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Snapshot (Richard Madden x Reader)
Part 1
Summary: Your story time Twitter thread of how your grandparents thought you were dating Richard Madden becomes viral and you get the chance to meet the man himself.
Word count: 5.3k words
Warnings: use of the word boob (but not anatomically), bad dad jokes, Korean barbeque being mentioned a lot especially samgyeopsal, usage of the word shit?
A.N.: henloo! This is my first time writing here in Tumblr. This is a self-indulgent fic that I made for myself bc I can't go watch in cinemas yet :/ but nonetheless, please enjoy this! And if you haven't tried samgyeopsal before, you're missing out! Dine out safely when you can, friends. Title is still subject to change because ya girl can't think of a perfect title yet. Reviews, comments, suggestions are happily accepted! I might possibly do other parts if there are people who want it (or if I feel like indulging myself some more lol) Oh, and it's not beta'd so all mistakes are mine.
P.S. I have no idea what Richard's publicist's name is so I named her Dana. I've also written Reader as a female in mind.
P.P.S: This idea for the fic was from something I read a few years back, about how someone edited themselves in a photo with Sebastian Stan and sent it to their grandparents who didn't have, or maybe had limited Wi-Fi range. I can't find it anymore but if someone knows what I'm talking about, lmk so I can properly credit the person. Enjoy!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You didn’t realize it would go viral. One minute, you were making a Twitter thread about how your grandparents thought Richard Madden was your boyfriend because of all the edited pictures you sent them and the next morning, you were all over social media platforms. Buzzfeed made an article of you, even perusing your social media for a proper photo of you and your TikTok video of your editing process, and it was embarrassing how thorough they were at their search. You thought nothing of it, just all good fun like any other news on Buzzfeed but that was until you got an email asking for a bit of your time for a call. You replied with a yes, unknowing it was Richard’s publicist.
And so here you were, a few days after, waiting beside Richard’s publicist as he finished up his shooting for the day. His publicist, Dana, was very nice and she found the whole thing to be humorous.
“It’s all good fun,” Dana had said during the video call. “And I think it would bolster his popularity in this side of the world. Just dinner and a little talk. The paparazzi are good at sniffing out celebrities so don’t be too surprised to find some while you and him are out for dinner.”
Never in your wildest dreams would you think you’d even meet Richard Madden. In fact, even as you were beside Dana, you were still unbelieving that in a matter of minutes you’d be going out with Richard to dinner.
“Nervous?” Dana asked you as you walked to the trailer.
“Very,” you murmured, pulling your dress down self-consciously. “What should I say?”
“Anything but you’re not allowed to ask for spoilers in his new movie. Part of the NDA and all that,” she said as she knocked on the trailer door. “Rich! It’s Dana. Can I come in?”
There was a muffled “come in” from the inside and she unlatched the door. You stayed behind, waited for Dana’s signal as she talked with him. Dinner and a talk. Sure, you can do it, you thought to yourself. It’s just food and talking but no talking about his latest movie or anything that would jeopardize his career. Okay, so asking about Marvel is out of the window. There was a whole slew of topics to talk about, then, but what if he wasn’t interested in them? What if he finds you annoying? What if he—
“Y/N, come on in.” Dana had poked her head from the door and waved you to enter his trailer.
You stepped in, self-conscious and rethinking about why you had chosen to wear sneakers with your dress. You felt underdressed. Maybe he’d think you’re too casual for him. He’d always looked dapper in his suits and even in his casual clothes. Here you were in your dress and denim jacket and sneakers and looking very, very informal.
“Richard, this is Y/N.” Dana said as she pulled you closer. “Y/N, this is Richard.”
For a moment, you forgot to breathe. You were in Richard Madden’s trailer, standing before the man himself. He was dressed down in his all-black ensemble, which had you recalling his interview with GQ about how he always wore an all-black piece, and—thank God!—in sneakers. And who was Richard Madden if not for his signature bomber jacket?
He smiled at you, the skin around his eyes wrinkling as he beamed. Bright blue eyes shone as he looked at you and his stance was friendly and inviting. For a moment, you were at ease. But that was before he opened his mouth and his Scottish accent lured you into another frenzied panic of how you were finally meeting with Richard freaking Madden.
“Y/N Y/L/N, nice to finally meet you,” he said as he held out his hand.
Finally? He said finally? Had he been waiting for me? Your thoughts whirled as you shakily shook his hand. Yours felt small in his but they fit perfectly. He gave a gentle squeeze before letting go.
“H-Hi!” You squeaked and cleared your throat. “Hi,” you tried again.
He gave you that hearty, distinct chuckle of his. “Hi.”
“I’m going to leave you two to get acquainted. Richard, I’ll have your assistant send you your schedule for tomorrow. Don’t be late for the morning pick-up,” you heard Dana say from beside you.
His eyes stayed on yours a second longer before he turned to his publicist with a nod. “Thanks, Dana. You have a good night.”
She patted your shoulder. “You kids have fun. I’m heading out. Good night, you two.”
“Good night,” you mumbled weakly, eyes still on Richard. Oh my god, I’m alone with him in his trailer and I’m making a total boob of myself. I am never going to get out of here without embarrassing myself.
“So, Y/N. You want to go get some dinner?” Richard asked. “I’m still not familiar with the place so I might need your help.”
You opened and closed your mouth in what would seem like an imitation of a fish before clearing your throat and settling for a nod. “Okay. Uh, what do you want?”
“What’s the best one in town?” He gestured for you to go ahead out of his trailer.
“It depends on what you’re looking for. There’s a fancy steakhouse just a few minutes drive from here. There’s also a sushi place and a Korean barbeque place that has karaoke.” You stepped down from his trailer. The cool air somehow gave you a bit of a clear head.
“I’ve never been to a karaoke before,” he said as he walked beside you.
“Yeah, I know,” you murmured absently, then widened your eyes as you realized what you had said. He probably thinks I stalk him! Oh my god, ground swallow me up and spit me somewhere far from here.
He only quirked his brow, amused at you. “Right. I’m sure you do, given how your grandparents think I’m your boyfriend.”
Your cheeks heated up at the reminder of how this came to be. You definitely missed the jest in his tone because you felt him nudge you in the arm when you were silent for a few seconds.
“I was joking, Y/N.”
You swallowed and nodded. “Y-yes. Right.” Clearing your throat, you focused on your hands that were grasping your bag strap tightly. “Joking, yes.”
You are such a boob, Y/N. Get a grip!
His chuckle brought you back and you turned to look at him. The expression on his face was amused, his eyes glinting like that of a little boy whose hand was caught grabbing a cookie from the jar.
“Do we really have to go to the karaoke place just to get some Korean barbeque?” he asked as you both headed for the parking lot. “Korean barbeque places have been popping up in London and I haven’t tried them out yet.”
“The karaoke is optional. It’s just, out of all the barbeque places, that one serves the best cuts of meat for the best price.” You followed him to a parked Jaguar and cringed inwardly, thinking of how you suggested a cheap restaurant when he could clearly afford the best of the best.
“Okay. Korean barbeque it is.” He opened the door to the Jaguar and gestured for you to go in.
“Oh!” you squeaked (You’ve never squeaked in your life and you’ve done, like, maybe a hundred in less than an hour. Y/N, pull yourself together!) as you sat at the passenger seat and pulled the seatbelt across your body. You saw him get on his side of the car and after putting on his seatbelt, started to drive out of the lot.
“I need your help with the directions. The GPS can be kind of shit and I’ve actually gotten lost a few days back when I tried driving to the studio.”
You chuckled at that, smiling as you looked at him. “Yeah, GPS’s can be little shits. It told me to take a left on a cliff. I would like to arrive at my destination alive, thank you very much.”
It was his turn to chuckle. You were mesmerized by the sound of it and you stifled the urge to crack another corny joke just to hear it again. Play it cool. Get comfortable before embarrassing yourself with another dad joke.
You gave him directions as he drove, also telling a bit about the place. You’ve known they were filming for a while based from the tweets you follow, so he has probably a bit of knowledge of the town you were in. You gave him some insider information about certain restaurants and places, especially that one Italian restaurant who loved to give extra garlic bread if you answered his Italian trivia correctly.
“Did you get the free garlic bread?” he asked as he pulled into a parking spot.
“Of course. I’m officially his favorite and most loathe customer since I get stuff for free but also answer his questions.” You were at ease now. The drive, and the fact that you spent about thirty minutes in an enclosed space with him, recharged you into being your usual self again.
“Does it work if you get it for delivery?” he asked, his tone genuine. It was amazing to actually hear him be curious about your mundane life.
“I usually call it in. I don’t get it through a delivery service. The charges are astronomical for free garlic bread.” You grinned.
He chuckled at that again and stepped out of the car. You did the same and looked at the unwitting façade of the restaurant. The front looked very nondescript but you knew better, that this place housed the most delicious food that you could ever get your hands on.
“This is it?” he asked you. You almost forgot you were with Richard because he definitely did not look like he belonged in a place like this.
“Yes. I hope you’re good with your hands,” you said, realizing a bit late at how sexual that must have sounded. “For the food! I hope you’re okay with eating with your hands.”
He smiled at that, the wrinkles around his eyes evident as he looked at you. “Haven’t eaten with my hands for a while but I’m ready to give it a go.”
You nodded and went ahead to the restaurant, smiling at the man at the front and gesturing a table for the two of you. You turned to Richard and found him looking around the place. It was noisy and cluttered and smoky because of the grills on the table. You were used to the loud activity going on. Hopefully, he was too.
“If it’s too much, we can go find a quieter place. Maybe a restaurant with a proper menu?” you suggested.
“No, no. This is fine.” He smiled at you again. “I’m actually looking forward to it. It smells amazing.”
“I hope I won’t disappoint you, then.”
You followed the server as he led you to one of the booths and gave each of you a menu as you both sat down. You watched Richard from the top of the menu, finding him concentrating on the bi-lingual words on the piece of card.
“What would you recommend, Y/N?” His eyes locked into yours and you blushed, quickly looking down on your menu.
“If you’re up for the whole experience, I would suggest samgyeopsal first then we can move on from there.”
He nodded, closing his menu and passing it to the waiter. You did the same and told the waiter of your order, with the addition of a bottle of Soju for the both of you. You turned back to Richard and found him looking at you once again. The blush spread down to your neck and, with your denim jacket still on, you felt really hot.
“Don’t you think it’s time to address the elephant in the room?”
You swallowed and blinked at him, unsure how to continue. Or even how to start. How does one go about talking of editing photos and being viral overnight?
“I’m so sorry—” you said instead, which made him frown. God, even when frowning, he looked so adorable.
“Nothing to be sorry about. It’s actually endearing. Did any of your family know you’ve been sending them edited photos of us?” he asked.
“My sister does. She’s actually the first one to send it to the family group chat and told them you and I are,” you held two fingers up and shook them side to side. “You know, together.”
“What did they say?”
“Well, my dad said you looked familiar and asked if we went to high school together. My mom said she saw you but didn’t know where.”
Richard smiled at you.
“But my grandparents were pretty happy about the photo. I mean, you know how grandparents are. They’re just happy I looked happy in a recent photo, even if it was fake. They were pretty proud of it and decided to show it to their group of friends.”
“And I’m guessing they asked for more?”
You nodded, abashed. “I couldn’t deny them of that little happiness, even at my expense. So, I found some photos of you with someone else and put myself in there instead and vice versa. I didn’t know it would blow up the way it did.”
He chuckled, leaned forward to look at you more. “So, what’s our story? How did we meet?”
You looked at him, confused. Here you were, sitting across one of the hottest up-and-coming actors in the world and he was asking you how you two allegedly met. Anyone on their right mind would most likely be livid at the idea of someone pretending to be connected with them at the height of their popularity. Richard, on the other hand, was so casual about it.
“I mean, we didn’t go to the same high school and I doubt your mom and I move through the same circles." He said with a smile that told you he was entertained by the whole thing.
“I just want to say this, respectfully of course, but how are you not freaked out? I could be a serial killer for all you know!” you exclaimed, earning a look from a nearby diner. “I’m not a serial killer. Totally not,” you told the person. They only looked at you weirdly before turning away.
Richard looked like he was enjoying your outburst. “You’re a breath of fresh air. You didn’t mean for it to happen and that’s what set you apart from other people.”
“You know, they’ll be expecting you for Christmas,” you teased instead, finding yourself at ease when you joked.
He chuckled. “Then I look forward to meeting them.”
You smiled at him, watching him closely. Who knew Richard would be gracious enough to receive your weirdness? And he seemed comfortable with it too like you were already close friends for years, not just someone he met less than an hour ago.
“So, if I’m too impress your grandparents,” he started, leaning back on his seat. “How did we say we met?”
“You’re seriously going along with it?”
He shrugged. “Humor me?”
You raised an eyebrow and chewed on your lower lip. “Well, I’d say we met via your publicist.”
“After our pictures together went viral?” he smirked.
“And then what?”
“We went out to dinner. A Korean barbeque place.”
He grinned. “And then the rest is history?”
You smiled. “The rest is history.”
The server arrived with an array of side dishes and the raw meat. You watched Richard’s expression as he beheld the number of plates of food that was seemingly just one order. He looked enthusiastic about it and a bit apprehensive at the serving at the same time. You realized too late that his physique needed maintaining and the sheer number of plates and food was the complete opposite of it.
“You’re such a boob, Y/N,” you whispered softly to yourself. That seemed to catch his attention because he turned to you and raised a brow. “I’m sorry. I realized you must be on a diet to keep your body looking that great. Korean barbeque really has a lot of servings from the side dishes alone and the selection of meat is almost never-ending.”
“Nothing a bit of gym can’t take off,” he said good-naturedly. “Are we eating the meat raw, though? Because all of the side dishes look good to me but I draw the line at raw meat.”
“No, we’re gonna grill it. This is what this is for.” You pointed on the round grill in the middle of the table and watched as the server started to heat it up. You thanked them as they finished and smiled at Richard when they left.
“You’re gonna have to teach me how to do all of this, then. It’s the first time I’m going to eat something like this.”
You introduced the whole meal to him, telling him about the side dishes and which ones were best to eat with which. The conversation flowed easily between the two of you as you grilled the meat. You both talked about your work and his old movies and shows. You tried not to pry too much on his latest projects although he was more than happy to share some of his insights about his character. He had a lightness and a charm to him that became more evident as the night went on.
“How did you find this place?” he asked as you cut up the meat and put some on his plate.
“An ex of mine brought me here when we were still friends. I stuck around because it’s literally the best place for this kind of barbeque.”
“Jury’s still out. I still haven’t tried it,” he grinned.
“I’m going to pop your Korean barbeque cherry, Richard.” You took your chopsticks and held out a piece of cooked meat. “We’re going to try it dipped in salt. Don’t overdo it; just a tap on the salt and into your mouth.”
You watched as he did it with his piece of pork belly and saw the immediate change in his reaction. It was like watching a kid open his presents on Christmas day.
“Holy shit, that is amazing.” He said in between chews.
“I’m going to blow your mind some more. When you’re done with that piece, take another one and dip it in the red paste. It’s not spicy but it’s packed with flavor.”
He did as you told and the moan that left him made you almost fever-hot. There was no denying how handsome he looked, even with the hazy atmosphere of the restaurant. Had he been like you, an ordinary person and not a celebrity, you might even develop a real crush on him.
But he was Richard Madden and he was a celebrity and he was gracious and nice and humble and amazing and all those adjectives that people used to describe their pets, actually. Fluffy too, especially that grey streak in his hair, you thought.
Y/N! Stop thinking up adjectives!
“God, Y/N! I may have to renege on that Marvel deal. I won’t be able to keep up with the exercise if food like this exist.” He took another mouthful and you chuckled as he did so, trying your best to keep down the roiling panic that was once again blooming on your chest.
You taught him some more tricks on how to properly eat samgyeopsal and by the end of the meal, he had a technique that he told you he’d use when he’d come back here with the movie cast and crew. You smiled at that, thinking how you made a bit of an impact even in that small way.
See? This date isn’t so bad, you thought to yourself. Wait. Date? It’s definitely not a date. Just a friendly dinner with your celebrity crush and that’s it.
“I never thought I’d say this,” Richard started as he leaned back on his seat after downing a couple more servings of different cuts of pork and beef, obviously full. “But that was the best food I’ve ever had so far.”
“Jury finally made a decision then?” You picked up the shot glass and downed the Soju in one gulp.
“Jury says this is the best Korean barbeque in the entire world.” He grinned and refilled his glass with the alcohol. He raised the shot glass, giving you his signature Madden smile. “To Y/N and Korean barbeque!”
You raised your glass of water instead and clinked the base of yours against his. “To Richard and Korean barbeque!”
You found him looking at you as he drank his alcohol, your cheeks flaming still. Despite spending hours in a restaurant and sharing life stories and jokes, it was still beyond you to not blush. He had probably seen how much you could gorge and yet still raised his glass to toast you. He was such a classy man even in un-classy situations.
“Hey, Y/N. I have a joke for you,” he started as you both exited the restaurant.
“Hmm?” You put back into your purse your wallet—he had insisted on paying for everything but you disagreed, saying it was your treat since you suggested the place—and followed him. He had his phone out and was recording the both of you on your walk back to his car.
“What did the ghost want from the bartender?”
You turned to his phone, scrunching your nose in concentration. What would a ghost want with a bartender?
“I don’t know?”
“He wanted some booooooze.” He grinned at you, watching your reaction on the screen.
You bit your lip to try and keep a straight face. You felt your dimple deepening on one side of your face as you tried to fight off your smile. Instead, you ended up with a snort that made Richard laugh out loud. His delivery of the joke was funnier than it should be.
“I have one for you too, Richard.” You leaned in closer to him, looking at him through the camera. “What’s quicker than a priest?”
“Quicker than a priest?” he asked, his tone almost incredulous at the question. “I don’t know? The Holy Spirit?”
You snorted. “No. A pastor!”
You were grinning ear to ear, gauging for his reaction but he only hung and shook his head. “Don’t quit your day job, Y/N.”
You gaped at him, muscle memory making you playfully punch his shoulder. This made him roar with laughter and leaned closer to you, bumping your shoulder with his.
“Well, don’t quit yours too,” you grumbled playfully.
He chuckled to the camera before turning it more to your face. You stuck your tongue out at the camera and pushed his hand away.
“A pastor,” he wheezed as he opened the car door. “That was a good joke.”
You chuckled as you sat inside the car, putting on your seatbelt. “Not as funny as your boooooze,” you said in your imitation of a creepy voice. You both chuckled at that.
You both told more stories and jokes as he drove you to your apartment building. His excitement for his new Marvel movie was palpable and every story he’s told you of his co-stars made you feel like you were experiencing them firsthand. He tried not to spoil you too much with information about his Marvel film but you did learn a bit about his character—Ikaris and how he was the MCU’s counterpart for DC’s Superman. You learned how in-depth he went with every character he’s gotten the chance to play, especially with how he sought out an out-of-print copy of Bill Haskell’s memoir during the Yukon Gold Rush for his role in Klondike or how he tried to remove the “charming” aspect for Cinderella’s Prince Kit (which, you told him, didn’t work because Kit was charming like the man himself). He was easy to talk to, making you laugh to yourself on the inside at how worried you were about your sneakers before.
In return, you talked about your job and your family, most especially the little village your grandparents were in and their traditions. You told him of how every time during the holidays, you’d go over there and spend Christmas to New Year’s with them; helping out with household chores and even going to a certain spot in the house just to get good Wi-Fi. That the village wasn’t technically a real village but one created to house the elderly and it wasn’t really your parents’ idea to put them there, but rather your grandparents insisted that they move there. Their traditions were fun, like how they would write letters to their favorite neighbor on the first of every month or go over to the only village mercantile to buy ingredients for a pie baking contest that would end up with a handful of identical looking and tasting pies. You also mentioned your sister who started all of this, of how she just wanted to have a bit of good fun just to see you smile after your bitter break-up but never realizing it would go on to be like this.
You felt the car stop in front of your building. For you, the night felt short even though it had been almost four hours since you two met. You turned to Richard and smiled.
“I had fun tonight,” you told him. You both watched each other for a while before you turned away, shy at the attention he was giving you.
“So did I.” He smiled.
“Would you mind if we take a photo together?” you asked, “so I don’t have to keep editing myself in other photos.”
He chuckled at that and pulled out his phone. You did the same with yours and leaned in closer to him, snapping a selfie on both of your phones with the both of your faces with wide smiles.
“At the risk of sounding too forward, can I have you number and your Instagram handle?” he asked you.
You smiled and held out your phone to him. “Put your number in my phone and I’ll follow my Instagram on yours instead.”
He gave his phone to you and you searched up your username, pressing on the Follow button while feeling the butterflies on your belly. You heard the ping of the notification on your phone and you swapped back his phone for yours.
“What name did you put in?” you asked as you perused your contacts.
“You know other Richards?” he asked teasingly, which had you rolling your eyes jokingly. “It’s not hard to miss.”
You found his contact and let out a startled chuckle. He had put in Richard with a camera and bacon emoji beside it. You pressed on it and let it ring until you saw Richard save your number in his phone. You then went to your Instagram and felt your heart beat faster as you read the words maddenrichard started following you in your notifications.
“Y/N with a camera and bacon,” he said as he typed in his phone.
You chuckled, pocketing your phone and moved to remove your seatbelt. “Thank you for tonight.”
“No, thank you. I would definitely be going back to that place with the cast and crew.” He smiled as he stepped out of the car.
You went out, walking over to the door with Richard beside you.
“Maybe, if you’re free, I’d really want for you to come.”
You turned to him, surprised that he would even offer you to tag along with them. Dana calling you to meet him was a dream, but him inviting you over with his co-stars and the crew was a different kind of fantasy you never thought was possible.
“I’d like that,” you whispered with a smile. You felt yourself slowly gravitate towards him and find him doing the same. You looked up at him, watching how his eyes moved from yours to your lips and back to your eyes again.
“May I kiss you, Y/N?” he whispered, low enough for only you to hear.
You found yourself nodding before saying yes.
He descended on your lips, lapping you up slowly and hungrily at the same time. You went up on your tiptoes so he didn’t have to bend down so much and wrapped your arm around neck. The kiss was everything and more than what you dreamed of; his lips soft and supple and tasting of salt and a hint of alcohol. He bit and sucked on your bottom lip and you pulled away slightly, before going in for one more kiss. You both felt your tongue dance with each other as you made out in the quiet street in front of your building.
The kiss went on for a while before you both pulled away, panting and staring into each other’s eyes. You totally pulled away from him, blushing hard at what had happened. He was still watching you but this time, the expression on his face was akin to wonder, like you had hung the stars and the moon in the night sky.
His smile was slow and soft and he looked down on his shoes before meeting your eyes again, bashfully this time. “It was a pleasure meeting you, Y/N.”
“The pleasure’s all mine, Richard.” You bit on your lower lip as you controlled yourself from smiling too much but your cheeks betrayed you.
You went up to the door, looking back at him who still stood there as if waiting for you to enter the threshold. You gave a small wave at him, watching him do the same, and closed the door behind you.
You just went out and made out with Richard Madden. And he wanted to see you again. He wants to see me again, you thought to yourself as you opened the door to your apartment.
You touched your swollen lips, still unbelieving this had happened just about a minute ago.
That was your last thought before you went to bed, still smiling.
The next morning, you woke up to your text message ping. You reached for your phone, gasping at the name of the sender and the message. Richard just sent you a good morning text with a smile emoji, which was closely followed by an Instagram notification of maddenrichard tagged you in a post.
You quickly opened your app, clicking on the notification and smiling widely at what he posted.
Some time along the night, Richard had managed to snap photos of your meal, of the proper way to eat samgyeopsal, of you shoving the entire thing in your mouth, and even the glasses and the unfinished bottle of Soju you both drank. The last slide of his post was the video he took of the two of you telling your corny jokes. His caption for the whole thing made your heart flutter.
Had the best Korean barbeque night with the best girl @yourIGhandle followed by the emojis of a steak and bacon. There were already a thousand likes and a hundred comments, the most prominent one being that of his co-star Gemma Chan. She wrote “so that’s where you went off to last night” with a wink face emoji.
You typed in your comment. Finally not an edited photo of me and @maddenrichard.
You were about to reply to his good morning text when you got another notification from Instagram; this time for a separate post. You pressed on it and beamed, seeing your selfie with him on your screen with the words Definitely not edited under the photo beside his handle.
Great selfie skills, you put in with emojis of a camera and a wink face and smiled.
Somehow, you knew today was the start of something beautiful.
Tumblr media
If you've reached this point, thank you for reading!
(And a photo of samgyeopsal to entice you into trying it ;) )
Tumblr media
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random couple tiktok pranks you’d do to your bnha boyfriend
— with Kaminari, Kirishima, Sero, Midoriya, and Todoroki
©️ all rights reserved to katsushimaa. do NOT plagiarize or repost anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stick your hand in a glass and pretend its stuck
after you release an ear-shattering scream, Kaminari is inmediately by the kitchen sink with you
“IT HURTS, BABE,” you wail, showing him your hand in the glass. “GET IT OFF ME!”
he’s a sputtering mess as he tries to yank your hand away from the glass, but you only scream at him. “nO IT HURTS DON’T DO THAT!”
“BABY, WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?” Kaminari yells back, obviously in a state of panic
it’s hard not to laugh, but you manage to say, “SOAP! SOAP!” you wriggle your hand out of the glass to put soap in the glass, trying your hardest to stifle your giggles as Kaminari watches in distress, not noticing how you just slipped your hand off
“my poor baby hurting their hand,” he mumbles to himself, putting more soap in the glass
when you still won’t pull it out, he groans and carries you bridal style, running away from the sink
“where are you taking me?” you chuckle, especially after seeing his furrowed eyebrows up close
“to the hospital! maybe they can help us!!”
you can’t take it anymore. you burst out laughing, slipping your hand out of the glass. “babe, it was a prank.”
Kaminari blinks once, twice, thrice, before shaking his head at you, a grin escaping his lips
“ah, i see how it is,” you have to stop laughing after seeing the sneaky expression on his face. he plops you on the couch before walking away from you, a smirk plastered on his lips
“two can play that game, y/n.”
ofc, your little prank turned into a prank war with your boyfriend
Tumblr media
pretend to hide someone in the closet
“honey, i’m—what are you doing there?”
Kirishima’s eyebrows immediately stitch together after witnessing you slam the bathroom door shut, a sheepish smile on your face
“nothing,” you hum, your hand still on the doorknob. “how was the gym?”
“amazing as always,” he replies, narrowing his eyes at you before snapping his fingers. “princess...”
“i swear i’m not hiding anything!”
you expect him to frown or look suspicious, but he continues to wear a dazzling smile on his face. “do you have a surprise for me back there?”
you falter. “you think... i’m over here... hiding a surprise for you?”
he blinks at you, confusion etched in his handsome features. “well, what else could it be? or maybe you just took a fat dump and you don’t want me to smell it. honestly, you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. it’s normal and i really don’t mind—”
your jaw drops, your hand releasing the doorknob. “i did not poop!”
the light-hearted grin appears back on his face. “then it’s a surprise for me!”
it’s no use. Kirishima trusts you too much—he’d never think you were hiding a guy. touched from the gesture, you run up to him and hug him, ignoring the fact that he’s sweaty
“you were supposed to think i was hiding a man in there,” you finally tell him, his eyes widening. “it’s a joke.”
he pushes you back so you can see your face. “i would never think of that! you know i trust you a lot, princess. i know you inside and out too, so you’ll never be able to do that.”
your heart bursts with joy, making you pull him down to your level for a kiss. you never knew a prank could make you love your boyfriend more, but here you are
Tumblr media
tell your boyfriend that he said some girl’s name in his dream last night
“that’s impossible.”
you furrow your eyebrows at Sero’s response. “excuse me? i heard what i heard.”
Sero casts a suspicious glance at you, narrowing his eyes. “well, if you say so.”
you huff at him. “you’re not gonna say sorry?”
“why would i when you always talk about Todoroki in your sleep?”
your eyes bulge out of your sockets, hand flying over your mouth
Sero lets out a dramatic sigh. “i didn’t wanna say anything bc i’d always just pretend i didn’t hear you say ‘s-shouto’ in your sleep, but since you brought it up...”
you grab Sero’s hands, making him look into your eyes. “Hanta, please! i’ve never said Shouto’s name—”
he shakes his head, averting his gaze from you. “you even called him by his first name! look, i know he’s the most attractive guy in class—”
“STOP! you know that’s you in my eyes!” you cry, grabbing his face this time, pulling him to your level. “it was a prank, Sero! you never said any girl’s name like i never mentioned Todoroki’s name!”
you thought he’d fight back more, but his lips slowly spread into a cheesy grin. as your hands fall from his face, he squeezes your cheeks
“i knew it! ha, how do you like getting pranked on? i know you like the back of my hand, y/n, you can never prank me.”
as you grumble profanities under your breathe, he leans closer, his lips by your ear. “besides, my dreams only contain you, mi amor. and there, we do lots of lots of things.”
with that, he stands up and leaves you flustered, punishing you for trying to pull a prank on Sero Hanta himself
Tumblr media
let go of his hand while walking
he finds comfort in you mindlessly tracing his scars when the two of you hold hands, so when you slip away from his grasp, he immediately frowns
“hey,” he simply says, grabbing your hand once again. the smile comes back to his face when he finds the warmth of your hand again that you almost abandon your little prank
but alas, you’re no weakling. after a while, you let go of his hand again, holding your phone with two hands as you pretend to read something while walking
“it’s not safe to use your phone while walking,” he frowns
“right, sorry,” you apologize, pocketing your phone
he expects you to hold his hand again but you just let your hand fall to your side
always one for confrontations, he stops walking. when you stop with him, your head tilted to the side, he plays with his thumbs
“are we okay?” Midoriya asks, his eyes solely trained on the floor. “if there’s an issue, you can always tell me, you know?”
your heart drops at the sight, but you decide to play a little bit more. “ofc we’re okay. why would you think that we’re not?”
knowing that you won’t be able to keep a straight face if you just stand there, you start walking away. fed up with your weirdness, Midoriya reaches out to grip your hand
“then why don’t you wanna hold my hand?” he blurts out, eyes closed from worry and embrrassment
your knees weakens from this, your expression softening. you press his hand up to your lips, causing him to open his eyes again
“it was just a prank, baby,” you shoot him your cutest apologetic look. “i just wanted to see your reaction.”
luckily, he just sighs in relief. he intertwines his fingers with yours, gripping them so you never let go. “please don’t do that again. i just want to hold your hand.”
you hum another apology before swinging your intertwined hands, making Midoriya smile. though he wants to pull the same prank on you, he knows that he can’t because he needs you by his side, at all times
Tumblr media
dress up to pretend that you and your boyfriend planned to go somewhere
Todoroki is speechless as you twirl in front of him in the living room, showing off your outfit
“well?” you tease when he only gapes at you
he clears his throat. “you look perfect, love. where are you going looking like a goddess?”
you can’t help but feel a little bashful from his words. “you mean, where are we going?”
Todoroki purses his lips, thinking about the date and what you guys had planned. however, nothing came to his head
“forgive me, but i don’t remember what we’re supposed to do,” he says regretfully, standing up in the process.
you’re about to act angry when he rushes to the bedroom, making you furrow your eyebrows. “sho, where are you going?”
“i am going to dress up!” he yells back at you from the room. you hear him open the closet and the sound of hangers rustling. “i may not remember, but i will bring you some place where i can flaunt you and where you can enjoy after getting ready.”
you run back to the room, crashing into Todoroki to give him a hug. he flinches in surprise but he hugs you back, patting your back awkwardly
“never will i complain about your affections but i don’t want to keep a stunning human waiting—”
“we never planned anything!” you admit, hugging him tighter for how sweet he was. “i was just messing with you, you didn’t have to be so sweet!”
Todoroki lets this sink in before chuckling at himself and you, shaking his head. he finally hugs you back properly, running a hand through your hair. “i’ll always be sweet to you, love. anyway, do you mind if we hug later, i still have to get ready.”
“we’re still going out?”
“why of course,” he says, pressing a kiss on your forehead.
“unlike you, i wasn’t messing around when i said i wanted you to have fun and that i wanted to brag about having such a beautiful person in my life.”
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jarofstyles · 5 months ago
hey besties, pls do a football player Harry (soccer in case ur american lol) and physical therapist y/n !!
I know absolute shit all about football (soccer bc we are American) but we can give it a go!!! Plz don’t be mad I don’t know anything about it cause it’s ✨make believe ✨
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He was a little shit.
A beautiful, charming, irritating, little shit.
When Y/N has signed on for this team, being the medic was something she had been passionate about for years. Having her own accident and making it so she couldn’t properly play anymore, it was her mission to still be involved in the game so how. Y/N’s own injury and healing process had her become more and more interested in the profession, and here she was.
It wasn’t everything she had dreamed of, as nothing ever was, but it was good. She got to sit field-side every game, close to the action. And every injury she got first look at. She helped the guys with their stretches, their previous injuries and keeping them from Re-injuring themselves, taking care of them and making sure their physical shape was the best it could be.
In general? She was happy. But there was one man who was a thorn in her side and a pain in her crotch.
Harry Styles.
The man who decided it was his personal mission to follow her around like a puppy dog. Popping up in her singular moments of peace during game day. Texting her and asking about very, very small twists of ankles and giving her the ‘🥺 maybe you should come and look at it…’ whenever he did so.
Not to mention his complete and utter want to get into her pants.
Now it wasn’t as if she couldn’t handle a few sexual jokes. Y/N was a big girl and knew 99% of the time, the guys on the team knew their limit. And Harry? Harry, in reality, was a gentleman. Never touched her inappropriately, ever. But the problem was… she kind of wanted him to.
There was no actual clause against staff members and players being together or hooking up. Nope, just frowned upon. Maybe a slap on the wrist. However Y/N knew, she knew that the moment anyone caught wind of her potential affections for any team member or acting on it? It would end with everyone thinking she slept with them to get the job.
Y/N worked long and hard. Tireless hours for make sure these men were healthy, fit, and at their best. She wouldn’t sleep with anyone for any job, and she was actually respected by this team which was something a lot of women weren’t in this field. She could not and would not throw it away for a good dicking.
Fuck, did she want to sometimes.
Harry had these hands. The perfect hands, in her opinion. Big, strong with thinner fingers. Long fingers. A good sized palm, not overly veiny, just perfection in male hand scales. Luckily (or unluckily, whatever way you’d put it) she got to handle them often.
“S’sore today, doc.” He winced, sitting on the table in front of her. Harry’s wrist throbbed. It was rainy, and it was usually a wreck when it was the perfect condition. The ache was annoying, and he knew she had a solution.
Her lips pouted softly as she gently took the hand in place, thumbing over the part of the wrist where rhe injury had occurred. She had learned a while ago where to press, how to rub and get it to lessen before she wrapped it up. “Yeah… old injuries tend to never let you forget.” She sighed, pushing her glasses up into her hair.
Harry never could get over how fucking gorgeous Y/N was. From her nose to her lips, the pretty sparkle in her eye, the curve of her hip… he was obsessed. Not to mention the fact that she was so gentle with him. So kind and sweet, though he knew he got on her nerves with his teasing sometime. She could handle it and he always tried to watch to make sure he wasn’t going too far, but he couldn’t help it.
He was a silly boy with a bit fat crush.
Y/N didn’t bite for any of them. Everyone had attempted when she first came on, testing the waters. Her pretty face was welcome to all the blokes in the team, and there was something incredibly attractive about a woman who could heal. Nonetheless, she never gave in to anything.
In Harry’s case, he knew it was different. He could see her smile at some jokes, see her get the bumps on her skin when he brushed her a certain way. But she avoided the eye contact. Avoided the touches. And it drove him mad.
Of course she wouldn’t know he had actual feelings for him because he was a giant coward most of the time. He hid his affection in the dirty jokes and the teasing squeezes of her waist and teasing. He was a thick skinned man but a full rejection form her would hurt.
Her soft fingers gently massaged over the wrist, making him groan. His head tilted back and he let it out, hissing slightly when she pressed too hard. “Oooh, don’t worry sweetheart. Y’know I like it to hurt a little.” His wide smirk made her roll her eyes huffing under her breath.
Y/N was not having a great day. She had been harassed by an Ex all fucking night over her new job. Making all the damn assumptions that she was getting ‘trained by the team’ in a much more vulgar way, and she had cried half the night. To say she wasn’t in the mood was an understatement, but she was trying.
Harry was not what she needed today, because it made her feel worse. Her blatant attraction to him made her feel guilty. She should be professional and leave it with. The way she had squeeze her legs tighter while he groaned didn’t help her case. The ugly words of how they’ only kept her around for a potential fuck’ was ringing in her head.
Harry though, he was a little oblivious. Her hands were so talented, and he didn’t watch her face for once as she hit a good spot again and he let out another remark.
“Jesus, that’s good. Do those magic hands work everywhere?”
That was the straw that broke her. It wasn’t his fault necessarily, he was just playing. But her eyes watered, hand yanking away as she turned from him, walking over to the bench. Trying to compose herself was hard as the tears burned so hard in her eyes, hands shaking slightly.
Harry startled, not used to that. She never flinched away like that, never ignored his remark and walked away. Usually told him to fuck off, rolled her eyes, something. But the energy in the room immediately shifted and he was uncomfortable. What had happened?
Cautiously, he cleared his throat and stood up from the bench, licking over his dry lips as he spoke again. “Uh… Y/N?”
“S’all I’m good for, right?” She muttered under her breath. Frantically wiping under her eyes she tried to focus on the paper in front of her but she could feel Harry approaching.
He furrowed his brow, not sure if he heard correctly. “Wha-“
Y/N whipped around fast, eyes teary and wet. “I said, that’s all I’m good for right? Only good for my hands and sex and all that pleasure you can get from me?” She hissed. “Only good for a romp in the sheets and a pretty face to heal your wounds and put on band aids. Only good to make you get off and feel good and then what? I’m left here with nothing.”
The tears left her, her hands shaking as she grabbed her bag. Harry felt his stomach drop. Never, ever had he wanted to make her feel like that. Her crying? That wasn’t something he ever wanted to see again. He felt like he had taken a ball to the gut, hard. Those eyes he adored being full of pain, full of tears was his own personal hell.
“Y/N… wait, I’m so sorry, I didn’t-“ he tried to follow her to the door, stopping abruptly when she lifted a hand up to him. Her stomping had made him nervous. Now she was leaving without talking to him and he felt like a complete dick. It was their normal teasing, but he had crossed a line.
“Don’t. Just…. Just leave me alone. I’m going home.”
As much as Harry had wanted to chase after her, he had already made her cry once. He wasn’t risking it again.
The icky, gross feeling in his stomach followed him all day. He was gutted. Not only has he apparently crossed a line with someone he respected, he had a fucking crush on her. The man was convinced no other feeling was worse than a crush being angry at him. Even if it sounded juvenile to place it like that.
Harry liked Y/N. He never ever wanted to make her upset in any capacity, let alone feeling like a sex object or violated. He prided himself on respecting women. And he had fucking failed. He needed to make it right, and fast.
He had found her address. In her employee file, and he knew that was bad but he needed to check on her. Regardless of what happened beforehand, she was upset by him enough to leave and go home and he wanted to make sure she was genuinely okay.
It was an overstep and Harry knew it. He had to try, though.
He arrived at her door step with a box of cupcakes and some flowers. Gently kicking the floor, he heard the door open and his heart broke a little more.
Y/N standing in front of him with swollen eyes. She had been crying, seemingly a lot. And she looked upset still. Though he expected her to close the door in his face and tell him to fuck off. But she didn’t.
Instead, she broke into tears again, throwing herself into his chest. Her arms wrapping around his waist, he nearly tumbled over but righted himself as he startled. Quickly he found himself recovering, wrapping his free arm around her and holding her. He was able to maneuver slightly and drop the cupcakes on her entry table, flowers as well before having his arms free.
“Hey…. Sweetheart, what’s the matter?” He whispered softly, gently placing a hand on her back. Rubbing it up and down, letting her cry into his tee shirt. It was worrying. Whatever happened was beyond him, but he wasn’t going to let that take away from the fact he had added and made it worse.
“I’m sorry.” Her muffled response was sobbed into his shirt. “I’m sorry for yelling… and saying you thought those things, you were playing and I…” she pulled back worth tear streaked cheeks and Harry’s look of pure concern making her lip wobble. “You didn’t do it. It was… he kept sayin’ that all the team wants is in my pants, and you make me feel guilty because you’re so…. Beautiful, and I never slept with anyone to get this job! Never. And then he wouldn’t leave me alone-“ she hiccuped, looking up at Harry as he caressed the back of her head.
“Who, lovely? Who wouldn’t leave you alone?” He asked with a calm tone. Of course he wasn’t. Someone was harassing her. And Harry would fucking take care of it. It boiled his blood to think of someone making her feel less than.
“My ex.” She sniffled again, slowly calming. Harry had that quality, she thinks. “He-He broke up with me for taking the job. Said… said that I was going to be a personal whore for all of you. And not do my job.” She took a shuddery breath. It was embarrassing admitting this to him, but he had been on the receiving end for a meltdown that wasn’t his to fix.
“Well, can I tell you something?” He brought his thumb up to wipe away some of the sticky tears from her cheeks. “You arent. You’re no one’s whore. You’re a respected, talented and intelligent member of our staff. You so happen to be incredibly beautiful, which obviously makes people find you more bewitching… but I know that we all look at you as a professional talent. They may have tried their luck at the beginning but you laid down the law quickly and they all understood.” He whispered.
“Me? I was trying my luck, because you’re incredible. And I think you’re lovely. But that isn’t a conversation for now. Let’s make some tea, hm? Relax. I brought you some cupcakes. I need to properly apologize for being inappropriate to you. Regardless if it was a joke…”
He sat next to her on her couch. The poor girl was better now, washing her face and a mug of tea in hand while Harry had helped himself to a vase and put the flowers inside. Carnations. He thought they were pretty, didn’t know the name until Y/N had fawned over them.
“I’m sorry for freaking out on you.” She said softly, her big sweatshirt swallowing her up. Before Harry could interrupt, she put a finger up. “I know that you were just playing, Harry. I let you flirt with me like that. And I enjoy it.” She could feel herself get warm in the face. “If you’ve noticed, I let you get away with it. I enjoy it. And you didn’t do anything out of line. I was sensitive… I was still raw and I hadn’t had much sleep because he had blown up my phone and regardless he was telling me things he said in person over and over again. So…” Y/N shifted in her seat and used her sweater paws to bring the drink to her lips. “When you came in… I felt guilty for finding you attractive. For liking what you said to me.”
Harry sat for a moment, quiet. So she had liked it…. And felt guilty. Now knowing the context? It made sense. For the life of him he was trying not to hold in to the fact that she enjoyed it, but he couldn’t. It made him excited.
“Okay. That makes sense. Usually.. I do a better job at reading your physical cues. Sometimes I can see something isn’t the right thing to say because you’re tense already. But I was in my own world cause you were making the pain go away and I felt good. It isn’t an excuse, though.” He gently grabbed her hand once she set down her warm tee, thumbing over the knuckles.
“I felt like such a dick. I still do. You know that? And it isn’t because I’m attracted to you. But it’s because I didn’t think about the position I’m putting you in by flirting.” He moved a little closer. “I would never try and jeopardize your job. I’ve been blinded by my own feelings for a while and I was trying to feel it out but I didn’t think to think it was because someone else or a group of people would look down at you for it.” He frowned.
It was so unfair. They wouldn’t care if he slept with her. But they’d ridicule her for sleeping with him.
“I just want to let you know now as well… I wasn’t trying to come on to you to have a hookup.” He hummed. “The feelings I’ve got are genuine. Alright? They aren’t just too get into your pants. And I never want you to feel as though that’s your only purpose. Ever. You have so much worth, and while I’m positive you don’t need me to tell you that, I want tok anyways.”
He was unreal. She really thinks so. How did a man just… be like him. He was a fan favorite and had charm but behind the scenes he was even better than anything they said.
“Yeah. I think I was afraid. Because… I’m the same, you know?” She shyly admitted. “You’re charming and I didn’t want to admit I let your charm get to me, but it has. It has very much. And I like you. I don’t know what to do about it, but I think it’s only fair I admit it myself as well when you’ve put yourself out on the line.”
Harry’s grin grew, dimples pocketing in his cheeks. She liked him back. His heart was ringing in his ears, the shy little look into her eyes making him want to explode. Fucking adorable girl making him feel such intense emotions…. It was incredible.
Thank god. He thought he was going insane.
“We don’t have to do anything in the sense of our job right now. But since we both know… would you want to explore it? I would say privately. Just get to know each other better. Talk. Hang out. Cook food together… maybe kiss.” He smirked slightly at the end, making her let out a laugh. Her laugh soothed his Damn soul.
“I think I’d like that.”
Part II maybe? Who knows
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phoenixyfriend · 10 months ago
Time Travel ft. Leia and Vader
(Helped by @atagotiak)
I was reading a bunch of different time travel fics, and my brain slotted in that one "Vader hands over the Empire to Leia and is now her most devoted sycophant" dynamic and mixed it with the "Luke and Vader time-travel and Vader does the right thing but only because it would make Luke sad if he didn't."
I landed on "Leia time travels to prequels era, but her least favorite family member has also traveled with her, though it takes him a few months to find her because he has less resources without the entire Imperial Navy, but he's still a scary Sith in all black with a breathing mask and intimidating cape."
"Tiny angry lady who wants to force democracy and her giant Sith father whom she hates but has resigned herself to pointing at threats like a tank who inexplicably loves her" is a delightful dynamic.
The first few months included a lot of concern about "why do you know so much about Sith if you're not trained or looking to be one" and then Vader shows up and calls her 'daughter' and she insults him and it's like "Oh. That explains it."
Council Member: We have a Sith in the Temple. Vader: Former Sith. Leia: Listen. He is your best chance against Sidious. Also, do you want Dooku dead? Vader can make him dead. Council Member: Your father i-- Leia, scrunching up her face: Don't call him that.
Like Leia is deep in conversation when the Temple starts panicking because Vader just. Showed up? He snuck in, somehow? So Palpatine wouldn't catch him on video entering through the front door? And people try to keep her away from the trouble, because there's an entire array of Jedi Masters to deal with this Surprise Sith, except she can sense exactly which Sith it is and once she shouts "oh you have got to be kidding me!" she just starts running and, well, it's Leia. Nobody can stop her.
(Leia does have less combat training, at least less force-assisted combat training, than the Jedi. But then the Jedi don’t want to hurt here here. She's not fighting her way down, either, she's just running really fast and all the best fighters already left. They had a head start. So Leia's mostly running past random padawans and the like.)
She shoves her way to the front of the group of Masters who. Well, they're certainly ready to attack. But Vader is just standing there. Doing nothing. Still intimidating as fuck but he's not doing anything.
And then Leia bursts onto the scene like "You motherfucker."
She hits her head on a clipboard and whines because UGH he's a walking WMD and they could REALLY use him against Palpatine but also. She hates him so much.
She tries to hand him off to the Jedi council but he insists that he will only take orders from Leia herself.
Jedi: Wait, what. Leia, completely ignoring them: Did you follow me here? Vader, through the mechanical wheezing: I have no loyalty to my master and no empire to serve. You are all that I have left. Leia: Me? Me? I'm all that you have left? You committed a genocide that killed all the family I had except for the twin brother you later mutilated! Jedi: Wait what Vader, going to one knee: I pledge my loyalty and blade to you and only you, daughter. Leia, ready to explode: I. I just. Jedi, some of whom really want to say things but are slowly realizing that they just accidentally acquired a Sith Lord by proxy: What. Leia: I hate you so much but I can't even get rid of you, you're too useful. Vader: I live to serve. Leia: Yeah. Got that. Fuck. Someone get him a full medical rundown, I don't know the last time that mess of a life support system was updated. Jedi, agitated again: WHAT Leia: Listen, I don't like him, but I'm not stupid enough to throw away the second most dangerous person in the universe when I can point him at the most dangerous person in the universe. Especially not if he's going to listen to me. Jedi: But... he's a Sith. Leia: Please trust me when I say this: you might be able to take him down eventually, but he will take dozens of you down with him, and right now he's... honestly, I'm pretty sure he's more depressed than malicious. Jedi: You hate him. I can feel it. Leia: Yes, but I can be professional about it. Vader: They have not yet d-- Leia: Nope! No talking! Not until I've had a chance to process this mess!
There is a whole lot of Leia snapping at Vader to stop it whenever he starts giving off vibes like he wants to take the most violent shortcut possible.
She is not the gentle hand that Luke would be.
Leia isn't a Jedi or working for them but she's wormed her way into being an ally. They don't 100% trust her, especially not with Vader just showing up and declaring her family but like
How do you say no to a WMD walking into your house and saying "I will fight the monster you cower from at night."
There's a lot of Leia snapping off an admonishment that sounds just a little too odd and then when questioned she just says "He knows what he did."
tbh I'm not sure how long it takes for them to tell anyone that Anakin is Vader. They might hold it off in hopes that Anakin can just retire to be Mr. Amidala after the war is over.
Well, Leia hopes. Vader just lets Leia make that call and then glowers at his younger self every time they're in the same room.
I do feel like Leia tells Obi-Wan the truth first
Imagine. Imagine a Vader who’s past still isn’t known. But has gotten somewhat comfortable around the Jedi (not really but the bar for what counts and comfortable for him is low). And Obi-Wan habitually banters with darksiders, right? If Vader’s guard is down for a moment and he, without thinking, references an inside joke...
Might be the most fun in terms of ways to tell Obi-Wan "We're time travelers and Vader is what happens if you let Palpatine drive Anakin off the edge"
If Vader has decided to pledge himself to her orders after destroying her planet, then fine. She can work with that. She's not going to be happy about it, but she can make it work.
The Jedi Temple hates having Vader anywhere nearby but he is actually very good at hiding himself from people, including Palpatine And for all that Leia seems perpetually irritated with her apparent bodyguard, he does seem to listen to her.
Jedi council: We still haven't figured out how to handle Dooku Leia: Do you know his location? Jedi council: Yes. Leia: [sigh] Leia: Vader, deal with it. Alive if possible.
(Leia does need to clarify an acceptable level of violence against the people protecting Dooku.) (She needs to clarify... many things.)
Leia always says "Vader" and one time a poor fool just asks why she doesn't call him dad and she snarls out "He is not the man that raised me, and I am glad for it."
Someone less foolish later prods more compassionately and she lets them know she was adopted and didn't properly meet Vader except in passing until she was nineteen.
"And then he tortured you." "And then he tortured me, yes." "Damn." "Didn't even find out we were related until a few years later when he chopped my brother's arm off." "You... wow." "I know."
At least one exchange that is L: You mean when you tortured me? A: He did what. V: I was not aware of our relation at that time. L: Not the point! I am fully aware of your interrogation methods and I refuse to let you be the one to acquire the evidence for-- A: Wait no go back he tortured you? L: Move on, please, we already have. A: That means I'm... oh Force, I'm going to torture my own daughter what in the actual fu-- L: We're moving on.
(“I end up torturing my own daughter” If Leia’s feeling especially spiteful I can see her saying “you mutilate your own son too”)
Concept: Leia is very free with traumatizing details of her past re:Vader and Anakin thinks that it sucks but doesn’t think much of it bc Sith. And then some time later he finds out...
(I love characters who use the traumatizing details of their past to shut down conversations.)
It's such a wonderfully horrifying concept for him to try to awkwardly comfort this girl he kind of knows because having a Sith for a dad sounds like it would suck and Leia seems nice, even if she's kind of weird and uncomfortable around Anakin, but he saw her flinch around a few other tall people wearing black robes the way she stiffens around Vader so maybe it's just that!
It is not.
Vader does get a significant amount of medical treatment. Including a bunch of "holy shit, that's a lot of drugs" and similar. There is so much lightning damage.
hnnng I'm just really in love with the image of Tiny Tiny Leia sitting behind a desk for some fancy negotiation, the picture of professionalism, while Vader just stands behind her shoulder, looming, glaring expressionless death at whoever came to speak with his baby girl.
Not that he would call her that, because she'd just hate him more and he's really not sure how to fix that problem, other than doing whatever she asks with no complaints and hoping she appreciates it.
Vader: [looks at children wandering by, has complicated emotions] Leia, tired of his shit: What now? Vader: I killed them, once. Leia, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath: And you're not going to do that again. No killing children. Vader: I know that. Leia: Great. I am... regretting asking. I am so very much regretting asking.
I do really like the idea of someone asking Leia once if she wants Jedi training and she says, no, actually, she's fully aware of the fact that she's angry little ball of hate sometimes, especially towards her bio father, and she'd like to refrain from putting herself in a position where she knows enough about the Force to Fall. She wouldn't Fall. But it does make people shut up.
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ddarker-dreams · a year ago
Yan Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Zhongli, Beidou & Ningguang / Courting Darling.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Stalking, implied blackmail, kidnapping, and gaslighting. Note: this is a bit of an amalgamation from different asks i’ve gotten, put into one thing bc i thirst for these six characters so hard .
Tumblr media
“What’s life without a little adventure? You can stand to miss work for a day or two, it’ll still be there waiting for you when we get back. People have even gone so far as to say I’m an absolute joy to be around. You want to know who said that? Sorry, that source is staying a secret.” 
Childe is an erratic whirlwind of highs and lows. You never know what to expect from him, and he likes it that way, always keeping you on your toes. He doesn’t bother with having his friendliness appear genuine. If you want to doubt his goodwill, then so be it, he won’t stop you. It just makes it all the more interesting to keep you around should you be wary of his presence. 
He doesn’t care for the traditional conventions surrounding romance. It isn’t his thing, and he’s used to being considered the odd one out of every crowd, so why stop now? Childe doesn’t tone down any aspects of his bloodthirsty personality in your presence. It’s difficult to tell how serious he’s being since most of it takes the form of jokes or other lighthearted jests. In his mind, the fact he’s even spending so much time with you should make it obvious he’s interested. Whether that’s good or not. 
You’re going to be dragged all over the place. Childe’s stamina is seemingly an infinite well, as he takes you from activity to activity. By the end of the day, you’ll be exhausted. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take no for an answer, weaseling his way into your schedule despite your protests. Childe is particularly fond of getting into situations where a fight is inevitable, purposefully taking you to areas with monsters to show off his combat prowess. 
“Did you get a look at that, [First]? Aha, I haven’t had this much fun in ages! You already want to head back? Hm, I don’t know, the night is still young. Stop dragging your feet or I might just have to carry you. Not that I’m complaining, should that be the outcome. It’s up to you. Oh! Now that’s the spirit! I’ll try not to be hurt by how fast you’re moving now.” 
“Ah, [First], I take it you’re doing well. I couldn’t help but notice you eyeing this book at the market earlier. I’ve had a copy of it for ages, but with how busy things are, rarely do I have time to read. I’d be appreciative should you accept this and give it a better home.” 
Diluc is self-assured in many areas of his life, romance is not one of them. He knows how to carry himself in the company of businessmen, staying polite and vigilant, but this rigid method doesn’t work in his favor when it comes to wooing you. To soften the blow on his side, Diluc tells himself that it was never about a relationship anyway. That his main priority was and will always be to ensure your safety. He tells himself this, but... isn’t sure if he really believes it. 
He’s a perfect example of pining from afar. Subconsciously, he’ll drift towards areas you tend to linger around, hoping to spot you amidst the bustling crowds. Each time he tells himself that this’ll finally be the time he approaches you. The opportunity is set before him, waiting to be taken advantage of, but he rarely follows through with his desire. 
It frustrates Diluc to no end how easily others flock to you. He’ll stand there, still as a statue, eyes boring into whatever pest currently holds your attention. This would be the push to finally send him your way. It’s a surprise to you both when Mondstadt’s wine tycoon materializes by your side, politely asking to speak in private. Truth be told, he just can’t stand the thought of another person holding your attention that isn’t him. 
“I apologize for my abruptness back there. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you about for some time, and well... would you consider having dinner with me tonight? I’d appreciate your company.” 
“It’s a funny thing, really. How we keep bumping into one another like this. Ah... that suspicious expression, it wounds me deep, sweetheart. When did you start looking at me like that, I wonder?” 
There’s no doubting Kaeya’s interest in you, from the first time he sauntered over to you and started a conversation. The problem you have is deciding how genuine his advances are. While Kaeya might not be the textbook definition of a heart-wrenching playboy, you’re familiar enough with the many rumors surrounding him to be wary. It doesn’t help that he’ll point this out to you when guessing the source of your apprehension. 
His methods are, oddly enough, effective. Kaeya balances the various aspects of seduction with ease. He reveals just enough about himself to draw out your attention, before focusing the conversation back onto you. You’ll never get to stop and realize how little you know about the man sitting in front of you, he makes certain of that.
Kaeya might hide certain aspects of himself, but his dubious morality is never concealed. He has you entirely wrapped around his finger, words validating his actions falling from his lips with the utmost ease; he’s a force to be reckoned with. You’ll start a conversation heated about something you’ve learned, only for it to end wondering why you were ever upset in the first place.
“Now, now, there’s no need to get all riled up over something like this. Don’t you trust me by now? When have I ever given you reason to doubt me? You need to take a look at the bigger picture. Hey, take a seat. I’ll sit here all night explaining to you if it’s necessary.” 
→[More underneath the cut].
“There must be something that I can assist you with. It may not look it, but I’m familiar with many fields of work, even obscure ones. Please allow me to lend a hand.” 
Zhongli, despite having been around for many centuries, is somewhat clueless in romantic pursuits. He’s aware of his fondness for you, but doesn’t know what to do with it. This leads him to becoming your shadow for some time. He focuses on what he knows best: observation and processing new information. Your every little movement will be analyzed and tuck into the back of his mind for later usage. 
Zhongli’s soft over the idea of you coming to rely on him for everything. He prides himself on his wealth of knowledge and work ethic, believing it a strong appeal, one that he puts on full display when you’re around. It’s not rare for you to overhear neighbors and friends speak highly about Zhongli. They’ll mention in passing how they were having difficulty with something, only for Zhongli to come around and help without asking for anything in return. 
This is exactly what he’s been hoping and waiting for. Zhongli has patience and sets himself up to be a desirable partner in your eyes, the efforts from his labor coming into fruition. Before you even speak to him for the first time, you’re likely to think highly of him, having heard all the ways he’s helped people close to you. Now that the stage is properly set, he’s ready to make his interest in you more evident. 
“I’ve heard a lot about you, [First]. Oh? You can say the same for me? Well, I hope I can live up to your expectations. I had just been on my way to Yanshang Teahouse, would you care to join me? My treat, of course.” 
“You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a voyage with my crew and I. I’ll set up a nice cabin just for you, how does that sound? Hm? Special treatment? Don’t worry your pretty little head about that, lass.”  
Beidou’s attention is overwhelming and oftentimes dangerous. Traditional social conventions are nothing but a waste of time for her, meaning that common courtesy is disregarded in favor of always speaking her mind. Which might not be so bad if she wasn’t so amorous. Even the most oblivious person couldn’t miss Beidou’s overt favor towards you.
This reverent display of affection is only exacerbated when she’s drunk, face flushed and an arm swung tightly around your shoulder. She doesn’t care who sees, who’s judging, or what gossip will be born from her actions. Beidou makes a point of showing everyone in the vicinity that even if you aren’t officially partners yet, a claim has been staked on you. 
Whether it be coercion or some other unsightly method, Beidou is intent on bringing you on her ship at least once. Or that’s how she initially phrased it to you. Imagine your surprise, that when you finally caved so she’d drop the subject, her crew was untying the ropes keeping the boat at port. 
“The fun’s just getting started, you haven’t seen anything yet. Don’t get all teary-eyed yet, sweetheart, I know you’ll come around. This’ll be a story sung by sailors for generations to come.”
“If I’m being honest, not many are given the opportunity to speak to me outside of business-related ventures. I never thought I’d find it this... pleasant. I hope you’ll continue to entertain me as you do now.” 
Ningguang starts off her wooing in a subtle, almost coquettish manner. She is confident in her charm and brilliance. Not many have been gifted in the art of conversation to the same extent Ningguang has, her silver tongue paired with quick intellect making it difficult for you to escape. She’ll corner you verbally without you even noticing it. 
Ningguang finds amusement in how you stumble over your words, pure of heart and not chained down by special interests. Your forthright but considerate demeanor intoxicates her. She’s used to people cowering in her presence or trying too hard to pursue their goals. You might even earn a rare compliment or two, disguised as politeness, that doesn’t register for hours. 
She is a lady of fine taste. The sky’s the limit when it comes to her wealth, which is unrivaled throughout Tevyat, and you’ll be quick to notice this. Ningguang is most partial to sending you traditional Liyue adornments, believing the rich culture behind each piece suits your beauty. She’s also fond of the fact that when you wear her gifts, everyone in the vicinity will know it’s from her, due to its extraordinarily high cost. 
“Do you like my latest gift, little dove? It was made custom with you in mind, an unrivaled display of craftmanship, if I may add. Wear this and carry me with you... always.” 
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sxftkxssxs · 4 months ago
i have a request! how would the courtiers react if they were there when mc broke a leg/how would they act throughout the healing process? -broken leg anon :3
ksdjfldsk I hope ur recovery is going/will go well, dear! And I hope this brings you some happiness <3
The coutiers with a broken leg mc
Tumblr media
she jumps 50 feet in the air no joke
she heard the crack and that so unsettling break of ur leg and
She runs faster than ever to get you actual helps since she’s kinda, not good in the medical field-
She doesn’t know how much she can help with ur recovery-
but she tries!
she actually offers you food?? and everyone looks at her when she does it bc-
She’s never done that with anyone before??
She does check in with you when she remembers to!
hugs <3 (she’s very tiny dont squeeze too hard)
i wouldnt ask her to help you get anywhere since she’s not built for that but she tries to make sure there’s someone to help-
You groaned, pulling yourself to sit up. Immediately you could smell something amazing. You looked over to see a gorgeous plate of food on your bedside table. There was a hurried note beside it, most obviously in volta’s handwriting. (And drool?? on the paper?)
‘I hope this helps you feel better, countess mentioned yesterday was hard for you.
- Volta’
you can see the immediate disgust and concern mixed on his face when he hears a crack
takes one look at your leg and almost throws up
mans almost went to vlademar but knew they’d just cut ur leg off most likely
When ur leg is finally not..a mess
he is checking in on you and helping in his own way
he does this by watching ur body language, if ur tense he gets literally everyone to either leave u alone or- not be shitty
no do not ask for any physical help or affection in public <3 he’ll walk away from u
if anyone asks he literally goes into hard denial
he won’t let you drink with him bc well- if you get drunk with a broken leg he’s not responsible for whatever you break next
no he will not help you *putting his arm out to keep you stable*
You gave yourself a slight reminder to thank Valerius later. The halls were quiet, and easy for you to make your way through. Valerius had people clear out certain places that had been way too cluttered for you to move through. Now you didn’t have to take the long routes, thank god. When you got to your seat at the table you saw a little note under your plate.
‘Don’t break anything else, people complain too much when they have to clean.
- Valerius’
dear god no
he screams so loud when he sees your leg all twisted
everyone in the palace starts running to you bc of his screech
he does stay near you but mostly to see if this will permanently damage you
always describes you as a fragile creature compared to his baby worms
the one who always keeps you balanced with no complaints
probably gifts you a worm based gift (throw it away and he’ll cry)
literally forces you to relax sometimes bc ur getting cranky about not being able to walk properly
do not let him cook for you. that’s portias job and he’ll burn the palace down
appreciate him bc if he’s gone ur stuck with Valerius to keep you balanced
You let out a little huff, giving Vlastomil a soft thank you. He doesn’t respond but appreciates it nonetheless. When he leaves you, there’s a note in your pocket. You didn’t think him to be the one to be sneaky..
‘Humans are such fragile creatures, maybe you’d be even cuter as a worm. For now keep yourself in one piece. I’ll keep working on that work idea..
- Vlastomil’
literally laughs at you when they hear that crack
You have to yell and throw a shoe at them to get them to go get help
they aren’t much help at all in any field of recovery besides physical therapy if you need it
you heard me. physical therapy.
they move all the time, they know if something is way wrong with how youre moving
they’re really harsh with words but they do try to help you move better
how else are they supposed to fight you on fair grounds mf
you’ll actually owe them a lot of thanks for this,
they’re good at helping you get used to walking after you no longer need to be so careful
they wanna see how your fighting styles changed after this </3
You let out a sigh, you knew you’d have hell to pay after asking Vulgora for help but jesus. You didn’t expect them to keep running their mouth the whole time. Ignoring the talking though, you had to be grateful for how patient they were being. When you finally got done with Vulgora, you found a note on your nightstand. Classic all small caps Vulgora handwriting.
oh no
no actually that’s all they say when your leg breaks-!
they’re super iffy to be around but, what’s the point in just examining your leg??
they actually fix you up and don’t rip you open???
you shouldn’t be surprised, if they were going to examine you they would’ve already done it
“this isn’t a big deal vlademar” “if i don’t have you in perfect condition soon the fools body will get ruined >:((“
it’s mostly about the body but? if they’ve gotten attached to you it’s a lot more than that
basically the mother hen over you out of everyone
also the one who assigned them all the jobs of how to help you
(they’re very disappointed in Valerius 😐)
very content with themselves when you’re all fixed up
You shiver at the coldness of Vlademar’s hands. “Is this really necessary to check Vlademar-?” Their look is immediately shutting you up. “Yes, I’ve got to make sure the fools body and you are fully intact.” Once theyve finally stopped looking all over your leg for any injury left, they let you go. Leaving a note on your desk.
‘Let’s keep you healthy. I wouldn’t want you or the fools body disappearing so soon. I’ll check in again soon.
- Vlademar’
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jurassicbarnes · 8 months ago
police work
Tumblr media
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Cop AU)
summary: In which Detective Right-All-The-Time makes a bet with Detective Terrible-Detective
warnings: pure fluff, so much banter, so much pining, y'all are gonna drown in feels (also forgive me for using y/n too many times, it was necessary for this particular setting just look past it pls asdfjs)
author’s note: reposting, bc i want this on my new blog lol [wc: 6.5k]
Tumblr media
“Oh, my god. What is that smell?” Your colleague Natasha Romanoff says in utter disgust, almost gagging in the process. You don’t look up from your work but from the tone of her voice, you know she’s pissed and has her whole face scrunched up in repulsion. Out of curiosity, you too sniff and look around. Your desk partner, Detective Barnes has a little frown between his brows as he too tries to detect the weird smell wafting around the precinct.
Then, the Captain’s receptionist, Wanda Maximoff stands up pointing a figure of accusation at Detective Lang. “Ew! Scott, it’s coming from inside your desk! Are you fermenting something in there?!”
“Again?” Natasha says angrily, while the rest of you groan, displeased at your fellow Detective’s habits. “This is a place of work. Not your grandmother’s kitchen, Lang.” She snaps at him. Lang flinches but doesn’t seem to be bothered by the redhead’s murder stare.
“As a matter of fact, yes I am fermenting something. Can any of you guess what it is?” Scott grins at Barnes, who’s seemingly in deep thoughts. He’s probably going to guess it; you roll your eyes.
Detective James “Bucky” Barnes takes a lungful of breath, his hands fanning lightly in front of him to properly sniff the air around him. “Well, the precinct smells exactly like it always does. Stale coffee, fingerprinting ink, whatever Thor warmed up in the microwave and forgot to clean up after and… fermented beans. Am I right or am I right, Scottie?”
“Absolutely, Bucky! You’re a genius!”
“Not even 10 in the morning and the whole precinct is out of order. You guys are lucky the Sarge and the Captain are in a meeting right now. Fury would be disappointed in you for wasting your time.” You direct your last sentence towards Barnes, with a slight shake of your head.
“Oh, Detective Y/L/N, we can always count on you to keep us in check as the self-designated precinct monitor.”
“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing. Joke’s on you, I’m actually proud of it.”
“You amuse me, doll.” Bucky chuckles.
You give him a twinkling smile and go back to looking at your screen. Everybody’s back to work.
The banter between you and your desk-mate is something that you look most forward to every morning when you get in. You’ve known Bucky for about three years now since you transferred as a new detective to this precinct since he used to have his long, shoulder-length hair. That seems like a lifetime ago now. At that time he was a little difficult to handle as a co-worker. He used to be kind of self-absorbed and immature (although, he still acts childish sometimes; that aspect about him never changed). He was infuriating and used hog all the good case. You could say he was the ‘annoying co-worker’ whose antics you had to deal with on a daily basis, but he was a part of the squad so you had to tolerate him.
But over the months of sitting opposite each other, things changed. One day, he came into work with a completely different outlook and well, he looked different too. After the then-new Captain Nicholas Joseph Fury had reprimanded him for his unprofessional appearance at work, none of you thought Bucky would do anything about it. But the next day, he walked in – hair different, cropped and neat, beard trimmed enough so you could see that sharp jawline that always used to remain hidden and his clothes didn’t have any kind of stains on them. He actually looked like he took a shower.
You didn’t dare to admit it to yourself, but you found his new look attractive. Hey, you didn’t judge the whole ‘train-wreck’ look Bucky had going on previously (you thought it was kinda hot). Bucky always looked good, but now he just looks ‘put-together’, like someone who has a bank account (and doesn’t store all his money in a cardboard box or an icebox in his freezer). The man had started wearing button-ups and ties for fucks sake. It was downright annoying how all of a sudden beautiful he looked.
The Captain was happy with the fact that Barnes listened, but didn’t necessarily show it. None of your colleagues noticed it as much as you did. God, it was absurd. You hated it.
Adding to the list of things Bucky changed about himself, was the fact that he actually started being considerate of others. He started bringing you your morning coffee after you forgot it one time, one fine morning. It became a routine for the two of you to meet at the entrance of the precinct with two coffees in his hand and a dashing smile on his face. Whenever you both were working on the same case, he always let you take the lead, always asked what you thought about it. When the squad was hanging out at the bar near the precinct after work, he’d try to be your wingman and set you up on dates – even when you didn’t want to. It was just a ploy to watch you squirm which later earned him a hard jab in the ribs.
You thought of asking him what changed his behaviour but never had enough courage to talk. Although he’d matured a bit, the constant bickering and banter, which sometimes felt like borderline flirting, never ceased to exist between you two. Only, that it became fun and all the more enthralling to be with him.
The funny thing is, you liked being friends with him. You had started to like his over-the-top, most ridiculous undercover roles and those cop-movie references that he likes to make every now and then. You also looked forward to all the crazy bets you both placed around the precinct. At times, you’re reminded of Bucky or the things he would do in particular situations even when you weren’t at work. There were times where you wouldn’t rely on anyone else’s opinion but Bucky’s. He’d slowly become a huge part of your life. And you didn’t even notice it.
Once you made an observation to Natasha about how nice Bucky looks in a tuxedo (you were attending your colleague, Tony Stark’s wedding) and the redhead never let you live it down. She found a new thing to tease you about. It was downright amusing to you, it made you laugh, made you topple over and laugh and laugh and laugh when she said you might have a crush on Bucky.
Bucky. The Bucky Barnes.
You, a crush on Barnes. A co-worker? Your head would fucking explode. Never in a million years would you ever begin to even think about forming a personal relationship with someone you work with.
But then the redhead started making even more observations. How you’d smile after Bucky would make an interesting point about a case. Or how he’d make a nerdy reference on a book you’d suggested him to read. Or how you’d often finish each other’s sentences. She’d keep tabs on how many times a week you’d spend your lunch break with Barnes – whether it’d be on a stakeout or just working another case. Well, you always had work as an excuse to throw in her face but you hated being teased.
Then two months ago, Nat mentioned something about Bucky asking for her friend’s phone number. He was going to ask her out. You felt this weird pang in your chest, a drop in your stomach and yet you didn’t let it catch you off guard. Not that it phased you in the least bit. In fact, to prove Nat wrong, you even wished Bucky good luck on the date. Nat only rolled her eyes and told you that you weren’t fooling anyone.
Ever since that date though, you noticed a change in Bucky’s behaviour. In every case you were assigned together, he found an excuse to not work with you. It started off slow. At first, he handed a case to Steve right in the middle of working it, leaving you without an explanation. The next time it happened, he asked for someone else as a partner. Maybe he just didn’t want to work together anymore. You were a little hurt but never the one to dwell on things, you shrugged it off. You still had your morning coffee routine and banter to yourself. So that may have to suffice. Like you said, you did look forward to it.
You’re shaken out of your thoughts when the door to the Captain’s office opens and the two men walk out with a serious expression on their faces. Well, Fury is always hard to read with how stoic he always is. But your Sergeant, Steven Rogers, who’s always light on his feet and often seen smiling, has a serious look on his face too. They stand in the middle of the bullpen; Steve has a beige file tucked under his arm.
“Attention precinct.” The Captain orders, the whole detective squad gathers around. “We have a situation. Ten minutes ago a prison van overturned on Nevins Street. It was carrying nine convicts who are now at large. Now, it’s our job to bring them in. Ladies and gentlemen –” Fury looks around nodding his head, “– this is a manhunt.”
“Oh, my god. A manhunt” Bucky gasps next to you, a huge grin spreading on his face. “This is like a dream come true.”
You frown at him and swat his arm with the back of your hand. “Seriously, Barnes? The civilians are in danger as we speak.”
“Right, right. There are more pressing issues.”
“Briefing room, now.” Sarge orders and you all follow.
The uniformed officers quickly line up the soft boards with the mugshots and information of the nine fugitives and the area map. You all take your seats; you on the first bench while Barnes swiftly moves you forward in your chair to scoot in next to you. You huff in annoyance, he could’ve taken the seat behind you but no, he’ll always go out of his way to trouble you.
“The patrol officers have secured a ten-block perimeter. All civilians are being evacuated as of now.” Fury explains, pointing at the map. Then moving to the other board, he says “Here’s what the convicts were in for – arson, kidnapping, racketeering, assault and battery –”
From the corner of your eye, you could see Bucky’s expressions changing from being serious to that of an excited little kid who’d just been told he’s going to Disney-freaking-land.
Fury continues, “– Forgery and counterfeiting, and triple homicide.”
“This just keeps getting better!” Bucky exclaims, which fetches him some looks of judgments. “What? I’m not excited about the crimes. It’s the situation that’s awesome!”
“Lang, I’ll need you here to interview witnesses with me. The rest of you team up. Barnes, you’re with Y/L/N and Romanoff you go with Rogers. Get to work.” With his last command, Fury leaves the briefing room, Scott following him, too.
The four of you get up from your respective seats gathering for a little huddle-up.
“Okay guys, we’ll start at South of Nevins. You two start at Bond and we’ll rendezvous in the middle.” You instruct, “Assuming, of course, Barnes and I haven’t already caught all the fugitives.” That snarky remark earns you an amused raised eyebrow from Nat.
Yes, you judged Bucky for being excited about the manhunt, but this mission is quite possibly the most exciting one the Nine-Nine has had in months. This is the sort of police that thrills you the most. Plus, you were happy to be teamed up with Bucky again. Maybe you’ll go back to being the precinct’s dynamic duo again.
“Guys, this is no time for trash talks and being all competitive,” Steve says in that sergeant tone he specifically reserves when he wants to sound bossy. Never works because he’s a big teddy bear.
You playfully roll your eyes, “With all due respect sir, Barnes and I make a good team. You don’t have to be so jealous.”
“Hey, about the team-up –” Bucky cuts you off, a light hand on your elbow to turn you aside so that you’re away from the other two people in the room.
“Yes, partner?” You ask with the brightest smile.
Bucky has this nervous look on his face. “I was just wondering if it’s okay if I went with Steve.”
Huh, well that sure seems like a slap in the face.
“Oh,” You hope your tone doesn’t show your disappointment. All that wishful thinking got you nowhere. “Is there anything wrong with –”
“Oh, no, no.” He quickly stops you from talking any further. “Just thought I… gel-up well with Steve. That’s all.”
Wow, beat me in the head with it.
You smile, all tight-lipped and curtly nod your head.
“Yeah, no. You’re right. I’ll just tell Nat I’m going with her.” You said, then bow your head down, walk away and immediately inform the redhead of the new team-ups. Before she could question it or object to it, you hear something.
“Let’s make a bet though.” Barnes offers. Nat is already by your side. “Whichever team brings the most fugitives in, wins.”
“That’s not a bet, Barnes. What are the terms?” You ask, pushing your blazer aside to place your hands on your hip. Your badge attached to your belt-loop flashes in the process. The way you question him, tells Bucky you’re up for the challenge and he likes the fact that it intrigued you.
“Well, remember how our last bet came to a draw? What if we applied the same terms to this one?”
A knowing smile pushes on your lips and Bucky’s got you. Hook, line and sinker.
“The one where I get to watch your piece-of-junk car crush into a box of metal if you lose?”
“Oh no, doll, the one where you go on the most horrible, unforgettable date of your life with me if you lose.” He reminds you. And you have to ignore the weird twist in your heart at the mention of your end of the terms. Oh, there’s no way in hell you’re going to lose. You put your hand forward and Bucky grabs your forearm firmly. Fire in your eyes and god, you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.
“The bet is on.” You smirk.
. . .
Guns tucked in your holsters, handcuffs in place, and you get rid of your blazer in favour of the NYPD windbreaker jacket. After you and Natasha are done gearing up, you meet near your car.
“What I’m about to tell you remains just between us.” You say, “Given the magnitude of this operation, we’re given complete access to all and any department resources, I just talked to the Captain about this. Barnes was too much in a haste to leave so he doesn’t know.” You smirk deviously. “So, we’re gonna hit up the tactical supply armoury and get a shit ton of awesome gear and win this thing –”
“You mean, use the department’s resources to arrest the convicts.” Nat deadpans, your gusto doesn’t phase her in the least.
“Yeah, yeah. We’re all very serious about our jobs.” You roll your eyes and bat your hand at her from across the car while getting into the driver’s seat.
Once you’re both settled in, you start driving. Since the entire area has been evacuated, you don’t give a damn about the traffic rules. Usually, you’re a stickler for rules but now you just have one goal in mind. That is to beat Barnes’ ass. You’re so fast at one particular turn that Nat has to grab onto the dashboard and the back of your seat in order to not crash into you. Even the seatbelt couldn’t withstand your wrath.
“Whoa! Hey, slow down, Tokyo drift! You’re gonna get us killed!”
“No, Nat. I’m gonna get us a win.”
“What’s gotten into you? I know you and Barnes are into all these stupid bets but I’ve never seen you get so intense.” She chuckles and shakes her head. “Is it because Barnes refused to team up with you? Are you angry because of that?”
Oh, that seems to have hit a nerve. “He didn’t refuse. He just said he works well with Rogers. I mean, we worked well together too, you know. I don’t know what changed…”
“Why are you so upset about it?”
“I’m not –” You snap at her but then stop, take a deep breath. “I’m just pissed because he keeps avoiding me. He’s my friend, okay? I wanna know if I did anything to upset him.”
There’s an awkward silence for a few moments. Nat can sense the gears turning in your head, she’s trying to read your mind. On the other hand, you tap your fingers on the steering wheel, teeth picking at your bottom lip to peel off the dry skin.
“Did Barnes ever tell you how’d his date with your friend go?” You ask and then cringe inwardly. Instant regret. Instant fucking regret.
A wicked smirk forms on Nat’s face, just a slight tilt but it says so much. “No, because Barnes and I don’t talk about personal stuff… that’s more of your forte.”
“Oh, Romanoff, you’re treading on a dangerous territory right now. Watch what comes out of your mouth next.”
What she says next is almost a trigger for you. “Why didn’t you ask him about his date?”
A pause and you narrow your eyes at her.
“I didn’t, because it’s none of my business.”
She sits up straight, “Oh, just admit it, you like Barnes.” Then she shudders at her own words, and you steal the words right out of her mouth when you fire back,
“Like? What are we in high school?”
“Come on, you know you do.”
“Okay, fine! I have feelings for Bucky. Are you happy now?”
The admission helps you breathe, like a weight being left off your chest. You grip the wheel tighter and look at her for a split second. Her entire face lights up like a freaking Christmas tree, she grins so hard. God, you’ve never seen her like this. Guess, this is what it must feel like to be right.
“Oh, my god. You have feelings for Bucky. And you just admitted them to me. How are you still not spiralling off course?”
“Oh, I am. I have just learnt to suppress myself in these situations.” You huff. “I don’t know how or what happened, okay? One day, Bucky was this annoying co-worker of mine and then the next, he was someone who I wanted to drag down to the evidence room and kiss the living daylights out of. I don’t like feeling this way.”
“Why don’t you quit beating around the bush and just ask him out?”
“Is that your take on dating?”
“Yes, I find someone attractive, I ask them out. Easy.”
“It’s not so easy for me. Especially with Bucky. There’s just so much build-up and now he’s avoiding me.”
“Okay, then find someone else to distract yourself,” Nat said.
“Or rather something. This bet is enough to distract me. Help me win it. I want to make him regret ever refusing me as his partner.” You said, face determined and hard.
“Yes!” she cheers, “Now that’s the great Detective Y/N, I have always known!”
By now, you’ve reached the supply armoury, ready to gear up and catch some fugitives.
. . .
From Bucky’s point of view, it seems as if he’s winning. He and Steve left before you and Nat, they’re away ahead of you both. He’s driving the car, fast and trying to double up. Steve warns him to slow down but Bucky never listens. Steve would never understand why this silly bet is important to him.
But he knows you would.
God, Bucky loves how your crazy mind works. Always a step forward, always so competitive. The fact that you thought about this mission as a competition? He’s not going to lie, it kinda turned him on.
These little bets between you and him are the only thing that is keeping him connected to you these last couple of months. Bucky knew it was a jerk move to switch partners at the last moment, especially when you were so happy to team up with him. God, he felt like banging his head on the nearest wall when he saw how dejected you got. You thought you’d concealed your sadness well, but what kind of detective would he be if he didn’t notice that?
Well, at this point the reason for not being your partner is pretty obvious. The guy is head over heels for you. So much that every damn day, Bucky Barnes only wakes up to see your beautiful face. He doesn’t think anyone has ever had the kind of effect you have on him. He’d worship the ground you walk on if you’d know how he felt.
At first, when you both had this work-nemesis thing going on – he thought you two were the most polar opposite people to ever be in a workspace. He didn’t mind your uptight personality, in fact, he kind of admired it. You were this detail-oriented person, completely contrasting to his laid-back personality. In a way, you both balanced each other out.
Spending time and working cases with you had become a part of his routine. He loves listening to all the nerdy things you talk about. Like whatever documentary you watched the previous night, or how you cannot wait to sign up for this upcoming seminar on power poses. God, you were endearing in every freaking way and he didn’t even realise when he started falling for you.
Was it the time when you both solved your first case together and you were so happy that you crashed landed on him and tackled him in a tight hug? Or was it the time when he teased you about going out with a lame DJ player you met during work (he only teased you relentlessly because he thought you’d get over it and never date him, which wasn’t the case)? Or was it during those times when he’d work late till night and you always, always stayed with him to help out with paperwork – and the thing is, it didn’t even include your overtime! God, you were so generous and kind and fierce and the smartest detective NYPD has ever had. He admired every single aspect about you.
The only thing that kept him from confessing his feelings was the fact that nothing good comes from dating a co-worker. Plus, he knew you deserved better and someone of your calibre. He thought it’s just a silly crush, that he’ll get over it. But it’s been a whole fucking year now and he’s not going anywhere – you’re not going anywhere. You just sit there at your desk opposite his, lining up your notepads and sharpening your pencils. So close and yet so out of reach, all pretty dressed in your floral dress shirts and looking exceptionally beautiful in the professional attire. Flashing him the sweetest of the smiles this world has to offer.
He’s never going to get over you. He had long ago accepted this fact. This is why pushing you away was the only viable option. He hated hurting your feelings but he also needed to keep his own heart in check. Bucky has avoided going on cases with you five times in the last two months. And now he’s running out of excuses to get out of working with you. And it’s killing him.
Maybe if he wins this stupid bet then he’ll actually be able to take you out. Even if the date he’d mapped out months ago was horrible and only planned as a joke.
“Steve, I gotta win this bet, man. You’ll never understand its importance. So butt out, okay?” Bucky bites back when the blond yet again tells him to slow down the car.
“You’re talking to a superior officer, dude. Watch the tone.” Steve knows he’s only joking, but still, where’s the damn respect? The brown-haired detective gives him a side glance and mutters an apology. “I know it’s important to you. I also know how bad you wanna take Y/N out on that ‘horrible’ date you keep mentioning. Why don’t you just man up and ask her out? The entire precinct knows you’re in love with her.”
Bucky’s eyes widen, a sheer look of surprise on his face. “What the fuck? I’m not in love with her? Who’s spreading all these rumours, Rogers?”
Steve rolls his eyes as Bucky comes to a stop and just like that the topic of discussion is over. It’s time to do some police work.
Getting out of the car, they both place their guns in hand. Both of them look around the area for any signs of a fugitive in an orange prison uniform. Closing in on a dark alley, Bucky hides, back pressed to a pawn shop window. He takes a small peek and there he is, one of the escapees trying to climb up a water pipe. He signals Steve and then it’s an ambush.
“NYPD! Freeze!” Both of them yell and the man falls back on his feet, hands in the air.
“Go, Sarge, cuff his ass!” Bucky says, making Steve roll his eyes again as he cuffs the guy. He swears they’ll get stuck up there if his partner keeps up with his antics. “One down, five more to go.”
Back at the precinct, Bucky and Steve walk in with their one convict, expecting neither you nor Nat to be present, but is shocked to be proved wrong.
“Good work, Detectives.” Captain Fury says, standing by Wanda’s desk. “You can put your perp in the holding cell with the rest of the three convicts.”
“Wait, three?” Bucky says in disbelief, mouth open in shock as he turns around to look at Romanoff putting the perps away. And then he looks at you, sitting at your desk, smirking all proud and smug.
“Yeah, Y/N and Natasha brought them in ten minutes ago,” Wanda says while filing her nails.
“That’s right, it’s three to one, Barnes. You need to up your game or else after tonight, your car will not live long enough to take you on another long drive into the sunset.” You taunt him.
. . .
When the two of them are leaving the precinct again to bring in the next fugitives, Steve tells Bucky about how you and Nat got access to the various resources in the department. An hour later, the two detectives are cutting you and Nat in on your arrest, at a storage unit facility. They’d borrowed a huge truck from Homeland Security, it had all the fancy tech they’d need. Satellite images, access to any surveillance cameras, the works. They already had arrested two convicts. Steve was in the driver’s seat, while Bucky brought out your perp. You and Nat follow hot on his tail.
“That’s not fair! He was ours!” You said, shooting daggers at Bucky. The pout your lips form is so cute, his heart could explode. But he doesn’t let it affect him, instead, he puts the perp away.
“Oh, sweetheart, everything is fair in love and war.”
“Shut up, Barnes.” Natasha scoffs.
“Oh, Sarge, how many fugitives did we catch till now?” Bucky asks, eyes hooked on yours.
“Uh, counting the two inside the truck, we’ve got four in total, Buck.”
You groan in frustration and leave. Half an hour later, you and Nat are inside an office building, which has been completely evacuated. According to Detective Lang, the second-last convict sneaked into this building. While Nat checked the surveillance tapes, you searched the place. She instructs you where to go through the comms.
“Stop.” You hear her say as you reach a door, “Steve’s in the other room and he’s being held hostage. Bucky just reached there too, but he’s in a tough spot. You gotta be careful and catch the bastard off guard.”
“Got it,” you whisper and slowly enter the room.
“Drop the weapon,” Bucky’s voice booms.
But before anything else could be said or done, you sneak in from behind and whack the perp in the head with the back of your gun. He falls with a thud and you bring out the cuffs to arrest him.
“Thanks,” Steve says, rubbing his throat where there was a box-cutter not even seconds ago.
“No, thank you, Sarge.” You cackle, using all your strength to pull the perp on his feet. “One more to go.”
“Nice,” Bucky comments. “Used my tactic against me. Swopped in at the last minute.”
“Barnes, I only learn from the best.”
“You called me the best! No takebacks!”
. . .
Sometimes you love your job. You love helping people, you love helping the community and you love being the one to ‘serve and protect’ and all the jazz that comes with being an NYPD Detective. But some days, your job takes you to some pretty dark and fucked up places. No, you’re not talking about the gruesome murders, the countless dead bodies and weird, horrific injuries that have scarred you for life. You’re talking about actual dark places, like when you and Steve had to dive into a dumpster to find evidence. Or like now, when you’re looking for a dangerous fugitive at large inside the murky, disgusting sewers of Brooklyn. These are the days when you don’t thank your job. The intel was quickly provided to both the teams by Fury, making all of you rushed through the dingy sewers to catch your last perp.
You’re so close to victory.
“Couldn’t he find a decent place to hide in? Like an abandoned building or something. I’m sure Brooklyn has plenty of those.” Natasha says, her nose scrunched up as she held up her gun. She turns her face and brings the sleeve of her jacket to cover her nose.
All that whining coming from her and all you could think of how Bucky is probably referencing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, right now. You’re ready to bet on it. The thought makes you smile. But no, focus.
At a turn, you hear some sploshing around and then everything goes quiet. You try to not make a sound while walking towards the splashing and as soon as you reach a juncture, you hold up the gun.
“NYPD, freeze! Keep your hands where we can see them!” Two voices are shouting at this point – yours, and Bucky’s. He’s standing right at the other side of the turn, the perp is in the middle, hands high up in the air.
A look of shock is shared between you and Bucky and then you’re both racing through the Miranda rights together – whoever finishes first obviously wins.
“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for –”
Mid-way, though Bucky stops. Which makes you stop you too.
“Why did you stop?”
“I – uh, blanked out. But go on!”
You shake yourself out of it and finish reading the rights. The perp is cuffed away by Nat and you’re all out of the sewers for good.
“Tell me honestly,” you say, once you’re inside Homeland Security’s truck. As soon as the words fell out of your mouth, Bucky knew he’s gonna have to tell you the truth – about what? He didn’t know. But then you say something completely out of character. “Did you or did you not think about the Ninja Turtles back when we were down there?”
He chortles, shaking his head, “How did you know that?”
“I guess I just know you very well, Detective.” You giggle.
“I guess you do.” Then he holds his hand up, “Congratulations are in order.”
You swat his hand away and pull him in for a hug. “Thank you!”
. . .
“You all did some really good work today, Detectives.” Captain Fury was at the end of his briefing on today’s mission. Silly bets asides, you all were very proud of the work you did. “You are all dismissed.”
To celebrate, Steve told everyone to gather at the local bar in ten minutes. When everyone starts filing out of the briefing room, you stay back.
“Hey, Buck?” Your voice, all soft and sweet, makes his heart clench in his chest.
Bucky turns around, looking clueless but handsome as ever. “Can I talk to you for a second?”
Uh-oh. Bucky doesn’t remember the last time he was alone in the same room as you. He feels the nervousness creeping in on him. The small hairs at the nape of his neck stand to attention and he visibly gulps.
“Sure, what’s up, girl?” He cringes internally at the awkward tiny voice and choice of words. Come on, Barnes.
“I just wanted to tell you I’m not gonna do anything horrible to your car.”
“Oh, thank god!” Bucky sighs dramatically, but then quickly recovers.
“I may wanna make it go through a car wash though if I were you.” You both share a laugh at the little joke. After it dies down, you’re engulfed in silence. It’s only a little awkward, he shifts from one foot to another. You fidget with your fingernails. Then you think, fuck it.
“I also wanted to ask you something – and I may be completely on a whim here but it seems like you’re trying to avoid me. And I can’t avoid that fact anymore. Please tell me if I did anything to offend you or – or upset you. I just want to be your friend again, Bucky.”
God, the way Bucky’s heart absolutely shatters at your torn expression.
“No, no, no.” He says, “No, doll. I –” The little nickname often slips out when he’s being genuine and honest. Your heart skips a beat knowing that. “God, you could never do anything to upset me.” It pained him to see you this way, vulnerable and disheartened. You’re always so sure of yourself and so strong mentally. He hates being the one who made you doubt yourself.
“Then why do you keep finding excuses to not work with me?”
“I can’t explain it to you. But it’s hard –”
“I can’t explain it to you. But it’s hard – title of your sex tape.”
Bucky’s face scrunches up adorably, he laughs. “God, you know me so well.”
“Told ya,” you wiggle your eyebrows. “But seriously, tell me. Am I a terrible partner? You tired of me or what?”
“No, it’s the opposite, actually.”
“I’m… tired of you?”
“No, silly.”
“Then what is it?” Your tone is agitated now, “Just come out with it, Bucky!”
Gah, this is the moment of truth.
He clenched his jaw and blurts it out, “Remember the day you and I went on that undercover job at that auction. Hell, everyone there was so fancy. And I remember you wore that shiny emerald green dress that reached the floor. D’you, remember that?” You nod, a smile threatening to stretch your cheeks. “You looked just so fucking… perfect. We had that little dance before everything went to shit and our cover got blown. I twisted my ankle so you had to follow our guy on your own. You had to tear your five-hundred-dollar dress to run after him in heels. Quite possibly the hottest thing I encountered. That’s when I knew.”
Knew what? You wondered but didn’t dare interrupt him.
“You’re so breathtakingly beautiful, that it pains me to be near you, honey. I am head over heels for you – god, it feels so nice to admit it –” He mumbles that bit, and continues, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way for someone but I do and I had to go and pick the wrong person.”
“Wrong person?” You find yourself mumbling.
“Yeah, I mean nothing can happen between us. I know that… I just need some time to accept the fact and move on –”
Lost in his confession and then trying not to sound too embarrassing, Bucky doesn’t notice when you’d stepped closer to him. It’s when you stand completely in his space and catch him by the lapels of his leather jacket when he stops and looks at you.
“What are you doing?” He asks, suddenly out of breath. He doesn’t know why but his eyes immediately land on your lips and he subconsciously licks his own.
“Something that I should have done a long time ago.” With that, you push yourself on your toes and kiss him. He’s caught off guard, obviously but then you feel him relax and put his arms around you pulling you closer as he returns the kiss. Your own hands cup his cheeks, feeling the stubble scratch your skin. You deepen the kiss and hold him tighter. The press of his chest against yours, the feel of his heart beating just as hard as yours, it’s ridiculously comforting. Bucky kisses you like you’re the very air that he needs to breathe. It feels like the whole room is spinning or maybe it’s just your head. But it doesn’t matter, nothing does because you’re kissing Bucky Barnes.
God, how you longed for this. For him. Him, for you.
When you pull away neither of you is able to open your eyes. A few seconds go by and you begin to feel the numbness on your lips, like the weird feeling you get on your arm when you fall asleep on it for too long. Then you lick your lips and pull away, hoping no one saw what just transpired between the two of you. Not that it matters who saw. You would just like this moment for yourself. For it to be between you and Bucky only.
And then Bucky expects the unexpected. A hard shove to the chest. He stumbles a few steps back, a confused look on his face. He looks like a puppy who just got kicked.
“You goddamn, stupid, idiot!” You yell. “You avoided me for two months just because you had feelings for me and couldn’t act upon them?”
“Technically, I’d been crushing on you for almost a year now. So…”
“All you had to do was say something! Because –” you take a deep breath and watch the smile reappear on his lips. Oh, those sweet, kissable lips.
“Because what, doll?” He asks, running his tongue over his lips. The bastard knows.
Hook, line and sinker. And down you go again.
“Because I, too, am head over heels for you, you big, big, doofus.” You emphasize each ‘big’ with a hit to his chest, this time gentler. He chuckles and holds your wrists in both his hands, effectively stopping you. He brings you closer to him once again, your fingers locking at the nape of his neck, his forehead resting on yours as you look down, unable to meet his eyes.
“We’re both idiots, aren’t we?” He mumbles and gives a light squeeze around your waist.
You gasp and pull away but only a little so you could finally look him in the eye. “You’re the bigger one.”
“Hard to argue with that, sweetheart. So, do you wanna do this thing or nah?” Bucky asks, flashing you that breath-taking smile of his.
“Is this your way of asking me out on a date, Buck?” You ask, incredulously.
“What? I let you win the bet! What else do you want me to do?”
“I knew it! ‘I blanked out’, my ass!”
- fin
. . .
i hope you enjoyed reading! as always feedback is greatly appreciated! :)
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venexus · 9 months ago
Kaeya x Reader (Drabble)
[Genshin Masterlist]
word count: 1.2k
summary: when your friend with benefits has a nightmare you have to look after them, right?
warnings: mentions of nightmares, aftermath of nsfw activity but no actual nsfw-- all fic content begins below the cut for this reason just to be safe, friends-with-benefits situations, slight angst, hurt/comfort, possibly a little ooc
this came from a concept i had that i got a little carried away with! listen i am all for the concept of kaeya being a flirtatious player, it's literally canon, but soft kaeya falling in love with his best friend (who he ended up being fwb with bc he didn't realise it was love he was feeling)? im thriving on it.
Heart pounding out of your chest, you try to catch your breath as you come down from the high of the last hour. Kaeya watches you look across to the other side of the bed and gaze over at him, still a little drunk off of your afterglow. 
"Satisfied?" He asks with a smug grin, propped up on one elbow.
You nod, breath finally returning to you. "You never fail to disappoint."
"Neither do you, my dear."
You shift as if you're about to get up, like you usually do around this time, and Kaeya moves to do the same. When you stop and laugh, simply laying back down and relaxing your head back against your crossed arms, he purses his lips in confusion.
"Not leaving straight after this time?" He isn't disappointed by this turn of events, merely curious. It isn't like he would mind sharing the bed with you for the night, you've just never stayed before. 
"Let me stay the night and I'll make you breakfast to make up for it, hmm?" You offer, eyes already closing as you move into a more comfortable laying position. 
"Well I can't say no to that," he concedes. Clearly you must have been tired to want to stay for once, or maybe you feel guilty about always leaving straight after and want to wait until he's asleep first- you've done it before. It's hard for him to tell how you're feeling sometimes.
In your triumph, you let sleep take you. Kaeya watches for a moment longer, before following suit. 
You'll be gone by the morning, you always are.
It's a decent few hours after that interaction that Kaeya wakes up. The moon is high in the sky, filtering in through the window to provide the tiniest covering of light. 
The first thing he notices is that he isn't alone. 
You've often joked in the past that you'll stay the entire night, pretend to fall asleep, then leave after an hour or so. You've never stayed. So, this time, Kaeya is left confused as to why you have. 
Your past dalliances have only ever been that- flings. The pair of you are close friends outside of them, sure, but there hasn't ever been anything more to it than that. You promised that once when another mutual friend asked what was going on between you.  
So why are you here now?
He doesn't get enough time to figure that out, however, when he notices you tossing and turning in your sleep. You must be having a nightmare, he concludes, as he considers waking you. 
Doing that could make you lash out, accidentally, and possibly do yourself damage in the process. Though letting you stay in a state that is clearly causing you discomfort isn't a very appealing option to him either. 
Making a final decision, he calls your name gently. Rousing you from your sleep this way should be less harmful, but if you don't hear it he knows he will have to resort to something else.
Luckily, you stir. You bolt upright. Your hands grip into the sheets below you, bunching the fabric up into tiny balls. 
Kaeya shushes you, calling your name softly again, telling you that he's here for you. Everything is going to be okay. There are tears streaming out of the corner of your eyes, but you ignore them as you blearily look over at the man beside you. 
He hasn't seen you like this before. Possibly once or twice you've been upset, even less frequently have you been scared, but there you sit in front of him with a trembling figure and stained face.
And there's nothing else he wants to do more than hold you close to him. 
So, he does. He shuffles to sit beside you- he doesn't want to move you around any more than necessary- and he wraps his arms around your shoulders. You relax into the touch, leaning your head back against his chest. The tears don't stop falling. 
In fact, they almost seem like they're coming more freely now. As if you don't feel like you have to hold them back. Kaeya hopes that it is because this is helping you. 
"Is this why you never stay the night?" He asks, keeping his tone light, trying to make it sound like a joke. It only half is.
"I didn't mean to wake you up with this, I'm sorry," you manage to get out between breaths. "It was just a bad dream, I'm okay, I promise."
"Must have been one awful dream to get you worked up like this," he comments. "You know you can talk to me if you're upset about something, right?"
He cares about you. He knows he does, he wouldn't give you the time of day otherwise. Much less would he have let you into his bed. For all he jokes and flirts around, you're the first person in a long time that he's trusted enough to have this sort of intimacy with- let alone to make the effort to keep the situation exactly the way you wanted it to be instead of trying to push your boundaries and ask for more. 
Since when did he want more?
From the start, he's been more than happy just keeping the whole friends-with-benefits thing as just that. Yes, he would probably class you as his best friend. Does that suddenly change things? Do you have to be friends that are only as casual as the sex you have when it's a situation like this? The answer that pops up is no, so why does he want more specifically with you?
There are too many questions for him, most of which he decides need to be answered some other time. In the moment, all that's important is making sure that you're safe. 
 "I dreamed that I lost you."
The words don't register at first. 
"Me?" He asks, confused.
"Yes you," you sigh. "I was having a nightmare that you left and I couldn't get you back."
"I'm not going anywhere, darling." He holds you tighter, gently squeezing you to prove his point. He presses a kiss to the top of your head.
"You promise?" You turn around in his arms to face him and in that moment he swears he's never looked at a more beautiful person in his life. 
You look like a mess, eyes puffy and leftover tears making their final escape across your jaw. Your nose looks like it was probably running a moment earlier, proven when you take a harsh breath in through it. To put it simply, you look a wreck.
But he loves you, it hits him like a sack of bricks. He loves you so much and even when you look like this you're the most attractive person on the planet. 
He won't tell you yet, that seems like too much to handle at the moment given the stress you're experiencing. He will soon, though, when the time feels right. 
You'll find out, Kaeya decides, when he can tell you properly. For now, he presses another kiss atop your head and leans his forehead against yours, letting his eyes close as he hears your breathing begin to steady and your body stop shaking. 
"I promise."
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tobiosmilktea · 10 months ago
red ink — semi eita
Tumblr media
2.5k words | genre/s: tattoo shop!au, friends with benefits, smut | warning/s: uhh badly written nsfw | pairing: musician!semi x tattoo artist!reader
↪︎ in which famous musician, semi eita is a regular at your tattoo parlor and only gets work done from you and you only. the only catch is that fans only know that much and definitely not the fact that you and him are friends with benefits.
a/n: happy belated bday for my good friend @kitsunetea. here’s my shameless second (third?) attempt at writing smut as a late bday gift bc fuck it, amirite haha ✋🏻😔
please take it easy on this one,, this is singlehandedly one of the worst nsfw pieces i’ve ever written and i just want to apologize in advance...
Tumblr media
semi had forgotten the tingling feeling of a tattoo gun striking away at his skin. he liked how each indent of minuscule pinpricks would leave a mark on him forever. the pain, though not enough to make him grit his teeth like the first time around when he impulsively got one on the side of his ribcage, was actually quite nice. the sensation was almost addictive, however, it wasn’t as nearly as addictive as you.
it was no shock nor surprise that each reveal of his newest tattoo was always done by you. most would understand the practicality of going to one tattoo artist consistently. if anything, most of his fans would come to believe that he simply just liked your style of tattooing and artistry, but no one would even claim to think that you two had even a pinch of something going on behind the scenes. it wasn’t like he would always stop by your shop all disguised and covered up in a black cap and a face mask just in case there were any hidden onlookers that would blatantly assume the worst.
the worst being that semi eita, the nation’s current rockstar heartthrob, was hooking up with some obscure, back alley tattoo artist.
but it was safe to say he was as addicted to you as he was addicted to the infamous pain of receiving a tattoo.
it had been ages since his last tattoo. this one especially was placed on his right forearm of a snake that spiraled up and around his wrist in red ink.
times like these—here, where your eyes are focused and locked onto his skin, making sure to capture each intricate detail, brows drawing together in concentration as you made swift and accurate runs over his skin—came to realize how much he missed the feeling of getting tattooed. but most importantly, he missed the feeling of you. the warmth of your skin, body blazing underneath him as your breath tickled at the nape of his neck.
at moments like these where he could just stare at your entirety for an hour and a half, admiring how the low lights cast shadows upon each and every curve of your body was enough to keep him occupied through the process.
you lifted your tattoo gun up as your other gloved hand wiped the area clean from any residual ink. you took one last look at your work, clean and well-done.
it was pretty good if you could say so yourself. the linework was easily one of your best, and the shading was even better. no wonder semi liked getting work done by you so much (other than the fact that you two are friends with benefits—he would joke, “i’ll give you the best night of your life and you can give me a free tattoo in return.”)
you’ve never seen that man back out of a joke that quickly in your life. regardless, you still found yourself taking him up on that offer, still paying for his tattoos as a good customer should. support local businesses as they always say.
“alright,” you say, breaking the last ten minutes of silence as you cleaned him up. “you already know the drill–gently wash it with warm soap and water at least twice a day, pat dry, and then apply ointment.”
semi looked up at you once you stood up to grab a box of saniderm from another station. he stands up, making his way to one of the large mirrors on the wall to inspect his tattoo as a smile crept onto his lips.
“how is it?”
“it’s perfect,” he says, “as always.”
“well, you shouldn’t expect anything less from me.”
“you know, you don’t have to be so professional all the time. the shop’s already closed and no one else is here but us.”
you give him a pointed look as you take out a strip of saniderm large enough to cover the circumference of his forearm. you press the thin plasticine carefully around his freshly bruised skin, peeling the protective backing off of the clear bandage. “technically, you’re still a customer. can’t really give you any more special treatment.”
“says the girl who literally gives me tattoos after the shop closes,” semi fires back.
“or you could actually come in during normal hours to get one instead of coming a minute before we close just so we can hook up,” you deadpan, ignoring the look he gave you as you turn around and made your way towards the front desk.
semi doesn’t miss a single beat in following right behind you, stopping in front of the counter as you were on the other side with the cash register.
“well if you didn’t want to fuck in the back room anymore, you could’ve just told me,” says semi as you tap away at the screen in front of you, “we can go to my apartment instead.”
“paying with card again?” you ask, completely ignoring the way your body heated up all of a sudden.
the musician in front of you nods, handing you his card quickly. you take the thin plastic out of his hand and swiped it in one quick motion, handing it to him once the machine properly reads his card. within seconds, the receipt comes out of the printer. you snatch it from the opening before shoving it into semi’s chest.
“so what do you say?” he presses, continuing to follow you around like a dog as you serpentine your way back to your station.
you let out a sigh, huffing as you start cleaning up, “about what?”
“about me taking you home. maybe spend the night?”
you swerve around to face him, a spray bottle of disinfectant in one hand and paper towels in the other. you give him a coy smile, “you’re funny,” you huff before pushing past him to spray the chair then wiping it down.
“come on, (y/n), it’s been a while since we’ve last done anything together.” semi gives you a mischievous pout, “don’t you miss me?”
his words immediately flush out your cheeks as you recalled the memory so vividly, it was like you could almost feel semi’s large hands exploring every inch of your body, memorizing every dip and curve like it was second nature. to think that all happened in the storage closet while there were people still in the shop. the simple thought of your last rendezvous with him went straight to your heat.
no wonder you haven’t done anything with semi in a while after that little stunt he pulled almost a month ago.
in order for a tattoo shop to run properly, it needed to be completely sanitary to prevent any health complications considering your job was to literally puncture tattoo ink deep into people’s skin, the risk of infection runs high in situations like these. so by law, fucking in a tattoo shop, regardless if it was in the backroom, was completely out of regulations. not to mention the scandals to potentially spread like wildfire that one of the world’s favorite musicians being at the root of all this.
those poor fangirls, you thought. drama was the last thing you wanted.
“so?” you say, trying to pull yourself together as you finish sanitizing the chair. you turn to face him, hoping that he couldn’t see the way your cheeks were burning up knowing he would only keep up the teasing. “why don’t you just fuck one of you groupies or something?”
semi scoffs, “i’d never stoop that low. besides, you’re the only one i’ve been with ever since this started happening between us.”
“good for you for not being a whore, i guess?”
you brush past him again, this time cleaning up the mess on your table. placing the spray bottle of water, rolls of paper towels, bottles of red ink, and your gloves away–you discard anything else in the bin.
“don’t be like that,” he sighs as he comes and wraps a strong arm around your waist. he rests his chin on your shoulder, the tip of his nose tickling at your skin as his mouth latches onto your neck. “i for sure missed you.”
“eita,” you say, attempting to hold back a moan as he nipped at the sweet spot on your neck. despite your efforts, quiet mewls escape your lips as his thumbs rubbed circles over your hips. “i-i still have to clean up. let me finish and then maybe we could—”
without another word, semi lets go of you and immediately starts getting to work, gathering up all the one-time-use disposable items and dumping them all in the trash. he moves quickly, rubbing down every nook and cranny of your station until it’s squeaky clean. your eyes widen at his state. it was clear he wanted to get this over with as fast as possible so he can finally have you all to himself.
did he really yearn for you this much?
in just a few minutes, the job is already done. clean and spotless and ready for tomorrow’s workday as semi gives you a hopeful look. “is that all?”
you hold back a smile as you motion towards the boxes stacked up near the entrance of the backroom, “i still have to put those away and then we’re all done for the day.”
the man doesn’t even let you finish as he’s already making his way down the hallway. There was no sign of hesitancy in his actions as he grabbed two of the boxes, one stacked on top of the other as he barged into the backroom. you follow him in with only one box in your hand as you placed them in their respective places on the large industrial shelving.
you let out a grunt as you picked up the last box and inserting it into its spot. you sigh, dusting your hands as you turn around to face semi, “alright, we’re all d—”
semi doesn’t hesitate for a second to push you up against the wall, his lips crashing into yours with such desperation and fervor. he had been anticipating this for the past two hours. from the moment he walked in, to the moment you finished tattooing him; all he wanted was you.
you moan into his lips, his hand cupping your jaw while the fingers of the other were already working their magic. his touch greatly juxtaposed the zeal in the way he kissed you deeply, dipping his tongue between your soft lips as his finger, slightly calloused from years of guitar playing, gently trailed their way up your shirt.
there was a brief moment where you had to pull away from him in order to catch your breath. chest rising and falling rapidly along with the quickening beat of your heart, semi dived down to your neck, marking you with dark red bruising to anywhere he had access to. his large palms rubbed your sides before squeezing at your breasts to elicit a pleasurable groan from you. the pent-up heat within you only built the more he played with your body, fingers flicking at your nipples.
“what happened to taking me back to your place?” you asked breathlessly.
“i couldn’t wait any longer,” he mutters on your warm skin, feeling his soft lips twitch into a lopsided grin as before you knew it, he was already tugging your shirt over your head. “jump,” he says and you don’t miss a beat.
he catches you quickly, hands palming your ass as he steers you towards one of the supply tables. pushing away loose items and paperwork off to the sides.
semi’s lips meet yours again as he fiddles with the button and zipper of your jeans, diving his hand inside. he palms your sex, the pads of his fingers teasing up and down your slit as his thumb rubs circular motions around your clit. your moan muffles into his shoulder, breathe heavy and uneven.
you couldn’t seem to catch your breath as he dipped two fingers into you, pumping them in and out slowly. it was a nice change of pace from earlier, and yet you couldn’t help but let out mewls of impatience as you ground your hips into his hand, desperate for more.
semi knew what the hell he was doing.
he was a musician after all. his entire career was literally built off of his innate ability to play the guitar that each expertly placed finger and movement that accompanied it was guaranteed to send waves of pleasure throughout your entire body. he was good at what he did and he knew it. he didn’t need to see the way you were shaking under him, coating his hand with your juices, or have to hear your addicting moans to know you felt so, so good.
“eugh, eita–” your breath hitches when he curls his fingers inside you, rubbing the spongy spot deep within you in the best way possible. you curse under your breath, savoring the pleasure as you felt your release coiling in your abdomen.
“you’re close aren’t you?” semi didn’t even have to ask to know as your walls tightened around him. you nod hastily, eyes coating in lust and the desire to feel the release as you look at him.
the look that you gave him as enough to send him over the edge, his thoughts blurring once he quickens his pace, his middle and ring finger pistoning in and out of you.
you let out a cry, practically trembling under him. “oh my god, oh my god.”
with his other hand, he finds your clit again, rubbing you over the edge. it was all too much. from the mixing cacophony of the most obscene and vulgar sounds of sex emanating from the backroom to the absolute thrill of how good semi was making you feel—you were ready to feel that euphoric glow.
“fuck,” you clawed at his shoulders, nails digging into his skin even through the fabric of his shirt. “shit, baby, i’m gonna—”
semi doesn’t mind the sting of your scratches at his body as he was too busy paying mind to you cumming all over his hand. gushing fluid escapes from you in waves as semi continues pumping his fingers in and out of you, his pace matching with the way your walls pulsated around him.
as you came down from your high, your arms that rested on the table to hold you up felt weak. almost immediately, your body slumps onto semi as he licks your pleasure off his fingers. you bury your face into the crook of his neck as you both stayed there for a few beats to catch your breaths, savoring the unique afterglow whenever you were with semi.
perhaps it wasn’t so bad doing this type of thing with him a bit more often. you didn’t mind what you had with him right now even if you two were just friends with benefits. you liked what you had now and asking for more would certainly cause a strain you don’t want to happen so soon.
your hand reaches up to run through his soft hair.
“hey,” you softly say. he only responds with a hum, “what about you?” you ask as your eyes cast down to the straining tent in his jeans.
he doesn’t answer. instead, he places a few kisses on your cheek and down to your neck before placing one of your lips. “let’s continue this at home, i have a surprise for you.”
Tumblr media
general taglist: @yongboxerrr @rosepetalhaven @tvwhoresblog @tanakaslastbraincell @kellesvt @kitsunetea @anejuuuuoy
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bucky-iss-bae · a year ago
My Girl (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
A/N: I started writing this at 11.30pm and its now 12.50am, I accidently wrote it. it was supposed to be a drabble, but it turned out to be more than that. Sorryyyy. 
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (AU) 
Fandom: MCU/Marvel
Prompts: “Love is Stupid” – “Take my Jacket, its cold outside” – “I’ll walk you home” “Don’t look at me like that” 
Warnings: Possesiveness?? The slightest bit of smut that its actually incredibly tame. Also 100 spelling and grammer mistakes bc this is a rush job. 
Word count: 2075 (Sorry, I can’t write drabbles for shit lmao)
Fandom list
Tumblr media
Growing up and turning into adults with such a big group of friends meant weekly linkups at your local bar had slowly turned into fortnight linkups, and that slowly turned into only a few people turning up, and everyone hanging out properly probably once a month.
Some were starting families like Stark, or already had a family like Barton. Others were slowly getting into relationships, and only a few of you were single.
It was weird being single and watching everyone else fall in love, grow families, considering that you guys had been friends since high school, or for some since pre-school. It was weird watching some of your friends get into relationships with one another, or with others. Seeing Peggy and Steves relationship grow was a beautiful one, she was one of the strongest women you knew, even in high school, no one ever messed with her. Along with Buck and the rest of you, no one dared to mess with Steve before he hit puberty and ended up towering over everyone, and even being the star athlete in senior year.
The same went for Tony, some thought he would never settle down, but his heart always belonged to one person. Vision and Wanda had only recently gotten together, it was weird because they flirted and had always been there for one another, they had an unspoken bond. You were just scared that soon you would have to find a new roommate. It was difficult when Natasha had left, but being just the two of you, you got buy, you had good jobs and rent was fine, but you knew it would be a difficult process.
Only a few of you were single now, both you and Bucky, although you would gladly change that any day. James Buchanan Barnes. A man you had fancied for years. He was too blind to see it of course. Not that you showed it. The two of you constantly fought, but also joked, if anything you saw him and Sam the most, probably because the three of you were the single ones. There was Peter, but he was a few years younger, and even he had a girl.
Meeting up with everyone on Friday after everyone had finished work was weird, you were sat with Sam and Buck, not everyone could make it, but of course the three of you were ready to turn up. Although you hated seeing playboy Bucky, although those years were long gone.
“You good?” Bucky asked nudging your shoulder,
You grimaced, “I’m fab Buck. But like… Love is stupid” you said looking around at the lovey dovey couples,
He chuckled and smiled across at you, “Ahhh, it’s not that bad” He said, “Look at all those rom coms you watch. You call it cute then”  
“That’s because they are cute Buck, but now I want my friends” I whined, “But ok no, I want what they have” I said dropping the dumbest hints.
“I’m sure you’ll find someone soon, we just gotta make sure they’re good for you”
Bucky had a smirk on his face, “Don’t get all protective over me now Buck”
“Naww, I’m always protective over you” he said putting his arm around you and pulling you into his arms slightly, “You’re my best girl” He stated,
All you could do was smell his aftershave, over the years his smell had almost matured more and more, but it was sexy as hell. Whenever you stayed over at his and Sam’s place after a drunken night, you always ended up in one of Buckys hoodies, or tops, and the smell was just as intoxicating to you now as much as it is then.
“That’s sweet Buck, but it makes me feel like I’ll be single until I turn 35, after that, Sam and I made a pact when we were kids that if we’re both still single, that we’d just end up marrying one another”
Sam winked at me, “You got it, your present for your 35th birthday will be an engagement ring from yours truly”
Bucky tightened his grip around you, “Shame, Steve broke our pact like that. He’s got a girl and everything”
Steve overheard this and turned our way, “Still hurting over that huh, and to think, everyone thought you would’ve settled down first playboy”
“Still hurts that you left me like that Stevie”
Everyone laughed at that, but conversations carried on, Buckys arm had dropped down to your waist now instead, lingering there, although you acted like you couldn’t feel it, the whole time it’s all you could think about as it made your heart hammer in your chest.
Both Nat and Wanda had shared a glance before the both of them looking at you, Peggy also catching on quickly.
You rolled your eyes at how dramatic they were being but a smile still on your face, this happens often enough, the two of you don’t necessarily flirt, but you do, you want to believe there is chemistry there, the way he treats you, the way he plays with your hair, always makes sure you’ve eaten, makes sure you get home safely.
Everyone soon slowly started to disperse, Wanda told you that she would be staying the night with Vision which meant you had to walk back or grab a taxi to your place alone.
“I’ll walk you home” Bucky offered once Sam had managed to pull,
“I’ll be fine Buck” You smiled at him as you walked outside, the cold breeze hitting your face, making you realise how hot and stuffy that place can get,
“Like hell am I letting my girl wander around the city by herself at this time” He said putting his elbow out,
You intertwined your hand through his elbow, as the two of you started walking, “Tonight was nice, makes me miss everyone though” You mumbled leaning your head against his arm, you could feel his bicep, and you knew you would only be lucky to be wrapped up in this mans arms,
“Same, scary how everyone is starting families, and we’re just… here”
You chuckled at that, “Only a matter of time before Wan moved in with Vis”
“Yeah? Well whenever that happens, Steves room is still free” He grinned at you, “Then I’ll have my girl a lot closer” He always said this, always called you his girl but never acted on it. The only time he got close to acting on it was when you were being hit on by a random guy in the bar. He got possessive and attractively dangerous at certain times.
“Eugh, imagine living with boys full time” You joked trying to ignore the comments.  
He let out a loud laugh, “Oh, trust me it’ll be a big difference than living with Wanda and Nat”
“I’ve stayed there and I know, and it’s mostly me here anyway, at the moment I’m enjoying my peace and quiet, but also missing the commotion”
“Don’t blame you, at least it’s not a bad set of apartments around here”
You lived in a nice neighbourhood, especially considering New York rates, but you had a very well paid job, no family responsibilities, and put in your savings just as much as you spent on rent. You were fine.
“They’re very nice” You murmured with a small shiver,
Bucky had noticed this and as soon as he did, he stopped, “Shit, sorry Y/N, I promise I was raised better than this” He said,
You stared at him confused, wondering why he stopped but he soon gave you his jacket, you were in awe at the fact that he gave you his jacket,
“Bucky” You pouted, “Thank you” You wrapped yourself in his jacket, the smell of his cologne stronger than before, but so much warmer.
“Anything for you sugar, besides you look better in it than I do, I like you wearing my stuff” He murmured kissing your forehead,
The two of you carried on walking, mostly in silence, it was nice though. Times like this with Bucky meant the world to you.
“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours” He asked when you were only a block away from your apartment building,
You shook your head, “I just… like this” You said, “Spending time with you, it’s nice”
He smiled at that, his pearly whites on show, and his beautiful blue eyes twinkling, “I knew I was better company than Wilson”
You laughed at that, “I’m being serious Buck, you just… I don’t know. You make me feel safe and happy, even at 1am walking through the streets of New York”
“Good, because I’m always here to keep you safe” He said,
You stared up at him, so often, when he made comments like that it made you think, does he feel the way you do. Does he want to be with you as much as you want to be with him?
“You’ve got a dangerous look on your face there sugar.”
“No I don’t buck” you whispered before going into your apartment building, nodding at the doorman who also smiled at Buck,
“Yes you do” he said following you into the lift,
You couldn’t help but raise your eyebrows at him and crossing your arms across your chest, he always made fun of you for this but you couldn’t help it,
He tried to supress his smirk, “You look cute sugar, and what was that dangerous look for huh?”
It was just the two of you in the elevator, you didn’t expect him to come up with you,
“I don’t know Buck… like sometimes, sometimes you just make some comments or act a certain way and it makes me overthink. It’s stupid”
He didn’t say anything, instead he had an intense look on his face, his thinking face, although rarely was he this deep in thought, the elevator stopped on your floor and the two of you walked across the landing towards your door, he still hadn’t said anything as the two of you entered your apartment, you kicked your shoes off, and didn’t take Bucks Jacket off until you got to your room, Bucky Still following you.
He stared at your intently, “Don’t look at me like that” you grumbled taking his jacket off, missing the warmth it had and his smell and hanging it back to him, he threw the jacket on the bed before coming up to you, he seemed so much taller right now since you took your heels off, he brushed a strand of hair out of your face, still giving you the same look,
“You know, these last few years, I was hoping at some point you would realise why I’ve scared off any guy who comes near you. Why I’ve always been there to look out for you, making sure my fav girl knows she’s my only girl. But you just… you don’t see it. But I think you do. I know you do” He voice was so deep and low, turning you on slightly, he had a dark look in his eyes, but his blue eyes still piercing into you,
“Maybe youre the one whos not caught on Buck, come on, I’ve not cared about any other guy for years, especially when youre the only guy I can see” You whispered at him,
That’s all the conformation he needed before pinning you up against your bedroom door, you gasped at the strength and speed he had, a hand caressing your jaw slowly, before he pressed his lips against your own, you moaned at this he kept you pinned against the door. The kiss was rough but held all the passion your needed, he grabbed your wandering hands before holding them above your head in one place with one of his hands, the other grabbing your hip, pressing himself up against you, the kiss soon turned into kisses down your neck as he bit and sucked his way down,
“Buck” You moaned out feeling a small wetness between your thighs, shocked at the sudden pleasure, if you knew your body would react like this, you would’ve said something sooner, the pleasure this made caused you within seconds was more than any man had done before.
“You’re mine Y/N” He growled out, “You’re mine, and I’m going to make sure it takes more than just my cologne all over you for you to know that” He said before picking you up and throwing you on your bed before joining you.
The two of you making love in ways you didnt expect with him, not realising he felt the way you did, and him giving you want you wanted, no needed. 
A/N: Lol I’m so sorryyyy I’m trying to write more and moreeee. Hope you enjoy though, any requests send them my wayyyyyy 
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readywhorenot · 10 months ago
your nsfw work is some of my favourite fr,, just thought i’d let you know
lately i’ve been thinking about iwa asking you to dom him, or at least try to. he’s really just curious because you’re usually so submissive when it comes to him 😍
totally fine if you can’t/don’t want to do this request though!! ❤️
Ris you’re too sweet tysm :,) also i am loving this prompt bc i love the idea of domming men that are usually really tough and strong. I hope you dont mind but i did use some references from your self ships to try to make it a little bit more tailored to your liking but i hope i did so accurately. Also, i know i promised i’d have this done yesterday but i ended up not having as much time as i thought i would have so sorry about that!
Pairing: Iwaizumi Hajime x fem!reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: a disturbing amount of dialogue, nsfw (minors DNI i beg of you), dom reader, light face slapping, bondage (if you can even call it that lol), vulgar language, timeskip!college/cali iwa (but not college au cause yall live together even though that’s not really manageable in the haikyuu universe/plot but you know what let me live)
“Do you even have shoes to go with that?” A smile creeps up to your eyes, knowing your words are working their way to sneak beneath your boyfriend’s skin. Hajime lets out an inaudible grumble, continuing to tuck his pale yellow shirt into his pants. The man is a bit of a mess, with black slacks, a brown belt, and a bright shirt- there was no way he could properly match an outfit.
You and Hajime usually settled for relaxed date nights, snuggled under mountains of fuzzy blankets and a new movie with horrible acting on screen, leading the two of you to create plenty of inside jokes and remarkable memories in the shared warmth of each other’s arms. So when the beefy brunette suggested monthly, old-fashioned date nights to switch things up a bit, you reluctantly gave it a try.
It has been three snobby waitresses and six overpriced meals since then, therefore it’s no surprise that tonight’s fancy date night was not all that appealing. Here you sit, taking as much time as you can in only a towel to stall tonight’s dinner plans. You swing your legs, looking around the room to pass the time until Hajime gets impatient. In three… two… one…
“Would you just get dressed already?” He takes a peek at the expensive watch draped around his wrist, “Our reservation is at seven and it takes a good thirty minutes to get there.”
You saunter over to his side, playfully smacking his shoulder, “Scooch over then.”
He lightly shuffles to the right, letting you have a full range of the shared closet. Plastic hangers scratch against the wooden railing that they dangle from, followed by hums of disapproval and tiny head shakes from you. You rummage within the shadows of the back of the closet, pulling out dress after dress but ultimately returning them to the rack lined with the rest of your evening wear.
Growing more agitated by your indecisiveness, Hajime tries to speed up the process, “What was wrong with that one? I think it would have been a solid choice for tonight.”
“It’s short. I would have to wear some shorts or a shaper underneath.” You wave your hand passively, “Too much work.”
“I mean, you don’t have to wear anything underneath.” You shoot him a look, and he saves himself, “But, I get what you’re saying. What about that red one in the back?”
“I’m not feeling bright colors tonight,” you object.
He slides the cuffs of his sleeves up the length of his forearm, “It seems like you’re not feeling tonight in general.” His tone is frustrated, but nothing rude. His air quotes around the word “feeling” were a bit unnecessary, though.
You smirk, “Finally got the hint? Listen, I love trying new things with you but I miss the way things used to be. I miss cooking with you and dancing in the kitchen. I miss fighting about whether or not water is wet while folding laundry. I miss picking out stupid outfits for each other in the mall,” you turn to face him, leaning against the closet frame, “I love that you want to spoil me but I miss us.”
His eyes are wide, and he blinks at you for a second until his features soften, “You could have just said so, love. Now that you mention it, I have missed our at-home dates.” He wraps his hand around the back of your arm, gently pulling you forward to kiss you on the top of your head, “Let’s just stay home tonight, yeah? I’ll call the restaurant and cancel the reservation.”
A soft thank you passes quietly from your lips. You make your way to the dresser while Hajime picks his phone from his front pocket and places it to his ear, after taking a second to dial the number. His conversation with the hostess ends almost as soon as it begins. As you sort through folded sweatpants and comfortable tee shirts (half of which you stole from him), arms slink around your waist from behind. Your left shoulder grows heavier from the weight of his head, his chin resting comfortably in the curve of your neck.
He pushes your hand away from the clothing, “So you know,” he gives a cottony smooch to the side of your neck, “how you said,” he pauses to plant another one slightly higher than the last, “you love trying,” and another one, “new things?”
Taking the hint that Hajime has a certain at-home activity in mind, you slide your hand along his sleeved bicep, the muscles as easy to trace as always, “Depends on what you have in mind.”
Still peppering kisses anywhere from your ear to your shoulder he requests, “I was thinking that maybe you could take charge tonight… only if you want. I was just thinking since you’re usually more submissive that-”
Your giggling cuts him off, “Sure, we can try it. Don’t sound so nervous.”
You wriggle in his hold around you, turning to look at him. He’s blushing something fierce, which is uncharacteristic of your boyfriend, but his vulnerability allows you to take the upper hand. You press your index finger into his sternum, both of you moving toward the bed with eyes still locked in on the other. The backs of Hajime’s legs bump into the foot of the bed, the impact forcing him to sit down onto the mattress, nearly falling if not for the sturdiness of his elbows which he’s propped himself up with.
His tongue slides between the seal of his lips watching you slowly untuck the towel from where it’s secured beneath your arm. Eyes the hue of dark sage scan you from top to bottom when the towel drops into a heap on the wooden floor. Your posture falters suddenly, and you close in on yourself from the one-sided exposure. Still, you make your way toward the robust man to undress him. Tonight you take charge, therefore tonight any insecurity is washed down with a devilish smile and any cocky attitude you can muster.
You fiddle with his belt, pulling the leather from the binds of snug loops, and set the accessory to the side. You push his shoulder lightly, and he lets his upper body succumb to the comfort of the plush blankets beneath. Hoisting yourself onto the bed, your leg slides over his abdomen until you can sit on his lap with the support of your knees, which rest at either side of his body.
You play with the buttons of his dress shirt, starting at the collar and slowly, painfully, working your way down. A hand creeps up the side of your thigh, the roughness of his palm inching closer to cup your ass. But before he has the chance to get that far, you give his chiseled cheek a light slap. Immediately, he halts his movements and takes his eyes off of your form to search your face for an explanation of the tingles on his skin.
“No touching,” you command, taking his wrist and plucking the frozen man’s hand from your thigh, “no doing anything without permission.”
His arm falls limp at his side, next to your calves. You continue undressing Hajime, taking your time to admire the slight bit of sweat glistening across his toned chest. You shift backward to get the last few buttons, accidentally grinding against his clothed crotch. You’re met with a desperate grunt from the former ace who bucks his hips up into you from the friction.
“Now, now, use your words if you want something,” you tease him while freeing the fabric from underneath his pants, swiping your fingers across the width of his v-line.
He brings his arm to his face, burying his eyes into his elbows to try to mask the sheepishness scribbled across his face, “Can you hurry up a bit, please?”
Who knew a brute like the Iwaizumi Hajime was so easy to dominate? You for sure thought that he’d put up more of a fight, especially considering that in the bedroom, you usually are the submissive one. Alas, here he is, a reddened mess underneath you, and what a sight it is. You want- no, you need to see more of it.
“Hmm, I’ll think about picking up the pace. But first,” you reach for the belt that had been neglected earlier, but surely not forgotten, “how do you feel about me using this?”
He looks up from beneath his forearm, his eyelashes catching to the damp skin. Bushy eyebrows raise into his forehead, and he slides his wrist to sit on the corner of his mouth. Upon seeing you tangle the belt around the silver buckle twice through wide irises of deep cobalt, he abruptly looks away.
Muffled by the back of his hand, he bashfully agrees, “Fine, but not too tight.”
Satisfied with his response, you do some finishing touches to the makeshift cuffs. Leaning forward to hover over where the brunette lay, he becomes even more flustered from how your exposed breasts linger above his face.
Too entranced by your skin with his gaze running wild along your curves, your voice sounds miles away to him, “Lift your arms for me.”
He does as he’s told, letting you slip the leather around his wrists. He tugs on the restraints a few times, making sure they don’t pinch and that they’re not too viselike around the thin skin. Not being met with any concerns, you focus your attention back on the task at hand. You slide yourself off of him, sinking to your knees between his legs. Antagonizing him, you languidly pull down his zipper, and it takes everything within you to not rush.
Without having to ask, Hajime uses the balls of his feet to lift his hips off of the bed. Seizing this opportunity, and considering he’s been such a good boy, you swiftly pull your boyfriend’s slacks and boxers down all in one motion. Immediately, you reach for his length which looks painfully hard.
Pumping the shaft with a feather-light touch you pester him verbally as well, “Wow! All worked up just from this? Were you ever going to tell me that you like being tied up and teased, Iwa-chan, or was I going to have to figure that out myself?”
“Ew, don’t call me that,” his voice cracks.
Growing bored and more aroused by the minute, you remove your hand from its hold on his throbbing length. You trot to the bedside table, not without a whine from your lover who’s beginning to writhe in his restraints. You pull the drawer open, the drag of the wood almost tuning out Hajime’s sigh of relief. Fishing out a condom and using your hip to push the drawer back in, you return to the foot of the bed.
You tear the packet, inching your way back onto the bed. Knelt beside the man, you can see his muscles bulge from behind the pastel cashmere blend. Rolling the latex over the pink tip of his cock all the way to the base, your lips meet his in a fleet peck. There’s something about the way he glimmers under the artificial light of your shared bedroom, his veins prominent and pupils dilated wider than usual that makes you stare for a second after drawing back from the kiss.
Your right leg skims over his torso once more, letting you suspend over him while your knees become situated. Using his chest as leverage, dilatory in your movements, you lower yourself onto his stiff hard-on with a high-pitched whimper. The muscles around his groin flex, his arms stretching above his head which is rolled back against the sheets when you sink completely down onto him.
You start with grinding on him, letting your hips slide in circles to become comfortable in the foreign position. Hajime strains to lift his head off of the bed, eyes trained on the rotation of your lower half, and his lip caught between his teeth. With an audience now, you gain some speed. Your pelvis begins to gyrate, occasionally rocking back and forth or side to side. He sucks in a breath from the new sensations churning in his loins, almost choking on said air when you bounce on him.
A guttural moan sets his breath free, his eyes falling back in tandem with his head. His eyelids wrinkle, screwed shut in pleasure while you spring off of your knees to ride him. Your inner thighs glue themselves to his sides to keep steady, your nails press further onto his chest but slip with each bump of your body against his lap. The position allowing more control than usual, each drag of his cock masterfully strikes you into oblivion.
Soon, the aching in your knees overwhelms all of the pleasure curdling between your legs. Movements become lazy, the accuracy of him hitting your g-spot declining rapidly from the fatigue. You’re panting, back arched to power through with the last bout of available energy. Suddenly, a groggy voice breaks your concentration.
“Can I move? Want to-” he moans, breaking his sentence, “-help you out.”
“Yes! Hajime, please!”
Barely letting you finish your sentence, the college sophomore relentlessly begins to pound up into you. Almost immediately, you fall forward from the force of his thrusts with vision spotty and noises escaping you that are nothing short of pornographic. You try to rock onto him, but to match his speed is nearly impossible. Pelting your sensitive walls with a couple of strong thrusts, they clamp and lock around him, pushing you both into orgasm while chanting a chorus of obscenities mixed in with each other’s names.
You collapse onto his chest, which bobs with each shaky breath he takes. He leans down to kiss your hair, muttering sweet assurances into the damp strands. Weakly lifting yourself up and off of him, you unbuckle his restraint, throwing it to some unimportant corner of the room. Hajime shakes his wrists out, rotating them while they crinkle and crack. He removes the condom and throws it into the bin beside the bed. Happy to finally be free to touch you, Hajime wraps his burly limbs around yours, letting his arms squeeze your labored body and his legs tangle with your trembling ones.
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kishimoto-did-us-dirty · a year ago
I don’t know if I’ve asked before but would you write for Lee or Choji? Maybe a girl that really likes them and they’re super surprised to find out. Could be friends to lovers?? I just think they deserve more writing! I’m also a hopeless romantic. 😅
Why yes I do~ Thank you for the super cute request! <3
Choji is so underrated I love this plump boy so much T^T both of them are so genuinely kind I love them!!!
Warnings: a teeny bit angsty
just lmk and I'll re-do them no problem :(
Friends To Lovers with Choji and Lee
Tumblr media
Choji and you have known each other since you were children in the academy
You guys got along super well, and once it was discovered that you got along with Shikamaru too, you’ve been a set trio ever since
You three are attached at the hip
You guys have the most chill and supportive friendship amongst you
Choji is there to talk about your problems and help you emotionally
While Shikamaru is there to solve your problems and help you rationally
It’s a 10/10 friendship. The type you see in the movies.
You guys are never afraid to be honest with each other and accept one another completely as you are
The three of you always have great laughs and even better conversations
You yourself are particularly funny and make up for a lot of the lighter mood in the group
But you and Choji always got along a little more
You liked Shikamaru for sure, but Choji and you were just... closer
Not in the way that Shikamaru and Choji are close -- those two are each other’s ride or die, there’s no equalling that
But it’s obvious that you’re special to one another, especially once you guys become genin
It’s in the way he always compliments you
It’s in the way he always chuckles at your unfunny jokes
It’s in the way he always assures you that you’re amazing
It’s in the way he always lets you rest your head on his shoulder whenever the three of you are cloud watching
It’s in the way he always offers you food that he’s usually protective over
It’s in the way he always fiddles with your hair or rubs patterns into your back whenever you’re next to him
It’s in the way he never stands up for himself but will take on an army to protect you
And it’s been like this ever since you were little
Everyone can see right through it -- the two of you like each other. A lot.
But both of you are just so oblivious 
Shikamaru just watches the whole thing go down for years with affectionate exasperation
When you guys end up on different teams, he’s a little heartbroken and so are you
He makes sure that you’re always healthy and especially well fed lol
He worries about you on missions
This all lasts for years
What breaks the two of you out of it is Asuma’s death
He’s been hit, and he’s been hit hard
He doesn't know what to do -- he ends up just softly crying to you in a sense of loss
And you’re there for him every step of the way
Being so close to death, especially one of someone precious, makes people recognize the fragility of life
He begins to see the people precious to him in a new light
Especially you
He asks Shikamaru about it, who has long since known that the two of you liked each other
Shikamaru lets him know that there’s no chance of him being rejected (without saying you like Choji) and just lays out the two options he has:
1) There’s a war approaching. You don’t tell them and they go off to fight and could potentially die just like Asuma.
2) You tell them and they don’t die bc now the two of you have something to fight for: your future together.
Choji decides to do it
It takes him a long ass time though
Maybe 4-6 months?
Not because he’s scared (well, partially), but because he wants to remember you as the exact way he fell in love with you for just a little longer
It ends up being over a hang out with some chips and giggles that he tells you
You guys are just sitting on a hill and talking, your head on his shoulder again
Shikamaru isn’t there bc Choji told him his plan
It’s honestly just really casual and sweet
You can imagine what he says lol
You tell him you feel the sameeee 👀
and then y’all kith. Just a cute peck.
It’s so sickeningly sweet. You may get a cavity.
Anywho, falling into a relationship with him doesn’t feel much different than before 
It’s just the same except more affection and kissing
He LIVES for receiving cheek kisses
Also loves receiving praise since his self-esteem ain’t the best
When y’all announce that you’re dating everyone is unimpressed bc they all already knew it was all a matter of time
Naruto is hella confused
He thought y’all had been together since the academy days
You kind of were, now that you thought about it.
Tumblr media
10000/10 friend
Supports you unconditionally and will scream as much off of the hokage monument 
Always has your back
Any accomplishment that you have ends up with him being prouder than you are
You two are just pretty in tune with each other tbh
You definitely admire him from afar 
You liked him first for sure
He’s just super one track minded and oblivious that it was hard for him to notice
You guys were still friends though and bonded through shared missions, training and getting food together after either/or
You just admire his dedication and persistence as well as how hard he tries to make his dreams into a reality
Not only that, but he’s so attentive to your needs and emotions that he’s a really steady figure within your life
No one except a few people close to you know just how much you admire him
You don’t want to distract him from his goals as a Shinobi and tbh it doesn’t seem like he ever will be
You’re convinced for a while that he’ll never like anyone until he’s retired
So when you see him with Sakura it lowkey saddens you
Because that means he does like someone, he just doesn’t like you
However Tenten, who has her suspicions on how you feel about him, casually mentions in passing that although he really does think she’s pretty, she believes Lee’s pursuing of Sakura is only a product of his rivalry with Naruto and Sasuke
Thank god for Tenten, the queen that she is
It’s a long process with Lee
Unlike Choji who always liked you, Lee takes a longer time to see you for just how amazing you really are
It starts out with training
He punches the training stump at a bad angle accidentally and cuts his finger. It’s not bad, but he’s bleeding a decent amount for a cut
He tries to continue but you won’t let him and insist on him being properly bandaged before he continues
It’s when you’re wrapping his hand that he sort of realizes how great you are to him
This doesn’t directly lead to any feelings though
He just starts noticing how great you are in general
He thinks it’s totally platonic too
You land a good hit on him? Wow, you’re so amazing!
You stop to take a drink of water? What an awesome self-caring person you are!
You bandage someone up? Could you be any better?
He just starts to notice things about you that he doesn’t even think are that important, just normal admiration for his friend
You of course already admire everything about him
So when you get asked out by someone else and he hears about it??? 👀👀👀👀
Lee can’t help but think to himself that they just don’t know how amazing you are as well as he does
Again, he thinks it’s totally platonic
Boy is dense
But it still really bothers him
You didn’t even say yes to the guy
But it’s just a matter of him thinking about you with them
Now the boy is not a control freak or dominating product of toxic masculinity
He knows you have a free will and that you don’t belong to him or anything
It was just the thought of you not spending as much time with him and showing off how amazing you are to him that got him sad :(
And then he just kind of realized that he wants to spend all the time he can with you 
And so he does lol
You start recognizing how much time he’s been spending with you lately and how much he seems to want to be around you
And so with a little push from Tenten you decide to confess
But when you do, Lee kind of just goes:
“Oh... so that's what I’m feeling...”
And realizes that he didn't just want to spend time with you, he just wanted you
And so from there, you got to show him just how amazing you are every day forth 😌
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herstarburststories · a year ago
Because I really love your writing, can I request Michael!Dean x Reader x Demon!Dean all fucking her and using breeding kink Bc she is their bride.
A/N: I love your spams so much!
Between Angels and Demons; Michael!Dean x Reader x Demon!Dean
Warnings: pussy grabbing, dirty talk, humping, implied 3way. no beta'd, we die like women.
Tumblr media
As you put the used cup on the sink, you find two arms soon caged around you. You don’t need to turn around to know who the hands belong to— how could you not recognize the touch that made you come over and over again last night?
Besides, if that wasn't proof enough, there was also the hardness pressed against your ass.
Dean's hot breath on your neck caused rising goosebumps. You shut your eyes close, rather focusing on how the warmth of his body drags you close. Yet, you try not to move. Michael didn't like when you engaged into mischievous activities with the demon without him.
Nonetheless, Dean wasn't one to care about the archangel's rules. Especially when his cock was hard. If his dick wanted to drown in your pussy, then that was what he was gonna do. Annoying Michael in the process was just a bonus.
The black eyed creature leaned in, his lips meeting your bare shoulder.
"Dean... Stop." You giggled, amused by the little kisses left on your skin. Dean went a bit too far, moving his hips back and forward against your butt. You bit your lips, an attempt to catch a glimpse of determination. "Behave."
"This is exactly how a demon behaves, sweetheart." You can't see him now, but it's easy to sense a grin on his speech. Everything about a clandestine meeting only made you more aroused for him.
You sigh. Unsure of your own strength to deny him again. Dean, in any shape, was your a Achilles Heel, the perfect match for your needy pussy. How are you supposed not to be swept off your feet? Besides, he kept humping you as a horny dog. The Knight knows you love some clothed fun before the real thing.
Yet, you foolishness try to remain sane. "I'm serious, Dean. You know Michael hates when we start without him.''
"Let the wings come at me, then. Your pussy is worth it." He snuggled his nose on your neck. Fuck, he loves how you smell, a unique fragrance of angelic grace's traces tangled with his own sulfur, despite your delicious human smell; tailor made for and by him and Michael. "Besides, I bet you are gonna love Mikey's punishment on you."
"Why would I punish Y/N?" Michael's voice arrived, calm and deep as usual. The kind of tone that would make you want to get on your knees, God knows you have plenty times. Dean humped one last time, giving a farewell through an open mouth kiss on your earlobe.
"Because she's being a little slut for me. All wet and worked up for my cock." He turned around to face Michael with a malicious smile. You mimicked his move.
"Is it true, Y/N?" The archangel arched his eyebrow while he scooted closer to you. You gulped, ashamed by your prior behavior but not truly regretting anything. Michael slipped his hand inside your panties, purposely avoiding your heat as he touched the frabric. His eyes glowed blue. "What have I told you about starting without me?"
Instead of replying, your body acted for itself and leaned towards his hand. The moving caused his palm to touch your pussy, and you moaned weakly. Before he could call you out about it, Dean interrupted:
"What do you think, Mikey--"
"You'll get enough of your name when our little bitch is screaming it. Don't worry, Mikey." He rolled his eyes. "My suggestion is breeding her."
"What?" You shot a wide eyed gaze. Michael grabbed your pussy to cease your complain, considering Dean's idea in his mind. Your mouth, which was open in form of 'O' by the shock, now changed into a large hole of moaning, and Dean couldn't help but think you needed his dick in it. Perhaps that would shut you up properly.
"Come on, sweetheart. Imagine me getting into your tight pussy and coming inside you. Then the angel right here fucks you using my cum as lube." He licked his lips, watching you like a hungry hunter. "You'll have a little demon or a little nephilim, it's a win win."
Michael offered you a treacherous smile. "Breeding you does sound pleasurable, little one."
"Imagine that, Y/N. Getting knocked up, me fucking my kid inside that tight cunt." Dean nibbled on his lower lips, rough hand caressing your cheek. "I can't wait to see you all swollen with my heir."
"My spring." Michael corrected him. "Everyone will see that you belong to me."
"Do you think you can get the two of us at the same time, sweetheart?" Dean ignored him, hand invading your bra to hold your breast. His thumb started to play with your nipple during his talk. "Or would it destroy your little pussy? It would be a shame to lose my favorite toy."
You should tell him no. You know that. Both men are rough, strong, and possessive when it comes to you. They have killed men only for looking at you. If you had their kids, they would be even more violent. Certainly wouldn't stop by one, and you wouldn't want to stop hearing them talk about breeding you. It would be a non ending path. Not to mention they would be brutal, both fucking your pussy. Would you even get up after that? But then... It was so fucking hot.
"Do not be greedy, Y/N." The celestial being advised you, chuckling as if he was telling an inner joke. "Haven't you read the bible? It's sin."
"You could end up regretting that, baby girl." Dean looked up with a devilish grin.
Your inevitable answer ultimately came, like you'd be doing soon:
"Make me regret that then."
Hey! Comment and reblog; feedback is magic!
Hunter: @demonhunterbarbie (spn taglist open)
Dean's sweetheart: @akshi8278 (dean taglist open)
And @blue-lion1 for Michael!Dean
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hitorii · a year ago
hewoo🥺can you write hcs on tendou and iwaizumi comforting their s/o who is sad because of their bad relationship with their father,like not in any abusive way but their dad is distant and emotionally unavailable:/
Tumblr media
HC: Tendou and Iwaizumi helping an S/O with an emotionally unavailable father.
TW: Parental Neglect/Distancing, idk how to properly identify this trigger but I will be writing about some potentially heavy stuff in regards to parental instability so be wary of that if you wish to proceed.
TAGS: Emotional unavailability, hurt/comfort, angst
NOTES: Hi anon, thank you for requesting this, bby! This ask hit super close to home so I felt very confident that it was something I could write. While I might not have had these sweet boys to help me through my time, I hope these headcanons bring some sort of comfort to anyone dealing with this situation. And anon, if you yourself are dealing with this, know that I understand and I love you dearly ❤️ It’s not easy but it can be bearable. My inbox is always open, honeybun. (also we’re not gonna talk about how i switched tenses w each hc shhhh)
Tumblr media
if you couldn’t tell by my url, i love tendou dearly, bby boy is my level of crackhead energy
literally the biggest asshole when it comes to teasing but i mean, you know he loves you
which is probably how he found out about your situation in the first place
y’all were probably joking around, making aggressive jabs at each other, name calling, the whole nine yards
“tendou you look like a fuckin’ troll doll, do not tell me I need a haircut”
“well y/n, anyone would be a damn troll for dating you”
you get the picture
it wasn’t until he made an off-handed comment about your dad not loving you that your mood INSTANTLY dropped
your chest got tight, your skin went numb, all breath from your lungs just WHOOSH
when he saw the tears slip from the brims of your eyes he finally stopped talking and lept to your side
he grabbed your face with both hands and started spewing apologies after asking what was wrong, he knew you liked to joke around with him like that but you never cried from something he said before
that’s when you sat him down (after some cuddles n kisses uwu) and explained everything to him
about your dad’s emotional unavailability, how you constantly pushed yourself in everything you did to get any sort of feedback from him, how you wanted to have that relationship everyone else seemed to have with their fathers
“it feels stupid to say but... i’ll never know what it feels like to be a daddy’s girl/boy.”
the whole time he’d listen intently, just soak up every word that came out of your mouth and nod occasionally to show that he was actively retaining the info
he’d have an arm slung around you and the other hand gently rubbed your thigh with his thumb, it only left the spot once or twice to wipe a stray tear from your face
and when you finished he went silent for a moment to really think it over. usually he’d be quicker with responses, but he didn’t want to potentially make you feel worse
he’d connect the dots during this process: he actually understood why you worked so hard all the time, why you got so happy when he praised you for the smallest things, why you always seemed to derail any conversations about your parents
he’d tell you that he might not understand what being isolated by a parent may feel like, but he definitely understands being cast out. he’d want you to understand that he truly felt for you, and you don’t have to be alone despite how your father makes you feel.
lowkey he’d probably offer to talk to your dad but that was just his protective crackhead slippin’ out, give him a head pat and firmly tell him no and that it’s okay
he said it gently but you definitely saw one of his eyebrows twitch and the look in his eye
he doesn’t want anyone makin’ his baby feel this way 🥺
once he managed to make you laugh with either that attempt of yelling at your dad or just crack a stupid joke that NEVER failed to make you giggle
he’d pull you into another hug and apologize on your neglectful dad’s behalf
“I know this won’t change anything, but I’m so sorry y/n... you deserve the world and more.”
then he’d tickle you again just to hear your sweet voice wail his name in a fit of laughter, it’s music to his ears
from then on he made the effort to check up on you, tell you how proud he was, how great you were doing at XYZ
bc although he couldn’t replace your dad, he would do his damndest to be your “emotional support daddy” i’m taking this term w me to the grave
Tumblr media
i’m so so sorry but i never write for iwa so this might be a lil’ short or ooc pls don’t come for my neck i’m trying
but ooooooh iwa-chan
he probably won’t really connect the dots as quick as tendou would but it’s fine, it’ll work out
so you were tossing a volleyball back and forth at a park or smth
and this motherfucker was being so critical over everything you did
“y/n drop your shoulders”
“your feet aren’t wide enough apart”
“no, thumb over the palm, like this”
this is why he was the volleyball player of the relationship, smh
but he just chuckled and half-apologized, making a joke about how he felt bad for your dad playing catch w you as a kid under his breath
boy did your shoulders drop then
your whole body slumped and the ball fell flat in front of you
Iwa gave you a confused look before seeing how wide your eyes went, the wetness steadily forming in the corners and the way your bottom lip trembled
“hey, hey, what’s wrong? did I really coach you too hard?”
he quickly walked over to you and pulled you into his chest, pressing a sweet lil kiss to the side of your head, a hand rubbing up and down your back
you shook your head and clung onto his shirt, the tears you were choking on making your mouth unable to move in response while your whole body trembled with the sudden overflow of emotion
meanwhile iwa’s just like ??? what did i do ???
but he held your through your crying fit and waited until you stopped sniffling and hiccuping to finally ask what was wrong, pulling you into his lap as he sat down on the grass
dude still thinks he just nagged you too much lol
you explained that you really didn’t have the best relationship with your dad, that your childhood was mostly spent playing by yourself and learning how to do certain things alone or through others
growing up happened way too fast for you and it was hard for you to actually enjoy it without a father figure who made an effort to connect with you, even now.
he’s got his hand rubbing up and down your back while you talk, cheek smushed on your head as he hums in acknowledgment ever so often
now he gets it.
he’s silent for a moment, then moves to press a gentle kiss to your temple before speaking
“I’ll help you out, with everything.”
He wants to be there for you for whatever milestones you have yet to complete, considering your father was never there for the ones you did.
he ALSO wants to shit on your dad for treating you poorly but he just keeps that to himself prolly plotting to do it on his own one day oml
he reassures you that he’s proud of how far you’ve gotten on your own without that fatherly guidance, and that he’ll never let you feel so alone and helpless again.
he’ll teach you everything you need to learn
“...and I promise to be a better volleyball coach, too.”
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i was gonna make this sound poetic rather than just a random raw little rant but its late and i don’t think i will bother <3 just cried about her for the first time in like .... a long time. i don’t quite know how to put it into words but i’ll try: loving this girl has shockingly enough never taken that much of a toll on me? i think because even though i’m not receiving anything back really there aren’t many disadvantages in the sense that i have had this close bond with her for 2 and a half years now, so i go to school, see her, complain to her about something, she makes me feel better, i make a joke, she laughs and wishes me well and then i go to my friends and we joke about it bc they know how obsessed i am with her. it’s just like.... a nice little repetitive cycle that makes the school days so much easier.... idk. but then on occasions like tonight it’ll hit me that like..., there have been so many of these nice moments, but i am so completely and stupidly blind to all the times when she will just look at me yet look straight past me, where i’ll always initiate everything (which is completely fair but u know- just hurts when she sees me without reacting sometimes), or she’ll just not be that nice to me which i know isn’t a reflection of her but more so personal things going on in her life that i don’t know about. but fuck does it hurt not like..... being her number one priority lmfao.... it’s like, i witness these disheartening things happen first hand but it’s not until i properly sit down and think about them do i like, process them as so incredibly painful? anyways. just was thinking about it because i’m graduating in like ... 5 months so fuck....
hope u are all well <3
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spookypotato · a year ago
Maybe a fic where after Sirius’ ankle is broken initially ( like the first couple of hours after) they think he won’t be able to play again because the doctors thought it was worse than it was and the team are told to prepare for the worst and we get to see their reactions :(
Sorry lol I’m just OBSESSED with your writing, I get so giddy reading them bc they are so so perfect
Thank you so, so much! It means a lot someone enjoys my writing that much. And please dont apologise for giving me good ideas to write and compliments that make my day!💛
Okay, I don't know if this is what you wanted. But I hope you like it anyway! Sorry I took longer than last time. I haven't forgotten about any prompts, I just had a bit of a block.
Characters, again, by the wonderfully talented @lumosinlove! Thank you!💜
The lights were too bright. But Sirius tired to open his eyes anyway. James was sitting next to him. How the hell had he gotten into his house?! Then memories came back, cracking of bones, emergency sirens, a stadium erupting in booing noises.
He was in the hospital. His foot hurt a lot less than he expected, but it was also in a splint at the moment.
As soon as James noticed, that Sirius was awake -or at least had his eyes semi open- he hugged him rather aggressively.
"Mate, idiot, I thought you were dying!", James voice was muffled by the pillows.
"I did tell him, that you would 100% survive, though.", Remus interrupted Sirius thought process.
Not really being able to say anything yet, he just took in the scene he was presented with.
The cubs, off to the far left of his room, had probably just stopped playing a game with Olli. The cards were all over the table and Sirius couldnt even try to guess what they had been playing. But they were all facing him now.
Next to them Kasey sat a bit further away, but clearly in a position were he could look into Logans and Finns cards and observe the game.
In the middle of the room stood Kuny, Nado, Dumo, Thomas and pretty much their whole team. They barely fit into the room.
To the left stood Arthur and Moody, both relieved at him being awake. They had probably been discussing something about the season.
Right on his bed sat James. Still hugging him. Sirius wouldn't put it past him, to just stay like that for the next few days. Lily was sitting next to his bed on the right, reading her magazine. She was clearly not surprised about James' behaviour.
And then there was Remus. Probably sitting the closest to him after, off course James. Right to his left. There was no magazine or playing cards or even his smartphone anywhere close to him. He might have just arrived. Although he did look a bit too tired for that. Remus looked relieved, but also somehow pained.  Sirius didnt know if it was, because of his ankle or because of something else.
His thoughts were interrupted by James, again. "Sirius, are you with us?"
Now the whole room was staring at him.
"Ouais, je suis réveillé.", it came out as a raspy sound. "Can I-", he coughed. "Can I have some water, please?"
James got his water not even a split second after, from his bedside table. He almost spilt the contents over the hospital sheets.
After he drank the entire cup in one go, he put it back next to his bed. He only realised now that there were flowers and chocolate there.
Chocolate- how ironic. No one in a hockey team would ever gift another hockey player chocolate. It wasnt on their meal plan. How long would he be gone, if he was allowed to eat chocolate?! He would be able to play again, right? Panic went through his entire body.
That moment a doctor came in. Everybody looked at her expectantly.
"Mr. Black", she started, "you broke your ankle, and you were in surgery, a few hours ago. I'm glad to see you have already woken up. That's a good sign. I have to inform you however that there were complications with the surgery, so you'll probably not be allowed to leave for at least the next week. Also-"
"I'm sorry, doctor, but that wont be possible.", Sirius interrupted her. "We have a very important game this weekend, and not only do I need to play, but I need to practice. I can stay no longer than today."
I would have been funny, that Sirius Black tried to debate with a Doctor about his body's state, but in this situation the doctors expression seemed to morph into a sad one.
"I wasnt suggesting it, Mr. Black. You will stay here, for at least a week. After that, we'll check on your state and if we decide to let you go home, you'll have to rest for at least 10 weeks to let the bone fully heal"
"But-", Sirius tried to say, but was cut of by the doctor again.
It was like a child complaining about not being allowed to have a certain toy.
"Once your bone has fully healed, you'll need to learn how to properly walk on it again."
"And afterwards I can start practice again?", Sirius sounded like he at least tried to accept his fate. He wouldn't be able to play the whole season.
"I dont think that will be what's happening. I'm sorry to inform you, but at the moment, it doesn't look like your ankle would handle the pressure of being on the ice in a professional state again."
"Does that mean he can never play again?", James asked, his voice sounded a bit shot.
It was only then that Sirius realised again, that he wasnt alone in the room.
"As it is now, no. I'm sorry. It could potentially change, but it is highly unlikely", the doctor told them. Even she didnt seem as neutral now as when she appeared. But then again, all of gryffindor loved their lions. She was probably almost as devastated as any other person in gryffindor.
"Thank you", was the only thing Sirius could choke out. This was all to much information at once.
As the doctor wanted to leave, James got up.
"Cant you bloody do something?! Anything? Please? We need him. Anything?"
The doctor just repeated herself. "I'm sorry, but as of now, the only thing we can do is wait how Sirius body reacts to the injury." With that she left the room, Arthur and Moody following her.
James sat down again. And hugged Sirius tightly and awkwardly, because he was still lying on the hospital bed. "Please tell me if you need anything, Pads.", he whispered.
The rest of the room hadnt said a word until now. Sirius was thankful for it. But they were all staring at him. Waiting for some kind of reaction.
"Guys, I'm fine.", Sirius lied. "How did the snakes game end? I want every detail."
He didnt listen. But he was pretty sure someone explained.
So many emotions were running through his mind.
He was furious. At Snape for hitting him. At the world for making it happen to him. At the doctors for not doing more. At himself for blaming everything else except himself.
He was sad. This was it. His career was over. He would maybe sit on the bench during games, if the team would even let him. He probably wasnt even part of the team anymore. He would be able to come to the first few games. And then fewer and fewer. Until the crowd had forgotten him. Until the team had forgotten him. Until he was just an ex-hockey player, sat in this massive house, alone and unwanted, all over again.
"Sirius.", a gentle voice pulled him out of his thoughts. "Sirius, are you listening?" It was Remus', his hand now on Sirius' arm. As he looked down Loops pulled it away.
"Yeah, no, a bit, sorry." Sirius replied, " I was a bit lost in thought." As the rest of the team almost gave him a another sad look, he added "Just thinking about your new training plans and how exhausted you will all be. Next time you need to show the damn snakes not to mess with lions." This was one of the first times he wished, he could be exhausted with them.
The team didn't laugh. Logan moved his chair closer to Sirius bed.
"Next time we'll win. For you."
"Wow, if I would have known it just needed at hit, to get you more ambitious, I would have been down months ago.", Sirius joked. It wasnt funny. He didn't even laugh himself, although he tried. It came out as a short, bitter one.
The team was staring at him again. It was horrible. He didnt want their pity. He wanted to get back on the ice, now. But he couldn't. He would never be able to skate again. In his life. It was over. Everything was over.
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worldwidemochiguy · 2 years ago
the best of both worlds (soft! yandere taehyung)
Tumblr media
Summary: A drunken man tries to assault you, and you see for the first time what it’s like for Taehyung to really lose his temper...
Word Count: 3.8K
Warnings: Yandere behaviour, attempted drunken sexual assault, mention of kidnapping, idealisation of kidnapping, stockholm syndrome probably, (dead dove: do not eat)
Made For Each Other Masterlist (the rest of this series of one-shots) 
General Masterlist
a/n: Kim Taehyung, the king of duality! yes the title is a hannah montana reference, and no i’m not sorry, but i am sorry for the ending which is kinda bad bc i'm really bad at ending things lmao. get ready for warm, fuzzy, protective soon-to-be-dad taehyung, as well as pissed off, dangerous, i’m-going-to-murder-you taehyung (not directed at reader, of course). tell me which one you prefer lol
“Do you think this tie brings out my eyes?” You snorted as you saw Taehyung appear in the mirror, standing behind you with a Simpsons themed tie hanging undone around his neck. His eyebrows were raised, obviously expecting an answer.
“Really?” He huffed, and then placed his hands on his hips. 
“Does it bring out my eyes or not?”
“Well it definitely brings out your inner child.” He smiled, walking up to you and wrapping you in a hug from behind, one of his hands drifting down to cup your stomach protectively. 
“I wish it would bring out your inner child.”
“Ah, I think you’re gonna have to wait another six months for that, Tae.” His grin matched yours as he buried his face in your neck, planting little kisses on the underside of your jaw. “Also, it’s our child, you know.”
“Mmhm, I don’t know, you have been pretty friendly with Minjae from accounting recently-” He broke into a laugh as you reached over to grab the pillow on the bed and thwacked him with it. 
You were glad you had gotten to a stage in your relationship where you could joke about these things. At first, Taehyung had been too possessive to even dare, and you had been so fragile you wouldn’t have wanted to mention it even as a joke, for fear of upsetting him. Now, after being married for almost a year, and pregnant for three months, you were both far more trusting of each other. That isn’t to say Taehyung wouldn’t rip the arms off any man who tried to touch you. And, to be honest, you didn’t mind that so much. It felt nice knowing he loved you enough to not want to lose you. 
Forty minutes later, you were both dressed and ready to go. You had been ready half an hour ago, but when Taehyung saw you in your dress, he got that look in his eye… the look that meant he was about to undo all of the hard work that went into your carefully styled hair. After that, it took an additional ten minutes to fix your hair, as he had fisted into it as he thrusted roughly into your throat, and also fix your runny mascara and smeared lipstick. He told you that you looked equally beautiful all messed up, that you looked sexy even. You quickly reminded him that he wouldn’t want anyone else to see you in that state, though, would he? 
Taehyung’s face darkened and you barely escaped spending another half hour at home as he showed you who you belonged to. 
Once you arrived at the office party, Taehyung’s hand curled possessively around your lower back, you were immediately overwhelmed. This was an interdepartmental gathering, meaning it wasn’t just Taehyung’s six close friends who worked on your floor and who you had a growing rapport with. No, this was practically everyone, including Ryan from human resources and Boyoung from marketing and a billion other names and faces you just didn’t know. 
Taehyung turned to you questioningly, feeling your muscles stiffen up. Your forced yourself to send a relaxed smile back at him. He had promised his friends that he would show up, and you didn’t want to inconvenience him. Or worse, embarrass him. You were entirely willing to let your comfort take a back seat tonight, after all, Taehyung was always catering to your needs excessively, especially now that you were pregnant. You brushed a hand over the bump distractedly, just to reassure yourself. 
You were barely showing yet, and Taehyung had said many times about how he couldn’t wait until you were obviously carrying his child, this sentiment always expressed with a possessive gleam in his eyes which never failed to send a pleasant shiver down your spine. When you realised you were pregnant, you worried that he wouldn’t be so pleased with all the changes to your body, but Taehyung had been unfailingly supportive, positively ecstatic throughout the whole process. You could just tell that, once you had given birth, he would do everything he could to give your child the best life possible. 
The thought caused a tingling sensation of warmth to settle in your stomach, and you relished it, because you certainly weren’t going to receive that feeling from drinking alcohol, usually the go-to method of making office parties bearable. You felt bad, Taehyung wouldn’t even be able to indulge himself in that, and all because of you. 
When you told him you were pregnant, Taehyung had rid the house of all alcoholic substances — along with anything else that could be potentially harmful to the baby — within a day. You told him over and over again that you didn’t mind if he wanted to drink, but he swore he wouldn’t. After all, he reasoned, What if I kissed you with traces of alcohol in my mouth? What would that do to the baby? When you told him that he could just remember not to kiss you after drinking, his face became even more horrified and he tugged you into his chest. Not kiss you? I’d rather die. Your husband was very dramatic. You loved him so much it hurt. 
“So, Y/n, he’s still letting you out of the house?” Jimin joked, causing the rest of Taehyung’s (and your) friends to roar in laughter. They were all aware of Taehyung’s extreme possessiveness over you, and took great pleasure in mocking him for it. 
“Yeah, I thought you would arrive here with a leash for Taehyung to hold on to.”
“Hey, Namjoon!” You started harshly, and the man stiffened, preparing for a verbal lashing. “It would definitely be Taehyung wearing the leash.” The rest of the boys burst into laughter, apart from Taehyung who was busy giving Namjoon a death stare. 
You tapped your husband’s chest lightly to get him to snap out of it.
“Don’t worry,” You told him in a hushed voice, “Namjoon was just joking, it’s ok.” He growled, snaking his other arm around your waist and pressing his forehead to yours. 
“I know, I just- I love you too much to let anyone say anything bad about you ever.”
“I know.” You giggled, pulling back slightly and registering the whoops of your friends behind you. A sharp glare of Taehyung’s over your shoulder got them all to shut up pretty quickly.
An hour later, you were nursing a lukewarm Virgin Margarita and sighing. Jimin and Hoseok had looped Taehyung into karaoke at the front of the office on a little makeshift stage. At first it had been funny, but after nine songs it was kind of boring, and your feet had started to really ache, and you wanted nothing more than to be snuggling in your large bed, where there was no karaoke, and no uncomfortable high heels, and no ice cubes that melt into your drink literally five minutes after you put them there. 
You sighed again, discarding your non-alcoholic disappointment on a table. You glanced at it briefly. Someone had done their best to decorate it, placing a little ‘2020!’ novelty stand on it, as well as the tinsel left over from Christmas. You say ‘Someone’, knowing full well it was probably Jimin. Jimin had been the mastermind behind this hellish office party, and had somehow strong-armed everyone into agreeing to come, despite the fact office parties were universally despised by all. 
You heard the drums in the intro of ‘The Best Of Both Worlds’ start to play, and you looked up to see Taehyung chucking Jimin a blonde wig. He scrambled to put it on, almost succeeded, then proceeded to start belting into the fake microphone with artificial blonde strands finding their way into his mouth. Everyone in the office started cheering and crowding around the makeshift stage area, which was where you also stood, so that you could still be as close to Taehyung as possible. 
With the rowdy, tipsy and slightly sweaty people of the office starting to surround you, all jumping along to the Hannah Montana ballad, you felt yourself start to overheat. You had been getting occasional hot flushes since the pregnancy started, something which the doctors ensured you was normal and which Taehyung never failed to lose his mind over. Last time, you had gotten dizzy enough to fall over yourself slightly and trip onto the safety of the couch, and Taehyung had almost cried, rushing you to the hospital despite your protestations. 
You knew if you alerted him to your overheated state, he would go into overdrive, so you quietly slipped out of the large open-plan floor they were having the party in and into the corridor. It was much cooler out there and you could feel the unpleasant dizziness slowly rescind, melting out of you just like those ice cubes in your Margarita (which you absolutely weren’t still bitter about). 
You were in such a calm, placid state of relaxation that the footsteps coming down the hall startled you. Your eyes opened to see the stumbling figure of a man returning from the toilet. He hadn’t done up his fly properly — you immediately averted your eyes from that — and you could tell he was pretty obviously inebriated. A budding sense of foreboding made itself known in your gut. 
“Hello, pretty- hic- lady.” The stranger slurred, the scent of the alcohol on his breath wafting over to you. You wanted to clamp a hand over your nose, irrationally worrying if the stench would hurt your baby. 
“I’m married.” You told him in a closed-off voice, displaying the expensive wedding ring Taehyung had slid on your finger, sealing the promise with a kiss. Rather than backing off, the man grabbed your offered hand, pressing a sloppy kiss to it. You exclaimed in disgust, trying to wrench your hand away, but you only succeeded in pulling him closer to you. You tried to backtrack, but you were only walking backwards and further away from the safety of the entrance to the office, further into the dark corridor. The cold now felt dangerous, and confining, but worse still was the hot breath of the man fanning across your face as he backed you against the wall.
“Get off me.” You tried to scream, but it came out as a pathetic whimper. “Get off me.” He chuckled, his disgusting fingers setting themselves on your waist, and he was so close to your underdeveloped baby bump that you wanted to scream. 
“Gonna make me feel so good, aren’t you?” The man laughed darkly, 
“Get off me!” You sobbed, stronger this time but still not strong enough. He pinned your wrists behind you painfully, ceasing your weak attempts at shoving him off. 
“I’m gonna have a lotta fun with you, pretty lady.” He whispered, and your tears started rolling in earnest because oh God, no one was coming to save you, Taehyung wasn’t going to want you after this-
Distant voices echoed, a familiar voice. Your vision went white, and your legs buckled beneath you. All you could register as you crashed down to the floor was that there was no one there to catch you. 
Taehyung was enjoying himself. It had been a while since he had gone out, probably years, due to his whole acquiring you, and then having to stay with you at all times until you came to your senses, and then having to stay by your side to protect you now that you were pregnant. It was a whole process. Don’t get him wrong, he loved you with his whole heart, and you were without a doubt the most important thing in his life, but he also enjoyed lesser pleasures like getting fresh air, having a change of scenery, and watching his friends get absolutely shit-faced and sing Hannah Montana in front of the entire faculty. 
But, after about half an hour of that, he was missing you again. He cast his eye over the crowd, checking on you where you were standing in the spot you had been for the last ten minutes. And then he stopped. You weren’t there. He squinted slightly, hoping that perhaps he wasn’t seeing right. But, it was real, you weren’t there anymore. He felt a wave of hysteria build up in him, ready to crash. He left the side of the karaoke stage, which was less of a stage and more a pile of empty printer-paper boxes, and strode through the room. Jimin tried to call him back, but Taehyung could barely hear a thing, too focused on searching for you.
He was frantic. He could just tell something bad had happened to you, someone was doing something to you, he could feel it in his heart. Once he confirmed you were definitely not in the room, he really started to panic. And then that panic subsided into cold, hard fury. Whoever had taken you away — because he knew you wouldn’t have left voluntarily, or without even telling him — he would tear them apart. 
He spotted the exit into the hallway, and as he got further away from the racket of the karaoke and closer to the doorway, a conversation drifted out to him.
“-off me.” A woman’s voice. A crying woman’s voice. Your voice. The rage within him grew fangs and roared.
“I’m gonna have a lotta fun with you, pretty lady.” 
By this point, Taehyung had reached the hallway and saw something he could have lived the rest of his life without seeing. 
A man had you pinned to the wall. You were sobbing, writhing in his grip, desperately trying to get away. He had his hands on you, he had his hands on your stomach, on Taehyung’s child.
“I’m gonna have a lotta fun with you, pretty lady.”
Taehyung ripped the man off you and threw him against the wall. He hit the surface hard, his head thrown back, and Taehyung let out a hiss of satisfaction as the man- the filth who dared to touch you slid down the wall leaving a smear of blood. But all thoughts fled from his mind as he heard your whimper behind him. He turned just in time to see your eyelids flutter shut, and he lunged to catch you as your legs gave out and you fell to the floor. 
“Oh God,” he muttered, “Oh God, Oh God, Y/n? Can you hear me?” No response. “Oh God.” Taehyung repeated. It seemed he couldn’t do anything but stare at your blank face, limp head resting in his lap as he sat on the floor with your unconscious form. 
“Please, baby.” He whispered, leaning in to kiss your forehead. “I’m so so sorry, please be okay.” His lips brushed your skin. No response. You always used to smile when he kissed you. He wished you would smile now.
“Taehyung, what- oh.” Hoseok paused as he took in the scene, having followed after Taehyung rushed out of the office. He had assumed it was something to do with you, since Taehyung rarely had that fervent look when he was dealing with anything else. But now, there was a body, a man, lying crumpled across the hall with a pretty serious head wound, and Taehyung was sat on the floor, rocking your unconscious form, seemingly in shock himself. 
“Taehyung,” Hoseok prompted him again, but he didn’t even pause in his litany of pleas into your hairline. Hoseok ran his eyes over you for a second, you were definitely breathing, and there were no wounds, so you must have passed out from shock. Okay, Hoseok thought, One problem at a time. 
“What should we do with him?” 
“What?” Taehyung looked up at Hoseok, disorientated, but Hoseok exhaled in relief. He had his attention, he could work with that.
“The man, over there.” Hoseok jerked his chin at the inebriated man, who was slowly coming to, groaning. “We have to get rid of him, and without anyone at the party knowing.” Taehyung snarled at the sight of the man, and Hoseok walked over and kicked the intoxicated figure in the head. Taehyung let out a hiss of feral satisfaction.
“You want him dead, right?” Hoseok questioned, and Taehyung nodded immediately, eyes going back to his wife, still unconscious in his lap. Hoseok pulled out his knife — which he took care always to keep on his person — but Taehyung interrupted him.
“Wait-” Hoseok paused, looking back at Taehyung. “I want to kill him. I want to kill him slowly, he doesn’t deserve a quick death.” The rage in those words was chilling, even to Hoseok, and he nodded, pocketing the blade. 
“Well then, I’ll have to get Namjoon and probably Jeongguk to help me carry him up to the top floor. We’ll tie him up, leave him there for you. I’ll get Yoongi to pull up this guy’s file — Yoongi has contacts in the police and he’ll know how to make sure this never happened.” Taehyung nodded again, and Hoseok strode back into the office, on his way to draw out the other man in a casual, subtle way so they could get the bastard out with no one the wiser. 
Taehyung brushed his thumb over your cheekbone and your eyelashes, fanned delicately over your cheek, fluttered slightly. Taehyung audibly exhaled. He gently displaced your head, resting it on the floor and you frowned in your sleep. Even in the situation Taehyung had found himself in, it was difficult not to coo at your pretty little face. He scooped you up, his arms secured underneath you, and walked to the elevator. He was confident his coworkers would handle the situation and, to be honest, he didn’t really give a damn about it. He didn’t give a damn about anything that wasn’t you, asleep in his arms, delicate and vulnerable and perfect. 
You woke up to a pounding headache, and two arms wrapped firmly around your middle, a warm body pressed against your back. You immediately turned around to see the face of your husband, the man you loved and the father of your child. His face was crumpled into a scowl, and his arms tightened around you protectively. You shivered as the memories from last night caught up to you, and then gasped. 
Taehyung woke up, eyes immediately flying to your distraught face. He could do nothing as tears started to flow out of your eyes. You buried your face in his neck and sobbed. He whispered words of comfort and ran his warm hands up and down your back as you let it all out, crying until you couldn’t anymore, even though you felt no better. 
“T-Tae-” You whimpered into his neck.
“I’m here,” He whispered back, “I’m here, Princess.” The nickname, something he used to make you feel precious, and protected, only made you start crying again, to Taehyung’s dismay.  
“I-I’m so- Taehyung.” Your words became more and more fragmented as your sorrow choked you. Your hands were tightly fisted into his shirt, and he tried to pry them off so he could intertwine your fingers together, but you held on stubbornly. 
“Taehyung,” You started again, “I-I’m so so sorry.” He finally managed to free your hands, but instead of letting him hold them, you brought them up to cover your face. Your voice became muffled as you sobbed into your palms.
“Hey- hey,” Taehyung chided, wrapping his hands around your wrists and guiding them away from your face. “You have nothing to be sorry for, baby. Nothing.”
“N-no but I- I let someone else touch me!” You wailed, before trying to cover your face with your hands again, but Taehyung didn’t let go, so you eventually relented and slumped into him, defeated. 
“You didn’t let someone else touch you.” Taehyung informed in a forcibly calm voice, though he wanted to smash every piece of furniture in the house because you were upset and you felt guilty and it was all that piece of shit’s fault- “It wasn’t your fault at all. I should never have left you alone, I should have been there to protect you. And that piece of filth-” Taehyung snarled, “should have known better than to touch what is mine. Both you, and my child you’re carrying, are all mine, and he will die for even daring to come near you.” 
You sniffed, a damp spot forming on his shirt where your face was pressed, but Taehyung didn’t mind. He ran his hand up and down your spine, tucking you into his body carefully. After a moment, you tilted your head up at him.
“So… I’m still yours, right?” Taehyung’s brows furrowed, and he looked down at you in outrage.
“Of course you’re still mine. You’ll always be mine, no matter what.” 
Upon hearing this, your face smoothed out before you gave him the most dazzling smile, the one you had given him when you told him you loved him, when he proposed, when you told him about the baby. 
“Wait-” He looked back up, shocked by a realisation, before looking down at you again, “Did you think I wouldn’t love you because some asshole dared to touch you?” At his incredulous tone, you flushed and buried your face in his chest, but he wouldn’t let you, drawing you up to sit in his lap facing him properly.
“Did you seriously think-” He interrupted himself, pressing a series of kisses to your jaw, before continuing, “-that I would just discard the love of my life-” A kiss to your forehead, “-the mother of my child-” He leaned down and kissed the growing swell of your abdomen, “-and many future children I hope-” you giggled, shoving his shoulder lightly, knowing you didn’t want to actually push him away, “-just because some lowlife who doesn’t deserve to even be spoken of in the same sentence as you-” you gaped at him, before breaking into a smile, and he smiles back at you, resting his forehead against yours. You rest for a moment, fully content in each others company.
“Did you really think I’d let go of you that easily?” He asks, his voice soft. You search for the sincerity in his eyes, and you find it there, flowing out of him in his gaze, in his voice, in his actions. He loves you too much to get rid of you like that. And that’s good, because you love him to much to be cast off.
“No.” You reply, and he quirks a half smile at you. 
“You don’t?”
“No. Which is convenient, because I don’t want you to let me go.” 
He leans in and kisses you slow and deep, and its all so bone-achingly good, and familiar, and you know you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with this man. 
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flyincas · a year ago
Psychology Anon here.
It absolutely is the same with the violent dark fics that exist. As long as the audience is properly warned then it is up to viewer to decide if they are comfortable to read. And I honestly understand why places like AO3 where created, bc honestly to me fics are harmless bc it’s all fictional. We’ve seen what happens when someone decides to censor fan spaces. So I would never encourage censorship of fan spaces, bc that’s subjective and up to the executives, sure they could censor dark stuff, but that same person could be like you know I disagree with LGBTQ bc of religious reason so they censor that. We’ve seen that happen. Now places like porn websites should be held more accountable bc there are times that an amauter community will actually film an assault and upload it. So censorship should be a thing there bc it involves hurting an individual.
It’s such a complex issue bc the we as a society like to think humans are based on logic and reason. But the reality is we can definitely be influenced by media we consume as well as who we follow. As we see with the divide in the United States currently as many fall victim to misinformation. It feels like that takes away from the personal accountability aspect of things but really it’s up to the person to look at something and say ok where are the sources, am I comfortable with this material, and so on. Same with the mental gymnastics that w*nchesties go through w blaming us. It’s the same as blaming “others” for their problems. They have cultivated in there own little corner this lack of responsibility in their own actions. No hellers aren’t saints (reference to another ask I saw) but for the most part we don’t go out of our way to hate on real people. We may demand accountability sure which may look like hating on someone but the reality is yes you can be held reliable for damaging things you say. I live in the Us for example, and ppl will scream freedom of speech it’s freedom of speech but that here at least only protects you from being prosecuted by the government. It doesn’t protect you from a societal fall out. While there is an issue w cancel culture, I think people confuse that with accountability and it’s two separate things. Sorry this feels like it makes no sense and just a ramble. But hopefully it makes sense to you. It’s really down to complex issues we see played out right now.
I was just joking about the w*lkercest tag, I don’t blame you. I knew what I was getting into. My curiosity is notorious and gets me down deep into rabbit holes so it’s all on me. It’s probably why I studied Psychology I want to know what makes ppl tick.
Psychology Anon ily, please feel welcomed into my inbox at any time. I will bring wine next time, seriously.
Now: I basically agree with all you're saying. Freedom of speech shouldn't be freedom from consequences of the things you said. And demanding an apology or a reaction for something someone said is good! If that person keeps talking shit though and is not willing to learn, yeah, they might find themselves cancelled (I am not a fan of cancel culture, but sometimes... I feel like in social media era this is sometimes the only way the audience can 'punish' someone for shitty behaviour, not paying attention to that person is the only way to show them that they exist because of the audience and without their attention they are not that strong so they should be careful what they are saying; tldr cancel culture is problematic but it's based on valid reasons imo, problem is what reasons that particular audience has)
And I am completely anti censorship in fanfiction. Let people write the darkest stuff they can come up with, no matter the reasons (i see people defending themselves that these fics - writing and or reading them - help them process trauma or something. okay but i think that the simple want to explore, curiosity, is as much valid reason for this). And I don't agree with backlash some of the writers experience from people with a holier-than-thou attitude, who, if it was up to them, would only approve fluff or some general fics. Just tag everything properly and it's up to the reader, end of story, right?
As long as no real people are involved, anything goes I guess. That is why I think some stuff should be kept in fandom, but that doesn't equal censoring questions at cons for example because how long even mentioning destiel was literally forbidden. that was sick because it went to extreme. but i think that talking about rpf for example should be banned because that actually involves real people and can make them very uncomfortable. like, they didn't consent to be a part of it. i am not saying rpf is evil, as long as it's kept in the fandom because ultimately these fic writers are writing about some version of that person that probably has not much to do with reality. this is a character based on a real person. it's still a fantasy.
and with fictional characters you don't need consent. because they don't exist and whatever people write, no one gets hurt, i guess? ok this got long, now i am rambling
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tobiosmilktea · a year ago
can i get some GOOD headcanons on kageyama, kuroo, oikawa, and terushima drunkingly confessing time there best friend? similar to how tsukki did it in the number neighbors au 🥰🥰🥰
drunk confessions w/ kageyama, kuroo, oikawa, and terushima
Tumblr media
— k. tobio
kags is the type to be hella emotional when he’s drunk, like full on sobbing or just being moody for no reason
it’s definitely not that bad at first, i would think he could handle his alcohol pretty well but once he get a couple shots in THAT’S when moody kags come in
with you being the designated sober for the group, you had to not drink ofc
out of everyone else in the group he’s one of the more difficult ones
near the end of the might where you had to take everyone home, you literally had to force a sobbing kageyama into the uber
homie would be choking in between sobs as you literally apologize to the driver
ngl it’s kinda hilarious
drunk kags = simp kags
“y/n ur so pwetty 🥺👉🏻👈🏻”
but if he isn’t showering you with compliments, he would be crying into your shoulder about how stressed he has been bc of volleyball
“coach said my sets are getting weird 😔😔”
and then you would sit there awkwardly laughing as you tried your best comforting him
you would run your hands through his hair and he’s literally about to self combust from the contact
by the time your uber arrives to his apartment, trying to pull him out of the car is harder than pushing him into it
his six foot one ass really be making it harder than it should be
once you do finally get him out of the car, he’s completely slumped over you and you try your best to lead him back to his place
his muscular arms strategically placed around and over your shoulders as his feet basically drag on the ground
“y/n~ where are we going?”
“back to your apartment, tobio.”
this is the part where he groans and immediately starts resisting
the thing is it doesnt last long considering he’s completely fucking drained, if anything the moment you past by the threshold into his apartment he was already halfway unconscious
your muscles strained guiding him to his bedroom to which your literally just plop him onto his bed
you sigh to yourself as you felt immediate relief on your body
after a beat or two passed to regain some strength and energy, you tug on kag’s body again to make him properly lay on the bed rather than being at the cusp of falling off
“you’re so fucking heavy, tobio.” you pull his bedsheets over him, “also don’t get out of bed or else i’ll kick you.”
honestly he looked so cute as he was in the process of passing out
“y/n?” he called out before you could leave his side
it was then his right hand would find yours and pull it close to him, mumbling: “you treat me so well, y/n... no wonder why i’ve been in love with you since high school.”
perhaps you ended up not leaving his side that night
— k. tetsurou
homie won’t leave you alone while you guys are out drinking
he literally refuses to leave your side as both of you were drinking
i would say kuroo has a pretty strong alcohol tolerance but ngl yours is stronger fr
this obviously led to kuroo getting completely shitfaced at a much quicker pace than you and when he’s drunk, it’s obvious
like REALLY obvious
he’s most definitely a giggly drunk
he probably laughs at every little thing with that obnoxious hyena laugh you love to hear so much
if there was ever a moment you two did split up, you would immediately know where he was the moment his loud ass laughs literally thundered throughout the entire bar
“excuse me, have you seen my friend? he’s tall, has black hair that look’s like a chicken’s—”
“oop- nevermind”
you were literally on your way to fetch him as it was getting super late and the both of you needed to go home when you saw him stumbling farther away from you
“kuroo! where the hell are you going?” you would shout over the loud conversating crowds and music
he ultimately didn’t hear you as he continued walking towards the bar
you grumbled as your eyes stay locked on his large figure to which he starts climbing a bar stool
“oh my fucking god—kuroo!!”
this dude literally CLIMBS ONTO THE BAR
“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!” he yells over the large crowd, everyone’s attention is on him and you were immediately struck with second-hand embarrassment
when i tell you were wanted to drop dead then and there
your eyes widened in shock, your mouth parted, and you stood there completely paralyzed as kuroo points you out in the crowd
everyone surounding you turn towards your figure and your cheeks immediately flushed a bright red and your heart suddenly beating a thousand beats per minute
silence filled the club like a wet blanket as you nervously chuckle
this was so awkward like it’s not even funny
“well?” a random guy from across the bar shouted
you purse your lips, “if i say yes, would you get off the bar and take me out on a real date?”
the biggest smile melted upon kuroo’s lips as he laughs
he jumps off the bar and practically cuts through the crowd just to pull you into the tightest hug you’ve ever received
“god, you’re so drunk.”
“it was my only way of getting myself to finally say it.”
— o. tooru
if you think this boy has attitude when he’s sober just wait until he’s drunk
like literally he’s so mfing sassy and for what reason ??
i dont even think this boy drinks that much let alone has a high tolerance of alcohol
oikawa’s a lightweight (i said what i said 😤)
literally if he downs anything more than three shots, he’s a literal goner
not to mention HES ABSOLUTELY WILD
drunk oikawa — the wild, sassy one
i’d say he’s pretty loud, but def not as loud or confident enough like kuroo to stand on a mfing bar and confess his love
nah, if anything, oikawa’s more rowdy when it’s a party at someone else’s house
he knows to keep himself in check if he’s drinking in public (like he knows from experience and almost got arrested one time for public indecency but it izz what it izz)
so he practically learned to control himself, but if it’s a house party ??
knowing that it’s at a friend’s house, especially if it’s your house, he’s letting himself get completely loose
he knows you’ll take care of him anyway
throughout the night he’s literally messing around with friends, maybe a game of beer pong would usually get him drunk
put once the party’s over, he would usually be the last one to leave as he was left on your couch passed out
you didn’t even notice he was there until he started snoring
you couldn’t help but laugh at his adorable unconscious state, it was almost as if you wanted to leave him be, but you knew he had to get back home
so you stroll towards his slumped figure on the couch and kneeled on the ground
his cheek was pressed up again one of the cushions and he was dribbling a bit of saliva but you ultimately chose to ignore it
“oikawa,” you muttered as you rubbed his shoulder and shook it
he wouldn’t really respond for the first few times, but after repeating his name after a while, he would start to stir
he would groan and could barely open his eyes
half-lidded, a smile forms on his lips at the mere sight of you
“hey there gorgeous.” he slurrs through his teeth as he continued to stir
“c’mon, get up you gotta get up and go home. i called an uber for you.”
you tried helping him get up, but he just plops down again
“why can’t i stay wit you?”
“cause you don’t live here.”
“i would if we were together.”
your brows furrow in confusion, “what do you mean?”
“i always wanted to live with someone i really liked... and that’s you.” his words were almost incoherent how slurred they were through his drunkened state
“you like me?” you asked just to reassure what he mumbled was truly what you heard
he nods as you brush his tangled jungle of hair out of his face
there was a deep onset of crimson blush that appeared on your cheeks as he did so, your heart beat quickening it’s speed as you sighed in contrnt
“you act like i didn’t know this whole time. you’re quite obvious about your feelings, oikawa.”
— t. yuuji
you and terushima were club regulars
each weekend you were out with him club and bar hopping just for the fun of it
but lately, the more often you do things the more desensitized and bored you get of the same activities over and over again
you and terushima sat in both of your car ready to drive to downtown where all the clubs were when you both lazily sighed
“i’m not really in the mood for loud music and socializing.” you would confess, ready to perhaps hear terushima’s jests of you being a party pooper
but instead he sighs and agrees to your surprise as he’s typically the one dragging you to these places anyway
“same,” he mutters. “i think i’d just hangout with you tonight.”
there was a slight tone in his voice as he peaked at you that you couldnt exactly pinpoint as if you were waiting for the catch
“i still wanna drink though.” he added, there it was
“good call”
from then on you stopped by a convinient store where you and terushima buy the cheapest six pack of canned beer
in the end alcohol was alcohol and you both didnt care about the quality
this was the only case in which you had a lower tolerance than terushima as he could literally handle the strongest of liquors and still act sober
it’s kinda scary as sometimes you can never tell whether or not he’s actually drunk
but as he is a sober drunk, the only way you can tell that he’s absolutely blasted is that he becomes brutally honest with you
that brutal honesty sometimes comes with a childish offhanded joke that you would roll your eyes to
not to mention he sometimes becomes a bit of a perv too
“your ass looks better in the dress you wore last weekend” was one example
and because you both wanted some quiet for once on a late saturday night, you drove all the way to the park where it was quiet enough for you two to relax
terushima had held your hand to help you walk up the steep hill to the top of the park in which oversees a great view of tokyo
with it’s pretty city lights shining upon you two, you and terushima settle yourselves on a bench and crack open your beers
you and him cheers as you two silently sipped at the alcohol
by the time both of you were in your third can of beer, it was obvious terushima was completely wasted
“not gonna lie,” oh here it comes, “your driving sucks.”
you couldn’t help but laugh at his honesty
a laugh that he likes so much, it sounded like heaven to his ears and he wanted to make you laugh again and again
“i mean, you’re the one whose making me drive you everywhere all the time.”
he scoffs, humming in response as his half-lidded eyes flickered towards you, admiring how the moonlight reflected upon your face as you breathed in the sky
“you’re so beautiful,” he practically whispers.
“hmm?” you turn towars him with you eyes coated in honey
god he was in deep
“i like you.”
it honestly shocked you at first as your eyes widened into saucers
it was straight and brutally honest confession
just how you like it
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slimysnaildaddy · a year ago
Please. We need MC with Tourette's and the brothers/undateables all reacting. Bonus if it's Chaotic!MC.
(For context I told the person asking this to send me this prompt bc I have tourette’s but feel weird abt writing shit on here without being prompted, this isn’t just some random person coming into my askbox like LETS JOKE ABOUT DISABLED PEOPLE i genuinely have TS and told them to do it please don’t flame silver here because he lovely and deserves only good things)
HELL. YES. Get ready for chaos. And I’ll be very careful not to hit the stereotypes, but I am one of the 10% who exhibits coprolalia (the much-lauded swearing symptom of Tourette's, literally meaning “Poop-speak” in Greek) so expect some of that. It should also be noted that I, personally, am completely fine with jokes about tics or laughing when they make for good situational humor, but mocking someone for having tics is a BIG no-no. This does not represent the TS community as a whole and you should always ask the person what level of joking they’re okay with.
I didn’t do all the undateables but this is ridiculous and self-indulgent anyway so no one cares.
The first time he heard MC tic, it was when he was coming into the HOL after MC had been brought there by Mammon. He heard this puny human shout “SON OF A DONKEY WHORE” at the top of their lungs and automatically assumed they were in the process of being eaten by Beel or something of that nature, so he power walked (though he will deny it later) to their room only to find them casually re-arranging pillows and giving themself an occasional smack to the chest or making a strange yipping sound, perfectly safe.
Once MC explained it to him he simply sighed and came to the conclusion that this is going to be a long, long year.
He does get headaches sometimes, so he’s snapped at MC to keep it down once or twice and gotten chewed out as a result. It really isn’t something you can help, and MC makes that very clear.
Lucifer learned not to say anything of that nature, because somehow MC’s wrath is even worse than Satan’s.
He occasionally finds it hard to tell if MC is having a tic or causing problems intentionally. He wonders if they’re doing that on purpose. He is correct. He wonders if he can stop them. He is incorrect.
After he gets more comfortable with MC and learns the boundaries he will make jokes related to their tics.
“My hovercraft is full of eels!” “Perhaps you should invest in eel-catching equipment.”
If they’re having a bad day where they can’t stop hitting themself or might injure themself because of some of the more unpleasant tics, he will ask them if they need help with something, like a cushion.
Actually cracks up at some of the funnier tics. One time MC got him to spit coffee all over Diavolo with a perfectly timed tic. It was glorious.
Will facepalm if they say/do something particularly inappropriate.
First time he heard (or rather, saw) MC tic it was when he was unlocking the door to the HOL for them for the first time and they made a loud whooping noise and clapped very loudly.
Naturally this startled the shit out of him cause he’s a pissbaby lol. MC didn’t say anything about it cause they were too busy expecting to be murdered by this powerful demon lord who has been just this side of hostile to them ever since meeting them. They didn’t know he’s a pissbaby yet.
After a little while they mentioned “Oh hey i’ve got tourette’s” and here’s how THAT went.
MC: Yeah, I have Tourette’s Syndrome so if I start saying or doing weird stuff-
Mammon: WAIT. Isn’t that the swearing disease. (sighhh)
MC: *deep sigh* only 10% of us have coprolalia-
Mammon, barely remembering ancient Greek: WAIT SO YOU SHIT YOUR PANTS-
Satan tries correcting him but MC cuts him off like “no no, i want him to keep thinking that it’s funny as fuck”
Mc then proceeds to torment Mammon by threatening to shit on his belongings. Keeps him from stealing their wallet.
Literally takes him until he makes a pact with them to get the proper explanation (and to get roasted for making that assumption in the first place)
100% jokes with MC about their tics.
Still gets startled by the more sudden/loud ones and has jumped into Beel’s arms bc of this.
First time they did a tic in front of him was when they were trying to figure out how to find Goldie.
“Maybe we should look in the- *starts smacking chest repeatedly* GARGOYLES GARGOYLES ughhh hang on this is gonna take a few minutes to stop GARGOYLES GARGOYLES”
Levi: *white guy blinking gif*
They do not look in the gargoyles.
MC explains it to him and he’s just like “OH I’VE SEEN MOVIES WITH THAT”
MC stares off into the distance like a character from The Office
He ends up being responsible for them having MULTIPLE tics where they imitate anime attack calls or gestures, peppered with occasional magical girl transformation lines.
They say rurin in a cutesy little voice every 5 minutes for a whole week and everyone’s glaring at Levi the whole time.
Thinks some of their tics are REALLY CUTE AND ANIME and is not shy about saying this.
MC: ugh, you know this is a GENUINE DISABILITY, right?
Levi: omg i’m sorry
MC: lol i’m just fucking with you- RURIN~!
He noticed MC being a bit twitchy from the moment they arrived, but simply assumed they were nervous and a bit flinchy because of that. Of course, they totally were nervous but also their brain was just like “time to clench all of your muscles at once instead of paying attention to this very important conversation”.
After that he just notices more and more, and honestly he probably reads a lot so it’s likely he already knows about Tourette’s or similar tic disorders, it’s entirely possible that he asks them about it or mentions it casually in conversation.
Is honestly fascinated by their tics and what can trigger them, when they’re more or less frequent, things that cause them to get better or worse, etc etc. MC may have to actually tell him to stop treating them like a case study.
Or, even better, they may just intentionally fuck up his observations.
Knows a thing or two about how it feels to not be able to control yourself when upset. Whenever MC gets a tic attack he’s ready. He looked this up.
Tries not to crack up when they say or do objectively funny shit but sometimes a tic is times just PERFECTLY and he can’t help but snort.
The first time he heard them tic it was a mild disaster.
“Kissy poo~”
“nonono wait-”
Thinks some of the tics are cute and will absolutely let MC know. Even if they tell him to fuck off lol.
He sees a nasty bruise from one of MC’s more unpleasant tics (eg: chest smacking, slamming their head/arm into something on accident from a flailing tic) and doesn’t just have a cow, he has the entire damn pasture. MC simply CANNOT have such marks on their gorgeous skin! Don’t worry, he’s got creams and makeup for that :^)
Is a little too enthusiastic about offering to help MC relax if they’re having a bad tic day. He suggests massages. Massages are always good.
He’s happy to provide the massages.
Please MC let him give you a massage.
First time he saw them tic it was during breakfast and they whistled very loudly right next to him.
His poor ears :( how could you hurt him in this way MC
Once they explained it he was like “Oh. Okay.” and moved on with his life.
He gets the whole “having urges to do shit you shouldn’t do” aka eating something he shouldn’t. He does his best to distract MC if they’re having bad tics.
mc: oh sorry i just need to touch something haha tourette’s is wild right *full on grabs beel’s chest* beel: :?
MC can ask him to restrain them if they’re having a really bad time with stuff and he’s more than strong enough to help lol. UNLIKE MY MOTHER SORRY MOM
Always apologizes if he accidentally triggers a tic.
MC starts climbing on him. Tourette’s compels them. He allows it. Jungly gym beel?
No lie I have a tic that’s just me saying “I eat worms!” in a cutesy voice and- IMAGINE
First time he saw them tic it was while he was still in the attic, they started jerking their head around during a late night visit and he was like what the fuck are you doing-
Thought it was incredibly annoying at first. I don’t blame him honestly. Tourette’s more like Annoying Asshole syndrome am i right (haha that internalized ableism)
Subtly triggered their tics intentionally cause haha stupid human
Once he got out of the attic and made friends with MC properly he was just kind of like “oh that was pretty shit of me wasn’t it”
Honestly doesn’t know how to help so he just ignores it lol.
The one time he tries to help them when they’re having a bad tic day he makes them take a nap with him because clearly if they’re asleep they can’t tic, right?
Surprise! They still can. Enjoy the knee to the stomach, B.
Encourages them to use their powers for evil. Like telling them to spill something on Lucifer and claim it was because of their Tourette’s.
Note: don’t do that, mc only obliges bc this is chaotic mc. TS not a toy etc etc
Read that MC had tourette’s on their file, but honestly didn’t know what it was. Probably just assumed it was a heart condition or something, so when MC comes over for the retreat him and Dia are not expecting the tics.
The first time they tic in front of him it was at the retreat. He had just served them tea and tourette’s said yeeting time and they chucked the teacup. It hit him in the forehead. Tea all over his face. His hair. His suit. The wall. The floor. Maybe some on Diavolo too. He’s both impressed by their aim and wanting to fucking die.
Mammon is howling with laughter.
MC explains it to him while he’s still dripping with tea and he just smiles in a very strained manner and goes to get changed and wash his hair.
At the retreat when MC and Solomon make human food, he quickly learns that MC should not be around sharp Devildom knives. Or a stove. Or anything dangerous.
Gets weirdly protective over them, especially if they DO end up handling potentially dangerous stuff.
Keeps trying to find better ways to serve them drinks so they don’t break all the fine china, like plastic cups with lids. Stuff still gets spilled everywhere so he tries to get them a travel mug. The handle snaps and the lid leaks. Eventually gets them a sippy cup for toddlers, which works wonders. MC thinks it’s hysterical and makes him put a label on it with their name.
He seriously considers investing in Gyro Bowls as well.
After MC accidentally turned a platter with a soup bowl on it into an impromptu catapult with a poorly aimed table smack, he does just that.
One time they mention having a very strong urge to put their hand over a burning candle and he makes sure no candle is ever near them in the palace.
honestly i have too many ideas for barbatos so he’s getting a whole ass fic.
The teacup incident was also the first time HE learned the true nature of Tourette’s syndrome. Once the whole deal was explained (and he knew mc wasn’t maliciously throwing things at Barbatos) he thought it was the funniest shit.
Bless his heart honestly.
Tries to not laugh at first bc he thinks it’s probably disrespectful. Meanwhile MC is cackling like a mad scientist bc they dabbed for the 343643th time today and Lucifer looks like he’s about to blow a gasket as a result.
Lowkey I can kind of see him as being one of those “Oh my goodness you are so BRAVE for going through this” meanwhile mc stares off into space like they’re on the office
Is astounded at all the unique challenges humans have to go through meanwhile MC is yeeting cups at barbatos
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