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#((The club feels very welcoming. 😌))
pandoras-princess · 2 months ago
Ronnie’s World (Ronnie Kray x fem!reader)
Tumblr media
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A/N: Hello my lovelies! 🌸🌸 I hope you are all well. I’m not too sure where this came from, but I’m very happy it’s here. My first time writing a proper one shot for Ronnie, it was inspired by the drabble I posted a while ago 😊 obviously an AU world where Ronnie isn’t solely interested in men and in terms of that if any phrases I’ve used in relation to Ronnie cause any offence please let me know and I will be more than happy to find an alternative that works, but I don’t know anything if you guys don’t let me know, so please always feel comfortable enough to just drop me a message 😊😊 the last thing I want to do is upset anyone. So with that said, I give you this one shot, maybe a part two if you want it?? Idk status pending on that one 🧐 Happy Reading People’s! 🥳🥳 as ever I appreciate every like, comment, reblog and follow so thank you so much for the love shown already on this blog 🥰🥰 feedback is always welcome 😌
Summary: In Ronnie’s harsh world there’s no time for love and feelings and all that nonsense. No, Ronald Kray was a heartless man, interested only in chasing the infinite highs of life. That is, until he meets you...
Pairing: Ronnie Kray x fem!reader
Warnings: swearing (it is a kray one shot after all)
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Ronnie Kray’s world was a unique one, to say the least. Draped in sex, drugs and all things gangster, it was hardly what one would call normal.
But the world worked for Ron, and Ron worked for his world.
The moment he saw you, that world tilted on it’s axis. The movement was so slight it could’ve gone unnoticed. The insatiable desire to claim you as his own, however, was not so easily ignored.
It was a drizzly Friday night and the club was at it’s peak. Packed from wall to wall with happy go lucky couples, the live entertainment was going down swimmingly well.
Ron was enjoying a whiskey, puffing away on his signature cigar when he noticed a sodden young woman enter the club. Drenched ringlets clung to your face and your chubby cheeks were as red as your velvet coat, but he couldn’t drag his gaze away. He’d certainly never seen you in the club before, and as he wracked his brain, he couldn’t say he’d ever seen you in the surrounding area either.
You push through the crowded bar to lean over and whisper something in the bartender’s ear, who then calls Reggie over and introduces you. A growl rumbles through Ron’s chest as Reggie embraces you in a hug and leaves a kiss on the back of your hand.
It was no secret that Ronnie was of a different persuasion to his brother, so he couldn’t fathom where these feelings were coming from. He couldn’t fathom why it made his skin crawl and teeth itch to watch Reggie flirt with you. He’d never been this attracted to anyone, much less a woman. But as his eyes drink you in, you’re the only person left in the world he has any interest in.
The hand creeping up his thigh brings him crashing back into reality and he roughly pushes it away. “I am not interested.”
“C’mon Ron, you’re always interested” Teddy purrs.
“Not anymore.” Standing up, he makes his way over to the spot you were occupying at the bar.
“Hello there.”
“Alright Ron” Reggie nods towards his brother, a smirk plastered across his face at the apparent infatuation written all over Ronnie’s. “This is the new singer, she’s on in a bit.”
You whip around, spraying his face with fine droplets of water in the process. “Hi, nice to meet you.”
“Er right, nice to meet you. Are you from around here?” Ron sips his whiskey, his posture awkward and stiff as he shoves his free hand in his pocket. It’d been a long time since he’d had to impress anyone. And never anyone as beautiful as you.
“No but close, Hackney actually.”
“Mm very close indeed.”
An awkward silence sweeps through the air and you smile politely at him, unsure of what to say next.
“Well, break a leg.”
He raises his glass to you before stalking back to the table, grumbling to himself along the way.
‘You’re a fucking idiot Ronald a fucking idiot! Should’ve asked the pretty lady out when you had a chance, probably thinks you’re a fucking weirdo now...’
Half an hour later you were up on stage. You’d traded your damp coat for a red gown that hugged your body in ways he could only envy, and the room falls silent as you begin to sing.
“Tell me that it’s true, tell me you agree... I was meant for you, you were meant for me...
Dearly beloved, how clearly I see... somewhere in heaven you were fashioned for me...”
By the time you’d finished, Ron was in complete awe. If he thought your beauty was breathtaking, the voice that came from you knocked the remaining air right out of his lungs.
This time he made his way over to you smiling and relaxed, back to his usual cocky self. Hearing you sing had given him the confidence he so desperately needed and nothing, absolutely nothing could stand in his way of getting you.
“Like my very own angel! Here have a drink.” He hands you a fresh glass of champagne as his eyes rake over your body.
You were a good few inches shorter than him despite your heels, and as you smile up at him through your lashes, Ron’s heart stops beating. Just for a second.
“Thank you.”
After a few more glasses and many more compliments, you agree to let him take you out to dinner.
The rest, they say, is history.
6 months later you and Ron are leaving the church hand in hand as your closest friends and family shower you in rose petals. You weren’t quite sure how you had found your soulmate buried within the psychotic gangster, but you didn’t need to know. All you needed to know was that he loved you more than life itself, and the feeling was very much mutual.
6 months after that you and Ron are driving round to Vi’s for your weekly visit. You had finally managed to grab Ronnie by the ear and drag him with you and the man had complained nonstop since.
“What am I meant to talk about anyway?” He grumbles, glancing out of the window as he drives at a snails pace down the cobbled roads.
“She’s your mother you should know what to talk about.”
“See that don’t answer my question now does it?” He turns to you, and the innocent look of despair almost makes you giggle.
“Normal things, you talk about normal things Ron.” You plant a quick kiss on his lips and he begins to list all of the normal things he can think of.
“The weather...”
“That’s always a good’un.”
“Er, the future weather. They’ve got all those predictions now don’t they?”
“How about you start with how you’ve been?”
“Because you said normal things love, and I am not normal.”
As he pulls to a stop outside of Vi’s, he’d come up with 6 topics of conversation appropriate for the visit. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see his mother, he always wanted to see his mum. It was just that over the last 6 months Ron had become so accustomed to your way of translating the ‘normal’ things he found so hard to understand, that he didn’t actually know how to speak with other respectable adults. He dealt solely with you, Reggie and gangster’s, and only one of those relationships required him to be sane about things. So spending an afternoon on his best behaviour, participating in common conversation with a woman he most certainly could not disrespect, was fucking terrifying.
Your reassuring squeeze of his hand calms his nerves, and he tries to relax. It was his mother and his wife after all, what could go wrong?
“Y/N, Ronnie, what a nice surprise! Come in, come in!” The small woman pulls you both into a hug before ushering you inside. They both take a seat at the breakfast table as you set about making the tea.
“Lovely cup of tea, darling.”
A smug smile tugs at your lips as you drink the compliment in. A good cup of tea was the ultimate seal of approval when it came to Violet Kray.
“Thank you, mum.”
After a few minutes of tea sipping and mundane chit chat, Ronnie had reached his limit. Excusing himself from the table he disappears upstairs to join Reggie.
Once he was out of earshot, Violet turns to you. “So, when were you going to tell me?”
“Tell you what?”
“That I’m going to be a grandmother!” She sings, clasping her hands around yours.
“I’m sorry I don’t follow.”
“I know the look of a pregnant woman when I see one love, you’ve got the glow. I’d say around 8 weeks.”
Time grinds to a halt as you count back the dates in your head, realising you were indeed a month late. Your boobs constantly ached and within the past few days there were few foods lucky enough to remain in your stomach, but you didn’t think too much of it at the time. Just a bug, you thought.
With all the newlywed bliss you’d not noticed the missing period, something you were now cursing yourself for. A wave of nausea washes over you as the image of Ron’s face twisted in anger flashes across your mind. Dashing to the loo, your lunch comes back up as quickly as it had gone down.
Sagging against the wall, you will your racing heart to steady itself. How you’d been so careless you’d never know. Ron would be furious. A baby hardly fit into his gangster world plans.
Knock. Knock.
“Y/N are you okay?”
Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Y/N...?” Ron’s worried voice replaces Violet’s but you still couldn’t bring yourself to answer.
“Y/N, open the door...” His tone changes and if you knew your husband, you had about 30 seconds to open it before he opened it for you.
Dragging yourself to your feet you do as he says, and one look at your face tells him something isn’t right.
“Y/N what’s wrong? What’s happened?”
“We’re having a baby.”
Before you know it his strong arms are around your waist spinning you in the air, a smug grin plastered on his face.
“You’re pregnant?”
“I am.” You watch the smile spread to his eyes, both twinkling with excitement, as you nod your head.
“Oi Reg, guess what?”
“What?” Reggie’s head pops over the banister.
“We’re having a baby! She’s pregnant!”
“That’s great news Ron! Great news. About time n’all.” He makes his way downstairs with the rest of the gang in tow, and Violet barely gives him the time to hug you both before thrusting a glass of champagne in his hand to celebrate.
Soon time comes for you to leave and tears threaten to spill over as Violet congratulates you again, Ronnie fighting to prise you from her grip before bundling you into the car. The stress of panicking and excitement over the news was far too much for your unstable hormones to bear and you spend the whole journey home blubbering into Ron’s suit jacket as he tries his best not to laugh.
You were adorable, and he couldn’t wait until there was a mini you running about the place.
Unfortunately pregnancy was not kind to you, most of it spent in and out of the hospital. This only served to elevate Ronnie’s worry to levels he’d not thought possible and by the time your baby girl had arrived, his protection was a force to be reckoned with. 
The tiny bundle of joy was everything he’d dreamt she’d be, born with a full head of ginger curls and eyes the colour of storms at sea. Ronnie swore if you stared into them long enough, you’d see the cloudy skies swirling around her inky irises.
She was nothing short of perfect, and Ronnie couldn’t imagine loving anything more than he loved her. Apart from you, of course. 
You stand in her hand painted nursery, cradling your daughter to your chest as she gently suckles away. 
“From this valley they say you are going... we will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile...” 
Ronnie follows the voice he’d fallen so hopelessly in love with - the voice that had calmed his sufferings countless nights before - and stands quietly in the doorway so he can enjoy the private performance. 
“For you take with you all of the sunshine... that has brightened our pathway for a while... 
Then come sit by my side if you love me... do not hasten to bid me adieu...
Just remember the red, river valley and the cowboy who has loved you so true...”
He moves behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and drawing the pair of you into his chest. Luna gurgles in satisfaction and her big blue eyes find her father’s as her little eyelids start to droop. Ronnie rocks you both from side to side, stopping only to plant a kiss on your temple and within seconds she’s sound asleep in your arms. You place her in her cot before turning around to face him.
“Hey” you whisper, careful not to wake the sleeping newborn.
“We should probably get out of here.”
“Yes we probably should” he chuckles, leading you out of the nursery.
You collapse onto your bed, arms high above your head as a long sigh escapes you.
“Your daughter is so exhausting!”
“My daughter yeah?”
“Yes, when she’s loud and grizzly and hungrier than a cattle farmer, she’s your daughter. When she’s cute and smiley and adorable, she’s my daughter, okay?”
“Alright then whatever you say yeah.” Ronnie holds his hands up in surrender, not daring to argue with his exhausted wife.
You feel the bed dip beside you as his large hand rests on your thigh. “How about we get some sleep love, how about that?”
You grin sleepily, tired eyes peering up at him. “Sounds perfect.”
You quickly undress and climb into bed, your heavy limbs sinking into the soft mattress as you snuggle into Ron’s side. Within seconds your breathing slows, and the rise and fall of your chest evens out as you fall into a deep slumber.
‘Like mother, like daughter’ he thinks to himself as he focuses on the steady beating of your heart against his own, your warm breath fanning his bare chest. He soon falls into his own dreamland utopia.
Yes, meeting you had spun his world entirely on it’s head. Emotionless sex was replaced with raging passion and marriage vows, drugs were replaced with cups of tea and breastmilk. Gangster’s were replaced with... well, there’s only so much you can change about a Kray.
But, Ron had to admit, this world worked for him too.
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