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red-the-dragon-writes · an hour ago
Word Find game CCXLV
Tagged by @zmlorenz :D
Leaving this one as an open tag as well! Your words are each, east, eat, eye and evening.
“I’m not panicking,” Zero Point said. “I’m fucking marveling. I knew you were stupid but this is a cut the fuck above. Holy fucking gods.” They pulled out a little box from their pocket and pulled a candy out of it. “I give you like six months before this country fucking falls and everyone around you swoops in to pick up the pieces. This is a fucking train wreck in slow motion. What the hell is wrong with you two.” “It will not,” Rex said. Zero Point unwrapped the candy, a strange little green thing, and the smell of pine needles filled the room. Maybe it wasn’t so strong to a human, but to himself—and he could see Merox wrinkle her nose as well—it was pretty pungent. Zero Point just popped it into their mouth, and it faded almost instantly. They didn’t respond outside that, just sucked on their tree-flavored candy.
PEER: not in the story :(
By the time the whole mess was dealt with, Merox and her carpenters were back, and one of the sets of hinges had been turned around while the other three doors were in progress. The other teams had also, more or less effectively, arrested and imprisoned their assigned people. They only had one that had slipped through their fingers, although to Rex’s dismay that was Gwaire, who was probably in the best position to push back against his takeover out of the entire fucking kingdom. Lovely. They also had a few casualties outside Sera, although no deaths, thankfully; but Revin and Navir were both down for the time being, and a few others would be back once the healer had gotten to them. That was deeply unfortunate, because Navir was a good writer, and Rex wanted him to write out the invitations. They had to look nice. Real.
POISE: also not in the document
He wound up taking some of his shittier knives, the ones that he really couldn’t justify keeping even if they had been a nightmare to find the time to make, and threw them at one of the ornate paintings on the wall one by one. Just to distract him. For something to do. Not one flew true, because they were all really just… terrible knives, but a few of them somehow managed to lodge in the canvas anyway. And that still did nothing for his mood, so he helped himself to some of the weird alcohol that Deillen had left in the cabinet by the bed. It tasted like fire, and went down about the same, and Rex wished he were better at reading latin letters because he’d have really liked to keep some of it on hand. He made himself a proper cup, drank it, and enjoyed a nice mild high for about ten minutes. Then he had a strange moment, of disorientation, and a sudden stabbing pain in his head— Then he woke up on the floor with something sticky on the side of his face. When he sat up, the room was considerably darker, and the windows outside were a much darker shade of blue, and also there was what looked like blood in a small puddle around where he’d been lying. He dragged himself to the bathroom—which was attached to his rooms, how nice was that—and took a look in the mirror. He had blood crusted around the bottoms of his eyes, as though he were crying it. Okay. No more of Deillen’s weird drinks.
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zeta-in-de-walls · 6 hours ago
Hey, just wanted to say I love your blog and I really enjoy how positive you are. I had to unfollow a lot of people for my own mental health (because of all the discourse) but you are like a very safe space for me. Really, I appreciate you so much. <3
Aww, thank you! That's so sweet of you to say so! Glad you like the positive vibes too. This blog is drama-free. ❤
Good on you for unfollowing stuff that makes you uncomfortable too - please always take of yourself as fandom is for fun!!! ❤❤❤ I'm sure much of the fandom wants to be really pleasant too, like I'm sure they're well-intentioned, its just easy to get caught up and feel the need to inject their own opinions and live reactions about every new thing. Their crit and negativity comes from a place of love though! They care about the Dream SMP and its creators enough to make blogs dedicated to them so of course they love it.
Anyway, cheers for the ask, I appreciate it! Have a lovely day.
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ebficnotes · 9 hours ago
Arkay's "blessed neutrality" is full of shit. Maybe.
My first ever (pre-eso) take on both Arkay and Mannimarco was that Arkay was some kind of Empire shill who determined, by Imperial consensus and general sentiment of his worshippers, who was and was not a real person, and thus gave them the soul-trap advantage over anyone who was not Imperial-aligned, and/or possibly Aedra-aligned in general. All the races of TES where the being in question is a white soul despite having observable sapient-like intelligence are only trappable because Arkay just doesn’t care about them. And he has the power too, if you believe the ancient Nordic tales of how he is responsible for shortening the lives of Nords and possibly all men.
Arkay's race is never stated I don’t think, but if he was originally elven, it would also explain why the present-day Thalmor don’t hate him but do hate Talos, despite them both being ascended mortals. Talos was a man, Arkay may have been elven. They aren't butthurt over elves ascending, just human-humans. Also, several sources link or equate Xarses and Arkay, Xarses being definetly an elven god. When Allessia integrated Xarses/Arkay into the 8 divines, he became an empire-man, but his influence over life and death didn’t change, it just became empire-attuned. So Arkay is ruling-party biased by definition, whether he's with the men or the elves.
Mannimarco in contrast, was/is a heretic necro who seeks to level the playing field in typical TES overkill by usurping Arkay and thus offering those oppressed races, and anyone else who wants in, the opportunity for true moral-neutrality in matters of death. Instead of a privileged few getting away with not getting soul trapped because Arkay (and the empire of the day) says so, he's making it so everyone can be trapped, npc race or not. He can't usurp him entirely as we see in Oblivion, but he can do a little, through the infamous black gems.
He gets his cut of course, but in this world, where selling your soul to some eldrich horror divine or another is a normal everyday thing, who doesn’t? That’s why he sounds so damn angry in his oblivion books. Arkay really gets his goat for some reason, and this is a not-stupid reason. Heck, maybe in Daggerfall he had an orc girlfriend or something. Or maybe he's just really really pissed off by double standards. I know I am...
Another interesting thought: Vanus might hate the idea of soul trap because his kind, or former kind, were denied Arkay's blessing because of their status. This Morrrowind book talks about slaves being used in necro experiments, and even though serfs aren't technically slaves, I can see some asshole noble using his charges as fodder in some of those experiments in "extending Altmer lifespans".
Vanus wasn't allowed to learn to read as a kid, which is insane because Xarxe's charge to every Altmer is to keep a record of their achievements for posterity, and if you can't read, then how are you gonna write? But maybe that commandment only applies to those born closer to the top, yeah?
Though for some reason, Mannimarco's "well lets make it so EVERYONE can be soultrapped then, including your asshole kinlord!" doesn’t go over so well with him *shrug*.
As for why the talking dremora in Skyrim need a black gem despite presumably not being Arkay's'/Xarxes faves? Idfk. Xarxes is Auri-el's/akatosh's scribe and presumably right-hand-man, so maybe it's a deal regarding the liminal barrier? So Convention itself is class-discrimination for both daedra and mortals. Because why not?
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crab--kat · 10 hours ago
love seeing dirk fanart that is just like, the disconstruction of ones self. like its super artsy and deep and simbolic, and you go look at the character and its a guy with a hat on his shirt and anime glasses
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michaels-two-dads · 12 hours ago
c!Beeduo miscommunication strikes again
They are both trying to protect the outpost, but since they never COMMUNICATE, they’re going for completely different strategies.
As we have seen with Snowchester, c!Tubbo believes that the way to protect yourself is to be intimidating and powerful. He created the nukes for “self-defense”, because he’s learned the hard way that the only way to survive is to make others fear you. With the outpost, originally tried to go for a peaceful bystander approach with the cookie shop, but when that didn’t work, he gave up on it and switched to fortification. He built walls around the outpost just like he did around Snowchester, he set traps, and he lied to make himself seem like more of a threat (when he told Fundy there were “like six” people involved in the outpost).
c!Ranboo believes that the best way to protect yourself is to stay out of conflict altogether. He learned the hard way that trying to be involved in big events only results in bad things happening, so now he stays as disconnected from it as he can. This is why he is so attached to the cookie shop idea- by portraying the outpost was a harmless cookie shop, he hopes to keep a neutral image for Tubbo so that he’s safe. He doesn’t understand why Tubbo is making the walls, because he regards calling attention to themselves as the most dangerous thing to do. (*coughs* He did do the sign thing though but that’s a whole other thing. *coughs*)
Neither of of them actually talks to the other about their plans, they both just do it, resulting in an intimidating fortress with a hastily-built cookie farm inside in a confusing mix of messages.
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norafike · 14 hours ago
Despite all this, I still Love you Ch. 2
Nora becomes acquainted with some strangers, familiar faces she recognised from Valentine. One person in particular she grows fond of quickly.
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letmeliedown · 15 hours ago
you fucking bet i’m bringing my thrashed ipad 3 and big clunky headphones with me to my vaccine appointment tomorrow so i can melt my face off with health while i wreck my body, stimming and hyperfocusing on this band is keeping me alive
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vitriolic-vivaciousness · 15 hours ago
To the people on twt getting upset at Phil specifically bc he's around 33 and still playing minecraft for a living:
Captainsparklez is 29
DanTDM is 29
SeaPeeKay is 29
Stampylongnose is 30
PopularMMOs is 32
IHasCupquake is 33
Phil is literally one of the ogs and you're getting mad at him for his age. (Which he can't control.) When there are still all these og YouTubers that are around the same age as him. It just makes no sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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love-fireflysong · 17 hours ago
You know what, huge shout out to my roomie who puts up with my bullshit when I'm trying to write. Like running up to her screaming for a random name, or 'what's the word for *this weirdly specific action*' and most recently agreeing to call my phone and leaving me a voice mail so I could listen to the operator selections. The girl puts up with my weird ass requests gladly even though I know she hasn't touched fanfic in like 10+ years and thinks its childish. The real og.
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