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dailypronouns · a month ago
Names and pronouns related to fire, dogs, drawing, music/being a musician, sweet things, soft things, pastel things, and space pls if it ain't to much thank you
sky/sky/skies/skies/skyself pencil/pencil/pencils/pencils/pencilself create/create/creates/creates/creativeself art/art/arts/arts/artistself
more sweet pronouns here if you want them more fire pronouns here if you want them more dog pronouns here if you want them more music pronouns here
more soft pronouns here  more pastel pronouns here (this one is pastel but also sweet so it fits well) more space pronouns
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before i start, let me take a huge deep breath.
okay, it didn't really calm me anyway 'cause i'm literally buzzing with mix of emotions.
so i joined tumblr very recently due to my huge and long time interest in astrology, spirituality, tarot, etc. - well, you get the gist of it. and i'll tell you this, the only reason i am on tumblr is the above mentioned reason.
in this community i saw how amazing and wonderful both spiritual and astrology creators and the audience are. how supportive they are of one another. i felt belonged in a way.
but then as days start passing by, the rose-colored glasses come off and i see another side, a heartless one as a matter of fact.
hate. hate through cowardice - hating through dms, hating through that one button (ANONYMOUS). it's not just here in this community but all communities from what i've seen. like if you want to stab someone, stab them from the front and not the back - send it in the asks with your id in it instead of hiding behind that damn anonymous button. cowards. i bet those filthy words from your mouth wouldn't even dare peek out then. 🙄
this is one. there is another type of disrespect. it is even more hurtful and disrespectful according to me. it is, not giving value. so this is a very frequently happening thing, like i atleast see 1 post on my feed everyday of spiritual creators talking about how people are really being rude in the asks about questions and services they ask to spiritual creators. i only see approx 1 post everyday, because i'm only starting to explore and follow more creators everyday, imagine how many it would be as time goes on.
and today, when i opened tumblr some time ago, i saw a post on my feed by @vicxy (a brilliant creator and sweetheart, who just hit 600 followers CONGRATULATIONS 🥳) talking about how people are blatantly being either rude or not reading the ask rules before sending an ask. and i knew this was just too damn bad now. so please! read the damn ask rules properly before sending an ask and if they say the game is closed, then the game is CLOSED. C to the L to O-S-E-D. stop sending them in the dms. if they say ask box, then ask box. if they say no ask box, then NO ASK BOX, because apparently for some people no ask box directly translates to send in dms 🙄.
okay, not everyone is like that, we are humans after all - we can be careless - so if it does happen apologize to them in private (it genuinely makes their day). next time to avoid such mistakes, take a screenshot of the ask/game rules and then refer while sending the ask.
i'm telling you this with full confidence because i was this careless person very recently. it was with @rue-and-the-moon - i followed her 4 days ago and i saw her answering asks about a particular question and i thought - oh, its probably open (but it wasn't) - and i sent her an ask. but then yesterday, i was going throug her blog and i realized what i did. i felt really bad because she had posted literally 4-5 times saying that the same game was closed. i felt so guilty and i immediately apologized to her.
also please be patient with them, they receive so many asks and they put in the effort to answer all of them and it will obviously take time. mind you these are real people with real feelings, thoughts and lives outside tumblr. these wonderful people literally use their healing energy to help us to heal our energy and answer questions we are dying to know about ourselves.
i don't think some people actually understand this, but this stuff literally drains them and their aura. @sailor-solar recently mentioned about how she's getting these aura headaches because of the weird energy surrounding this community. and she is literally one of the many creators who are affected like don't you get it? they are real 👏 living 👏 human 👏 beings 👏.
like please make things easier for them, they only ask you to respect them, their rules and their abilties. also by being plainly disrespectful, you are just attracting bad karma into your life (this is for the haters and the rude ones). i don't blame everyone because then again we are only humans, we make mistakes. but what makes us more human is when we learn to correct them.
i really hope you understand.
i don't really know if i covered everything that i want to say, this is pretty much it i guess.
just so you know, i am not a 11 or 12 year old meddling with her keyboard keys. i am a legal adult throwing facts at alot of people who need to hear this.
i definitely know that i am going to get hate for this but i don't really care. i said what i said. period.
i know i sound rude in alot of places 😅, i'm not like that normally, i'm a literal softie 🥰 - like look at my username (it's one of peter pan's catchphrases).
and to end this huge rant of mine. this is for the beautiful creators.
sending out love and appreciation to all of you. i genuinely appreciate your presence on this platform. you guys make our days. like you guys definitely deserve the best because you deserve in activities that use your healing aura to help others heal. you deserve all the respect and to be treated right. i genuinely believe that it is high-time for you to start ignore such attitude towards you. stand for your rights, my dear royalty.
you are not a fricking doormat, like i'd rather you be a cactus instead of a soft flower who gets plucked by stupid immature boys and girls just to play "s/he loves me, s/he loves me not". ignore them. they don't deserve you.
also @vicxy @venusfun @saintzjenx @hillarysss @sailor-solar @spiritual-thingss @rue-and-the-moon @yashashveeroy @aquariushv @astrojvpiter @3amastrology @dovedeluxe @d4rkpluto @shewearsprada @um-talia @notanastrologer @madamsaturn @saturnianneptune @every-other-spiritual-creator-or-any-kind-of-creator-on-this-platform, you dropped your crowns. here 👑.
also guys if you find any creator to be toxic or are not getting good vibes from them, like that female astrology creator who was being racist (i don't remember her name) - please don't send them hate, just unfollow them or block them. because no one deserves hate - no matter how bad or deserving they are. please spread love. its all we deserve.
i apologise for the huge post but honestly someone had to say it. also sorry for being a lil meanie in a few paragraphs once again 😅😇.
Lots of Love 💖
P.S. thanks for encouraging me forward to write this post @vicxy (lil hamster) and @yashashveeroy (king 😊).
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system-of-a-feather · 6 days ago
6 8 and 10 for the ask game :0
6 has already been answered so skipping to....
8) do you all share a fashion sense? are there fights about picking up an outfit?
For the most part we generally share a similar enough fashion sense - at least the regular fronters. There is enough overlap that we don't really argue too much, plus like.... Ray and Lucille have good taste in clothes and are better at like... matching things together so we usually either let them pick clothes if they are around, or I just use one of the combinations they had made before.
The only time we really get issues about clothes and outfits are when Aderis or any of the girls / feminine-identifying parts are up and around because then its like...
Ouji / Academia / Dark Academia Masculine VS Different levels of skin showing Gothic Feminine
Tbh our system is actually kinda oddly split between "the boys" and "the girls" despite most of us being somewhere in the nonbinary group just cause the more masc presenting alters have a lot of similarities and the more feminine presenting alters have a lot of similarities. It probably says something about how gender was conceptualized to a nonbinary traumatized person how its actually divided somewhat notably, but its just a kind of interesting.
On the topic, our system considers ourselves "nonbinary" as a whole. We aren't sure WHERE in the nonbinary spectrum at this point but somewhere in there XD
10) have anyone ever made you impulse buy something/bought something while fronting without your knowledge?
I mean like, a few days ago Aderis commissioned art work of herself without consulting the team, but its also fine cause I would have approved it anyways XD But like other than that, I don't really THINK so? I mean I think someone might have once or twice but I really can't remember.
For the most part like, our system as a whole has reverse spending issues - with me being the heart of it. We're REALLY REALLY bad at spending money for things that are fine - especially if it is for us. We have gotten better at it with our fiance and friends occasionally, but its an issue XD Some parts are less stringent / stressed / fixated about money, but like... one of my worst OCD things is an obsession-compulsion cycle regarding hoarding money and its a pain. So a lot of the parts generally follow our main system rule of "Don't buy things without putting it in the discord for "requests" and getting it approved by me and Ray or Lucille" cause like XD I might have a meltdown if I we spend more than we should cause I have issues.
I think the closest we got was like.... me saying we have like, money to spend on a certain thing, then an alter later doing it because it was pre-allocated and approved. Cause TECHNICALLY it was without my knowledge but it was also pre-approved.
TBH bless my system for the amount of things they don't do because "it'd fuck Riku up and they're working on it so give it time" and just kinda like respect the middle ground of communicating things before doing things that'd mess with my head XD
.... also bless that I think our main active persecutors also have a similar issue to me. Bless that too, not that it's GOOD but.
-Riku (Host)
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dolston17 · 7 days ago
playlist meme
Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist. put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then choose 10 victims!
Tagged by @feeisamarshmallow and @zephsthings. Thank you so much!! I really enjoyed this!
Keeping/Amending these tweaks:
Pulling from my On Repeat Most Played list on Spotify Samsung Music.
Adding my favorite lyrics and what project character/ship it’s related to.
Linking to YouTube/Spotify.
Okay, so just gonna clarify a few things here. Spotify is very new in Nepal, like it was made available about 3 months ago, I think. Most people here have Samsung devices, including myself; hence, the use of Samsung Music instead of Spotify. Also, I'm not the greatest at remembering a ship when I hear a song, but hopefully some of these make sense.
1) Chiquitita - ABBA
"Chiquitita, you and I know/How the heartaches come and they go and the scars they're leaving/You'll be dancing once again and the pain will end/You will have no time for grieving"
(First thought in my mind was Rosa and Amy between seasons 3 and 4? I think it works, given Amy actually said Rosa was there for her each day Jake was in Florida)
2) The Greatest Love of All - Whitney Houston
"I believe the children are our future/Teach them well and let them lead the way/Show them all the beauty they possess inside/Give them a sense of pride to make it easier/Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be"
(Has to be for Mr. Iglesias and his class!! He's a father figure to them all, and just the teacher we all wish we had. )
3) Eight Days a Week - The Beatles
"Love you every day, girl/Always on my mind/One thing I can say, girl/Love you all the time"
(This is just a fun, happy, goofy, upbeat song, so it has to go for a fun, happy, upbeat, goofy relationship, too! I think it could work for Peraltiago, sorta like Jake thinking about Amy 24/8/365.)
4) It's Not Unusual - Tom Jones
"It's not unusual to be loved by anyone/It's not unusual to have fun with anyone/But when I see you hanging about with anyone/It's not unusual to see me cry/I wanna die"
(This sing has been popularized by that scene from the Fresh Prince, and it well and truly belongs to Carlton!)
5) All My Loving - The Beatles
"Close your eyes and I'll kiss you/Tomorrow I'll miss you/Remember I'll always be true/And then while I'm away, I'll write home everyday/And I'll send all my loving to you"
(This is such a simple song with simple songs, but it's my favorite for various reasons. But I'm associating this with Mondler - one of the purest and sweetest relationships - especially when Chandler had to move to Tulsa.)
6) Zombie - The Cranberries
"Another head hangs lowly/Child is slowly taken/And the violence caused such silence/Who are we mistaken?"
(One of the best protest songs, about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It packs such a powerful message. It's almost obvious for me to associate this with Derry Girls, because that's set in the same period in Northern Ireland, too, but more specifically that scene at the end of the prom and the juxtaposition between the kids and the citizens of Derry celebrating the ceasefire and peace talks. The same song was used in the show for that scene, too.)
7) I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
"Go on, now go, walk out the door/Just turn around now/'Cause you're not welcome anymore/Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?/Did you think I'd crumble/Did you think I'd lay down and die?"
(I don't know, it sorta shouts "Pam, post-breakup with Roy" to me. And the more I think about it, the more it seems to make sense.)
8) Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John (with Kiki Dee)
"So don't misunderstand me/You put the light in my life/Oh, you put the spark to the flame/I got your heart in my sight"
(Another sweet, fun, lovely song. Gives me Jim and Pam vibes.)
9) Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
"Once upon a time I was falling in love/But now I'm only falling apart/There's nothing I can do/A total eclipse of the heart"
(Granted Dwight/Angela isn't the ship I'm most enthusiastic about, but this paints the picture for Angela after her divorce with the Senator.)
10) It's My Life - Bon Jovi
"It's my life/It's now or never/But I ain't gonna live forever/I just want to live while I'm alive"
(I think it fits with The End of the F**king World, where there are two teens running away with all the freedom in the world.)
Tagging (and no pressure of course): @peraltastarkov @cheddarthefluffyboi @b99peraltiago @b99reblogstuff @amyscascadingtabs @amydancepants-peralta
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allsfair-inloveandwar · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Eren and Jean would be the best roommates to have after the Jean, Connie, Sasha trio and here's why:
Jean and Eren's fights are so fucking funny and amusing to watch
Jean what the fuck! How could you just go into my room and wash my socks without my permission!!
They were starting to smell so bad that I could smell them in my room!
I don't care! I told you not to go in my room for any reasons!
Why cause I'll find your secret porn stash you sick bastard?!
You looked on my USB?!?!?!?!?
Expect the most random reasons for them to come in your room:
• Eren causally strolls into your room without knocking: Hey, did I leave my charger in here?
Why would your charger be in my room, Eren? You haven't been in here all day.
Yes I was in here earlier cause I-
You: .... what were you doing in my room?
Eren walking out and leaving your door open: ..Maybe Jean has it..
• Jean knocking but walking in before you can say come in quickly shutting the door: Hey can I stay here for a little bit? He asks sitting by you on your bedroom floor with his knees in his chest.
You run a hand through his hair. Yeah but why?
Eren from the kitchen: JEAN, YOU ATE MY LEFTOVERS AGAIN!
You: Yeah.. I'm not hiding you so your only option is to learn invisibility.
Breakfast every morning courtesy of Jean.
• He likes cooking omelets but sometimes it'll be pancakes and on rare occasions when he's super exhausted you guys will have oatmeal.
• And if you have the time early in the morning before work. (Which you all do.) He'll have everyone sitting down at the table to eat breakfast together.
• Those early morning breakfasts usually consist of quiet until Eren turns on the TV which Jean immediately argues with him over.
Eren we're supposed to be eating breakfast together.
Eren: We are?
Jean: Turn the TV off!
Eren: You're not my mom!
Y/N: Guys it's 7 am..
Jean: You always do this! We're supposed to be talking about our plans for the day.
Eren: You're such a baby, no one was even talking.
Y/N: Eren, you'll get food on the floor eating like that.
Jean: We can't just have one normal breakfast the angry idiot always has to ruin it.
• And he never forgets your favorites. He might even make you and Eren lunch to take to work.
• Though there was a short on strike period where Jean didn't cook anything for anyone because Eren called him a house husband. 🤭
Movie nights but it's just 2 hours of trying to pick a movie ft, Jean and Eren arguing. (As usual)
• Eren's got on shorts and Jean's got on sweats and you're all sitting on the couch. You with the popcorn bowl in your lap
• But despite the fact that you told these assholes to pick a movie on Monday and it's now Saturday evening. They've got nothing.
You: How hard is it to pick one movie?
Jean: We were between two but Eren decided to randomly pick a third one! So now here we are.
Eren: I didn't wanna see the first one you picked in the first place and I told you that on Monday.
Jean: Well I'm not watching this third one
You: So.. the second one?
Both of them: No!
• After so many wasted nights of this you put a rule in place that if they didn't pick one movie by movie night you would pick a default movie at random.
• After a night that even you didn't enjoy watching, "The Kissing Booth 2" they made sure they had a movie picked and ready every time.
If you're a girl I genuinely feel like the two of them are super protective of you. Obviously in different ways.
• Jean's gonna warn you about your partners if he genuinely feels they're gonna hurt you.
• Eren's gonna show up at your partner's house or work randomly and have a discussion with them without you knowing if he thinks somethings up.
• If their gfs for whatever reason don't get along with you or treat you poorly behind their backs and they find out, they'll break it off as soon as possible.
• Jean's gonna take her out to lunch and tell her they're done after he pays for the meal and Eren's just gonna call her or go to her house and break things off.
• Neither of them are gonna tell you they did it because their gf didn't like you.
• Speaking of relationships if you've got a clingy ex boyfriend these two are down to shut that shit up real fast.
• Don't even get me started on if he shows up at night. All you gotta do is say, "Eren, Jean help me." and run to your room.
Eren yanking the door open for the ex: What??!
Ex: I know she's here, I just need to talk to her. *tries to squeeze past Eren*
Jean already behind Eren pushing him back out the door: If she wanted to talk to you she would've.
Eren: There is no more talking, get lost.
Ex: I'm gonna get to her whether you both like it or not. She's gotta leave the house sometime.
Jean: Alright listen, you can either leave now and never talk to her again or we can drag you all the way back down the stairs by the back of your collar.
Eren: Your choice.
They're both the type to act like your boyfriend even though they're not as soon as your period starts. And they kinda think nothing of it because of how long they've been doing it.
• Need pads or tampons while on your period? Ask Jean he's like what size??
• Eren's probably telling you, you complain too much (not gonna lie) when you talk about your cramps but he's probably gonna stay by your side all day as your personal pillow.
He's also gonna get the heating pad even before you start complaining.
Wanna sleep on his chest? He's not gonna stop you. Cuddle up on his shoulder? It's there take the opportunity. Wanna fall asleep on him while you're both snuggled up under a big blanket? He already has the blanket in his hands.
• Jean's out buying your favorite foods on his way back from getting the pads/tampons.
• Though Eren is the type to fight with you back if you get really aggressive or irritable on your period. He'll try not to but sometimes you'll say something really rude on the wrong day and then Jean has to come calm you both down.
• But otherwise they're really sweet when it's that time of the month.
Though I'll be honest Jean's dead the type to harbor a massive crush on you but never tell you because,
Man's is lowkey shy
He likes living with you and Eren (..Well likes living with you more than he likes living with Eren). So he'd just keep it a secret and do sweet things for you while you're under the assumption he's just a sweet guy.
• And he is.
• But he's also a sweet guy who zones out of his work staring blankly at his laptop while over thinking the most insignificant shit you did yesterday. (Disregard this idea if you don't simp for Jean or you don't like this idea after the next part).
~ NSFW warning.
• Eren is lowkey cool with having little one night stands with you every now and then.
Fresh out of a breakup and really want some dick? Depends on his mood but he'll most likely be down.
He's not only your roommate but your best friend so some nights he might just let you cuddle up to him but he's out of your room before 6am.
(I find that Jean not knowing makes this ten times better so Jean doesn't know you guys do this.)
You guys are really good at keeping the secret too. After the night you're both acting completely normal even when Jean's not around.
I feel like a situation like this started because you spent like a week being angry and crying over one of your stupid exes and when Eren came in to try to get you to forget about the dumb cunt you guys kissed and it escalated from there.
But for the both of you, it's strictly casual.
And it started out as a bad breakup deal..
But well.. human weakness 🤷‍♀️
Slowly but surely it becomes, because either of you are feeling down or because Jean is late coming home and you're both bored.
Every so often Eren will sneak into your room late at night and when he does you already know what he wants.
Sometimes it's even better when it's super late at night and Jean's sleeping right across the hall from where Eren is shaking your bed so hard you're worried it'll break.
"You're so fucking loud it would've been quieter if I had just jacked off." He grunts
Deadass ducks outta the way when you try to cover your loud moans by kissing him.
"F-fuck you Eren."
"Isn't that what you're doing?"
Not a hint of remorse on this man's face as he rams you from below, tugging your hips into his.
And he adores bending you over the arm of the couch while Jean is still at work. Especially if you both know he's on his way home.
Fills that pretty pussy with so much cum barely trying to hold in his groans as Jean's footsteps in the hall get louder.
Giving Eren little hand jobs under the blanket after Jean's fallen asleep during movie night too.
Cause you both enjoy playing with fire and he started it by caressing your thighs.
"Fuck.. faster."
He'll suck in a breath, slowly roll his hips against your hand.
When he cums it's in your hand, under the blanket and a little bit on top of the blanket where his tip was poking out.
Basically the most fun part of that movie night was hiding the evidence from Jean.
In conclusion, Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. Please submit your Eren and Jean roommate form at the front desk 😁✊
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k-rising · 10 days ago
@jaesqueso thank you for tagging me, sweetie ✨💜
1. why did you choose your url?
the "k" is from kpop, obviously lol and I added the "rising" cause kpop always became more known over the years... especially during these last years, so I wanted to express that in my url. also, I associated the "rising" thing with our rising sign, cause you know how that represents our first impressions? what I wanted to transmit is that, although we know some things about our faves, this blog main goal is to talk about things that we do not usually see from them up to a point, obviously. I have my limitations. I will not expose their whole lives.
2. do you have any sideblogs? if you do, name them and say why you have them.
I do have a sideblog... actually, I have 2 sideblogs, but I want to keep them as a secret 👀
3. how long have you been on tumblr?
I've been here since 2017, I think...
4. do you have a queue tag?
5. why did you start your blog?
there were already some blogs which analyzed the idols' birth charts, so I wanted to do the same... and I also wanted to test my astrology knowledge lol
6. why did you choose your icon/pfp?
cause I love taeyong lol and I also love the aesthetic of this icon, idk <3
7. why did you choose your header?
because it combines with my icon and my theme lmao BUT ALSO because neptune it's the planet of dreams, illusions, escape and fantasies, and it's ruled by pisces. pisces is the sign of intuition, which not only represents me but also my blog, and I also associate this sign with music, because music helps me escape from reality.
8. what’s your post with the most notes?
my astro observation n° 13 and from kpop, I think how is he in bed? from jaemin
9. how many mutuals do you have?
idk... how do you see that? sorry, i'm a boomer lol
10. how many followers do you have?
11. how many people do you follow?
12. have you ever made a shitpost?
I think all of my posts are shitposts but idk BJFNJKIOQDJ
13. how often do you use tumblr each day?
way too often
14. have you ever had a fight/argument with another blog? who won?
I still haven't gotten into trouble... which surprises me a lot, ngl BDWFJBT
15. how do you feel about ‘you need to compare this’ posts?
I'm not a person who likes to compare things. I just do my thing, if you like it, good and if you don't, good as well lol
16. do you like tag games?
hell yeahhh
17. do you like ask games?
hell yeahhh
18. which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
@/saintzjenx @/rattaemin @/hillarysss @/leolo404 @/asstrolo @/ofwands @/um-talia @/jaesqueso and many more lol
19. do you have a crush on a mutual?
mmm... I don't think so fdjfjvfld
tagging: @secretlyshadowymoon @winxclubfairy @meandmypeace @leolo404 @ofwands it's okay if you don't want to do it <3
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occasionallyish · 11 days ago
Okok it is 5 in the am and it's time to pitch a movie idea because it came into my head and it won't come outttt
The story takes place in a semi-modern society, but probably some made-up kingdom that is, for some reason, similar to Canada (given, I've never been to or seen Canada, nor have I knowingly met a Canadian. But when you meet the Prince and the King... You'll understand)
In the beginning of the movie, we meet The Prince– A goofy and loveable guy that maybe sometimes bends the rules. I wouldn't say he's a partygoer, but he does like to have fun! So he does sometimes sneak out of the palace, except he's so bad at it and his folks are always aware that he's sneaking out– But somebody,,, The King's advisor, or maybe the King himself, let him off because even the Prince(a grown man lmao) needs to be a kid sometimes.
Only, the Prince is so bad at being inconspicuous and assuming the role of Not The Prince, that he's been robbed on one too many occasions. And so, after another night of coming back to the palace and having to tell his people "Y'know I just... Lost.. That jewelery and stuff. Again." They decided to finally kinda confront him about it
So one day, the Prince wakes up and is called to the throne room to find the Hottest Person He's Ever Met. She's tall, she's dark, she's handsome. He catches her eye and immediately her gaze darts away, and the Prince can swear they both felt their hearts flutter.
Turns out, this gorgeous being is assigned to accompany him when he leaves the castle– Now, the Prince is somewhat frustrated that his folks think he needs a babysitter, but like,,, The babysitter's nice to look at okay. Though the King does explain that she's only there for protection, and the only thing she would restrict the Prince from is letting him get himself scammed. Or like,,, crime.
Finally, the Prince goes out on the town– The Prince with his Bodyguard. Life goes on as usual, he's able to indulge in the local economy and all that, and she just kind of awkwardly stands around. Whenever the Prince tries to make any small talk with the Bodyguard– "So, where'd you come from?" "How'd you wind up working for my parents?" Or even "What do you do when you aren't on the job?"– 'cause he does genuinely want to get to know this piece of work. But all he gets are mumbled responses, one-word answers, deflected eye contact.
Now, the Prince is convinced that she has a crush on him, too– Because she had to have felt that spark, too, right? But don't worry, he's actually a gentleman, and he wants to work on this perceived mutual attraction through developing an actual friendship or at the very least something, first.
So I haven't quite worked out who the Big Bad is, or what the Big Bad does... But there's gotta be a Big Bad ok. There is in any story. For now, we'll say it's The Capitalist– He has this big scheme to scam our dearly naive Prince out of it, big time. But any time he gets close to the Prince. The Bodyguard can read his vibes and finds a way to distract the Prince with Some Pretty Object in the marketplace. It works every time, by the way.
So, increasingly frustrated that he can't even get close enough to the Prince to share his big sleezy money proposal, he decides why not use some of the people he's got trapped in debt to do his bidding? So the guy sends some people Just To Talk, but of course the Bodyguard catches on very quick. She may be a woman of few words and she may barely be able to even look the Prince in the eye, but she is seriously so good at steering him in all the directions that aren't the Financial Ruin direction.
Days pass by, with this money-chasing game of cat and mouse.
Eventually, the Capitalist decides to send his goons– More debt minions, or maybe actually paid people, but this time they're beefy and they're violent and they're supposed to Seriously Injure the Bodyguard so that she'll have to leave her post and the Capitalist will finally be able to catch our notoriously-financially-stupid Prince under his thumb.
Except nothing goes as he planned and the Bodyguard floors all of the goons. Completely puts them down– Well, not in the ground, no. She's not allowed to kill unless under specific orders to do so, of course. But the Bodyguard apprehends these fiends and takes them to the King to finally be like "Your son is being chased by a man that wants money" or something like that.
When he was watching her beat up these guys,.. The Prince had a Revelation. He's looking at the Bodyguard with a very Wow look and he knows that she is a piece of works that he would genuinely love to get to know more. Like right now, there is nothing more attractive than she– In terms of looks and badassery and as soon as they finally get to talking, probably personality too.
So the goons have been arrested and the King has been made aware of the Capitalist. It doesn't take long to learn who the Capitalist is, neither does it take long to request a personal audience with him. The ending of the Capitalist's story is kind of anticlimatic ngl, since I had a basic idea of everything else and am just now making up the whole Capitalist thing on the spot... But anyway, the King says "I think what you're doing is like illegal and also have you been paying labor taxes" and the Capitalist's power gets taken away with that one line
At the end of the movie, the Prince is back on the town and he takes a look at this big fancy restaurant. He's exchanged at least a couple words with the Bodyguard, and with the whole Capitalist thing he was able to get many compliments in, plus maybe even like one not as one-sided conversation. So he kind of nudges the Bodyguard's shoulder and shows her the restaurant and is like, "Do you want to go on a date?"
And the Bodyguard kind of awkwardly rubs her neck, and this poor woman gives the Kinda Pitying Way Awkward Look and finally she says more than just a couple words, like, "Look... I'm flattered. I am. And you seem great. But, um... I don't date."
And turns out she was just an awkward AroAce this whole time! And the Prince is like, "Ohh, yeah that makes sense. Then... Maybe you want to get brunch? As friends."
The story ends with the Prince and his Bodyguard eating outside of a simple but pretty cafe, and we see the Prince say something, and then the Bodyguard laughs. Roll credits.
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fuel-your-wanderlust · 11 days ago
Isle Royale is Wildly Unique
Tumblr media
Isle Royale is where nature runs wild. It is in Lake Superior, and it is the fourth-largest lake island in the world. It is 45 miles long and 9 miles wide. There are no roads on the island, and no vehicles are allowed. People don't live on the isle yearlong. Isle Royale was home to the Ojibwe and was called Minong. The island is known for its fisheries, and it was mined for its large amounts of copper. Isle Royale National Park was created in 1931. I went to the island when I was a girl in the early '90s. My experience on the island was unique. I mistook the Loon’s wail for wolf howls which are another species native to the island. The beauty of Isle Royale is unforgettable. Many rules made the island special too. You can’t leave any trash there. The packing for the trip alone was unlike any camping trip I've been on. Whatever you pack in has to be packed out. At that time, there was one little store and a couple of homes. Now they have the Rock Harbor Lodge, a full-service lodging facility, and two restaurants on the island. We have seen what happens when places begin to get overpopulated with tourists and the effects of overtourism on the world.
Tumblr media
This image was found on a blog called Travelling Jezebel which is a great blog about tackling overtourism.
Overtourism is like cancer that spreads and destroys the most beautiful parts of the world. People are traveling to major tourist cities and pushing the people that live there out. It is changing the culture of these towns. As best described in the very informative YouTube video, Crowded Out: The Story of Overtourism, one interviewee says the city of Venice is becoming a Disneyland. Overtourism is causing property tax inflation, and Airbnb is destroying communities.
Along with overtourism comes pollution. There is an estimated 8,000,000 tons of plastic litter put in the ocean each year. With rising climate changes, global warming is causing the Great Barrier Reef to dye. Coral bleaching is when the coral expels the algae living on it. This can lead to mortality, and it is said that the Great Barrier Reef could disappear by 2050. It's one example of the tragedy unfolding on our beautiful planet due to human's push for greed. Isle Royale is a special place that shouldn't be ruined by overtourism. The wildlife gets to live freely without fear of hunters. We have to protect the vulnerable and fight for their existence.
Tumblr media
This image shows the coral reef’s devastating reality of before and after a bleaching event.
"Every organism that devours more resources than can be restored eventually starves one day," wrote blog writer David Lauterwasser. We have seen the future from the past, yet we continue to follow to pretty path with blinders on ignoring the truth. As seen in the movie 180° South, we have learned how we are repeating the same mistakes we have made in the past. For example, the island in Chile called Rapa Nui, aka Easter Island, is a reminder of how societies rise and fall due to their own demise. The island has gone through civil war, cannibalism, disease, and environmental collapse. The people depleted their resources, and the downfall effect has been a sad version of what is to come for our planet worldwide.
Tumblr media
This photo is a depiction of what happened on Easter Island. This image was found on a blog by David Lauterwasser. Please check out his work.
The following quote is by Oscar Chapman, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, at the dedication of Isle Royale National Park in 1946:
"What we are protecting and preserving here, so far as it is possible and practical to do so, are actually the processes of nature in which the only permanent thing is change, - change which is permitted to take place with the very minimum of human guidance or control. The essence of place is its wild beauty..."
According to National Park Service Stats, the number of annual visitors to Isle Royale was under 3,000 when it opened, and that number has grown to over 26,000 in 2019. The island is an economic booster for the surrounding areas and keeping it a tourist attraction isn't going to go away. The National Park Service needs to make sure they are strict about their rules. They understand the importance of keeping a low human impact on the island. Although, there is talk of making more lodges on a different parts of the island, so people aren't crowded. That sounds like a slippery slope. It will double the people that they bring in, making it more marketable to the tourists. I hope they won't continuing building on the island. It is unique because of its wild beauty, and more people will strip that from the island. The island was recently named the "Best of the World 2021" list by National Geographic. This is a list of the 25 best places to visit in the world. What will this mean to Isle Royale? Sometimes travel writers and making the best of lists is a curse more than a blessing. Should I even be writing this blog, or should I keep my little Michigan paradise island a secret?
Metta McLeod
June 1, 2021
Trending Now:
Isle Royale National Park Opens Back Up to Visitors with Some Restrictions
Venice Control Room Will Monitor Tourists to Combat Overtourism
For Plant Earth, No Tourism is a Curse and a Blessing
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You realize that religion isn’t always bad, right? When people use it as an excuse to do harm, that’s obviously bad, but it can also comfort people. And I’m saying this as an atheist.
So, you're saying it can be used for both good and bad. And anyone who does either can claim they're justified. Then why do we need it at all?
"With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion." - Steven Weinberg
Religion does literally nothing uniquely good that can't also be done without it and without the harm it creates. Give me one thing. Just one. One objectively "good" thing that only religion can provide.
In response to complaints he focused on the Catholic Church’s child abuse scandals and attitudes towards condoms, rather than what good it’s done, Stephen Fry responded : It’s a bit like a burglar in court saying “oh, you would bring up that burglary and that manslaughter, but you never mention the fact that I give my father a birthday present.”
On the other hand, religion provides a divine excuse for committing the most awful acts to other humans. To do so cheerfully, with bold certainty and no regrets. Because what mere humans can compete with the will of a deity, as long as they believe it exists?
"Certainly anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices." - Voltaire
So, belief in things based on comfort is okay? Do you not think that Westboro, ISIS, Boko Haram and literally every organization that you would recognize as "harm"-ful draws comfort from their beliefs? You don’t think all sorts of believers draw comfort from their beliefs as they plan or commit all sorts of deeds?
Is even merely drawing comfort from imagining atheists and other non-adherents enduring eternal torment in their respective hell dimensions particularly healthy? As soon as you authorize “comfort,” you authorize anything they believe or do in the aim of achieving it. including the harm itself.
"An old friend tells you that everything changed for him the day he realized he was destined to marry Angelina Jolie. It might occur to you to ask why does he believe this? Angelina Jolie is, after all, one of the most beautiful and famous people on the planet. She's not incidentally married to Brad Pitt. They have something like 27 children. What if your friend, sensing your skepticism, said, "clearly you don't understand. This belief gives my life meaning. I now know my purpose in life: it's to be Angelina's husband"? What if your friend said, "This belief has made me a better person. I'm now incredibly kind to children, anticipating having to raise Angelina's once Brad leave"? Or what if your friend said, "You can believe whatever you want, but I wouldn't want to live in a universe where I don't marry Angelina Jolie"? It should be quite clear that your friend has lost his mind and is probably a dangerous person. Yet this is precisely the type of talk that so often passes for wisdom in religious circles, and may attempt to pass for wisdom here. Beliefs are not like clothing. Comfort and utility and attractiveness cannot be our conscious criteria for adopting them." - Sam Harris
Let's be clear here: when you say "comfort," what you're actually saying that it provides a palliative, a painkiller that avoids the need to address the underlying issue honestly and fearlessly. To be able to self-medicate in a fantasy rather than live fully in the real world. Excessive alcohol consumption does the same thing. So does meth. So does indiscriminate sex. Is that the rule now? It can cause harm, but as long as it also brings comfort, then we should avoid criticizing it, since it's not always bad.
Is comfort more important than truth now? Is the most important thing now how someone feels, and not what's actually true? Isn't denying truth itself harmful? What can't someone believe and defend entirely because it brings them comfort?
"When you believe in things that aren’t real, you’re going to think in ways that aren’t aligned with reality." (source)
The call for “comfort” as a defence is inherently an admission the beliefs aren’t true. If someone tells you that it brings them “comfort,” they’re telling you that they know it’s not true, but it makes them feel good to believe it anyway.
We're not obliged to indulge delusional beliefs because it brings people comfort, makes them feel good, or offends them when it's scrutinized or criticized. We're not obliged to comply with demands to hush simply because they derive comfort or hurts their feelings to not have their beliefs affirmed by everyone, even those who don't even share them.
Especially when those beliefs are equal justification for doing “harm.”
If you want to be an enabler and endorser for the delusional confirmation bubble and ongoing reality-denial of religionists, that's your business. (Although I pity you for succumbing to the social conditioning that you should prioritize other people’s feelings over objective reality and objective truth.)
But nobody else is obliged to collaborate.
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cutie-booboo · 15 days ago
26 | Muldvaarp
Series: Supernatural Squad | Benny Weir
Word count: 3.5k
A/N: ~ means POV changes
"Rory!" I hear Benny groan outside my window. "Sorry, I thought the bucket still might be there so I dropped you." Rory says coming through my window first. "No more worrying about the bucket because we finally had a long loud discussion about things." I tell him as a Benny makes his way in. "Great, any who... You coming to help Ethan take care of the tornado twins?" Benny rubs his side. "Oh my god, that is tonight isn't. Yeah, I'm coming." I tell them as they go back to the window. "Guys, we can just go downstairs through the front door. My dad is slightly getting annoyed with me sneaking out rather than just leaving known." I point to my bedroom door. "That would be better." Benny nods his head following me.
"Going to Ethan's to help out with the tornado twins." I shout walking down the stairs with the two behind me. "Huh, I don't remember seeing you two come in through the front door." My dad laughs. "Rory said he always takes the window." Benny explains. "Guys, I always tell you just come in through the front door. It's always unlocked at decent hours." My dad sighs. "8:00am to 11:00pm." I smile at my dad. "Exactly, just let yourselves in. Also good luck with the twins." He says as we head out. "Man, I love your dad. He's so cool and chill." Rory sighs as we walk next door going through the back.
Tumblr media
"Just wait for it... Wait for it..." Ethan says as Benny sneaks up to them before jumping. "Benny!" He shouts making Sarah accidentally hit him. "Ah!" He groans in pain as I sand behind him. "Boo-yah!" Rory then jumps up and Ethan shoots him in the head with a dart. "Hey! Is this for me barfing down your chimney?" Rory asks. "No, no. I just- wait, you what?" Ethan asks understanding what was just said. "Nothing. I'm here to help battle the tornado twins." Rory tells him.
"Yeah, us too. Are they here yet? I don't see anybody bleeding..." Benny says as I stand next to him now. "See for yourself. Hey boys, this is Benny, Sadie, and Rory." Ethan tells the twins. "Hello Benny, Sadie, and Rory." They say together. "Whoa. That is a tornado of weird." Rory says as we watch them. "Okay. Kids speaking in unison. That's never good." Benny adds before a knocking scares us all.
"Are we going or what? I'm starving." Erica asks Sarah most likely. "Coming, Erica." She sighs. "Wait. Going? Going where?" Ethan asks her. "New safety rule from the council- they want us to hunt in pairs." Sarah explains to us. "So I have to watch this vegetarian vampire pick up her blood salad from a delivery truck." Erica complains. "Beats watching you choose your meal: He's so stringy. He's too old. I hate her outfit." Sarah mocks her. "People with bad taste taste bad. What? More stalk, less talk." Erica groans.
"You're supposed to be my backup. You can't leave me alone with them!" Ethan tells her. "What- are you afraid they're gonna color outside the lines?" Erica says making Benny and I snicker. "I won't be long. And if you need backup, I'm sure Jane and Sadie can handle it. Right, Jane?" Sarah look over at her. "You betcha." She smiles at Sarah before she leaves. "What now? Do I check their crayons for sharp edges?" Ethan asks. "Dude, relax. Can't you see? They know what they're up against. In their eyes, we're the grown-ups." Benny says making me tilt my head at him.
Tumblr media
"Yeah! Grown-ups! Let's go play video games!" Rory says making him and Benny shout yes running to Ethan's room. "What you guys drawing?" I ask placing my hands on their shoulders then get a vision of a box of Moles and the troop chanting. "Umm... Jane, you okay with them?" I ask her walking closer to her. "Yeah, I can handle them. It's weird actually." She whispers. "I know, well if something happens call me. I'll also check in at times. The three upstairs might cause more trouble than you three." I laugh leaving her alone with the twins. "You playing too?" Ethan asks me. "Nope, just watching you and the three downstairs." I jump onto his bed and think back to the vision I just had and what it could mean.
"Kill the queen, destroy the hive." Ethan tells Benny as they continue to play. "But it's more fun shooting Rory!" Benny smiles. "Not for Rory!" Rory whines. "Should we check on the kids?" Ethan asks making me sit up. "Hey, creep brothers! If you're okay, say nothing. They're fine." Benny says making me roll my eyes. "This is why you guys can't babysit Jane without Sarah." I leave the room to see the three now in the living room.
"Roads outta Whitechapel are snarled. What's going on? Should we all be in a state of total panic? Are our very lives in danger?" The news reporter says as I stand next to the couch. "Stay tuned and we'll let you know. News Eye 5 will keep you alive! And in more delicious news, it's Moleo time again! So it's time to ditch that diet and enjoy the moleriffic taste of... goodbye." He starts to act different after taking a bite. "Who wants a donut? My mom hid them but I saved one?" Jane asks the twins. "I'll pass but don't eat too much. Can't have your mom knowing." I tell her making her laugh. "Of course." She says before I head back upstairs.
"Guys, stick to the plan! Conquer the queen, then release the colony!" Ethan says as more time passes as they play. Feeling... Faint. Rory! Snacks!" Benny tells him and he runs out then comes back. "Umm..." I see that he had red paint on his face. "Guys? Those boys ain't right." Rory tells them. "They were alright a few minutes ago." I get up leaving first and walking down the stairs I see the red doors they were drawing earlier. "Uh, uh, uh... That one painted my face! Wait, wait, it was that one. Darn- which one's the evil one?" Rory points at them as they draw on the walls.
Tumblr media
"Hey, little dude. What's going on?" Ethan touches one of the twins. "Val Mudrap is coming." All three of them say. "They said who now?" Rory ask. "We've got a problem." Ethan says before the front doer opens. "Your mom's home." Benny says in a high pitched voice. As she makes her way closer look at the walls she moves Benny and Rory aside. "Might wanna cover your ears." I whisper to Benny putting my hands over my ears right before she starts to lost it. The twins and their mom leave, Jane gets out to bed acting weird, and we clean up the walls before three of us head home.
"Your mom was so busy yelling, she didn't even notice Sarah gone or Jane acting weird." Benny tells Ethan as we walk the halls. "Well, I'll tell you what's weird: my vision had snack food in it." Ethan says making me look at him. "Dude, I have visions of food all the time. Pizza, milk shakes, pizza-flavored milk shakes..." Benny says. "And every time I searched Val Mudrap, my computer froze on that picture of a red door." Ethan tells us. "That happened for me too." I say as indistinct voices come. "Why is everyone leaving?" Ethan asks.
"Well, hello, boys and young lady. Classes are cancelled. All the teaching staff appear to have left." The principle says. "Left? Left where?" I ask. "No idea. They just got up and took off. Not even a word of thank-you for the donuts I got them for the staff meeting. Well, at least they left me one." He takes a bite of the mole then start to act like the news reporter. "Did you just see that? Do you know what this means?" Ethan asks us. "Yes! Of course! Sort of. Nope. Just tell me what it means." Benny sighs. "It must be the donuts. They're making all the adults leave town and turning the kids into drones." Ethan tells him. "It's not must... it is. The guy on the news did that last night making me curious." I let them know.
"I wonder what it does to teenagers?" Ethan asks making Benny panic. "I don't wanna know!" He starts pulling boxes out of his bag. "Why did you buy-?" I ask as he throws them. A moment of weakness, all right? Speaking of weak, here comes the hot-mess express." Benny turns to see the girls them wraps his arm around my shoulder. "She's so hungry she can't control her fangs and I'm so hungry I can't control her!" Sarah explains as Erica keeps hissing.
Tumblr media
"What are you geeks gawking at?" She asks two guys that walk pass. "You guys hungry? You want some of my lunch?" Rory holds a bag that keep squeaking. "It's fresh. Ah! Mr. Lunchy! No! No, Mr. Lunchy! Stay!" Rory chases it because Erica slapped it out of his hands. "No rats! We need real food and this town is running on empty." Sarah tells us. "So? Just fly over to the next town and get some takeout." Benny tells them. "The Vampire Council says hunting outside of Whitechapel can cause a turf war." Erica rolls her eyes.
"Can't you just take a small nibble of a student- not me, of course." Ethan tells her. "Teenagers are full of junk food and hormones. Do you have any idea what that can do to your skin?" Erica complains. "She's a picky eater. And my blood-delivery guy vanished. Whatever's happening, un-happen it!" Sarah tells us following Erica. "Okay, we need to go home and come up with a plan." I tell the guys. "Wait! No adults? I have been dreaming of this moment my whole life. We can do anything we want! Anything Yeah!" Benny jumps up making me shake my head as Ethan follows him. "Fine, I'll do it myself!"
"Dad where are you going? Mom?" I ask as they just gets in the car driving off. "You guys too? You hate those donuts!" I shout as they are out of sight before going inside going to my mothers room to look for anything related to what's going on. After some time finding nothing other than a note saying Ask Evelyn for the Sacred Order of the Mole by Val Mudrap back. "Wait, that's that name. I gotta find the guys." I head out to hopefully find them.
Tumblr media
"What do we do? We can't hit kids!" I hear yelling in the distance and I knew the voices very well. "Owww! I know! But I want to... I really want to! Ah!" I laugh as I see the guys being attacked by kids the same time the girls show up. "Should we call for help?" Ethan asks. "I don't want anyone witnessing this kinder beat-down!" Benny says as Erica pulls out her phone. "Wave to the camera, guys! You're gonna be Internet stars!"
"Sarah! Help! This is serious!" Ethan yells. "In a sec! I'm enjoying you getting your butts kicked by ankle-biters." Sarah says making me laugh and agree with her. "Ow! They're biting my ankles!" Ethan screams in pain. "Okay, this is serious." I say going over to them and the girls follow me. As soon as I touch one of the kids I get a vision of the alpha brat using her staff to open a the red door in the ground to a black hole. "Sorry for doing this." I use a small spell to force them off all back and the girls help the guys up.
"I think there's a tooth in my shoe." Benny hold s his bag close to him. "The kid had braces. Hey, they're stronger than they look, okay?" Ethan tells Erica. "I could use a Moleo myself. Maybe I have some left." Benny goes to open his bag. "Don't talk about EATING!" Erica hisses falling to the ground. "Benny, your grandma's blood substitute... I know it tastes like shoes, but does she have any left?" Sarah grabs a hold of Benny. "Grandma is long gone. She has a pack-a-day habit in Moleo season. Last time I touched her stuff she put a shrunken head in my lunch. That guy wouldn't shut up!" Benny explains to her and she hisses at him. "I mean, Okay! Let's go!" Benny tells her.
"No, wait. That Alpha brat is hoarding every kid in town. Now Jane's home all alone." Ethan tells us. "We can't fight anyone when we're this weak. You get Jane. We'll get food." Sarah tells him and he runs off. Benny goes over to help Erica up, "I'm up. You can let go now." She tells him and he quickly moves back over to me. "I was just trying to help you." He whispers leaning the way.
"How does Erica not scare you?" Benny whispers to me. "I don't know? She just doesn't. That's almost like asking you how do you still like Erica when she's mean to you." I look up at him. "I don't like like her. I just think she hot." He says making me look away from him trying not to sigh. "Shit..." I hear him say under his breath, "If I had to choose out of the three of you... I'd pick you though." He bumps his hands against mine. "I would choose you out of you three guys." I smile as we approach Evelyn's house.
Benny and me go through everything to look for something for the girls and fail but Benny finds something that might help us. "Wait, when I was looking around my mother's room I saw a note that said this book. Benny the book is by the name the kids kept saying." I point at the book making him take out his phone. "Ethan, get over here. I think Grandma left something that might be useful. Also, the girls are looking at me like I'm a burrito." Benny calls Ethan. "It's just us." He puts his phone away. "Well at least one of us is smart." I say playfully. "Hey, we're our own team again. Sanny as Ethan calls us." Benny smiles down at me with a wink.
As Benny and Sadie look through a book, Sarah and Erica look at things on shelves. "Benny!" Rory pops up. "Whoa! What do you think you're doing? Only Benny can Benny!" Benny tells Rory making Sadie shake her head reading the book. "Says you. Whoa, looks like grandma left mid-snack attack." Rory sees the Moleos. "Yes, but she left us this." Sadie hands Rory the book. "Sacred Order of the Mole" by Val Mudrap. Wow. Some of these moles look delicious." Rory says. "Skim through it. Look through anything that can help us figure out what those moles are up to." Benny tells him.
"What about this, Benny? It's red! Can't you make this into blood with one of your spells?" Sarah asks Benny as Sadie look through the book with Rory. "That's not how it-," They cut him off with them hissing at him. "Sure! Let's give'r a try." Benny says making Sadie look up at them. "Sanguinus ibgaroth cambos mortalus." Sadie shakes her head look back at the book. "Gimme, gimme! Ugh!" Erica says. "Whoa." Benny says making Sadie to look up to see them with a tail. "What?" They ask him. "Nothing!" He says looking over at Sadie scared.
Tumblr media
"Is this a clue? The mothers and fathers departed from the village, the children played for eternity. All hailed Muldvaarp, child-beast, charmer, keeper of the key to the underworld. Looks like a clue to me." Rory reads making Sadie smile at him. "Muldvaarp? Nice name. No wonder it hates its parents." Erica says. "Whoa! Clue number two! I'm on fire!" He turns the page to see the little girl. "It's the girl that beat you up." Sarah says. "I wouldn't say beat up. I had a stomach full of pizza!" Benny says making Sadie pat his back.
"There's that name again. Val Mudrap." Sarah says. "It's an anagram from Muldvaarp." Sadie tells them all. "It uses the same letters too!" Rory says making everyone shake their heads at him. "He's trying." Sadie tells them. "Ethan needs to see this." Benny says making the girls leave. "Wow! You guys have-," Benny stops Rory. "Beautiful eyes! Race ya! Okay!"
"Whoa, what happened? Where's Jane?" Benny asks as him, Sadie, and Rory show up at Ethan's. "Huh? I turned my back on her for one second and the next thing I know she's gone and I have this killer headache." Ethan's says as they bend down to him. "Dude, she grilled your cheese." Rory show us them the pan was dented badly. "Recognize this little rug rat? Her name is Val Mudrap, AKA Muldvaarp." Benny shows him the news paper. "She likes taking little kids on field trips to the underworld." Sadie adds. "I found the clue! It was fun!" Rory says as they all help Ethan up.
"Mini-Mole Club House Collapses. One nine-year-old witness said the building got sucked into a door in the floor. Where is this place? I saw it in my vision!" Ethan asks them. "It was in the old part of town." Sadie tells him. "We need to go there. Fast." Ethan says.
"How can you have so much meat in your freezer and none of it be human?" Erica asks. "Hey. Cool tails." Ethan's says making Benny look at him as the girls repeat tails. Come on. Jane's got a good head start." He walks ahead of them. "Tails?" Benny looks at Rory then follows Ethan and Sadie.
Tumblr media
"Jane." Ethan says as they all watched the kids from a distance. "Here, guys. Drink this. It should give you a bit of a boost. Sadie helped me." Benny girls the girls a vile. "I ought to kick your butt for turning us into freaks." Erica tells him. "Yeah, before those wickedly awesome upgrades, you guys were totally normal." Benny tells them and Sadie moves closer to Rory as she sees Erica's tail move. "Ow! It's like sandpaper!" Benny glares at Erica. "Guys! Quit it!" Ethan and Sadie tell them.
Tumblr media
"Okay, Muldvaarp's the guardian of the door, keeper of the key. We've gotta get the key away from her and she can't open that door." Sadie tells the team. "How do you two feel?" Ethan's asks the girls. "Better. But I don't think I can fight." Sarah tells him. "Then you get those kids out of here. I'm going after my sister." Ethan tells her so they run off.
The door opens and they go up to her. "Get away from my sister!" Ethan tells her. "Where are all my little ones?" She asks. "I got this. Porkoth Zanthrak Porkoth fara- Oh!" She used her staff hitting Benny with a stun. "Oh, that stings! You guys are on your own!" Benny groans. "Porkoth Zanth-," She hits Sadie too making her fall face down on Benny. "That does sting." She groans.
"Benny!" Rory pops up. "Knock it off, Rory!" They both tell him groaning. "You're ruining my fun! Stop it!" Val tells him. "Why don't you make me? Ow! This! Is! So! PAINFUL!" Rory takes everything shock. "If I wasn't in so much pain, I'd roll off of you." Sadie groan as her head lays on Benny's chest. "If I wasn't in so much pain too, I wouldn't mind this and would want it to happen again." Benny groans as they just lay there while Rory hold Jane and Ethan fights Val.
"Everything's back to normal...ish." Ethan says. "Can someone finally help us?" Benny and Sadie groan. "I think I need someone with a vast knowledge of medical aid." Benny says as Ethan helps Sadie off of him. "Ugh. Vampire down needs assistance." Rory groans puts his arm up making Ethan go help him after helping Benny up.
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msilwrites · 15 days ago
(A 3AM Short Story) - (SHORT 1/2) - The Dark Knight
A/N: Hi guys, I have a lot of drafts I've been editing inside the draft folder of my Tumblr page. Sorry that I have not published them, I'm aware I make a lot of grammar mistakes, therefore, just I want them to be written properly, for it to have a strong narrative voice and can be easily understood.
Nonetheless, here is one of them...
Let me add, I'm actually busy updating my other stories, so do standby for that!
Cast -
'Q' is an Original Character
'K' / Kieran Sorensen - Mads Mikkelsen
WARNING: SEXUAL TENSIONS.... you need cold water!
The Dark Knight
Even before Q was known as 'Q', she was first a trainee under 'K' or Kieran, her commanding officer. However, she didn't expect to work beside him after finishing her training and working for the MI6. Neither did she expect that he was preparing her to take over once he steps down. That he wanted her to succeed him.
It all started when she entered the training programme. He had interviewed her for the first time, whilst holding on to the piece of paper which contained information about her background.
A woman who spent her primary education in Dragon School, and a secondary education at top international school in Shanghai, before graduating tertiary in Cambridge. With these, she could've been considered a 'strong candidate'.
"Privileged..." was his reply, upon reading everything. He clearly wasn't impressed. "You're probably very intelligent, but do you have grit?"
She gulped nervously and was thankful enough that she didn't write anything about her grandfather being an admiral or her father being an officer.
She remembered what he had told her clearly the first time, which is why it was a surprise to her that he considered her as a 'successor'.
Her job was something classified, she was not a field agent, but her duty was akin to that of a chess player, a tactician, a strategist and her chess pieces, were the agents under her command. And the playground was the operations she led and handled. And after a long time, she became good at it.
Throughout the years, she slowly got the hang of it, and finally earned the respect of her colleagues and superiors, specially Keiron, who had eventually become fond of her.
Everything was fine until she received a piece of devastating news.
Q's mother had committed suicide and her sister had a breakdown. At first, she couldn’t believe it. She knew her mother would never do such a thing! Didn’t she just remarry a good man who also happens to be wealthy? and had told her that she is in love with her new husband? That didn’t sound like the jovial mother she had often talked to over the phone. But as the details and truth began to resurface, everything became clearer...
As Q dug deeper for the truth, receiving the suicide note, her mother’s diary, the Private Investigator’s report and her sister’s story, one thing became clear; the cause of her family’s ruin was her mother’s new husband; Vincenzo Rosello.
Much to the family’s dismay, the truth was something painful to learn. Q broke down and cried. She considered dropping everything, just to get to her sister.
Her sister Helene, according to the report given to her by the investigator, was locked up in a private mental institution/ rehab in Mallorca and was given medication that had kept her mind blank every day.
Her grandfather and father were willing to do anything to get Helene rescued. But Q knew that if both her grandfather and father made a move, it will cause a diplomatic problem for the country. It was enough pretext for them that they should not intervene or try anything. Besides, the fact that the information was classified and Vincenzo Rosello was no ordinary man, makes it no easy task for her grandfather and father who holds high positions in the government, compared to her, a 'small fly'. So Q talked her family out of it and took it upon herself to rescue her sister, whatever it took.
At first, Q leaks the story to BBC News and CNN through an agent contact in Madrid, believing that public sympathy and pressure would force the country to intervene. However, Kieron Sorensen had done something, causing the networks to retract the news as a hoax.
Q was angry of course, upon learning of what happened. But she couldn't show it, and couldn't let anyone know that it was her who had leaked the information.
She didn't know what was coming for her until Kieron summoned her to his office.
"Ah, Q, please take a seat," Kieron offers, as she closes the door behind her. She had a feeling he might try to pry something out of her, but whatever it was, she decided that she will not admit to anything.
"What did you call me for?"
"Straightforward as always! Well, do you remember the painting at the museum that we saw?" he starts.
She scratches her head and thought how random the question was. "Which painting?"
"In front of the painting where I first handed you your badge," he said.
She suddenly remembered the event years ago, when he had welcomed her officially to the agency, by giving her a gun and badge inside a box, at a gallery, right in front of a painting. It looked more like a transaction between two people instead of a 'welcome' due to its secret, unnoticeable nature.
"Yes... what about it?"
"What was the painting again?" he asked.
"A knight and a lady," was her answer.
"A yes! 'A knight and his lady'! remember what I told you that time?"
"That there is no knight in shining armour to the rescue, that you are your own knight..." she casually mentions.
"And?" asking her to continue.
"That we should not aspire to be white knight, but a 'dark knights'" she rolls her eyes, thinking that this was a waste of time. "If there is anything else, I would like to go. I have a lot more paperwork to do,"
Kieron smiled " I am glad you remember, what is this then?" he pushes a paper towards her, containing the report that was leaked to the networks.
" I do not know what is this about?" she feigns ignorance.
His handsome face twists into a cynical smile. "Oh Q, isn't that your sister in the news?"
"Yes, I can see that, but we have been estranged ever since our parents divorced..." she lied. In fact, she almost communicated with them every day.
Tumblr media
"I see..." Kieron folds his hands and takes a long hard look at her, which made her uncomfortable, but she was not going to give anything away. "I just want to remind you not to play the 'Dark Knight' in this situation. I'm not saying it was you who did this but consider the position your family would be in."
"Is that a threat, Director?" she clenched her teeth.
"No, it's a warning..." was his response, followed by a handsome smile, that she had so wanted to punch.
"Duly noted..." was her resigned response.
"I'm glad you understand, we have to always choose and preserve the greater good..."
"Greater good? so you want me to abandon my sister?" her voice was strained, as anger began to rise within her.
"I never said that... What I'm saying is, incidents like this can be considered as something against the agency and the government "
"I am aware of that and don't need you to remind me..." was her curt reply.
"I will not tolerate insubordination, and I will not back you up or rescue you if you continue this," he adds.
"I did not break any rules..." was her firm response, bent on not admitting anything.
" If that is so, you are to take a two-week compassionate leave,"
"I don't need it, I have a lot of work to do," she says, brushing it off.
"It's not a request, it's an order..." was his stern reply. "You're not into step into the office within those two weeks,"
"You can't do that?! I have a lot of work to do, and people who depend on me," she insists. She knew the moment she leaves the office, she will be unable to access some resources needed to rescue her sister.
"That's all taken care of," he said nonchalantly.
She felt her plans fall apart. It was obvious why Kieron was doing this. And that is to prevent her from taking any action, and this made her extremely frustrated.
" You have 2 days to finish whatever you can. After that, surrender your access card and gun before you go..." he adds, which finally broke the camel's back.
In a fit of anger, Q bolts out of her seat and attacks Kieran, pulling his arm forward, and punches his face the moment she had close the distance, which caught him off guard.
But a seasoned combatant like Kieron had recovered quickly and caught her body, swung her into his back and slammed her hard on the table.
Q, flinched in pain, but was not one to give up, countered his attack by trying to lock his arm, forcing him into submission. However, he was able to free himself from it and back throws her, causing her to land on the nearby couch with a loud thud.
But before she could even recover, Kieron had already gone on top of her and held both her wrist above her head, pinning her down the couch in a compromising position.
He leans close to her face and whispers to her ears, "You do that again, I will not be as merciful..."
She felt goosebumps on her neck with what he did. It was no mistake, she was turned on. It was also not a big help that Kieron is a handsome man. She did not want to look at him in the eye, or the feelings that she had withheld inside her, for him, all these years, might just spill...
He drags her back up and buttons the top part of her shirt, which she had not noticed was open. Some of the buttons were gone due to the physical altercation that had happened between them earlier. Her face felt warm as she looked away, as the gesture felt sensual and intimate. A significant other is supposed to do these things, not your boss! And certainly not after a fight!
He stilled her and gently tilted her chin to meet up his gaze. For a moment she was lost in his citrine eyes.
"Don't cause trouble, I would hate to lose you..." he whispered, and it felt more of a warning. "Go..." he turns around and walks back to his table, waving her off.
"Damn him..." she muttered under her breath as she went back to her small office. She had only two days to do her work, in addition to getting whatever resources she needs to rescue her sister. If Kieron thought this setback will discourage her, then he is wrong.
After two days of work, the moment she had reached home, she had finally decided to go off-grid. She knew the moment she had left the agency, Kieron would've probably put her under watch list.
Pushing a heavy bookshelf on the side, the self glided easily despite its weight, revealing a small secret room with a vault inside her apartment. On one part of the shelf, was two fake passports and identity cards she had procured over the years, on one part was a thick clipping of the currency 'Euros'. She takes them and throws packs into her bag, before coming back for the vault, and taking another handphone.
She leaves her handphone on the bedside table and didn't plan on taking it with her to Spain. Kieron surely would use it to track her and she couldn't risk anyone knowing her plans and ruin them.
But before leaving, she messages her father;
'Perseus is coming for Andromeda'
Mallorca, Spain
Q was not surprised that it was raining hard the moment she arrived at Mallorca. It was after one of their coldest seasons.
She wasted no time and immediately embraced her new identity, Geórgia Santos, a woman from Terrassa who will work as the cleaner at the psychiatric hospital where her sister, Helene is confined.
She eventually took on her role well, and immediately gained the respect of the medical staff within a few days of working as a cleaner. She even gained information who are some of the patients, through gossip with the nurses.
By the end of the week, she learned that the forbidden room she wasn't allowed to enter was the same room Helene is solely confined in. Not only because it was guarded. Moreover, thrice a week, a man comes to visit the room and stays there for almost a whole day, and he would ask the staff about his 'prisoner' in the room.
Upon learning the whole truth, she had sneaked in one night into her sister's room and found her in a state any family member would not like to see. Her informer was right, Helene was kept mentally blank every day. She had eventually bribed the nurse and the doctor assigned in Helene's room for information and their silence. According to the nurse she had bribed for information, the ‘stepfather’ would often visit Helene and stay at her quarters for a ‘very long time'.
Flabbergasted, Q calls out the nurse for not doing anything. But the nurse reasons that the ‘stepfather’ is a powerful man and they themselves were afraid to go against him. When she made it known that she wanted to take Helene from the institution and bring her back to England, the nurse and the doctor, though feeling guilty, advised her not to, as Vicenzo Rosello will not allow it. It will put the whole staff in jeopardy.
When she promised a way out, and a way to cripple Vicenzo, so that he would not misdirect his anger. Both of them immediately agreed and cooperated.
"Saint George, has seen the dragon" she sends another cryptic message to her father. What it actually meant is that she had seen Vicenzo.
The messaging window indicated 'typing' for a long time. She knew her father was holding back the anger, he was surely thinking of giving an order to kill. But no, he seems to have thought it through.
"Saint George should not slay the dragon," was his response followed by "Yet...".
Q chuckled upon receiving the message. Oh, the many ways they plan to hurt Vicenzo. After all, killing him immediately is an easy way out. They should torment him every chance they get, after what happened to her mother and Helene.
Unbeknownst to the agency, within her two last days before her compassionate leave. She had forged a directive signed by the agency's head to begin "Operation Persues" a rescue mission that is spearheaded by the SAS that she had developed within a short amount of time as 'Plan B" for her own attempt to rescue her sister.
On the night of the extraction, the moment the power was cut, Q hurriedly rushed to the floor where her sister was confined. The guards were out so she was able to easily enter her room.
When she entered Helene's room, she found her sleeping soundly in the dark, much to her relief. She checks her watch to see how much time she has. She could carry her sister to the nearby coastline herself where a boat is supposedly waiting for them, or wait for the soldiers she assigned to guide them there.
Her plan was to get Helene to Madrid and have her transported via car (as she was not mentally stable) to the south of France where their grandfather was waiting for them.
She felt her hands grow cold, as the clock ticks. The guards will be back any time now, and she has no gun to neutralize them if it comes into an altercation.
Suddenly, there was a sharp sound of a suppressor, followed by a loud thud on the floor. There was a knock on the door before it opened to reveal an imposing figure standing in the door frame, dressed in black night ops camouflage, with a large rifle. A normal person would probably be scared if they see him. After all, he looked like the stuff of 'nightmares' specially with his face covered, and his eyes were night-vision lenses that made him look like a multi-eyed monster.
Tumblr media
"She's not stable," she whispers to the man. " I'm afraid of her waking up, and causing a commotion. "
The man nodded in understanding, before signalling another soldier outside of the room to come in.
The other soldier takes out a syringe containing a sedative to calm Helene down, in case she wakes up. In any other situation, Q would be fine, doing it to the target. She had carried out a lot of operation that needed this course of action. But now that they're doing it to her sister, she felt a little conflicted.
Another soldier enters the room and carries Helene out carefully. The first soldier, who first entered the room pulls out a gun from one of his armour's holsters and hands it to her.
"Thank you," she says softly, glad that he was considerate enough to give her a weapon to defend herself.
In a few minutes time, the power will come back, they needed to get to the nearby coastline by foot, as the sound of the car can attract attention this late at night, at a quiet place like this.
The smell of the incoming rain was obvious to her, the moment they stepped out of the hospital, they needed to get to the boat before the rain falls. There were 5 soldiers, and the boat can only carry 5 people, which meant two should stay ashore, and leave in another way.
"I will see you at Bordeaux, give her to the Admiral as instructed..." she says, referring to her grandfather, as she instructs the soldiers and they respond with a nod. She trusted them enough to carry their duty. Moreover, it wasn't the first time working with the SAS.
She watched as the boat left the shore, and turned away once she can no longer see them in the distance.
Turning her attention back to the soldier who stayed behind with her, she realized that it was the same person who first entered the room earlier and passed her a gun. Though she could not see his face like the rest of them, it was his aura that separates him from his team. He seemed like a very seasoned soldier and she wouldn't be surprised if he was, as her guest and observations were often right.
"Thank you for staying behind, I do not know if you have a plan B, but I'll take care of us here, from now on. And we'll be back in London before you know it!" she tries to convince him, but he did not respond and just stared at her. She sighed in resignation and asks him to follow her, as the rain began to fall.
Not far from the hospital was a small cabin she had rented as her temporary quarters.
"Come in..." She opens the door and holds it open for him.
The moment they entered the house, he was met with countless papers, photographs, stuck on a corkboard, and a few, small spy tech, including a laptop. The rest, was just a small kitchen, a small fireplace, bathroom, a queen-size bed, and a small couch, nothing more, nothing less. The small house looked like an operational briefing room, instead of living quarters.
"I'm sorry about the mess, I'll burn them once we leave, go make yourself at home. You must be tired so you can take my bed and I won't mind it, I'll sleep on the couch" she uttered mindlessly, as she started packing some of the equipment for more space. "Besides, I need to forge a few papers here and there to get us out of here, I'll buy you new clothes tomorrow too," she adds, turning towards him, still without a response.
"So, uhh... I don't plan on seeing you in the raw, so... just cover yourself up with a blanket" she sighed, though she meant well, not wanting him to stay in his damp clothes, she felt sorry for the guy. He probably thinks she's a weird pervert now for saying that carelessly. "Sorry, I came unprepared for this part. I didn't know it will rain..." she reasons.
The man finally sits down on the couch and makes himself comfortable, and began slowly dismantling his rifle.
She heaved another sigh, before remembering the gun he has handed her earlier on. "Ah yes, I almost forgot, here's your gun, I-" she paused for a moment and disarmed it, removing the silencer and the bullets and then she felt a certain texture on one side of the gun and saw an engraved quote;
'This is a tool, I am the weapon'
There was no mistake, this was her gun that the agency confiscated before she left for her 2 weeks leave. How did a special ops soldier end up having it?
She looked at him confused. "H-How did you?"
The man's answer was silence and then he took off his night visions goggles and his mask, only to reveal Kieran, underneath the camo.
"Shit..." she muttered under her breath, as alarms started ringing inside her head. This operation was unsanctioned, to begin with, and the only way she was able to carry it was by using her and her father's money, forging signatures for approval and unprofessionally using the companies resources to carry out the rest, which she knew she had distorted the evidence so that they will not find out.
"How... how did you-?" she was lost for words.
"You made a small blunder... that's how I found out..." he says sternly, as he slowly approached her, his expression was cold. She knew what was coming. He was going to kill her in cold blood. It didn't matter if she was his prodigy and that they've been colleagues for a decade, or that he was fond of her. Kieran was first and always a cold-blooded assassin/operative, even before he became the division head. She heard the stories, and she witnessed how cold and cruel he could be. Nor does he take betrayal well. And this unsanctioned operation is considered betrayal in the agency's eyes, and his. And what happens when one commits 'insubordination? if lucky they can get away with getting court-martialed if not, they are 'neutralized'.
Unfortunately, she will be getting the latter.
But she didn't want to die. She wanted to reunite with her family, to finally be there for Helene, after years apart. To finally mourn her mother properly. She didn't want her family to have another person to mourn for. She wants to live, and she will fight to live.
Wasting no time, she throws the gun at his face, as she didn't have enough time to re-assemble everything.
"Fuck..." Kieran cursed under his breath when the heavy metal hits his chests and was followed by the silencer before she made a run for it outside.
The backwoods was dark, and she almost tumbled down, running. Especially now that it rained heavily, the place was slippery. This setback was certainly something she didn't expect. She needed to gather her thoughts and think of a plan C. She did remember that she had kept backup 'necessities' in a locker at the port. She just needed to get there safely and get Kieron off her trail.
However, before she could make her next move. A pair of strong arms wrap around her waist, swung her to his shoulders, and then throws her back down into the ground.
"That's for earlier..." Kieran mentions as he circled around her.
"This is not fair, I thought you were a gentleman!" she says, in spite of the situation.
"I am... I haven't injured you yet, haven't I?" was his playful remark. "Get up!"
She struggled to get up and glared at him. " You think this is a game?"
"And you thought I wasn't serious when I warned you? Remember, every action has a consequence and this is yours..."
She finally gets up and rushes forward to attack him. He immediately blocks her fist, but she kicks his knees, breaking his stance.
He quickly recovers and prepares for an attack, but she had jumped at him, wrapping her legs around his waist, and using the force of her momentum to throw him back down to the ground. She quickly grabs his back leg and twists it.
Quickly wrapping her legs around his, she cranks it the wrong way, pulling it forward, hyperextending it, in an attempt to dislocate and cripple him.
He screams in pain, as she put him into a kneebar submission. However, he quickly counters her move by kicking the back of her knee with his free leg and freeing his other leg out in the process.
Unable to continue the kneebar, Kieron immediately grapples with her once he was free. But she was too quick and got away quickly.
"Not bad..." he laughs.
She tried to catch her breath and glared back at him. She rather escapes than prolong this fight. Fighting against a veteran like Kieron is futile. However, before she could make a run for it, he moves forwards and quickly strikes her in the gut, causing her to lose air and then consciousness.
It was 4 am according to her clock when she gained consciousness once again and found herself with her arms tied up to the bedpost.
The only thing that serves light in the room was the small fireplace, and Kieron was in front of it smoking a cigarette, with nothing but a blanket on, wrapped around his waist.
If this was any other situation, this was a wet dream come true. She had always been curious about the body underneath those sharp custom made, Saville-Row suits and smart apparel he wore to work. He was like those silver fox models that were displayed in GQ and not once did she see him undone and raw like this. Heck, he looked good even when doing violent interrogations.
His body was muscularly lean and well-toned, with scars here and there. In short words, he's damn hot.
She sighs and takes in the sight before her. It was probably the last thing she would see and remember him for before he ends her life.
"Like what you see?" he teased.
"Put a shirt on... you're ugly..." was her rude response.
He laughs out loud and stares at her.
"Just kill me..." she pleads. She was not willing to go through torture and interrogation, and she knew that was coming next.
He gets up and seats down on the side of the bed. "But I'm not done with you yet...." he whispers.
" We can be done in a minute, I will tell you everything. I admit to it. I forged all your signatures for approval, used the agencies resources to gather information and used my own savings to fund this operation. That is all... now... do what you have to do..." she says in resignation. "And do it quick, I don't want it to be painful" she adds.
He takes out a knife and she closes her eyes shut, preparing for what's next. However, to her surprise, Kieran cuts of the rope binding her arms instead, before walking away and sitting back down in front of the fireplace.
"Kieron..." she calls his name whilst rubbing the lacerations on her wrist.
"You're a fool, you know?... I've advised you many times to not do this..."
"The agency will..." she began but he quickly cut her off.
"They're not aware, I've cleaned it up for you..." was his simple response.
"Why-why? you said...-"
"I'm not that heartless that you and others make me out to be..." he says nonchalantly, waving it off. "You're not trained as a covert agent... do you know how worried I was when I found out?"
"Who are you to care? we're nothing but colleagues and your nothing but the heartless department director who wants results! I am well aware that I am just your pawn!" She shook her head. Kieron Sorenson was too cold to even care. " Please save me the pretence..."
He glares back at her and gets back up to approach her. Closing in the distance like a predatory animal and she was his prey.
"Kieron... I-" before she could say anything, he crushed his mouth against hers and much to his surprise, she did not protest or struggle and welcomed it wholeheartedly. Returning the kiss with equal intensity.
He tried in vain to slow down and pull away for them to catch their breath. Only to find her looking back at him with longing eyes.
"Since when?" she asked. Of course, she was confused by this sudden 'confession'. She may admit that she does have a secret crush on the cold-blooded director. But not once did she expect that he had affection for her too.
"The museum..." he whispers huskily, referring to the time he had welcomed her to the agency. She looked so beautiful that day, her head held high, upon proving how wrong he was about her, as she sat beside him in front of the painting. " I wanted to kiss that witty mouth of yours... but that's just unprofessional..."
"You're being unprofessional now..." she remarks.
"I don't give a damn..." he says and tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear.
A/N: I think I might have made some grammatical errors. So I'd do soft editing. I'll write Part 2 (SMUT!!!) next after this.
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cutie-booboo · 16 days ago
11 | Scare Rules
Series: Supernatural Squad | Benny Weir
Word count: 3.3k
A/N: ~ means POV changes
"I never understand why you guys don't leave me a space on the couch." I cross my arms as the three of them look at me. "There's room behind us." Rory says making me huff walking over to the couch. "Excuse me. I need to pass you." I gently push Ethan and Benny, so I can crawl behind them then lean back on the arm behind Rory to see the Tv. While they watched their favorite show with Doug, I just lay my head back closing my eyes. "Rory!" I hit his back because he was chewing loud.
"Vampires don't even need food!" Ethan snaps at him. "You know I'm a stress eater." He whines making me roll my eyes before closing them again. "Doug's fearless. He's a machine designed to, like, delete fear from itself." I shake my head at Benny's words because I don't believe shit this dude does. "Oh, come on!" Ethan groans as he doorbell rings. Who would bother us now?" He gets off the couch.
Tumblr media
"That kid must have a crazy luck bonus- like, a plus six!" Rory says as I take Ethan's spot. "I automatically hate this jerk. He should be me and he isn't." Benny says as we see the door on the tv open to reveal Ethan. "You hate your best friend?" I wrap my arm around his shoulder. "Ethan, you'll never believe who won the contest." Benny calls to Ethan. "I think he knows." I whisper in his ear making him turn his head to look at me.
I just smile because he couldn't think of anything to say to me. "Are you two going to kiss because that will be gross." Rory says making us move away from each other as Ethan and Doug comes in. "Sorry to leave at such an amazing time but I have to get home." I say not wanting to hang around them anymore. "Nice meeting you Doug. Goodnight guys." I smile walking out the front door.
Tumblr media
"Not bad. Aside from the fact it may cause nausea, dizziness, irritability, bloating, and sleep drooling. So I hate it." Sarah tells Erica as I walk up to them. "I know you think feeding on humans is wrong, but do you really want to risk bloating?" She asks Sarah before they both walk off and I see Doug's Vamp Camper pull up. I watch the four of them get out the back and I can't help but laugh at them from across the street. "We were going to ask if you wanted a ride but you were already gone." Benny says as they walk over to me. "Yeah, my dad gave me a ride today."
Tumblr media
When we get inside they walk the halls like they were badass which makes me cringe speeding off to class really not wanting to be seen with them. I groan as Benny, Rory and Doug walk into the classroom. "Scares don't find themselves. But you can bring them to you, if you have the right bait: Aloe, musk, saffron, pepper, a recipe for wicked ghost action!" Doug tells the class. "You should spike it with vervain, Doug. It also makes for a sweet vampire repellent. Uh... So I've heard." Benny says making me look back at him and Rory falls off his seat. "Whoa! You're not one of them, are you, buddy?" Doug laughs so I start to fake laugh too.
Just when I thought I could escape the guys and Doug after school, Benny drags me with them. "Check this stuff out! Sasquatch footprint. Jar of ectoplasm from a ghost sasquatch. Werewolf claw. Best camping trip ever!" Doug shows us each thing and while the guys are amazed, I fake small smiles. "Are you sure it's real? I... It should have reverted to human form after it was cut off. I mean... at least, that's what Wikipedia says." Ethan says not getting a vision from holding it. "Wikipedia." Doug shakes his head.
Tumblr media
"Wow. Is that an undead detector?" Benny asks excited before it starts to go off. "It's picking something up! Something close! Gear up!" Doug rushes to get things so I turn to see Rory walking towards us. "What's up, fools and cutie?" Rory asks making Benny scan him with the detector. I take it from Benny giving it to Ethan so he breaks it. "Ha. Look, Doug. It stopped beeping. Must be broken." Ethan says showing it to him. "Bummer! Hey, gopher! Where you been?" Doug sees Rory. "Scoring you a latte! It's a type of coffee." He hands him the coffee. "Ah! Let's roll!" Doug gets in the van. "Ooh! Yeah!" Benny grabs my arm pulling me with him. "Noooo." I whine getting in the van.
Back at Ethan's house I tired walking next door to go home but once again Benny stopped me. "Benny, I just wanna go home." I pout as Ethan and Doug go inside. "Why? You have nothing to do." He pouts too. "I know that. I can take a nap, spend time with my dad, and again can take a nap." I throw my head back. "You can take a nap later. Look, I know you don't care for Doug or his show but don't you care about Ethan and me? We're happy to hang out with him and you being with us will make us happy more." He smiles doing a little dance moving my arms with him making me groan. "Ugh fine, my nap can wait." He smiles pulling me towards the house.
"The Falconhawk Forest Fry. This is what I dig in to whenever I'm in the bush looking for El Chupacabra. Canned spam, canned beans, and pineapple chunks- from a can." Doug cooked for the guys as I was laying on the couch. "Awesome! The pineapple is wicked caramelized! Sadie come try this." Benny looks back at me after high-fiving Doug. "I'm not hungry right now. My belly hurts." I lie making him turn to face me with a pout, so I whine walking over to them.
"Eat up. We'll need all of our energy for an all-night terror stakeout." Doug says making Benny put a spoon full up to me. It didn't look nor sound good to me but I take the bite, and I personally didn't like it but I fake that I do. "Stakeout?" Ethan asks him. "I'm not just here to cook, bud; We're gonna find some scares." He answers as I go to get a cup of water to get the taste out of my mouth. "Where?" Ethan asks looking forward to it.
"Rule number six: Where bodies lay, scares will play. The graveyard." Doug tells him. "No!" Ethan shouts making us look at him and I think maybe because it's Sarah. "Why not?" Doug asks. "Um...because...uh... my house is haunted." He lies. "It is?" Both Benny and Doug ask together. Soon Doug sets up his ghost grid in the living room. "How come you never told me this place was haunted? I'm your friend!" Benny asks upset making Ethan and me just look at him.
Tumblr media
"Boo! Scared ya! Hey, Jerry! How's the best producer in the world? Hold on. I'll let you guys listen in on some showbiz chatter." Doug says putting his phone on speaker. "Makowski, the ratings on your last episode were like a disease! You're putting people to sleep! It's all, Ooh, what a squeak that floor made! Or, Oh, man! I hope that table didn't move! Unless the Scare Finder actually finds something this week, you can kiss your joke of a show goodbye!" His producer tells him and I wanted to laugh even though I did feel bad for him.
"Your show's in trouble? But... it's, it's awesome! The last episode rocked!" Ethan tells him. "It was weak. It's always weak! I've never even actually seen anything! And this ghost grid, it's never found a ghost!" Doug gives in. "But, uh... why'd he call you Makowski?" Benny asks him. "My real name's Doug Makowski. Falconhawk is made up." He tells him making Benny be mind blown. "Oh. Rory's here with your biscotti. Maybe that'll get this... party going." Ethan goes to answer the door.
"I need... blood. Help me!" Sarah walks in. "Sarah, Doug's gonna see you!" Ethan points at him. "Oh, no. I'm paralyzed by terror." She walks over to us. "What good is a camera that sees vampires when there's no vampires to see? Holy cow! A vampire!" Doug shouts looking at Sarah. "What? No, this is just a... girl I know... who just showed up to leave." Ethan says. "Oh, give me a break!" She shows her teeth at Doug. "A vampire! A vampire!" He runs out of the room. "Looks like I broke your hero. Now, can you science me some new blood?" She begs him.
Tumblr media
"He saw you!" Ethan points out the very obvious. "Yeah, and he really looked like he was gonna do something about it. The guy is a total poser." She crosses her arms as he shoots an arrow at her. "A real vampire. The haters on my blog can eat it!" Doug chases after her. "Ooh... Sarah's in trouble." Ethan says as we don't move. "Yeah. Doug IS awesome!" Benny says making me slap him. "The best I could do is a Danish. Did I miss anything?" Rory shows up.
"This episode is gonna be awesome." Benny says as we all watch Doug from his van. "This is bad." I flick the back of his head. "Uh, hey, let's not say things we can't take back." Rory says. "There's an audio feed." Benny turns it on. "Okay, Makowski, we're going live with this, but it better be ratings gold. We're interrupting Biggest, Bravest Babies." Doug's producer tells him. "This is huge, Jerry. The world's first televised vampire kill. This bloodsucker's dead- again!" Doug let's him know.
"Guys, we gotta do something." Ethan tells us. "Do you think Doug would... kill Sarah?" Benny asks. "Even if he doesn't, the whole world's gonna know she's a vampire. This town will be crawling with guys like Doug. Plus, spooky government scientists." Ethan says. "What do we do? Doug's our hero, and... I don't want to use any of my arcane power to rip his soul from his mortal form." Benny says making me laugh.
"Yeah, good thing you're bad at magic." Rory says and I agree with him. "If Doug wants a show about vampires, we'll give him one." We rush back inside and grab a few things for our little show for Doug at the warehouse. "Okay, I got the things for Sarah to put on when she shows up." I come down the stairs. "Great, I'll text Sarah to meet us at the warehouse. Hopefully this will work." Ethan says as we head out.
"Come here my little werewolf." I call Ethan over to help him get into his character. "I would say if we weren't on a time limit, make the makeup look believable but we aren't so." Ethan says so I get what he meant. "God this is awful." I laugh making it look like he had big eyebrows with bushy eyebrow wigs. "Yeah..." Benny watches me as I start to just draw lines in his face for fur I guess. "Okay, switch with Benny and go put on your wig." I pull Ethan up the push Benny down.
"You want me to put your teeth in or are you going to do it?" I ask him and he tries himself but almost puts it on the wrong teeth. "Let me help you. My hands are clean so don't worry." I tilt his head back some so I can see his teeth. "There fangs done and now the makeup." I tap the tip of his nose before touching up his face and making his eyebrows look dumb too but not as bad as Ethan's. As I worked on him Benny's eyes were glued to me the whole time. "You're touching my lips." Benny leans his head back. "Yeah, I need to make you look sorta dead. Stop complaining you baby."
"This is by far the weakest fight preparation in the history of showdowns." He says as I make sure part of the wig blends in with his forehead and with his real hair I styled. "We're not gonna fight Doug; He needs to think he was wrong about what he saw, so we're gonna put on a show like something out of those Dusk novels." Ethan walks up next to me as I finish. "Oh, there's Sarah. Okay, go get into position." They bump fist so Benny, Rory run off.
"Hey." Ethan says. "I'd... laugh at you if I didn't want to bite someone's face off." She tells him. "Here. Put these on." I hand her fake teeth. "I have my own, thanks." She looks at us weird. "They need to be fake. Trust me." Ethan tells her. "And this." I give her the snuggie. "Is this some sort of blanket?" She looks at it. "With sleeves." He smiles at her. "And... here's your tiara too." I hand it to her. "Ethan, what are we doing?" She asks confused. "What geeks do best. Live action role-playing." He runs off .
"Okay, now I'm scared." She says making me laughs "It's to get Doug to back off so we are going to act out something like a Dusk novel. Just play along because I can't stand that man and I want him to hurry up and leave." I roll my eyes putting the tiara on her head. "You hate him too? I thought you liked him like the dorks." I shake my head, "Heck no, can't stand him and his dumb show. Just, come on." I pull her with me.
As Doug shows up I use the spell Benny told me to say which was triggerus chillius, I thought he was pulling my leg for a good minute. On cue Ethan goes out, "Holy cow! A werewolf! Frozen!" He tries to shoot Ethan. "You trespass, human, on ground that is not yours." Ethan tells him. "I'm tracking a vampire, your eternal foe!" I cringe at him as I watch hidden. "You track my forbidden girlfriend?" Ethan asks as Benny joins him, "And my future vampire wife." The acting was killing me deep down.
"Another vampire! Well, at least it's a fair fight now." Doug says causing me to roll my eyes. "I am Fangstorm, the vampire. If you have harmed my love, then I will totally...vampire... you." Benny says then look to Ethan to see if he was okay. Oh my god, how does he believe this? "Bonnie prefers me, Greg, the werewolf mechanic with... a good heart." Ethan continues his character. "Bonnie and I have an arranged marriage. The tradition has lasted for like, a million years, and... and it's really important!" Benny and Ethan walk in a circle. "No, stop! Stop this madness!" Sarah runs out.
"I've been tracking a vampire princess? Huh... I would have thought vampire royalty would be better dressed." Doug says making Sarah tell him she heard him. "Fangstorm, Greg, please, don't make me choose between love and this super ancient tradition of our people." Sarah plays along hating it. "I, Fangstorm, challenge to a wicked spin-kick fight." Benny backs up towards me and Rory.
Tumblr media
"Dude, I'll throw you at him!" Rory grabs him. "What? No, it'll hurt." Benny tells him right before he throws him. "Rory..." I whisper yell at him confusing him. "I am Fangstorm!" Benny says trying to bite Ethan. "I beg of you, please, Mr. Falconhawk, you can't let them kill each other. You're the only human who can help." Sarah runs over to him. "Do I keep my hunter's instincts in check and play peacemaker? Or do I bag myself a vampire and write my name in the history books? Yeah, I'll do that one." He breaks the ice and aiming at her so she kicks him across the room.
"Sarah, did you have to kick him so hard?" Ethan asks her. "Ethan! Shh!" Benny shouts at him. "Ethan! Benny! What is this?" Doug asks them. "Um... hi, Doug." Ethan awkward laughs and Benny joins him disappointing Doug. "Here." I put my hand out to them pulling the up. "Can you get this off me now?" Benny asks making me laugh. "When we get back to Ethan's yes." I pat his back as we all walk back to Ethan's house.
While Doug packed up his things in Ethan's house, I help Benny clean up from being Fangstorm. "Also why name yourself Fangstorm? That was a ridiculous name." I wipe off his eyebrows with my makeup wipe. "I was on the spot and got nervous." He pouts as I get another wipe for his whole face. "The hair part might hurt so I'm going to go slow. Fast will just hurt more." I say slowly pulling it making him hiss. "Just go fast to get it over with." He tells me so I do what he says making him yelp. "I told you." I run his forehead as he leans his head on my shoulder. "I sorry." I hold his head patting the top of it laughing.
"Hey. Heh-heh... I'm sorry, Doug, but when you showed up, we thought it would be awesome to be on TV." Ethan tells Doug as we wait for him to leave. "I was live! I'm ruined! How could you do that to a guy? I just wanted to make a fan's day." Doug says upset. "And maybe shoot a vampire." Sarah adds. "Yeah, maybe. On camera. Instead, I get punk'd by a Dusk convention." He whines. "Sorry, Doug. We just..." Doug cuts off Ethan. "I don't know why you would want to destroy your own hero, just to get on TV! Dressing up as monsters? Rigging my camera so that this girl would show up as a vampire? Kids weren't like this before NewbieTube."
Tumblr media
"Here. You might as well keep these worthless things." Doug gives a camera to Benny then pulls off his wig and I hold back my laugh at Benny's shocked face. "All packed up, Mr. Fal... con... hawk... Fresh latte in the cup holders." Rory comes out lost. "Thanks, Rory. Some scares just aren't worth finding." He closes up walking to the driver side.
"Thanks for helping me and protecting White Chapel's secret. You did the right thing. Kinda like a hero. Oh, and I'm never being Bonnie again. No matter what." Sarah speaks up. "I'm sorry, guys." Ethan looks at the guys. "I can't talk right now. Everything I ever believed in...was a wig." Benny says upset so I continue to hold him my laugh rubbing his back. "Camper won't start. You're not a real mechanic, are you? Or was that...part a lie too? Worst episode ever." Doug walks back to his truck.
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messandahalf10 · 18 days ago
Since I was sharing excerpts before, I thought I’d share the first little bit of my most recent one shot (cause why not, right??):
“And now the coffee stains are mixing with the ones from the wine you spilled last night, and nothing has ever felt more like home in my life.”
"I have come up with a solution to our problem." Arthur announces as he crosses over the lush green grass covering the field out behind their houses. Merlin, stretched out on his back, eyes closed, soaking in the sun like a cat, hums slightly in reply. They had been obsessing over their shared problem for a good few weeks now, and neither one had come up with a viable option yet. Arthur jostles him with his elbow as he sinks down onto the grass beside him. "Come on, Merlin. I thought you actually cared about this."
"Fine." Merlin replies, eyes still closed. "Lay it on me."
Arthur huffs at Merlin's lack of enthusiasm, but continues anyway, sounding rather proud of himself as he announces, "I have found a loophole."
"A loophole?" Merlin asks, wrinkling his nose slightly. "And what would that be, exactly?"
There's a brief pause before Arthur replies, "Marriage."
"What?" Merlin yelps, eyes snapping open as he sits upright. He blinks down at Arthur's rather serious face in shock. He had to have heard that wrong. There is no way that his best friend of fifteen years is suggesting what he thinks he is.
"I've looked thoroughly into it." Arthur replies, sitting up as well. "As per housing rules, you do not get to choose who your roommate is for first year, they get randomly assigned. However, it is mandatory that all students that don't live in the area have to spend first year in their campus residence buildings. After that, you can go anywhere you like."
Merlin nods. "Yes, I know that, Arthur. That's not the part that I'm confused about."
Arthur shoots him a glare. "Yes, I know. I'm getting to that. Now, let me finish." Merlin glares back, but keeps his mouth shut. "Good. As I was saying, you can't choose your roommate unless you and your spouse are both attending school at the same time, both staying in their housing for their first year, and have proof of marriage. It's apparently become a bit of a problem, so they do now require that piece of evidence."
Merlin stares open mouthed at his friend. This was a ludicrous idea, and it would certainly never work. First of all, they weren't married. Secondly, no one would believe them even if they said they were. Third, he was not about to go to jail for something as utterly ridiculous as forging a marriage certificate just so they could both get a roommate they could tolerate for the entire school year.
"Arthur," he starts slowly, "lying about something like that would get us both into serious trouble."
For a moment, Arthur looks confused. "Who said anything about lying?"
"You don't actually-" Merlin starts, but stops when he sees just how serious his friend really is. "Oh god, you do actually mean that, don't you?"
"It's the perfect solution, Merlin." Arthur replies. "It doesn't have to be permanent. As soon as we are done first year and can leave campus to live elsewhere, we just get a divorce and be done with it."
Merlin looks up at the sky, white clouds floating by serenely. "He's insane. My best friend has actually lost his mind."
"Oh, come on, it won't be that bad." Arthur says. "We spend all our time together anyway. You're going in for theatre. If anyone can pull this off, it's us."
Merlin shifts his gaze back to the blond. "And what happens if either of us actually meet someone? Who is going to agree to a relationship if they all think you and I are married?"
"Have you never heard of an open relationship? We'll work that part out if it comes to it." The blond replies, staring intently at his dark haired friend. Merlin bites his lip uncertainly. This was a bad idea. Possibly the worst idea either of them have ever had. Would ever have. He should say no. He needs to say no. A small part of him, growing a little more in size despite Merlin's efforts to push it back, really doesn't want to say no.
"This is a really bad idea, Arthur." He says, letting his eyes drift away. He sees Arthur perk up beside him out of the corner of his eye.
"That wasn't a no." Arthur points out unhelpfully. "Come on, Merlin, what do you say? Will you marry me?" He says the words with what could only be described as a wild grin on his face. Despite the fact that he had expected them, they still leave Merlin feeling as if he had been punched in the chest. Arthur continues to keep his eyes glued to him as he thinks it over. He should say no. He was going to say no.
Read the rest on AO3!
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a-quiche-in-med · 18 days ago
I really struggle of being expected to be submissive and silent as a woman in Christian faith and sometimes it feels like we're just expected to just birth people and it makes me sad a lot and it's why I don't want to marry at all
Idk i hate these doubts and struggles and idk how to deal with it tbh
I also struggle with the fact that we're to follow a standard of a personality and appearance that sometimes i feel like we're not allowed to have individuality, its all just cookie cutter. I dont really want to doubt my faith but these really make me struggle
Honestly, so do I. But I really don't think Jesus intended for us to merely fit into molds established by culture and I do believe the intentions of those verses that tell women to be silent were more fitting for the context rather than blanket statements to be applied in each successive society without room for either nuance or flexibility.
I've actually been thinking about this lately and for me, it’s a little inconsistent of God's character to intend for one type of human being to be subjugated while another rules over them. Such hierarchical dynamics seem to stem more from our natures as a result of sin rather than God’s intention for us.
But I recently found out that there is a strong possibility the verse in 1 Corinthians 14 about women being silent isn't actually a command, but rather a sarcastic quotation of a politician during the time he wrote it (The Holy Post talks about it in a recent podcast episode). If you look at the flow of that entire chapter, Paul doesn't single out any gender until that short section, so it doesn't seem to fit, if you've noticed. The transition right after sounds a little...sassy... "Or did the Word of God originate with you?" An argument for 1 Tim. 2 for example, suggests that the verses were in response to women that had recently caused trouble in the church at the time of writing and once again, not meant to be a blanket statement to be followed for literally every Christian woman.
I find these arguments compelling. BUT. Does this mean I plan on completely abandoning the complementarian perspective of marriage roles? Not necessarily, but I am now also aware of the validity of egalitarianism. Right now the majority culture I'm in still tends to favor the former dynamic, but at the same time I am aware men are not supposed to be lording their roles over women in the first place and that the existence of say, women pastors is not enough to take God's salvation and love away from them. In other words, this is ultimately non-essential, secondary doctrine. You don't need to believe one or the other to be saved.
The one conclusion I'm sure of however, and that would mayhaps even render this whole "wives be submissive" argument moot, is that the instructions that Paul gave regarding husbands and wives are challenges to our sinful natures. Jesus Christ already gave us an example of not only His self-sacrificial love, but also submitting to the necessary authorities and even to other people. Christ embodied both the love that husbands are instructed to give to wives, and the submission that wives are instructed to give to their husbands. I am aware that just by merely reading the text in Ephesians however, wives are instructed to submit to our husbands, yet notice that Paul spends far more time telling husbands to love their lives than he does telling women to submit to their husbands. Makes you wonder why.
So in other words, I believe there is specific purpose for what he says, both contextually and as a way to challenge us to be more like Christ and not to just dictate what certain types of people can and can't do. Men have always historically dominated the decision-making bodies in any society. So human nature leads them to take such roles for granted and abuse such power, not like what Christ had shown us. Meanwhile we women have a tendency to nag and to insist our way, trying to wrench and feel in control, even attempting to dominate others. In both cases, we are also pressured to fulfill human concepts of masculinity/femininity and such pressure to adhere and superficially follow rules is a product of human nature, not from Christ.
Honestly, imo if we just stopped focusing on who calls the shots, who has to be the submissive one, and focused more on training ourselves to be more Christ-like towards each other regardless if we're married or not, then we wouldn't be struggling so much with this discourse. Unfortunately, the issue of abuse as well as a lot of other problems as a result of our sinful natures and societal expectations have necessitated this conversation because too many times women and children are often the ones suffering as a result of such doctrines being abused while men more often than not get off near scot-free with excuses and slapping of the hands. Not to mention this general disdain for women speakers who may have great biblical insight to share to everyone, but are silenced precisely because they are women.
Anon, also remember. God values both unity and diversity at the same time. Just like the passage talking about how each member of the church has their individual and diverse roles, so we too as women (and men!) are given and allowed to have diverse individualities.
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atimeforwolvesstuff · 19 days ago
Daenerys' Hypocrisy in
It all starts as usual, Missandei calls the entire list of her Queen's titles. Both Jon and Davos are overwhelmed by this serious allegation. Because when you meet a person with such a long biography, you subconsciously begin to feel either respect or jealousy. The latter is defenitely not about Jon and Davos, they're too down to earth men. Davos being in a daze by this performance, causes an awkward pause and this tension doesn't back down until Jon looks at him. Judging by their glances, I can imagine them a having mental conversation in which Jon says "Don't make us fools. Say something. We look pathetic".
Finally, Davos humbly pronounces
Tumblr media
In reality, Jon can create such a spectacular image for himself, too. He's the White Wolf, he could declare himself the King Beyond The Wall. Also, Jon could come up with all sorts of nonsense like the Resurrected and so on. But he doesn't need that and this shows how opposite these two characters are. Jon isn't even offended by her "My Lord", unlike Ser Davos. He corrects her that Jon Snow is the King. Well, Dany uses a dubious excuse. "I could have sworn the last King in the North was Torrhen Stark who bent the knee to my ancestor Aegon Targaryen in exchange for his life and the lives of the northmen. Torrhen Stark swore fealty to House Targaryen in perpetuity. But do I have my facts wrong?"  From here we can already understand who was a better king - Torrhen or Aegon. And Daenerys says it calmly, as if the choice was extremely simple - let this bitchy invader fry both me and my people, or bend the knee, end the dynasty older than these dump dragons and people will mock me for "King who Knelt." Hmmm. She believes that the Targaryens are the only legitimate rulers of SK and everything that happened after the overthrow of her family was illegal. To make her dream come true, Daenerys remembers the old vows to make people subjugate to her. (My opinion about Targaryen's right to the throne in this link below) Daenerys doesn't even mention Robb Stark being a king. I'm sure she has heard about Robb, who hasn't?
DAENERYS: An oath is an oath. In perpetuity means -- what does perpetuity mean, Lord Tyrion?
TYRION: Forever.
DAENERYS: Forever. So I assume, My Lord, that you're here to bend the knee.
He's not. We can see how Daenerys ' eyes blaze when she doesn't get what she wants.
Tumblr media
Daenerys calls Jon's actions in refusing to bend the knee 'breaking faith with House Targaryen'. Jon isn't offended even now. He openly mocks her, reminding her of what her father has done.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
However, Jon relents when Daenerys apologises "My father was an evil man. On behalf of House Targaryen I ask your forgiveness for the crimes he committed against your family." Here, Daenerys admits that her father was the first who broke the oath, who broke faith with House Stark but still she insists that Jon remember the vows made by his ancerstor before this crime. "And I ask you not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father." This phrase is something similar to the phrase that Jon himself said after the return of Winterfell. That's why Jon went on listening her. He shouldn't have to, though. Because, this is followed by ...
"Our two houses were allies for centuries. Those were the best centuries the kingdom's ever known. Centuries of peace and prosperity with the Targaryens sitting on the Iron Throne and a Stark serving as Warden of the North. I am the last Targaryen, Jon Snow. Honor the pledge your ancestor made to mine. Bend the knee and I will name you Warden of the North. Together we will save this country from those who would destroy it." Since Jon is not going to give up, Daenerys manipulates him, coming up with all sorts of nonsense about the peace. One episode ago, Olenna even told her "Do you think we had peace under your father? And his father? And his?" Yet, Daenerys ignored her. She probably liked more 'Your Hand wants to do everything peacefully? Don't listen him cause you're a dragon.' Even though, I agree with Jon that she's not guilty of her father's and ancester's crimes, but she can't deny their actions. That's what Daenerys does when she tells something about peace and prosperity during the Targaryen's reign. And please, the Starks ignored the rest of the country most of the time. They have always wanted to separate themselves from the other kingdoms that mock them. As i said, nonsense. After all her desperate attempts to make her right to the throne look good, Jon continues to defend his position. "You're right. You're not guilty of your father's crime. And I'm not beholden to my ancestor's vows."
Daenerys, already annoyed, asks why he came to her, then.  Here we should recall the last episode in which Melisandre arrives on Dragonstone. The Red Priestress suggested "Jon Snow. King in the North... Summon Jon Snow. Let him stand before you and tell you things that have happened to him, the things that he has seen with his own eyes." Daenerys should have listened and invited Jon to ask about what he sas seen. However, she ignored Melisandre words because the word 'King' stuck in her mind."Tell Jon Snow that his Queen invites him to come to Drangonstone...and bend the knee." Daenerys had already missed the whole point of the upcoming meeting because of the lust for power.
Returning to the third episode, Jon is finally able to talk about the problem that everyone should care about. Daenerys isn't interested in the topic and takes offense at every word. For example, Jon's outraged because she doesn't understand that they need to be allies and it's not necessary to bend the knee and he says "Right now you and I and Cersei and everyone else, we're children playing at a game screaming that the rules aren't fair." That's it, Daenerys completely disliked him "You told me you liked this man."  She doesn't like the man because he refuses to obey her. What is curious that Jon's the first good guy in the story who rejects her. And what did she hope, since Tyrion knew Jon, that Jon would immediately throw himself on his knees? This woman is a sore loser, so she started complaing about Jon in front of Jon...
Tumblr media
Dear Dany, I want you to know that you were the one who refused to be respectful, and Jon doesn't have to bow down just because your ancestral conquered his, and you're a child because you're complaining about stupid things. Jon doesn't pay attention on her nagging and blurts out "Your Grace, everone you know will die before winter is over if we don't defeat the enemy to the north." This should have hitted her, instead she's making Jon a threat/the main enemy. And this is what happens when you refuse her eternal loyalty, Daeneys begins to suspect you, and then you become her enemy. A clear example just happened.
JON: I am not your enemy. The dead are the enemy. [...] The Army of the Dead is real. The White Walkers are real. The Knight King is real. I've seen them. If they get past the wall and we're squabbling amongst ourselves -- we're finished.
Here is the information that Melisandre advised her to listen to. If the dragons have reappeared, then why can't the White Walkers come back? Although, perhaps the problem is that no one takes the northerners seriously. However, what happens next, makes me laugh out loud. Daenerys begins her third attempt to force Jon to submit to her by praising herself. "I was born at Dragonstone." I guess Jon is thinking, 'Do you know how to listen just a bit? Okay, okay, let's talk about you ...?' "We fled before Robert's assassins could find us." Remember her asking not to judge a daughter by the sins of her father, there Daenerys uses hypocrisy to make Jon looks bad. "Robert was your father's best friend, no? I wonder if your father knew his best friend sent assassins to murder a baby girl in her crib." She blames Jon for his relative with Ned Stark, whose friend is Daenerys' greatest villain. It's not even the first time when she's accused a man of being related to someone she never met, but already hates him. Let's get back to Tyrion and Daenerys' first meeting. "If you are Tyrion Lannister why shouldn’t I kill you? To pay your family back for what it did to mine." Here, she's talking about Tyrion's murder because he's son of Tywin and still doesn't undertand why people are suspicious of her being the daughter of the Mad King. Strong hypocrisy. So, she blames Jon for his father's best friend's actions and adds "Not that it matters now of course." I don't buy it. If it doesn't mean anything, why did she say that? "I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me. I don't remember all of their names. I have been sold like a brood mare. I have been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods. Not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen." Faith in yourself. It's actually good. Still doesn't make you a good ruler. "The world hadn't seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born." Magic. It's cool. Still doesn't make you a good ruler."The Dothraki hadn't crossed the sea. Any sea." The horde of tough men. Great. Still doesn't make you a good ruler."They did for me." As if the Dothraki had a choice.
Tumblr media
Rhaegar was born to rule. Aegon, his son, was born to rule. Daenerys was born after the overthrow of her family. In fact, she doesn't care who was born when, she just reached the highest level of narcissism. Jon listened to all this pretentious speech, says "You'll be ruling over a graveyard if we don't defeat the Night King." Graveyard, I'm amazed at how accurately it's said about her reign.
TYRION: You can't expect us to halt hostilities and join you in fighting -- whatever you saw beyond the wall.
I completely agree with Tyrion, you can't just leave to fight with some mythical things.  Anyway, Tyrion stopped being cynical when he saw Daenerys flying away on a dragon, he started believing in fate and all that. Still, he is skeptical of the northern threat. Even Geor Mormont told him all about it in the good old first season and now Jon shows up with the same problem. So why doesn't he believe them? And how to figure out the truth: Daenerys can just check out what the hell is going on. It will take a couple of hours. Fly north of the wall, see the wights , say 'oh, my god', and that's it.
Ser Davos enters the conversation with "You don't believe him. I understand that. It sounds like nonsense." At first he just praises Jon. Also, I think that when someone else praises you, it sounds more impressive than when you do it yourself. Then, Davos starts his monologue about the White Walkers: "All those things you don't believe in, he faced those things. He fought those things for the good of his people. [...] If we don't put asside our enmities and band together we will die. And then it doesn't matter whose skeleton sits on the Iron Throne." Davos declares that the Iron Throne is not important now.  However, Tyrion talks only about this.
TYRION: Pledge your sword to her cause.
Tumblr media
The right response, Jon. Why would you do that? At least, you own the kingdom, of which you're considered the king.
JON: I mean no offense, Your Grace, but I don't know you. As far as I can tell your claim to the throne rests entirely on your father's name. And my own father fought to overthrow the Mad King. The lords of the north placed their trust in me to lead them. And I will continue to do so as well as I can.
Tumblr media
DAENERYS: That's fair. It's also fair to point out that I'm the rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms. By declaring yourself king of the northern most kingdom, you are in open rebellion.
Jon is as unyielding as possible and she reminds him that she is the daughter of some king. There are fundamentally two different positions. The significance of Jon's parts tell us that the overthrow of the dynasty was important. And he's right. When Jon Arryn, Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark, Hoster Tully, they all called their banners to not just finish with the Mad King, they started the war to overthrow the Targaryen dynasty. The Westeros has ended with Valyrians. Nonetheless, Daenerys' response contradicts Jon's. Apparently, Daenerys does not really understand why the overthrow of dynasties occurs and says she's the rightfull queen of the SK, which means Robert's Rebellion was wrong and unimportant, what I strongly disagree with.
During the entire long conversation, Jon and Daenerys come to nothing, and their tension is shattered by the news of the loss of Dany's allies. Daenerys finishes their meeting, and Jon guesses what's going on.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And this is hypocrisy again. In a couple of episodes, she'll kill Randyll and Dickon Tarly because she's not here to put main in chains. However, Jon can be her prisoner because he will be more useful alive and his ashes can not benefit her.
Hypocrisy is everywhere in her story. I've named only a small part. And that's one of the reasons I find her personality unattractive.
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hhf23 · 20 days ago
Strange & Unusual
Chapter 10: The Deal
Summary: Alastor takes the deal and is confronted by Charlie, Vaggie, Niffty, Husk and Angel who aren’t at all pleased with him. This pushes him away from the group, making him turn to Vox instead all the while Charlie and Vaggie plan how to save Alastor from Vox’s ultimate plans
Warnings: Swearing, mind control, manipulation & feelings will get hurt
A/N: The plot will start to thicken now! I’m really hoping you all like the little diversion I’m taking, as you see, I’m not keeping this AU the exact same as the storyline of Beetlejuice since I want to play with things
Tumblr media
The day at the hotel was rather boring. Baxter and Crymini had gotten into a rather physical fight and had to be broken apart, Sir Pentious was rambling about wishing he could have powers like Charlie but ultimately gave up trying to convince Charlie to give him powers to match hers and Husk had to wrangle a Hell snake that scared the ever living shit out of Angel and Vaggie.
"Yeesh! First a fight between Baxter and Crymini, then Sir Pentious rambling nonstop and the Hell snake? What more is going to happen while Alastor is away?" Husk grumbled, brushing his fur off as he came back inside.
Charlie cried out as a sudden throbbing in her forehead began, causing Niffty and Vaggie to come running to her. Angel and Husk, who were having an intense game of speed suddenly threw down their cards in favor of seeing if their friend was okay. Charlie almost never had incidents like these, her special abilities being one of the many things that made her a force to be reckoned with in Hell.
"Shit! Grab compresses! Charlie!! Babe, are you okay?" Vaggie asked, grabbing Charlie before she crashed to the floor.
“Char Char! Are ya okay?” Angel asked, using one of the many nicknames Charlie didn’t approve of entirely.
“Ugh...don’t call me that, please!” Charlie groaned, lying in Vaggie’s lap as Niffty and Husk ran to get a cool compress for her forehead.
“You never had something like this happen. What’s going on, honey?” Vaggie asked, stroking the short blonde strands of hair.
Nothing of this caliber had ever happened to Charlie. Sure, she had many abilities, fire, spacial manipulation and extreme strength when the time called for it but watching her cry out in pain and double over was new. Needless to say it concerned everyone who saw Charlie fall over.
"Is Cha Cha okay?" Crymini asked, running down with Baxter and Sir Pentious.
Charlie sighed as Husk and Niffty gently pressed two towels to her cheek and forehead. “I had a vision...Alastor...he’s in trouble.” Charlie explained, only seeing him with Vox. “I think I’m gaining a new power but he’s going to take Vox’s proposition...if I’m correct...”
“Hijo de perra!” Vaggie swore, grabbing her spear. “We absolutely cannot let him make a deal with Alastor! We CAN’T LET IT HAPPEN!!”
Husk and Niffty were quick to hold Vaggie back before she went out, guns blazing. They needed a plan. Just going in and screaming at Vox or telling Alastor to leave with them could make things go wrong in many ways. Keeping a calm atmosphere while approaching the two would give the group a better chance of saving Alastor.
“Wait…” Angel whispered, staring at his phone. “Vox just posted on Voxtagram!”
As they all crowded around Angel, they noticed Alastor was drinking coffee next to him, looking angry as usual, but not really showing any signs of being interested in whatever Vox wanted to do with him.
“My dad said he wasn’t going to have Vox take the sinners to get food or anything really…” Charlie muttered, getting a sick feeling deep in her stomach. “What does the comment say?”
Angel looked at the comment and his eyes widened significantly, something Niffty and Husk caught onto. Holding his phone, Angel quickly grabbed their big screen and connected his phone, showing the entire group a larger version of his Voxtagram page.
“Here. This is the comment. “Just grabbed a coffee with one of the new sinners. He’s not necessarily the friendliest, but this cute kid shows a lot of potential. Maybe we can be business partners later on in the future.” That don’t sound too good…” Angel said, finishing the comment.
Charlie weighed her options as quickly as she could, knowing she wouldn’t have much time. “We have to leave now! I’ve known Vox longer than any of you. He at one point was really close with my family and would get to babysit me every so often when my mom and dad were busy. He’s very manipulative and can get anyone into a whole lot of trouble, not to mention he’s a creepy old guy who likes taking advantage of innocent sinners, take their souls and gain power! There’s no doubt in my mind that he will take Alastor’s soul for his or will want to use Alastor to benefit his personal needs in the long run! We need to protect Alastor so he can wake up and put his father in prison!”
"I'm staying back. I don't want to get involved." Baxter said, scuttling off to his room. "I'm interesting in fixing my guns that would be very good for the next terf war!"
"I want to one up Baxter in perfecting my ray gun!" Sir Pentious exclaimed, slithering away. "I'd prefer not to get involved in this one."
"Ditto." Crymini added, walking to the kitchen to grab some chips.
"Well you three are no help..." Angel grunted, whacking Crymini who kicked him in the groin. "OW!!"
"Shut up, dickface!" Crymini spat as she passed the group. "Like you'd offer any help!"
"HEY! I am very helpful! I can summon guns and grenades! Since when could ya wield a mothafuckin' AK-47 ri..."
"Okay! Angel, Crymini, that's enough!" Charlie scolded, throwing Angel's pink battle suit at him. "Get dressed, things may get a little messy. Be prepared for anything, especially if Vox breaks the rules and uses mind control on him."
The group nodded and took off, changing into their outfits they use when they used mostly for fighting in terf wars to defend the hotel and all stood in the center of the common room. Charlie summoned her fire and wrapped her arms around the others, engulfing them in fiery orange and red flames, teleporting them to the location that she saw Alastor at.
Alastor was really shocked to see himself actually deciding to take the offer, but he needed to hear it out first before he made his move. He wasn’t going to take the offer if he felt in danger or that nothing would come of it. Alastor isn’t stupid and he isn’t naive.
“So, here’s the proposition kiddo. You want your father gone, I want my reputation to make me look good. How about you help me and I’ll help you?” Vox suggested, hugging Alastor to his side while walking down the street.
“What’s in it for me? You know, besides you getting what you want and me getting what I want? There has to be a catch!” Alastor replied, shoving Vox away from him. “I doubt I can get out of this without paying you back…or ending up as a carcass on your wall."
Vox smiled. Nothing gets past this kid. Alastor was definitely someone to be reckoned with. He knew he wouldn’t tell him his exact plans, but he would tell him a little white lie. “There’s no need to pay me back. I’m doing this out of the kindness of my heart.” he responded, patting Alastor’s head and playing with his deer ears.
“Don’t touch the ears, asshole!” Alastor growled, scratching Vox with his claws. “Now, I don’t know if I can trust you!”
“Oh come here, you know you want to get rid of him…” Vox sang, summoning a past memory Alastor had.
The memory consisted of his father’s ruthless method of beating him to a pulp and leaving him to cry in pain, run to Mrs. Miller and come back only for the process to be repeated again. Alastor bared his teeth and snarled, clearly showing some form of anger towards the memory. Vox couldn’t tell if he was angry at him or just by the fact that he was witnessing what he had been through his entire life. Whatever the reason for Alastor’s growling, Vox knew it would only benefit him in the long run.
“No one here will help you...what has the Princess and her friends done? Nothing but give you a place to stay right?” Vox chuckled, seeing Alastor’s eyes widen.
“No! You’re wrong! They are my friends and would never do so!” Alastor spat, watching Vox snap his fingers and show a vision through his screen.
Charlie, Angel and Vaggie were talking amongst themselves about how helping Alastor would be pointless. Nothing could be done if his father wouldn’t succumb to the possession.
"I don't see how we can help him with this issue! It seems so easy to solve!" Charlie grumbled, rubbing her face.
"He could just go to the police. If they don't believe him, can't he just show them the body?" Vaggie asked, making air quotes.
"He's just bein' stupid. All of us teens on Earth go through phases of hatin' our parents and wish 'em dead." Angel added, kicking his feet up. "Let's just let him figure shit out on his own."
As they concluded they wouldn’t help him, Alastor shook his head and sighed. This could have been a part of Vox's plot, but it looked all too real to Alastor. He tried and tried to think of a logical explanation but fell flat realizing it must have been real. Why would they fake a promise to him? Why would they give false hope?
“GRRR! FINE! I’ll help you, but you need to tell me EXACTLY what we are doing!” Alastor spat, calming down when the vision faded from Vox’s hand. "No tricks or lies!"
“I want to do a little documentary. Show that I’m able to be one of the better Overlords, helping a human...well...almost human get some sort of closure in his life!” Vox said, spinning Alastor before pulling him into a hug. “You will be a name to be reckoned with and I will finally gain the respect and power that was stripped from me all those years ago!”
“There can’t be any weird things attached that I’m not aware of. No tricks or...strings of fate and whatnot!” Alastor huffed, rolling his red eyes. "I am not wanting to be the victim of some bullshit scam!"
“Deal!” Vox said, holding his hand out and emitting a blue glow. "No tricks or any sort of strings attached!"
Alastor held his own hand out, emitting a green glow and shook the TV demon’s hand. The electricity that coursed through their bodies made them both inhale sharply, the pain of making a deal was nothing to mess with but also meant they needed to see it out to the end, or until Alastor felt like his side of the bargain was fulfilled. The demon then gave Alastor a scroll to sign. After a thorough read through to make sure nothing was hidden, Alastor signed it neatly and the deal was set. Alastor would finally get revenge for his mother’s death and get rid of the monster of a man he was related to!
The two looked behind them to see Charlie and her friends sprinting towards them in some sort of battle gear. Alastor’s face changed to horror as he realized he went against what they originally warned him not to do, make deals with demons, Vox of all of them nonetheless.
“Al, ya can’t do this!” Angel panted, clearly worried about Alastor.
“C’mon kid, we did promise to help you!” Husk said, hoping he could somehow reach out to Alastor. “We make promises…”
“Not deals, I know!” Alastor groaned. “But is anyone going to actually help me get RID of my father?”
“The first attempt didn’t work! We have to recover and figure another plan out! I’ve been thinking about that!” Charlie gasped, doubling over slightly. "I can't continue to use my powers, Al. I'm not made of steel! I still have my limits!"
“We have a code, no killing!” Niffty said, holding a little weapon resembling a large sewing needle in her hand. “We will not kill nor do we want you to kill either!”
“Come on, Alastor. Let’s get this sorted out. We can figure this out once and for all and stop your father.” Vaggie said, holding her hand out for Alastor to take. “We will not abandon you. Vox just wants your soul to gain power! He’s a no good entity, a violent monster!”
“OOHHH! Those words cut me deep, Vagatha! Remember all the times I helped King Luci with your precious girlfriend and even babysat for him?” Vox asked, smirking and knowing he was winning. He flicked his wrist and Alastor’s eyes glowed a lighter shade of blue before they glassed over. Everyone clearly noticed but Vox didn't have a care in the world for the deal was already sealed.
“Alastor, this demon can’t be trusted! Do not make the deal with him! He is the type of demon we can’t risk getting involved with, unless we all want to end up as his voodoo dolls!” Vaggie growled, growing impatient with Alastor.
“Al...come to me for a sec…” Angel said, hanging his head.
Alastor listened, walking over to his friend and looking him in the eyes. “What is it, Angel?” Alastor knew something in his voice didn't sound like him. When he addressed Angel, his voice was colder and had less emotion than before. It scared Alastor, knowing that he wasn't in full control of his emotions or thoughts right at that given moment in time. The only thing that felt genuine was the hurt he felt that his friends wouldn't think he was being reasonable.
“Al, I understand ya have issues with your dad, but ya can’t make a deal with him! He won’t help you in the end! He may help you now, but when you’re of no use to him, he won’t help you!” Angel whispered, clearly wanting to tell Alastor something else.
“You’re diverting, Angel...what do you really want to tell me? That I’m being stupid?” Alastor questioned. "Saying that I can't make a judgement by myself? Do you think I'm just wanting attention?!"
“God, no! Never! I’d never say that! I just…I don’t wanna see ya get hurt...I trusted someone before and they broke that trust…” Angel admitted, slowly getting to the point.
“Angel, just tell Al you like him and get to the fucking point!” Husk groaned, snarling at Vox who was approaching the two boys. "You stay back!"
“I don’t like him like that, Husky!!” Angel spat, clearly embarrassed due to the blush tinting his cheeks. “I just don’t wanna see him hurt in the end! None of ya except for Charlie and Vaggie know what happened to me! Shut the fuck up and lemme talk to Al!”
“Look, I hate to break it to you, but Al wants to take my deal! It’s already been made…” Vox chuckled, smirking as the others gasped. “There’s nothing you can do to break the deal…” The scroll Vox held suddenly had blue chains around it, symbolizing the deal had been finalized.
“It’s done. I’m not listening to you if you can’t get rid of my father for good…” Alastor sighed, looking at Charlie and Vaggie. “You guys are great, ever since I’ve met you but I need him gone. I can’t stay here knowing he’s living his life without punishment. And talking amongst yourselves and saying this is something I can solve on my own? Really fucked up if you ask me."
Angel grabbed Alastor. “Now you're bein’ stupid! Dont fuckin’ trust Vox! You’ll be an idiot to fall for his tricks! He won’t help ya, Al! Only WE can! WE don’t make deals! We make promises!”
"No you don't! You break promises and talk shit behind people's backs!" Alastor argued.
"Alastor, whatever Vox showed you, it's a fucking lie! We don't like the idea of telling you that you're being stupid! You aren't stupid!" Husk growled.
"It's not true! Don't listen to Vox!" Niffty added. "Ally, we care for you a lot and we don't want you to get hurt and end up as a skinned demon hanging on Vox's wall!"
"He won't do such a thing to me. We made a deal." Alastor growled, rolling his eyes and turning away.
"Stop bein' a moody teen for once and listen to us!" Angel shouted, clearly done with Alastor and Vox's bullshit. "I know ya had a shitty dad but if ya kill him, God and Lucifer only know what will happen to ya! On Earth, ya will be thrown in a mothafuckin' jail cell for life! No one will believe ya were a victim!"
"No one believes me. Only my mama and Mrs. Miller did. You can't bring them back and none of you ever will! At least Vox can help me get back at my father for the years of trauma he caused me." Alastor replied, flipping Angel off.
"Wow! Y'know what, maybe ya would be better off with your father gettin' beat!" Angel growled, giving Alastor four middle fingers.
"Angel Dust!" everyone gasped, glaring at Angel.
"Oh yeah, why don't you just go to the streets and flirt with every guy who looks at you! You certainly wanted to hook up with me when we first met, why don't you hook up with some creepy old guy?" Alastor retorted, causing Angel's anger to quickly change into a look of trauma and hurt.
Vox chuckled and whispered something into Angel’s ear, something Alastor and the others didn’t comprehend but it seemed to make Angel more upset to the point of walking away.
“Fuck you!” Angel spat, clearly saying that to mask the hurt he felt. “Go with that shitty Overlord! Don't come back and beg for us to save ya! I dunno about them, but I won’t come for ya. If ya try to approach me, I’ll fuckin’ kill ya myself!”
“I’d like to see you try!” Alastor snapped.
"Angel! Alastor!" Charlie shouted, clearly having enough of the back and forth between the two. "Angel! Take a walk! NOW!"
Angel let out a loud snarl and shoved past Charlie and the others, walking away as he held up his middle finger once more. Alastor didn't seem all too offended by it and just scoffed. “Don’t come cryin’ to us for help! I won’t help ya and neither will the others. Not after this bullshit ya pulled!”
“I will remember that and at least Vox can make it happen.” Alastor huffed, glaring at Angel before glaring at the others. “So much for promises...”
As Vox led Alastor away, Charlie’s head started to hurt once again. She knew Vox was very smart and able to know she knew his plans for Alastor but she wouldn’t just tell everyone knowing Alastor would only stray further from them if they acted too early. She had to play it smart and let Alastor figure it out himself, whether it meant allowing him to do bad things to ruin his already angelic reputation on Earth or having Vox reveal his true plans.
"Charlie!!" Niffty and Vaggie gasped, catching the Princess before she fell to the ground.
"Shit! What has Vox shown him??" Vaggie grumbled, letting Charlie lie down for a few minutes until the spinning and painful headache disappeared.
" wasn't Alastor talking. I can tell you all that. Vox may have had all of his most useful powers taken but he does still have a slight bit of mind control. It makes Alastor aware of his actions but he can't stop it himself. It's not him speaking, it's Vox reading his mind! That fucking sna...oohhhh! Owww!!!"
“C’mon! We gotta do somethin’!!” Angel cried, angrily grabbing at Husk who snapped, throwing Angel off of him. “Y’know I didn’t mean what I said!! I was just hurt!!!”
“Stop it, Angel! There’s nothing we can do in this state! We can’t get involved with a demon like Vox, especially going up against him WITHOUT a plan! No one can match his powers! Despite being the offspring of Lucifer himself, Charlie doesn’t want to interfere unless it’s necessary! We need to play this smart and I already know Charlie is plotting something!” Husk scolded, pinning Angel to the ground with his strong arms planted on the fluffy spider’s chest. “Calm down and help us think! You’re going to get hurt if you don’t put your feelings for Alastor aside.”
"Ya fuckin' bitch! I don't like that prick! Not anymore!" Angel growled.
"Yes you do, now shut up! It definitely wasn't Alastor speaking. Vox probably mind controlled him to an extent. Now c'mon!" Husk snapped.
Angel was let up and sighed. He followed Husk back over to the girls who were helping Charlie stand. She clearly saw something the others didn’t. Angel knew she definitely was forming a plan.
“I have an idea, but we need to let this play out. Let Alastor do what he wants, if he gets into worse trouble and starts murdering people on Earth, we will stop him and Vox.” Charlie said. “We need to prepare for this though. It won’t be an easy thing to win…Alastor will be powerful. We may also need to hurt be prepared for ANYTHING.”
“Wow kid! Never knew you could hurt your friends like that!” Vox chuckled, letting his power over Alastor dissipate but also noticing Alastor’s sad demeanor. The kid was too kind for this but Vox needed him. “Hey, it’s fine. They probably were going to leave you anyways.”
“I’m just not used to having friends...I hurt them. That wasn't even what I wanted to say to them! What the fuck..?” Alastor sighed, praying that he doesn’t cry in front of a powerful demon like Vox. It would be really embarrassing to do so. “Anyways...about the deal, what else are we doing?”
Vox snapped his fingers and showed an entire schedule practically in front of Alastor’s eyes. This guy was definitely a walking planner and had plans for probably anything and everything. Alastor saw certain aspects he didn’t like and got some second thoughts.
Sensing the hesitation, Vox flicked his fingers subtly to manipulate Alastor’s mind to go along with it. He was getting closer and closer to his ultimate goal! Now, time to give the kid what he wants, a dead father!
“C’mon, kid! Let’s go to the portal in my house! We can cause so much chaos in the living world!” Vox chirped, slapping Alastor’s back rather hard enough to shove him forward.
Alastor felt his fur puff up and whipped around, slamming his fist into Vox’s stomach. The demon toppled over and Alastor smirked in victory for a split second before glaring.
“Don’t! Touch! Me!” he growled, walking five feet away from Vox.
“Point taken...don’t slap the back...” Vox groaned, standing up but still holding his stomach.
Once Vox was ready to go, Alastor followed him to his house. If their little plan worked, Alastor would be happier than ever. The only thing he needed to do was learn how to tune Vox’s very inappropriate ramblings out and focus on his new found powers.
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milasartblog · 23 days ago
Strong side of faith (part 2)
Iris: Lost? What do you mean?
Gabriel: I...maybe I didn't tell you, but I'm a religious person too. Well, at least, was till I came across with some..."changes" in my life.
He looked down with upset look as Iris was more concern about Gabriel. She carefully and gently held his hand, to which Gabriel reacted with little surprise.
Iris: Did something terrible happen in your personal life?
Gabriel: Not really, but it also gave its effect. I used to follow every God's rule and live as a righteous man.
Iris: Wait, like every EVERY rule?
Gabriel: You can say so. It was a...perfect lifestyle for me, or so I thought. However, as life goes on, so changes happen in my life.
Iris: Like what?
Gabriel looked more down, sighing heavily.
Gabriel: I began to see the flaws in God's laws, see how life is more cruel than I expected, how one and the same law can be used for bad purposes and so. I tried to stay the same, I feel like I slowly begin to betray God.
He clenched his fist, trying to hold his emotions as Iris looked at Gabriel with sad eyes. Then her eyes were locked on the ground too, not knowing what to say.
Gabriel: Sometimes, I begin to think that God abandoned us.
Iris: What do you mean?
Gabriel: I mean, if He really loves His children, why leave them suffer in this world? Is he tired of us? Is it because mortals stopped believing in Him, turned away from Him, succumbed to sins more and more? Or there is something else? I just....want to understand.
They kept walking in deep and heavy silence. Gabriel kept trying to hold his emotions while Iris was lost in her thoughts. Meanwhile they almost reached their destination and soon they have to part their ways.
Iris: I...I'm sorry, I haven't experienced such feeling like you. Maybe some changes. I'm not sure if my opinion helps you.
Gabriel: That's okay. I don't ask for immediate response. It's my trouble after all.
Iris: And yet, what I can say is that you should not close yourself from changes. Also, I kinda disagree with you about God abandoning us.
That response made Gabriel look at Iris with curiousity.
Iris: I mean, I can understand how it's hard to adapt to changes, especially when they're sudden. It's good when we stay the same, but most of the time we have to change something in ourselves in order to move on. And here is coming my disagreement with God abandoning us. If God really abandoned us, then would it mean that angels have abandoned us too? God would not allow angels to help us, to guide us. Or simply, angels would not care too. He would not create angels to make sure that the balance is followed. God gives us challenges, but also gives us little hints on how we can overcome these challenges. Like today with cat.
Gabriel: Wait, what kind of relation does cat have with our chat?
Iris: Simple. I had a challenge to sell as much flowers today as i can. But today I couldn't do it with my usual tools. And so, the cat came to help me. Most of the people would shush the animal away, but I decided to leave her with me and the rest of the story you know.
She smiled as Gabriel took a moment to think about it. The situation was indeed a bit unusual, in the meaning of how most of the people came to buy flowers because of the cat. Suddenly he realised something. If his Father really abandoned mortals and angels, he would not stand here, talking with Iris, he would not see the changes that happen in the mortal world and in Heaven, the balance would be ruined without them. Even demons would not be inspired by humans if angels didn't guard them, help them to see things from other side, help them to overcome the barriers of life.
Iris: Oh, and about my point of view, well, I believe that people has a right to be religious to their own God. He is in our hearts. It can even be She if they want. We can always talk to Them whenever we want, in happiness and sadness. As for me, I just live my life how I want. Being religious doesn't mean that I should close my eyes on other things. Even if the person is not religious, do I have to behave bad towards them? Of course not! They're humans like me and you. I can learn something from them too, see their view on things and so. Church is of course a sacred place, but for me it's a place where I can have a rest mentally, where I could just chat with God, not only asking for blessing and stuff. Plus, I'm sure that even to such people guardian angels try to give their help. Cause angels always do their best to help, right?
She looked at Gabriel with smile, but then her smile changed to worry, seeing little tears coming from Gabriel's eyes.
Tumblr media
Iris: G-Gabriel? Are you okay?
For a couple of minutes the archangel was in his thoughts and if not the gentle and carrying touch of woman's hand on his cheek that tries to dry his tears, he would still be into himself.
Gabriel: Oh, umm, I'm fine, I'm fine. Just the dust caught into my eyes.
Iris: You were about to cry. Did I...make you sad?
Gabriel: No no, it's not that. It's just...
Iris looked at Gabriel's eyes as he looked at hers with the smile on his face, which made her feel confused for a moment.
Gabriel: I'm just feeling....a bit releived.
Iris: Really? After what I said?
Gabriel: Yeah. It's kinda shocking, but...your reply made me realise something. Like you said, it won't probably help much, but it showed me the way that I can use to find the answer to my feeling.
Iris: Oh....really?
He nodded as held her hands. Iris was not expecting it as blushed for a moment.
Gabriel: I was really too closed in myself that I didn't noticed things that made me feel needed to people close to me, to feel myself again. I thought that I was supposed to stay in the same point of view, but the reality is cruel and you have to adapt to it. It will be hard for me, as I'm, well, "way too religious", but I will do my best. And it's thanks to you.
Such words made Iris blush even more. Realising what he said and what he was doing, he began to blush too as removed his hands, drying his tears from his eyes.
Gabriel: S-Sorry, I-I didn't mean to break your personal space.
But a sudden giggle made him feel puzzled for a moment, and now it was his turn to notice the tears from Iris's eyes. He began to be worried.
Gabriel: I-Iris?
Iris: You're so unusual, Gabriel. And yet, if my answer helped you, I'm so happy. Because that's what matters the most.
She smiled happily as Gabriel smiled back too and suddenly hugged her. Iris was stunned by such sudden actions, and yet answered to his hug with her own. Then they dried their tears as they looked at the building, where Iris lives.
Iris: Well, I guess it's time to part our ways here.
Gabriel: Yeah. Sorry if our chat was like this.
Iris: Oh, that's okay. Chats can be happy and sad, and you can't be always ready to any of it. Plus, this chat also helped me realise something.
Gabriel: Really?
Iris: Yep. But I can't tell you.
Gabriel: Wait, really? Why?
Iris: Because it's a secret. And secrets can't be told, even to friends.
That reply was unexpected to Gabriel as his curiousity level went too high. And yet, the etiquette didn't allow him to make her reveal the secret.
Gabriel: Well, I guess I can't help it.
Iris: Hehe, that's okay. Maybe I will tell you one day. Promise.
She smiled as gave him a pinky to make a promise. Gabriel smiled as answered to her suggestion and together they made a promise.
Iris: Promise me that no matter what you will stay the same.
Gabriel: I will. Same to you.
Iris: I will.
And they hugged each other once more before saying goodbyes to each other and parting their ways. All the way back Gabriel couldn't help not to think if Iris was actually an angel, while Iris, smiling on her way home, couldn't stop thinking about her theory.
Iris: I guess he IS really an angel.
And that's another part of the story^^ A little peace came to Gabriel's soul after chatting with Iris^^ But will it help Gabriel for his personal growth? Only God knows XD
Gabriel and Iris belong to @wildstarfan and @milasartblog (both me)
Okaria et Feria belongs to @wildstarfan and @captainthane
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chaotickpop · 24 days ago
When Worlds Collide
Tumblr media
Chapter 8: Out of Action
I slowly opened my eyes, blinking and turning my head from the harsh, bright lights that were in my face. "Ashley, you're awake!" I looked over and saw Naomi smiling at me. "Everyone was so scared and worried," she said as I tried to sit up, a pain in my leg causing me to stop moving. I looked down and saw the brace on my knee. I immediately hit the button, calling for a doctor. "This can't be happening," I sighed, looking at the brace. "What's wrong," Naomi asked and I quickly closed my mouth. "Hello, Ms. Ashley. I'm Dr. Foreman. I was the doctor to examine you," he explained then held up a x-ray of my leg and head, "good news is that you don't have a concussion, but your right leg hit the steel steps pretty hard. I'm actually surprised that you didn't break anything, but you came close to breaking it if you had landed differently. You will be out of commission for at least eight months, maybe less depending on how well you heal."
Everything froze around me and I felt my world crumble. "No. I can't be out that long. I'm going to miss Extreme Rules, Hell in a cell, and possibly the royal rumble. We were having the first ever all women's pay per view," I said, tears in my eyes. Naomi hugged me as the doctor apologized and told me to be careful, but his voice faded away while he talked. I didn't even notice that he left until Naomi kept calling my name. "Hey. Your phone has been ringing nonstop. You might want to answer it," she said. I looked at the screen and saw that it was a video call from Changkyun. "Thank you for being here for me. You're my best friend ever. I need some alone time. You can head back to the hotel. I'll be okay," I said as she gave me a hug before leaving.
I picked up my phone and accepted the video call. "Hey, Kyunnie," I said, trying to sound like my usual cheerful self, but my eyes betrayed me. "Hey, baby. Finally, you answered," Changkyun sighed as the others showed up on screen, "we saw the video. Are you okay? You were trending online." I showed the brace on my leg before looking at them. "That's pretty much how my night is going," I joked with a sad smile on my face. "How long will you have to have that on," Jooheon asked. It was like a dam had burst and tears ran down my face as I started crying. "I'm out for the rest of the year! This was supposed to be my year. I had so many goals and dreams of being women's champion and now it's all gone," I cried, hiding my face, "I won't be able to wrestle until 2018 and I'm sure that everyone will forget about me. All of my hard work wasted." I felt the crushing depression hit me all at once as tears poured. "Hey hey, baby. It's okay. No one will forget about you. You have a lot of fans who will miss you and will always think about you," Changkyun said, trying to calm me down. "I just feel like I let everyone down," I mumbled, wiping off the tears. "You didn't fail anyone. Like you told us, injuries happen in your career, right," Wonho asked and I nodded. "Well, that just means that you can come here early," Jooheon said, "plus, you probably shouldn't be alone with a bad leg, right?" I sighed as I swung my legs off the bed and got up, stumbling slightly and picked up my phone. "I usually just become a hermit and stay home until I'm better," I said as I grabbed my bags and called for the doctor. "What are you doing," Changkyun asked. "I'm leaving. I want to go to the hotel, get my things and catch a late flight back home," I explained as I sat down in a chair. "Are you sure that that's a good idea," Kihyun asked and I nodded.
"Yeah. The sooner I get home the better. I still have time to catch a flight." The doctor walked in and handed over the discharge papers. "I was already warned that you wouldn't stay here. Just rest up and don't push yourself. Also, your friend had brought your bags. They're at the nurse's station," he said before leaving. "Well, that's one less thing for me to do," I said, standing up and walked out, setting up a ride to the airport. "At least you're going home. We're so glad that you're okay. We were scared when we saw the video," Changkyun said. "Yeah. Changkyun was near tears when he saw it and when you didn't answer," Minhyuk said, exposing Changkyun. "Don't worry, Kyunnie. I'm a tough girl. One little fall won't keep me down," I giggled. "I know that. It was just scary, okay," he said, almost pouting, but I could tell that he was relieved. "Thank you all for checking on me. I really appreciate it," I said as I gathered my bags and walked outside, "I'm sorry for scaring you. I didn't mean to make you worry so much." "That's what family is for," Wonho said as my ride pulled up. "We'll always have your back," Jooheon said as the driver put my bags in the trunk as I got into the backseat. "Thanks, guys. I'm headed to the airport now so I can catch this late flight to Ohio. I'll be back home in the morning which will be night for you guys. I'll let you know when I land," I said as the driver got into the driver seat and drove out of the parking lot, driving to the airport. "Okay, Ashley. Just let us know," Shownu said as everyone waved, Changkyun winking as he blew a kiss. "I will. I love you guys. Bye," I said, hanging up as I looked up at the night sky. I was ready to leave this town and return home. I was mostly ready to just get on the private plane and head to Korea so I could be with Changkyun and the guys. Although I was going to be out of action for a while, I was glad that it happened because now I could leave sooner than originally planned.
I arrived at the airport and grabbed my things before heading inside and bought a ticket before sitting down near a window. I pulled out my phone and sent a text to Changkyun, letting him know that I made it to the airport. I kept looking down at the brace on my knee and could feel the pain just from looking at it. My phone buzzing pulled me from my thoughts as I checked it, smiling at the screen when I see his name. "I'm glad, baby. Make sure to rest on your flight back home. We're all excited to see you sooner than later. We're going to have fun," he has typed in our chat. "Yeah. I'm excited too. It just sucks that I'm going to be limping on our date. I pretty much ruined it. I'm going to look horrible in a dress with a brace on," I replied as my flight was called and I slowly started walking to the line of people who were taking the same flight. My phone buzzed again while I waited. "It's not ruined. We will still have fun and you will always look beautiful no matter what so keep everything packed and bring extra clothes. We want you to stay a little bit longer so you can get better," he replied. "I don't want to be a burden. I'll help out around there as much as possible. I hope at least one of you will meet me at the airport when I get there," I replied with laughing emojis. I boarded the plane and sighed as I got comfortable as my phone buzzed. "We don't expect you to do anything, except focus on getting better. Hyungwon and I will come pick you up. I'll be waiting for you with open arms," he replied with heart emojis. "Good. I can't wait. I'm on my plane and will be taking off soon. I'm going to try to sleep. I'll text you when I'm back home," I replied as I got comfortable and turned on some music as my phone buzzed. "Get plenty of sleep, princess. Good night," he replied as I sent him a bunch of hearts and kisses before falling asleep.
I woke up hours later as the sunlight hit my eyes as I looked out of the window to see that we were about to land. I stretched as the wheels safely touched the ground as the pilot announced that we had finally landed. People around me started getting up and crowd the aisle as they started exiting the plane. I carefully got up and made my way to the exit, gingerly walking down the steps and walked inside to baggage claim. I turned on my phone and called a cab before texting the group, letting them know that I had made it safely and that I was headed home. I grabbed my bags and walked outside to the front where the cab was waiting and put my bags in before getting in and was driven home. I looked around the city that I called home and sighed, finally feeling at ease that I was going home after being away for so long. I couldn't wait to finally sleep in my own bed and without having an alarm set to wake me up. My phone buzzed and I looked at the messages to see everyone saying that they're glad that I'm back home safe. The driver pulled into my long driveway and parked and I got out, the driver grabbing my bags for me and walked me to my door where a bunch of packages were sitting. I raised an eyebrow as I unlocked my door and the driver put my bags inside of my house and even helped me carry the large packages inside. "Thank you," I told him before paying him and giving him a tip for helping me with my things before going inside and locked the door.
I took my bags upstairs to my bedroom and sat them on the floor before collapsing onto my bed and sighed. It was so good to finally be back home. My phone began to ring and I answered it without looking at the screen. "Hello," I said, not moving a muscle. "I really love that ceiling," Changkyun chuckled and I quickly picked up the phone. "Sorry. It's been so long since I've been home that I laid down. Isn't it late there," I asked, raising an eyebrow. "It's only eleven at night. I wanted to see you before I go to bed." I smiled as I got up and walked into my bathroom, standing in the mirror and fixed my hair. "You're the sweetest," I smiled, putting my hair in a ponytail. "I try. So did your house look okay? Nothing out of the ordinary," he asked out of the blue. "No.....not really," I said, not sure of what he was referring to. "Good. That's good," he said, his eyes looking away before looking at me. "Did I miss something," I asked and he shrugged, a smirk on his face.
"I don't think you did, but you might want to retrace your steps if you have to." I walked back out of the bathroom and looked at my bags. "Oh right!" I walked over and pulled out my bear and dog prizes and placed them on my dresser. I pulled out the pictures from the photo booth and stuck them onto my mirror. "There," I said, showing him, "perfect place." "Looks good, baby. Are you sure that's it? You don't have anything else?" I grew confused at his questions and looked around. I put my clothes away into my walk in closet before pulling the now empty bags inside. "That's it. This is the bag that I'm bringing with me," I said, showing him a large suitcase. "Good. I'll put your bags with my stuff in my room when you get here. Also, you have a big closet," he said as I showed him around, "what is that?" "This is one of my cosplay outfits. It's Harley Quinn," I said, showing him, "I love to cosplay when I'm bored. I actually have a calendar of me dressed up. I also have my ring gear over here. Then I have my shoes, heels, and boots all over here." I showed him the different outfits and gear that I have before walking out of my closet and the bedroom. "You have a large house," he said and I shrugged as I walked down the hall. "My dad bought it years ago and had it fixed up. Including the master bedroom, there's a total of six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a study that I turned into my gaming room that I stream in, a large kitchen, an attic and a basement. I have a large backyard that has a pool and leads to the woods. It's completely quiet and fenced in." I showed him the upstairs before heading downstairs where I had left the packages.
"Oh yeah. I had some packages that were left in front of my door," I said, grabbing some scissors and walked over to them. "Did you order something," he asked and I shook my head, "hm. How strange that you have some packages just randomly show up." I raised an eyebrow as Jooheon popped up on the screen, waving at me. "Is everyone still awake around there?" Changkyun pointed the camera to Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Wonho, Kihyun, and Shownu who each waved. I set the phone up so they could still see me as I looked at one of the boxes and saw that the label was in Korean. I looked at the others and they all have a Korean label on it. "Wait. These came from South Korea," I said as the grin on Changkyun's face got bigger, "you guys are up to something." I saw Kihyun trying to hide his face, but I knew that something was up.
I cut the tape off the box and opened it, pulling out a gray bear. "This is the cutest little bear ever," I squealed, hugging it. "That's mine," Shownu chuckled as Changkyun pout slightly. "Keep opening the boxes," he huffed as I set the bear on the couch and cut open all of the boxes. "I'm guessing that this one is Jooheon," I said, pulling out a bear with a honey pot on its ear. "Yep! That's mine," he said proudly as I set it next to the other bear. The next bear I picked up was a brown and white bear. "That's mine," Kihyun said, smiling as I set it down and grabbed a pink bear next, raising an eyebrow. "Who's bear is this," I asked and Changkyun pointed the camera to Minhyuk as I set the bear down before picking up a yellow bear with a diaper on. "That's mine," Wonho grinned as I set the bear down and picked up a light purple bear that was laying down. "I'm going to guess that this one is Hyungwon," I said and he nodded as I added it to the collection before pulling out the final bear which was dark purple, "gee. I wonder who's bear this is."
Changkyun smiled proudly as I hugged the bear. "These are so adorable. What are these?" "Those are called TwoTuckgom. They're a company that makes these little guys and different products. We decided to get you one of all of ours to thank you for the awesome time," Wonho explained. "And each bear has its own name. Nunugom is Shownu. Honeygom is Jooheon. Hamgom is Kihyun. Minggom is Minhyuk. Bebegom is Wonho. Zizigom is Hyungwon. Danygom is mine," Changkyun explained as I looked at the new addition to the family. "Thanks, guys. I love them," I smiled, "now I need to figure out where to put them." I kept the Danygom bear close as I looked around before grabbing my phone. "I forgot to show you something," I said, walking over to a glass case and showed them, "these are my title belts that I won in the past. That's the Impact Wrestling Knockouts championship belt and that's the Knockouts Tag Team belt. Over there is the NXT Women's championship." "What's the empty shelf for," Minhyuk asked. "That is for the women's championship belt whenever I win it one day," I said, looking at the shelf. "You'll get it one day. We have faith," Kihyun said as I sat down. "I hope so. Now listen, I don't want to keep you guys up. I have to finish up packing and I have some errands to run." "Don't you think that you should be resting," Changkyun asked. "I am. But I was thinking about just taking a late flight because it's going to storm soon so it's best to leave before it hits," I explained, "so I hope you guys will be ready." "We definitely will be so let's get ready for bed," Shownu said as everyone said their goodbyes before leaving just Changkyun. "So you'll be here probably tomorrow night then," he said as he laid down. "Give or take. I'm taking a private plane so I won't have any delays or anything hopefully." He yawned, smiling sleepily, "that's good. I can't wait to see you, baby." "Me too, Kyunnie. Now get some sleep. Once I'm done with my stuff, I'm going to take a nap for an hour and then get up and head out." "Okay. I'm going to bed then, beautiful. Text me or everyone in the chat when you're leaving, okay?" "I will, Kyunnie. Good night," I said, blowing him a kiss as he blew one back before ending the call.
I sighed as I began cleaning up the boxes and placed Danygom on my bed before calling the local hair salon and made an appointment. I finished up packing my bags and placed them near the door before grabbing my bag and left my house, getting into an Uber and went to the hair salon. I had decided that it was time for a change since I was going to be out of action for a while, it was time for changes. I decided to cut my hair short instead of letting it grow longer and change the red in my hair to purple. I didn't want to tell Changkyun and decided to keep it a surprise until he sees me in person. After the trip to the hair salon, I stopped by my favorite tattoo place and got both my arms finished, got an adorable wolf on my chest, and got both my lip and tongue pierced like I did once before. I went to the mall and picked out a few more outfits before returning home, just as the sun was setting. I packed the last items into my bags before going upstairs, set an alarm and laid down, falling asleep.
My alarm went off and I got up, taking a shower and got dressed before calling for my driver. "Up and headed to the airport now. South Korea, here I come," I sent to the group chat with the running emoji. "This is going to be fun," I said as I went downstairs as the driver knocked on the door. "Hey, Frank," I smiled as he grabbed my bags. "Hey. Ready for your little vacation," he said as we carried my bags to his car before I returned, set the alarm and locked it up. "Yep. Sucks that I got hurt, but nothing I can do about it," I shrugged as I got into the car and he got into the driver side and drove out of the driveway before taking me to the airport. "Just be careful while you're gone. I'll keep checking on your house for you," he smiled as he parked and helped me out of the car before grabbing my bags for me and took them inside. "I will. I'm so excited. I have a really good feeling about this," I said, hugging him, "thank you for everything." "Anytime. I'll always help you out when you need me. Take it easy now." I waved as I got my bags checked before walking outside to the private plane. Before I got on, I sent a message to everyone letting them know that I was getting on the plane and will see them in about fifteen hours. I got on the plane and got settled in as I watched the plane leave the ground. I looked at my phone, smiling at my lock screen of Changkyun and I. I couldn't wait to see all of them again, especially my Changkyun. I stretched and got comfortable before falling asleep to the smooth flight.
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tigerkirby215 · 26 days ago
5e Rammus, the Armordillo build (League of Legends)
Tumblr media
(Artwork made for Riot Games.)
Any more words for an introduction would be excessive, alright?
Let's just get on with the build.
Yeah - Yuumi isn't the only one with Zoomies. Super Sonic style!
Alright - I'm rubber you're glue; whatever you say bounces off me and makes you explode.
Okay - What good is murdering anyone who touches you if no one gets close? Call them names (or just say "okay" in a very annoying tone) to force them to fight!
To carry a big shell on your back look no further than Tortle. (The spikes come later.) I'm going to invoke Tasha's ruling and suggest a +2 to your Dexterity and a +1 to your Charisma, to spin around fast and know just the right way to say "yeah" to piss people off. You have Claws that do a d4 damage, Survival Instinct for proficiency in the Survival skill, and can Hold Breath for up to an hour!
But of course there's two things we're here for: Natural Armor gives you a base AC of 17. Period. There is no way to increase this (other than wearing a shield.) Additionally you can go into a Defensive Ball Curl as an action for some Shell Defense, giving you +4 to your AC and advantage on Strength and Constitution saving throws. However while in your shell you can't move, are considered prone (meaning melee attackers have advantage against you), have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws, and can't take reactions. The only action you can take is a bonus action to come out of your shell.
15; CHARISMA - Rammus has to be saying something to get everyone to attack him.
14; DEXTERITY - You need Dexterity to keep rollin'. Also Strength is largely pointless to us because... Shell.
13; CONSTITUTION - You are a tank so more health would be a good investment.
12; STRENGTH - Just because you have a thick shell doesn't mean you don't have to push some things off you at times.
10; WISDOM - Living in the deserts of Shurima means you have to fight for Survival every day, even if it's more like the desert is fighting you.
8; INTELLIGENCE - You literally have 6 voice lines.
For Desert Survival the Outlander background is pretty good. You get proficiency in Athletics but since you already have Survival proficiency you can choose a different one instead. Truthfully: pick whatever you want, because Rammus is a closed book you can make him however you want!
You also get proficiency with a language of your choice that you're not going to use, and a musical instrument! Imagine if they made a Spirit Blossom Rammus skin and he played an instrument like Yone and Yasuo.
As a Wanderer of the sands you can easily remember the layout of terrain around you, and can also find food and water for you and your allies to survive in the jungle! "Alright."
Tumblr media
(Artwork made for Riot Games.)
Starting off as a Rogue because while Rammus may not look the part he's actually quite talented! Take proficiency in Persuasion, Deception, and Intimidation to be the master of taunts and... well you may as well take Stealth proficiency for ganking. You also get Expertise in two of those skills: I'm going to recommend Persuasion and Deception as your two "taunting" skills.
Rammus doesn't talk much because he's a master of the subtleties of Thieves' Cant, allowing him to speak without actually speaking what he means to speak. "Yeah." But of course if you gank from the jungle you can Sneak Attack for an extra d6 of damage. If you have advantage or an ally nearby you'll get this extra damage out, and your Sneak Attack increases with levels. "Okay."
Second level Rogues can optimize their jungle clear with Cunning Action, letting them Dash, Disengage, or Hide as a Bonus Action. "Hm."
Third level Rogues get to choose their Roguish Archetype, and to be the master of one-on-one combat look no further than the Swashbuckler. Fancy Footwork is basically the mobile feat, making it so that the enemy can't hit you with opportunity attacks after you slam into them with Powerball.
Rakish Audacity meanwhile is basically two smaller features put together into one: for one you have a bonus to initiative equal to your Charisma modifier, so you can be the first one around for a dragon fight. "Alright." Additionally if you find someone alone in the river (without an ally within 5 feet) you can sneak attack them, even if you don't have an ally nearby or advantage against them! This means you can dash into someone with Powerball and then taunt them for a Sneak Attack. Speaking of which your Sneak Attack damage increases to 2d6. "Yeh."
4th level Rogues get their first Ability Score Improvement but Rammus isn't really meant to do damage? So grab the Durable feat for +1 to your Constitution and double the Constitution when healing during Short Rests, guaranteeing that you can heal up after a skirmisher and always be ready for a fight. "Right."
Tumblr media
(Artwork by Kienan "Knockwurst" Lafferty. Made for Riot Games.)
Taking a level in Fighter for... well kinda just to get proficiency with Shields, really. +2 AC goes a long way! And the Defense Fighting Style can further increase that AC by 1, equaling a +3 to your 17 total which means... hey look at that! 20 AC! "Alright."
You also get Second Wind for a refillable potion, giving you a d10 + 1 (because we're not getting more Fighter levels) healing as a Bonus Action.
People say that I make too many Warlock builds, to which I say... "Yeah." First level Warlocks get to choose their Patron at level 1, and to be the rolling speed demon of the desert the Fiend Warlock is a nice, universal subclass. That's because Dark One’s Blessing will give you a burst of Triumph (temp) HP when you down an enemy equal to your Warlock level plus your Charisma modifier.
But of course what we're really here for is Pact Magic. You get two cantrips from the Warlock list: Frostbite could be reflavored as a not-quite-Frenzying Taunt because it's basically just Vicious Mockery that targets Constitution instead of Wisdom. Inversely Mind Sliver will let you soften an enemy up for an ally's big damaging abilities!
For your leveled spells Armor of Agathys shall serve as your passive of which we will get many more abilities that do the same thing. Note that Temporary Hitpoints don't stack, but as a DM I'd be willing to say that if you get a new source of Temp HP while this spell is active its duration essentially gets refreshed. Inversely if you want a more direct source of retributive damage Hellish Rebuke will cause fire damage to anyone who hits you as a reaction. "Right."
Second level Warlocks get to choose their Eldritch Invocations; gifts from the sands that make them better from the standard armadillo. Eldritch Mind is a surprise tool that will help us later, and you might think that we should've taken Resilient (CON) instead of Durable at level 4 to which I say... "Right." Anyways there honestly isn't that many other invocations I want until about level 5 so take what you want (Devil's Sight is never a bad thing) and we're going to keep going. You can also learn another spell but again: not much I want! Wait for...
3rd level Warlocks get to choose their Pact Boon and we're still a Rogue first and foremost, so Pact of the Blade is still the best choice. You can summon weapons from thin air to always be ready with spikes on your shell.
You can also learn second level spells like Blindness / Deafness to make it harder for people to hit you, and Hold Person which is like a ranged taunt.
4th level Warlocks get an Ability Score Improvement, and while Charisma controls most of what we do currently Dexterity still leads to kills which leads to more temp HP, so increase your DEX by 2.
You can also learn a new cantrip like Chill Touch for some Thornmail anti-healing. There are good spells at this level too (Misty Step and Mirror Image being two great ones) so take them for now but we're going to swap them out come...
Tumblr media
(Artwork made for Riot Games.)
5th level Warlocks get more Eldritch Invocations! For a start we'll be taking Thirsting Blade, letting you attack twice in a round for more chances to get a kill for some healing. "Hm." We'll also be taking Cloak of Flies for Sunfire Cape, or more realistically Turbo Chemtank as CoF does Poison damage and I'm writing this build during patch 11.8 when every goddamn jungler in the game is running Turbochem.
You can also learn third level spells at this level like Spirit Shroud for a Frozen Heart that also increases the damage of your weapon, and Counterspell for some magic "resistance." "Yeh."
6th level Fiend Warlocks can give themselves the boost they need to make it out alright. Dark One's Own Luck lets you add a d10 to a skill check or saving throw: you're probably going to mostly be using this on saving throws but boosting ability checks can be helpful to. You can only use this ability once per Short or Long Rest however, so use it wisely, yeah?
You can also prepare another spell but again: waiting for a level!
7th level Warlocks get another Eldritch Invocation like... Devil's Sight? A bit late to be grabbing it (proper) now you may say, but it's a requirement for our one-two Defensive Ball Curl special!
First spell: Shadow of Moil! Along with heavily obscuring you (giving most enemies Disadvantage to hit you) any enemy that does hit you takes 2d8 Necrotic damage back!
Second spell: Fire Shield (from the Fiend Warlock list.) It creates light yes (which gets canceled out by Shadow of Moil) but you can choose between a Cold Shield (that blocks Fire damage and does Cold damage) or a Fire Shield (that blocks Cold damage and does Fire damage.) Regardless of which one you choose any attacker within 5 feet of you will take 2d8 damage (Cold or Fire depending on which shield you chose) if they try to attack you.
Here's the fun part: Fire Shield isn't concentration. That means that these spells do stack, allowing you to do 2d8 damage to anyone who misses you and 4d8 damage to anyone who hits you! I don't think I should need to explain why essentially getting a second level Chromatic Orb off every time you get hit is absolutely insane for action economy and overall DPS.
8th level Warlocks get another Ability Score Improvement: Dexterity is still our main "fighting" stat despite most of our levels being in a caster, so a simple +2 would cap it off to guarantee that you're doing something in a teamfight even if the enemy isn't shooting you.
You can also learn another spell like Dimension Door, which is basically a very long ranged Flash. Like, a very long ranged Flash. "Yeh."
Tumblr media
(Artwork made for Riot Games.)
Hopping back over to Rogue because for some reason Rogues are very good at staying alive! Uncanny Dodge is part of that, letting you reduce the damage of an incoming attack by half with your reaction! "Okay."
Your Sneak Attack damage also (finally) increases to 3d6. "Yeah."
6th level Rogues get Expertise in two more skills. I'm actually going to suggest the two skills from your background at this point: Athletics and Survival to continue optimal jungle pathing and escape grapples.
7th level Rogues get Evasion which feels like an oxymoron for Rammus. But here's the thing: they can't attack you with weapons without taking damage themselves, so what if they cast spells on you? Well if it's a DEX save you take half damage on a failed save, and no damage on a successful save! "Alright." Your Sneak Attack damage also increases to 4d6 at this level.
8th level Rogues get another Ability Score Improvement, and while more Charisma means better spell saves and more Temp HP when you kill someone I'm instead going to simply suggest the Tough feat for +2 HP per overall character level you have. It's 34 health points now and a total of 40 HP by level 20. "Hm."
Tumblr media
(Artwork by SixMoreVodka Studios. Made for Riot Games.)
9th level Rogues finally get your goddamn Frenzying Taunt! Panache lets you make a Persuasion check against an enemy's Insight, and it works in one of two ways: if a target isn't hostile to you they're charmed by you! (I don't know what you're saying to charm them, but it's probably more than 6 voice lines.)
Alternatively if you Panache an enemy they get taunted by you, and have Disadvantage against all enemies other than you. Note that if your allies hit the taunted enemy they will lose this effect, meaning that you will have to constantly taunt them if everyone's focusing one target.
Oh and your Sneak Attack increases to 5d6 now, meaning that you actually do some good damage overall regardless of if the enemy is attacking you or not. "Hm."
9th level Warlocks get another Eldritch Invocation: your ultimate just got reworked, so Otherworldly Leap will let you jump into the middle of a teamfight! ...With the Jump spell...
You can also learn 5th level spells now! There's a lot of fun ones but I'm going to suggest good ol' Hold Monster. It's like Hold Person, but it works on Dragon! "Right."
Our final level is the 10th level of Fiend Warlock for Fiendish Resilience. Choose a damage type to gain resistance to! This doesn't work against silvered weapons, so it isn't that good against ADCs but it does give you some resistance against spellcasters. (Most literally.) You have to pick the resistance at the end of a Short or Long Rest, so it does help to know what you're going up against.
You also don't learn a spell because lol Warlocks, but you do get another cantrip! So take good ol' Prestidigitation to put on a show after reaching max level!
Ok - I already mentioned how strong Fire Shield plus Shadow of Moil is. This damage goes against any enemy who hits you in melee, and can really hurt against multiple attacks!
Alright - You have plenty of ways to keep from getting hurt while you tank all the hits. Temp HP from Dark One's Blessing, Uncanny Dodge and Evasion, and of course 20 AC with just a shield!
Yeah - Despite not investing completely in Charisma your proficiency carries you a long way in social encounters. Just remember to say more than 6 words! (If "hmm" can even be considered a word.)
Right - All your damage is loaded against melee enemies, as you need to be in melee to hit them with Sneak Attack and both your shields only deal damage back to melee attackers. Ranged enemies are still going to suffer against your high AC and you're capable of spamming cantrips at them, but you really shine against melee bruisers.
Yeh - Only having 10 Warlock levels means that you only have two total spell slots. That's enough to cast your Defensive Ball Curl combo once. If you want to operate at maximum effectiveness you're going to need to take frequent short rests.
Hmm - Perhaps the biggest irony of Rammus is that being a Tortle doesn't really help us much. Being any other race would give you access to magic armor, as well as likely better racial features to generally be more useful overall. (Don't get me wrong: hiding in your shell is nice to boost AC but come late game the lack of movement will hurt you more than it'll help, especially since it makes you go prone.) My suggestion would be to make a Warforged for their innate +1 AC, or go for something like a Satyr or Gnome to resist magic.
But you can do okay no matter what the enemy lineup is. Hmm? You think you'll struggle, yeh? Well with the right team backing you up you'll do alright. Yeah.
Tumblr media
(Artwork by Alvin Lee. Made for Riot Games.)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Quick study in risings
Taurus rising is known for their voluptuous body and big head – not to sound funny, but it's true. They either have a runaway model type of facial bone structure with a square jaw or round faces with big, high cheekbones.
They also have thick eyebrows, pouty lips, thick hair. Quite short, almost stocky, they have wide necks and short limbs, with short fingers.
These individuals are usually very down to earth and likeable. Venusian beauty is hard to resist.
On the other side of the coin we have Libra, and Libra is air; it's light, it has a softer, more "girlish" energy to it. Taurus, however, is heavy, dark soil, that's fertile and rich. Taurus is grown, it's Venus as a woman instead of a young girl.
And I'm saying all this metaphorically, of course. The divine feminine is within all of us. Everyone has a feminine and a masculine side. Regardless of gender, taurus is naturally more in touch with the feminine one than the other risings. Libra is a close second, of course.
Sensuality is a trademark of this rising sign and they are creatures of comfort. They love things that feel pleasant to the touch, smell nice, taste good. Blessed with an eye for aesthetics, these people are the great designers of this world.
They are very stylish and others admire that but they can be quite old-fashioned in the way they present themselves. They might try to replicate a look or even a lifestyle that used to be popular in the past.
Very romantic though they appear unavailable without realizing it.
Since taurus rules the throat,most of them have beautiful, inviting voices. As nice as they might seem, Taurus risings are a force to be reckoned with. They become stubborn when they believe they are right. Which they tend to be, they're an earth sign! They're pragmatic and cerebral.
They are incredibly strong-willed and resilient.
They're probably the worst people to get into an argument with because you won't change their opinion. Just drop it. With Leo in the 4th house, it's likely that as children, they were the sun and everyone else revolved around them. Or so they were made to feel like.
Most of them are so loved and spoiled that they end up with an attitude of entitlement as adults. It also indicates a creative upbringing.
Unlike Leo, these people don't show off, they're very lowkey. Capricorn is in their 9th. That's the very last step into becoming the best version of themselves (the 10th house) and capricorn is all about hard work.
These people work their asses off but you won't see them complaining or bragging.
Their sense of humor is the least polished thing about them. They are unexpected and hilarious, they burst random things out at times because taurus is very comfortable in its own skin. They don't give a damn actually.
They are reserved but confident. And like things done their way, at their own pace. For them, it's always quality over quantity. And as I said, they are the great designers, here to bring beauty to the planet.
Taurus works hard but plays even harder. These people are here to remind us that it's okay to sit back, realx and enjoy all of the earthly pleasures at our disposal. Listen to a song, smell a flower, wear your most comfortable sweater just 'cause - that's their gig.
Celebrities who share this rising:
Ruby Rose, Megan Thee Stallion,Mariah Carrey, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Azealia Banks, Ezra Miller, Robert Pattinson, Camilla Cabello etc.
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