#(autumn for fox; spring for charlie; and winter for victor!)
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clothing style, for all three of them!!
character headcanons - accepting!
it’s no secret that foxtrot likes sweaters, especially slightly oversized ones in darker or neutral shades (deep blue is still his favorite)! he also likes flannel shirts (often faded), plaid things in general, hoodies, zip-up jackets, and denim jackets on occasion. his clothing always has at least two (2) pockets bc he needs multiple places to store money, shiny things collected on a whim, tiny charms and cryptid-related knickknacks he keeps forgetting to give to a certain someone, wrapped strawberry candy (he’s grown fond of it), and various other stolen items. there is no sense of order to this, even if he claims otherwise. he wears jeans, sometimes cargo pants. if it’s too hot to get away with a jacket or sweater, he’ll switch to a lightweight long-sleeved shirt. nothing that foxtrot wears stands out too much; it’s all pretty casual and meant for practicality and easy movement for quick escapes. his clothing is often a bit loose on him. he likes sneakers, converse, lace-up work boots, or slip-ons. he always has hair-ties on his wrists, both for himself and in case someone needs to borrow one.
charlie typically wears comfortable clothing that she doesn’t mind getting stained with paint! most pieces of clothing she owns have some paint on them. she likes any shade of blue and brighter colors in general. i associate her clothing with springtime vibes! she adores denim overalls, especially ones embroidered with flowers and the like. she’s trying to learn how to embroider things herself, and though she isn’t very good at it (patience isn’t one of her strong suits, and she keeps getting distracted and forgetting to practice), she is determined to master it someday. she sometimes wears a bandanna or something similar to keep paint flecks from getting on her hair. she likes t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts in general, along with sneakers or flat canvas slip-on shoes. on certain days, she sometimes wears button-up shirts as well, usually ones stolen from foxtrot or victor.
victor’s clothing is always simple and plain. to an even greater degree than foxtrot, he prefers blending in and not wearing anything that makes him stand out too much. blue is a theme for the triplets, and victor is no exception in liking the color and wearing it often! he likes jeans, sweaters, plain t-shirts, zip-up jackets, and hoodies. his clothing is often warmer since he spends much of his time at the docks when he isn’t working as a stagehand, and it gets a bit chilly. he also wears sweaters and hoodies partly bc juliet the theater kitten likes sleeping on them.
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