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#(.)(.) anon
palipunk · a day ago
I saw your palestinian pride month art and I wanted to ask about the tattooes the women are wearing, can you explain more about palestinian tattooing? I’ve never seen it before
Oh, thank you so much for asking!
The tattoos are definitely not exclusive to Palestine, they're practiced throughout South West Asia and Northern Africa - though in South West Asia we call them Deq, I'll focus on South West Asia specifically bc while I am also Northern African I know more about Deq. Facial and Body tattooing was a common practice for many South West Asian women (and men on occasion, though usually the arms not face were tattooed for them). Fala7i (fellahin), Bedu (Bedouin), Kurdish, Assyrian and Yazidi communities have practiced it for hundreds of years. I can't verify with a source but I've heard some say it originates from ancient Mesopotamia.
Tumblr media
(left to right: Bedouin Lebanese woman, Fellahin Jordanian woman, a Kurdish woman)
A lot of the meanings behind deq have been lost but chin tattoos - specifically a line from lip to chin - were meant to symbolize fertility and beauty, Muslim and Christian women would often adorn themselves with a Crescent or Cross-shaped tattoo - sometimes after or during a pilgrimage, some tattoos were meant for protection from the evil eye, during battles, or spirits and a lot demonstrated tribal affiliation. In Egypt, Palestine, and Sudan I've noticed also lower lip tattooing.
A lot of the documentation of the tattooing readily available is from Europeans and in between pages illustrating the tattoos there are comments calling it "distasteful" "unattractive" "barbaric", which sucks. 
Tumblr media
(Yezidi woman’s tattoos in the 1930s) 
For Palestine in particular, I've done some studies in the past on tattooing amongst Palestinians, though a lot of info is hard to find due to displacement, ethnic cleansing, religious fundamentalism, and sustained repression of Palestinian culture by Isra3l. The practice is hardly seen anymore and those who still wear the tattoos are older women, my Great Grandmother in particular had dots on her forehead and lines down her chin, Bedouin and Fellahin women throughout Palestine practiced it. According to a few sources, the tattoos were done by a Dom artisan and were made out of ink, smoke residue, and sometimes breastmilk and punctured into the skin with a needle. 
Some of my studies: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rippeachy · 2 days ago
Yep, your blog and nudes made me in the mood
Tumblr media
glad i could help :))
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Hello! I wanted to ask if you had any first kiss prompts? Like.... innocent, soft, shy kinds of first kisses, I guess. Dialogue or otherwise. I really love your content by the way! I'm sorry if my ask is confusing or not clear in any way, I'm not the best at articulating my thoughts 😅
Hi and thank you :)
Not confusing at all! Here are my thoughts on first kisses:
First Kiss Prompts
"I would very much like to kiss you right now." "Please."
"I'm not sure how to..." "Just follow my lead."
"Is it ok if I kiss you?" "I would like that very much."
"I knew I would love kissing you, but it this was..." "Even better than the dream?" "Yes."
"This would probably the perfect moment for a kiss..." "And we probably shouldn't waste it."
"I would like to show you how I good I feel when I'm with you."
"I've never done this before. I'm probably not going to be great at it." "Neither have I. But we could figure it out together."
The first kiss was not like the movies. It was a bit too stiff and at an awkward angle. But the second one was already better. Later that evening they had already become masters.
It was always exciting to kiss someone knew. The first shy touches of yet to be claimed lips, leading to soft sighs and deepening feelings.
The feather-light touch on her lips made her feel warm and safe.
It was the first time their lips were meeting, but they immediately knew that it wouldn't be the last.
Hope you like them!
- Jana
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lavender-wolfsbane · a day ago
[It's been almost five months since the attack at the council. Kenny has been asleep since then. No sign of movement or of waking up any of the times Anti has visited.]
[Kenny is summoning them.]
*they huff when they arrive, rubbing their eyes* [God dammit, what now-]
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breakdownsbuttlights · 22 hours ago
Prowl knew how to smile?? Can we get a smiley boy?
Tumblr media
Had to dig way back in time (and on the ipad) to find it, but here is one (1) smiley boy
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saphub · 15 hours ago
dream with a breeding kink my brain go brrr
Tumblr media
─ TW: breeding, dacryphilia, praise, degradation
Tumblr media
breeding kink is god tier!! your mind!! anon, you’re amazing <3
Dream unlocked his breeding kink because of you. He was in love with the way you looked so pretty underneath him. Back arched, face twisted in pleasure, and your ankles resting on his shoulders. He had grabbed a handful of your thighs, pressing them to your chest as close as he could so he could fuck deeper into your fluttering pussy. And, god, whenever his name spilled from your pretty lips in a whimper, whine or beg he practically lost his mind.
Now don't get him wrong, Dream's pull out game was really good. He had a considerable amount of self-control and would ask you permission for where he was allowed to cum on you. Whether it be your stomach, your face or your chest. But one night, when he chased after his high, head bowed forward and panting while he pounded into you. Pulling his dick almost all the way out before thrusting back harder and deeper each time. Dream was too far gone, too caught up in how good you made him feel and how you were so perfect for him. He felt your pussy tremble, walls closing around his dick signalling that you were close too. He was going to pull out like he usually did. But you had other ideas.
In an instant, with what little energy you had left, you wrapped your legs around Dream's middle and pulled him in close. Your hand gripped the back of his hair, pulling him so that his chest was flush against yours.
"Fuck, baby, what are you doing?" He said in surprise, trying to pull away from you.
You wrapped your legs tighter around him, hips bucking up sloppily in a needy attempt to meet his thrusts. Underneath you, the bed started to dip and creak. You brought Dream down so that he propped himself up on his elbows. His thrusts became more erratic, concentrated on matching the pace you prompted him to set, more focused on pleasing his girl. Dream held back a heavenly moan as he felt himself get closer and closer.
"Holy shit." He breathed shakily. "Y-You want me to cum inside, hm? Is that what you want?"
All he had to do was look into your eyes to know that it was exactly what you wanted.
“Fucking hell. You’re not going anywhere now, baby."
He broke free from you, propping both of your legs back on his shoulder and grabbing your hips to hold you in place.
“You’re completely stuffed, aren’t you? Fucking whore." He chuckled, a new need to breed you washing over him. "Now come on, be a good girl and take all of my cum.”
His words were enough to send you over the edge. As you climaxed, he relished in the way you called out for him. He loved the way you praised him for fucking you so good. Loved knowing that only he could leave you trembling in this much pleasure. He especially loved how obedient you were being, taking all of his load as he pumped you full of his cum. With his hands still gripping your waist, he kept you in place as he came inside of you. Battling with your writhing body to hold you still, Dream pushed even deeper, making sure that he filled you up to the brim. If he was going to breed you, you best believe that he was going to do it properly. Dream was never one to do a job half-assed, and for you? He would only give you the best. Your eyes welled with tears from feeling so full. Dream kissed them away. Even then, you could feel the thick stream of cum flooding your womb, all warm and creamy.
“Don’t spill a drop." He whispered lowly into your ear.
A simple command that you were eager to follow.
“That’s it, baby. Don’t waste it."
You pulled Dream into a deep kiss, feeling him smile against your lips. He grinned lazily, resting his palm against the bulge on your tummy, feeling proud of himself when he feels it slowly swell from his cum. He pulled you in for another kiss, this time carding his fingers through your hair to push it back and away from your face. When your eyes finally fluttered open, Dream smiles warmly at you and presses a soft kiss to your forehead.
“That’s my girl.”
Tumblr media
Masterlist | Before You Follow | Request Rules
Tumblr media
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thewildwilds · a day ago
Idea for this AU: Daisuke isn't a mythical creature at all. He's just a normal cat, and he acts like the king of the underworld more than Fuyuhiko does.
(FuyuHades showing Daisuke to PersePeko)
Peko: Awwww, he's adorable! What is he? Is he a messenger of death? Is he your familiar? Is he actually the embodiment of many angry souls?
Fuyuhiko: I think he's a bombay mix.
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rslashrats · a day ago
what if tumblr anons were called Anonymouse. I think that would make the site better don’t you think
Tumblr media
i think i agree... there would be peace on earth maybe
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pontsalin · a day ago
Idea: Instead if Tommy playing Able Sisters, for the 80s Witch AU I would liek to suggest he listens to Whitney Houston constantly. He knows all the lyrics to I Wanna Dance With Somebody and How Will I Know
Tumblr media
Mmm yeah groovy!
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chimpukampu · 2 days ago
Callum being tall enough for Rayla to place her head under his chin is such a mood.
Tumblr media
Callum will take advantage of the stairs to hug her this way 🥺
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green-blue-heller · 6 hours ago
"When Tim comes onstage he says: I said I would only come do a panel if they got the most handsome charming member of the spn cast to introduce me. But they got me Misha. Misha says unfortunately jensen was not available" 👀
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astraldemise · a day ago
you act so gayly no offense id give you my grandfathers puzzlecube
obsessed with this ask
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wolfythewitch · a day ago
i've come to make an announcement; shadow the hedgehog's a bitch ass motherfucker, he pissed on my fucking wife. thats right, he took his hedgehog quilly dick out and he pissed on my fucking wife, and he said his dick was "this big" and i said that's disgusting, so i'm making a callout post on my twitter dot com, shadow the hedgehog, you've got a small dick, it's the size of this walnut except way smaller, and guess what? here's what my dong looks like: pffft, that's right, baby. all points, no quills, no pillows. look at that, it looks like two balls and a bong. he fucked my wife so guess what? i'm gonna fuck the earth. that's right this is what you get, my super laser piss! except i'm not gonna piss on the earth. i'm gonna go higher. i'm pissing on the moon! how do you like that, obama? i pissed on the moon you idiot! you have 23 hours before the piss droplets hit the fucking earth now get out of my sight before i piss on you too.
sir this is a fanart tumblr blog
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thankskenpenders · 17 hours ago
Don't you think Sonic's forgiving and constantly letting the bad guys go in Sonic IDW is very out of character, consider Sonic's actions in the games?
You mean the games where they always just let Eggman fly away at the end after the final boss explodes? No, I don't.
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missmonsters2 · a day ago
hii can i pls request part 2 to the collage au with nat, “What's one little kiss between friends?"
But of course !!
ii. What’s One Little Kiss Between Friends
Part 1
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Note: Drabble. College AU set. Feel free to request the next part !
Count: < 1K
Natasha’s grandmother may have been the sole shining light for the redhead before you came into her life.
The old woman was boisterous and warm, nothing like Natasha’s mother, who was reserved and poised, or her father, who was cold and strict.
So, of course, it was only natural for Natasha to feel like her world became a little dimmer when her grandmother passed away.
The funeral was somber, something Natasha said her grandmother would’ve hated. She tried to make up for it by staying much longer after everyone left to give a real eulogy that her grandmother would’ve loved.
You stand by Natasha the entire time, holding her hand tightly because that’s what best friends do. You keep her company through the wake when she must stand for hours on end as people who mean nothing to her greet her and tell her they’re sorry for her loss right before they try to ask about her family’s business.
You keep her company by staying the night at her massive family estate house across the hall, even though the place makes your skin crawl.
Now, you lie in a bed that doesn’t belong to you and is much too soft to be comfortable with silk sheets you’re not used to.
And you can’t sleep.
It’s nothing more than a gut feeling if anything. An intuition that you’ve somehow developed over the years.
Knowing that the feeling won’t go away, you let out a huff of breath as you get up, silently opening your bedroom door. You walk past Natasha’s room without a second thought as you carefully walk down the cold steps to the main floor.
The library was located in the far back, the doors just barely open as you peek inside. Just like your gut feeling said, you could see Natasha seeing in front of the fireplace on the lush fur carpet.
You carefully entered in, shutting the door quietly as you joined her. You plopped down, shoulder bumping against hers as you nestled in.
Without any words, Natasha shared her blanket with you, huddling you into her warmth and sadness.
You don’t say anything; you’re not really sure what you could say.
“Why are you up?” Natasha asked softly.
“You’re up,” you mumbled as if it was a sufficient answer, but Natasha seemed to understand.
Silence fell between the two of you again.
The only thing you could do was slip your arm around Natasha’s as you laced your fingers together. The actions speak louder than anything, and it makes Natasha spill things to you that she could never tell anyone else.
“I think my grandmother was the only saving grace that kept me from becoming like my parents. Spending the one week I usually got with her in the summer was always a reminder that I could be more than my parents—that in my DNA, there was more than being cold and efficient,” Natasha muttered quietly as she stared into the fireplace. “Now she’s gone and I’m—worried. What if I become like my parents?”
You wondered what the hell Natasha’s even talking about. You’re confused as hell because what does she mean by cold? You could testify right now that her hands were warm, that her body heat was better than anything the fireplace could do. Everything about Natasha Romanoff was warm.
But you’ve met Natasha’s parents—and there’s a part of you that understands why Natasha worries.
You gripped her hand a little tighter.
“Nat,” you mutter quietly, just for her ears. “Your grandmother was a lovely person, you definitely take after her. Even if she’s gone, you’re still going to be that person you want to be because it’s you. You’re the one who decides if you’re going to be more or not. You’re the one who always decides to be warm, kind, sarcastic, lively, and funny. You decide when to be reserved and efficient. These things you’re worried about, they’re not bad things because you’re a good person. You’re nothing like your parents, do you understand me?”
Natasha merely turned her head as she stared at you, the fireplace reflecting in the corner of her eyes. Something inside her chest vaguely feels choked and tangled up, threatening to crawl its way into her throat.
The truth of the matter is that Natasha isn’t too worried that she’ll turn into her parents with her grandmother gone. After all, she has you. As long as she has you, she’ll be okay.
But Natasha needed something more—her eyes flickered down to your lips.
That’s right, Natasha thought distantly as she leaned over.
What’s one little kiss between friends?
Your lips are soft—sweet, even. But there’s something else. Something that can’t be tasted and only felt in Natasha’s heart.
Comfort. Reassurance.
Your eyes fluttered open when Natasha pulled back, and she wondered if she’d have to explain or apologize. But you merely sigh with content as you rest your head against her shoulder.
“Are you tired?” Natasha asked softly.
You hummed. “Yes, but let’s fall asleep here. It’s way better than the posh bed upstairs.”
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selfshipprompts · a day ago
Imagine your f/o burying their face into your neck while you cuddle. they might get all whiny when you try and move from your position... :,) they also might press a few kisses there, now and then and gently rub the tip of their nose against your neck. ^^ calming....
♡ !!!!
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angeloncewas · a day ago
Bro gnf with his hair cut and styled looks like he’s about to join the new one direction
omg it's them
Tumblr media
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incorrectfmaquotes · 19 hours ago
Roy: What did you do with Maes Hughes's body?
Envy: What didn’t I do with the body?


Envy: Okay, that sounded more sexual than I intended. I disposed of the corpse respectfully.
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complexgods · a day ago
cockwarming with kuroo <3
gn!reader, cockwarming, minors dni
I firmly believe that Kuroo’s into cockwarming, not to punish you in any way, oh no he’s far too whipped for you to do that. No, he sees cockwarming as a way of being as close to you as humanly possible, and he even likes doing it in a nonsexual context.
There’s just nothing better than coming home after a long and tiring day at work to you napping on your shared bed, looking so good just laid out there for him. He would gently wake you up before stripping from his work clothes and putting on a simple tshirt. He asks to nap with you, and you of course agree, already pulling down your underwear because you know what your boyfriend needs. He smiles when he sees you’re already prepped to take him, and he sighs in relief when he finally slides inside of you. Once you’re stuffed full, he nuzzles your neck, kissing you sweetly as he spoons you, the stress of the day already slowly seeping out of him as he falls asleep.
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