importantly, why are you not dressed yet? You do not intend for me to go alone? Are you not My Doll, you should be with me at all times, yes?”
Even with the abrupt emotional shift in Kanato’s personality, Yuuki felt better now that he was at least talking like himself again. She walks over to their closet and opens it to find a long strapless gown. Deep purple in color, with silver trimming on the chest and waist, and soft sparkles throughout the skirting. In addition there were a pair of matching heels, and a Masquerade mask. It reassembled the same type of design as Kanato’s hair clip. When his mask was on, the two looked as if they truly planned to coordinate so well.
Yuuki’s eyes widened taking in the ensemble Kanto placed together for her. “Kanato-san… it’s beautiful… but I-"
“You would not question my invitation, right. After all… you will be seen with me publicly by many…” Kanato interrupts her protest. With a smile he extends his hand to her, “You will join me on this night… won’t you~ nfu?”
☆+ ゚ .+ .゚.゚。 ゚ 。. +゚ 。゚.゚。☆*。。 . 。 o .。゚。.o。* 。 .。
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owl-with-a-pen · 4 days ago
gosh, I don't think the Silas being a vampire thing had a huge impact on his character or the plot (the way he was captured would just have had to change, and the husband thing would have to be removed) so literally he could have been any alien. I had a theory before the season that his actor would be playing Brainy's dad, just because he vaguely looked like Jesse and was described as having a tragic past, but just imagine what it would have been like if that was the case (1/2)
and he would have been in the Phantom Zone himself, but just escaped somehow, and the team found that out and wanted to know how he did it (2/2)
I love vampires, and for that reason alone I can totally excuse the messy exposition when Silas was first introduced to try and explain in like 2 seconds what species he was, where he came from etc, etc. Also, his deadpan response about them clearly doing their homework was great. I don’t know very much about the actor, but he played that character super well to the point I was actually distraught when he was briefly turned into a progeny.
But, you are so right, imagine the possibilities if he had been cast as Brainy’s dad. I would kill to see one of Brainy’s parents on the show, and although I fixate on his mother the most, it would have been super cool to have this awkward reveal that the one person who knew how to break into the Phantom Zone was actually Brainy’s dad.
I usually write with the headcanon that Brainy lost all contact with his father shortly after his inhibitors were put on him, so there would have been no way for him to know that his father was the person who had this information, let alone that he’d been to the Phantom Zone at all.
Imagine Brainy finding this out for the first time after years of not knowing what had happened to his father, of internalising guilt over feeling responsible for pushing him away, and then to find out that of all the possibilities he’d considered in that time, that this was what had happened to him. I can’t decide what emotion Brainy would feel the strongest after everything he’s been through to remove his inhibitors. Maybe everything – just to make it exceptionally chaotic.
Regardless though, the tension between the two would be off the charts. I’m honestly all about this idea!
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kanmom51 · 6 days ago
I see so many anons here are painting the friendship between V and Jimin into a one sided relationship from V .I politely disagree with all .V during the initial days was a complete dork.He was a very different characters compared to others in the group .Also he has a resting face which people are unable to draw conclusions what he's thinking or feeling.Jhope,Jimin V these were the extroverted people in the group although now it seems only Jhope. Always playful.So there are moments when people find it hard understanding V .In bts only person to tend to V when he tried to hide his feelings and cry it was Jimin. I am not telling others don't love him but since he said he used to cry in bathroom Jimin went to him and cried with him .They had huge differences but still was able to connect through human emotions.Now this is a big deal .A friend worth remembering every time. Jimin is the one who takes V seriously even if he say some things with a RF(resting face) .He asks why did you tell that and wants to know.This is worth a soulmate material.I am not homophobic but Tae from the beginning know how much Jimin loves Jk to the extent he said on radio that he likes men.Jimin has a habit of praising Jk whenever he gets a chance to whomever it is. Tae must have heard a lot since he's his best friend.Remember the side eye Tae gave when Jikook were playing with the cake on Jins bday in 2015.He is a troll .The best definition of a friend trolling but still loves his best friend and his relationship.Tae and hobi knows things other members don't know because Jm and them were roommates with Jk continuously coming to play with them.There's a Paris live in 2016 you see Tae showing knowing expressions and then telling Jk to sing I know song when Jimin is with him .Clearly teasing and Jk he's also not bad he sang the exact verse which was directed towards Jimin "know you love me boy so that I love you" then tae repeats it looking at Jimin in a trolling way and Jimin continues to tell it was nice but his words slip and he messes it up and tae at the highest trolling level asks are you nervous.Its all live .The most amount of trolling came from tae and Jin for Jikook.He knows who his best friend loves but still he can say I like you the most .There's no wonder about Tae choosing Jm as his favorite because he got the respect he needed which he didn't get from some friends in his life like the incident of birthday party invitation by a friend.There's happiness in Tae's eyes while looking at Jimin his best friend for a decade.I said I am not homophobic or will get threatened by Vmin moments as a Jikook supporter but I personally think V is into girls I can be wrong .The difference between love and friendship should also have synonymous Jk and V .You could differentiate how both works .Its very clear.
You make many good points anon.
I, like you, don't think there is anything romantic to see here. JM & Tae are the best of friends. JM is someone that cares greatly for Tae, he's the one that both Tae and JK turn to for emotional support and for good reason.
Remember JM comforting Tae and spending much needed time with him in BV3 when he arrived in Malta after the passing of his grandfather? JM is there for him.
JM loves them both, but in different ways. One is best friend love, the other romantic love.
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Needing to move
I was born premature but naturally in 1998. My dad (We will call him Steve), was having my Mums (Let's call her Linda) gas and air whilst she was in labour. As my sister was born through a C section, they were anxious for my arrival. With my mum determined to have me naturally, my dad ended up having so much gas and are that he fainted and missed my arrival. The silly bugger. But anyway. Then I got taken back to their bungalow they had brought together in the hope of raising me and my Sister (Alicia) there.
The start of this is going to seam really confusing, and I apologise for that. Its due to the fact that I was unaware of quite a lot of big factors until I was kicked out in later ages of my life and found out some big truths.
So before we moved out of the bungalow when I was 2, I remember quite a bit. Which is surprising considering my age. Well I don't remember quite a bit but its more then I feel I should at that age. Most of them memories consist of me screaming and crying. Begging for people to stop causing me pain and not being listened too. Watching jess get treated like a princess and wondering why I was doing wrong, compared to her, to deserve this. Being up most nights crying and being left to dealt with the consequences of my parents actions. Although when I was two. Just before we moved. I do remember this clearly.
Steve and Linda got a divorce, after 6 years of being together and 2 years of marriage that was filled with a lot of lies and manipulation. My dad decided to leave. And chose to leave us with the house, and with our mum.
My Nanna was around ours, looking after me and my sister. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I feel its important to note that this door was an old wood door with a big thick glass panel in the middle of it.
I remember tumbling to get there as I thought It was my dad. (which is an important factor as to why I felt close to him in that moment and never understood why, but we will find this out later) and it was. There was my dad. He was stood with a women and this made my mum very unhappy. He tried to reach in to pick me up, my arms went out to reach for him and my mum slammed the door shut on him. In the last second Steve put his foot in the way of the door to stop her shutting it. She reopened it and there was lots of name calling, shouting and anger.
I remember my nan trying to pull me away from the corridor and into the lounge as it was getting heated but I wanted to be there. Regardless of being 2 years old. I put up a good fight in trying to get there. Although I don't know why or who I was trying to get too, but it all adds up that I was trying to get too my dad. And just as I got back into the corridor and could see him at the door. My mum slammed the door another time with so much force and in reaction my dad stuck his foot out again. Which this time led to the door smashing and glass going all over my mum. My dad left and I remember looking at my mum to see her in her little green dressing gown with pink flowers. Fallen on the floor with blood running out from all the places the glass had hit her. All up her legs and it probably wasn't as bloody as I remember it. But I do remember feeling very concerned for my mum, my Nanna running to help and my five year old sister taking me in the lounge.
But my dad kept trying to return and my mum lost so much weight. She said we had no money for food and therefore had to eat mine and Alicia's left overs which led to her loosing a lot weight but we will find out later this turns out to be untrue.
She wanted to move. So we did just that and moved to a little council house. Which is where it all begins...
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bbhyeoliskooks · 7 days ago
May I please have a reaction to their Crush being very shy, and clinging to them during social situations. Thank you!
❝𝐂𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐝 𝟗.❞
TXT’s Reaction to their shy crush staying next to them during a social situation. 
Tumblr media
Genre: 4 cups of fluff ofc <3
Warnings: None
Song: Cloud 9
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
최 연준:
༺♥︎ One of your friends wanted to invite you to a party happening this weekend at their significant other’s place where there were obviously many people wanting to go due to their popularity
༺♥︎ Filled with many people... doing their own thing... and not being socially awkward unlike you...
༺♥︎ So at first you refused as politely as you could???!!!
༺♥︎ but then your friend just wiggled their eyebrows and smirked at you with a mocking tone- clearly knowing everything about you inside and out,
༺♥︎ “Yeonjun is going to be there~”
༺♥︎ ... it would be a lie to say that you weren’t whipped for that boy
༺♥︎ ... it would be a lie too to say that you knew he reciprocated your feelings back as well
༺♥︎ So.... if you were THAT whipped, you would actually go
༺♥︎ Guess what! that happened 😐 and now you’re stuck at a party in the corner just searching for your friend who abandoned you for their significant other and perhaps some other person you knew a little just for some comfort when a familiar figure showed up 
༺♥︎ “Y/N, that’s you, isn’t it?”
༺♥︎ “Ah, hi Yeonjun? I had no clue you were going to be at this party,” you chuckled awkwardly and squeezed the red solo cup in your hand whilst hoping to make eye contact with him
༺♥︎ The boy raised an eyebrow, joining you in the corner to which you were thankful for since you probably looked odd just hanging out where nobody else was
༺♥︎ At least you wouldn’t have to make the first move anymore like you’ve been dreading 😌 !!
༺♥︎ “On the other hand,” he replied, “I didn’t know you’d be here... although I’m pretty thankful since there’s really no one else I’d want to hang out with except you.”
༺♥︎ why did your face feel so hot all of a sudden...?
༺♥︎ and why was your heart going 100 mph 😔
༺♥︎ “I-”
༺♥︎ “Yeonjun! We’ve been looking all over for you! Where have you been?”
༺♥︎ Was that... Choi Soobin with Huening Kai? 
༺♥︎ You smiled awkwardly, staring at your shoes that were glued to the floor
༺♥︎ It was as if Yeonjun knew you were uncomfortable, and he quickly shuffled you to stay behind him
༺♥︎ “Oh, really? Sorry, guys, I didn’t mean to ditch-- but as you can see, I’m occupied over here.”
༺♥︎ Kai stared at you the whole time like you were someone familiar, and you shyly waved at him
༺♥︎  He gasped, and you felt your blood run cold-- DID YOU DO SMTH WRONG???!!
༺♥︎ “Huh wait, aren’t you Y/N? We’ve heard a lot about you from Yeonjun!”
༺♥︎ qué. what. 
༺♥︎ He told them about you of all people...?
༺♥︎ Yeonjun decided to answer for you when you were at a loss for words, clearly not expecting that he would say something about you to his closest friends
༺♥︎ “Aren’t they adorable?”
༺♥︎ “Yeonjun, what-”
༺♥︎ The boy just smiled adoringly at your reaction, pulling you closer as you clung unto his arm tightly
༺♥︎ “Could you get some drinks for me? Anything will do! And thank you so much.”
༺♥︎ Once you heard their footsteps become faint, you sighed in relief and tried to maintain a distance from Yeonjun until he quickly stopped you on his own
༺♥︎ He just gazed deep into your eyes when you muttered in confusion, causing you to look away as soon as you felt that spark of electricity pierce through your body
༺♥︎ “It’s okay... you can stay with me. I promise I’ll protect you from everyone else,” he said with an adorable blink wink ;)
༺♥︎ “Are you sure? I don’t want to be a bother,” you asked unsure, still holding onto his hand to which he squeezed when he sensed your uncertainty :(
༺♥︎ “Of course, Y/N. After all, why wouldn’t I want to protect someone who means the world to me?”
Tumblr media
최 수빈:
༺♥︎ You and soobders were close friends
༺♥︎ VERY close friends 😏
༺♥︎ where they both obviously gave feelings for each other but they just don’t know it yettt 😩
༺♥︎ And so... after some critical thinking on what to do both you and Soobin  decided on the fact that you’ll both be going on a double date LIKE A COUPLE-- as if you two don’t want that smh it’s so obvious 🙄
༺♥︎ To be honest you were a bit annoyed that you had to see two new strangers on whatever this date was
༺♥︎ Well... I mean, you trusted them since they were Soobin’s friends and he could see through someone’s soul easily- and that meant you had no reason to be suspicious of them
༺♥︎ but thanks to your shyness (which ofc isn’t a bad thing, please remember sweeties !), you were sure you wouldn’t be able to say anything without stuttering or awkwardly laughing in between the couple moments of silence
༺♥︎ However, you knew Soobin would be there and the whole time he’d be trying to ease you up little by little so you’d be comfortable
༺♥︎ how lucky you are to have him by your side huh :(( and that’s the exact reason why you were so fond of the boy
༺♥︎ In no time, Soobin picked you up from your house and you swore you felt your heart skip a beat
༺♥︎ He was as handsome as always okay now i know im simping hard but his hair was gelled up to the side where you could see his glorious forehead and his doe eyes that melted your soul every time you made eye contact with him
༺♥︎ When he saw you, he immediately held out his hand to make sure you wouldn’t fall accidentally while walking together LIKE A TRUE GENTLEMAN :(((
༺♥︎ “I’m so happy I chose you as my date,” he spoke randomly, smoothing out his green shirt, “I’m sure nobody else would be perfect for it except you.”
༺♥︎ and so with you freaking out internally about his sweet compliment, you reached the restaurant just on time since it was only 5 minutes away
༺♥︎ “Okay... now we just have to act like a couple, are you ready for that?”
༺♥︎ You smiled- a bit unsure if you could do it- but the grin he reflected back made you realize that you could as long as he was with you
༺♥︎ “Well, I’ll try to be,” you replied, shaking a bit when you saw the couple you assumed to be Soobin’s friends waving from the window
༺♥︎ His eyes turned into crescents, and he slipped his hand into yours again which felt perfect before going inside the warm restaurant
༺♥︎ How did that double date go? Um...
༺♥︎ They were, of course, great people that made your stomach hurt with their jokes... and they were welcoming towards you when you introduced yourself... but... 
༺♥︎ At some point during the date, one of them kept asking questions about you over and over again
༺♥︎ You were sure they didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but you hated all the attention you were suddenly getting
༺♥︎ Fortunately, only Soobin could tell you were feeling weirded out a little and hurriedly changed the subject so they could all talk about something else
༺♥︎ And when those two were gone after a so called emergency.... Soobin was on cloud 9 since you trusted him yet again, meaning that he was the first one you came to whenever you didn’t feel safe
༺♥︎ He happily let you closer to him, wondering if you really liked holding his hand as much as he did
༺♥︎ “It’s okay,” he cooed gently, leaning into your embrace when you laid your head onto his shoulder, “now since we’re here by ourselves and I’m starving again... could we go on a real date this time?”
༺♥︎ bam he pulled out the prettiest red rose you had ever seen in your life and by gosh- how could you say no?!!
Tumblr media
최 범규:
༺♥︎ You were so happy for them <3 that you were able to celebrate this joyous occasion and gape at how pretty everyone else was when they dolled themselves up- although it was more of the fact that you were witnessing true love right in front of you~ 
༺♥︎ Not lucky for you in turn, you didn’t have anyone in your life that you saw a future with... well, except for one boy but it’s because he’s different 
༺♥︎ Choi Beomgyu, huh? Your best friend, but you knew would never like you back since you’d been best friends ever since you were in diapers
༺♥︎ But that was okay on your part... as long as he was happy, then it was okay- we won’t mention the fact that you’d cry your heart out if you didn’t end up together however it was all okay :)
༺♥︎ You arrived as soon as you could so as to not be too late and find a good seat to see everything
༺♥︎ But once you saw him, he dashed towards you and your heart melted
༺♥︎ Okay, you had to admit- Beomgyu looked so good in that formal tuxedo that you wanted to cry :(( gosh, why’d you have to go and fall in love with your best friend of all people?
༺♥︎ “I saved a seat for you,” he hummed, grabbing your hand and leading you towards the table where your friends were sitting before you could protest
༺♥︎ Through the whole ceremony, you could feel tears in your eyes with the speeches and how heartfelt the whole important part of the wedding was... you were just so happy for them, and Beomgyu even teased you for a bit before scooting closer to your chair with his
༺♥︎ Soon enough, it was time for dancing after the newlywed couple stated their vows and you just wanted to die now
༺♥︎ You weren’t sure what to do... so you ran up to Beomgyu who was already on the dance floor by himself, hoping that he would accept since he knew you hated being social with other people
༺♥︎ With a shy and almost too quiet whisper, you pulled him right beside you and clenched your fists just to ask- “will you dance with me?”
༺♥︎ The smile on Beomgyu’s face was absolutely priceless and he took you by the hands to share one of the most beautiful moments he’d ever had in his life
༺♥︎ On his side he was too scared to ask you in fear that you’d reject him but... him? Not Taehyun, but him that you were comfortable dancing with?
༺♥︎ Homeboy’s heart did way too many leaps for his own good omg
༺♥︎ His hands went perfectly with yours, and it felt just right for his hands to carefully slide onto your waist
༺♥︎ Once the saxophone started playing... you knew you would never turn back now... it was only natural for him to bring you towards him- closer than before
༺♥︎ “I just want to be like this with you forever,” he whispered into your ear, holding you as close as he could that you were sure he could hear your heartbeat
༺♥︎ “Who said we can’t...? Just stay like this, please,” you begged, swaying to the beat of “Careless Whisper” with him
༺♥︎ You wrapped your arms around his neck, leaning into his warm embrace and he laid his head right beside yours
༺♥︎ This was all so wrong... but it felt so right... 
༺♥︎ The loud voice of the announcer pierced your ears, but you were way too immersed in dancing with Beomgyu the way best friends never should consider in the first place
༺♥︎ You just weren’t able to let go of this moment just yet... not when you felt pure bliss with him alone
༺♥︎ He wasn’t intending on letting you go either, just holding you in his arms for as long as he could because it could’ve been the only time he showed you his true feelings
༺♥︎ BUT PLONK- You felt something hit the other side of your head and before it could fall on the floor, thankfully your instincts caught it and once you realized what was in the palms of your hands...
༺♥︎ ... a bouquet? 
༺♥︎ You heard several screams coming from your friends and you realized-- this bouquet showed that you were going to be the next one to be married out of everyone???!!!
༺♥︎ Beomgyu just smiled at you and tenderly cupped your cheeks, pulling you in for a kiss that had your stomach growing more butterflies compared to the slow dance
༺♥︎ ... now that bouquet was way too fast, but you weren’t complaining about the kiss itself ;)
Tumblr media
강 태형:
༺♥︎ You were so happy to be working in one of the best shops ever- one that sells boba <3
༺♥︎ You’d been going there for quite a while and hearing that they were hiring new people made you want to get a job just for some extra cash on the side- or just in case !
༺♥︎ ++ not only did you get a new job... but you got a new crush :/
༺♥︎ I MEAN WHO COULD BLAME YOU??? This boy was so sweet and he treated you so well even if you were a co-worker to him... how could you not?
༺♥︎ Sometimes you’d even get some boba together on break and you felt yourself falling for him even more :((
༺♥︎ He really brought out the best in you, huh? You were a shy person from the start, but you were able to get out of your shell more thanks to him and how much he made you laugh
༺♥︎ One day, a blond boy who was stalling at the counter stood there for a long time, but he wasn’t looking at the menu--
༺♥︎ Instead he was staring at you, and you wanted to die out of embarrassment... because why would he be looking at you like that?!
༺♥︎ “Excuse me? I think I’m ready to order.”
༺♥︎ He grinned at you and he was handsome- but he wasn’t as handsome as Taehyun (in your opinion, but let’s be honest- taehyun rlly is handsomest boy ever 😌)
༺♥︎ “Could I um.... get brown sugar milk tea, please?
༺♥︎ You chuckled awkwardly to yourself, putting it in the machine, “is that a-all?”
༺♥︎ More than anything, you wanted to get out of that unnerving situation... you hoped that he wouldn’t order anything else until he opened his mouth again
༺♥︎ “Oh, yeah! Could I get a date with you right after your shift is done?”
༺♥︎ Out of the corner, you could tell Taehyun was shooting daggers at this interaction and you-- you subtly looked at him but it was enough for him to come to your side
༺♥︎ Taehyun took your place and you stood behind him, pretending to make the drink- but you were more focused on what his reaction would be
༺♥︎ His voice was really quiet that you weren’t able to pick it all up though it was enough to send chills down your back even though it wasn’t even directed towards you
༺♥︎ “That’s... unprofessional... you better not. I’m going to... don’t do... again... mine...”
༺♥︎ Good thing no one else did this to you... and finally, it was closing time which meant no more flirty customers yayayaya <3
༺♥︎ You pulled Taehyun aside to the kitchen. “Thank you so much, Hyun,” you sighed, handing him his favorite drink before you could drop it from how icy it was
༺♥︎ He smiled gratefully at you, giving you your favorite boba drink in return, “of course! I’m so happy that you come to me whenever you feel uncomfortable! It says a lot about your trust in me.”
༺♥︎ Both of you take the opportunity of silence for a sip of your drinks and sigh in delight :(( it tasted sm better when it was made by your favorite person :((
༺♥︎ After that small little moment, you hang up your apron and decide to go home for the day. You didn’t want to deal with anything if it happened again for the time being since Taehyun went home earlier than you
༺♥︎ You didn’t want to be alone without him okay :(( he made living sm better more than anyone else :(( 
༺♥︎ Glancing at the clock on the right, Taehyun decided to take a chance and hurriedly took your hands into his before you could open the door yourself
༺♥︎ “How about I take you out for a real date this time since we’re closing early? It’d be nice to spend time with you somewhere else other than here.”
༺♥︎ You could feel your smile get even wider, and you squeezed his warm hand back.
༺♥︎ “Of course, Hyun!”
Tumblr media
༺♥︎ It was such a beautiful day to be at the park today <3 the sun was shining brightly and the birds were happily singing... it was breathtaking to be there at 12pm- right when lessons were coming to a close because of summer !
༺♥︎ Especially when your crush (that you hang out with whenever both of you are free), Kai, brought out his guitar just for fun
༺♥︎ He had an amazing voice and just... hearing him strum and sing his heart out boldly made you tear up
༺♥︎ All your life, you wanted to get a guitar but you weren’t sure if you could even buy one considering the personal pros and cons. 
༺♥︎ Not to mention you were busy with jobs and classes anyway so it wouldn’t be good to buy something that wouldn’t be frequently used in the end
༺♥︎ Did you mention that Kai had the most gorgeous, beautiful, special, prettiest voice ever?
༺♥︎ No matter what, you would drop everything just to hear him sing about anything his heart wanted and that really was what you wanted- more so if he could sing to you :(( 
༺♥︎ At one point, Hyuka asked if you wanted to play and you decided... why not? You were tired of just looking at the still water, although you could never get bored of hearing his voice over and over again
༺♥︎ Getting situated with him, he sat by your side as you held onto one side of the guitar as he did with the other
༺♥︎ You weren’t sure what to do so your mind kept screaming yolo in your head- AND YOUR HEART JUST NEEDED TO CALM DOWN OR ELSE HE WOULD DEFINITELY SEE IT
༺♥︎ Just a second later, his hand collided against yours and you both shyly murmured a sorry before you strummed your first chord with a hesitant, yet ready right hand
༺♥︎ The smile on his face when you did so made your heart see fireworks for the first time- just like how he met you
༺♥︎ You held on to the guitar awkwardly, fumbling around with the strings in order, wondering quietly if you could even play a song with only those six notes when all of a sudden-
༺♥︎ “Are you two dating? That’s just the cutest thing ever, look!”
༺♥︎ Kai and you shared a confused glance, and you wanted to answer but your mind was reeling with what to respond with when your shyness got the best of you
༺♥︎ Instead he answered for you, sending them a warm smile that made your chest feel warm
༺♥︎ “Aren’t they so wonderfully talented? I’m helping them learn for the first time and I’m hoping they’ll be able to enjoy it as much as I do.”
༺♥︎ um that took a second to comprehend in your head 😭
༺♥︎ like waIT DID HE JUST SAY???!!! THAT???!!
༺♥︎ Your face felt as hot as a whistling kettle and you gripped onto the beige guitar tightly
༺♥︎ “I’m sure they will,” the other boy replied, holding tight onto his girlfriend as if he were threatened by the musician, “now come on, let’s go continue our walkkk!”
༺♥︎ Thankfully the social interaction went as soon as it came... you hated when strangers just commented on whatever when they didn’t really have to
༺♥︎ But now the carefree atmosphere was awkward with Kai and you wanted to die when he broke the quietness of it all
༺♥︎ “You know... you’re really shy,” he chuckled, pulling the guitar on his lap when you chose to let go
༺♥︎ “Ugh, Kai, I already know so don’t even start... but you’re not one to talk since you didn’t even deny the fact that we are dating.”
༺♥︎ When you accidentally said this out loud he laughed to himself, speaking to no one in particular-
༺♥︎ “Well, maybe I want to be with you instead of denying the fact altogether...
༺♥︎ ... wait, did I just say that out loud?”
༺♥︎ It was your turn to laugh at him now, and you laid your head on his shoulder as gently as you could
༺♥︎ “Great way to ask your crush out, you dufus!”
Tumblr media
Posted: June 4, 2021 (8:03pm)
Thoughts: I hope this is what you asked for <3 I wasn’t sure if I did it right... or if it’s that creative in the first place bu=t I hope you enjoyed it :) ! And this idea is literally the cutest thing coming from a shy person ! I HAD A LOT OF FUN WRITING IT, SO THANK YOU SM FOR REQUESTING THISSS 😭😭
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magistralucis · 8 days ago
🦆🔥🦆 I'm ESL too! My apologies for the unclear ask. I penned it over breakfast and reading it now, it clearly isn't as clear as I thought it was. I'm sorry! 😭 Though your first hypothesis is probably closest to what I had in mind. Now that I think on it... I think it was about Till still living in Schwerin, Richard already in Berlin and their little 🖤 nest 🏡 in the countryside. Big yes for Desiderata too 🍲🍲🍲🍲. Do you have favorite fics, or fics you come back to? 🔥 👨‍🦱🖤👱‍♂️ 🔥
Ah yes, indeed! I think about Till's cottage and the Schweriner See all the time, it is singlehandedly my favourite location for a Tillchard to be set in. It's really telling that during his first stint in Berlin, Richard kept in contact with Till, and kept traveling regularly up there (as far as we can tell); that's before the time he spent actively living with Till, even! Their friendship is something special, even only considering the objective facts of the matter.
And those ducks, man. I dig them too, so much. Whether roaming around the lake, caught by Till in order to feed his guests, or the carved ducks picture that always makes my heart melt... carved ducks are very important in my culture and an irrational part of me believes they did it on purpose kajbdhgshgdhshs
Right now I'm obsessed with reading through Russian Tillchard fics, starting from the earliest ones I can find on AO3. This is not the primary place where I should be looking for Tillchard in Russian, but let that pass for now 😳 I’ve been learning Russian for about three years now and I find the reading helpful, although I do still have to go slow and make tons of vocab notes. I’m getting better and this is needed practice, but damn! 😭 Анатомия is one I keep coming back to, it’s so insanely sensual. There’s a part where Till longs to kiss and soothe the marks left by the guitar upon Richard’s fingers, worrying that he’s captive to the instrument. He dislikes the effect music has on Richard, almost the point of hatred, but acknowledges it’s what makes him so attractive in the first place - and I feel like that’s kind of Till’s irl attitude to music, you know? He’s very inspired by pain and suffering, it’s the foundation of everything he does in the first place, but he is more open about not loving that agony than people like to give him credit for. It’s a good fic.
There’s also a chapter in sechs Herzen die brennen that I think about all the time, almost to the point of obsession. I’m hesitant to say this counts because this isn’t tagged Tillchard and most of the chapter isn’t about it at all, but the few lines that suggest it are impeccable. Richard’s posture, hackles up and tense, and Till in a state of vulnerability he won’t acknowledge. We don’t ever see a single word being spoken between them, it’s not clear in the text that they are even conversing, but the weight of implication is immense. Suffocating, in a very good way. The unspoken half of the Till-Richard relation (whether it is Tillchard or closer to friendship) is extremely well delineated in this chapter; the actual POV and story of the chapter are narrated with perfection, but at the same time, it’s clear we've only received half of the cake and that intrigues me. It’s possible I’m reading too much into this, and it’s the kind of implication that you’d miss if you don’t have Tillchard lenses on, but there we are.
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ocean-bucky · 10 days ago
Near Ditmas Park
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
Warnings: cheesy fluff!
A/N:@chase-your-dreams-away Dearest. Darling. My favorite slice of pepperoni. I love you to the Moon and back, and there's not a day where I'm not grateful for your friendship, your support, your love, your presence in my life. You make me happy beyond words. Happiest of Birthdays to you! 💕🎂
Tumblr media
There were many things you never imagined doing in life - like dating Steve Rogers.
The first date was shy, a little awkward, too. A coffee spilled by shaky hands, but at least it gave you something to laugh about. And a good reason to meet up again. You still remembered vividly, although it was over three years ago now.
You and Steve have been through a lot, and it wasn’t always easy. But when it was evident that this was something more than a few dates, and your visits started to become more frequent, the Avengers welcomed you with open arms to stay with them.
As much fun as that was, recently, it became tiresome, too. You needed your own space, that was clear. Moving out - together - seemed to be the next logical step, and the team supported you, too. Sealed a deal on a house in Brooklyn, near Ditmas Park. It needed some fixing, sure, but nothing a super-soldier couldn’t handle.
After spending the past few weeks cleaning and planning out the layout of the rooms, you finally started painting the walls. There was so much space now. Steve called dibs on the extra room on the ground floor to turn into a study, and you happily agreed to it. It’s window looked directly to the backyard, too, and he loved the idea of painting by it. While the previous owner clearly did not like gardening at all, the grass was well-kept, if a little plain. For now. You already had plans on filling the garden with your favorite flowers.
But right now, your attention was on Steve. You watched as he dipped the paint roller in the bucket next to his feet, an ease and carefreeness in his every movement. It was hard to believe how peaceful he looked.
A part of you still had doubts, even after all these weeks of working on the house together. The thought of Steve putting down the mantle and passing on the shield for real seemed like a joke to most - but there was an ache in his very bones that he only let you to see.
It was you with him in the dark when the night was riddled with terrors. It was you who kissed his brow and hugged him close, whispered him back to sleep. The media took the news with mixed feelings, but Steve had already made up his mind, and as unsure as he was at first, Sam agreed on carrying on his legacy.
You didn’t realize you drifted off and were staring too long until a few drops of paint landed on your nose, breaking you out of your reverie.
Steve watched with a grin as you wiped your face. “You looked pretty far away. Care to tell me what were you thinking about?”
“Nothin’” you mumbled.
“Liar.” he laughed, flicking another handful of paint at you.
You gasped. He did not just do that.
Reaching for your brush, you were ready to retaliate, but he sprinted out of the room, cackling as he ran down the stairs. You ended up chasing each other around the house, the both of you covered in paint by the end of it - but the smiles on your faces made it worth it, and Steve’s carefree laughter was now imprinted on your heart.
Tumblr media
It was all blissfully perfect until the next morning, when you received a call for an assignment. Even though you were no Avenger, your work was still important - and they requested you personally, although you made it clear you won’t be taking on any cases in the next few weeks.
They insisted until you agreed to think it over, and while you wanted to fight it, Steve seemed strangely at peace and encouraged you to accept.
Snuggling closer to him as you lay in bed, you laid your head on his chest, still hesitant. “Are you sure about this?”
He hummed, holding you close. “Bucky and Sam already offered to help with the furniture. We’ll get everything set up by the time you’re home, don’t worry.”
You looked up at him with a sad pout. “But I wanted to be here too.”
“I know.” He leaned down, pressing a soft, quick kiss against your lips. “But it’s only for a few days, and the house will be ready to be moved in when you get back. Trust me, you don’t want to be near when Bucky tries to assemble furniture. He can’t even make out IKEA instructions. ”
You had to laugh at that, heart already feeling lighter. “Alright. I’ll let you guys have your fun then.”
Tumblr media
Four days. Four days of nothing but conferences and meetings to sit through and oversee, but they were finally over. Steve came to pick you up at the airport, and now you were next to him in a car, on your way home - home, to your new house. Steve made sure to call you whenever he could and thanks to Sam, you were now in possession of a video of Bucky dropping a hammer on his feet - even so, you couldn’t wait to see how everything turned out.
“Excited?” Steve asked with a smile as you got closer.
You nodded. “Yeah. I still can’t believe it’s ours.” you said, looking out the window, watching the tall buildings of the city centre replaced by cozy houses.
As the car came to a stop, you were ready to jump out and run inside, but Steve stopped you.
“Wait! You, uh… you can’t go in yet.” he said, and you saw his cheeks tinted pink as you turned to him, an eyebrow raised in confusion.
“What do you mean I can’t go in? It’s our house, Steve.” you said playfully.
He dropped his head with a laugh. “I know, baby.” When he lifted his gaze to you, his blue eyes were dotted green with mischief. “But there’s something I want to show you. It’s a surprise.”
You narrowed your eyes in suspicion. “Steve, we planned everything together. What can you possibly surprise me with?”
“Just humour me, okay?” he asked, and how could you say no to those puppy eyes he gave you. With a huff, you agreed, letting him hold your hand and lead you up to the front door.
“Okay. Close your eyes.”
You gave him one last look of doubt but complied, listening to him fumbling with the keys. When he finally opened the lock, Steve gently took your hands, guiding you inside. “Careful now.” he said, stopping only to close the door behind you. “Just follow me, okay?”
You sighed, still not sure what he was up to, and it was getting a bit annoying. You worked on the house together. Planned out everything together. They sent you photos of everything while you were away. There was nothing to hide, unless…
You stopped dead in your tracks.
“You broke my mother’s vase, didn’t you?”
After a few seconds of silence, Steve burst out into vivid laughter so suddenly that it left you embarrassed, cheeks heating up and a pout on your lips.
“Sweetheart,” he giggled as he kissed the pout away. “The vase is safe in the room upstairs. Don’t worry.” he managed, tugging on your hands again. “Come on, we’re almost there.”
Reluctantly, you let him lead you again; felt the carpet disappear from underneath your feet as you stepped out onto the small porch in the backyard, then the soft grass. You were about to complain again when you noticed a sweet, rosy fragrance on the air. It felt familiar, but you couldn’t quite remember it. With knitted brows, you took a deep breath, trying to recall it.
Steve saw your confusion and with a chuckle, pressed a soft kiss on your forehead. “You can open your eyes now.” he whispered.
Your eyes fluttered open, and you couldn’t help but let out a surprised gasp.
Where there was only grass before, now large bushes of peonies lined the sides of the garden. White, pink, and some the color of dark rose - and all of them in full bloom, just for you.
They were your favorite, and Steve knew this… but it still took your breath away that he’d prepare something like this. It was beautiful.
“Steve, how did you… and when?” you turned to him, a few tears welling up in your eyes.
He shrugged, pulling you into a hug. “I talked with a gardener weeks ago. Nat was supposed to take you out for a nice long shopping trip, but then they called you over for that conference… it was the perfect opportunity.”
You couldn’t believe it. He had it all planned. Just for you.
He cupped your face, thumb gently caressing your cheek as leaned down to kiss you. “Welcome home, sweetheart.”
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dracimalfoy1988292 · 10 days ago
(ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 17: ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ sᴄʜᴏᴏʟ)
"No, I'm being serious. I ate all of them in two hours and I must've gained at least twelve pounds because look," Macey laughed, rubbing her hands over her stomach, which she jutted out to make her point.1
"Well, pace yourself next time."
"I have no self control!" Macey whined in rebuttal to her friend, the two of them sitting in the common room together.5
Valentine and Macey had found each other at Kings Cross earlier that morning, riding the Hogwarts Express back to the school while they spoke of their holiday. Due to the packed train and struggle to find an open compartment, Valentine and Macey hadn't been able to come across the Marauders, so they figured they'd wait until dinner that night to see them.
"Clearly," Valentine muttered, flipping the page in her book.
"Well it's your fault, really. Stupid baking," Macey grumbled. "By chance, do you have anymore? Just a little sum sum?"2
Valentine snorted loudly and turned to the girl. "If you ask like that again the answers always gonna be no."
"So rude and for what? Not very Hufflepuff of you," Macey said with a chastising click of her tongue.4
"Funny coming from you," Valentine grinned, watching as another Hufflepuff, Holly, walked through.2
"Hey, Holly! How was your break?" Valentine asked, earning a warm smile from the girl.
"Quite nice, and yours?"
"Wonderful! Where are you headed?" Valentine inquired, closing the cover of her book and sitting up straighter.
"Dinner. Aren't you two coming?" Holly answered, and Valentine wore a look of surprise.
"Oh, is it that time already?" Valentine asked, getting to her feet and hoisting Macey up besides her. "Thanks, Holls!"
Holly nodded before turning, continuing on to dinner, Valentine and Macey following not too far behind.
As they entered the Great Hall, Valentine took notice of how all the Christmas decorations had been taken down, yet the candles still stayed suspended mid air, illuminating the room.
When Valentine passed by the Gryffindor table on the way to hers, she paused to wave at the boys, and as promised, Sirius sent her a wink, the others giving her smiles, although James sent her an overenthusiastic wave.1
After they sat down, Celia came over soon after, smiling the brightest Valentine had ever seen the girl smile.
"Does your face hurt?" Macey sarcastically retorted as she ate her buttered roll, staring at the girl besides her with a sparkle in her eye.
"No, I'm just happy to be back, that's all," Celia admitted, relief clear on her face.
"Was it that bad?" Valentine asked worriedly, knowing Celia wasn't too fond of her family.
Celia didn't quite meet her eyes when she answered. "Yeah."
"Screw them, then," Macey suggested plainly, laying her hand atop Celia. The Slytherin was flustered by the action, however, and quickly pulled her hand away from the contact. Noticing the tension, Valentine leaned forward.10
"I'm sorry," Valentine replied honestly. "Did the cookies help?"
Celia laughed, brushing dark hair from her eyes. "Yeah, they helped. Thanks, Val."
Celia's eyes suddenly turned dark though, connecting with something over Valentine's shoulder. The blonde turned, recognizing Sirius.
"Oh," he said sourly, noticing Celia. "You're here."
"Have you got a problem with that, Black?" Celia sneered threateningly.
"What? No- no, we don't," Valentine interjected, standing to cover Sirius' body with her own as if it would make him disappear. "See? No problem."
"I'm still here, Valentine," Sirius muttered, causing the blonde to grab his arm and lead him back to the Gryffindor table.
"What is it with you two, anyways?" Valentine questioned.
"She's a narcissistic pure blood that only cares about herself," Sirius spat, crossing his arms like a insolent child.
"Keep in mind that narcissistic pure blood is my friend," Valentine said, a edge in her voice that Sirius had never heard before.
"You're right, I'm sorry. Besides that, how'd you like my card? Fancy, eh?"
"Oh it was delightful, other than the flash of PTSD it brought back from how we originally met," Valentine giggled, finally reaching the table.
"Mine was much better than James," Sirius boasted proudly.
"Arguable," James cut in as he heard the two, turning around in the bench to face them, smiling at the sight of the Hufflepuff. "I'm the best gift giver at Hogwarts."
"Back in second year you gifted me a pair of boxers. And they were already mine."7
"I was young and naive back then!"
"Back then?!?" Both Remus and Valentine shouted, laughing when they said it at the same time.
"Hey, Valentine!" Lily called from further down the table, capturing not only the blonde but James' attention.
Valentine shot James an unsatisfied look.
"I called Valentine's name, not yours!" Lily snarked at the oblivious boy.
"No, it sounded like James to me," he shrugged with a lazy grin, though he, surprisingly, didn't say anything else to capture her attention, but turned back to his plate. Valentine made a mental note to ask if he was feeling alright later. Sirius, however, grinned successfully, glancing between his best friend and Valentine quickly.
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dramatic-squirrel · 11 days ago
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this but I want to rant so, rant I shall.
I hate these Miraculous Ladybug charms that they added in Season 4. Absolutely. Hate. Them. I don't care if they wanted to create a reason as to why certain people won't ever be akumatized anymore (although I have a thing against that as well). But the charm thing feels wholly unearned. It's such a deus ex machina that it hurts to see. Why did Marinette get the ability to do this? Was it something she researched and found the ability to make? Was it something she trained in order to do? No, she thought of it and it happened.
Which by the way, is the worst way to create a magic system. As a fantasy writer you operate under the knowledge that nothing prevents you from using magic to solve any problem that appears in the story. But you don't do that because unless the magic is obtained through a struggle or has some fatal weakness, then no reason exists why some BS spell can't solve the problem from the very beginning thus negating the need for the story.
For instance, Marinette's new power being her limitless creativity (unless I'm understanding this wrong) does not prevent her from making a device, with magic, that can track down lost miraculouses. It does not prevent her from making a magnet that attracts miraculouses. It is stupid and overpowered on a heroine that is already overpowered!
Which is the other problem I have, the inequality between the Cat and Ladybug miraculouses. You could argue that we don't see the more powerful affects of the cat miraculous because it's a kids show and the power of destruction would be too much for a kids show. But that did not prevent the creators from literally destroying the world and almost the universe with that miraculous. As it stands, between two miraculouses said to be equals, one clearly has more abilities and powers than the other. And the Ladybug's ability to make whatever she wants doesn't exactly have the opposite. The opposite would be Cat's ability to destroy a whatever he wants, except wait... he already has that ability. The one ability he's had this entire time. The only ability he can use, cataclysm.
If the wanted to make it so other people can't be re-akumatized then that's fine. But the charm isn't the answer. At the very least, if Marinette had to struggle to gain that ability rather than Alya being like "girl, you have the miraculous if creation. As long as you want to create it, you can make it" I would be more fine with this. But that's not what they did and I hate it.
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coldmorte · 12 days ago
How would Dutch act if he was injured/sick? Would he pretend he’s fine and okay to look strong, or would he be whiny and begging for attention from his s/o?
Fascinating question!!
Throughout RDR2, Dutch continually puts himself in harm’s way, yet he seldom gets hurt. The worst thing that happens to him is the bonk on the head he receives in Saint Denis, but it doesn’t seem to slow him down *too* much.
I’ve always wondered, why is he so invincible?
Personally, I think part of his resilience is a put-on. He clearly has a lot of emotional anguish that he hides. My interpretation is that physical pain and illness would be treated the same - it would be downplayed.
Think about it this way: Dutch is a leader. He needs to be strong for his gang (or at least convey a semblance of strength). To him, physical weakness would be synonymous with inadequate power and the loss of control. He would try his best to hide any pain he might experience, and he would detest talking about it.
Tumblr media
So, in regard to how he would be around others (like his s/o)…
Dutch wouldn’t say much. He would prefer to be on his own and away from everybody else, if at all possible.
He would try to do things he normally enjoyed - like reading and smoking - to keep his mind occupied (and to make it look like he was busy so others would not be as inclined to bother him).
But, that is not to say he would not want to be cared for. 
Dutch just has too much pride to admit it. He would never explicitly ask for help, unless it was completely unavoidable.
If he was sick, it would really warm his heart if his s/o brought him a hot cup of coffee or read aloud from his books. However, their mere presence at his side (even if it was in silence) might just be enough to satisfy him.
For an injury, it would depend on where and how severe it was:
- If it made Dutch immobile, he would be absolutely miserable. Initially, he would be angry and in denial. He would try to fight it. When he realizes fighting is no good, he would still try to push others away so they wouldn’t see him in a feeble condition. But if his s/o proves to him that they pass no judgements for or gossip about his perceived “weakness,” he would allow them to get closer. Dutch’s eyes would begin to shine a little brighter, and he’d lean more into their touch. Sometimes, a quiet hum would even escape his lips. That would be enough for Dutch’s s/o to know he appreciates the help, deep down.
- If he still had mobility, Dutch would be really grateful if his s/o didn’t say anything in reference to his injury. He would verbally refuse all offers of help, but his actions would betray him. For instance, if his arm was hurt, he would complain about his s/o refusing to let him make the bed or retrieve his books from the shelves. But the smile on Dutch’s lips when his s/o takes care of all these little tasks would tell a different story than all his fussing.
As soon as he starts to feel better again, Dutch would want to show his gratitude for his s/o seeing him through. He would return to camp with a nice gift - such an engraved pocket watch or some expensive jewelry - that he did not steal, for once. Without a word, he would hand a store-wrapped package to his s/o. When they discover the present inside, Dutch would give them a kiss on the forehead and a hug.
Once his health is fully regained, a trip to the nearest town for an evening alone with his s/o might just be warranted.
Ultimately, so long as the extent of Dutch's pain and suffering remains a secret, he would be very inclined to repay the debt owed to his s/o, interest included.
In conclusion, Dutch would do his best to maintain a strong facade in the face of injury or illness. Although, it would mean the world to him if someone offered a helping hand without either of them having to say a word ❤️🖤
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june-girl-86 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 13
Pairing: Din Djarin/Original Female Character
Summary: Din is back on Nevarro and has rejoined the guild to do his work. When he meets Liara there, the two slowly develop feelings for each other. But before they can really get to know each other, their adventure begins, leading them to old friends and letting them explore new worlds. In the process, they always have to be one step faster than their pursuers. Add to that the burden of responsibility Din carries on his belt. Will he be ready for it? Especially when he learns the truth about his past. How does one react when one has grown up with a lie?
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Warnings: Canon-Typical Violence / Love / Action&Adventure / Blood&Violence / Drama & Romance / Slow Burn / Fluff&Smut
So now comes the most annoying person in the galaxy 🙄
And then it goes on to Corvus. In this and the next chapters there will be interesting revelations about Calodan and the puzzle about Din's past will be put together.
Tumblr media
Din walked thoughtfully from his meeting with Karga back to Cara's office. They had reported the incident to Carson. He had thanked him for the info, but he didn't think anyone in the core worlds would care. "If you don't find a Death Star somewhere, there's no danger to the galaxy!" As he rounded the corner, he saw Liara sitting in an armchair in the shade on the small porch outside the office, sheltered from the hot sun under the awning, in a black tunic dress with her legs drawn up. She had not spoken a word since they had returned from Tatooine. Sitting next to her, Cara spoke softly to her, but she didn't respond to her, instead tugging thoughtfully at a necklace with a red pendant that Din hadn't seen on her on the outbound flight to Tatooine. He felt so helpless and didn't know how to get through to Liara. He was at a loss for words, as was she.
The wounds on her face were almost invisible. The Bactagel showed effect. But the strangulation marks on her neck were still clearly visible and he hoped that he would eventually catch the one who had sent the Yuuzhan Vong and inflict the same pain on him as Liara had suffered. Cara was just looking at him when she widened her eyes and still tried to warn him, but the next moment he was brutally pushed from behind several meters to the ground. Before he turned around and stood up again, he heard a familiar sound of several jetpacks and he already guessed who he would see.
"Gar Katdape hut'uun! (You miserable coward)," Bo-Katan roared, standing in front of him with his weapon drawn as he struggled to get back up. His back ached where she had kicked him.
"Udesii (Calm down)!" growled Din, raising his hands.
"I will continue not to fight you!"
He took the dark saber from his belt and held it open for her. Bo-Katan tore her helmet from her head and pressed it into Axe Woves' still free hand. He had already taken off his helmet and he seemed quite angry. In his last encounters, he had actually been quite neutral towards Din.
"You defeated Moff Gideon in battle, so you are his rightful owner. But then act accordingly and don't cower like Glimwurm!"
Her eyes flashed wickedly at him.
"I told you we must reawaken Mandalore and summon all Mandalorians again! Instead, you live here in this hole..."
"Slow down!" now Cara interfered. She jumped off the porch in a huff, kicking up the black dust as she did so, and walked toward Bo-Katan.
"He's had enough to do. And this hole is our home here. It's your own fault! Why did you storm onto the bridge with us and wait for Din to appear with the moff and the dark sword. Now you're belligerent, but when it came to getting the saber, who was the coward?"
Although Cara did not understand Mando'a, she had used the very words against Bo-Katan that the latter had accused Din of using. The latter had to grin in spite of himself, and saw Cara face her, bumping her hand against her armor.
"How dare you insult me like that!" hissed Bo-Katan, and the women stared at each other aggressively.
"Stop it!"
Everyone looked to Woves, who wanted to put an end to it all.
"Maybe we should get to the actual problem!" he grumbled, glancing at Din.
"Gideon's son sent word that he wants the sword!"
"And don't ask how his message got to us!"
Bo-Katan looked at him angrily.
"He has joined forces with Yuuzhan Vong warriors and they are slaughtering everything that can't hide in time. They got a hold of Koska and he finished them off with a mind flayer!" "So the drudge does exist!" groaned Cara, looking to Karga, who had appeared in the meantime. In the cantina, a couple of his bounty hunters had reported on the bickering Mandalorians.
"How is she?" asked Din. He was genuinely interested. Woves shook his head.
"Not very well. There's nothing physically wrong with her; he healed her into a bacta tank. But her family was wiped out by Yuuzhan Vong and she watched it all happen when she was a little kid. It's all come back up now!"
Bo-Katan walked back up to Din.
"Through my help, you were able to bring your foundling to the Jedi. I sent you to Ahsoka, so now I expect you to..."
A soft voice from the background made her break off her sentence, and everyone turned to Liara. She had been watching the dispute, startled, and now brightened at the name.
"Nola gave me the necklace and said Ahsoka could help me!"
Bo-Katan frowned.
"Nola? The Shi'ido?"
"You know her?" asked Din in surprise, and Bo-Katan nodded.
"She's dead. A Yuuzhan Vong killed her on Tatooine after killing Liara's parents!" he told her, and the Mandalorian looked from him, to Liara, and back.
"You should get to Corvus as soon as possible! I'm sure there's a reason why Nola..."
Bo-Katan faltered and stared at Liara.
"Those eyes. You're Elric's daughter!"
Liara saw the other Mandalorian raise his eyebrows in mild surprise.
Bo-Katan shook his head.
"You need to get to Ahsoka. Now!"
She took Woves' helmet back off. Before putting it on, she looked at Din for a long moment, started to speak, but finally let it go. The two activated their jetpacks and took off.
"It can't be that you lost them. What did your warrior do? Asked her nicely if she would like to come along? Even if she got hurt, I wouldn't care. Perhaps you should consider whether your men are really as capable as you have sounded!"
Duncan raged. Rithisak snorted and reared up in front of him.
"She had support, and when someone is very strong with their power, we have problems too!"
"Oh yeah?"
He raised his hand and Rithisak suddenly hovered over the ground. He struggled and yelled at Duncan to stop. He finally dropped him and the Yuuzhan Vong growled in annoyance.
"Don't you ever do that again!"
Duncan shrugged his shoulders in disinterest, as if the warrior didn't scare him at all.
"Do you have any sign of the Kiffar?"
The Yuuzhan Vong shook his head and Duncan kicked a chair, causing it to topple over with a thud.
There was a knock at the door and Tita looked in. She gave the warrior a cautious look, then informed Duncan that a message had arrived for him. He followed her into the engineering room and activated the holoscreen. A Mandalorian woman appeared and she removed her helmet, which had an owl's head on it. She smiled, it looked devious.
"Your message has reached me. I offer you a valuable piece of information."
When the silver lining had entered the atmosphere of Corvus and the few clouds cleared, Din spied the forest around Calodan. Even from here, he noticed the positive changes. The sky was clear and the forest had recovered and was greening. Only occasionally could he see dead wood skeletons standing. Morgan Elsbeth's depredation had come to an end. He found a clearing wide enough for him to land. A few birds swooped as the trees shifted back and forth in the pull of the wind and branches fell to the ground bursting because of it. Liara had risen from her seat and was looking out the window.
"Is that the Jedi?"
He followed her gaze and saw Ahsoka coming out of the forest.
He squeezed her hand, then they left the ship together.
"Welcome back, Mando!" the Jedi greeted him warmly, her eyes darting to Liara, who still held Din's hand. The Togruta noticed and smiled. Liara extended her hand to the Jedi. A strange lightness passed through her and she closed her eyes for a moment, dazed. As quickly as it had come, the feeling vanished and she blinked in irritation. Ahsoka blue eyes scrutinized her curiously, she too had sensed it.
"I'm Liara. Nola said you could help me!"
She pulled the necklace over her head and held it out to Ahsoka, whose expression turned sad.
"I found out about her death. Bo-Katan informed me!"
Ahsoka looked at the pendant and ran her fingers over it. She felt a slight tingle.
"A flint heart. Only a Kiffar can read the thoughts on it. It fits very well. I've already sent a message to Brix, since he's had a lot of contact with Nola, too. I'm sure he'll show up soon!"
She sighed.
"Brix was guarding the temple where your mother lived. I'm sure he'll be delighted to see you!"
Liara swallowed. All these years she didn't know where she came from and suddenly her life changed in a few days.
"Come, let's go to Calodan. Things have changed!" she said and the last sentence was addressed to Din. The nodded.
"I've already noticed the healthy forest!"
The Jedi smiled happily and led the way.
The great wall that was built around the city still existed, but instead of the heavy gate, there was now a beautiful wide stone arch. At this and along the wall, several climbing plants had sought their way and conquered the place. The new archway was decorated with ornaments. Din had almost gone through when Liara touched him on the arm and stopped him.
He followed her outstretched arm and noticed the figures. Next to Ahsoka, Grogu and he had been carved into the stone there. So many memories flashed through his mind as he thought of his last stay here and all that had happened since.
"Wing had the idea. Without Grogu, you would never have come here. And who knows if I could have liberated the city without your help!" explained Ahsoka.
They continued to follow her, he was amazed at what the residents had accomplished in the last few months.
Everything was bright and friendly. Several children ran past them giggling and playing freely. A ball stopped in front of him, two boys stood slightly off to the side, hesitant to just run up to the Mandalorian. Din gave the ball a shove and it rolled back to the kids. They gleefully grabbed their ball and disappeared down a side alley. The streets had been repaved and the houses had been given a soft coat of white green paint, like the color in their badges of the flag hoisted at the gate. Where once people were tortured in public, there were colorful tents of merchants. At the open cooking places there was a tempting smell of all kinds of food.
Din remembered how oppressed the mood had been here and the inhabitants had always turned their gaze downward. Now there was chatter and happy faces looking interestedly after the trio.
The temple was just as openly accessible now, and he thought back as he walked across the bridge to how he once stood here with Morgan Elsbeth. In the water he saw the goldfish swimming and small fountains splashing away. Two children stood in the entryway and waved to them. He recognized the two of them. They had been afraid of him then when he had approached them.
"Hello Ahsoka!" they greeted the Jedi, eyeing Mando and company curiously.
"Why don't you let your grandfather know that our visitor is here!"
The two nodded and hurriedly ran off, Ahsoka glanced after them and when they were far enough away, she looked at Liara and Din.
"Yini and Hao. Morgan Elsbeth made them watch as their parents were tortured and died as a result. They stopped speaking. Only after the liberation of the city, did their little souls recover!"
When they stepped into the temple, it was quiet and they saw people sitting at some tables reading. Ahsoka took a few steps further and the light of the already low sun flooded the large interior through the windows, stretching far back into a long tube. From the outside, you couldn't believe it was that huge. A few steps led down and there, from floor to ceiling, were shelves filled with books.
"As cold as Morgan Elsbeth was, she had a passion!" said Ahsoka, pointing to the large library. She noticed Liara's bright eyes and knew she had scored a hit. But she could also tell by the Mandalorian's posture that he was impressed.
"May I look around?"
"Of course!" smiled Ahsoka, and Liara disappeared behind the rows of books. The Jedi turned to Din and looked at him seriously.
"Does she know about her powers?"
Din frowned under his helmet and shook his head.
Ahsoka sighed.
"Mentally, I haven't been able to connect with her yet, but she has a certain aura. I'm not sure if she suppressed it herself or someone helped!"
Din crossed his arms.
"I don't know what happened on Tatooine. I didn't get to it until it was all over and Liara had taken out the Yuuzhan Vong with a gaffi staff. The Shi'ido was dead by then, too, and she didn't tell us anything more than that she gave her the fire heart and that we should go to you. I was hoping you could help us further!"
Ahsoka opened her mouth, but Liara appeared again. She had a book with her, in a gray, worn leather cover, and on it was a Mythosaueri skull. Clans from Mandalore Din could decipher.
"I thought this might be quite interesting!" said Liara. They heard someone approaching and turned to the newcomer. Wing shook Din's hand delightedly and introduced himself to Liara as the Governor of Calodan.
"Please be my guests and join me for dinner!"
Wing lived in a new, somewhat larger house, which was connected to the temple. A fire blazed in the fireplace and it was pleasantly warm. The dining table was already set, but the older one looked questioningly at the Mandalorian and then at Liara as he offered them a seat, because there was also a plate and cutlery in front of Din.
"Sorry, that slipped my mind! We'll fix you something in a separate room!"
Wing was about to leave the room when Din took one deep breath, then took off his helmet and placed it on the table in front of him. He trusted Ahsoka and Wing, and he had shown his face to so many on Nevarro in the cantina, so it was only fair to reveal himself to the two. Wing bowed slightly and Ahsoka smiled delightedly.
"Nice to meet you like this, Mando!"
"Please call me Din. That's my name!"
Liara gave his arm a gentle squeeze as they sat down and waited for food to be served.
"Grogu did you good!" said Ahsoka after the meal and Din looked at her.
"He had told me then not only his past, but how you took care of him. He wasn't just a job for you, he was your family member and he appreciated that!"
Din lowered his gaze to the table, missing the boy. Ahsoka realized the topic was still close to his heart and now looked to Liara.
"Tell me about your powers!"
The looked questioningly at the Jedi.
"I don't have any powers!"
Ahsoka smirked.
"Your aura is very intense. What happened on Tatooine?"
Liara swallowed and licked her lips nervously.
"That monster... That monster killed my parents and then attacked me. I tried to fight back when he grabbed me by the neck..."
She took a deep breath and faltered. Din put his hand on her thigh and she relaxed. She looked at him and he gave her a reassuring nod.
"I thought I was choking. I stretched my arm forward, not wanting to give up so easily. My hand tingled and then suddenly it flew back. That's all I did. Nola had it hanging in the air much longer, but she said something to the effect that they can resist the Force!"
Ahsoka nodded and Din listened to her words. She hadn't said anything about the attack yet.
"That tingling means you feel the energy of your environment. It's everywhere, in all of us!"
Liara eyed her hand thoughtfully, then shrugged.
"It must have something to do with your mother. She was a Guardian and she passed her gift on to you it seems. I'd like to do some practice with you tomorrow, if someone, I'm guessing Nola, made you forget your memories of your powers, maybe we can get them back!"
Ahsoka rose slightly to reach across the table to Liara's hand. Again she felt a slight sensation and Liara looked at the Jedi with wide eyes. The nodded.
"That's it exactly!"
Din looked to the two and became thoughtful. Wing noticed this and cleared his throat in his direction.
"I'd like to show you something tomorrow, too. We found a room under the temple in the catacombs, well secured. It has to do with the Mandalorians!"
Din looked at him in surprise, but Wing fell back into his taciturnity. He was not a man of many words. Din would probably have to wait until morning.
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