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#(Hi Ollie/Bye Ollie)

Shella raised a shield in front of her and her daughter, while said daughter re-summoned the lightning. They were both surprised when Vincent suddenly left and a little bit confused.

True to what Shella had said was the entire area around the spring been frozen over, it seemed to be streaching for quite a while.

The two meanwhile remained in the cave and used a bit of magic to see what Vincent was doing. It was nearby so it was easy enough.

To say the naga looked agitated was an understatement. He looked downright murderous and, quite literally, burning with rage. The frozen state of his surroundings didn’t seem to bother him in the least, likely thanks to being wreathed in fire, and the fire itself was hot enough that it was scorching the frozen ground black in the area immediately surrounding him.

For the longest time he remained where he was, the end of his tail lashing back and forth before he suddenly turned and threw a fireball across the spring and into the trees, a look of pure hate on his face. Moments later, a slightly burned and smoking, short man with strawberry blond hair emerged from the trees.

Rather than fear, hate, or anger, the man looked sad, gazing at the twisted naga like a parent who could no longer recognize their child, “Vinny…? What-”

Vincent didn’t wait for him to finish, letting out a vicious snarl as he lunged at the man. The fires went out before he actually tackled him, but that was little comfort when he still had claws, teeth, and raw strength on his side.

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