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daylighteclipsed · 23 days ago
cant stop thinking of brenner stranger things’s quote abt the nina opera in relation to sora kingdom hearts forgetting riku’s sacrifice/death I am fr mentally ill
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tardis-stowaway · 10 months ago
Concept: A streaming service releases a movie about a person caught in a time loop that ends not with breaking the time loop, but with the protagonist reaching peace with the new condition of their life, making a point of finding joy in small things and doing good works even if they don’t last.
It was a pretty good movie, so when you have a friend over who you think would like it, you watch the movie again. About 2/3 way through the movie, something starts feeling off. You didn’t exactly memorize the movie the first time, but it feels like some scenes are going differently. As the movie goes on, you become more and more certain that it’s not the same. The ending is definitely different. The protagonist still ends the film trapped in the time loop, but this time they’re in despair about it. This ending emphasizes the futility of trying to change controlling systems and the way people’s fundamental natures trap them in destructive cycles.
 You’re initially shocked not to see the movie you expected, but you realize that it must have two alternate versions, shown either randomly or in some designated order depending on how many times you’ve viewed the film. You wonder if there’s more than two versions, so you watch it again.
Broadly speaking, it seems like the same film you watched the first time, but even though you can’t put your finger on any specific changes, it feels a bit different, like maybe the film’s editor used different takes. In the jubilant final scene, you realize that the protagonist isn’t wearing a snazzy leather jacket like you remember, but instead a button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up their forearms.
 The fourth time you watch it, you get the grim ending again, except this time in the final scene the protagonist isn’t crying silently while staring into the distance, but wailing while covering their face with their hands.
 The fifth viewing, the protagonist goes mad by the end, though the film is clear that they’re mad within a time loop rather than imagining a time loop due to madness. The sixth time, the mood of the ending is stoic resignation.
 You finally get online to look for information about this film. There’s plenty of people talking about the film and its different versions. The streaming service has implemented some super-advanced anti-piracy technology, so no one can save clips, and even trying to use another device to film a tv showing the movie seems to just result in weird static. That makes it impossible for people to compare footage from their versions and figure out exactly how many there are, but it’s clear there are lots.
The director and cast did some publicity before the film was released, talking about the characters and the setting, but there was no mention of alternate versions. They haven’t done any press since the release. One person online claims to have run into the director at a Starbucks in Malibu and asked whether there were any alternate endings where the movie’s protagonist escapes the time loop.
“The structure of storytelling, at least as we understand it in Western culture, always calls for an ending,” the director said with a wink, then slipped out the door, clutching a triple-shot hazelnut latte. The online person reporting this encounter didn’t realize until too late that that wasn’t actually an answer.
You watch the movie again and again, usually several times a week. You take notes each time so you can better spot the differences. You start changing how you watch it: different times of day, on different devices, with different settings. Maybe there’s a trick to control which version you’ll get. It’s never exactly the same twice. (Just how long did they spend filming all these versions? You can’t find any information about the lead actors working on any new projects.) The repetition and lack of resolution are maddening, but every time you decide you’re done with watching this movie you only make it a few days before you give in and watch it again. You keep hoping to find the ending where the time loop breaks, but it never happens.
Finally, in frustration, you open a document on your computer. You stay up until 4 am furiously typing. Eventually you have it: a new version of the latter half of the movie where the protagonist successfully breaks the time loop. Your ending is true to both with the film’s worldbuilding and the protagonist’s character. It’s big and triumphant. You can’t remember the last time you felt so satisfied.
You go to sleep. The next day, you open up the streaming site. Your cursor lingers on the time loop movie you’ve watched so many times before, but instead you select a teen rom com that looks like it will take absolutely no narrative risks. You feel free.
The day after that, you have an idea for how the time loop film’s protagonist could break out of the loop in a super ridiculous way. Just thinking about it cracks you up. You don’t want to forget any part of this hilarious idea. You open another document and type it out.
Three weeks later you’re sitting in a Starbucks. You have another idea for how the protagonist can break out of the loop but with absolutely heartbreaking consequences. It’s painful to consider, but the idea won’t let you rest. You open your laptop and go to the folder already growing crowded with version after version of the protagonist’s escape from the time loop. You take a sip of triple-shot hazelnut latte and begin again.
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just-fan-fics · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
paring: fezco x reader ; pronouns: any pronouns
warnings: season 2 episode 5 spoilers
summary: after running for hours trying to find Rue you get to the last place she may be at, Fezco’s.
a/n: Reader doesn’t have a specific description so everybody can read it. Also sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, English is not my first language.
Your legs are about to give up but you made an extra effort to make it to Fez’s hoping that Rue is there and you don’t have to keep doing this again. 
You knock a few times on the door and wait for it to be opened while catching your breath. The door opens revealing a sleepy Fezco.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Is Rue here? Or has she came?” even talking feels like a struggle. “Yeah, she came a few hours ago, she got all violent I had to kicked her out” 
You sigh and almost start crying at the thought of start running again. “You know where she could be?”. “Nah, sorry”. “Shit”
“Why don’t you come inside and rest for a while, you look like shit”. Fez says opening the door a bit more just so you can come in. You don’t say anything and head inside. Some rest will make you good, and then you can go back to look for Rue. The thought of her being in danger or hurt makes your heart shrink. 
“Here, take a shower while I make ya a sandwich” he says giving you some clothes of his. “You don’t have to.” “But I want to”.
You don’t protest and head to the shower. You take off your clothes and can see the shine on your skin due to all the sweat. You turn on the hot water and hop in the shower letting the water run through your body, making your aching muscles relax.
Your mind wonders to Rue, and that maybe all this running is just meaningless, because she doesn't want any help but still, she's your friend and you want to help her get better.
You make your way to the kitchen where Fezco is already waiting for you with two sandwiches. "You really didn't have to do this" you say once again sitting down and taking a bite. "As I said befor', I wanted to". "Thanks" you say taking another bite.
He sits in front of you and you both eat silently. You didn't know you were this hungry or this tired, because now that you are sitting down you can feel the ache on your legs and the pain on your back.
Your phone rings and you take no time on picking it up hoping to hear from Rue. You talk with Leslie for a minute, she called just to let you know Rue is home and she's okay. You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. "What's up?" Fez asks. "It was Rue's mum, she's okay, she's home"
You help Fez get the plates cleaned up. "I'll leave now, thank you for everything Fez" you say taking his hand lightly.
"It's late, why don' ya stay?". "I don't want to bother you more than I've already done"
"You ain't botherin' anyone. Com' here"
He takes your hand and walks you to his room. He opens the sheets to let you in first and then he lies next to you, turning so his face to face with you.
"Ya should sleep" he says in a whisper. That tone makes it feel more intimate for some reason. "I know, but for some reason I can't"
Fez gets closer to you and strokes your cheek with the back of his hand softly. "Is there anythin' I can do to help ya sleep?"
You look him in the eye. Those brilliant beautiful blue eyes, you could stare at them forever and not get tired of it. You eyes travel to his lips for a second and you can't help but wonder what it'll feel to feel them on yours. So with a boldness you didn't know that you had, you say: "Kiss me"
Fez looks at you for two seconds looking for something that screams that is a lie, but there's none. He close the little distance left between the both of you and press his lips on yours. It's better that you imagined, his lips are soft, like kissing the clouds, and the mix of weed and toothpaste are intoxicating.
You both part ways to take a breath but you want more. You place your hand on his cheek before pressing your lips together again. His hand travels to your waist and press you against him, his thumb caressing your skin.
"I don't think I can sleep now" you say.
"Me neither" he says and lays on top of you while kissing you.
You forget about Rue's intervention. You forget about the hours you've spent running. There's just you and Fezco in that moment and space.
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ramenoff · 8 months ago
• 𝐨𝐟𝐟 𝐬𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡 • (𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐦𝐩 𝐩𝐭. 𝐈𝐈𝐈)
Synopsis: bucky gets fucky at the drive-in. 
Pairing: fuckboy!bucky x AFAB!reader (college au)
Warnings: smut/ 18+ minors DNI, car sex, riding, slightly sub!bucky, some cheeky choking, vaginal penetration, enemies to lovers, language. 
Side note: my moodboard maker isn’t working atm and my internet is so shit it won’t load a gif on here so y’all are gonna have to make do without a visual here lmao rip. 
(1.8k words)
 Bucky, as shocking as this fact may be, is not known for subtly. 
He’s found that a dry sense of humour and a gluttonous libido are the only real necessities concerning modern flirtatious exchanges. Slap a metal arm and a slight Brooklyn accent on the already impressive packaging and the work is done. He’s always seen himself as a leader in all realms, friendship wise and with dames as well. He’s hardly ever had any trouble getting a girl in his bed and even still, he practically has a line of them waiting outside his door, eagerly awaiting their turn. 
Then why, pray tell, is asking you out to a movie so goddamn hard? 
He’d had his chance multiple times that week, but each time he choked and turned the other way like he’d just seen you sprout another head. Maybe he’s jittery from the caffeine, maybe it’s just how frighteningly beautiful you look with streaks of dirt and a sheen of sweat making you glow under street lights. Either way Bucky’s got a window and it’s closing fast if he doesn’t just spit it out-
“You wanna go out?” 
You’re crawling out of the bowl like a creature out of hell when he asks. You’ve just landed directly on your knee in trying to perform a new, foreign trick that was far fetched from your weeks-old expertise. It’s not only the pain that makes you frown but the sudden shudder in Bucky’s voice. It’s cute. You want to laugh. It comes out differently.
Please don’t make him say it again.
“Do, uh,” he clears his throat when the words get stuck, “you wanna go out? With me?”
He sounds hopelessly hopeful, and you’ve never seen his eyes go big and puppyish like that. Suddenly the suffocating amount of cologne he’s wearing makes more sense, as does his hair that looks like he put a little too much effort into. Like his hair gel, he’s trying to be slick with a clean shaven face and a feigned sense of confidence. Like his hair gel, spray a little water on it and he’ll dissolve.
You make him nervous.
“I mean don’t think I’m pressuring you, I’ll just go for the next level up if you don’t wanna,” he adds. 
“And that is?” 
He points to the right, “That pigeon.”
The bird in question coos and flaps away.
“Looks like you’re stuck with me. Why’d you ask anyway?”
He blinks. “Jus’ curious.” 
You chuckle and start mopping sweat off your forehead with the hem of your shirt. Bucky’s eyes go straight to your exposed midriff without shame. This doesn’t go unnoticed by you.
“God, don’t you have an off switch?” you mutter. 
Your hands circle around your now clothed middle, “It’s like you’re a starving dog in a butcher shop.” 
“Did you just refer to yourself as fuck meat?” he smirks. 
“Just say you wanna fuck me, it would be a lot easier for you.”
“I wanna fuck you.” 
You cock your eyebrow like a feminine gun. You’re locked, loaded and taking aim. He stares blankly in return, feigning disinterest but the way he tucks and untucks his dog tags in the collar of his shirt gives him away. 
He’s never wanted you so goddamn bad, not when you’re looking at him like you’re about to eat him alive. He’d feed your cannibal habit without question, happy to offer up his flesh and watch you devour. He’d watch you with adoring eyes with blood dripping down your chin and sharpened teeth. He’d still think you’re an angel- of death or saving grace he isn’t sure yet, but he’d be too distracted by your halo to pay mind to his exposed bones, ready to sacrifice himself to his goddess who must feed. 
You scrunch your nose and kick up your board, “Well shit Barnes, name a time and place and you’ve got yourself a deal.” 
Friday came all too quickly, for you and for Bucky. 
Bucky, as has been established, is nothing short of a hot mess (emphasis on the hot part). He resembles a pendulum: back and forth. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Ba- 
Shit, you look amazing. 
Shit, he wants to run. 
No, no, no- he’s going to take you to the drive-in, pull the old pretend yawn while he’s really just slinging an arm around your shoulders, then he’s going to kiss you. And then, he’s going to fuck you in the backseat of his dinged-up old car. 
Speaking of his car, you wheezed like an asthmatic when you saw it- more specifically, when you saw a six-foot tall, two hundred-and-something pound man emerge from a fucking blue beetle like fucking Bobo the clown. You nearly died from a coughing fit as a result of your laughter before Bucky told you to shut up and take shotgun or else he’d make you sit in the back. He’s already begrudgingly agreed to take you nearly thirty minutes outside of town to go to the drive-in when he already suggested the grungy local theatre at the mall. You wouldn’t settle for anything less than a movie under the stars and a blue slushy. 
You cooperated. You let him get the popcorn with the repulsive amount of pumped butter even though you think it’s absolutely rancid; you got sour gummy worms to satisfy your own needs alongside the slushy you were promised. 
Neither of you really know what you’re there to see. There’s nothing that good in theatres at the moment but Bucky offered the movies on a whim with no real plan. Some hammy looking sci-fi thriller just came out and neither of you would be caught dead watching a rom-com starring some forgettable Hollywood faces, so bad a poor script and totally-not-scary aliens would have to do.  
“You realize there’s absolutely no way I’m letting you fuck me, right?” your lips smirk around the straw of your drink. Bucky has never wanted to be a piece of plastic so bad because goddamn, he’d have something to brag about if he could say he was the reason your lips were tinting blue. 
“Wasn’t gonna,” he lies around a mouthful of popcorn, “Clown car, remember?”
The way your lip curls up is more than tempting, and Bucky is certain the twinkle in your eyes isn’t from the screen from afar, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t imagine his first time with you being somewhere a little less… embarrassing. Besides, this movie doesn’t seem as bad as it looked initially. 
Alas, neither of you lasted ten minutes. 
There is barely an exchange of words when your hand grazes his thigh in search of the gummy worms. The popcorn bag does little to hide the stiffening in his jeans after that. You may or may not have made the suggestion of sharing a gummy worm and he stares at you blankly to bite one end off of it when he agrees. It takes a minute for that cyborg brain to catch up when you stare back expectantly with it hanging from your mouth. 
Christ on a cracker, he’s supposed to be a god at this flirting thing. 
Lady and the Tramp made it look too easy, because while Bucky is enjoying being this excruciatingly close to your face he’s worried he might catch your lip if he takes the first bite. Your teeth do knock together slightly when you make the first move, and the mix of candy between two tongues is interesting to say the least. But now that you’re migrating to the back seat with sugar on your breath and his belt loop hooked around your fingers it’s nothing but a memory.
Bucky’s back meets the seat yet that’s not what knocks the wind out of him. Half of it is how quickly you managed to get both your pants down and half of it is how terrifying you look on top of him. You’re a demoness about to eat his heart out and fuck, just give him the knife and he’ll carve it out of his chest for you himself. He said to himself once that God made the cosmos revolve around you and he isn’t about to take it back, but God also made up the very concept of sin based on you. 
There is nothing holy about the way your nails tattoo his shoulders with crescent moons, nothing sacred about the way your hips crash against his pelvis like apocalyptic tidal waves, and certainly nothing pure about the noises that fill his car. 
You’re in heat. You’re panting and gripping him like you hate him. He’s pounded so many asses but all he can do is grip yours back while you ride him like it's your goddamn job. He is perfectly in his place. He wants to be underneath you with your tits bouncing in his face and you just taking your pleasure from him because he never minds having things taken from him when it's you. He’s suffocated by the smell of sex and your sandalwood and vanilla perfume in his car. He’s suffocated by the way you look at him like a hyena looks at prey. He’s suffocated by- well… by your hand around his neck. 
You give a squeeze and smile when his eyes roll back like a fucking heroin addict, “There’s your off switch.”
And off his brain goes. 
All of the things he said he’d never do in front of a girl spills out like a poked hole in a plastic bag filled with water. He’s gushing with all the “oh god’s” and “fuck, please’s” he’s been holding back with a healthy mix of masculine insecurity and that nasty fuck boy attitude of his. His cheeks are aflame with rosy colour after his hips buck up, choppy and shaky as he cums in shallow breaths. 
His head thumps against the back window of the car and he looks up at you like you’ve hung the moon as you just keep going. You’re teetering on the edge of a cliff as your hips work him like he’s a mechanical bull and you’re wrestling to stay on, yet Bucky is too infatuated with how your thighs shake and your mouth hangs open to really put up a fight for you. Soon enough you clench around his length and you bare him your throat as your head falls back with a particularly long moan. He takes to it without hesitation, nursing your skin with bruises that leave blossoms of purple in his wake. He’ll finally have a real excuse to take you makeup shopping, call it a date. 
Both of you coming down from your highs in a dreamy haze, you’re too blissed out to pay any mind to Bucky’s wandering hands. They try to memorize every angle, cherish every soft curve and relish every plaine of muscle. It takes both of you a second to shake yourselves from the bubble you appear to be in, then you smile down at him.
“Told you I wouldn't let you fuck me.” 
Bucky’s brow furrows with confusion as he rests his chin on your sternum, “Huh?”
“I have fucked you, Barnes. Chew on that for a while.” 
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bipolarhawkeyepierce · 6 months ago
you're one of the only other people I know (aside from char) who has bipolar hawkeye thoughts...
care to elaborate? :)
yes yes yes i am obsessed with bipolar hawkeye and therefore will always love to share my thoughts on this topic... thank you sm for asking <3 and another huge thank you for helping me by giving your list of episodes where he exhibits bipolar symptoms.
i won't lie, a lot of it is me projecting and reaching bc of it, but hey, that's what media's made for! i'm actually on my 3rd rewatch of the show solely watching it this time to mark down every time he exhibits bipolar behaviour (and bc i miss trapper <3). maybe in a couple months or so, i'll come back to this post and add the list. i haven't exactly started the list yet besides a few obvious episodes i already know of, as the first season or so is very.... sit-com-y one dimensional characters unless you read a little too far into it. which is something i love to do, as you'll see as you read on. i'd also like to say i'm SO sorry that this is such a long read, i hope you and everyone who reads this enjoys. if there's typos or incorrect grammar, excuse that, this is posted as its first rough draft and i don't use autocorrect due to it going batshit on me.
for now, all that's currently on it is GFA, of course. i think a LOT of that episode is just him being bipolar, i don't even know where to start with it. obviously the tank incident. the repression of the chicken... event. so much. tbh the recurring theme of hawkeye repressing stuff is more a childhood trauma sign, but i think it does also point to him being mentally ill, and that strengthens my bipolar hawkeye belief. bipolar is genetic and environmental, so i think his childhood trauma partially helped him develop the disorder. (also i'd like to add that GFA does a brilliant job in showing what it's like to come out of a mental hospital and how people around you treat you... very accurate.)
''bananas, crackers, and nuts'', although it's hawkeye faking a psychiatric problem, i think does also help the case. the lengths he's willing to go are definitely beyond other more "mentally stable" people. i don't think hawkeye being willing to go to further lengths than other people is a sign of him being bipolar, but this specific case... a little odd. you gotta be at least a little mentally ill to act so mentally ill and fool people so fast and easily tbh. and the episode shows his irritability. also trapper asking him if he's acting, and he doesn't exactly say no... just a "you ain't seen nothing yet." and iirc the psychiatrist that was called him saw through his faking and yet still thought something was wrong, right?
of course, there's the good ole episode "dr. pierce and mr. hyde", in which hawkeye gets no sleep and you know... just doesn't act right. goes off the rails. this can be written off as simply sleep deprivation, but mania can be triggered by sleep deprivation, and i think hawkeye's actions in the episode are very manic. the same goes for his actions in ''peace on us,'' very manic behaviour imo.
and definitely the moment in "Tuttle", where hawkeye himself calls himself "manic depressive", which is another name for bipolar disorder.
he gets very determined when he sets his mind to things, basically to the point of obsession with getting it done, combined with his impulsivity = very bipolar actions. i think his strong beliefs on blaming himself when he loses a patient work into this and him being bipolar, his self image, all that, screams bipolar person to me. (that's definitely me projecting.) going on about his determination, ''depressing news''! he becomes quite fixated on achieving his goal, as well as in ''adam's ribs'', the goal of achieving the ribs. again, he goes to great lengths to achieve his goals, and fixates on them. bipolar behaviour. i do think ''adam's ribs'' is another great contender for pointing out his bipolarness besides what i just mentioned. him acting out and starting a riot. not normal. also in ''house arrest'', him acting out strongly and just plain snapping.
there's the episodes you mentioned (thank you so much, especially for naming which episode he makes the manic depressive joke in, i couldn't remember that), which i haven't put on my list yet, but, you must already know why they're listed for his bipolarness. the ones i haven't touched on in my explanations are "hawkeye" and "back pay" for mania, and for depressive episodes, "the late captain pierce", "some 38th parallels", "a night at rosie's", and "say no more". i'd like to add "fallen idol" to the list of depressive episodes, an episode i'll address in a bit.
his alcoholism. people with bipolar disorder, mental illness in general, tend to get addicted to things easier. also i do believe the reason he acts out so... sexually sometimes is caused by bipolar disorder, not just the being stuck in a war thing, and all the times he acts off the rails, all the times he's "tried to crawl up the walls", or however it's said, that's mania, babey! his bouts of tangents, i'll call them, the moments where he'd randomly go on rants to pull other people into his cause (like in previously mentioned episode, "adam's ribs"), i don't think those were just hawkeye being hawkeye. i think he's that way because he's bipolar. we do also see bouts of depression, a bunch instances that i can recall but can't name the episodes of (besides what you named, and i'll come back and reblog this in a couple months with my completed MASH: Bipolar Hawkeye episodes.)... here's where and why i think "fallen idol" would fall into this category. the alcoholism, shitty coping mechanisms, falling easily and quickly into self hatred and blame (for this episode and when he loses patients). again, mental illnesses tend to lead into falling into that type of mindset and such easier.
his relationship issues!! oh, his relationship issues. i'd say he's honestly a little codependent in them, and way too attached, you can see how bj and others around him don't always treat him the best, but he bounces right back to bj and them the second he can (but especually bj). another example of bipolar behaviour i need to find more examples of bc i KNOW they're there, but i can't remember the exact scenes and episodes...
honestly not all of these are all bipolar stuff, but i think putting them all together can really show that he's bipolar, or you can just write it off as fatigue from stress and just plain being in a war, or him acting out because of the war (as you said, a lot/most of his acting out and depression is influenced by the war), but, if you're like me, i believe the war is worsening his symptoms.
and! in my opinion, i think he was definitely messed up before the war, even though we don't really see other instances of him before the war?
@thebreakfastgenie brings up in a post, about how (quoting the post) "Hawkeye hardly ever gets letters from anyone else" (besides his father). "There's his friend, the teacher, who has her students write letters to the 4077th. But other than that it's almost always just his dad. And there's something off about his friendships back home. We don't see his call with Dickie Barber, but from the way he worries about the town thinking he's going crazy, I don't think it was everything he hoped it would be. And Toby Wilder, who, when he calls from a war, is only concerned about the money he thinks Hawkeye owes him. I get the sense his extreme devotion to and forgiveness of his friends is a pattern that existed before BJ."
that!! all of that. the letters from other friends could be just offscreen stuff, but, really, this all leads me to wonder was his life in Crabapple Cove as perfect as we (and BJ!) believe? now that point and question really leads me to believe he was messed up before the war, especially the last two sentences (which also point out his relationship issues, as previously stated). tommy calls hawkeye a "sissy", which although maybe was joking... i wonder about that, since hawkeye is very much so shown as effeminate. i like to think that they probably viewed hawkeye as one does a class clown who seems just a little off, because that's really what he is, isn't he? they respect him for being a doctor, he's charming, he's funny, although in a very eccentric humour way, and likable enough, but probably not one who has many actual friends and is seen as weird and concerning. not exactly the person someone in a small town might seek out to befriend and talk to.
slightly unrelated, but along with all that, my good friend en (@entimes ) brought up hawkeye and his relationship to his home and alcohol. as en said, "he needed gin to be home. but home, he never really wanted to be home", other than to escape the war ofc, "he wanted a home. hawkeye drank to be reminded of home, clearly he was also an alcoholic at home—martinis and gin and all sorts of cocktails would be right at home in his office—and drinking, even with the crap he made in Korea, kept him half way home. alcohol, like peg/erin was to BJ, grounded Hawkeye. it gave him something of home. and beyond that, all he had was his father, whose life was brought into question so much that i don't doubt he valued the permanence and accessibility of gin more than his father's security by the psych ward. crabapple cove seemed so bad for him, too—the small town vibes, the trauma, the reminders of a past and a future he never really wanted. one that would only lead to women like that girl he loved while studying to be a doctor, or men like bj."
(all of this is courtesy of my genius friend en, whom i love and appreciate and adore dearly ((plaginandtonically <3)), and the brilliant @thebreakfastgenie, thank you so much for letting me use your post) but anyways gwjhsjsgs i could unrelatedly go on about how interestingly and possibly different both hawkeye's and bj's home lives are compared to how they spoke of them. all thanks to en for planting such seeds in my brain and helping me flesh out thoughts. if anyone wants to talk to me about that or any sort of mash thoughts... do not be afraid <3
anyways. i have bipolar, my father most likely has it, i have friends with it too, everything i've talked about are all such bipolar traits i've observed in us, i've read about, and traits hawkeye clearly has. of course, i'm not an expert on psychology tho (i've just been obsessed with it for the past 8ish years and that's how i have any knowledge i have)
also iirc, in his autobiography (or so according to google... yk), alan alda states that his mother was schizophrenic, and experienced mania, i believe(?), so, if alda knew what mania is like, i really wonder if he purposely acted hawkeye like that. if not, literally what was he thinking. same goes for if he purposely acted hawkeye with such queer subtext, or if he only put that in there for the jokes. not very funny mr. alda... i am thinking about this too hard. i think this fandom (definitely including myself!!) does a lot of ignoring the fact that some things were only done for the joke back then, and honestly? i LOVE it. yes, please analyse and explain to me stuff about the characters that was actually just mistakes on the writers' parts or only meant to be a joke 🥴🥴🥴
if anyone wants to add on to or refute anything i've written, please feel free! after all, i am but a soon-to-be super senior in high school without a psychology degree, i wouldn't be surprised at all if i made mistakes, and definitely not if i've missed stuff. and i will add, i've also seen people explain his behaviour as being autism and adhd, which i definitely can see! my obsession with him being bipolar is very... projecting, as i said. i definitely do think he has adhd as well, and, of course he's a tv character. he's meant to be understood in different ways, in one's own way, and one's own way is usually different from other people's way. just fun analysis!
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markxdino · 10 months ago
hello hello !! i love ur writing and i’m not sure if your request are open but i’ll just leave this here. so idk how to explain this but it’s based on this phrase “it’s like you’re from a book” so the reader is like a bookworm and they love romance books and obviously, the love interest are written way better in books then real life. so one day, they realized that their enha bf is perfect like they are from a book ??? and the reader blurts out “it’s like you’re from a book” and how would enha react to that. I DONT KNOW IF THAT MADE SENSE IM SO SORRY </3
a/n: this is lowkey cute but...like...without realising...enha are already like characters from books? like dude why are they so boyfriend material???
Tumblr media
you were busy reading a romance novel
and well you've read tons of it
call yourself a romance novel expert😌
and so you were reading, enjoying the novel. you thought to yourself that 'wow, all these guys in the novels are so gentleman-like. where can I find a prince of my own'
[more of heeseung + other members below the cut]
cue heeseung walking in with his tie dye t-shirt
you looked at your book and then back to heeseung
"it's just like you're from a book." you say out loud. it was meant for you just say it in your mind but then you blurt it out so heeseung was just 🧍🏻‍♂️🧍🏻‍♂️🧍🏻‍♂️
"what did you say, babe?"
you got all embarrassed and so you just continued reading your book.
truth be told, heeseung heard you. he was just teasing you.
he himself has read romance novels once or twice so he kinda knows what you mean.
"so you're saying I'm just those guys in novels? hunky, hot and perfect?"
"yes." you blurt out. heeseung smirks. he makes his way over to your bed and grabs your book out of your hand.
"enough with the book, I wanna cuddle."
and of course, who could say no
Tumblr media
to be honest, both you and jay loved reading romance novel
it's just that it is really interesting
so if you bought a romance novel, you wouldn't be the only one reading it.
he likes to read them because well these novels are really interesting
well to him at least, he thinks he could probably use a thing or two from it so he could flirt with you or be a romantic boyfriend
it did work though but it's mostly just him who makes you flustered
you were reading another novel
and well the character reminded you sooooo much like jay so you looked up at your boyfriend who was concentrated on his own reading and back down at your book then you looked back up at jay.
"it's like you're from a novel." you say out loud. jay looks up from his book. god he looked so good barefaced with glasses.
he tilts his head.
"I'm what, love?" jay says. you blush.
"forget it." you looked back down at your book. truth be told, jay heard what you said. he looks back down at his own book and smiles to himself
'shes so cute.' jay thought
Tumblr media
romance wasn't what jake really enjoyed but rom-com with more of the comedy than romance is what jake truly likes
besides, he doesn't need to do anything romantic and you'd consider it romantic
thats the jake sim power
you read your book quietly and your boyfriend enters the room and lays his head on your lap.
"pay attention to me~~" jake whines. you were still concentrated on reading and so jake huffs.
you read one particular part of the book and that got you to say
"damn, it's like you're from the novel." it was because the character was sooo similar to jake.
"that's the first thing you say? no, hey baby let's cuddle??" jake pouts.
you chuckle
"okay fine but you smell like dog saliva. layla attacked you again?"
"attack? she gave me kisses. something you haven't done."
jake: >:(
"okay okay, I'll give you kisses but wash your face first. you smell like dog food."
"no, I want my kisses now >:("
you sighed and leaned in and gave him a kiss.
Tumblr media
please you look at your boyfriend and he is the literal definition of coming out from a novel
do you see this man??
but for the sake of the headcannon
"you're just like from the novels." you'd say as you looked at hoon.
he was eating his chicken like literally in middle of about to bite into the chicken. his hands were holding the damn fried chicken leg.
"what?" he says. you blushed.
"forget it."
"you're saying I'm the definition of perfect?"
"am I supposed to lie?"
"well..." a smirk forms on his lips. "if you think I'm perfect then...I am."
"way to be humble." 🙄✋
"hey, you said it yourself. I'm just listening to my girlfriend's words."
"just eat your damn chicken."
Tumblr media
aww sunoo would be those cute shy shy boys in novels
you know like those who are always sticking by you and giving you advices
while they suffer in the friendzone?
yeah those types of boys😔
but anyways, you were reading a novel that has that type of boy character
except that poor boy was the 2nd lead. he wouldn't get the girl of his dreams :(
you felt pity on the boy but sunoo reminded you so much of the poor boy
"it's like you're from the novel." you say.
sunoo: 🤨🤨
"babe, give me like contexts."
"well I'm reading this novel and the boy reminded me of you." you start to explain the boy's personality and what was happening to him now.
"hey, but I'm not the second lead! in fact, I should be the main character😌✨"
"you are...in our story."
sunoo: 🥺🥺
attacks you with kisses
Tumblr media
oh my god, why do I imagine jungwon being the mysterious cold guy but is actually warm hearted
it's probably cause of the picture...
yeah that's probably it
but anyways, you were reading some mystery story but then it surprisingly had quite a bit of romance to it
the main character was in a mafia boss son and the girl was part of the mafia, like one of their 'men'
"damn, the guy is just like jungwon..." you say out loud
your boyfriend was so confused
"what about the guy being like me?"
"the character is all mysterious and stuff."
"you think I'm mysterious?"
"first impression but overall...a fluffball."
jungwon: 🤨😐
"whatever you say, my love."
Tumblr media
ni-ki is a definite mischievous person but actually...he was quite the charmer too when it came to you
and coincidentally the character in your novel was like that
it was funny to read a novel that somehow had a character that has the same personality as your boyfriend
"riki riki." you poked at him. his cheeks specifically. he turns and nearly bites your finger off. "HEY MY FINGER."
he smiles, "yes baby?"
you glared at the boy but continue, "this character reminds me of you. it's like you came out of the novel."
"oh really? but isn't the real life one way better?" he says.
"hmm." you pretend to think. "guys in novels have always been better..."
"no cuddles." ni-ki huffs. you whined and throw the book onto the bed.
"I was joking!" you hugged him and he smiles before hugging you back.
"you are better than any anime waifus too." the both of you ended up cuddling on bed.
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dreamwritesimagines · a year ago
Burn The Witch 4 - Making Believe [Bucky Barnes x Reader]
A.N: Thank you so much for your wonderful support and feedback my loves ! ❤ Here’s the next chapter, I hope you like it as well and please let me know what you think! ❤ Thank you! ❤❤❤
Warnings: Enemies to lovers, fake dating, mentions of blood, sex, violence, death, manipulation, language, guns, knives.
Summary: A lot can happen in a coffee shop. 
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Considering all the missions your superiors had sent you, this wasn’t the first one to make you end up with a gunshot wound, but it was the first one that you were assigned to seduce the target and ended up with a gunshot wound as a first impression.
Now that you had met Bucky, the next step would be easier. You just hoped he wouldn’t suspect something was up like General kept warning you about, so you had to make sure to memorize every single detail of your cover story.
Instead of being a trained assassin, you were now working in a milkshake shop.
Instead of having lived there your whole life, you were now clueless about the city since you had recently moved there.
Instead of liking horror movies, you now loved rom-coms.
New identity, new apartment, new car, new everything. It was as if the real you had never existed, but none of that was your biggest issue right now.
It was your new uniform for the milkshake shop.
“Jesus Christ,” you muttered to yourself, looking in the mirror before fixing your skirt. Even after a week, you still weren’t used to wearing it, the uniform was some sort of a retro diner waitress costume with red and white stripes, cinched waist and a white apron over the short skirt. “I’m going to kill whoever picked this after I’m done with the mission.”
“Y/N?” Chloe called out from the living room, “Come on, we need to go over everything for today.”
You ran a hand over your face and walked to the living room to find your two best friends sprawling on the couch. Keith let out a laugh as soon as he saw you in that outfit, but managed to hide it by pressing his fist on his lips while Chloe kicked at his boot.
“I didn’t say anything!” He held up his hands, “Will you break my phone again if I take a picture?”
“Yeah,” you pointed at him, “I will, so don’t even.”
“We need to go over the plan,” Chloe said, “Today is the day you accidentally run into Barnes, he’ll be at that coffee shop.”
“How do you know where he will be?”
Chloe scoffed, “Hello? I’m a genius hacker?”
Keith sat up straighter, turning the pages of your file.
“Okay so,” he said, “You guys will probably make some small talk, let’s have some practice. Pretend I’m Bucky, how will you talk about yourself?”
“We don’t need to practice it, it’s not my first rodeo,” you reminded him “I got this.”
“Y/N, no offense but he isn’t some clueless civilian okay? The guy was going after targets before you or your parents were born for that matter. The tiniest mistake could tip him off.”
“He has a point.”
“Fine,” you sighed, fixing your nametag, “Let’s practice then.”
Keith took a deep breath and cleared his throat, “Look at that, we ran into each other again.”
You frowned at his deep voice, “Bucky doesn’t sound like one of those robots in the Terminator, Keith.”
“I’m in the zone, just go with it,” he said as offered you his hand, and you shook it.
“Yeah, hi again.”
“I haven’t seen you around here before.”
“Oh that’s normal, I just moved here. A month ago.”
“You just moved here?” he repeated “Really? Did you get used to the city yet?”
“A little.”
“I bet your family misses you.”
“Not really, I grew up with my grandmother. She passed away last year.”
“Any siblings?”
Keith raised his brows, “Can you be less specific?”
“You’re not acting like a civilian right now, you’re acting like a spy who has been forced to socialize and he will see right through that,” he told you. “You have to give him more details, civilians talk about themselves a lot.”
“It’s true,” Chloe said, “Once I was in this speed dating thing and just- don’t ask. They don���t stop talking about themselves.”
Keith pursed his lips only for a moment, stealing a look at Chloe before turning to you,
“Let’s try again. Any siblings?”
You rolled your eyes, “Unfortunately not. I’m an only child but when I was a kid, I kept begging my parents for a sister. My mom asked me what would happen if I got a brother, apparently I went like “but mommy, you can give him back then!””
“There we go, embarrassing childhood memories,” Keith grinned, “Good idea.”
You checked your wristwatch, “I gotta run,” you said, “You guys can see yourselves out.”
“I was actually hoping I could stay a little more,” Chloe said, “To make this place look a bit more appropriate. I suppose you’ll bring him here at some point?”
You pulled your brows together, looking around. “Yeah, so? There’s a bedroom.”
“Ever the romantic, this one,” Keith said and Chloe shook her head,
“Y/N, he needs to see something personal otherwise he might get suspicious.”
You pursed your lips, deep in thought, “You mean like sex toys?”
“Oh Jesus…”
“Contrary to popular belief, when people say they want to see something personal, they don’t refer to sex toys.” Keith stated helpfully, “That being said, we’re all screwed if you end up falling for a civilian, you have no idea how to act like one.”
“I meant personal as in stuff to make your place look more homely,” Chloe explained, “Things from your cover’s past that show him we didn’t fabricate this whole identity.”
“Even if we did,” Keith mumbled under his breath and she nodded.
“Even if we did. He needs to see something personal when he comes here, like…” she motioned at the walls, “Like your childhood pictures or your art projects from when you were seventeen.”
“I was learning how to use a pencil as a knife when I was seventeen, Chloe.”
“Exactly. Just let me handle it, I’ve been watching so many makeover shows lately.”
You shrugged your shoulders, “Knock yourself out,” you said, “I have milkshakes to fill, see you guys later.”
“Go get him tiger!”
“You got this!” Chloe called out as you walked to the door, “Just be confident and your milkshake will bring all the ex-assassins to the yard!”
You let out a small laugh, then closed the door behind you before throwing your shoulders back and going down the stairs.
Approaching the target as your training taught you had to have certain steps. You couldn’t just implant yourself in their life, you had to wait until they thought it was their choice to include you in their lives. Sometimes it took more time than you had patience for, but in the end it was worth it.
Seeing that Bucky Barnes was no civilian, every single step had to be checked twice.
Well the uniform would help the mission, at least a little.
A distracted target was a good target.
You lowered the binoculars before pushing them into your purse and fixing the apron wrapped around your waist. Bucky was sitting with Sam at the coffee shop and they seemed to be in a deep discussion, not even aware of what was going on around them. You took a deep breath and approached the door before you pushed it, then slowly made your way to the barista.
“Hi, can I get a cappuccino please? Small.” You smiled at her and went to the counter on the right to wait for your order. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Sam looking at you with a frown before saying something to Bucky, nodding in your direction. You kept your eyes on the counter, rocking back and forth on the balls of your feet before you scratched around the tape of the bandage over the bullet wound absentmindedly.
Come on…. you thought Come on, approach me already, just come here….
“Here you go, miss.”
“Thank you,” you said, taking the cup off the counter before you started pouring sugar into it just to stall, and finally heard someone clear their throat behind you.
You looked over your shoulder and turned around, your jaw dropping.
“Come on,” you let out a giggle, “Is this real?”
Bucky smiled slightly and pursed his lips together as if he wasn’t familiar with the gesture, “Uh…hi.”
“Hi!” you said, your voice way too high pitched for a moment, “Wow. We meet again, my hero.”
His smile widened and he rubbed the back of his neck, “How’s your arm?”
“Healing,” you ran a finger over the tape of the bandage, “I didn’t die, that’s something. But the doctor said that was the worst bullet wound he had ever seen in his life.”
Bucky frowned, “Wait, really?”
“No, I’m just trying to look badass,” you admitted, making him chuckle, “They didn’t even think it needed stitches.”
“Ah,” he said and motioned at your uniform, “So you’re a…?”
You scrunched up your nose in what you hoped to be a cute manner and shot him an abashed look, “I know. I thought the exact same thing when I first saw myself in it.”
“I doubt that,” he mumbled more to himself and you tilted your head, batting your lashes.
“Nothing,” he said quickly, “So the uniform?”
“I work at this milkshake shop just around the corner,” you said, “Apparently retro shops are popular nowadays. It’s supposed to look like this pin up style— can you tell me what’s wrong with the dress so that I can tell the owner what a ridiculous idea it is?”
He opened his mouth and closed it again, looking you up and down, “I don’t- it’s-“ he stammered “You know, it was such a long time ago. I think it looks perfectly fine.”
“Does it?”
You grinned at him, “Well in any case, you should drop by sometime. Milkshakes are better than the uniform, I promise.”
You nodded, “Yeah! I would’ve invited you sooner but by the time I was done at the hospital you had already left, and they also told me you paid for the whole thing and the taxi, so…”
“Don’t worry about it,” he waved a hand, “It’s nothing.”
You bit down on your lip, “If you don’t mind me asking,” you said softly, “Why did you leave in a hurry? I mean obviously you didn’t have to stay, I’m sure you’re very busy and—“
“No no, it’s nothing like that,” Bucky cut you off, “I just didn’t want you to think you owed me anything, that’s all.”
“Huh,” you clicked your tongue, “I see. I was wondering what the catch was, didn’t have to wait that long. That’s good to know.”
He raised his brows, amused for some reason, “What’s the catch?”
“You’re too much of a gentleman.”
“Is that a bad thing?”
“Not really,” you taunted him “Just unfamiliar.”  
His gaze lingered on you as you took a sip of your coffee, keeping your eyes on him.
“I hope you got home safe though,” he said after a beat and you thought for a moment.
“I did, and now I know to stay away from dark alleys in New York,” you said, “Lesson learned I’d say.”
“You’re not from around here?”
“I- no, I actually moved here just a month ago,” you said, “I grew up in a small town, we didn’t really have robbers or anything. And I managed to get mugged within the first thirty days in a big city. A true New York experience, I feel like I belong here already.”
“Your folks must be losing their minds if you attract trouble that fast in the city.”
“No one is losing their minds, it’s just me,” you said and when you saw his quizzical glances, you felt the need to explain. “I grew up with my grandma and I lost her a year ago, so…”
“I’m sorry.”
“Ah it’s okay,” you said, “She wouldn’t want me to live in sadness, she told me that herself. You can’t focus on what ifs, you know? We just decide what to do with the time left for us and that’s it. Past would drive all of us crazy otherwise.”
He looked almost surprised at your take on loss and when you saw the soft light in his eyes, you knew you had just hit jackpot.
“You’re a glass half full kind of person, huh?”
Nope, I’m more of a “use the glass as a weapon” kind of person.
“Yeah,” you said, “There are enough pessimists in the world, and they don’t need me within their ranks. No one really did anything nice by thinking the worst anyways.”
“Oh you were definitely not raised here.”
Your jaw dropped, “You know what Mr. Barnes, I’d take that as an offense but lucky for you, you saved me the other day, so I’ll let that slide.”
“Mm hm,” He looked like he was struggling with himself not to laugh, “Lucky me.”
You narrowed your eyes at him playfully, then checked your wristwatch.
“I should probably go, my boss cares a lot about punctuality,” you said, “But is it okay if I gave you my number?”
He stared at you for a couple of seconds as if he couldn’t believe you.
“Wait- really?”
“I mean I was going to wait until you asked me, but apparently you’re too much of a gentleman,” you joked as he hastily grabbed his phone from his pocket and handed it to you. You typed in your number, then saved it.
Y/N (The Milkshake Girl)
Bucky tilted his head, his brows furrowed, “What, you didn’t think I’d recognize your name?”
“Well it’s better to be safe than sorry,” you joked, “Besides you should really come by sometime. We have the best chocolate milkshakes. It’s on the house.”
He smiled, “I will.”
You took a step, then held your breath and turned around as if you had just remembered something.
As if it wasn’t all practiced.
“But not after 4 on Mondays and Wednesdays,” you said, “I volunteer at the soup kitchen then.”
That light in his eyes was almost gentle, as if he was worried he could hurt you just by looking at you, but couldn’t stop himself from doing so.
“I’ll see you not after 4 on Mondays and Wednesdays then,” he said and you giggled, then turned around and walked to the door. Sam was watching you with a small, proud grin on his lips so you waved at him and left the coffee shop, still holding the warm cup tightly in your hand.
As soon as you were sure you were out of their sight, you dropped the smile, exhaled a relaxed breathe and grabbed your phone to touch the contact on the screen.
“I’m sorry, our delivery service is down right now,” the voice said and you scratched around the tape on your arm before telling her the code;
“That’s okay, I can wait until the rain stops.”
There was a click on the other line and soon enough you heard the assistant’s voice.
“This is Shrike, put me through the General.”
“Of course, a second please,” she said and you tossed the cup into the garbage can, then General’s voice reached you.
“Sir, I just called to inform you that I’ve contacted the target for the second time,” you said, “Everything is going according to plan, my report will be on your desk by tonight.”
“He didn’t suspect anything?”
“No sir.”
“Okay,” he said, “Don’t move too fast, alright? We don’t want to spook him.”
“Of course.”
“And Shrike?” he said, “Good job.”
A smile lit up your face, “Thank you sir,” you said and hung up, closing your eyes and leaning back to the wall.
“Okay,” you whispered to yourself, “You got this, he’s just another target. Let the games begin.”
Chapter 5
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liittleromance · 7 months ago
a new enstars writing blog 🫂 may i request for tsukasa and koga hcs comforting their fem s/o who has been having bad days back to back? in need of comfort rn since i’ve been having bad days lately :( thank you in advance! i’d love to be 🌷 anon~
A/N: Of course!! I hope you’re feeling better by the time this posts🌷 anon and hopefully this can help too!! I wasn’t able to fit much in specifically for fem s/o aside for the word girlfriend but I hope that’s okay ^^
Tumblr media Tumblr media
°𐐂𐐚° The #1 thing Tsukasa would want you to know always, is you can rely on him for anything. Please come to him for any help you might need or any problem you have. Even if he has no idea how to help, which may often be the case, he wants to be there for you. He’s your knight after all.
°𐐂𐐚° He’d hold your hands while listening to you talk, if you wanted to. You can tell him all about your struggles or difficulties the past few days. Vent all you’d like, he’s here to listen with no judgement. He may interrupt at times to express ideas to fix problems or anger with whatever has upset you, which can be comforting or amusing! But if you’d prefer he didn’t all it takes is a gentle reminder or even just a look and he’ll do his best to stay quiet.
°𐐂𐐚° Either when you’re done talking or if you don’t want to talk, he’ll do his best to help you calm down and reassure you. He loves you so so much, it makes him sad to see the world be so unkind to you. He’ll offer a lot of comforting words and gentle praise, and of course promises to protect you and be there for you. He might normally be incredibly flustered and awkward with physical affection, but it’s easier when he’s distracted with helping you. He’ll run a hand through your hair gently or hold your face, and help wipe any tears away if you cry. If you’re still majorly overwhelmed or upset, he’ll hold you close and sing to you for awhile until some of the stress dies down. He’s a very passionate idol already, but he puts more emphasis in a lot of Knights’ sweet lyrics when they’re for you.
°𐐂𐐚° When things are a bit more calm he’ll be willing to, briefly, leave your side for the greater good of cheering you up. Tsukasa is an expert in snacks, according to himself at least. He’ll know your favorites and least favorites and gather treats and drinks to help cheer you up! If you like sweets, you’re especially in luck! He... might bring far far too many for even the both of you if you insist he has some too. If sweets aren’t your thing he’ll supply whatever you like, but slip a few in there still that he especially enjoys and thinks would help.
°𐐂𐐚° Of course that is simply just for cheering you up in the moment! Worry not your knight has many more plans! Perhaps you could go out somewhere together, somewhere fun or somewhere relaxing. It’s all up to you. He’ll stay by your side the rest of the day to make sure he puts an end to this streak of bad days! Naturally even after that he’ll fret a bit. He tries not to always worry so much unless it’s necessary but, forgive him for being a bit extra concerned and protective for the next couple days until everything is normal. He may offer some extra surprise gifts to cheer you up more too! He’ll try not to go overboard this time he promises!
Tumblr media
°𐐂𐐚° Did someone hurt you? Bother you? He’ll talk to them for you. That’s his first instinct, ready to lash out if someone’s to blame for you being sad. If someone is he’d love to have a chat with them. And he’ll try not to get violent, probably. It’s bad for his reputation as an idol or whatever but he’s ready to scare anyone who’s bothering you off. And if you’d prefer he not all it takes is an earnest request and he’ll listen. Or if it’s not a person and instead anything physical, he might still offer to give it a good kick for you
°𐐂𐐚° If it’s not something he could direct anger at, he gets a bit awkward. He’s not very good with emotional stuff or comfort. He tries his best for you of course, cause he cares about you a lot. Even if it’s hard for him to even say that. But he can listen to you vent. He’ll offer headpats too, playfully ruffling your hair in an attempt to get you to laugh. If you need to cry he’ll be a bit tense but hold onto you still, he gets it sometimes you gotta let it all out ya’know?
°𐐂𐐚° When you’re feeling a bit calm, his best comfort methods are distractions. Do you wanna... um... no he’s got this don’t worry- Talk about things? Interested in Undead stuff? Or he could play the guitar for you? Play a game maybe? Just, tell him honestly whatever you want to do that’d help you feel better he’ll do it. If this has happened before he might have an idea of a go to distraction or comfort activity though! He remembers important stuff about you.
°𐐂𐐚° If you’re an animal person, he’ll try to use Leon to help. The little guy is better at comfort than him and who can resist the fluffy pup? Koga likes spending time just you two and Leon too. It’s a bit- okay really embarrassing for him but it kinda feels like a family. Plus Leon can make sure you’re not lonely while he does stuff like cooking. He’d like cooking for you anytime but if you’re sad then some nice homemade food should help! He’ll have done his best before this to learn how to make your favorites or at least something you like don’t worry. Only the best for you.
°𐐂𐐚° Please don’t call him out if you catch him on his phone asking his unitmates for advice. He’s still new to all this after all! Though any advice he does get only makes him embarrassed or angry, obviously he doesn’t need Kaoru to tell him how to comfort his girlfriend! Except he kind of does. Only kind of! He gets a bit huffy over it all sometimes, he just wants to be the best boyfriend for you really. And that means being there when you need him. He ain’t no knight or superhero, but a wolf can protect ya too yeah?
°𐐂𐐚° It’s likely you’ll end up having spent the day together, ending up a bit tired emotionally, both of you. So he doesn’t have the energy to get too flustered and defensive as he holds you close. He’ll mess with your hands a bit, he gets distracted easily especially cause he loves you so much. But as exhaustion over comes you both, you can hear him softly tell you, “Come to me sooner next time idiot, ya don’t gotta with it alone.” He cares for you, he wants to be someone you can rely on always.
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bard-llama · 4 months ago
Arizona Public Education’s Final Days If Repubs Have Their Way
No seriously, Republicans in the state of Arizona have been chipping away at public education for the past 30 years and they may finally have found the final nail in the coffin. We have a crisis right now and there are exactly 13 days left to solve it and ONLY the state legislature can do it. So far, they’ve done relatively little to even acknowledge the problem. 
What’s the issue? Well, first some context. Arizona is 51st in the country in teacher pay, per pupil spending, education quality, and most other metrics. We’ve been in a race to the bottom for a long time now and while that’s been going on, certain members of the state legislature have taken the opportunity to buy up charter and private school networks and introduce voucher programs, which essentially take public funds and allow them to be applied towards private and charter schools. Yeah, those same schools that the representatives own. No conflict of interest there. So over the past 30 years, we’ve been cutting public education again and again and again while slowly growing private and charter education networks - with NO oversight. Literally, charter schools in AZ can teach whatever they want and there is 0 approval process their curriculum has to go through. Some of them are good. Some of them teach that Jesus walked on the moon. The point is, they are not a REPLACEMENT for public schools! (Yes, some charters are public in that they receive public funds. It’s complicated. For the purposes of the bill this current crisis is all about, they are not considered public schools because the bill was written in 1980 and charter schools didn’t exist yet.)
This specific bill is from 1980, as I said, and it puts a limit on spending based on the 1980s economy. The bill barely accounts for inflation and increase in student population and is therefore way low and requires AZ public schools to underbudget for things like technology - which we all know has increased a LOT in price since the 1980s! What this limit means is that $1.2 billion that is already being collected cannot be touched. As in, if the schools spent the money they have been given, they would be breaking the law. Instead, that’s $1.2 billion that has to be cut from the budget somewhere across AZ public schools. Now, some schools will be okay. Some school districts in more populous and wealthy areas will get by all right. But schools in poor areas? In rural areas? In tribal areas? It’s estimated that 1/3 of those schools will close for Q4 of 2022 if this isn’t resolved and that 1/2 of all staff will be laid off. These are teachers and administrators who are already paid absolutely nothing, and they’ll lose even that. Half of them. Meanwhile, our students have already had so much learning loss from covid, and now their schools may be entirely shutting down? What the fuck does that mean for their futures?
Because of the way the bill works, this can ONLY be fixed by the state legislature before March 1, 2022. As in, no one else has the power to overturn this budget limit - not Congress, not the Governor (not that he would), not the Superintendent of Public Instruction (she would), no one. It has to be the legislature because it’s a former budget bill. 
So what can be done?
Call AZ State Reps and ask them to: 1) Pass a 1 year waiver of the spending limit 2) Put the spending limit to a referendum and allow voters to repeal it
Senate President: Karen Fann 602-926-5874, [email protected]  House Speaker: Rusty Bowers 602-926-3128, [email protected]  Member roster of other representatives
Articles and more info under cut
Tumblr media
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parkers-gal · a year ago
Being tom’s costar & him setting you up with his brother, Harry. Maybe reader keeps saying no because she thinks Tom is asking her out
combined with another request (hope you don’t mind)
Reader is dating Harry & Nikki like doesn’t her because she’s tom’s love interest in a movie. Harry & Tom defend reader
wc: a fat 3k (sorry lmfao took this too far)
When you were first called in for a dry run through of a script that would later be your next movie, you didn’t expect Marvel’s very own Spider-man to be there too. Of course, he didn’t expect you there either, but you were still pleasantly surprised that the director had called in for willing or suggested actors. 
The two of you immediately hit it off, clicking on screen and off screen. And though you were playing lovers in front of the camera, your relationship with Tom was strictly platonic — and you were glad he was on the same page. 
That didn’t, however, mean Tom wasn’t completely involved with your love life. After returning to your trailer directly after a date, Tom was waiting for you — and wondering where the hell you’d been. You confessed you’d gone out with someone, but the date wasn’t smooth and they weren’t your type at all. The date went pretty badly, and Tom pointed out later. Ever since then, he’d ask you if you were going on another date. 
It had been a month and a half since then, and though you were ready for a relationship mentally, you knew it might be hard with all the press you and Tom would be doing around the world. You weren’t sure why you would be going on tour, though — it was a recreation of Sandra Bullock’s film While You Were Sleeping. Tom and you were popular enough as it was — a tour simply didn’t seem necessary. But, alas, you complied with your manager’s advice. 
“Sooo…” Tom followed you into your trailer. It was around eight o’clock, and he was using the voice he used whenever he wanted something from you. “Are you seeing anybody?”
It had been about two weeks since the last time he’d asked, and you were already rolling your eyes. “No, Tom. I’m not interested in whatever offer you’re about to make.”
“But Y/N!” He whined, pouting. “I know somebody who’s perfect for you!”
“As perfect for me as Andrew from the Uncharted crew?” You raise a brow, setting your purse down while Tom huffs. 
“He wasn’t that bad! How was I supposed to know that he doesn’t wash his beard?” “That seems like common knowledge to me, Tom!” You’re trying not to laugh at the ridiculousness of the conversation. “I could smell it from across the table!”
“Alright, alright.” Tom winces at the details. “I’m sorry about that one. But this time, I’m sure of it.”
“I swear to god if you pull some weird cliche shit and say yourself, I’m going to kick you out of my trailer.” You deadpan, pouring yourself from coffee from the brewer he’d just used while you were out. 
“It’s not me, Y/N/N.”
“Yeah, but you keep giving me dates with people that aren’t my type and then saying you have someone better. What if you’re buttering me up?” You smirk from behind the mug, sipping it smoothly. He rolls his eyes, but blushes nonetheless. 
“It’s not me.”
“Whatever you say, Spidey.”
He rolls his eyes again, sighing dramatically before heading towards the door. “See you tomorrow.”
“For what? Our date?”
“Quit teasing me!” He spins around, body halfway out the trailer entrance. “I meant ‘I’ll see you on set.’” You laugh wholeheartedly, waving to the brunette as he leaves you alone for the night. When you awake, you’re due early for a shower and straight to hair and makeup. You’re not sure why your character always wakes up so damn early just to work in a train station, but you comply with the director. 
“G’morning.” You greet the assistant director with a smile, bagel in one hand and your script in the other. 
“Morning,” He smiles before offering you some coffee. “Coffee?”
“Please?” You smile wider at the mention of the beverage, internally cheering as he makes your order — he’s memorized all of the crew’s by now, and it’s truly astonishing. You take up a conversation with him while you wait for your day to begin. 
Tom comes in through the double doors, spotting you immediately — with another boy. He races over as quickly as he can manage with his tired body and with what’s left of his dignity. He doesn’t want to seem too eager, but he really thinks he’s found a promising boyfriend for you. 
“Hey, Y/N.” He greets before his jaw clenches subtly. “Morning Conor.” 
Conor nods at him before pouring another cup of coffee for the Brit. You’re rolling your eyes at Tom — you know him well enough to know when he’s feeling anything but positively. 
“Excuse us,” You smile apologetically at Conor. “I have a part of the script I’d like to talk to Tom about before we start.” Conor nods understandingly, and you pull Tom aside, walking behind the sets while you angrily sip your coffee. “Y’know, you don’t have to be so dry to the crew that happens to talk to me.”
“I wasn’t dry!” Tom defends, shoving his free hand in his jacket pocket. 
“Then what do you call that?” You gesture behind you with the roll of your eyes. “I thought we were on the same page about our relationship, here. I don’t like you in a romantical way, and I’d prefer it if you’d keep that base of our relationship out of work.”
“Y/N, Y/N.” He’s wide eyed, hands gesturing for you to slow down and listen to him. “I don’t like you in that way. I just… think I know somebody who you’ll really get along with.”
You groan. “Tom, you’re a shit matchmaker. Y’know that?” He gasps at your response, feigning offense. “Look, I’m being real with you! Nobody you’ve set me up with has lasted more than a week. You suck at this job, Cupid.”
Tom rolls his eyes but stops you from walking any further, grasping your arm to turn you in his exact direction. “Look, just trust me on this one?”
You ponder the idea almost with your body, head tilting in unsureness. “I don’t know…”
“Please,” He’s practically whining now. “Please, just… one more date?”
“Fine.” “Yay.” He smiles in victory just as the two of you are called back onto set. With heavy feet, you drag yourself to set, but this time, you can’t help but feel a little hopeful. Don’t fuck this up, Cupid.
You’d wrapped up filming last week, and the director’s were quite positive you wouldn’t need to come back in later for reshoots. So, you were flying out of Chicago and down to Atlanta with Tom for the weekend. He was going to “introduce you to his next option.” You still didn’t trust him, but you didn’t have any immediate projects, so you agreed anyways.
Tom was due to start filming Spider-man 3 on the upcoming Monday, so you knew you’d be going to the airport alone on your last night — that is, if things didn’t work out with this new date. 
After receiving a text from Tom to be ready by eight o’clock, you’d showered and done your makeup. Settling on an outfit wasn’t as difficult because you had only what you brought with you. You were driving down to Tom’s rental home — apparently Marvel Studios always rented him that one — by seven forty-five. You were driving a rental car, and you mentally kicked yourself for not bringing a jacket in the middle of winter. 
Parking in the open driveway, you rang the doorbell. Tom swung the door open, hair slicked back and trousers fitted nicely. You rolled your eyes with a groan, and before Tom could even greet you, you complained. 
“Tom, I told you I’m not going on a fucking date with you- please ju-”
“No, no, no, love.” He laughed. “C’mon in, it’s game night with me and the boys. Your boy is inside waiting for you.”
You looked at him skeptically before walking up the steps and through the door. Tom led you through a rather modern-looking house, through an extremely large kitchen and into a back den room with a poker table. You rolled your eyes, but your facade dropped in the immediate moment where all eyes turned to you. 
“Guys, this is Y/N, my co-star in that rom-com we just wrapped.” You saw Zendaya smile and wave, Jacob greeting you with a cheerful “hi!” and then you saw a freckled boy with red hair and immediately felt butterflies tickle your stomach. “Y/N, this is Harry. The guy I told you about.”
You wanted to curse at Tom for practically keeping this guy a secret. You wanted to curse him for setting you up with all those other tramps instead of this gorgeous boy right here. You wanted to curse at Tom for-
“This is my brother, Harry. Harry, this is Y/N, the girl I told you about.”
Your eyes nearly bugged out at his words, for reasons being that this “Harry” is his brother and that he’s talked about you to him. Keep your cool, Y/N.
“Uh, hi.” You nervously laugh, stepping forward to shake his hand. Harry smirks at you, hand reaching up as his lanky fingers make contact with yours, shaking from his seat without even standing. 
“Hey.” His voice is deeper than Tom’s and it catches you by surprise. Tom had told you about his three younger brothers, but he never mentioned specific details like the ones you’re noticing now. 
“Right then,” Tom clasps his hands together. “Y/N, you can share the seat with Harry while I get the drinks.”
You nod and try not to come off as too flustered, heart pounding against your chest, palms sweating. They’ve pulled up a loveseat to the poker table, suitable for two people, or two lovers. You wince at your own self, wanting to kick yourself again. But you don’t, instead sliding in next to Harry. He smiles, removing the toothpick that was sitting on the side of his mouth, sticking out like a truck driver. He throws it, and it lands directly into the garbage bin. You bite your lip and begin the game. 
You end up staying in Atlanta for a lot longer than your two-day trip for the weekend. You’re there for a total of four weeks, and you’ve spent practically every hour with Harry. You were in a hotel for the first four and a half days before Tom had groaned at you leaving at one in the morning again, telling you to stay in Harry’s room and stop wasting your money on lousy hotels. The proposition made you giddy inside (and nervous, but they didn’t need to know that), and when Harry smirked at the idea, encouraging it too, you agreed.
So, you spent practically four weeks in Harry’s room, giggling at jokes and cuddling and watching movies and taking pictures. He’d taken you to set too, showing you around, talking nonstop about his cameras and their many different lenses. 
The Spider-man crew was dispersing for a two week break, and Harry had already decided that you were going with him and Tom back to London. 
“Love, are you ready?” Harry called for you from the bathroom connected to his bedroom. You shouted back your reply, zipping up your final suitcase while he walked back into the room. 
You knew that after your trip to London, Harry would have to go back to work and you’d have to go home before starting your next project. But you didn’t care — the two of you had already discussed long distance relationships before confirming yours; you could make it work. 
You would land in London by your two-month mark, you realized with a smile. Harry gave you a forehead kiss before talking both of your suitcases downstairs to the car. You grabbed the duffel bags and followed him out of the room where it all began. 
The flight was exhausting but nostalgic in a weird sense. You spent the latter half of it curled up into Harry’s side, asleep or watching a movie. When you finally boarded off the aircraft, you went straight to Harry’s flat without protest. Normally, you’d fight about checking into a hotel so you wouldn’t catch anyone unprepared, but you were too tired to care. 
Now, it’s been a day since your flight and you’ve promised Harry — and Tom — that you’ll go with him to their parents’ house for some lunch. You admit that you’re nervous and that it’s probably too soon to be meeting parents, but you pay no mind as you’re entering Holland's childhood home. 
“Mum!” Sam, Harry’s twin who you’ve just been introduced to, yells out. “They’re here!”
You hear excited squeals as Sam leads the three of you through and into the kitchen. Nikki’s back is turned when you enter, but she excitedly turns around to greet her sons. She’s taken off-guard at the sight of you next to Harry, but still leans in to tightly hug her sons, who she hasn’t seen in quite awhile. 
“And who’s this?” She inquires, gesturing in your direction. You’re a little taken aback at how unwelcoming she seems to be acting, but you shake it off as nerves. 
“Mum,” Harry smiles, a hand on the small of your back, nudging you a little closer to him and his mother. “This is Y/N, my girlfriend.”
The whisk in her hand seems to stop mixing the recipe in the bowl. Your smile falters slightly, but Tom fills the silence at Nikki’s ajar mouth. 
“Mum, she’s- uh, she’s my co-star in that rom-com I got casted for. Remember?”
“Oh,” She smiles a tight-lipped one, and you can tell it’s forced and fake. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Nikki.” She wipes a hand off on her apron before extending it for you to shake. You accept the offer with a hesitant but genuine smile. 
“It’s nice to meet you, too.” She hums but doesn’t respond, instead turning her attention to Tom. You make eye contact with Harry worriedly, and he shakes his head, bewildered. He kisses your temple before sending you in to meet Paddy and talk to Sam — somebody who actually welcomed you. 
The day goes on like this, and though the tension is most obviously present, you don’t touch the subject, knowing it’s not your place or your home, especially since you came almost unannounced. You don’t want to be angry with a woman you barely know, so you try not to mirror her feelings.
“So, Y/N,” She directs her attention to you for the first time all day. You look up from your intertwined hands with a smile. 
“Did you just decide Tom wasn’t good enough based on his character and then move on to my next son?”
You’re shocked, mouth ajar as you blink. “W- what?”
“Tom told me about how many ‘date failures’ you had until you finally settled on Harry.”
You want to curse at Harry for offering to refill your drink, and you want to curse at Tom for spilling the secrets of your dating life. “I- I didn’t settle for anyone.”
“That’s not what my son says.”
Just then, both boys walk in together, laughing in conversation about something. You’re already crying, but the minute the door opens you stand abruptly, nearly knocking Harry off his feet. 
He laughs at you, “Love? What’s u-” But he’s cut short when he notices your red eyes and fresh tears. He sets the glasses down, wiping your cheeks and grabbing both of your hands. “What happened? Hm?” He’s shushing you, trying his best to calm you down. “C’mon, angel. Tell me.” 
“Your- your mom just said a few things.”
Harry’s eyebrows furrows, and so do Tom’s. They turn to look at the woman in the chair skeptically, questions flying out immediately. 
“Mum? What did you say to her?” 
You excuse yourself, not wanting to be a part of the conversation just yet. You run off to the bathroom to freshen up while Harry and Tom talk to Nikki. 
“Harry, I’m just being a protective mother, okay? I didn’t say anything that bad.” 
“Mum, you made her fucking cry.” Harry’s fuming, nostrils flaring while he glares at his mom. 
“Don’t talk that way with me.” She points her finger at her son. “That girl is no good for you.”
“Mum, I introduced them.” Tom says. “I know her; she is good.”
“Not if she has to settle for Harry.” She clicks her tongue. “I remember all those dates you told me she went on, Tom.” She sighs while he scoffs. “Anyone that tries that hard to find a boyfriend is out for other things.”
“That’s bullshit.” Harry interjects. “She’s an actress, of course dating is hard.”
Nikki purses her lips but doesn’t reply. 
“Mum, she’s crying.” Tom says softly, seemingly trying a different approach. “You haven’t talked to her at all, today. I think you shouldn’t have judged her too quickly.”
“Apologize.” Harry says finally before standing up. “Apologize or we’re leaving.” He walks out of the room, heading to the bathroom where you’re hidden away, sitting on the toilet while you catch your breath. He knocks, coming in with your permission. 
He pouts when he sees your tear-stained face, face puffy and eyes red while you sniffle. 
“‘M sorry.” You grumble the words while he kneels in front of you. 
“What’re you sorry for, baby?”
“For causing all this drama.”
“Hey, hey,” His thumb rubs across your knuckles. “You didn’t do anything wrong. She had no right to say those things to you.” You look at him as he finishes, engulfing him quickly, crying into his shoulder while he catches you with his arms, holding you against his chest lovingly. After a few minutes, there’s a knock at the door, and Tom’s voice rings through. 
“Mum says she wants to talk to you guys.”
Harry makes eye contact with you apologetically, thumb still moving across the skin of your hand. 
“Well,” he stands tall. “Shall we?” You wipe your cheeks one final time before standing with him, taking the hand he offered you as you head for the bathroom door. 
“Guess there’s no avoiding this part if she’s going to be my future mother-in-law.” 
Harry sucks in a breath, and as you make eye contact with a smirk, there’s a glint in his eyes that acknowledges that you’re feeling better. He smirks back, opening the door for you as you head back into the living room. 
Keep your cool, Y/N. You inhale a deep breath, emerging into the room. Keep your cool. 
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maddieinwonder · a year ago
A Lesson In Romance #1: Meet-Cutes
Spencer Reid x Fem!BAU!Reader
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1.1k
Plot: Reader keeps getting caught in rom-com situations with Spencer Reid. This time, they meet in a coffee shop.
A/N: Succumbed to my own desire to write a really long blurb-ish series. Emphasis on ish. Heavily heavily heavily inspired by Joselyn's if criminal minds was a rom com series on tiktok. Sometimes I just go back to rewatch them because they give me so much serotonin.
Masterlist | All chapters here!
It wasn't that you didn't believe in romance, you were simply a sceptic. A critic of love, if you will. Unlike your peers who fell in love swiftly and fully, you never believed in the grandiosity of love at first sight nor the sordid exchange of pick-up lines. You certainly never tried online dating, and believed even less in destiny and soulmates.
So could somebody explain to you why you were touching hands with a cute stranger who was stealing your coffee order?
You turned to shoot him an accusatory glance, but he was staring back at you with a similar frown across his face. "Ok, this has got to be a misunderstanding," you let go of the cup first, trying to make peace. "She just called out my coffee order."
"She called mine too." He insisted, but still mirrored your action as a peace offering. He pulled back his hands to wring the straps of his messenger bag instead. It was then that you noticed his curly brown hair, the type that looked messy no matter what you did with it.
"Alright, before I pull out the fists,” you joked, “there is an easy way to solve this." You flashed him a small smile, moving to grab the cup and turning it around to reveal... not your name.
You stared at the cup in your hand, frowning. You swore she called your order, but it seemed like the stranger was right: somebody else in the world shared your extremely specific, sickly sweet order of coffee.
"I guess I win," he said matter-of-factly, and you couldn't help but smile as you handed him his rightful prize.
"I suppose you do," you laughed, sticking your hand out to introduce yourself, but he kept a distance and raised his hand in greeting instead.
"My name is Dr. Spencer Reid. Uh, you can call me Spencer." He blurted out.
From that simple interaction, you noted that he was probably a little germaphobic, definitely awkward around crowds. His body visibly stiffened as a fresh wave of customers entered the coffee shop, but he wasn’t rude enough to leave mid-conversation.
Then you heard your order being called out. This time, you double checked that it had your name on it before turning back to the weird stranger you just met.
"I guess we're both winners now," you grinned, raising your cup in victory. "Do you wanna get out of here?"
Spencer choked on his drink and you immediately got the mixed signal, hastily correcting yourself. "I mean, like, just leave here. The shop, I mean, I didn't mean it sexually at all. I hope you didn't—"
"Yeah, let's." He cut in mid-sentence, signing his agreement by starting to move towards the cafe entrance.
You realised then that he was tall. More than one head taller than you, easily. For some reason, you couldn’t tear your eyes away from the back of his head until you exited the building into the windy, exhaust-polluted air of Quantico, Virginia.
The street had much fewer people and you noticed his stance relax immediately. For the first time, he looked into your eyes without wavering.
Your heart skipped a beat at the eye contact, and you felt something you hadn’t felt in years, maybe over a decade. But you quickly squashed the emotion, knowing that there was someplace far more important you needed to be right now.
“Sorry about earlier, um, I really need to go.” You began excusing yourself.
"Oh, no, no, I'm sorry for holding you up. You should go." He said, breaking his gaze to glance down at his shoes.
"Sorry again, and uh, it was nice meeting you, Spencer." You flashed him one final smile before run-walking to your next stop.
In hindsight, you should have known that you would see him again. The odds of meeting somebody that attractive with the exact same coffee order as you at the coffee shop near your place of work was so low, that the entire combination of events was a probability miracle.
But you didn't believe in destiny, so you kept walking.
It turned out that your brain, even under the threat of unwanted emotions, had impeccable timing because you arrived at the FBI compound exactly on time, not a minute too early or late.
The lift doors to the Behavioural Analysis Unit opened to a bustling crowd, and you briefly wondered what time these people woke up every morning, and where you could get the kind of caffeine they were on. That's when you spotted the person you were here to meet.
"Agent Hotchner," you greeted, sticking out your hand for the second time that morning.
"Nice to see you again," he replied, shaking your hand. His expression was serious, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from a BAU agent. His team was renowned around the country for their ability to solve cases that everyone else deemed impossible.
Last month, when you received a job offer to join said team, you had almost squealed with glee — and now that you were officially done with your previous job, you couldn't wait to jump right into the BAU and help fight some of the evil in this world.
Amid your excitement, you vaguely registered the lift dinging behind you, as Agent Hotchner's eyes glanced to the side. "I see you've already met Dr. Reid?"
You head whipped around to see none other than the man you met that morning, looking as shocked to see you as you were to see him. He was wearing FBI credentials, specifically BAU credentials, that weren't there before.
"Yes, uh, we met briefly this morning." A light blush dusted your cheeks.
"Good. I'll introduce you to the rest shortly, but I have some paperwork I’d like you to sign first. Would you mind following me to my office?"
"No, sir. Definitely." You replied.
"Just Hotch is fine." He said, already walking towards his office.
"Hotch. Of course." You said, following behind him while you suppressed the urge to scream.
Meanwhile, if you had glanced backward for even a moment, you would have seen that Spencer shared your sentiment. Except, anybody passing by could see it too.
His pale skin had turned an uncharacteristically bright red, and he remained rooted in place as his gaze followed your movements until you were completely out of sight. Only then, the breath returned to his body and his expression transformed into a look of distress.
Spencer Reid had a crush and he had no idea what to do about it.
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vidavalor · 11 months ago
Mobius' backstory delay = a really good sign for Lokius
The writers didn't just pull showing us Mobius' family from S1-- they likely shifted all the storytelling they wanted to do with that family onto the Other!Mobius we just met at the end of the S1 finale...
...and all of that is very, very good for Lokius.
How, you ask?
Consider that the one big difference from the Other!TVA to the one where we spent the rest of S1 is that they all know that a variant of He Who Remains runs the show. That heavily implies that none of the Other!TVA agents, including Mobius, are kidnapped variants. They all *just work there*. It's a regular, bureaucratic 9-5 job. No need to kidnap & brainwash people in this timeline: people are just recruited & work of their own free will. They have choices and their own lives. They go home at night when their shifts are over. Some of them likely have families. If you think the show just kicked Loki in the teeth over him realizing that he's in another timeline and this Mobius isn't his Mobius, wait until he meets this Mobius' *goddamned perfect, totally sweet, equally cinnamon-roll-y f*cking romantic partner*...
Other!Mobius: Oh, Agent Loki! I don't think you've met my other half yet. Honey, meet my new partner on the time force.
Ben Stiller (lol): So, you're the guy my husband can't stop talking about!
Loki: *dying a slow death inside* Ah, I do believe I hear B-15... Barbara... whatever her name is... summoning me for ah, some very important reason!... lovely to meet you!...
Y'all, Our Loki is going to have spent time during S2 in an alternate timeline where Mobius has a sweet guy and maybe a jet ski and probably a dog and maybe possibly a kid and definitely all the free will he can imagine and will be a lovely guy as all Mobi fundamentally are but won't be *Loki's* Mobius and won't have the experiences specifically that Loki's Mobius has that specifically make him the man who he is, who is also the man that Loki loves. All the boldly gluttonous amount of angst that the show wants to play with by giving Mobius a family around Loki just as Loki is realizing he wants to be Mobius' family is now something I'd be willing to bet they're doing with Other!Mobius in S2... for the express purpose of pushing Loki into action when he reunites with his Mobius.
The show spent time in S1 setting up the idea of Mobius regaining his memories and even had space to explore that in. I predict it was a consideration for Episode 5, when they all spent some time chilling in The Void and there was a strong theme in that episode in particular surrounding family and found family. Could they have had Mobius get his memories back and given him a family and would there still have been hope for Lokius? Of course. Mobius was almost certainly a younger adult in the 1990s, which means giving him a family without an express ability to get back to that family without, y'know, destroying the fabric of time (at least at this point in time) would have resulted in a really good, angsty plot. Or, hell, he could have *had* a family and might have even if we see his memories at some point. Maybe that husband from the other universe that Loki theorizes could be the love of Mobius' life in every universe? Maybe Loki's theory isn't wrong. He could enchant Mobius and we find out that the partner died or something. Ben Stiller could well be an universal constant, y'all, and even that might not even destroy Lokius. That's just truth.*
The point of doing anything with Mobius' various backstories on the show is going to be to advance Loki and Mobius' relationship in the present and that's going to be true even if these stupid time agent idiots don't just kiss at some point. It's true of their friendship as well as any potential romance. I think that learning what Other!Mobius' life is like in the other universe is going to lead Loki to continue to act very selflessly when it comes to his Mobius' happiness when they reunite (continuing off of having told him he was a variant in the first place in S1) and to make sure that he knows about IGiveUpOnCallingTheHusbandAnythingButBenStiller in the other universe. Loki will offer to enchant Mobius' memories back to try to reunite him with this potential long love. This'll kill them both dead inside, of course, as Loki was last seen doing the Rom Com Run of Love Awareness and Impending Confession at the end of S1 and Mobius had a scene so overtly jealous of Sylvie that they named the damn score to it "Lokius" so these two, by the time they reunite, are well aware that they are in love with one another but haven't *told* one another that yet.
Hell, this could even be how they do. What if Mobius' response is just to tell Loki that he doesn't need his memories back because who he was then isn't who he is now and he knows that he doesn't love Ben Stiller because he loves Loki and he knows without a doubt that he's never felt like this before?
Yeah, oh yeah, Lokius Nation, we're going there...
What else is the point of admitting that Tom & Owen, I mean, the writers!, decided to scrap the idea that Mobius has a guy waiting for him in a Texas Blockbuster in 1997 if not for making sure that, while there can be angst a-plenty, there ultimately isn't somebody else that our Mobius decides he has to honor his commitment to and shatter Loki into pieces over? The writers want to play with all the pain of these two, for sure, but this is Marvel, not The English Patient. (I'm making all the '90s references here, I know.) There's plenty of tragedy already here in this show that has an unusual obsession with hinting that they're steering this boat towards a version of Peggy & Steve's Endgame ending in the short term.
Kate Herron said they cut Mobius' family because they aren't sure what exactly his backstory is yet which is a way of saying that the one thing they *are* sure of is that they don't want him to have had a normal family life in the past-- otherwise, they would have just done that already. Why would you yank out all that angst when it's clear you still need to play with it because of the nature of Loki and Mobius' relationship? Why toss it to another Mobius to have the family and provide that scenario for Loki's development and his and Mobius' relationship development when there was an option to give it to our Mobius? Easy answer there:
they need a clear romantic path for our Mobius to Loki.
One could still have existed-- and still will exist-- if they give our Mobius a family in S2 but it's really suspect to me that they had plenty of opportunity to do that already and decided they didn't want to give him one and just said basically "we'll figure out exact details of his life as we go next season but it ultimately doesn't matter what the specifics of those are when it comes to our overall S2 story plotting because we know what we want the *jist* of it to be and that's that Mobius isn't missing a heck of a lot in his past life-- that the loneliness and need for adventure that he has that we know in the present is possibly also some spillover from who he was before-- and that whatever he's going to find in his memories are not going to ultimately impede furthering his relationship with Loki."
He can have a jetski empire or have been a private eye or was an accountant whose nexus event was trying to kill himself, who the hell knows-- it'll all be *interesting* when we see it but the second the writers decided that Mobius wasn't a man with a wife and 2.5 kids in '90s Texas... that's the moment that the path to Lokius just became quite a bit easier and I say that as someone who is fully aware that the two characters I am discussing are presently trapped in different timelines.
So yeah, just some writer's two cents but we'll see.
*Ben Stiller as Other!Mobius' husband in a jealous-off with our petty God of Mischief... no wait. WAIT. Ben Stiller as Other!Mobius' *Loki variant* husband... not sure how that works since this universe doesn't seem to have Lokis that we know of yet but let's deem it so and will it into existence...
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madswonders · a year ago
A Lesson In Romance #9: First Date
Spencer Reid x Fem!BAU!Reader
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Cursing, Minor mentions of canon-typical violence
Word Count: 1.8k
Plot: Reader keeps getting caught in rom-com situations with Spencer Reid. This time, they go on their first date.
A/N: This chapter really screams "physical touch is my love language" and I am not sorry at all. (Also, more Lord of the Rings bc I am a SUCKER and FoTR is my favourite movie of all time.)
Masterlist | All chapters here!
The most cliché out of all the rom-com clichés is the idea that falling in love is like an epiphany.
Suddenly, all of the love songs, books, and movies in the world make sense. Suddenly, you begin throwing coins into water fountains and stopping to smell roses. Suddenly, everything feels right and nothing can bring your mood down because you're in love, damn it!
Truthfully? Dating Spencer felt a little like that.
Except instead of falling in love in one fell swoop, you found yourself falling in love a little bit each day. Like the way he always arrived at the coffee shop before you did, head buried in a new book while he waited. You fell in love with the way the excitement reflected in his hazel eyes when he looked up to wish you good morning.
You fell in love with the way the corners of his eyes crinkled when he guessed your choice of dessert correctly, long after he started to get it right every time. The way you walked into office together each morning, and after he asks you out, you loved the way his hand would intertwine with yours the entire way there.
But most importantly, you loved Spencer's newfound habit of touching you any chance he could get.
Your hands sought out each other under tables and in lifts, squeezing each other in your own secret language. He'd rest his hand on the back of your chair, palm brushing your back lightly to let you know he was there. Whenever you strapped on your kevlar, a crushing hug would take the place of a thousand words.
The team teased the both of you endlessly for it, but you loved it — and if you were being honest, you were beginning to think that you loved him too, and the possibility made your heart race.
You knew it was too early in the relationship to say those three words, but every time he so much as looked at you, the joy bubbled in your chest and you swallowed your compulsion, at least for now. Not that he made it easy for you to resist.
Spencer was standing in your doorway in a black shirt and slacks, wearing that dark checkered blazer you liked so much, and holding a bouquet of sunflowers in his left arm. You had told him a childhood story about sunflowers once, and of course, he never forgot.
For the first time that night, you blushed as he raked your figure from top to bottom, and you thanked the heavens that you decided to wear the navy blue dress that highlighted all the right curves.
Your hands found each other naturally as you walked down your apartment steps, chatting idly about your Saturday afternoons, when the cold autumn breeze hit your face and you inhaled the earthy aroma of the season with a smile.
When he noticed you shiver slightly, Spencer tucked your hand under his, and you felt yourself drown in the warmth of his touch.
"So, where are we going tonight?" You asked, curious.
“It’s a surprise.” A smile tugged at the corners of his lips.
“And we’re walking there?”
“So..." You grinned, mimicked putting on your thinking cap. "I know you wouldn't be walking if it would take a significantly shorter time to travel by car. That means we can't be walking further than three blocks from here. Considering there aren't many date spots in this area, that narrows down our search to—”
“Are you creating a geographic profile for our date?” He teased.
"Well, yes. You can’t turn off this brain so easily, doctor. Especially when somebody doesn’t want to tell me where we’re going.” You wiggled your eyebrows and he simply laughed.
“Well, you can let it take a break soon, because we're almost there..." He trailed off as the two of you turned the corner.
A cozy Italian restaurant stood out among the row of stores. Its warm light mirrored the autumn reds outside, while its large glass windows revealed couples and families laughing and eating inside. Your expression lit up as you gasped in excitement.
“I’ve been dying to try this place!”
“I know.” He said proudly. "Specifically, since one month, three days, and ten hours ago."
“Your memory never ceases to amaze me, Dr. Reid.” You giggled as you walked out of the cold.
But your laughter quickly died in the air as both your phones went off at the same time. The two of you shared a tepid glance before pulling out your phones to check.
“Son of a bitch.” Spencer cursed under his breath, which you thought was quite sexy, admittedly.
“Language.” You jokingly reprimanded, although you shared his sentiment. It just seemed like an impossible probability that this would happen twice. But sure enough, it was a text from Penelope calling everybody back to the BAU for an urgent case.
Your date sighed. “I guess we have to go.”
“It’s alright. We’ll have plenty more chances after we come back." You reassured him despite your own hesitance. Somehow, you doubt that this would be the last time.
This case, however, was rightfully urgent. Three children from different, affluent neighbourhoods in Wyoming were kidnapped overnight. The first body was found a few hours after, which meant that the team only had a few more hours to catch the unsub before another body was discovered.
Every case involving children was difficult, even more so when there was a deadline between life and death. But thankfully, the unsub wasn't as difficult to figure out.
It didn't take long for the team to establish a profile, and thanks to the local police, you managed to catch him before he could harm the other children. They were reunited with their parents by the next evening, and at the end of it, you were completely exhausted and ready to get some sleep before tomorrow's flight.
While the rest were going out for celebratory drinks, you headed back to your hotel room for some alone time, fully expecting to hear another one of Emily's infamous shower karaoke sessions as she freshened up. Instead, the room was quiet and lit with a warm glow.
You rounded the corner, wondering if you'd forgotten to turn off the lights earlier, when you saw Spencer sitting on the bed. His wide smile and messy mop of hair were illuminated by the fairy lights hanging over his head.
"What..." Your mouth agape, your brain barely able to digest what was happening. "Spencer, how...?"
"Emily is rooming with Hotch."
You laughed. "And the..." You admired the way the wisps of his hair glowed under the twinkling lights.
"Garcia, with some help from Morgan."
That was when you noticed a movie and a box of popcorn on the bed, laid out perfectly against a mountain of pillows. "Oh my god, is that Fellowship of the Ring?!" You squealed.
"Courtesy of the next door video rental place, local theatre, and extremely annoyed hotel room service." He chuckled, pointing out the items on the bed in order. You sat on the edge of the bed, completely blown away.
“I don’t know what to say... it’s amazing, Spencer." You said, touching his arm. "Nobody has ever done anything like this for me before.”
"It’s not the fancy restaurant I originally planned, but I still wanted to give you a memorable first date.” He said quietly, gesturing you to sit next to him.
"This is more than memorable. It’s perfect. Thank you.” You smiled brightly, scooting closer to him. You pretended to ignore the jolt of electricity that traveled through your body when your thighs touched under the covers, and the quiet heartbeat as his arm nestled comfortably around your shoulder.
"Now, the Nazgûl wait for no one. Let's do this!” You declared excitedly, as Spencer laughed.
Despite the tempting distraction by your side, you quickly found yourself being swept into the familiar beats of the movie. By the time Frodo and company arrived at Rivendell, you were already at full energy, gushing about how beautiful it was, and the poignance of Frodo volunteering to take the One Ring.
But it was when the main love interests came on screen that Spencer spoke up for the first time. "Do you think we're like Aragorn and Arwen?" He asked quietly.
"I think I'm more like Sam." You thought aloud, leaning against his chest. "What about you?"
"I could be Frodo."
You giggled at that, and Spencer looked mildly amused. "What? I'm not the hero type?"
"No, you are!" You managed to get out between giggles. "But you'd make a very tall hobbit." He laughed at that, and you felt it vibrate through his chest as he moved to play with your hair softly.
"Is it weird dating me?" He mumbled the question so quietly that you almost missed it.
You shook your head immediately, but he continued. "I have messy hair, I dress like a teacher's assistant, and I talk too much." He listed his reasons.
"You mean, all the things I love about you?" You replied without thinking, the L word slipping out before you could stop it.
"A-and anyway!" You quickly added on. "I'm not exactly the pinnacle of normality. I like art history, I watch Star Wars obsessively, and I can quote the entirety of Lord of the Rings. I think that makes you a pretty good boyfriend for me." You froze, realising what you'd just said.
"Really?" He whispered in awe, and you turned around to look at him, his eyes shining under the dim light. "You want me to be your boyfriend?"
"If you want to. I... I want it." Your heart was pounding so hard that you were sure he could hear it too.
"Well, I do have a thing or two to say about your taste in Star Wars." He chuckled quietly, and you swore his eyes darted to your lips. "But I think that only makes you a better girlfriend for me."
That was when you kissed him.
Gently at first, but he quickly got over his shock, cupping your face in his hands as he smiled into the kiss. The feeling of his fingers combing through your hair coaxed a small moan from your lips, and Spencer swallowed it up, deepening the kiss further.
The movie quickly faded into the background, your first kiss so much louder and demanding. You melted into his touch, your fists clenching lightly around the fabric of his shirt, while he stroked your cheek slowly.
The two of you didn’t need words. Each kiss already felt like a new confession, so you kissed him harder, hoping he could feel the words you couldn’t yet say in person.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
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cyllaeth · 11 months ago
jealousy, turning saints into the sea
find it on ao3
Eddie has never thought of himself as a jealous type. He has never felt a reason to be jealous even when he was away, on another mission. It was a rather unfamiliar emotion. It was until he met Buck. Or, to be more specific, until he met Taylor Kelly.
She was exactly this kind of woman he has always been avoiding. Confident (or even too confident), cunning and a little bit vicious. Heʼs not intimidated by strong women—hell, he knows and works with amazing women like Hen or Athena—and he loves them. But Taylor is different, though. Sheʼs more malicious and focused on herself, on her career. Even if Buck claims she has changed, Eddie still doesnʼt trust her. He canʼt trust or like her and he was really trying to accept her. The problem is, sheʼs still very much interested in Buck and she dates him. And thatʼs something Eddie canʼt get past. In fact, theyʼre on a date right now and thatʼs the only thing he can think about.
Oh, Eddie really wants to see his best friend happy... Just not necessarily with Taylor. He wants to be that someone who would make Buck happy. Getting shot helped him realize that maybe his feelings are not as platonic as he thought. Theyʼre as far from platonic as they can possibly be. Which is why he spends his evening alone, sulking on the couch. Christopher has a sleepover at Grant-Nash house, Ana is long gone from his life and Buckʼs on a date. He was concerned earlier about leaving Eddie all alone but Eddie insisted he would be okay.
He really regrets his words now. Heʼs not okay. Heʼd rather spend his evening curled up with Buck, watching some movies. Theyʼve been doing this since Buck kind of moved in to help Eddie with his recovery and take care of Christopher. And Eddie has adjusted to this new reality embarrassingly quickly. He loves being woken up by his best friend, he loves joyous breakfasts with Christopher and Buck, he loves when Buck comes home after the shift and asks how his boys are doing. He loves that Buckʼs so patient and sweet even if Eddieʼs all whiny and cranky. He just loves Buck and itʼs hard to see him with someone else. But he wanted to be a good friend and let Buck enjoy himself instead of babysitting him.  
The TV is playing a sappy and dumb rom-com but Eddie doesn’t even notice. He stares at it but he can’t focus. He’s still thinking about Buck and his date—which should be over soon—and wondering what they might’ve been doing. Unsurprisingly, it doesnʼt help and just makes his misery worse.
He almost calls him.
He stops before he touches the dial button and bites his lip.
This is ridiculous and pathetic.
Buck told him to call if something was wrong but is he really that petty and desperate to cut Buckʼs date short and make him come back?
He wants to say no but it wouldnʼt be a complete truth. Heʼs petty and jealous and he really tries not to destroy this date even if itʼs with Taylor Kelly. God, sometimes he really has that strange urge to strangle her just because sheʼs always somewhere hanging around Buck. 
Do not embarrass yourself, Diaz, he thinks, carefully putting away his phone on the table.
But what if Buckʼs not coming home tonight?
And there it is, that annoying, pesky voice in his mind, always ready to let the doubt creep in.
He canʼt behave like a whiny, little brat.
He should be better than this. 
He should, for Buckʼs sake. 
He lets out a long, heavy sigh and he looks at the phone. 9:30 pm. Itʼs still not that late, he doesnʼt really need help. He can hold on for a little longer.
He can, right?
 At 10 pm heʼs not that sure about this anymore. Heʼs still sitting on the couch, nervously tapping at his leg and waiting for his best friend.
Fuck it. Heʼll cringe at himself later.
He dials Buckʼs number, biting his lip quite hard.
Heʼs not really surprised Buck picks up almost immediately. He always does it. 
“Eds? Are you okay?” He asks, his voice all concerned.
“Y-Yeah, I am. It’s just...” Eddie falls silent for a moment. He shouldʼve thought at least about a good excuse but itʼs too late now. “Iʼm so sorry for calling you on a date but...”
“... You need my help?” Buck finishes. “I told you, you can call me if you need me. Iʼll be home in twenty.” He promises, not even waiting for Eddie to explain why.
“Thanks, Buck.” Eddie says shyly and hangs up.
It... Wasnʼt as bad as he thought it would be. He doesnʼt feel that bad as he expected to. He feels embarrassed, just a little bit, but thatʼs all. Buck is coming home and thatʼs the only thing that matters. He will explain it... Somehow.
The next twenty minutes feel like an eternity of torture but he finally hears the keys jingling and seconds later, Buck coming inside. 
“Hey, Eddie.” He says warmly. He doesnʼt seem to be upset about the date and Eddie really hopes he wonʼt be pissed about it. “How are you feeling? Did you take the meds? Are you in pain?”
That sweet concern in his voice and the way he rushes to him to check his pulse, his forehead to confirm heʼs okay, it moves Eddie to the point he almost blurts out I love you.
“No... Iʼm not in pain and I did take my meds. Itʼs... I wanted to change my clothes but I couldn't take off my shirt.” He says instead, looking apologetically at his best friend.
“You really called me to help you take off your shirt?” Buck asks curiously, raising an eyebrow. Eddie blushes and starts to worry that he mightʼve pissed him off after all. But Buck doesnʼt sound angry when he continues. “... After I told you to change your clothes before I go out but you insisted you donʼt see any reason to change it?” 
“Maybe?” Eddie admits.
Buck laughs heartily.
“And Iʼm the dumbass one. Now, sit up, Edmundo and let me change it.” He orders.
Eddie does it without hesitation. Theyʼve done it a lot of times already—even though it wasnʼt too easy at first—that they could do it with their eyes closed. Buck carefully pulls off Eddieʼs shirt and his touch is very light, almost like a brush of a feather but Eddie still feels it and it runs shivers down his spine.
“I gotta admit, though, that Iʼm relieved you werenʼt a stubborn mule and didnʼt try to do it all by yourself.”
Eddie scoffs.
“When I was the stubborn mule?”
“You want the exact dates?”
“I hate you.”
“No, you don’t.” Buck’s smile is very cocky and confident. “You’re doing so well because you have the best nurse in the world. Who puts up with your stubbornness and constant whining. And you love me for it.”
“I do.” 
You don’t know how much, he adds in his thoughts. 
Buck helps him put on his favourite sleeping t-shirt, takes a beer from the fridge and bottle of water for Eddie and then settles on the couch next to him. 
“It was only an excuse.” Eddie blurts out suddenly. Heʼs not sure why he said it; maybe itʼs because he doesnʼt like to lie.
“What was an excuse?” Buck asks, opening his bottle. He sounds curious, but also a little bit cautious.
“The shirt. I didnʼt want to change my shirt. I was just jealous because you were on a date with Taylor.”
Buck chokes on his beer. He needs a moment or two to process Eddieʼs words.
“Why are you even jealous? Is it because youʼre single again? Do you... Do you miss Ana?”
Eddie looks at him quizzically. 
“What? No. I donʼt miss her.” He huffs and falls silent because he doesnʼt know how to say what he means and not to sound like a complete asshole.
“Then why are you jealous? I know you donʼt like Taylor but I swear, sheʼs different now, sheʼs changed now and actually, weʼre not—”
“Iʼm in love with you. Iʼm jealous because Iʼm in love with you.” Eddie interrupts him. He looks at his hands, pretending to find something interesting here. He didnʼt even think about it, it just happened. Heʼs afraid of what he will hear next, what will their friendship look like, heʼs afraid it might be the end of their amazing relationship that theyʼve built.
Buck says nothing, maybe for a minute or two and the panic in Eddieʼs chest starts to rise. The words are out and thereʼs no coming back, he canʼt take them back. He canʼt make Buck forget about this and knowing him, not only he wouldnʼt forget but he would also spend a lot of time analysing them.
Buck touches his chin to force him to look up and look into his eyes but Eddie doesnʼt do it.
Itʼs quiet, fragile, unsure, pleading. Eventually, Eddie obliges. He sees Buckʼs face so close to his; he can see those cute blue eyes shining with excitement and how the corners of his mouth curl into a sweet smile. Heʼs not horrified, scared or disappointed, itʼs the opposite of it.
“You are a real dumbass, Diaz.” Buck says before he kisses him. Itʼs soft and chaste as if he doesnʼt want to overwhelm his best friend even if he was the one to say about his feelings. Eddie is overwhelmed, not because of the kiss, itʼs rather because he can barely believe itʼs true, itʼs real. He cradles Buckʼs face in his hands, caresses his cheek with his thumb and kisses him back. 
Buck moves closer to him and thereʼs something sweet and touching with the way he carefully shifts his position to be more comfortable and not to accidentally hurt him. Eddie wants to say something sassy and flirting, mention something about Buck being the most attentive and caring nurse he’s had but before he opens his mouth, Buck kisses him again.
“Wait, Buck—” Eddie pulls away from Buck (he does it very reluctantly but he needs to know) to look into his eyes. “What about Taylor?”
“Now you’re thinking about Taylor?” Buck asks with amusement. “Taylor is my friend. We’re better as friends rather than a couple.”
“So why did you go on a date with her tonight?”
“I’ve never said I was going on a date. I just said that I’m going out with Taylor. You just assumed it’s a date.” Buck points out, slightly grinning. 
“And you didn’t correct me.” Eddie adds accusatory. “You’d spare me a lot of misery.” 
“If I had even the slightest suspicion you might be in love with me, I would have acted sooner.”
“I thought I was very obvious. Everyone told me that, even Ana said that I looked like a lovesick fool when she saw us together.” Eddie admits honestly. “I made you Christopher’s legal guardian, wasn’t it obvious enough?”
“Uh, no? I mean… I was wondering if it means more but I don’t want to jump into conclusions and give myself false hope. So I’d rather not think about it too much.” Buck explains shyly. “I didn’t want to destroy our friendship. I could live with unrequited love but not without my favourite Diaz boys.”
“We’re both dumbasses then.” Eddie laughs and kisses his best friend again.
“I must admit, your ideas might not be the smoothest but they definitely work on Buck.” Eddie hears Taylorʼs amused voice behind his back and he turns around to face her.
 Itʼs an early evening but the whole team is at Diaz house (or, to be more specific, at Buckley—Diaz house because Buck has officially moved in a few days ago) to celebrate Eddieʼs comeback to the 118. Taylorʼs here too because Buck insisted on inviting her—even though Eddie wasnʼt ecstatic. He knows that she is no threat to his relationship but heʼs still a little bit cautious.
 “What ideas?” He asks curiously.
 “Donʼt play dumb, Diaz. You have always found a way to keep me away from him.” Taylor laughs heartily. “I get it, I really get it. You just want to protect him. But you donʼt have to worry, I have no intention of stealing him or hurting him.”
 “Okay, maybe I was trying to keep him as far from you as possible. I didnʼt like you, I didnʼt trust you. Hell, I still have trouble trusting you. But Buck likes you and I trust him.” Eddie shrugs. “And maybe, maybe youʼre not as bad as Iʼve thought.”
 “I take that as a compliment.” Taylor grins and takes a sip of the drink she has in her hands. “After you were shot... We thought for a brief moment that maybe we should try, be together but it didnʼt last long. Sure, we have a great chemistry but we want different things in life. Buck wants a family and Iʼm not thinking about it. I donʼt think Iʼm a good material for a wife or a mother. Probably not.” She says honestly. Eddie detects a note of regret, maybe a grief in her voice but he doesnʼt want to pry; they donʼt have this kind of relationship to tell about their secrets.
 “Youʼre probably too hard for yourself.” He cuts in anyway.
 “Maybe.” She chuckles. “But let me finish. My first priority is my work and Buckʼs first priority are his Diaz boys and it was easy to notice it so our relationship wouldnʼt work anyway. Especially after he told me about your will. Something this big as making Buck legally tied to your family would be problematic if you two were in relationships with other people. And the fact that you two are in love. When I met Buck again, I couldnʼt understand at first why you were always so pissed off when I was around. Iʼve tried to be nice but you were always so sarcastic and dismissive. But then I was enlightened... You were just jealous because youʼre in love with him too. Do you know how our dates,” she makes an air quote, “looked like? I was trying to convince him that his feelings are not one-sided and he was repeating that you would never fall in love with him. That was very exhausting.”
 “That sounds very much like Buck.” Eddie sighs heavily. “If Iʼm honest, I have fallen for his idiot ass embarrassingly fast. It just took me a long time to realize this.” He admits. “Sometimes Iʼm still surprised he fell in love with me.”
 “Youʼre the finest dilf in LA with the softest heart, whatʼs not to love? Itʼs not surprising he fell in love with you.”
 “Did you just call me the finest dilf in LA?” Eddie asks, completely surprised and amused at the same time.
 “I have eyes, Diaz, and I can admit it even though the mentioned dilf is not a fan of mine.” She answers with a smirk.
 “Are you calling my boyfriend dilf?” They hear Buck’s voice and immediately turn around. “If I didn’t know you, I’d think you’re hitting on Eddie.” He adds and kisses Eddie on the cheek. It’s new, fresh and even though Eddie loves Buck’s affectionate gestures, it still makes him blush. 
“Please, as if I ever had a chance.” Taylor sniggers. “You two are so disgustingly into each other, I doubt you’d notice anyone else. Oh, and Buckley? You owe me fifty bucks.” 
Eddie raises an eyebrow, looking from Taylor to Buck curiously.
“We had a bet and Buck lost it.” The reporter explains and she looks very pleased with herself. “We were betting how long it would take you to ask Buck to move in. I told him you wouldn’t want to waste more time but he didn’t want to believe me.” 
Eddie smiles widely.
“You were right, Evan. She’s not that bad at all.”
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muhtants · a year ago
left behind | A Clone Wars fic
Fandom: Star Wars - The Clone Wars Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Padmé Amidala, Ahsoka Tano
Relationships: Codywan, Anidala (both background)
Summary:  It had been two years since the end of the Clone War and the rise of the Empire. Two years since Anakin Skywalker took his pregnant wife, his Captain, his former Padawan and as many troopers from the 501st as he could and ran, as far away as he could from the Sith Lord who had been manipulating him towards the Darkness for years.
It had been two years, that had actually been four for Rex, Echo and the rest of their brothers, but had actually felt like twenty. That is why when they eventually find Cody again and he asks after his General everybody is simply speechless, because not one of them can give him an answer. Not even Skywalker, who had seen him last.
It had been two years since the end of the Clone War and the rise of the Empire.
Two years since Luke and Leia Naberrie were born into a regime built on the blood of innocents. Two years since a handful of precautious clones began secretly de-chipping themselves after ARC Trooper Fives’ discovery, but it still hadn’t been enough to save the Jedi in the end. Two years since Padmé Amidala and Bail Organa secretly founded the Rebellion against Palpatine’s tyranny that would fight for freedom throughout the galaxy for generations to come. Two years since Anakin Skywalker took his pregnant wife, his Captain, his former Padawan and as many troopers from the 501st as he could and ran, as far away as he could from the Sith Lord who had been manipulating him towards the Darkness for years.
It had been two years of living hand to mouth, hiding in alleyways and abandoned buildings, and trying to protect the twins as best as any of them could, because Force forbid they were just children and they would not pay for their parents’ mistakes with their lives. Just as the younglings in the Jedi Temple and the clone cadets in Kamino did, Rex’s mind whispers. 
It had been two years, that had actually been four for Rex, Echo and the rest of their brothers, but had actually felt like twenty.
That is why when they eventually find Cody again - 
running haggard and covered in mud as he dodged blaster bolts left and right because he had been an inside agent for the Rebellion within the Empire this entire time, the stupid di'kut, and Rex and Ahsoka had barely found him in time 
- and he asks after his General - his best friend, his cyare, Rex knew because his ori’vod told him everything - everybody is simply speechless, because not one of them can give him an answer. Not even Skywalker, who had seen him last.
“What do you mean you haven’t seen in two years?!”
“Cody,” Skywalker started, taking a cautionary step towards the furious former Commander. “the last time I saw him, he was at the Temple, about to attend a Council Meeting. After that, I went to see the Chancellor.” He cannot help but spit out the last word in disdain, the betrayal from his former friend still rilling him up after all this time.
“Rex told me what happened on Coruscant.” Cody said as he stepped towards Skywalker, expression confused and fists clenched. “You warned the Jedi and that demagolka the Emperor called in the Order. He was targeting you specifically, so on the advice of the Jedi Council you took your aliit and ran.”
“As reluctant as I was to leave the Jedi behind, Master Yoda himself told me to take my family and run. So I did.”
“Exactly, but General Kenobi is your family too, so he should be here.” Cody said slowly, as if explaining a very simple concept to a cadet, and Skywalker flinched. “I commed him right after everything went south. He was at the Temple guarding the younglings for as long as he could, while the rest of the High Generals went to confront the Emperor, waiting for you.”
At that last line, nobody could look the former Commander of the 212th in the eyes. Not Rex, not Senator Amidala and especially not Skywalker, because when push came to shove and they escaped Coruscant, none of them had given a thought about General Kenobi’s status.
“Vod,” Rex starts, because he knows Cody and the confusion on his face has faded to become realization, then horror and finally fury, and if he doesn’t intervene now, Senator Amidala will become a widow in the next five seconds.
He puts a hand on his ori’vod’s shoulder, sympathy and regret coloring every microexpression on his face. “General Kenobi did not come with us when we ran from Coruscant. We haven’t seen him since that day.”
When Cody turns to look at him instead, Rex considers it a win, because at least his General isn’t the focus of his brother’s murderous glare anymore. He’s expecting the anger, the devastation and the disappointment, but nothing prepares Rex for the look of utter horror that colors Cody’s face, like he knows something desperately important that they don’t.
“You left Obi-Wan behind.” Cody whispers. “With him.”
And then he pulls away from Rex, walking backwards until he runs out of space and is backed up against the wall, his eyes wide and hands running through his hair.
“Cody -” Skywalker starts, but he’s interrupted by his wife, who had grabbed his arm in apprehension at the former Commander’s words.
“What do you mean, with him? With whom?” Amidala asks.
Cody lets out a strangled laugh and Rex notices his eyes are filled with tears.
“Palpatine.” He spats out, looking pointedly at Skywalker this time, fury embedded in every single one of his features. “It was supposed to be you, not him.”
“What do you mean, vod?” Rex asks him this time, but Cody is still looking at his Skywalker like he used to look at the natborn officers that spoke ill of them and their brothers when they thought the vod weren’t listening. Hostility. Disgust.
“When you left, let’s just say you left a gap in apprenticeship the Emperor wasn’t expecting. And you took your entire family with you, which left no one else behind as personal retribution.”
“Except Master Kenobi.” Ahsoka cuts in, the same horror that passed over Cody’s face a few seconds ago mirrored in hers.
“Two birds, one stone.” Cody says, amber eyes burning holes into Skywalker’s frame at the young Jedi’s confusion. “Just something I heard the Emperor say the day he presented his new Sith apprentice to the rest of the officers.”
“No.” Skywalker whispers, eyes filled with dread and despair as he puts the pieces of what Cody is saying together. “No, it can’t be -” He continues, but Cody cuts him off again.
“That sentence never made sense to me, not until today.” He says, mostly to himself as he slumps against the wall behind him. His anger seems to have burned out entirely, and left behind only resignation and guilt. “I also noticed how the dar’jetii always took an unusual interest in me, but he never approached me personally, unless to relay orders from the military. But he was there, always, just staring. Like he was seeing a ghost.”
Rex’s mind is a storm of denial mixed with guilt and regret, and he can see the same expression in the faces of the people around him. You left him behind, Cody had said, with him. It couldn’t be, it just couldn’t. General Skywalker had said he had lost contact with the Temple, that General Yoda had told them to take his family and leave immediately, and they had done as requested. His family. General Skywalker’s family. Which had included Obi-Wan Kenobi, for years, long before Padmé Amidala had married him, or Rex had become his Captain and Ahsoka his Padawan. Kenobi had been a father figure and later an older brother to Skywalker for over a decade. He raised me, when he didn’t even have to, his General had told Rex once, he was still barely a Padawan himself and he had just lost his Master, but he stepped up for me, because like him, I had no one. But then, we had each other, and that was enough.
He was going to be sick.
“And he was, in a way.” Cody continues. “I had to pretend to still be chipped, because I couldn’t let the Empire know I knew where their most wanted fugitives had run to, which included my former General. Or so I thought.”
“Cody, please.” Skywalker is pleading now, Amidala holding on to his arm, devastation clear across her face. “Tell me it isn’t him.”
His brother just looks at Skywalker in pity.
“I’m sorry.” Cody says, walking away from the group towards the exit. “I really am.”
“Wait -” Skywalker tries, but Kenobi’s former Commander is already at the doorway. His eyes hold no sympathy with what he says next.
“You better hide your family better next time, because if my battalion found you, so will he. And he will not hold back as I did. He will kill you and your entire family, without mercy, and I might just let him.”
“Cody -” Rex tries, but his brother looks away, his voice echoing in the hallway.
“You deserve it.” 
And he walked away, leaving Rex, Skywalker and the rest of their family behind to digest the ugly truth of their failures.
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mcfreakin-bxtch · a year ago
Playing with Fire
Tumblr media
Part Five of the Just this Once Series
Warnings: Smut (no actual smut tho guys sorry), Masturbation (f), Teasing, Language, Dirty talk, Terrible Star Wars knowledge
Word Count: 2.3K+
Summary: A tease through the links and a bet fulfilled. 
A/N: This chapter is a little short, but I hope you all enjoy! This may seem a little anti climatic and messy but that’s on me guys, that’s my bad. Also this may seem different in tone if that makes sense? The next one will be more smutty goodness but with some injuries (and yes i used another random star wars planet don’t kill mee)
Tumblr media
You’ve finally figured it out.
After about a week of travelling to your next destination, it finally occurs to you to just play at his own game. You know—fingering you in a crowded cantina, smirking to himself while you struggled to stay quiet in that fucking booth...  
But first, you must say that Edis is a strange place. Rain falling at every hour with apparently no signs of ever letting up, and the humidity is unforgiving—how Mando is handling it in all that armor and padding, you’re almost too afraid to ask, because there’s just no way that he’s comfortable, and an uncomfortable Mando can lead to a grumpy one. 
Maker you’re grumpy yourself if you’re being honest. The Child has been restless lately, like the heat is getting to him as well, and that’s been taking a toll on your (already) poor sleep schedule; Mando tries to help, but there’s only so much he can do. However, it has given you the chance to think of the perfect payback for your little deal—or bet is a better word—and you gotta say, you’re a little proud of yourself for coming up with this evil—and small—tryst in the first place. 
If it’ll work the way you want it to, time will tell. 
“Were you even listening?”
The modulated crackle startles you from your thoughts. You turn in the pilot’s seat, making contact with the visor and the stiffness of his posture confirms your suspicions—he’s hot and grumpy.   
“Sorry,” you mumble. “Lost in my thoughts.”
He doesn’t acknowledge it. “I’m leaving. They should be nearby, and everything should work out as long as you and the ship stay hidden.”
Like anyone could. Mando isn’t messing around on this one—well, the man doesn’t mess around with anything, actually—and he’s made damn sure that not only are you available with a few weapons nearby (some hidden, of course, just in case), but that the Razor Crest is shadowed by towering trees a bushes in this small part of the rainforest; it’s nearly impossible to even see the gunk through the one of the thickest part of the forest. If anything finds you, they most likely won’t come back alive.     
“Okay. Good luck.”
He gives you one nod and the cape whips as he turns around, strutting towards the ladder as you follow behind. Mando checks on the kid—sitting up in the middle of the haul with a few little toys surrounding him—and gives him a gentle caress of his floppy ear before using his vambrace to open the ramp. He doesn’t give you a glance back, and that’s okay with you, but you can’t deny the slight stinging in your chest when he disappears into the foreign planet.   
“Alright little guy,” you say with a grunt as you plop down on the floor next to the Child. “Let’s figure out what to do.”
Ten days. 
Mando has been gone longer on bounties like this, believe or not, but that still doesn’t ease your increasing anxiety when the com link stays silent; you suppose you’re used to the quickness of his updates. 
Today, after hours of entertaining the baby the best you could, you can finally settle comfortably in the pilot’s chair… but now what?
Sleep, your body says, because what else is there really to do? Don’t, your mind tells you, because you have the baby here alone on an unfamiliar planet and anything could happen. A part of you wants to go out and check the foreign terrain. One look shouldn’t hurt—  
“Hey,” his voice speaks through in statics. 
You quickly fumble with the com, feeling like a clumsy mess when you almost drop it in your haste; he’s caught you by surprise, for about the hundredth time. 
“Y-yeah. Yeah I’m here,” you stammer. 
“Not so close,” he tells you, annoyed and tired. 
You wince and pull your hand back from your mouth. “Sorry. Good news, I hope?”
“Yes. And no. It’ll be at least a few days before we’re out of here.”
That sucks.
You suspect that the quarry is indeed with him by the short words, and that’s okay, because with your plan now in the front of your brain, fresh anew like the first time you cococked it in the wake of sleep, washing your quick irritation away, your chance is finally here. 
“Mando,” you say as sweetly as you can—your heart skips a beat when there’s a moment of silence. “They can’t hear me, right?” you continue before you can find out if the com is dead or not. 
This is incredibly risky. Even a little unfair of sorts, given that he’s technically working right now, and that leaves no room for games or distractions—the moment is just too good to pass up.   
Another minute goes by. You sink in your chair in disappointment, ready to admit defeat. 
“Not now.”
“This was part of the deal, Mando,” you remind him. “And I’m already starting to get wet.”
That isn’t a lie. The slickness of your arousal is starting to seep from your core—fourteen days (counting the week it took to get here) is a long time, and as long as you can get him to keep talking, this will work beautifully for you.    
A pause. “I can’t…”
“I’ll do all the talking,” you lick your lips and slink down comfortably, sliding your hand along the length of your neck, imagining it’s his hand wrapping around your throat. “You just listen. You can do that, can’t you?”
You wait, and for a split second you’re afraid that, yet again, you’ve done something wrong. You really have to start working on that.   
“You don’t—”
Maker. Maker okay. 
“I uh—” what were you going to say to him when you thought of this in the first place? “I… you know what I think about when you’re gone?” You know he can’t answer much, not without giving himself away, but you pause anyway for dramatic effect. “First, I imagine you stalking towards me like you always do… like I’m one of your bounties.”
Your pussy quivers in excitement as you close your eyes and picture him doing just that, sliding your hand down to your chest, groping your covered breast and trying to mimic the same amount of pressure he applies to them—you really wish it was his hand instead. 
“Then you cage me in, leaving me with nowhere to go. There’s a specific type of exceleration to it. One that makes things even more… exciting.” You pinch your nipple and whine, loud enough to give him a good show—Stars you hope that quarry can’t hear you through the baskar bucket of his. “You like to drag it out, to watch me shiver in anticipation, and fuck if I don’t like it either.”
You can hear the light breathing through the comlink. A spark of victory, early victory, runs through your body and straight to your pussy, neglected and hungry for any type of friction. 
“And then,” your hand slides further down to the waistline of your pants, fumbling with the buttons. “You touch me. Softly, at first, because you love to tease—” a barely audible sigh interrupts, bringing a cheeky grin to your lips. “—and I think you’re an ass man, because you never miss a chance to lay your hands on mine.” Your fingers slither their way under your panties; your inner thighs twitch at the first brush of your finger against your aching clit, and more slickness escapes your cunt. “And you ghost your fingers over my breasts, down my stomach, over my hips where you like to grip them tight, to my dripping pussy…”
Not a peep from the com. You’re surprised he’s kept his composure. You shouldn’t be, yet a part of you is. 
“And,” you go on with a moan. “When I feel your thick fingers paw at me, rip my clothes off and fuck my pussy deep, getting me ready for your big cock while your teeth scrapes against my neck—oh fuck…” The curse slips from your lips without warrant; your fingers buried in your pussy like you’re explaining to him. “My fingers are not the same—” you bite down on your lip as you curve your fingers, delicately trying to find the spot Mando finds with precision. “They don’t make me feel as full as yours do. But I’m still fucking myself with them, Mando. While you’re out there, and I’m in here… it sucks, doesn’t it. Having to stay quiet when all’s you want to do is fuck me until I can feel you for days and day after, your cum leaking from me, and who knows, maybe I won’t even let you cum.”
“You will,” he nearly growls, and that’s an early sign you’re in a world of trouble when he does get back. “That’s part of the deal.”
The faint voice cuts in annoyingly, and Mando shoots back with a decent threat that’d make you terrified for your life; again, it’s probably wrong that it does nothing to deteriorate the fluttering of your wet muscles. 
“Keep going,” his tone leaves no room for argument. 
Your fingers move faster. “I think you should be a little nicer to me,” you sigh dramatically. “You’ve been gone for so long, leaving me all by lonesome… you like to do this a lot I’ve realized, leave me high and dry. But you might have a chance to fuck my face if you’re a good boy.”
You have to stifle your giggle at the last bit. 
“Yeah, you’d like that,” you coo. “And I’d swallow every drop.”
A barely audible exhale filters through the link. You’re right there with him, your face scrunched in concentration. 
“I’m happy as long as you’re inside me,” you continue on with delight. “You’re an asshole sometimes, but you can fuck.”
Mando sighs again, this time feigned with theatorical frustration—well in his case, it may be truthful, but it sounds more for the quarry’s (and yours) benefit than the latter.   
This is more of an ego boost for him more than anything as well, if you think about it, but as long as you get him riled up and you cum, that’s enough for you. So you curve your fingers the best you can given the compromised position and flick your thumb against your clit, images of his gloves sliding down your pants in the cantina playing through on repeat. This time you moan louder for your own amusement, imagining him struggle; it’s sweet, sweet revenge. 
“And?” He asks suddenly—calm and steady. 
His voice, even modulated like that, makes your muscles twitch as the coil in your lower stomach boils to a tight flame, and the sloshes of your fingers slinking in and out of you adds to the euphoria clawing through your core. 
“Your cock,” you whimper. “Stretches me out so good every time. You’re so big, Mando, so thick in every way and it feels amazing. I bet you miss the way my sweet cunt clenches around you.” You bite down on your lip to hide a groan, wanting to hear his response as your fingers move even faster, scratching against the itch. “Don’t you?”
Your pussy flutters around your fingers at the first scrape against your sweet spot (finally!), and—well fuck, you’ve never seen much of him to actually picture what his cock looks like driving in and out of you at the verioucious pace he usually chooses, so this is a little bit difficult than you thought it’d be; as long as you keep fucking yourself like this…
Your breath shakes as you exhale. “Shit I wish you were here right now,” you rub your clit harder. “I-I want you to fuck me so hard when you get back, Mando. Want you to—hmm—to grab me so hard that I have bruises the next day. Use me. And you’d come right in my tight little pussy, isn’t that right?”
You don’t expect him to answer this time. Not when you’re so gone in your little cheraid and your pussy clenches harder and harder until there’s nothing but white noise tying you down to this moment. 
“Fuck. Fuck I’m so close.” 
You try to conjure the feelings Mando gives you—the feel of his hands, pressing down all over you, fingers leaving indents in your skin, his mouth on your neck, biting down on the sensitive flesh until you’re marked; the drag of his cock along your slick walls until there’s tears in your eyes and you can feel him all the way to your cervix. 
“Mando,” you whine, then bite down on your lip again; the Child certainly doesn’t need to hear this. “I… I need to hear you. Say something, anything.”
“Go ahead,” gruffer, close to a grunt—your pussy gushes at that. “Now.”
The command is clear, and it’s not going to take you that much to ride the waves of your orgasm starting to crash down over you. Your moans and whimpers trapped behind tight closed lips and your fingers covered in your juices, it takes a few more curves of your fingers and tight circles on your clit to feel the hard and delectable clench of your inner muscles. 
“Yes,” your body trembles. “Oh Ma—” You hide the rest of the plea behind a muffled scream as short bursts of pleasure sparks through your entire body, your fingers trapped in the squeeze of your cunt as more juices flood down the slope of your ass, milking every drop of your orgasm. 
After a few long moments your tense muscles relax and deflate, relieved and satisfied. Though, the only problem is that it is short lived, an orgasm small enough to hold you over until the real deal comes back. Speaking of…
“Mando?” You breathe. “Still with me?”
“I’ll be there soon. Be ready.” And then nothing. 
Chuckling to yourself, you wince as you slowly pull your fingers out, wiping your slick covered fingers on your pants. 
And now you wait.    
For however long that’ll fucking be. 
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alifeasvivid · 9 months ago
The Floor is Lava, a ukus omegaverse rom-com about home renovations Ch 1
Fuck. I guess we’re doing this. Yes it has chapters. This is all @irisoflunadreams’s fault.
inspired by this tweet.
Fic Rating: E Chapter Rating: T+ Warnings: omegaverse, I mean not much it’s really a rom-com, Arthur is too proper for his own good, Alfred is too Alfred for Arthur’s sanity XD, dunno if there will be actual mpreg but Arthur sure has some thoughts. alpha!Arthur/omega!Alfred Summary: Arthur Kirkland is an alpha and single, unmated father to a nine year old daughter, Charlotte. When Arthur hires a contractor to renovate his house, he definitely hadn't been expecting that contractor's omega son, Alfred F. Jones, to be involved in the process. He hadn't expected his heart to get involved either. Word count: ~2100
read here on AO3 if you prefer
Twenty-eight year old Arthur Kirkland has always considered himself to be a very enlightened, progressive, open-minded alpha… 
… By necessity if nothing else. The beta mother of his now nine year old daughter, Charlotte, had declined to become his mate even after she’d gotten pregnant. She had released Arthur from all obligations, though he had insisted he truly wanted to be a part of the baby’s life. In a cruel twist of fate, she had died in childbirth. This immediately cast Arthur in the role of single unmated alpha father, a highly unusual role to say the least, and he often relies on the understanding of others in the parenting of his sweet and very precocious little girl.
Enlightened. Progressive. Open-minded. Arthur certainly doesn’t think that alphas should be in charge of everything or that omegas are inherently subservient or should be made to stay at home or not allowed to work… and yet…
This particular world view is currently failing to account for him being nearly nose to nose with the adorable, athletic blond-haired omega standing on his doorstep with shining blue eyes and a smile which is enormous even by American standards. He has a clipboard tucked under his arm and his fitted t-shirt displays the contractor’s as well as the flat plane of his stomach. The tool belt around the young omega’s shapely hips drags his jeans down almost far enough to see skin.
He smells like sunshine. 
“Mr. Kirkland?” the omega prompts tentatively.
“Yes. Sorry. What?”
“I was just saying I’m Alfred Jones, I’m here to do the inspection.” He pushes his glasses up with the eraser end of his pencil. Cute.
Arthur does his best not to outwardly baulk. What is an omega doing working for a contractor as anything other than a receptionist or office manager? …Oh yes, very enlightened, he chides himself silently. “Ah, yes. Please come in.” Arthur opens the door a bit wider and backs a good few steps away, both out of propriety and in the vain hope that Alfred won’t pick up any small whiffs of Arthur’s interest. With any luck, Alfred is on suppressants and won’t be able to smell very much.
Alfred steps in and lets out a low, appreciative whistle as he surveys the foyer and the living room. “Nice place,” he says, nodding, but seemingly inadvertently inhales through his nose and his cheeks turn rather pink. Of course, the most reasonable explanation is that unfamiliar alpha pheromones do have an effect on him. So much for luck.
But really, who let an unmated omega like this go to the home of an unmated alpha unaccompanied? Arthur is starting to seriously question the judgment of the contractor he’d hired and then stops. Oh yes, very open-minded, he thinks bitterly. “Thank you,” he finally replies, trying not to puff up with pride at an omega praising his home. Only then does it occur to Arthur that Alfred has the same last name as the contractor, an alpha by the name of Brandon Jones… and the same blond hair, though Mr. Jones’ eyes are brown. “And you’re Brandon’s son, correct?”
Alfred beams at him. “Yeah. I just graduated college, so I’m helping Dad until I can figure out my next move, but don’t worry, I’m definitely licensed. I can show you my credentials if you want.”
Arthur shakes his head. “That won’t be necessary, but thank you.” God, the lad is so young, not more than twenty-two if he graduated in the usual timeframe.
“Cool, so I’m gonna get started if that’s alright with you. I’ll be done and outta your hair in a jiff.”
Arthur nods, feeling somewhat stunned—whether by the omega’s gregarious attitude, his scent, or his poor grammar, it’s difficult to say. “Right. Well, let me know if I can be of any assistance.”
“You bet,” Alfred grins lopsidedly and heads off to the kitchen, shaking his head as if to clear it and raising his hand to cover his nose and mouth before dropping it almost immediately.
Brandon Jones had seemed like such a steady, level-headed sort of alpha to Arthur when they’d met. Tall, brawny, and solid, he is certainly a formidable man. That must explain Alfred being unusually tall for an omega. Arthur had hired Mr. Jones partly because he had seemed so even-tempered and sensible. Yet he sent his son here knowing Arthur’s situation. Arthur is positive, as a father, that if Charlotte turns out to be an omega, he certainly wouldn’t allow her to enter the home of an unmated alpha without a chaperone.
Oh yes. Quite progressive.
Arthur wanders into the kitchen after a few minutes, pretending to be intent on making himself a cup of tea, only to find Alfred halfway under his kitchen sink on his back. He coughs. “Are you alright down there?” he asks.
“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m good, Mr. Kirkland. I do this all the time. Of course, I usually have one of my dad’s guys hanging over me in situations like this, so this is actually a lot easier.”
“Situations like this?” Arthur asks casually, trying to hide his curiosity. 
Alfred pushes himself out from under the sink, puts everything back exactly as it was and hops to his feet. “Yeah. My dad needs the help and I want to work, but I usually can’t go to an unmated alpha’s house by myself, but Dad said you seemed like a good guy, so I got to come alone, obviously. He’s kinda overprotective, but that’s how dads are, right?”
Arthur suddenly feels very silly. After condemning Mr. Jones and overreacting to a hypothetical version of future Charlotte, it turns out that Mr. Jones thinks highly enough of Arthur that he trusts him not to be a prick toward his son. Well. “Yes. Fathers can be that way, I suppose.”
Alfred smiles at him. “You’d do anything for your little girl, I bet. Dad told me. I only just met you and all, but you seem like you’re probably a great dad.” A cute blush blooms over Alfred’s cheeks. “Uh. Anyway. It’s none of my business, so I’m gonna check all the sinks and then I’ll need you to show me where the breaker box is.”
Statements to an unmated alpha which amount to “you would make a good father” are high praise from any omega and often indicative that they are thinking of the alpha in that capacity and as such, Arthur’s traitorous baser instincts flood his higher mind with images of a pregnant Alfred, all plump and glowing. He’d probably smell like sweet lemon biscuits.
“Daddy, who’s that?” Charlotte appears behind Arthur as Alfred heads in the direction of the downstairs water closet.
Arthur shakes himself as if being mentally splashed with cold water. “He’s Alfred and he’s inspecting our house. Remember I told you that we’re going to be making a lot of changes soon? He’s here to insure that it’s safe to make them,” Arthur explains. 
“Oh,” Charlotte says. “Is he an omega?”
Arthur laughs a little as Charlotte is at an age now where she is able to distinguish types. Her own will probably become apparent in the next year or so. Despite his earlier hypothesizing, Arthur has a strong feeling she’ll turn out to be an alpha. “Yes, he is.”
“He’s pretty,” Charlotte states as if it were merely an obvious fact. “And he’s here to inspect the house.” She looks up at Arthur and smiles, nods knowingly.
“Yes, and I want you to stay out of his—” but Arthur can’t even finish the sentence or make sense of her conspiratorial expression before Charlotte is under Alfred’s feet, grinning at him. “—way.” Arthur follows them and hoists the protesting young girl into the air. Lord, if she does turn out to be an alpha, he’ll really be in for it. “Charlotte, you have to let him do his job, understood?”
Alfred grins as he kneels down to check under the bathroom sink. “Aw, it’s alright, Mr. Kirkland, she’s not bothering me. She’s a way cuter supervisor than any of my dad’s guys.”
While Arthur resists the urge to follow Alfred all over the house—only obliging any of Alfred’s requests to be shown this thing or that, Charlotte certainly doesn’t. She trails after Alfred as he goes and he’s so perfectly patient with her that Arthur is certain it isn’t merely a good show of “customer service.” Alfred does seem like the type to have a natural affinity with children, but all his indulgence of Charlotte does is confirm what pheromones have already told him: Alfred will be an amazing mother someday.
Arthur forces himself to sip tea and pretend to read a book in the living room as he listens to Charlotte giggling, occasionally accompanied by Alfred, and contemplate the way he has been living his life thus far. The pangs of longing are not necessarily specific to the omega inspecting his home, but Alfred’s sunshine scent and Charlotte’s apparent adoration of him make it easy to slot him into Arthur’s fantasies of a more traditional domestic life.
“Mr. Kirkland?”
“Hm. Yes. What is it?” He snaps out of his thoughts to see Alfred standing before him with his clipboard on his hip and Arthur’s daughter stuck to his leg.
Alfred shakes his head a little and laughs. “Well, I thought everything was up to code from what I could see, but I’ve been speaking with Charlotte here and she informs me that the floor is actually lava, which—I’m sure I don’t need to tell you—is a pretty serious safety violation.”
Charlotte collapses into giggles on the floor.
Arthur’s heart melts into a puddle. 
Alfred’s big, beaming grin is even more endearing now than it was when he arrived a few hours ago.
Arthur stands up from the couch and pulls Charlotte up off the floor, exaggerating how much effort it takes to lift her as always and kissing the top of her head. The whole world aside, Arthur is happy when his darling girl is happy. “Go wash up now,” he instructs. “We’ll have supper soon.”
“What’s for supper?” she asks.
He had never been much of a cook and still isn’t, but he tries. He tries for Charlotte. “Roast and mashed potatoes and steamed carrots.”
Charlotte scrunches up her nose. “Do we have to have carrots?”
“Yes, you must have proper nutrition. Do we have to have this conversation every night?”
She sticks her tongue out at him and he returns the gesture. “I’ll eat carrots if Alfred can stay for supper.”
Arthur looks over at the omega, having almost forgotten he was there. 
Alfred looks at them wide-eyed and a bit shaken for some reason. He’s blushing to the tips of his ears and clinging to his clipboard and pencil—the latter of which he once again uses to push up his glasses. “Oh. Me? No. Sorry, Miss Charlotte, I have to get back to the office so,” he pauses, “so I can work up a plan to deal with all this molten lava,” he waves comically in the direction of the floor.
Arthur gently pats Charlotte between her shoulder blades. “Go. Go wash your hands.” He looks apologetically at Alfred. “I’m terribly sorry, I hope she didn’t bother you too much. I appreciate you indulging her.”
Alfred’s expression goes just a bit gooey and cute. “It’s really no problem. She’s a sweet kid. I was right. You are a great dad,” he says softly. He coughs. “Anyway, I found a couple things I’ll need to run by my dad, but nothing major, and then we should be able to get started asap.” He tears off a page from a carbon copy form and hands it to Arthur. “Here’s a copy of my report, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but let us know if you have any questions.”
Arthur looks over the page, noting its completeness and legible handwriting. “Excellent, thank you. So that’s it for now then?”
Alfred is back to beaming. “Yup.”
“Very good.” Arthur leads him to the door. “Do you work on the crew as well or is your part of the job finished?” It’s a question born of pure curiosity about an omega who works with a contractor, of course. It’s certainly not fishing at all.
Alfred steps out of the open doorway and takes a deep breath. “Ah well, this is all Dad has let me do so far, but I always want to learn more things, so we’ll see. Have a good night, Mr. Kirkland,” he calls as he heads down the path to the sidewalk.
“Same to you, Alfred.” Arthur shuts the door and shakes his head. We’ll see. Somehow, he really hopes so.
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justkending · a year ago
A Little Party Never Killed Nobody...
Tumblr media
                              1700 Follower Drabble!
A/N: Oh goodness gracious!! I’ve hit 1700 beautiful and loving followers. Everyone of you bringing more and more light into my world:’) In honor of you all helping me fulfill my dream as a writer and supporting me along the way, here is a little drabble for all you sweet humans. I can’t thank you enough, and I can’t express my love for each of you enough as well... 
-So, I stole from my prompt list on an old challenge I did and created a drabble of my own with them! Hope you enjoy my lovelies<3
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 5000+
“I actually did my hair for the first time in 3 months. I think I deserve a medal for this. “
“Dude, it’s 3 in the morning.”
The banging was loud and profusely consistent as Y/N sat up from sleep with a groan. She sent a death glare to the door as if it was the culprit to waking her, but she knew it was one of her teammates that would soon be dead...
“What?!” she said bitterly, quickly tearing open the door. 
Bucky was on the other side with a slick grin showing his amusement to the situation. Her hair disheveled from sleep and eyes filled with hatred, but the sports bra and tight sleep shorts were doing something for her in her annoyed state.
“Mission. Be in the helicarrier in bay 3 in 20 minutes,” he said with a smirk before turning in his step to walk away.
“Dude, it’s 3 in the morning!” she shouted after him.
“Evil doesn’t sleep,” he responded without looking back.
All he heard from behind him was a strangled groan mixed with a muffled scream as she went back in her room and slammed the door. 
The last to board the helicarrier, Y/N walked in throwing her things to the side, and sat in a seat immediately falling to her side to fall asleep again.
“Wake up, Y/N. We have to do a briefing,” Bucky said, slapping her boot. 
“I swear to God. Do you have a deathwish?” she growled, begrudgingly sitting up and rubbing her eyes. 
“Really not a morning person this one,” Nat laughed coming around the corner. Y/N sending her a glare as well, but not nearly as deadly as the one she saved specifically for Bucky. “Come on. We’ll make it quick, and then we have a 4 hour flight. You can sleep then,” she nodded toward the briefing area of the giant plane. 
Taking a deep breath she stood up following the rest of the team with Bucky behind her. 
“Cicely Rosmarie DeLuca. Daughter of Ramone DeLuca who is a well known crime boss in Italy. Seems to run in the family as Cicely has taken over the control of her family's business within the last 2 years,” Steve explained pulling up pictures on the screen as everyone sat with informational packets on the group in front of them.
“Since when did we start handling crime bosses?” Sam spoke up.
Everyone who had been on this particular mission included; Nat, Sam, Bucky, Steve, Y/N, and Wanda. So if this many Avengers were needed, clearly something much bigger than just crime bosses were involved. 
“Because the DeLuca’s are working with a division group of Hydra. We think they aren’t really in it for what Hydra wants, but more so gaining the alli and making some money on the side,” Steve sighed. “It looks like they have a means to steal plans that could wreak havoc on confidential equipment that we have in the works. Stuff that could easily be modified to become world wide dangers.”
“I have an idea,” Y/N spoke up. The whole crew turned to her. “Let’s just stop creating things that can destroy planet Earth. I feel like that’s a healthy start to creating the safe environment we’ve been fighting so hard to preserve over all these years.” The grin on her face was big and sarcastic and quickly dropped to a bitch face. 
“You can’t help but be a smartass all hours of the day, can you sweetheart?” Bucky groaned a few seats ahead of her. The pet name only there because he knew how much it annoyed her.
“And you can’t help but be a nuisance to my life all hours of the day, can you jackass?” she retorted. 
“You guys. Focus,” Steve interrupted, sending the two his Captain look. “You’re going to have to get along for this mission because we’re going undercover, and we only have one night to get this right.”
“Undercover how?” Wanda asked. 
“There’s a gala in Venice. From what we’ve gathered, the information will be swapped there. We need to hunt it down discreetly and capture the agents working with Hydra. From there, we’ll bring them in for questioning and figure out where exactly they are getting their information from. We believe we have a spy within our facility that’s leaking all the confidential knowledge.”
“And if these Hydra agents happen to do what Hydra does best and kill themselves before we can get anything out of them, then what?” Y/N asked. 
“Ever the optimist,” Bucky mumbled. No one else paid mind to it, but Y/N kicked the back of his chair making him turn and send yet another glare at her.
“We’ve prepared for that,” Steve said, nodding to Nat to go to the next slide. “We have devices, drugs, and antidotes in case cyanide becomes involved. The capsules of drug and equipment being used incapacitates them long enough to get them back to our base and keep in holding. From there, we will take other precautions to keep them from doing anything stupid that involves cyanide. Again, we don’t know if that will be the case, but with our history with Hydra, they have yet to prove us wrong.”
“So basically, you’re bringing us to go to a party to roofie Hydra agents. I gotta say, not what I was expecting from our high tech division,” Y/N nodded with a small laugh.
“It’s the best way to keep discrete and not cause a scene or hopefully any fatalities at the gala. They are using a charity for cover, and I rather not actual good people get hurt in the end,” Steve sighed. “Now, we land in 3 and a half hours. Once landed get your gear ready, look over your profiles, and get prepared for the gala. Like I said we are going undercover, so look your best.”
“This doesn’t happen to be a black tie gala, does it?” Bucky asked. 
“What gala isn’t?” Sam retorted. 
“Suits are already ready to go in the other room. Ladies, our dresses are in section 11 of the ship,” Nat explained, standing and gathering her things. “Y/N, that means you're going to figure out how to walk in heels,” she smirked. 
“I think we’ll need more time than you’re giving us for that to ever be convincing,” Bucky snickered. Sam laughed too. 
“Oh, shut the fuck up. I’ve done missions like this before. Just because I don’t wear an evening gown everyday, doesn’t mean I can’t pull one off,” she stood, walking by and flicking the back of Bucky’s head. 
Her, Nat, and Wanda leaving the room while Bucky held the crown of his head in vexation. 
“Son of a-” he started going to stand and retaliate. 
“Buck, I’m going to need you to pull it together for one night,” Steve said, cutting him off from his path to harass Y/N. “You and Y/N are teammates. So either put on a face or suck it up for the night.”
“I’m not the one you need to be telling that too. The she-witch in there is going to be the one to mess it up if any of us,” Bucky argued.
“Y/N is a well trained spy and the best marksman on the team as of right now. She will do her job and you’ll do yours. You have to let the petty fighting go for one night, ok?”
“Come on Cap. You know it’s more than just petty arguments. Bucks gotta crush,” Sam said singing the last words.
With wide eyes, Bucky turned to Sam. “I do not! She’s nothing but an annoying headache added to my life... Scratch that. Migraine.”
“That’s what someone with a crush would say,” Sam said with a grin and squinted eyes. 
“I don’t have a-” Bucky started.
“Hey Cap. Nat needs you real quick,” Y/N said poking her head back in. Everyone turned to her as if they just got caught doing an illegal act and stayed silent. “Did I walk in on something?”
“No,” Steve shook his head. “I’ll be there in a second.” 
She nodded before giving everyone a furrowed eyebrow in confusion as she left. “Weirdos,” she mumbled walking away.
Steve let out a deep sigh. “Just behave yourself tonight. If you do, Y/N will too.” He walked to leave the room. 
“Yeah, right,” Bucky scoffed. 
“Yeah, your 100% smitten,” Sam laughed walking past him out of the room.
“No, I’m not!”
The time had come. Everyone was prepared. Lookouts were in their designated spots, any tech that was being used was up and live, and everyone was about to meet at the Gala. 
“Ok, Nat, you’re with me tonight. Sam and Wanda you two will be with each other. And Bucky and Y/N, you two will be partners as well,” Steve explained over the coms. 
All the women had arrived just a few minutes later and the men were already scoping out the place.
“Wait, what?” Bucky responded back. Sam standing next to him.
“Oh, he definitely did that on purpose,” Sam chuckled. 
“Why the hell would he? We don’t work well together,” Bucky groaned, looking around for her. 
“Well, you better figure it out. At least for tonight,” Sam patted his back, taking a champagne glass from the passing waiter and moving to find his chosen partner. 
Bucky rolled his eyes into another dimension thinking about the all annoying arguments that he was sure would be apart of the night.
“Fine, Y/N what are you wearing?” Bucky asked in the comms.
“James, I’m flattered, but I don’t really like you in that way,” her sass came back through the ear piece. 
“Steve,” Bucky groaned. 
“Guy’s stop it. Y/N tell Bucky what you're wearing so we can start this mission. We don’t have all night,” Steve instructed with irritation. 
“A black dress,” she sighed. 
“Wow, real descriptive. Let me just search through all 500 of them I see,” Bucky said sarcastically. 
“I’m by the rip off Vincent van Gogh painting on the east side. Next to the waterfall,” she explained. 
Bucky took a deep breath walking over in her direction. It was a really crowded place, so maneuvering through people to find her became difficult. That was until he reached the fountain she was talking about, and the people had thinned out some. 
Glancing all around, he couldn’t pick her out from all the black dresses he’d seen. 
“Y/N, where the hell are you?” he whisper shouted in the comms. No answer. “Of fucking course no answer,” he said to himself. 
But upon sharper inspection, he noticed her face in the distance. 
And holy shit. 
That did not look like the Y/N he was used to. I mean it did, but she was usually a natural beauty. Not that she wasn’t right now, but done up the way she was was a whole different kind of beauty. 
Her dress was a black off the shoulder evening gown. The middle section of it was a see through mesh, and the top part of it looked as if it she had a bra on full display. Only bringing more attention to her perfectly modeled torso. Her hair was done in an elegant, but messy, kind of braid. The whole ensemble flowing together and creating an refined and formal Y/N that Bucky had never got the chance before tonight to see. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Having looking that stunning, Bucky wasn’t surprised to see the men around her glance her way. However, the man that was only a few feet into her space and talking up a storm looked to be making Y/N uncomfortable. She had on a fake smile trying not to bring attention to herself, but disgust to the older and space invading man, was showing in her eyes.
Quickly, Bucky maneuvered to her.
“There you are, doll,” he smiled widely at her, putting his arm out and wrapping it around her waist as he pulled her side into him. “I must have gone to the wrong fountain looking for you,” he winked. 
As if in instinct, she leaned into his side and brought her hand to his chest lightly patting it. 
“Oh dear, you and your directionally challenged self. I can’t take you anywhere,” she laughed in a surprisingly domestic way. 
“Oh, is this your-?” the older, and now looking at him closer, creepy man started looking Bucky up and down. 
“My date, yes,” she answered. “If you’ll excuse us, we have some other friends that we were supposed to be meeting with,” she patted Bucky’s chest. “Right, honey?”
Lost while staring down at Y/N, he didn’t answer right away, but when he looked back at the old man who had a suspicious look on his face, he snapped out of it. 
“Uh, yes. If you’ll excuse us,” he said offering his arm, which she took and intertwined herself into him. 
They walked away quickly before the man could say anything else and once a good distance away, Y/N let out a deep sigh. 
“Take it you weren’t the one that approached him?” Bucky chuckled. 
“99% of the time it’s not the woman doing the approaching. It’s the sexually frustrated, overcompensating, and egotistic assholes that do,” she shook her head. 
Ok that made him chuckle a little.
“Well, glad I could be of service,” Bucky nodded looking around them. If he was going to stay focused on the mission, he couldn’t be looking at her. She had proven herself to be a distraction for the night while looking like that. 
“Yes, thank you. I would have done something about it, but I don’t think throat punching someone in the middle of a gala would have been normal entertainment for these people,” she said almost in disgust at the crowd around them. All prissy and rich, donating only a 164th of their wealth to try and not come off as greedy. 
“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard that right. Did you just say… Thank you?” Bucky teased. 
“Don’t push your luck, Barnes,” she countered, but when she looked up at him there was a small smile on her dark maroon lips. A look Bucky had never really been on the receiving end of. 
He returned it in surprise and noticed just how devastatingly gorgeous she looked up close. Had she always been this stunning and Bucky never noticed. Ok, well he had noticed, but with the constant fighting and bickering they did, it was hard to focus on it. 
Without thinking, his thoughts spilled out. “You look very nice tonight,” he said to her. Instantly blushing and looking away.
“A compliment? I didn’t know you knew how to use those,” she gasped teasingly. 
“Don’t push your luck, Y/L/N,” he retorted back. The smile still stuck on his face. 
“Time out. Are we being civil right now?” she asked, halting her steps. Bucky stopped and looked back at her. 
“It’s possible if you just learn how to be less aggravating,” he smirked. 
“There it is. Whew, I was worried we were getting along for a second,” she laughed, continuing their walk.
Bucky hadn’t heard that laugh ever. At least not directed to something he had said. And damn, he liked it. Why the hell did he have to like it?
 “You know? I actually did my hair for the first time in 3 months. I think I deserve a medal for this,” she added. 
“I don’t think they give out medals for that,” Bucky couldn’t help himself, but laugh with her. 
“Well, they should. It took quite a bit of effort. Doing hair could be an olympic spot in itself,” she shrugged. 
“Ok, everyone in their sections?” Steve’s voice came through the comms.
“Good here,” Sam spoke up. 
“We’re set here,” Y/N checked in.
“Great. Keep an eye out for the individuals we’re here for. Y/N, Bucky, you guys keep an eye on the DeLuca’s. If they venture off from the party, it could be the meeting we’re here for. So follow and keep us updated,” Steve instructed. 
“Got it, Cap,” Bucky voiced in. “Alright, shall we mingle?” he asked, looking down at Y/N.
“I mean, if we must,” she deflated some on his arm, but quickly put on a mask straightening and acting as if she went to an event like this every weekend. 
They conversed, they faked life stories with the rich, they drank, and they easily convinced everyone around them they were just another pair of investors. The mission was doing fine other than the fact, nothing suspicious had happened yet. 
The was until, Y/N was getting her 4th drink and Bucky noticed Cicely DeLuca was conversing with someone they had kept an eye on all night. And now, was headed off to another room with them. 
“Y/N,” Bucky said coming up behind her. “They're moving.”
Y/N took a long sip of the wine in her hand. She squinted toward the group and nodded. 
“Ok, let’s get to business,” she nodded, walking straight to them.
“Y/N!” Bucky shouted quickly, grabbing her arm before she got to far, and she fell into him some. 
“Oops,” she giggled, stumbling on her feet. 
“Wait a second. Are you drunk?” he asked in a concerned voice. 
“No, no,” she brushed off. Clearing her throat. “No… Ok, a little tipsy, but not drunk,” she waved off. “I lost count of the champagne, and I’m pretty sure they have a high proof brand.”
“Dear God. We're on a mission, Y/N. What were you thinking?!” 
“I was thinking, free alcohol,” she smirked before standing straighter. “No time to talk about it. We need to go.”
She turned and quietly marched to follow. Bucky close behind caught up to her and wrapped a hand her arm.
“You’re a mess. Just let me lead,” he groaned pulling her arm through his and keeping her close.
“You smell good,” she noted. 
He looked down at her and saw she was giving him a soft sincere smile. Really? Out of all times, this is when she decided to make Bucky’s head all fuzzy. 
“Come on,” he sighed, pulling her gently to the corridor the suspicious group disappeared into. 
Discreetly they stayed around the corner and watched the DeLuca’s and guests go into a secluded room. No one else was in the halls but them and a few guards posted at the doors. 
“Shit,” Bucky whispered. 
“What?” Y/N asked peeking her head around to see what Bucky saw, but she peeked out a little too much and the guard heard them. He quickly pulled her back from view.
“Damn it, Y/N,” Bucky whispered to her in a frustrated way. 
He was going to pull her away down another hallway to try and keep from being fully caught, but he wasn’t fast enough, and the guard started to come around the corner. 
Without getting a second to prepare, Y/N crashed her lips into Bucky’s and wrapped her arms around his shoulders behind his neck. A little stunned at first, Bucky froze, but it didn’t take him long to fall into the action with her. He slowly brought his hands around her waist and pulled her flush to him. The kiss hard and frenzied.
“Hey, you two aren’t supposed to be here!” The guard shouted. 
Y/N pulled away and faked shock. 
“Oh, goodness! I’m so sorry,” she blushed, adding a fake british accent and pushing herself into Bucky in embarrassment. “We were just trying to find a quiet place to… Well, I won’t get too graphic,” she giggled. 
The man who at first had a hard glare on his face eased up and sighed. 
“It’s fine. I’m just going to need you two go back to the party. This section is closed off,” he instructed coming closer. 
“Of course, of course. You’re only doing your job. I get it,” she smiled a captivating and warm smile untangling herself from Bucky who had yet to be able to form a coherent thought since her surprise make out session. “Let me just grab my clutch real fast- Oop!” She dropped the purse that had opened and the contents of it spilling out. “Oh God. I’m such a clutz,” she laughed. The alcohol created a tint of red in her cheeks only making her little act more convincing. 
“Here, let me help,” the large guard offered, bending to help her grap the loose items. 
“Ever the gentleman,” she beamed up at him. Before he knew it though, the tiny bottle of perfume she had in the clutch let out a spritz in his face. 
He coughed at first, but in seconds fell over asleep. Before he could hit the floor with a thud, Bucky moved to ease him down. 
“What the fuck?” Bucky said with wide eyes as he looked back at her. 
“What? I’m doing my job,” she answered, calmly and collectively putting her things back in her clutch and smoothing out her dress. Her behavior was completely different from 2 seconds ago. “Tipsy doesn’t mean I’m completely incompetent.”
The footsteps of the second guard coming around the corner were getting closer. 
“Move him,” Y/N directed before walking toward the other threat. 
By the time Bucky had placed the other man in a closet nearby and turned the corner where Y/N had gone, he saw her dragging the second guard back his way.
“A little help, muscles?” she groaned at the heavy set guy in her hands. 
Bucky quickly did the same with the second guard placing them in closets and blocking the door with a heavy decorative table. 
“Cap, we’re at the meeting room. Both guards taken care of and about to put the listening device on. You ready?”
“Nat?” Steve asked.
“On it”, Nat replied. “Y/N, if you can’t get into the room, stick it to the door. I can get feedback that way too,” she instructed. 
Bucky looked at Y/N. “Where’s the device?” he asked.
“One second,” she exhaled. She placed her hand on his shoulder for support as she lifted her foot and dug out a small mechanism from her heel. “For once, heels are useful in my life,” she sighed, putting her foot back down and activating it. “Keep watch.” She moved to the double doors the suspects were in and placed it on the outside as Bucky kept an eye down the hallway. 
“Why do I feel like a sidekick in this and not an actual agent?” Bucky mumbled. 
“Because you're Robin and I’m the Batman in this scenario, didn’t you know?” she said with a wink and her sarcasm coming back. 
He rolled his eyes before looking back down the hall. 
“Ok, we’re in,” Nat explained. “Sam and Wanda head to their location for stand by in case they need backup.”
“Copy that,” Wanda spoke up. 
They all listened in on the conversation but so far it had just been exchanging casualties and nothing having to do with evil plans. 
“God, talk about a boring party,” Y/N sighed next to Bucky as they waited for something to happen. 
“Wasn’t boring 5 minutes ago,” Bucky thought to himself. 
He couldn’t help but look over to her and study her again. She was focused on the view from the balcony off to the side. You could see the party happening down there, but it was a private spot where the people below couldn’t really see them up where they were.
She fidgeted with the small mesh strap that wrapped around her arms creating the off the shoulder look. Her eyes darting around as if some form of danger was down there and not behind her.
“What are you seeing?” he asked. 
“Don’t know. But something about this seems off,” she said softly. 
“Off how?” he went on. 
“It’s been 5 minutes of small talk and nothing about what we came here for. It’s usually straight to dirty business with these things.” She looked back at him, but the look in his eye wasn’t showing interest in the mission. He looked like he was thinking about something else. Turning back to the balcony she spoke up. “What’s going on in that head of yours Barnes? You catching something I’m not?”
“Why’d you kiss me?” he said bluntly. 
She stiffened and turned back to him. “What?”
“You could of easily just acted drunk and done something with that to throw him off, but you kissed me. And not just a fake, ‘I’m trying to act kiss’ That was a full on kiss,” he said taking a step to her. 
“We’re on a job Bucky. I have to make it as convincing as possible,” she said, but there was a weird hesitancy in her voice. “That or we would have been caught and dealing with two highly trained security guards, possibly causing a ruckus that would have brought attention to us.”
He paused. He was looking too far into it, wasn’t he? He just made an awkward situation out of nothing. 
“Though, I can’t not say you in that suit had something to do with it,” she mumbled to herself, but the super soldier hearing beat out her quiet confession.
“I’m sorry, what was that?” Bucky grinned shocked and stood behind her. 
“You look good in a suit, ok? It made it a little easier kissing you,” she huffed not making eye contact with him. “Don’t get too big an ego there, bud.”
Though he could come up with about 30 different things to say and push her buttons with that confession, that’s not where his mind went. 
When she turned, not hearing a witty response for the co-worker, she didn’t expect to see him right behind her and almost chest to chest at the movement. 
“What are you-” she started, but looking up into his eyes, she didn’t see irritation this time. No, she saw lust. His eyes dilated to where the blues of his eyes just covered the rims. “Bucky,” she said in a hushed whisper not being able to break her gaze from his lips.
But before she could question him, he lowered himself to her level and connected their lips once again that evening. His hand going from her cheek to behind her neck pulling her in. Her hands at first on his chest nervous at the closeness, but now grabbing the lapels of his coat and pulling him closer. 
Frantic and starved was the best way to describe that kiss. As if it had been a long time coming, and tasted oh so much sweeter after marinating all this time. 
They eventually pulled away from the intoxicating and dizzying action. Both of their eyes practically black looking at the other. 
“I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Bucky confessed. 
“Could’ve fooled me,” she said, still trying to catch her breath. 
Breaking the moment up, they heard a crash come from the other side of the doors they were monitoring. 
“Shit,” Y/N said, quickly making haste to the room. Bucky two steps behind her. 
Bucky kicked open the doors and saw Hydra agents pointing their gun at the DeLuca’s. Though their job wasn’t to take care of the crime boss family, no one needed to get hurt. 
The gun quickly turned on Bucky, but before the shot could be made, a knife flew into the man's shoulder causing him to grasp it and fall to the ground in agony.
“Nice shot,” Bucky smirked. 
“Thanks, now focus!” She smiled back before the two went in and a whole fight scene evolved. 
Sam and Wanda were there seconds later, and as if the easiest task in the world, all the bad guys were in the hands of the Avengers.
No one died, and everyone that was needed for questioning was put to sleep somehow and brought back to the helicarrier. 
“Nice work, Y/L/N,” Steve patted her shoulder that hadn’t been injured. 
At some point in the fight, the sleeves she had been fiddling with on her shoulders had restricted her to defend herself from a knife. In the act of cutting her though, it also cut the sash off and Y/N used it to her advantage. She had used the fabric as a way to tie up the man who assaulted her and render him defenseless after some light manipulation with the sash made his weaponless. Crazy the things you can make dangerous when your a trained spy. 
“Thanks Cap,” she smiled, hissing as the nurse on board put a disinfectant on the wounds. 
“Hey, coming out with just one injury is a win when you use a ribbon as your weapon,” Bucky chuckled walking over. Hands in his pockets and a smile taking over his features. 
“You’re not wrong,” she laughed before hissing again at another round of alcohol to the open cut.
“I don’t think you’ll need stitches, but we are going to wrap this up to keep from infection. Let me go grab the gauze,” the nurse informed her, heading to the medical bay. 
“Nice work tonight,” Bucky said, sitting next to her. “I guess working side by side isn’t as horrible as I suspected.”
“Eh, it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great,” she said shrugging. Bucky sent her a blank stare and slowly blinked, not amused. “Oh, lighten up. I’m just pulling your leg,” she laughed, shoving his shoulder lightly. “You’re not that bad of a partner.”
He eased up and a soft smile formed on his lips before he looked back down. 
“Listen,” he started. 
“How do you feel about getting coffee when we get back?” she cut him off. 
“What?” Bucky said sitting straighter. 
“Coffee. You know that drink that gives people energy. It’s usually served around breakfast time, but in Europe they actually-”
“I know what coffee is,” he shook his head with a chuckle. “I’m just a little shocked.”
The nurse came back around the corner and motioned for Y/N to come with her. She got up and turned back to Bucky before she followed. 
“You shouldn’t be, considering what happened on that balcony,” she winked, making him blush as she disappeared around the corner. 
“Damn,” Bucky eventually said to himself when he could form a thought. “She’s going to be the death of me…”
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gothicenjoyer · a year ago
Can't decide on anything specific to ask so would just like to solicit some opinions on terms of endearments and their meanings, butchness/gender, or Gideon being the very best girl
i'm gonna opt for talking about butchness/gender -- specifically, i'm gonna talk about a line of argument i don't think i've gone down on this blog before. i've done like a bunch of posts on Gender Stuff in the series that i feel like most people who are interested in what i have to say on gender and butchness will already have seen, so i'm not gonna repeat myself too hard, but instead i'm gonna talk about my misc thoughts around just what is going on with gideon in harrow's body and what that can potentially do for the way in which the books are thinking abt butchness.
i meant to spread my answering of this out over at least two or three separate spurts but instead i've just done the whole thing in literally one sitting, so, if this is slightly incomprehensible: sorry. as harrowhark nonagesimus once said, understand i am insane.
on a quick note i am using 'masculinity' and 'femininity' as shorthand for the types of gender performance that those terms most commonly denote; i don't actually think that they're necessarily useful or accurate terms (eg. im a butch but i hate calling myself masculine, i don't see my Gender(tm) as a form of masculinity) and they're definitely not meaningful in the world of the locked tomb in the same way that they are when i'm using them. but this is a locked tomb sideblog on tumblr dot com where i am delivering some stream-of-consciousness thought on things that interest me rather than a queer theory essay, so i'm going to use the slightly imprecise terms and hope that you get what i'm getting at.
there's a ton to be said for gideon being written as a butch and codified as masculine and identified with men throughout the narrative and i pretty much have a directory for it in my head so i'm just going to fire off a bunch of examples for you now from memory. these are like, besides the very obvious muscular sword girl thinks about tits all day, like we all know those ones, i'm narrowing the list down to specific identifications w masculinity or even manhood. some of these ARE just me reading into shit, i know this, but i think they're fun. this list is also very much self-indulgent on my part
starting with the obvious. she is. literally called gideon. like her name is a masculine name, she is named after another character who is a man
bandeau functions the same as a binder. ok i KNOW this is a stretch but let me have it i want it so bad
it's a minor one but i like that the clothes she takes to canaan house were originally ortus' resized to fit her. like it doesn't seem like the ninth really has gendered clothing anyway, some of harrow's formalwear possibly excepted, but still.
obviously the emasculation line, like it kind of does all the work you need it to by itself there
harrow and cytherea both compare her to matthias nonius
'the necromancer's marriage season,' the shitty romance novel cytherea was reading when palamedes blew himself up tae fuck, is an abstraction of ianthe/harrow/gideon in my opinion (abella was muir's original name for ianthe and is also the name of the book's protag) in which ianthe is the unbearable third house necromancer, harrow is her 'insanely tedious widow' love interest, and gideon is harrow's 'saintly husband.' :)
tbh arguably the divine highness au. the trope is very much 'prince hosts a ball to find a wife' isn't it. cinderella type thing.
her fantasies abt women being attracted to her are very much localised to them being attracted to her muscles. eg. near the start when she's fantasising about cohort soldiers watching her do pullups; fantasising about corona feeling up her biceps; everything with cytherea, just gender all the way up to here throughout that; arguably even the whole thing about dropping harrow off the side of the docking bay, lol. like her sense of herself as physically attractive is definitely rooted in a more masculine model of attractiveness is what i'm getting at.
i actually will say as well, related to gideon being The Best Girl, that all of these are played off against gideon being referred to as a girl pretty often in the narrative, including references she makes herself, and being quite comfortably identified within girlhood(/womanhood) in a way that i don't think harrow is. (i'd need to go look again for quotes relating to harrow Being A Girl, which i am not gonna do right now, but in general harrow strikes me as quite, like, uncomfortable with any gender at all. whereas gideon definitely is a girl and thinks of herself as such, she's just very butch about it.) off the top of my head: the infamous good girl line, cytherea calling her a good girl during avulsion, post-avulsion when she thinks she looks like 'a haggard girl,' later thinks of herself as 'a girl who had screwed up so badly' etc etc. my point is that it's mostly gid comfortably applying the terminology of girlhood to herself. there are probably more but i think i've made my point there, in that those kind of identifications with masculinity and manhood are overlaid with a grounding in womanhood that is really effective. (not to discredit readings of gideon as nonbinary in some sense! i just think she has a lot of gender weirdness and she's a woman, and her comfort in womanhood exists in relation to those modes of masculinity, and those two things each make sense of the other.)
i'm really REALLY invested in what the Gender situation is going to look like with gideon in harrow's body. mostly because i think up until now gideon's sense of herself as butch (insofar as 'butch' means anything at all - obviously what we're describing here is butchness as a conscious self-identification and performance w/in very specific cultural conditions that don't actually exist in gideon's world, but like, that IS kind of pedantic of me, and for all intents and purposes she is a butch lesbian) is quite...uncomplicated? she very much just is, and i don't think there's ever a sense of her as consciously performing gender in a way that she isn't 'supposed' to, or expected to, even when there quite clearly is a form of somewhat mainstream femininity (coronabeth, ianthe, abigail, cytherea) that she never seems to think to position herself in relation to.
(i even wonder if like, there's a sense of that masculinity being formed in tandem to those modes of femininity. thinking about cytherea comparing her to matthias nonius and getting her to pick her up and carry her and stuff like that. even gideon fantasising about corona feeling up her biceps lmfao.)
part of that is likely the nature of the no-homophobia universe and the very different relationships to gender and gender nonconformity that that engenders (ha) (i think there is some sense of gender normativity and deviation from that normativity, because there has to be, really, for gender to exist at all in any meaningful way, which it does, but if gender nonconformity is socially punished in any way then we don't see it - besides with ianthe but i'll get to ianthe in a bit - and i think you really need a sense of being ~gnc af~ as putting you in proximity to particular forms of violence to make the kind of, awareness of yourself as gender nonconforming work. this is INCREDIBLY convoluted but i hope you get what i'm getting at. i think it doesn't occur to gideon that her masculinity might be in a sense meaningful or integral to her identity because it just doesn't cross her mind that it's significant enough to do that.) another part of it is also probably the fact that gid + harrow grew up on the ninth, completely isolated from the other houses with literally no other people of their age group around and only a handful of geriatrics plus ortus to instill some kind of sense of what gender, like....is. (CONSTANTLY thinking about the line in the makeover scene where harrow looks at herself in the dress and thinks she looks like her mother.) (also i wonder how related gideon's understanding of gender norms is to the comics she owns, since that's the closest thing she has to any sense of what goes on or what's expected of people outside of the ninth.) obviously normative gender roles need social reinforcement even when deviation from them isn't punished and now harrow and gideon have fucked up little genders (cf this post lol). incredible.
ANYWAY back to my original point. pre-death, it's not like we ever see gideon go 'hm, i am going to do some masculinity today, and here are the ways in which i am going to do it and deliberately not do femininity,' because that's 1. ridiculous 2. not a thing we need to be told and 3. not a thing that makes sense in this universe. HOWEVER i think being stuck in harrow's body is likely to engender (ha) something closer to like, an actual self-consciousness about gender performance that she didn't have before. i think if you are a butch, if you have a sense of yourself that is in some way bound up with a performance of masculinity, and experience what i think could reasonably be identified as a certain level of dysphoria (YES inaccurate to the worldview i KNOW cf. my note on using masculinity and femininity!!!!), then going from being in a body where those overlaps of gender made sense to you to being in one that is, firstly, not yours to fuck around with and secondly, very much not one where the Gender(tm) you had before can easily be translated, is gonna fuck you up a lot. it's just my hot take but i think gideon is gonna struggle a lot with the fact that she's in harrow's body, that harrow does things a certain way, that harrow is physically very small and puny and has longish hair now and just in general does not have access to the mode of masculinity that gideon did (ie big buff butch gf type), and the fact that she can't comfortably do anything about this bc that body is not hers. and - remember when i said i'd come back to ianthe? - i think this is amplified by the way so much of harrow the ninth involved ianthe forcing a particular mode of femininity onto harrow (cf here) that makes sense (or at least, i am able to make sense of it) in relation to class performance. harrow's gender is also very fucked up, and we've seen her perform a certain femininity for her role as the Reverend Daughter, we've seen her do it again for ianthe, neither of those examples being particularly pleasant ones, and i think it makes for a good detailing of the landscape onto which this whole thing could potentially explode.
i think as well if muir went about this right then it could be REALLY interesting played off against pyrrha having been in gideon the first's body for so long, and, crucially, having had lesbian sex in gideon the first's body. but also even just typing that out i can see a hundred different ways that that could be bad when handed over to a cis woman, lol. still! i think we haven't gotten a lot of interiority from gideon in relation to her gender, which makes sense in the world of the books, but i think the conditions of alecto are potentially gonna be such that we have an opportunity to access that now, and i'm interested.
ok yeah SORRY this went on for so long. my essential point is that i think what we get of gideon's sense of herself as a butch is so far limited, which is fine and written extremely well, but i think there's scope to explore it a lot in alecto and i really hope muir follows through. thanks and i am so sorry for how long this got.
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cherryobx · a year ago
Environmentalists//Kiara Carrera x reader
summary: You are an environmentalist who moves to the Outer Banks. When Kiara hears about you, she knows she has to meet you.
warnings: language (1 word lol), fluff, kissing ig
WC: 1,7k
(not my gif, creds to the owner!!!)
Tumblr media
You had been planning on moving for a while now. You wanted a quieter life away from big cities and cars honking every two seconds. You hated it. You absolutely hated it. You had known since you were a little girl that this wasn't the life for you.
You were luckily quite wealthy and you had enough money to start a new life somewhere else. When you talked to your parents about moving, they were very supportive of the idea. You told them about where you wanted to move and that you wanted to build your own house there. You had enough money so why not.
So, you quit your job in the city, packed most of your belongings with you and moved to the Outer Banks. Kildare to be specific. The decision to move there wasn’t hard. You had visited the place a few years back and you fell in love with it. It was the most beautiful place to you in the whole world.
When you first arrived there you checked out the property you had bought. The work there had already begun and the fundamentals of the house were already there. It was a good idea to start the process of building before you had even arrived. Your dad had helped you hire a group of people who knew what they were doing but you wanted to hire a few locals as well.
The one thing you decided on was that you wanted to stay on your property while it was being built. So, you rented yourself a caravan to live in.
When JJ and John B saw that there was a really good job opportunity, they decided to take it. The place they needed to work at wasn’t even far away from the chateau so it was the perfect job for them.
“Hey! You’re JJ and John B, right?” you asked the two boys who were walking up to you. They both gave you a confirming nod.
“Yay, I remembered your names,” you giggled. “So the guys are already working over there,” you pointed towards them, “so go over there and ask them what you have to do. And if you want to drink some water or eat some snacks, I set up a table for you all as well. If you have any questions I’ll be in that caravan.”
John B and JJ gave each other a look. It was their first day, they hadn’t even done anything yet, but you were being so unbelievably nice to them. It was something new for them since their other bosses in the past had treated them like shit.
A few months passed and the house was coming together. You had some finishing touches you still needed though. Like solar panels.
You were an environmentalist and doing everything in your power to change the world for the better. But it was hard because humanity had already done so much damage that it was really hard to make anything happen. However, you really tried. Change happens with one person at a time - a sentence you liked to live by.
“Yes, just put them over there for now. We’ll deal with them on Monday. It’s too late anyways. Go home, get some sleep.” You stood by and gave orders as the builders carried the panels one by one. Once they were finished, everyone went home.
“How does she have that much money though? That’s my question,” JJ said, opening the fridge and taking out two bottles of beer, offering one to his friend.
“Her parents are probably rich.” John B shrugged as he took the beer from JJ and popped the cap off.
“Yeah, but like solar panels?”
“What solar panels?” Kie asked as she walked into the kitchen. It was Friday night. That’s when they got together with the pogues to just drink and hang out. Pope was on his way as well.
She hopped onto one of the counters, very interested in the answer that was about to come. “You know that girl who moved here a few months back, our boss?”
“You mean the one who’s building her own house?”
“Yeah, her. She bought solar panels and they arrived today. We’re setting them up on Monday.” Suddenly Kie became very fascinated by her friends’ boss.
“What is she like?” she asked.
“Really nice. The best boss ever, for sure,” JJ said, taking a swig from his bottle.
John B continued. “Umm she’s a few years older than us. Sometimes she sits close where we are, watches us work and just talks to us. She’s an environmentalist, so the house we’re building is really energy efficient. And yes, she’s the best boss. She pays us generously and we get the right amount of breaks. She even gets us snacks and water. I don’t really know, that’s about it.”
“She sounds really cool. Can I come with you on Monday?” Kie asked, a hopeful look on her face. As soon as John B said that you were an environmentalist she knew she had to meet you. There weren’t many girls like you on the island. Plus, you seemed to be super awesome. She could use someone like you in her life.
“Uhh I don’t know.” John B looked at JJ and he looked back at him smirking. “Kie, you haven’t even met her and you’re already crushing on her.”
Kie rolled her eyes. “Ugh, shut up. Can I come or not?”
They agreed, so on Monday Kiara walked to work with them. She was nervous to say the least. JJ had been right. She hadn’t even seen or met you but she was already hooked. She had fixed her hair at least 10 times before getting there.
“Calm down, Kie,” JJ chuckled, patting Kie on the back.
Then she saw you and she swore her heart stopped beating for a second. You were nothing like she had imagined. You were even more beautiful. She loved the way your hair was moving in the light morning breeze or how you smiled and gestured with your hands as you were talking to your employees. It was like your smile was brighter than the sun. She was so invested in watching you, she almost tripped.
To her luck, JJ caught her just in time. “Relax, Romeo.”
As they walked closer, you finally noticed them coming towards you. You were a bit confused, seeing a girl with them. You smiled and waved at them. They waved back.
“Good morning, John B and JJ!”
“Good morning!” The boys said in unison, making you laugh.
“And who are you?” you turned to Kiara with a warm simile. “I’m Kiara,” she introduced herself, offering you a hand to shake which you did.
“I’m Y/N.” Kiara smiled as she repeated your name under her breath.
“Well, we better go...you know...do some work and stuff.” JJ and John B ran off as you and Kiara stayed back.
“So, what brings you here today?” you asked.
“Umm, I’m friends with John B and JJ and they told me a little about you. They told me that you are an environmentalist?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Me too! When they told me about you I knew I had to meet you. There aren’t many activists around here so…”
“They told you about me?”
“Yeah. I heard them talking about some solar panels and then it led to the conversation about you. They told me great things about you.”
You and Kiara talked for almost an hour before she asked if you’d been to her parents' restaurant. You told her that you hadn’t.
“Well, I can take you there if you’d like to.” She was really hoping that you want to.
“Sure, I haven’t had breakfast yet anyway.”
You grabbed your bike and told Kie to sit on the rack of your bicycle. You didn’t have a car and the reason was simple. You didn’t need one. Why buy a car and waste money on gas (which is harmful to the environment) when you could just use your bicycle to get around. The island wasn’t that huge.
Kie was hesitant at first but you told her that you’d get there quicker. Then she finally agreed to get on the bike. “Wrap your arms around me.” Kie’s heart started beating faster as she did so. You were so close to each other now.
You two rode to the Wreck in about 20 minutes. The silence was comfortable around you two. It was like you’d known each other for years. In reality, it’d been an hour. Well, that’s probably what it was like to meet someone you’re so similar to, someone you connect with.
After eating, Kie took you to her favourite places on the island. You two spent the entire day together. You really liked her. She had this specific energy that matched yours. You felt like you had found the one.
The day ended with you two sitting on the edge of a dock, watching the sunset. You leaned closer to Kie and rested your head on her shoulder. It was a beautiful moment. A one you were sure you’d cherish forever.
Kie smiled. She was happy. Like really happy. She hadn’t felt like this in a while. She liked you as well and really hoped that the feelings were mutual. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing to find a person you liked like this. She had known you for only a day but she could imagine a future with you.
So when you rose your head to look at Kie, she shot her shot.
She pressed her lips against yours and gave you a short and sweet kiss that left her wanting more now once she’d tasted your lips.
When she pulled away, you had a shocked expression on your face. You weren’t expecting that. But you liked the butterflies it gave you.
“Oh shit! I’m so sorry. I thought-”
You shut her up by kissing her again, but this time deeper. The butterflies in your belly flew at a rapid speed as your lips moved against each other. She placed her hand on your cheek to pull you in even closer.
The kiss ended when you ran out of air and needed a breath. Your foreheads rested against each other as you were catching your breath.
This felt right. All of it. You couldn’t wait for what destiny had planned for you two.
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