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#((I feel so incorrect right now.))
assignedchadatbirth · 6 days ago
Here is my extremely hot take: though I personally have deep trauma with the q slur, people should not have to have trauma of any kind with it to not want to be called it like. It should simply be a matter of not wanting to be called a word.
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walk-ng-d-saster · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Quinn: I am going to need you to swear- Nexa [Warrior]: Fuck! Quinn: ... Quinn: ... Swear as in promise.
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ghost-postables · a month ago
Danny: Ow! Son of a biscuit!!
Jazz with first aid: What happened?!
Danny: I cut my finger...
Jazz: Omg with what?
Danny: My other finger.
Jazz: ... Huh?
Danny: Okay so, I've recently stopped biting my nails. It was a nervous habit but I've been working on not doing it.
Jazz: Which is great!
Danny: Yeah! My nails aren't stubs now. But it's also bad cause they get caught on my sleeves when I'm putting clothes on and sometimes it leads to me cutting my own skin on my nails.
Jazz: How?!
Danny: I'm not used to them okay. They're lethal freakin weapons apparently.
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swordplease · 4 months ago
why must wearing weird clothes and being fucky w ur hair and makeup and jewelry be any indication of gender weirdness why can it not simply just be part of the general human experience
#maybe....#if I follow this path of logic much further I feel like it gets into weird terf territory which I don’t want it to at all I’ve just been#thinking a lot about gender presentation and gender roles and how like if there TRULT#like if there Truly was No gender presentation and no ascribed gender Roles.#would trans ppl exist? I think probably lgbtq would be such a different concept and experience#and I’m not saying that like... trans ppl shouldn’t exist or don’t exist or that it’s fake#I absolutely believe and respect trans ppl I just think it’s a phenomena of the way culture is built#and sometimes I wonder like#if there truly was no Concept of gender presentation what would it be like#or what would it be like if there was no concept of like... gender presentation or roles but there was still a sex binary#(even tho that is somewhat incorrect like)#would we always just.. be cis? bc there wouldn’t be any real difference between m/f besides physical sex#and is dysphoria always based upon physical sex characteristics bc it seems not#ppl id as trans who don’t experience dysphoria right?#so like#but like if there was zero tangible difference except for your reproductive organs#would gender have the same concept?#I think probably not#anyway this is not to say that like that Is how it Is Right Now or even that it Should Be like that#I think since we have historically had gender roles and presentations that the emergence of trans and gnc ppl makes it...#makes it at best ignorant and at worst just cruel to attempt to establish a binary world based on sex which is what many terfs seem to want#idk it’s interesting#bc to me I don’t understand how u can like. be gnc and change nothing about either your physical sex or your gender presentation#bc then what does that mean?#does it just mean u don’t feeel like u fit in trad f/m boxes? bc what if we just like. got rid of the boxes. I feel like maybe less ppl#would id as gnc?#but there’s a zillion layers to that also#anyway I’m rambling#and again like I do think trans ppl are real and valid and deserving of respect and being called by their pronouns etc I am not in#not here to shit on that just rambling and also I don’t rly want to Discuss this I was just dumping thoughts here
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black survival characters as try guys quotes
Adela:He likes cold soup with vodka and seafood.
Adriana:Give whisky to a baby, a little amaretto to a child.
Alex: “Eugene, you are a boss!” “Damn right I’m a boss.” “No no no no no no!”
Arda: I prefer dogs over babies.
Aya: “What are you doing?” “R. Kelly was just charged with aggravated criminal sexual misconduct-” “All right! Yeeeah! We got him! Wow I can’t believe it, we’re a news organization.”
Barbara: We’ve been on the internet for like five years, I’m so glad that I could just goof around like Keith for once, fuck up like Zach for once, and drag (gun users) down with me the entire time.
Bernice: I have a lot of problems.
Bianca:I’ve just been informed the egg roll was invented in 1930′s New York, but you know, pretty much Ancient China.
Camilo:You have to say your fortune and then add “in bed” at the end.
Cathy: “Did you know Mommy was sick with that retina problem, and I ate blueberry every day, lots of blueberries, and it’s completely cured one year later? I owe something to blueberry” “Just the blueberries healed your eyes. Not the doctor.”
Chiara: Keith and Alex, I’m so proud of you, YB, performed as expected-
Chloe:”The thickness is in honor of my mother, who loves hard ice cream.” “I thought you were about to say your mom was thicc.”
Daniel: “I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up.” “(whispering) Shut up.”
Echion:It’s like you spent the last ten minutes just coming up with ideas of ways to ruin it
Eleven: “Your passionate heart will meet a matching flame today. -Panda Express”. Is this saying I’m gonna fall in love with Panda Express?
Eva: Can’t you just try some simple bullshit and execute it well....
Emma:(puts a whole orange inside her mouth and smiles) “oh, you look so-so..... dumb-”
Fiora: I just really hope I’m not the imposter, I hate it when I have to lie, I’m not a good liar- (cuts to imposter screen)
Hart: “I think you’re the best at losing.” “Yeah, I love it! What is this feeling??”
Hyejin:If you saw, I actually reviewed it fairly recently in my series with Chris Reinacher, who got hit by a car yesterday.
Hyunwoo: “This makes me think of, like, your dad got up in the ‘50s, and he’s going to work-” “Before he beats you?” “Yeah, he hates you. And he just needs his drink, but it’s morning, and he needs to go off to the plant.” “I wouldn’t know, I never had a dad.”
Isol: “You know you can get (a normal gameplay) any time of the week?” “Yeah. It’s too easy. I want the White Whale.”
Jackie: Now normally I would like to use my makeup brush here, but I left all my brushes in the back of my car and they melted.
Jan:”Wanna get some dough, bro?” “Get some dough, bro.” “Bro dough!” “Get dat dough.” “Get dat dough.”
Jenny: “In the Victorian times, fainting thing- it was all about the drama.” “But if we want attention... we should faint.” “Yes.”
JP:I have to win one of the episodes. It’s just like, positive regression’s gotta come my way eventually.
Lenox: (drinks a negroni) Oh. This tastes like my grandmother’s love. And she hated children.
Leon:Guys, cut it out. No queerbaiting in my shows.
Li Dailin: “Some place called the Swizzle Inn made it, apparently.” “That was my name in prison.”
Luke: Something I admire in Miles is his, commitment to, the bit he does in the Trypod. “Have you ever, wanted to drown, from the comfort of your own home? [...] Have you ever wanted to be.... as fertile, as a calf? In heat?”
Magnus:Gotta help out? Mr. Beast, who’s that? His name’s a beast? 20 million trees, that’s kind of a lot, right now? I’m busy.
Mai: “So I got third place?” “You definitely got third place.” “That’s cool. That’s great. That’s awesome.” “Your face is turning into classic Ned.” “It hurts! It hurts! Keith’s roll is terrible! It’s subjectively not the best!”
Nadine: “As long as you have good quality ingredients, it’s kinda hard to mess up a (nadine gameplay).” “Just you wait!”
Nathapon:(dramatic panic music) How did this even happen? How did this even happen? What even is that? I don’t even know what to do. How did this even happen? How’d that even happen? How- How did it happen? How’d it do this? What happened? I’m so confused-
Nicky: I wasn’t the best, but I somehow wasn’t the worst! A hollow victory but I’ll take it!
Rosalio:”Whole milk, not bullshit milk” “And then we have a whole collection of bullshit milk for me!”
Rozzi: “I wish you would’ve brought me a red bull.” “Well, I can’t bake those.”
Shoichi: Your captions are so dad that I feel like I’m your son.
Silvia:This is how I like to enjoy myself. (claps feet) I can clap with my little lobster feet. (claps feet more) I’m very talented.
Sissela: “Since you wouldn’t answer before, who is your favorite..... son?” “Eugene.” “Yaaaay I won somethiiiing!” “I have only one son.”
Sua:Now every so often you’re going to get a (book) that tastes terrible
William: “You know what would go great with these milkshakes?” “A girlfriend-” “A blondie!- okay, well, I don’t...”
Xiukai:Let’s not forget everyone’s favorite segment, Alex Made Some Cookies And Brought Them To The All You Can Eat Eating The Menu Time!
Yuki: “I’m sorry.” “No! I never got fourth place! This is awesome!”
Zahir:(drinks red bull while eating wings) “Red bull?” “It gives you wings.”
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crazy-fangirl2524 · 5 months ago
Neil was laying wide awake next to a sleeping Andrew in their king size bed, their two cats curled together at the edge of the bed.
The slightest noise of locks jiggling made Neil froze. Their bedroom door was locked thankfully, due to both of their paranoia, Neil desperately hoped it was just a trick of his brain due to exhaustion. The lightest footsteps echoed outside and Neil whispered Andrew’s name.
“Someone is in the apartment,” Neil said as quiet as he could as he slide off their bed. Wordlessly, Andrew got his knives. A hundred million thoughts raced through both of their minds. Is it Nathan’s goons? Has the FBI forgotten some lankys and now they are here for revenge? How many people is outside right now?
Old habits die hard and Andrew tried to stay in front of Neil, but Neil was quicker and he opened the door just the slightest and looked out. A black silhouette of a bulky man was going through their things, as though trying to find something. Neil waited, there seemed to just be one person in their apartment, but he could not see their door so their was still the possibility of someone outside. If he fired the gun, it would alert everyone in the neighbourhood but if they use knives instead then what if there were too many people outside? Or should they make a run for it and climb out of their bedroom window?
Andrew was getting impatient and was trying to get past Neil and see if anything was happening. Neil, not wanting Andrew to get involved in anymore crimes, shot the man in the head without hesitation. The gunshot was too loud in the dead silence of the night. Neil held his breath as he waited for the man’s companions. No one burst in.
After two minutes, Neil cracked open the door more and they finally went out. Their apartment’s door was picked open by someone skillful and prepared. Andrew immediately went out to look for other threats while Neil went towards the dead body. The dead body fazed neither of them. Neil kneed down and flipped the body around so he could examine the face. It was not anyone he recognised, someone in their late thirties just slightly older than them. The black duffel bag next to him was filled with Andrew and Neil’s wallet that they left on the counter in the kitchen.
“Do you recognise him?” Andrew asked. Neil shook his head.
“I think it is just a normal robbery,” Neil said hesitatedly, he hoped it was just someone dumb enough to break into their apartments and not anyone that was after Neil. Neil passed Andrew their wallets and stood up. Both of them let the relief sink in, then they stared at the body unsure of what to do with it.
“Do we hide it?” Neil asked uncertainly, he was taken back by the normalcy of being robbed that he forgotten every single protocol he had ever been drilled in by his mother.
Andrew too, seemed stunned by the turn of events and stood unsure, staring at the dead body.
“Call the police?” Andrew suggested dubiously, both only trusting the police as far as they could throw them.
“Wymack,” Neil said at last. If anyone would know what to do it would be him. They checked the time, it was 3am but it would be around 5am in wymack’s time zone so Neil called him and put him on speaker.
“This better be important,” wymack grumbled as he picked up at second ring.
“Someone broke into our apartment-“
“Are you guys okay?” Wymack interrupted, the gruffness was gone and concern filled it place. It filled Neil with a warmth that only the foxes could give him.
“Yes, and we killed him. Do we hide the body or call the police?”
“He is not any of your father’s men right?” Wymack asked warily.
“No one we recognise,”
“Call the police,” Wymack answered, “and remember you killed him in self defense,” he stressed the last part.
“Yes coach,” it spilled out of Neil’s mouth before he realised.
They called the police and explained the situation, there were a lot of commotion outside of their apartments before the police even arrived, probably due to the gunshot. It was to no one surprise that the FBI agent also came and pulled Neil aside.
“He wasn’t in our list of they people you gave us, do you recognise him?”
Neil shook his head. The FBI continued his questioning and after hours and with promises of Neil and Andrew going back to the station in a few hours. Their apartment was finally silent.
Neil slumped against Andrew, Andrew always the sturdy weight, put his arm around Neil holding him up as easy as always.
“Cant believe someone was dumb enough to break in,” Neil laughed, the absurdity of this was hysterical.
“He should have done enough research,” Andrew agreed.
“And he should have heard us coming out, amateur.”
“Should have use gas to make us alseep so there was no way we would wake up,” and their conversation turned into the best ways to rob an apartment as Neil made coffee for the both of them as Andrew fed the cats.
Later they called back Wymack and updated him before driving to the station.
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isalyn, for a scheme: quick, punch me in the face!
stefan: punch you?
isalyn: yes, punch me, in the face. didn't you hear me?
stefan: i always hear "punch me in the face" when you're speaking, but it's usually subtext
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fandomsarefamily1966 · 10 months ago
*talking about the Time Lords*
Y/N: You were the best of them.
Ten: *chuckles* What a terrifying thought.
Y/N: *chuckles and smiles encouragingly*
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incorrectspnforfun · 11 months ago
Dean: The universe is a cruel, uncaring void. The key to being happy isn’t to search for meaning; it’s to keep filling yourself with unimportant nonsense and eventually, you’ll be dead. Sam: … Sam: Dean do we need to talk? 
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