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#((It feels so sickening.))
bisexualxiao · 10 days ago
perhaps i will throw up and then well who knows
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theerealcowboy · 13 days ago
Idt my blog is a good space for u or that I’m a good person for u to be around if u find ppl being attracted to men disgusting & prefer to call fictional bi women lesbians like I just don’t think you’ll have a good time here. Off topic & don’t rb but here’s an old pic I saw last night I’m so in love with me
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lil-meowmeow · 25 days ago
I wanna live in
1. Run era
2. I need you era
3. Black Swan (orchestral ver) (not the vid but the vibe)
4. Wings era (esp japanese ver of BST? Like bruh that vibe)
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lacheri · a month ago
hi bae <3 happy 200 ! this is for the event,,
your Meyers-Briggs personality type + zodiac sign(s): infp-t & scorpio
your chosen aot s/o: eren ! lmao do you see my obsession
your preferred pronouns : she/her
choose a theme/trope: modern au! fluff // home & cozy vibes <3
anything you’d else you’d like to mention: love language is physical touch + quality time ,, i'll let you have fun w the rest hehe
hi lia! tysm for submitting I had sm fun writing this, hope u like it babe <3 also bringing out the ole emo tunes for you, don't mind me
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ten of Cups: this card represents ultimate happiness and fulfillment. the couple watch as their children play, hands to the sky, almost in a thank you to the universe. these two share a harmonic, ever lasting love, a good sign for a long-term relationship when this card shows up for you in a reading. tens in the tarot represent a completion of a cycle. you've kissed your frogs and you've found your prince.
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iloveyoumorethanyouwilleverknow - nevershoutnever. "Nothing feels like home like you, babe."
Tumblr media
Sounds of unfamiliar voices stirred you awake, your eyes blurrily focussing on the tv on the wall in front of you. The lack of sunlight from your apartment windows startled you, how long had you been asleep? You shifted slightly, the tingles of sleep leaving your limbs, and you felt immense warmth against your right side, cold spots becoming intrusive as you moved away to an upright position on your couch.
“Hey sleepy,” Eren cooed, burying his head into the crook of your neck.
“What time is it?” you mumbled, rubbing the traces of sleep from your eyes.
“Almost nine, you pretty much died,” he chuckled, kissing your neck softly. “You hungry, baby? I can cook us dinner.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pass out on you,” you pouted, looking down at him now with half lidded eyes. “You didn’t eat?”
“You know when a puppy or kitten falls asleep on you, and you can’t move because you’re afraid to wake it up?” Eren teased, circling his arms around your middle.
“Awe, Eren, you could’ve woken me up,” you yawned, resting your head atop of his, feeling his hair brush against your cheek.
“Would you wake a puppy up? You looked so cute all snuggled up on me,” he breathed into the warmth of your skin, creating ticklish vibrations as he spoke. “Besides, that documentary you put on was pretty cool.”
You made a face, eyebrows crinkled, “I can’t believe I missed it, I was waiting all week to watch it with you.”
“‘S okay, we can watch it again later. Just as long as you don’t fall asleep on me again,” he moved his chin to your shoulder, gazing up at you with his soft jade eyes. “Are you hungry though? I’m starving.”
“Yeah, I could eat,” you hummed, placing a quick peck to his forehead, attempting to break his embrace and get on your feet, but Eren’s arms were locked in. “Eren, how are we supposed to get up and eat if you’re trapping me?”
“But I haven’t gotten enough of you yet,” Eren’s bottom lip protruded out, his eyes widened as he pulled his best puppy dog eyes.
“You’re such a brat,” you poked fun of his clingy state, bringing your fingers to trace his hairline.
“I love you!” he groaned, nuzzling his face into your shoulder to hide as if to hide from your words. “Five more minutes, just wanna’ hold you.”
“Didn’t just say you couldn’t move because I’m the puppy who fell asleep on you?”
“That’s not the point.”
“Seems to me to be very much the point,” you laughed, kissing his exposed temple as he brought his face back up, the same pout now accompanied with a furrowed brow. “Looks like the tables are turned, babe.”
His expression fell, his mouth hanging open in wonderment as his eyes sparkled in the tv’s flashing lights, “I’m the puppy now?”
“A mut, but I guess you’re pretty cute, so maybe I’ll keep you,” you hummed out playfully as Eren broke out into a toothy grin.
“I’ll take it,” Eren batted his long eyelashes at you, leaning up to meet your lips in a kiss. As his pout brushed against your ready mouth, the loud grumble of Eren’s stomach broke the tension, causing both of you to laugh.
“Okay, let’s get some food,” you pecked his mouth, and Eren finally surrendered his hold as you stood.
He followed right after you, trailing behind as you navigated to the kitchen. Pulling open drawers of your pantry, searching endlessly in your fridge and freezer, you sighed. You really needed to go grocery shopping, all you had in your home were ingredients and spices. You could feel Eren’s eyes follow along in your path, a frown on his face as he came to a similar realization.
“We can go to the grocery store tomorrow, babe. We can just order something, I’ll pay,” he whipped his phone out, already typing in your address into an unknown app. “What are we feeling?”
His back was facing you, and you broke the distance by circling your arms around his muscular torso, your forehead resting between his shoulder blades, “Hm, I don’t know. Why don’t you pick? I’ll pick a place next time.”
“You always say that, and I always end up picking,” he threw you a smirk over his shoulder, his heart thumping in his chest as he gazed at you. “You want me to read your mind or something?”
“Yeah that’d be pretty nice,” you murmured, tracing small circles with your fingers above his navel. “You always know what I want anyways.”
“True,” his attention was back to his phone. “Okay, it’s ordered, should be here in a half an hour.”
His right hand left his device, resting over yours, gently breaking your hold. You whined in protest, but he quieted you by turning around, bringing his free arm to push the center of your back to his chest. You stayed like this a few moments, enjoying the warmth exuding from your boyfriend, lingering comforts of your nap had you snuggling against his sternum. Your breathing fell into the rhythm of his heart, your ear pressed against his breast. His hand trailed up and down your clothed spine, almost daring you to fall asleep standing up.
“Eren,” you whined after a few minutes. “You’re gonna’ put me back to sleep.”
“Can’t help it, you’re so cute after you wake up, just wanna’ touch and cuddle you,” his lips moved to your exposed forehead, placing delicate kisses. “You want to try watching that documentary when the food gets here?”
“What if I fall asleep again?” the point of your chin rested against the center of his chest, your eyes locking as a soft smile graced his handsome features.
“I can try to keep you up,” he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, causing a giggle to slip through your teeth.
“We won’t be watching it all then!”
“Guess you should stop being so cute then,” Eren brushed his nose against yours. “C’mon, I’ll make us some coffee and grab some blankets. We’re having a movie night, baby.”
At least you had made it halfway through this time, you thought before you had drifted off. Paired with the steaming mugs and the fullness of your bellies, neither of you stood a chance. You sprawled out on the length of the couch, Eren spooning you, squished against the cushions as his arms kept you taut against his chest. The light snores and steady breathing filled the living room like a melody as the two of you slept, the tv’s hum of that documentary long forgotten.
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LACHERI © 2021: all writing content belongs to LACHERI. I do not allow reposts or translations. this is my only account.
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professionalbeard · a month ago
in a bad place like physically mentally psychologically psychically etc
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untouchabyeolman · a month ago
#i keep telling myself that i don't have anxiety bc like it's maybe ''not that bad'' and just me overreacting but like#i've been trying to distract myself all day#telling myself to stop thinking about it#and even giving myself pep talks like ''ur gonna feel shitty about it for a few days but this happened before and itll go away eventually''#but bc of the stupid thing i did today im like#''haha yeah it''s's gonna be fine...''#but then i keep having that sickening feeling in my stomach that makes me want to reach in there and rip it out of me#and i was pretty tired but i dont wanna go to bed and try to sleep bc i KNOW it's all im gonna think about and my stomach's gonna feel funny#and im gonna feel like shit but i dONT want to feel like shit#i just want to forget it and DIE#and then the thing with my programming where one person agrees with me and the other doesnt#but i FEEL like i'm right bUT MAYBE IM NOT AND I'M GONNA GET A BAD MARK ON MY HW AGAIN FOR BEING STUPIDT#DUE TO ME OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING AND AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH#also i had my first PT for my back today and im still thinking about how the dude laughed when i answered his question#but it gave off strong ''ur so dumb'' vibes and i just tried brushing it off and acting normal#and later on having a decent conversation with him while he worked on my back#but him laughing at me was still in the back of my mind like im sorry idk how to articulate exactly how my leg is feeling#so its just this whole cycle of well we had a pretty good and friendly conversation after so maybe he didnt mean it like that#to me still feeling stupid bc i gave a stupid answer which had him laughing but not bc i was being funny.............#like i wish i could just fall asleep if i shut everything down right now but i know i'm just gonna feel sick to my stomach#and stay up trying to make myself not to think about all this and failing over and over again#UUGGHHHHHHH.#personal
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kissingcullens · a month ago
I know I’ve been watching Supernatural and posting about it, but I would HATE to be the reason anybody else started watching it; I think about this sometimes lol   Hopefully you have a healthy “You could not pay me” attitude towards watching SPN (if you haven’t already seen it of course) but obviously I was drawn in by being intrigued by posts that I read on tumblr, so... i worry sometimes that I might be “The Ring”-ing people unintentionally, lol
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synthetixviola · a month ago
Tumblr media
Anonymous said: Would you ever consider having biological kids?
Tumblr media
     “Not really,” Lila admitted with a shrug, her expression rather dry as though she had heard this question a hundred times. Probably because she had. “Why would I when I already have a beautiful daughter, who I love very much? What’s the difference between having an adopted child or biological child, besides bloodline? And what good is a bloodline, anyway? Nothing but ridiculous expectations, delusions of grandeur, and burdens to pass along the generations. Its stupid.”
     Oh, things she wished she could have said long ago. To her father, who was so zeal in “redeeming” his family name that he neglected his actual family. To her mother, who despised having children but stuck around for her “familial duty” when it would have been far better for everyone if she had left. To her grandparents, despite how much she loved them, for preaching how “magnificent” their ancestry was, placing so much pressure upon her that she couldn’t take it and ran away from it all the first chance she got. All of them cared more for their family name rather than the actual family. It was sickening. 
     Family names meant nothing. Blood meant nothing.
     “I know what I’m saying isn’t a popular concept around here, but its something I wholeheartedly believe. Talks of bloodline, heirs, family duty... its so ridiculous! A family, a child, should be wanted for love, not because you have to or for some duty. I took Kandy in because I love her and wanted to give her a good life. A better life than my own. That’s what a parent should always want for their children -- for them to be happy and loved. Not for them to continue their parents stupid ambitions or family honor. Using them as such shows just how little you actually care for them.”
     Lila took a deep breath, and shrugged once again. “If I ever decide I want another child, whether adopted or biological, it will be because I want to extend my love to them too. But right now? I’m happy. I love Kandy, and always will, even if she is not biologically mine. And that’s how it should be.”
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o-ceti · a month ago
i don’t mean this in a “must be nice to live in another country bc i think everything’s fine there” kind of way cuz obviously there’s violence everywhere but i do wonder a lot what it would be like to wake up to the news that there was a mass shooting where my first thought isn’t just “damn, another one”
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hua-fei-hua · 2 months ago
i know that a lot of the times, soulmate aus are rlly amatonormative n stuff, but years ago when i had a stint in voltron, i read a soulmate au where everyone had a soulmate, but they weren’t necessarily romantic. like sometimes you were meant to be best friends, or sometimes they were familial bonds or smth n i was like “wait you can do that w/soulmate aus???”
personally, i really really like the idea of a soulmate au where your soulmate changes through time as you both grow and change. like you have a soulmate out there (again, not necessarily romantic), as in the person with which you get along best, who matches your soul like that, but if neither of you put in the work to keep things that way, your soulmate can change.
i think that would put a lot of the romanticism into the work it takes to love someone, and how to love someone is most often a choice we have to make over and over again, and i just think that’s lovely
#smth else i've been thinking abt a lot lately since teh road trip is the autonomy of falling in love#like do you care abt someone because you love them? or do you love them because you care about them?#and also like you can't necessarily control who you fall in love with. that's kind of scary no? why can't we have a say in these things?#personally i'm inclined to believe that we love people because we cared about them first#but i think i'm also just romanticizing like that#like genuinely just romanticizing the idea of loving and caring for someone like that#bc in my own grey-aro experiences of 'rarely falls in love' i've been doomed DOOMED i say to only ever have love at first sight#and so in my experiences it's usually 'i care about you bc i have feelings for you'#but i don't wanna believe in that!!! that sucks!!!! just objectively!!!!!!!!!!#to me it feels like caring about them is dependent on how you feel abt them but feelings go away#like yeah after the initial high of the feelings are gone you can continue to choose to care abt them. and that's still love i think#but just. the lack of autonomy in that method of falling in love. that's not quite the best wording for it but it's what i have rn#idk. it's almost sickening you could say. to have no control and yet to yearn.#on the outside looking in it's like. isn't that just disgustingly selfish? there's so much to *hate* when you think too carefully abt it#idk i hope to find the words to fully argue with myself over this in writing zenith#i touched on all this very briefly in the messy megumi segment of the current oneshot wip i mentioned a few days ago#y'know the one i wrote by hand on The Road Trip(tm) this week that's like 8k words estimate final projections 9-10k#but since the way it was written (as like a breakdown) feels rlly ooc it's probably going to be cut from the final draft of that oneshot#there's other stuff in that oneshot i hope to explore further in zenith. mostly more selfish/selfless arguments#but the autonomy of falling in love. i think i might like to explore that too. it's tugging at me#anyway i've babbled long enough in the tags#花話
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