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#(affectionate) of course
businessbois · 28 days ago
i do want to say that i think tommyinnit choosing to call all his friends “big men” and “kings” is actually very sweet
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milf-horta · 5 months ago
In honour of Doug Jones saying that fans like to zoom in on all the badges and count pips, I've zoomed in on all the badges and counted pips.
Here are the promotions, as best I can tell, shown in the discovery season 4 teaser trailer
Adira Tal
No rank -> Ensign
Tumblr media
[ID: Adira in a blue variation of the discovery uniform with a badge containing one full pip. /end ID]
Sylvia Tilly
Ensign -> Lt (JG)
Tumblr media
[ID: Tilly in a blue variation of the discovery uniform with a badge containing one full pip and one blacked out pip. /end ID]
Joann Owosekun
Lt (JG) -> Lt Commander
Tumblr media
[ID: Owo, in a yellow variation of the discovery uniform with a badge containing two full pips and one blacked out pip. /end ID]
Keyla Detmer
Lt -> Lt Commander
Tumblr media
[ID: Detmer in a yellow variation of the discovery uniform with a badge containing two full pips and one blacked out pip. /end ID]
Paul Stamets
Lt Commander -> Commander
Tumblr media
[ID: Paul in a blue variation of the discovery uniform with a badge containing three full pips. /end ID]
Hugh Culber
Lt Commander -> Commander
Tumblr media
[ID: Hugh in a white variation of the discovery uniform with a badge containing three full pips. /end ID]
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rinkrats · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was February 2012. The Penguins were mired in a six-game losing streak and Crosby had played in only eight games in 14 months because of a concussion. Some Penguins believed it was worth discussing if a new, temporary captain should be selected given Crosby’s absence.
As the story goes, in all, eight players took part in a meeting... The meeting abruptly ended when Malkin stood up and said, “This is fucking stupid. Sid captain.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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reki-of-the-valley · 23 days ago
Reki in a skirt. Reki stealing one of Koyomi's skirts without anyone in his family knowing. Reki putting it on in his room when no one is home. Reki feeling really good in a skirt but not ready to do anything about it so he only enjoys it when he's alone. Reki finding little pleasures in being a little more feminine from time to time. Reki who likes stealing things from his sister's closet, things she never wears. Genderfluid Reki who isn't confident enough to do anything about it, isn't confident enough to come out to anyone, but who still wants to wear skirts and pink from time to time
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moemoemammon · 2 days ago
wait... is your brother Mammon, you said he's the oldest out of your younger brothers, he's clingy, and he just had a birthday recently.all signs point to mammon. so that would make you... 😏
My brother is a 15 year old little boy born in august who likes to pretend his ukulele is a gun and fires it by aiming at me and plucking one of the strings
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triviallytrue · a month ago
inventing a new type of guy who refers to vaccines as "autism booster shots"
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pastelicious-nova · 3 months ago
I need to get this off my chest
I have no idea WHY, but Scott Smajor's Minecraft skin is one of the most soulless things I have ever seen
Tumblr media
But when he does that thing where he just goes quiet and stares at someone, I can hear the screams of the DAMNED if I look into those eyes
Is it because of the dull blue???? How blank the face seems??? I have no idea but there is no genuine life, joy or any kind of thoughts behind those eyes. Only absolute contempt or malice.
His skin is just some guy with blue hair but his silent staring strikes genuine fear into me and it's so bizarre
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peachy-rambles · 3 months ago
I have no one else to share this dumb, half coherent idea with so please take it as thanks for running this blog and do with it what you will.
Alright just imagine Techno going to Phil with his problems and doing the thing where Techno's like 'I have this friend who's doesn't know how to confess their feelings. Can you give me some advice to give to them?'
And instead of Phil gently needling about who the friend could possibly be, "Who's the friend? Is it Steve? I bet it's Steve."
Phil freezes because oh hell does Techno know? No he couldn't possibly, he'd go out and say it right? He would about anything else.
Phil hesitantly meets Techno's eyes, there's no way he knows.
Right Techno's still waiting for an answer so Phil offers the measly, cliche option.
"Well that's an easy one," he thinks he hears the squawks of crows outside calling him a liar, "If they're a good friend they'll either reciprocate or let you down gently." Phil could take these words to heart and tell Techno now but-
He can't lose this.
Also please imagine this all taking place while Techno's head is in Phil's lap and Phil is carding his fingers through Techno's hair. I just live for dumbass pining.
ANON, I'M SCREAMING, THEY'RE SUCH MUTUAL PINING IDIOTS!!! I can't even add anything more, it's just perfect, thank you for sharing it ❤
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theaudacitytowrite · a month ago
Me, just minding my own business, wishing a certain 525lbs God would crush me as he rests on top of me
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eyrieofsynapses · 4 months ago
so Parker has this habit of being physically affectionate with Eliot, right? where she'll casually bump into him, or sit close to him for no apparent reason (and there's multiple open spots), or, you know, poke him over and over until he tells her to stop. and this is just how they are.
but it's a little strange in a way. Parker isn't a very physically affectionate person. she seems to hate being touched by other people without her consent, and understandably so! she's spent a lot of her life where non-consensual touch is dangerous! but she is willing to initiate, if infrequently. and that's true with the whole crew (though it is rarer with Sophie and Nate). it isn't that she doesn't like physical contact. she just likes it on her own terms.
and then there's Eliot--who is not touchy-feely, who largely ignores causal contact, and yet still seems to enjoy it by degrees. and of course we cannot forget the all-important moment in Queen's Gambit, when it would appear a drugged Eliot is a cuddly Eliot, and isn't that interesting? isn't it interesting, how he's willing to occasionally initiate hugs that aren't asked for, even when not drugged? how he seems to enjoy giving things like handshakes and little pats on the back and nudges? Eliot perhaps likes contact more than he lets on.
but he, like Parker, has lived in a world where "touch" means something different. he has seen what his touch does to people. he is too dangerous, meant to be too dangerous, to be casually tactile. it isn't even a conscious thing, per se. it is merely the unconscious awareness that he is not someone to be physically affectionate with.
(and it is probably a cultural thing too, of course, because a man, especially of his origin, is not supposed to be someone dependent on others, is not one to show the weakness of anything more than manly pats on the back and handshakes and the rare formal hug.)
but Parker?
Parker has trusted him from the beginning, trusted him so much that three jobs in she threw herself out a window and relied on him to catch her without hesitation. she knows he is the firm foundation. she finds it hard to believe he can even be hurt. she spares not a second thought to bump into him, to easily throw an arm over his shoulder or perch herself on the back of his chair. she doesn't do this with the others, not even Hardison, not at first.
and it is hard to tell what precisely her intent is. Parker is a multifaceted person with so much going on beneath her surface that her many-sided motives are difficult to parse at the best of times. perhaps she's just enjoying seeing how far she can push his boundaries. after all, she's never been afraid of poking bears. her curiosity begs to see: how much will he take before he snaps at her?
(and what would he actually do?)
or maybe it's instinct, an instinct borne of too many dangerous homes and too many poisonous families, the instinct to find the edges of the box and make sure she only strays when she knows the consequences. maybe he surprises her when he never pushes back so hard that she has to stop altogether. maybe she enjoys having someone whose affection and protection will never be lessened by her teasing.
or maybe--just maybe--she sees that he likes the trust, likes being regarded as so safe that she can do whatever she likes, even if he can't admit it even to himself. how long has it been, after all, that someone has known him for all he is and still has such careless ease around him? how long has it been since someone has seen all his sharp edges and doesn't care? how long since someone trusted him not to cut them?
(or perhaps it’s all of the above, for people are locks, and locks have more than one tumbler.) 
Parker's trust is a gift with a worth beyond measure. Eliot knows this well. her sense of security around him is something to be marked and treasured. and it is a reminder that despite all he's done, despite the fact that people are knives and he is an obsidian blade, among the sharpest of them all, he is not meant only for hurting. he can be trusted. he can be trusted by a wary thief who has seen far too much pain at the hands of men like the one he once was, and does that not make him worthy of love?
and then there is Parker. Parker, who has a friend (something more, if we're honest, so much more than a mere friend, and as the years pass that becomes ever more apparent) whom she has seen take down a group of thugs within the space of seconds, who is capable of more violence than she (in her violence-filled life) has ever seen, whose hands have wrought so much hurt--a friend that she is perfectly confident would never lay an unwanted finger on her. Parker, who has spent her whole life dancing on the knife's edges of other people. Parker, who has fallen on those blades more times than she knows. Parker, who has looked for a home for years and never quite found it.
and now? now Parker has Eliot, whom she feels safe to be physically affectionate with. because she knows he'll always come for her. she knows he'll never hurt her. she knows that no matter what, she can nudge him and bump him and sit close to him and invade his personal space, and the most he'll do to divert her--if he does anything at all--is raise his voice and gently push her off, and he'll never, ever, ever hold it against her.
she has security. she has affection whenever she wants it. she has a home. she has something that she has always wanted--finally, she has this, Parker has her family.
and what more, really, could you ask for? 
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anxietyvarietyhour · a month ago
i made it a personal goal to not talk about humphrey today, for once in the past 8 months i’ve been invested in this show, but i JUST realized the potential of getting Humphrey bloopers!!
Tumblr media
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vizowrites · a month ago
Striker: *singing while cooking*
The smell of onions: *enters his nose*
Striker: *dying seagull noises*
(no but fr I feel like Striker would hate the smell of onions that he sounds like a dying seagull-)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I really shouldn't laugh because I'm pretty sure that I'm the exact same when it comes to onions, but the first thing that popped into my head with this was:
Blitz: -shows up in the kitchen doorway, summoned by the mix of dying seagull noises and loud sizzling coming from the stove, just kind of looking at Striker with this [honestly kinda cute] headtilt of perplexion- Uh.....what the fuck are you doing??
Striker: -in between aggressive sniffling and trying not to turn his head too much to where Blitz would be able to see his tears- M-making some snacks for ya for-- *insert comedically long and loud snort here as he tries to inhale every ounce of leaking moisture back into his body* f-for movie night!
Blitz: .....Striker
Striker: Y-yeah, Blitz? -is trying to the thing where if he pretends he's not crying hard enough it'll actually come true-
Blitz: Why the fuck are you cooking onions for movie night??
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cheese-toastie-11 · 26 days ago
#066: questioning
credits for this one go to @its-afucking-mess !
vic: i want to be someone who makes people question their sexuality.
damiano: you already are. you make me question if i'm really straight.
vic: ouch, okay then.
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sneez · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a marston moor fairfax! not his best day, alas :-( at least he got a wicked scar to show for it!
#fairfax#artwork#he did some absurdly brave (slash stupid) things during this battle i am not surprised he got heartily walloped in the face#one of them involved removing the field sign (which marked him as a parliamentarian) from his hat and riding straight through the royalist#lines to liase with cromwell without them recognising him. he did that on two separate occasions. ridiculous man (extremely affectionate)#nevertheless marston moor was certainly not his best battle because his cavalry got thoroughly routed and he got slashed in the face with a#sabre (ouch) which is where he got his scar! i have mentioned that before but what can i say i love repeating myself#you can see the scar clearly in the robert walker painting (the gay teapot one) :-)#also with regard to the gay teapot painting i saw a very interesting suggestion recently that the reason he is wearing a glove in that#portrait is to disguise the damage from the bullet wound he received in the wrist whilst protecting his father’s retreat to hull in july#1643!! i had never considered that before but the possibility compels me greatly…..i wonder how bad the scarring was#i have often wondered how much mobility he had in that arm because the shot he took in the shoulder during the siege of helmsley castle in#1644 was also in his left arm……he does mention a lot of pain and numbness in his old wounds so i wonder how badly he was disabled by them#it makes me very sad also because by 1664 he had mostly lost the use of his legs so if his left arm was also out of commission that would#restrict his mobility even more :-( and also of course kidney stones. and head injuries. suffering and pain (both myself and him but#emotionally in my case and physically in his)#what am i talking about. this has nothing to do with the battle of marston moor (1644)#when he got his Cool Face Scar the royalist polemicist john crouch said that he was ‘marked for a rogue’ which i think is very funny#it’s a suggestion that he was a plebeian criminal because felons of the lower orders had their faces branded when they committed a crime but#i prefer the idea that the dude was being like ‘hey man cool scar makes you look like a pirate’#piratefax. faxbeard. beardfax. ok stopping now#blood tw#injury tw
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