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#(for you but also for Them because their relationship makes me so soft!!!!!!!!)
bobbymckenzie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mason & Winter Collins for Love in Wayhaven
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO THE WONDERFUL @narrativefoiltrope! Or, you know... just a happy regular day!! This is my (humble) offer for @loveinwayhaven which I'm very nervous to share lol but I hope Mason and Winter are doing great ♡ I fell in love with them going through Erin's blog and I *tried* to do them justice... I don't know whether I was successful or not, but I sure put all my love into this and I truly hope you like it!
#loveinwayhaven#the wayhaven chronicles#agent m#twc edits#I'VE HAD THIS READY SINCE FEBRUARY 1ST WAITING FOR ACTUAL VALENTINE'S DAY SOUNDED LIKE A GOOD IDEA BUT IT WAS TORTURE SDFGHJK#anyways i hope you like it ahh *uwu face* hkjdd i've been annoying lyu a lot because i was so nervous loll#ok so ngl i wanted to write a ficlet about W knitting a jumper for M bc i saw a hc and i'm so into the idea...#but then i got intimidate because i've read your stuff and you're such a good writer *cries in simp*#this isn't the biggest gift i know but i promise i put my heart and soul in it#(for you but also for Them because their relationship makes me so soft!!!!!!!!)#i carefully selected every pic lol like. there's homer because of the greek thing (yeah it's ancient greek but still lmao)#and that quote about touch bc u said winter is v tactile and we know m is very particular about touch!#mmh and the one about feeling to deeply can literally be read in so many ways i saw it and i HAD to use it bc head full of thoughts#plus yk some details about winter like the milky tea the french the freckles the type of apartment etc...#also cinnamon rolls cuz... she's one#don't think i have to explain that Hades quote but i'd like to point out that it did make me cry and all my clown makeup ran#i believe in 'AU where winter f*ck*ng lives' supremacy SJDJKDHJKDJKAD#i went through your blog to read some fics and meta (without liking or rb just because i didn't wanna expose myself lol but i'll fix that)#and everytime there was angst i was like SUDDENLY I CANNOT READ<3 so this is where im at emotionally hdjkdhjks denial#myposts#myedits
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magiaesabiduria · 4 hours ago
❓ Elijah and John in their engaged verse lol and Octavia and Nate if you want (:
aklsdjf <333 thank you for ask! 
Elijah & John 
Does my muse trust yours?  
“With my life. And my soul. And body.. and everything,” he laughed softly, “yeah, I trust him.” 
Does my muse dislike yours?
“I would say something like I dislike when he teases me or I dislike when he refuses to let me do anything or go anywhere until I eat but.. those would be lies because even when he’s being all protective and ... dominant I love every second of it.
Would my muse kill someone for yours?
“I don’t think I am strong enough to? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d go down fighting and try and shoot a guy if I had the gun but.. I’m kind of the one that needs help killing in the relationship. So I guess I would try?” 
Would my muse kill your muse?
“I’d sooner kill myself.. or anyone else. No.” 
Would my muse save yours?
John laughed, cheeks tinting a bit as he shook his head, “he’s the one that saves me... every day. And from other assholes. I’ll be there for moral support. But.. guess, if he needed a different kind of saving or something I could actually provide .. I would, without hesitation.” 
Does my muse find your muse attractive?
“Do I find his strong, toned arms attractive? .. or his hazel eyes that he just has to get to narrow just right for me to melt at his feet? .. or his fucking voice..” John shivered softly, shifting as he bit into his lip, “or.. the way he gets when he wants to remind me I’m his and I’m loved? ... f-fuck. Yeah, hell yess I find him attractive. So much that I can’t go a damn minute without thinking about him.. it’s pretty much an obsession at this point. If I could I’d literally be at his feet all day, having him stroke my face or my hair...... would be there for whenever he randomly needed me to take care of him, slide my mouth open for him without even a word of complaint.” John whined softly, shifting yet again. “Yes. Elijah is extremely fucking attractive.” 
Is my muse disgusted by yours?
“No? That’s a strange question. .. No.”
would my muse go on a date with your muse?  
“Every day for the rest of my life.” 
would my muse kiss yours?  
“Every minute of every day if I could. I love kissing him, there’s always this bit of ... hunger under every kiss -- even the soft ones -- like we both don’t want this to go away ever.” 
would my muse betray yours?  
“No. Don’t think I could even if I were ever to be foolish enough to want to.” 
my muse’s favorite thing about yours is ____
“All of him. His eyes and how he displays so much emotion through them even when the rest of his face is blank or calm.. his arms and how they feel wrapped around me.. his hands and how I know they can literally beat someone to a pulp but.. with me, he uses them to show love and devotion like I never thought I would feel.. his voice.. his smile.. but.. above all else I love the way it feels when we’re together -- the way everything just sort of clicks.” 
the thing my muse dislikes about yours is_____
“He’s a bit stubborn. Which is fair because needed that to put up with me... but.. yeah, even if he’s on his last like hour of energy he will do his best to ignore it and he pushes himself far too hard like that. We’re getting better at managing it but he can be a bit hard on himself. He forgets he needs breaks too.. or maybe he just doesn’t think he deserves them.. either way, we’re working on it. Together.”
Nathan & Octavia 
Does my muse trust yours?  
“She’s been through so much fucking hell with me and without me and.. yeah, I trust her. Impossible not to.” 
Does my muse dislike yours?
“I dislike how hard she is on herself.. but, I also get it. Shit makes sense when you know her like I do. But even that guarded up part of her.. I love it, like I do the rest of her.”
Would my muse kill someone for yours?
“With or without a weapon? You know what, doesn’t matter. Yeah. I would. Would call up a few old contacts and we’d be set on cleanup.” 
Would my muse kill your muse?
“The fuck? No.” he chuckled softly, “bitch would kill me first if I were to even try it anyway.” Nate smiled fondly. 
Would my muse save yours?
He gave a soft huff of a laugh through his nose, “She don’t need it. And Oct’s too damn proud to admit she’d need saving anyway -- and I like bein’ alive too much to tell her she’s wrong so.. not saying she would need it, but.. if she asked for help or backup or she looked a little strained I’d step in, yeah.” 
Does my muse find your muse attractive?
Small smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth and he let out a quiet laugh, “Yeah. I don’t think there’s been a person alive who’s seen her and not just.. had their breath taken away, y’know?” 
Is my muse disgusted by yours?
“Yeah. You seen the woman eat a pizza by herself and then make room for Chinese? She’s a beast.” he laughed, “--but gross eating habits aside, nah.” 
would my muse go on a date with your muse?  
“She might punch me if I call it that but we go on dates all the time. We do more stay-at-home-dates though.” 
would my muse kiss yours?  
“I have and I will again. She’s.. fuckin’ incredible.”
would my muse betray yours?  
“No. She’s my best friend.. was that long before we made anything official.. no, hell no, I’m takin’ our shit to the grave.” 
my muse’s favorite thing about yours is ____
“Her smile.” he smiled softly, eyes shining as he thought of it, “she doesn’t do it often.. unless she’s laughing or she’s at a moment of unexpected bliss.. but fuck.. every time, I swear it’s like.. shit falls into place. She’s.. yeah. Her smile is fucking gorgeous.” 
the thing my muse dislikes about yours is_____
“She’s a pain in the ass. Makes me work for hugs and softer shit.. but.. it’s worth it so I ain’t even really mad.” 
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piecesofem · 15 hours ago
Helloo! I saw you added wolfstar x reader to your masterlist as coming soon, so if you're open to it would you want to start out with head-canon?? If so, could you write one where like you don't feel good and the boys are trying to comfort you? ALSO, it's set while they're still at Hogwarts and its like the dom/sub/dom type of poly!relationship ya know? If you can that'd be so great, thank you!!!
A/N: AHH okay so I’ve been wanting to write something for this dynamic for a while now and was so unsure if people even wanted it or not, so absolutely! I’m open to requests for Wolfstar right now, it’ll just take me a bit longer to write for them since it’s something a bit newer to me. I love the idea of this and it’s actually something I was literally just thinking about, so I whipped up something small to start off! I also wrote this one with a nonbinary reader in mind just because there weren’t any specifications, I hope that’s alright and I hope you enjoy!
Pairing: Wolfstar x Reader
The moment you’re the slightest bit late to breakfast, the two will stop what they’re doing to come and get you from your dorm
Seeing your super pale face upon walking in curled up in a little ball in the middle of your bed still will definitely have Remus right by your side feeling your forehead within seconds 
You already know that Remus makes you go to see Madam Pomfrey as soon as you tell him that you aren’t feeling well, no matter how much you want to continue laying in bed
He’s the one to practically drag you down there while Sirius stays behind in attempts to tidy up your room and make it the most comfortable for you to relax in upon returning back
After that, Remus has you take a shower or even just a bath to relax a little bit, again even though you want nothing more than to just sleep
While usually each of them would hop in the bath with you, this time Sirius sits on the edge of the tub gently running the water over you gently pushing your hair back out of your face
Literally, the definition of a soft boy when you’re sick, the man does anything you ask him to with one bat of your eyelashes
He wraps you up in a warm towel before helping you dress in one of his quidditch sweaters and your favorite pair of Remus’ underwear that you snagged from his wardrobe one day
They are sooo gentle and nurturing until you feel 100% like yourself again
While the cuddles with them are always great, the ones when you’re sick are like GREAT
You’ll whine about being cold and almost immediately Remus is laying next to you under a mountain of blankets pulling you into his side. 
Not to mention, as you curl up against him, Sirius is spooning you from the back gently rubbing your back or your waist  
Remus makes it his duty to consistently make you tea throughout the day in attempts to console your scratchy throat
AW and you know he reads whatever book he’s found himself invested in during that time to you just so you can hear the comforting rumble/feel the vibrations from his chest
You definitely take turns flipping positions ALL day long. Like you can’t seem to find a comfortable position and you just embody the definition of a wiggle worm 
“Come on, poppet. Get yourself comfortable”
Sirius is at your side/beck and call every second of every day. Like Remus has to force him to go to practice or even to classes because he just LIVES for the moments where you’re curling into him
He constantly checks your forehead and literally forces you to take your medicine despite how horrid it tastes
No like, this man will hold your jaw open to pour it into your mouth if he has to
Sneaking little kisses here and there to your forehead, the top of your head, or pretty much anywhere they can almost always pulling little whines of content from you each time
That said, they are literally the absolute best at consoling you when you’re sick. They utterly baby you until you feel well enough to get back to business as usual
You definitely ravel in all of the affection you’re getting and they are so eager to give it to you
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infinitegalahad · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Eugene was always there to let you that you were beautiful.
Word-Count: 2.3k
Warnings: PLEASE!! READ!!! Trigger warnings for eating disorder, insecurity, and lots of angst. But there is going be lots of fluff and some self care from your’s truly!
Taglist: @tvserie-s-world @easy-company-tradition @liebgotttme @50svibes @ricksmorty @pennyllanne @capsparkyspeirs
Notes: f! reader. uh oh...not not writing a self insert for my bulimia and eugene roe comforting me because my therapist told me to eat more (which totally solves all my problems)? Never! ;DDDD...enjoy!!
Masterlist | Request A Prompt!
Your stomach growled and twisted as you hunched over the toilet, tears spilling from your eyes as you forcefully threw up the mass amount of food you had just eaten. Every bite felt like you were eating copious amounts of a forbidden fruit. It was your favourite, and you used to love eating (y/f/f) all the time-but now, you would barely keep it down.
Soon after eating, the guilt began to overtake your body. It was hard to ignore it as the warm feeling in your throat began to rise. It felt tingly and you had only one remedy on how to make it better-running to the bathroom and sticking a finger down your throat: watching everything come out as deformed and clunky.
Saliva dropped from your noses as you began to wipe it as tears streamed down your flushed face. The pain wasn’t ending, and you knew another round was set to come.
When you're a little girl, you didn’t think much of your body or how you looked. Little girls, or no child for the matter should have had to worry about what they looked like. But as you got older, the social norms and your body began to change. Other girls around you were thin, while you felt indifferent. You were made fun of not looking “thin”, which triggered a whole set of emotions. And so you took comfort in food, since it was the only thing that never judged you.
And yet food would soon become your enemy. You learned how to befriend, and also stab it in the back. Your relationship with food has formed into a minute where you could tolerate them, and then the other you had to get it out of your system. After eating meals, it became a habit for you to do so. Some days, you could tolerate being around it. Others, you would barely see if for days-if not weeks.
Your thoughts were overtaken by a large gulp in your throat, which resulted in the food you had binged coming out. Tears came from your eyes as you cried. What was wrong with you? Why couldn’t you just be normal and pretty? Why was life so unfair to you?
You are so lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t notice the bathroom door creak open and footsteps slowly approach your hunched figure. The pattern of the footsteps was already too familiar to you. Goosebumps went up your spine as you refused to look at him, embarrassed and guilted. Eugene was the last person you wanted to discover your monstrosity.
“Hey…” You managed to say, attempting to sound put together, which was the total opposite of what you currently where.
Eugene sunk down to your level and placed a hand on your back, rubbing small circles. Tears began to form at your eyes as you looked down, feeling it come again. Eugene grabbed your hair as you threw up, letting out a pained moan.
“I’m here, you’re okay,” Eugene cooed, letting you finish up. His soft accent was reassuring to you, but your heart rate increased. “Did it happen again?”
“Nothing is happening. I’m fine.” You lied, but knew that it was a shit lie and that Eugene was smart enough to see. He was your boyfriend and knew you better than anybody else did in the world-besides you.
“You’re not fine. Don’t lie to me, cher.”
You slowly move your head up to look at him. Eugene looks tired, and so do you. Your eyes are puffy from crying, cheeks red, lips quivering, goosebumps all over your skin, heavy breathing- a total mess. A pig is what you would refer to yourself as. The outfit you had worn today was too tight forming and showed off the parts of your body that you wanted the world not to see. You looked like a ugly rat in your eyes, the vision of a disfigured body clouding your vision.
Instead of using your words, you break down once again. Eugene is there to watch you, pulling you into him as you sob uncontrollably. You act like a child to its mother, clasping into Eugene for dear life as you stain his white shirt with tears. He doesn’t mind this since he loves you, and you know that. But how could he, someone so beautiful on the inside and out, be with someone like you-a slob? Eugene didn’t see you as any of the things you would describe yourself as, and you still couldn’t understand why he has chosen to stick around for four years (and counting).
“I’m sorry,” Is all you could cough through your tears. Eugene is running his hands up and down back, his fingers occasionally getting tangled in your hair as he straightens it out. He pulls you from his chest as he cups your face, tenderly pushing your loose hair behind your shoulders to get a better view of your pretty face.
Eugene caresses your cheeks, getting a feel of your soft (y/s/c). “No need to be. Jus’ wanna make sure your ok.”
“I’m not. I…” Letting out a frustrated sigh, the waterworks come back into play. Eugene, being the angel he is, stays quiet as his thumbs wipe the tears away. Gathering your words, you continue on, “I never have been. Look at me, I can’t control it. I don’t know what to do. I-“
“Hey, hey, hey. Your heart’s racin’, settle down.” Eugene reassured in a calming voice not to shut you up, but to calm you. Your skin is shaky and sweaty and your heart is banging against your ribcage. Eugene feels the guilt tug at his heart-he hates to see you in such a distressed state. “Let me help you. Here,”
Eugene slides his arms under your armpits and gently helps your up. Leading you to the living room, he places you on the couch as he runs to the kitchen to grab you a glass of water. He drops it out and pats you on the head before running back to the kitchen. You don’t want to drink, but Eugene would have a hissy fit if you didn’t. Reluctantly, you take a sip and swish it in your mouth before slowly gulping it.
Eugene returns a minute later with a cup of tea in his hand. He places in on the counter, putting a coaster under. Looking down, you can smell the sweetness. It’s your favourite; an orange spice with a dab of honey.
“Drink up ‘dat wata’ before you drink the tea. You’ll fell more refreshed after, and the tea will help with the dryness in your throat,” Eugene explained. He admired you as he placed a hand on your shoulder, rubbing circles into them. As you drank your water, you forced a smile and put your hand on top of yours.
“Angé, I’m worried ‘bout you,” Eugene confessed, “You look sad, and when you’re sad-I’m sad.”
“Genie, please,” Is all you could mutter to say. “I can take care of myself. I’ve been dealing with this all my life. It’ll go away in a few hours, and I’ll be all smiles again. I promise.”
Eugene still feels guilty. He’s been around sister’s, older and younger to know what your problem is. The vomiting, the excuses, the insecurity, everything was adding up. What had saddened Eugene is that it was a lifelong issue, and it had gone untreated, and had progressively gotten worse.
“I don’t need you to force yourself to be happy. I want to help you ‘cause I love you, ma douce beauté.”
Eugene placed a sweet kiss into your hair, “No. You stay ‘ere, docter’s orders. I’ll be right back.”
As he began to walk away, he turned around with a smile and pointed fingers. “What did I say?”
You put a finger down in defeat as you laid back, sipping on your tea. Hearing his footsteps fade into the bathroom and the water running, the tension from your shoulders disappeared as the sweet honey in the tea eased the frustration in your body. Doctor's orders, after all.
The sound of the water running in the opposite caused you to look up and see Eugene walking through the door. He came over at sat right beside you with open arms. Gene wasn’t vocal, but he was begging for your consent to hold you and comfort you. Scotting over, you slide into his arms and cuddle into his chest.
“Sorry, I didn’t want you to see that.” You mumbled into his chest, drawing little circles into them.
“No need to,” Eugene responded into your hair, planting a lingering kiss, “I just hate to see you feelin’ like ‘dis. You’re gorgeous-inside and out.”
“No, ‘sha. You are.”
A finger was placed on top your lips, slowly trailing down your chin as it was tilted up to look at Eugene. “You’ve got a great heart, soul, and body, ma petite fleur. Why can’t you see that?”
Growing frustrated, you removed Eugene’s hand and sat up, letting out a sigh. “You see something that I can’t see. I want to see it-but I can’t. I’ve never seen it, and when you say just spins out of control.” Eugene sat next to see you, a hand on your thigh, listening to every word. You continued on, “I’m not trying to sound ungrateful but-you’re amazing for being my boyfriend through all of this. I know it’s not easy but...thank you.”
Eugene was the one who first knew about your eating disorder. When first meeting you, he was starstruck. Not only were you a beautiful person, but a beautiful soul. You were enchanting, and Eugene could listen to you talk for ages. But as time flew on, he became suspicious. Behind your smiles, something was terribly wrong. You would barley touch your food, wear looser clothing, say self deprecating jokes to the point where it seemed serious, and numerous concerning comments and actions. It caused Eugene to worry. He didn’t want to diagnose you officially, but he knew you had an earring disorder. So he did what Eugene knew he did best; comfort and beg you to take of yourself.
Babe Heffron, out of all the people, was the one who walked on you violently puking. He freaked out and ran to Eugene, which caused a whole shit show. From that day on, Eugene could no longer stand around and watch you hurt yourself. He made you get help, whether you liked it or not.
And it was the moment you realized that you were in love with him, and so did he.
Yes, you were getting proper help for your issues, but what was it truly helping? Your eating disorder would have food and bad days-and Eugene was always there. But the more he begged for you to eat, the more you couldn’t. One look at your body and it would trigger those horrid thoughts. You were so hungry, but you could barely eat.
“And The thing is-I’m trying to get better,” You responded as your voice cracked, “I see the therapist, I take the medication, I just…”
Seeing your shakiness, Eugene pulled you close and stroked your hair once again, whispering sweet words into your ear. “ ‘Dat’s all you can do, ‘cherie. I know you’re tryin’, you’re the bravest girl I know. I know I seem a lil’ pushy at times, and I’m sorry,” He paused before continuing, “I just worry bout you, a lot. But I need to know; what can I do that will help you? Beggin’ you to eat ain’t helpin. Montre-moi comment t'aider, ma petite colombe. Je veux enlever toute ta douleur.”
A smile curved on your cheeks as you nuzzled into his cheek, “No judgement?”
Eugene shook his head, eyeing for you to go.
Taking a second to think, you leaned back to look at your Cajun boyfriend with his pale skin and pretty dark hair.
“You’re you, I’m me. This one I go down alone. You can hold my hand, but this path is mine to walk. This is my battle to fight. My recovery will take time and patience. I know I seem ungrateful, but I walk down this road alone. The only person that can fix this is me, and me alone.”
Eugene paid attention to the way your lips moved, seemingly understanding every word. Sure, it wasn't what he wanted. If he has this way, he would grab a magic wand and wish all your problems away, holding you close and protecting you from the evil’s of the world.
But even Eugene knew that the world was cruel, but a beautiful place. He couldn’t protect you from all the bad.
He showed you a subtle smile, “Ok.” He scooted closer to you, grabbing your hand, “On your bad days, can I ask you what you need from me? How can I support you? How can I do anything?”
“Yes, of course you can.” You shook your head. “You know how amazing you are, Eugene?”
“Says the amazing one. You’re so brave. My brave lady.” Eugene planted a kiss on your lips. It was gentle and soft, just like Eugene. He muttered small saying’s through the small gasps of air, such as how beautiful you were.
“Baby, promise me somethin’.”
“Yes, Genie?”
“Don’t lose sight of the importance your love has on every aspect of our life, especially you. Got me?”
“I got you, genie. Always and forever.”
Eugene lead you away from the couch and into your bathroom. Being the gentleman he was, he asked if you wanted any tea or drinks after your bath. The bath had overflown, the water dripping onto the white tiles as the noise of the water splashing into the tub ran. You noticed the candles lit all over the small bathroom and the magnolias he had picked from your garden, lying lazily on the water.
Eugene panicked, but you walked over and planted a quick kiss on your cheek. It was ok, you were okay-he was okay.
You both we’re gonna be okay.
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hvnlydmn · 19 hours ago
hey hey lovely ! i hope you’re doing well :) if you have the time, i would love a matchup !
my pronouns are she/they & i don’t have a gender preference to be matched up :) i’m not the best when it comes to explaining myself, sooo bear w/ me here — when i first meet ppl i usually am super friendly & polite but i’m also pretty quiet. once i get to know ppl more or get comfortable around them i get rlly energetic/talkative & start acting more like myself. if i’m ever w/ my friends or someone i know & im meeting someone new i usually try to be pretty vocal & more friendly than i’d normally be when i’m being introduced to others just to make them feel more welcomed & comfortable. i’m extremely affectionate, more physically than vocally bc i always get nervous when it comes to vocal affection. i love hugs & hand holding & kisses, etc. etc. basically any form of physical touch makes me feel closer to a person. i’m usually a peacemaker buuut i can standup for myself & others when i deem necessary. i usually look out for others & am the one ppl come to when they need someone, whether it be a shoulder to lean on or a helping hand. i find it pretty hard to say no to other ppl unless it’s something strongly disagree w/ so that usually leads me to being the one ppl depend on. although i’m vv nice & friendly i have my moments where i can be a bit of an asshole, usually some snarky comments or hostile behavior but i don’t get that way unless i’m given a reason to. hmmm i can’t think of anything else to say soooo if it helps i kin yamaguchi, daichi, & nishinoya & im a enfp. also capricorn ☼ libra ☽ cancer ↑
as for appearance i’m 5’4, dark brown hair that goes to my lower back, dark brown eyes, & i’m kinda chubby, i’d say a medium sided build?? i’m native american & hispanic buuut i’m pretty white washed so i’m not super tan but i’ve got some color to me
i don’t exactly have an ideal type, it’s more my relationship with the person than their exact appearance or personality (sorry i could imagine that would be pretty helpful for a matchup)
as far as hobbies go i like to read, write, & draw/paint. i also like to play volleyball & roller skate. i used to be on a volleyball team but i got an injury & had to stop playing so i mainly play just for fun now. idk if you’d call this a hobby but i also rlly like coloring in coloring books??? yes ik 4 y/o vibes but it’s just rlly enjoyable for me for some reason
i think that’s about it, i’m so so sorry for rambling on for so long 😁👎 thank you in advance ains, ily ily <33
Tumblr media
i match you with —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— immediately saw you + flirted with you lmao, mans fell in love instantly. he was intrigued with how friendly and polite you were with him, although you were a little quiet - he found himself dropping his more cocky exterior around you and being a little more soft, he just found himself feeling super comfortable around you immediately, plus he actually managed to score your number and had the biggest grin on his face all day.
— when you begin to open up to him he swears he almost passes out, you’re able to match his energy without finding him too much or annoying, the vibes are so amazing + he just feels so happy. he gets so excited about how talkative you are, you both just ramble away to eachother about your days and have 3 hour long phone calls about the dumbest things, but he always sounds so soft when he speaks to you, teasing you and whispering i love yous between giggles.
— he was so happy when you met his friends + you looked so confident, loves showing you off and his friends were so relieved to finally meet you - they made sure to tell you about how he never shuts up about you too, always has an arm around you and gets a little protective because he knows you’re beautiful, plus he keeps trying to kiss you mid conversation, causing his friends to groan and call him a loser, not that you mind lmao. he just always has an arm around you, hand in yours or is peppering kisses to your face and neck. he’s just never understood why he should hide his love for you, he’ll love you just the same as he always does - public or not.
— he loves your ability to stand up for yourself, he’s so vocal about how hot it is lmao - if you’re sticking up for someone he’ll be behind you hyping you up but AS SOON as somebody speaks to you badly, man will not hesitate to throw a punch - he does not tolerate disrespect for you. he likes that he can lean on you if he needs to but he’d rather be that for you, he knows a lot of people depend on you so he wants you to know that you have him, you don’t have to carry everything alone.
— he knows you find it hard to say no so he always triple checks that you definitely want to do something, despite popular belief HES SO SMART so it’s a lot harder to hide your emotions from him than you’d think, although he can be a little childish he knows when he needs to be serious + it’s when you need him most, you being comfortable is his priority. plus if you don’t want to do something but don’t want to say no, he’ll gladly decline for you lmao.
— again he can be a little exhausting but as soon as you yell at him he gets a little 🥺 his only downfall is he can get a little petty but he’d never raise his voice back at you, plus he’s super apologetic if he ever gets on your nerves + can understand that sometimes he can be a little irritating, he never means it though, you just make him all giddy. he’d never hold you snapping at him against you though, he’s actually pretty understanding + he’s pretty open anyway, so if you’re beginning to snap at him he’s immediately all “babe? you okay?” like he won’t let you drag it out, he’d rather just figure out wtf is happening.
— plays volleyball w you lmao, like he finds it super fun + since he never pursued it after high school it’s more a hobby than anything, but he’s glad he gets to spend more time with you, although he always checks you’re okay like every ten minutes when you told him about your injury “oh i guess you won’t want me to kiss it better then.” hit him over the head pls. take him roller skating, he thinks it’s going to be super aesthetic and wants to take loads of photos but he can barely stand, always whines that you need to hold his hand and skate around with him, he gets a hold of it pretty quickly and challenges you to a race - ends up falling on his ass mid private story lmao. you do get a cute pic though.
— you both colour in colouring books omg, you take a page each and just colour away, he’s always hyping you up about how good at colouring you are. always ends up buying different ones and literally has drawers full of all the ones you both finished, although he ends up not finishing his and instead doodling hearts on your page with your initials inside. sometimes you won’t finish yours because he’s pulling you onto his lap and kissing up your neck, sucking hickies into your sensitive skin before you feel the cold of his piercing run over them after, he’s just a tease.
# — it was 9:34pm when terushima yūji realised that you were it for him. the wind flowing through your hair, grin turned towards the sun and when you comment on how beautiful the sunset is, you don’t notice that his gaze is on you when he agrees, because fuck you looked beautiful right now. the sun paints you both in a warm hue, its warm against his skin, a feeling familiar to the warmth that came from loving you. “babe?” “yea?” his voice is unwavering as he stands before you, legs a little crooked on roller skates and his hair messier from who knows how many times he’s fell on his ass even if it meant he just got to hear you laugh, but his cheeks are flushed and his smiles still bright and he knows it’s because of love. “i love you.” his heart blooms at the smile on your lips at his words, and it’s at 9:45pm terushima yūji realised maybe he was it for you too.
runners up — miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō
Tumblr media
matchups — closed.
a/n — hope you enjoy this nene my bby <3 ngl i was so soft for the drabble like wtf i rly hope you enjoy !! plus this my ship pls imma die by it >:(
Tumblr media
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hvnlydmn · 20 hours ago
ains i love u so much i stg <3
may i please request a haikyuu!! matchup? i use she/her pronouns and i’m bisexual‼️
appearance-wise, i’m 4’11 with a slimmer body (although i have some tummy and a large bosom). i have teenage acne along my back and forehead as well (but it’s not rlly that bad on my forehead because skin care). i have loose curly hair that is golden brown in color and i have bangs. plus, pale green eyes with some yellow around the pupil. not only that, but more of a heart shaped face. i tend to wear an extremely natural makeup look but then put on winged eyeliner because my style is more on a simplistic edgy side. i’m usually seen wearing some darker graphic tee and a pair of ripped jeans with a leather belt of some sort (paired with hoop earrings).
to completely contrast my clothing style, i’m relatively shy when first meeting people but once i get into my zone, i begin to open up and reveal the fact that i am incredibly cheerful or easily excitable. i’m a bit sarcastic and sassy with close friends but that’s just because they jokingly slander me </3. although i’m introverted, when i am with the people i’m most comfortable with i tend to be extremely bubbly and silly. i feel comfy there. although i have anxiety and depression, i’m ambitious. as of right now, the plan is to major in biology but i might go into a mathematics related course. i’m a straight a student and plan to do joint classes in about a year or graduate early and start college early. i’m happiest when people aren’t quipping me and attacking me about random things. naturally sensitive, i get hurt fairly easily by words and actions. (once a family member pushed me away when they were mad and i wanted a hug and i still cry over it lmao) i roll my eyes a lot. not in a sassy way but because i’m genuinely unaware i do it. i’m also fairly emotional and if i’ve had a really hard day i tend to lie down and cry for a while. my love language is quality time (although words of affirmation and physical touch tie for a close second). i just want to be able to believe someone likes being around me lmao.
hobbies of mine include watching horror movies/crime documentaries, reading mystery/true crime/fantasy novels, watching anime (currently watching jjk and aot)., writing, painting, light exercise, napping, and daydreaming.
i think someone who is pretty good at expressing their emotions would be good for me. unclear boundaries and fuzzy thoughts make me anxious so someone who can express how they feel would make me feel a lot more comfortable. i really like hugs and cuddles even though i don’t get them very much lmao. people with bubbly and cuddly nature really soften me up and allow me to let down that hard exterior so i can just be soft and silly seiri. PLS JUST SOMEONE WHO WOULD HAVE PHYSICAL TOUCH AS THEIR LOVE LANGUAGE BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL WARM AND SAFE LMAO.
someone extremely blunt and a bit insensitive would NOT help me or be good for me, however. sure, sarcastic arguments are silly and i don’t mind those but when people tend to be insensitive towards my feelings, it really hurts me. i feel inferior.
Tumblr media
i match you with —
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— your edgy style with her more soft girl style? immaculate. you have skin care nights + she asks you to do her eyeliner too because she thinks yours is so pretty! she’s a little shy but once she gets comfortable she loves complimenting how cool you look + your style! always finds herself accidentally gazing at your eyes under the sun, gets all blushy when you point it out.
— both of your vibes are super similar, she’s also really shy but gets a lot more comfortable and cheerful as you both get closer! your relationship is just really wholesome and lighthearted, she loves your sarcastic/sassy side also + ngl she thinks it’s kinda hot. she loves being silly with you though and just being able to be unapologetically herself, knowing you trust her enough to be the same.
— she can get a little anxious sometimes, but she’s so attentive when you are also! she knows really good coping methods and is also really soothing + comforting. she just tries her best to make sure you’re comfortable and happy, that’s her biggest priority! she loves how ambitious you are also, she thinks it’s super admirable and finds that it makes her want to be better too!
— shes pretty soft spoken, understands how sensitive you are and she’s not massively huge on confrontation anyway, so she’s always extra careful to keep in mind your feeling if she’s ever upset herself. she doesn’t tend to get super angry anyway, plus she hates seeing you upset so she’d rather avoid any problems and just be happy with you <3
— doesn’t mind you rolling your eyes, she doesn’t take offence from it or anything, she actually finds it super funny and always giggles at it before pointing it out to you. loves holding you when you’ve had a bad day, if she ever finds you being upset she’s quick to bring you close to her, she gives great advice also so you know you’ll always feel a lot better after speaking with her. plus she totally gets your love language and always puts time aside so she can prioritise spending it with you.
— will literally do all of your hobbies with you, your relationship is very best friends who are in love so she’s so happy to try anything you want to do, just so she can see you happy! if she ever reads a good book she knows you’ll like she always gives it to you after, gushing about how much you’ll like it and gets all excited talking about it with you.
— again, she’s a little shy but she’s good at expressing her emotions, she doesn’t want to see you upset or be upset herself so she’d rather talk any problems out with someone, she loves being able to have you as a pillar honestly, someone to keep her grounded and hopes you know that you can be the same for her. she loves hugs and just being able to keep you close to her, she finds a lot of comfort in touch and it makes her melt into you immediately.
# — yachi sighed contently as she cuddled into your side, smoothing your hair back, her head resting on your shoulder - turning every few minutes to place a gentle kiss against your shoulder. she felt comfortable, it’s home she thinks. home to her, was golden hair and bright green eyes that always had a little gold in them under the sun, fitting she thinks - giggling from her place at your shoulder, causing you to nudge her to ask what’s up, but she doesn’t reply - only smiles before her hand intertwines with yours “nothing, don’t worry.” her heart rate picking up slightly when you smile softly at her, and with that - yachi knows she’s home.
runners up — bokuto kōtarō, hinata shōyō
Tumblr media
matchups — closed
a/n — hope you enjoy my love !! sorry it took so long <33 but i hope you like who i matched you with, i just hope a f character is okay - i know you said you were bi so 😿 lemme know if not and i can rewrite w one of ur runners up ! @tsumushima
Tumblr media
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valleydean · a day ago
I'd be really interested in a dissertation about Mary Doria Russell's portrayal of Doc Holliday (both Doc and Epitaph) and, more broadly, about literary portrayals in general if you feel like writing it. I love your Doc-related nerdery!
this got long so i’m putting it under the cut
yeah so... idk how much of a dissertation this is gonna be. i liked those books! i did! but also they like, don’t really stand out to me. i love doc in them, let me get that out of the way. i think russell does an excellent job with all the characters. and as for doc, we really do see how he interacts with others and how he internalizes his relationships to other people and how that reflects back on himself. he’s like... very soft in those books. not outwardly a lot of the time, but i think he really does have the kinda.... doubt and self-consciousness that such a young man would have. and that’s not really anything that any other doc related story has ever really touched on in such a way. it’s not in your face or explicitly stated, but he was such a young guy, especially during “doc.” and it really does do a good job at showing that he’s not this stone cold, uncaring creature. that the people around him, even just casual acquaintances, mean something to him and he wants to do right by them. but he’s also just trying to survive out west himself.
and there was especially that playful dynamic he had with morgan - and he almost looks up to wyatt in those books, ya know? like he kinda sees wyatt as this older, composed dude who has his life together and doc really wants to be close to that. (if that makes sense!) i really do like the gentleness that those books have.
i don’t necessarily think it gets into all the nuances of who doc was. like, it shows different sides of him but i think like.... idk. it very much takes the “he was a good man” aspects of who he was and doesn’t really delve into the “but also no he wasn’t” aspects. those books both humanize him and do a disservice to who he actually was in real life because he was so much more complex than he was in the books.
i mean, again - i liked the books. i especially liked that “doc” was almost like a procedural crime drama. that was fun, and it was a different take!! and i like “epitaph” does a pretty stand up job with what was going on in tombstone and what led up to the ok corral (i’m like... also trying to remember all the details of “epitaph” because it’s been so long since i read it and i kinda forget, but from what i remember, i thought it was really well researched and the story itself was entertaining)
that being said, those books kinda like - don’t stay with me. i saw this ask and i immediately was like “oh no! i forget everything about those books!” because they were good, but they weren’t like.... groundbreaking, ya know? like, there are pieces of media that deal with this subject that really stay with you! just these monoliths of storytelling - like “life and legend of wyatt earp” and “tombstone”, which goes without saying, and “my darling clementine” even though it’s super inaccurate. just like the quintessential when you think of this story, those are the pieces that immediately come to mind. and, to me, doc and epitaph don’t quite fall into forgettable and boring “wyatt earp (1994)” category, but more like the “gunfight at the ok corral” category, where it’s good and you enjoy it, but at the end of the day, it’s not something that you’d call a favorite. if that makes sense!
i also don’t really like how the POVs are literally all over the place in those books. but none of this answers your original question and i’m going off on a tangent.
the point is!!!!!!!!!!! i do like this portrayal of doc, and i think we get to see the softer, more vulnerable sides of him, which is love! and which other pieces don’t show enough of!! but, as a whole, the portrayal is generally lacking in the nuances of the rest of his personality. which like - doc was a very complicated human being (THEE most human being of all time!!) so it’s impossible to show every side of him all the time. but i wish there’d been a bit more of his darker sides present.
so there ya go..... i guess that WAS a dissertation. how you like them apples
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jeongobsessed · a day ago
College AU pt. 2
Everyone agreed to meet up Saturday afternoon. They chose to get together at a diner near the college campus. When Jeongyeon and Jihyo arrived, Mina and Tzuyu were already there. They stood up to exchange hugs since they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. They let them know that some snacks had already been ordered while Jeongyeon and Jihyo settled into the booth.
“Um, Nayeon, Momo and Sana are already here too but they went to the bathroom.” Mina said and grimaced for a second.
Jihyo blinked.
“Do we want to know?” She asked.
“No.” Both Mina and Tzuyu answered quick.
Jeongyeon’s whole face scrunched up and then she saw the aforementioned throuple walking to them. She could see a red mark on Nayeon’s neck, the shade resembled Momo’s lipstick, and Sana’s hair was a little too messy. Their eyes lit up when they realized that Jeongyeon and Jihyo had arrived too. Sana ran up to them and was about to hug them both but Jeongyeon pushed her away.
“I don’t want those hands touching me.” She said bluntly.
“You know we washed them.” Sana pouted and still tried to hug them. Jihyo also joined Joengyeon in pushing her away.
“We don’t want to hear about your sex life.”
“You’re just jealous. You wish you fucked half as much as us” By trying to push Sana away, they didn’t notice Nayeon, who had made her way around the seats and wrapped both arms around them, making them both yell out. “Hi besties!” Her grin was obnoxious. 
“I hate you.” Jihyo stuck out her tongue at Nayeon.
Nayeon blew cold air in her ear at that comment and Jihyo raised her shoulders as high as they could go, effectively hiding her neck. Nayeon quickly kissed Jeongyeon’s cheek and avoided the hit to her head that came with it. Sana also managed to get her hugs in and then they squeezed themselves beside the couple. Momo just waved at them since she was not a big hugger.
“You wouldn’t believe the amazing fours-”
“We. Don’t. Want. To. Know.” Jihyo immediately interrupted Nayeon’s sentence, emphasizing her statement with a thump against the table with every word.
“Fine.” Nayeon rolled her eyes. She put one arm around Sana’s shoulder and intertwined her other hand with Momo’s, playing with her fingers on the table. “Let’s talk about your boring lives instead.”
“Not you, sweeties.” Nayeon made sure to add with a completely different and soft tone, directing it towards Mina and Tzuyu who awkwardly smiled at her.
They made some small talk about what they’d been doing while waiting for the last of their group. Ten minutes later Dahyun and Chaeyoung appeared with bright smiles. They decided to order way too much food and share between them all, agreeing to split the bill. Chaeyoung talked about a new art project she had going on with sparkling eyes. Everyone was happy to listen because they loved Chaeyoung’s art.
Dahyun and Mina talked about the musical they were both a part of, Dahyun was part of the orchestra as a pianist and Mina was a dancer. They both blushed as all their friends cheered them on and promised to come watch their performance. Momo said she got a job at a dance studio as a instructor despite still being in college. They saw a video she posted online and wanted her to work for them. Nayeon and Sana looked so proud of their girlfriend it almost made Jeongyeon think they could be in a normal relationship.
“Ooh, babe, a new sex club opened up like twenty minutes from here. It looks promising.” Sana murmured quietly but not quiet enough and leaned into Nayeon to show her something on her phone. She’d been listening to them and scrolling through social media at the same time.
And Jeongyeon was again reminded just who her friends were.
“We could go tomorrow.” Nayeon used one finger to scroll across Sana’s phone.
“We can’t tomorrow. I really need to get that reading done for one of my classes. I won’t have the time then.” Momo said casually, like it was normal to talk about your plans to have kinky sex in front of your friends, while taking a sip from her drink.
Jihyo groaned loudly and Chaeyoung burst into laughter. Tzuyu facepalmed but didn’t say anything. They let Nayeon, Momo and Sana be in their own little world as they talked about other things. They were all happy when the food arrived, everyone grabbing what seemed the most appetizing first.
“Oh!” Sana said with her mouth full of burger. “About our earlier topic, I get to help teach a class in like two weeks!” She was clearly excited for it and the others shared her happiness.
“I pray every night for the kids you will teach in the future.” Tzuyu stated. They all laughed but honestly who could tell if she was joking. Really, Sana was going to be a great teacher. She was patient and kind but also knew when to be a little stern. She just had to learn a little bit about what she shouldn’t say around kids.
“You always shit on us but honestly I think we have a much bigger problem among us and that’s those two.” Momo pointed at Jihyo and Jeongyeon with her fork.
Jihyo stopped her hand midair, about to feed Jeongyeon and they both looked at her. Sana slapped Momo’s arm.
“Baby, don’t say anything. They’re really cute when they do their PDA.” Sana pouted at Momo.
“Don’t put us in the same boat, no way.” Jeongyeon narrowed her eyes at Momo.
“Oh please, you two can’t keep your hands off of each other even if you tried.” Nayeon joined in.
“The worst thing we’ve done is share a kiss while I can recite all of Sana’s kinks and hard noes from the top of my head.” Jihyo couldn’t believe they would consider them to be the same.
“That’s cute of you.” Sana winked at Jihyo. “We’re two sides of the same coin. You’re too romantic and we can maybe be a little too sexual sometimes.”
“Maybe too sexual, that’s one way to say it.” Dahyun snorted.
“You act like we don’t all know exactly why you have two short fingernails on your left hand.” Nayeon pointed her finger accusingly at the couple. “And I know for a fact you kept sneaking off in high school to make out in the bathroom if not do more.”
“That’s hardly the same thing!” Jeongyeon threw her hands up in the air. “Hell, Momo sent a picture of her in lingerie to our group chat just two days ago.”
“I wanted to know if I looked good in it.” Momo tried defending herself.
“You have two girlfriends for that.” Chaeyoung pointed out.
“They tell me everything looks good on me. Not the input I’m looking for.” Momo rolled her eyes.
“That’s because you do.” Nayeon and Sana said at the same time.
Jeongyeon and Jihyo both sighed dramatically loudly but didn’t comment that they could be just as annoying as them. The rest of their friends were all giggling and snickering at them, very much entertained at this pseudo-fight. They managed to move one after that, Nayeon making only one more snarky comment so she could have the last word and everyone let her have it just to placate her. The food tasted amazing and they had a wonderful time at the diner. Everyone even shared one huge banana split meant for large groups.
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tricksterreformed · a day ago
Tumblr media
name: Gabriel gender: Male (because that’s what he picked)
preferred pet names: He’ll call anybody he dates ‘babe’, but if the shoe is on the other foot and his partner tries to give him a pet name Gabriel will be concerned. relationship status: depends on the verse 
opinion on true love: Gabriel believes that love is a choice and that love can be hard work and that if you’ve got those things plus some good communication, isn’t that true love?  He does not, however, believe in the notion of ONE true love. Because love is a thing people build together and there’s no one way to do it. opinion on love at first sight: In his head he knows love at first sight is really just attraction at first sight, but in his heart he loves to have that ‘hey, I just met you and this is crazy...’ moment.  He knows it isn’t love but he likes thinking about like it is sometimes.
ideal physical traits: We make a lot of jokes about monsterfucking on this blog but in all seriousness Gabriel finds a very wide variety of things attractive. And it is difficult to nail down anything super specific, because there’s almost gauranteed to be an exception in his history/in some verse. ideal personality traits: A sense of humor is key.  That’s the number one thing Gabriel looks for. Both in the form of someone who laughs at his jokes and in the form of someone who makes their own jokes.  He also really loves and respects creativity in a romantic partner. In all aspects of the relationship.
unattractive physical traits: An overly youthful apperance is the only real turn-off for Gabriel. He’s old. He doesn’t want to feel like a creep too. unattractive personality traits: Aside from the inability to make or take a joke and an excess of seriousness, Gabriel finds people who too set in their ways to even listen unattractive. He loves swapping stories, that’s very important to him and if someone can’t listen and consider ideas that are different from theirs then no thanks! he’s out!
do they have a type?: Sort of?  But not an exclusive type.  Gabriel does tend to gravitate towards powerful people but that’s possibly him tying to make sure he only dates people who have agency in the relationship. opinion of public affection: Hand holding?  Yes!  Aggressively making out in public? Only if there’s a good reason for it, like making someone uncomfortable or proving a point or as a distraction.
favourite canon ship: Okay so if we’re talking explicit/on-screen canon he has two referenced relationships, Kali and Rowena. And of those two Kali/Gabe is my favorite because it’s all complicated history and them double crossing each other. We get a whole episode of infered history and implication and I’m here for that!  It screams spies in love to me and it’s good.  (I like Rowena/Gabe in canon, but they work together for a week, have sex, and then he dies.  There’s not much there.  I prefer Rowena/Gabe as developed in fandom/through my own writing.)  Which brings us to... If by ‘canon’ we mean Gabriel/Any other canon SPN character I’m a fan of Gabe/Sam (although that one is: writing it myself > canon > a large chunk of popular fandom content), Gabe/Dean in a ‘it started as a joke how did we get here’ way and Gabe/Bobby in a way that’s heavily based in my take on Gabriel and how delighted he would be that somebody called him on his trickster shit! read a book about him! knows what he does as the trickster!!  I’m also very soft on Gabe/Loki. Like listen man... Listen.  My theory is that their love was unconsummated during the events of canon but... but... favourite non-canon ship: I write a lot of non-canon ships!  And actually looking through this blog I ship him with a lot of OCs.  I’ve always considered myself a crossover shipper but I guess I prefer writing with OCs now. That’s a shift for me.   That being said, I can’t pick a favorite because I love writing all of them and none of them are the same. 
tagged by: @paradiseturnedhell tagging: @inferniangod​, @heartsurpluss (for Dean?), @daedaluscried​ (for Berry), @thxwxlf​, and anyone else who wants to do it! 
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fyeahtaliaalghul · a day ago
So, the conversation about Morrison’s retcon being racist comes up a lot, and some people have difficulty understanding just why the way Morrison wrote Talia was racist in general.
If you’re familiar with the tropes common among writing asian and arab women in media, you’ll be familiar with how hypersexualized many of these characters are and how there’s a distinct fetishized manner that they’re portrayed.
@thearielbee on Twitter describes it best, and she gave me permission to repost her thread here.
So, if you look up Asian Babymama you will find an exact description of the way Talia was presented in Morrison's run, and has been presented ever since.
And I think what makes it especially egregious in Talia's case is that their relationship was originally very much NOT this. Talia was never presented as having a Dragon Lady personality.
Originally she was a rather soft personality - a pacifist, according to her creator Denny O'Neil, who was unable to fully express her pacifism due to her loyalty to Ra's al Ghul. She ultimately just yearned for peace, freedom and love. And Damian's conception, back before he had a name, was originally not a retconned in footnote, it was actually a story where she was the legitimate real time romantic interest of Batman and she made an unselfish choice to give her son up for his sake and for his father's sake, rather than having conceived him in secret because Ra's needed an heir or whatever.
Point being - all of that was retconned into her, which makes it even worse than if she were just created as a stereotype because not only was it a very uncomfortable use of asian tropes, it was using them at the expense of a character who had previously defied those stereotypes.
And notice now her existence is confined very much to that role - she spent 35 years as a present and onscreen love interest, but since that storyline she's been written as a romance from his youth that ended ages ago ("It's been a long time since Beloved," he said to her even though they'd only ended their romance a couple of REAL WORLD years earlier, and that's been the story ever since), and ultimately wasn't that important aside from providing Damian and being the motivation for her turning evil. Also the conception was retconned from being a natural result of their romance to being, as the trope says, a decision she made for a "strange and twisted" reason - she's not even allowed to conceive and birth him naturally now, he had to be gestated in a chamber and altered to become a genetically perfect child that she wanted to continue to al ghul legacy, which... I mean isn't something she ever cared about before but the point is...
Talia was never a dragon lady or an asian babymama trope, and that story retconned her into both, chopped off the parts of her character that didn't conform to those tropes (which was basically ALL of her character aside from her design) and trapped her in that stereotype for, as of now, 15 years and counting.
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The Magnus Archives Relisten: Episode 26 - A Distortion
Doing two today 'cause I didn't get around to it yesterday.
Well, I’m sure you know I was sceptical about how dangerous this Jane Prentiss was when you first suggested Martin stay in the archive. I mean, it’s not that I didn’t believe him about what happened, it just seemed… Well, Martin is a great researcher, but his self-preservation instincts are not the strongest - Statement of Sasha James
She has a point, Martin "I'd better break into this building and investigate the potentially lethal phenomenon more closely or my boss will disapprove" Blackwood doesn't have particularly strong self-preservation instincts...
It looked too tall, the limbs and body were very thin and almost wavy, like they didn’t have any structure or bones in them.
Well, of course they don't. After all, "all the bones are in his hands". (Have I mentioned I love that description?)
Sasha: You were having some argument with Tim about… um, oh, who’s that architect he’s obsessed with? Jon: Robert Smirke.
After knowing Tim's backstory, it makes so much more sense why he would be obsessed with Smirke! (He just doesn't seem the type to be into architecture just because.)
Sasha: So, I was starting to regret not getting a coffee and talking to tall, blond and monster
I have nothing to say about this except "Hehehehe"
He laughed at this, the first sound I’d heard him make, and it sounded… unnatural. Like he was laughing very quietly, but someone had turned up the volume up so I could hear it.
Oh, this is an evocative way of describing Distortion!Michael's laugh!
Sasha: I don’t know if you noticed how tired I was yesterday, what with Tim’s April Fools’ joke and everything. Jon: Don't remind me.
What did Tim DO?
It clearly had once been a pub, and the bar appeared to be intact, though riddled with woodworm.
... not the only worms it's riddled with, just saying.
I started to try and stamp on the worms as they approached, but there was just too many of them. Staggering to my feet, I felt my hand come to rest on something cold and metal – the fire extinguisher.
So Michael leads Sasha to the abandoned pub where she is attacked by the thing that was once Timothy Hodge, she grabs the fire extinguisher and that's how she learns that the worms can be killed by CO2 foam, which ultimately saves the Institute, the people in it and, most specifically, Jon. How intentional was this whole chain of events on Michael's part, even? So much could have gone wrong!
Sasha: I should really quit, you know. We, we all should. I don’t think this is a normal job, I, I don’t think this is a safe job. Jon: You’re probably right. Do you want to quit? Sasha: No. I’m just… I’m just too damned curious, I suppose. You? Jon: No. Whatever’s going on, I need to know.
Damn. Knowing what happens to Sasha shortly after, this is really harsh. Also: How much of this is the Eye at work, binding the people in the Institute to it, and how much of this is Jon and Sasha being absolutely fucking perfect for being bound to the Eye because of their natural need to know? (I'm thinking at this point it's mostly the latter.)
Almost every statement I’ve catalogued has engaged with the paranormal in some form of antagonistic relationship. The idea that there are things out there like that that want to help us… For some reason, that makes me more uncomfortable than the worm-infested creature stalking the Institute. - Jon
Yeah, I get it. It IS somehow a more unsettling concept, isn't it?
My impression of this episode
I remember that after my first listen, I was really intrigued by the relationship between Distortion!Michael and Jane Prentiss? Was this just another case of powers playing "This human is my toy, hands off" or was Michael actually being helpful? At this point, of course, knowing where the plot goes, this episode is mostly just a moment to go "Oh look! It's our good and very creepy friend Michael!" (Michael is yet another avatar I developed a soft spot for very quickly, largely because of his odd tendency to be helpful while remaining utterly fucking unsettling.)
Favourite quotes
How would a melody describe itself when asked? - Distortion!Michael in response to being asked "What are you?"
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jasontoddiefor · a day ago
QuiObiAni: Ship It
What made you ship it?
I already shipped Obikin and QuiObi, and honestly that just meant all three of them had to go together. That’s just. Fact. And now I’m in the situation where I also want a shitton of QuiAni fanfics but guess what nobody is writing???? So I’m gonna have t write it myself. (If anyone wants to make me happy though, by chance *hint hint*)
What are your favorite things about the ship?
All the different types of relationships the characters have to each other and how they connect. There... honestly is not a lot of content. Especially one with shipping all three together and you could do so many interesting get together or weird The Force Wants This and aaaah. Just. P l e a s e.
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
There’s not enough content to have an unpopular opinion. Though, I suppose, soft boy uwu Obi-Wan maybe??? Because I just don’t like that trope in general. (If you do, that’s fine ofc and have fun :D) But yeah, I honestly don’t have any unpopular opinions on this.
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hcnybee · a day ago
Bench trio + sleepy bois inc ft dsmp members basically
Main protagonists
Kara - Tubbo
Markus - Tommy
Connor - Ranboo
Kara storyline
Tubbo, or TU800 was a housemaid android purchased by Jschlatt aka Todd in this au. Alice is michael and Michael had seen tubbo being mistreated a lot by Jschlatt, seeing him disappeared to be fix and come back not having a memory of michael. When tubbo was going through his deviant decision, his vision was him climbing up the border, jumping out of it and thus deviant he became. He tried to reason with Jschlatt but ended up getting beat and him running up after Jschlatt with a gun to save michael. He shot Jschlatt and runs away with Michael. No luther tho but rose is captain puffy and Adam is foolish except in this one foolish is a nice person just didn't understand androids until the very end
Markus Storyline
Instead of being the painter's caretaker, Tommy, IN517(sadge idk how to make it look like Innit but it says innit), took care of a famous musician, Wilbur soot. And instead of carl telling markus to paint, wilbur told tommy to play the piano. At first tommy played soft boy, wilbur's song but wilbur told him to create one so tommy ended up plays the able sisters (ironic HAHAHAH) but that's basically it. While in his deviant decision, his vision was him pushing the border, like a glass, breaking them. He pushed fundy(leo) and found wilbur dead from heart attack, thus leo framing tommy and him having to be destroyed only to be revived and him starting a revolution. Jericho is pogtopia and he met drista(north except it's platonic if not very heavily friendship only pls, and no nsfw bc yes), eret and purpled, their slogan being l'manberg flag. During the war, him and the androids sing the l'manberg anthem.
Connor storyline
This is basically techno and ranboo dynamic tbh because hank is technoblade and ranboo is his partner. Just like connor's storyline, ranboo, RAN800 made techno trust him, be comfortable with him and yk, the dynamic thing. Sumo is steve and Steve is a dog but yes. Instead of cole dying, it was philza(shocking). Techno was philza's adopted son who he ended up dying and couldn't be saved in the hands of androids, thus why techno hated androids until he started to warm up to ranboo. Kamsi is dream, the creator of the cyberlife and Amanda is also dream, except it's the one who's controlling ranboo. Tommy was the one who convinced ranboo to decide his decision, making ranboo became a deviant. His deviant decision vision was him ripping down bunch of :) symbol around him, passing through the border. Each time he makes the dream in his path distrusted, dream would glitch, flashing :) symbol and it just gets even worse the more ranboo disobeyed dream.
That's the concept I've been thinking about really and bench trio reminds me a lot of these three protagonists and yk i just had to like markus revival reminds me of tommy's revival, ranboo enderwalk reminds me of connor seeing dream, tubbo's relationship with Michael reminds me of kara and alice.
I supposed you can think chloe as george if you want dnf DGDGSHHA but yeah this is basically the concept I've been thinking
Hope ya like it :D
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Describing my gender identity
- When an mentor figure calls you son (somehow both people in the scenario)
- I want to subvert gender roles in all activities - I want to be perceived as a woman when I do masculine things and I want to be perceived as a man when I do feminine things
- My gender is whatever as long as it’s gay. I am a homosexual.
- Soft boy - sad boy hours - Hamlet
- Strong woman - resilient - eternal - “females are strong as hell”
- Converse
- The completely arbitrary way people assign gender to inanimate objects (that plant is my son, this is my favorite mug she is beautiful)
- Sir instead of ma’am But even better the gender neutral honorifics of professor and dr.
- I don’t particularly love (don’t hate either) the complements beautiful or handsome. I like sharp, suave, ethereal, smart (in the clothing sense)
- Defending women and men fiercely but not really feeling a part of either group (not really feeling a part of the non binary group either)
- Shakespearean fool
- Wise old mentor
- You know how when a sports team has a team name that isn’t an animal (especially if it’s an abstract concept) but they end up with an animal mascot and it’s “associated” and “close enough” that’s womanhood for me (also they could’ve picked a different animal arbitrarily and that would be manhood)
- An academic paper with the gendered or personal components removed (even when they would help people understand the context of the paper better or inspire someone)
- Musical Theatre Boy Protagonists
- I had to go through girlhood to get here but my inner child is a boy
- Full-time abstract concept
- I can’t imagine being a wife exactly but I don’t like the term spouse. It’s important to me to get married but I think I’ll be a partner forever
- Also partner is excellent are we committing a crime are we lawyers are we detectives the possibilities are endless
- A male pirate’s femininity
- When old women cut their hair short when it turns grey
- I think I have more have uncle energy than aunt energy. I don’t really like the super gendered stereotypes of either. I really wish there was a good gender neutral way to describe this relationship because it is ME! Like godparent without the religious component. The go to family friend.
- The collective gender identity of people who project onto Remus Lupin.
- When a boy is the main character I have main character energy when a girl is the main character I have quirky side kick energy.
- In contrast to gender blind casting - aggressively gender aware casting but still non traditional
- Crowley’s gender presentation in the good omens tv series
- The truth that queerness is so much bigger than who you marry or sleep with
- The way I felt ashamed of my handwriting in elementary school and feel kind of proud of it now because of its lack of femininity
- Tool kit queer
- They/them is good but I honestly rather people just guess randomly between she/her and he/him but I use they/them more because people don’t really ever guess he/him.
- My gender presentation is too soft to be butch?
- The homoeroticism of dark academia
- Dude, man, dear (these are the terms of endearment I use mainly)
- You know how bi girls have been taught that they have to assert their queerness in relationships with men. My gender identity is such that even a relationship with a man would be queer inherently and there would be no need to assert queerness. Again, I am a homosexual who love men and women.
- Loving boy-coded childhood interests as an adult (dinosaurs, space, trains, etc)
- Making crafts in the way other people go about building furniture
- I have too much old traditional energy to have young hip non-binary energy. (Though I respect it)
- Queerness is both a riot and the narrative of growing old together and really no in between.
- Never changing the pronouns in covers of songs when referring to myself or anyone else.
-Neuroqueer makes a lot of sense to me but not in an agender sort of way just in a way of never “being good” at following gender rules because all societal rules confuse me!
- fun.’s discography
- Black nail polish
- Old Books
- Mugs of Tea and Wine Glasses
- A walk in the woods
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magniloquent-raven · a day ago
Ok, you KNOW I've got my eye on that Kali/Mick werewolf AU, and I would also like to hear about magic baby please and thank you.
yeee!! i’ve got all my outlining done, ive decided on a prequel to the other werewolf fic i wrote. this one’s gonna b all about kali forming her pack and how she met everyone but like, told thru snapshots of how her relationship with mick progresses thru the years. check out dis meet cute lmao
They’re checking out a half-boarded up warehouse on the outskirts of a deserted construction site when a complication arises.
Or, more specifically, when a complication steps out from behind a sheet of plywood serving as a makeshift door. Brandishing a knife.
Kali takes a threatening step forward, arm outstretched in front of El, a growl rumbling in her chest. The girl’s scent is masked by the sharp, cloying cloud coming off of the wet paint splattered on the wall, the floor, her clothes, but her heartbeat betrays her nervousness. So does the way she glances around, gaze darting to every possible exit, back to Kali, back to the door—
“The fuck do you want?” she snaps, gesturing at them with the point of her knife, but she takes a step back as she does. 
El tugs at Kali’s sleeve. Tugs harder when Kali doesn’t acknowledge her. 
“We’re just looking for a place to stay for the night,” Kali responds cautiously, hands raised, palm out. This girl poses no real threat to her, the knife she’s wielding is relatively small, but Kali would still prefer to not get stabbed. Especially not in front of El. 
The girl scoffs. “Keep looking, this place is taken.”
LOL the magic baby is an idea i kind of stole from another fic and made my own actually. i read an au where “wishbabies” are a thing, like. you can basically will children into existence if the desire is reciprocated. and thought that was really interesting because i find coparenting fics v cute but pregnancy very gross lmao. so basically in my version i came up with a bunch of like, rules about how it works, but the gist of the fic is that billy & steve accidentally make a baby together and they’re each convinced it’s the other person’s kid (made with someone else). so a lot of pining and drama and misunderstandings ensue. sprinkled heavily with soft adorableness
“What?” Steve gapes at Billy, dumbstruck. He shakes his head. “No fucking way. Look, it has your eyes!” It feels weird to say. To admit that he’s familiar enough with the shape and colour of Billy Hargrove’s eyes that he’d recognize them without context. But he knows he’s right, the kid’s eyelashes are a mile long. 
Billy scoffs. “Most babies have blue eyes, dipshit, it doesn’t mean anything.”
“That’s not… whatever,” he mutters, and scrambles for another excuse. “You’ve got every girl in Hawkins trying to get in your pants, man,” Steve rolls his eyes skyward, and stares at the ceiling, pretending he doesn’t feel a jealous pang as he talks, “Obviously whoever you’re after is gonna want you too.” 
As the words leave his mouth, he regrets them. Billy does not need Steve telling him how desirable he is. One, because he already knows. No one wears pants that tight without knowing they’re hot shit. And two, because now he knows Steve knows it, and that…
Well, that’s just awkward. 
But instead of the gloating Steve expects, he gets a humourless bark of laughter. A grim twist to Billy’s mouth. 
“Right…” he responds flatly. “Obviously.”
ask me about my wips!
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kanmom51 · a day ago
You reblogging that post saying that people treat jungkook solely as the bad guy in the relationship is vilifying jimin. You all rush to defend him but never put the same effort for jimin. Read the entire post defending jk and tell me that was in good taste because it wasn’t. Jimin is treated like an accessory without feelings, especially when people use the past is the past and obviously this is how jimin feels now angle to explain away jks past behavior.
Sorry, I still don’t know what post you are referring to.
Saying that, I beg to differ.  I find your logic not logical.
If I believe people saying JK is the ‘bad guy’ in the relationship are wrong, and state that, how does that make JM out to be a villain?????
This might have made sense if we were talking about a bad break up or a bad relationship between JK & JM.  But all that is ever said, especially in my blog, is just how lovely their relationship is, what an amazing bond they have, and I even go as far as tagging it as a great love story.  So how and why would there even be a bad guy in this scenario?  And why and how is JM the ‘bad guy’ if I agree that JK isn’t one?
JM was my first bias.  Then came JK and then came Hobi.  I love and adore all three, and I love and adore the so very special bond between JM & JK.  I have never had anything but good words for JM and JK.  JM is far from an accessory.  He is an amazing strong young man.  Just look at the bond between them.  If JK was aggressive or abusive towards him, believe me JM would not stay in this relationship.  JM bias’s that would think that, well they are the ones that have no faith in their bias.  JM is one of the strongest people I have seen.  He is soft but also so strong.  He would not stand for any kind of abuse, physical or other.  
And just one more point to make:  We have seen the members grow from boys into young men.  We cannot disregard the growth and maturing they did over the years.  So yes, we shouldn’t ignore some of JK’s antics in the first years, but look at him now, putty in JM’s hands.  JM too had done so much growing and maturing.  They just fit together.  End out.
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doctorprofessorsong · 2 days ago
Destiel Fic Recs
The toddler won't sleep. Sucks to be me, but good news for you because I have a fresh list of fic recs. A little something for everyone here.
"Bumper Cars" by mansikka (Explicit, 111k words)
A really satisfying case fic, especially if you are craving some early season, on the road style plot. Dean, Sam, and Cas investigate a haunted carnival. There is some great only one bed tropey goodness and they are idiots your honor. Sam ships it and has delightful sibling vibes. Highly recommended.
More below the cut
"Oh, Maybe It's Love?" by theweakestthing (Teen, 7,046)
A short but really sweet Cas POV fic. Cas tries to define what it is he feels for Dean.
"Keep Your Love Alive" by dothraki_shieldmaiden, FriendofCarlotta (Explicit, 42k words)
Canon compliant through the finale fix-it. Dean finds himself in Heaven, but something isn't adding up. Where is Cas? Where is everyone?
SPOILER. Look away.: This one's for the Dean is in the Empty truthers.
"hold onto your voice, hold onto your breath" by unicornpoe (Teen, 7k words)
Another fix-it (there can't be enough ways to overrule the writers in my book). I wrote: "absolutely beautiful" in my notes. It has Orpheus/Eurydice vibes.
"Yarrow, Lilac, and Foxglove" by ahurston (Explicit, 10k words)
A lovely "Cas gets a garden" fic. This is part 2, but works as a standalone. I haven't read part one yet, but I have no doubt it will also be amazing and soft. Ahurston really excels at writing sweet moments, so check out part 1 as well if you want another 9k of garden Cas.
This is set post canon and serves as a truly delightful soft epilogue. 
"best friends without benefits" by lizbobjones (Explicit, 20k words)
Dean and Cas are morons who don't know how to use their words. Come get your repressed Dean bi disaster goodness in this case fic. This one is funny and stealthily romantic, plus Cas suggests they become "fuck buddies," which I am still recovering from. 
"That Black Dog Ache" by SaltyWords (agent4hire22) (Explicit, 28k words)
Dean gets struck by a love spell and gets stuck in horny jail. When Cas shows up to offer assistance, things get complicated. 
"The Distance Of The Setting Sun" by murron (Explicit, 17k words)
There is something soft and sweet about this fic. Set post S5, Cas, Dean, and Sam travel the world (aided by Cas’s ability to transport them). That's is. That's the fic. Just them traveling and resetting after the apocalypse. 
WIP Recommendations
"Angels Don't Fear the Reaper" by you-cant-spell-subtext-without (ayreisha) (Mature)
Dean becomes Death to save Cas. Things go terribly wrong. This one is a really great concept done well and it is making me feel super angsty. I am really excited to see where it goes.
"The Unbroken" by Casblackfeathers (Explicit)
As you can see from this list, I am not a big AU fan, but this one is worth making an exception. This is a sweeping post apocalyptic zombie story. The Croatoan virus hit when Dean and Sam were kids and the world is overrun. It's fantastic.
"The Pull of Us" by Shelikestv (not rated)
This one makes me slightly feral and I am struggling to even describe it because it's very twisty and complex. Let's go with: it's a memory fic and a really good one inspired by some inconsistencies in the underlying show. 
"Rockin the Suburbs" by chocolatecakecas
A fake relationship case fic featuring Baby Jack. What else could you want in life? Seriously. I do a little happy dance every time this one gets updated.
Authors of the WIPs tagged below if you want to follow them for updates.
@you-cant-spell-subtext-without @chocolatecakecas @shelikestv @casblackfeathers
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cassiopeavellin · 2 days ago
Random Diluc Headcanons
• Ah yes, Traditional Romance™
• He's literally so akward, you're prolly his first serious relationship
• He's so touch starved, but not in a creepy way, he just wants to feel loved
• He doesn't want to make you uncomfortable or rush into things so he'll let you make the first move when it comes to hugs/kisses/physical contact (at least until he gets more comfortable with you)
• He LOVES hugs tho
• He'll literally spoil you with gifts
• Look at something a few more seconds than usual? That's it, it's yours.
• He doesn't want you involved with his whole Darknight Hero thing, but he won't keep it a secret from you if you ask him, he doesn't want to lie to you.
• You tell him the latest news on the Darknight Hero and if you say anything else about it like "I wonder who it is..." he'll just tell you that it's him, that he didn't want to lie to you he just didn't know how to bring it up.
• He wants you to be able to trust him
• He also asks you to keep it a secret because he doesn't want you in danger (also he'd much rather avoid being the talk of the town, he already has a ton of fangirls, he doesn't need more, and just having to get involved with the Knights-)
• Just keep it a secret and spare him the headache
• Not much of the gealous type, he trusts you and knows that you won't leave him
• If he sees someone making you uncomfortable he won't hesitate to help tho
• He'll just step in and politely tell the other person to leave you alone or simply tell them that you're dating somebody
• Might mention that he's that "somebody" if he's feeling a lil cocky or really dislikes the other person
• If Kaeya flirts with you, oh boy-
• Kaeya will flirt with you just to annoy Diluc
• You usually can't help but laugh a little, you know that Kaeya has no actual interest in you, he has at least that much respect for his brother and you
• Tho if anything happens and the two of you end up going separate ways he won't waste any time;
• Diluc is a walking heating pad, his body is so warm, you can never tell if it's because of his vision or that's just how he is
• You're not complaining tho
• Cuddles are everything
• He's so warm and nice you just wanna stay like that all day
• When you're away he literally can't sleep without you, but will never admit it (please come back to him)
• He's usually serious and confident but sometimes insecurities can get the best of him
• Like, he's no brave adventurer or knight, he's just the handsome owner of a winery and the tavern
• He's not as flirty as the other guys so he wonders if he shows you that he loves you enough
• It's his first serious relationship, is he doing anything wrong?
• Is he spending too much time working and dealing with his nightly duties and making you feel ignored?
• Pls just reassure him everything's okay and give him a big hug (maybe sum cuddles too), spare him the anxiety and worries-
• He thinks he's so lucky to have you
• Soft™
• Whenever you get into fights you're always the one leaving first, giving him time to cool off
• After he clears his head he always comes looking for you and apologizes, even if it wasn't entirely his fault
• He's just too scared to lose you or hurt you, he's already lost so many people in his life, losing you too would just break him
• It doesn't matter how angry he was, if you start crying during an argument he'll just hug you and apologize immediately
• Diluc is either a great cook or can't cook at all, there's no other way, and you can't tell me otherwise
fkdhdjd my first post haha, this is a random idea dump i found in a draft some time ago-
please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes, english isn't my first language
thanks for reading i guess? even tho no-ones ever gonna find this lol
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ofloopholesedits · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Triggers:   self harm,  depression, alcohol,  drugs,  abusive relationship implied,  bullying,  death,  etc.  This is NOT how the show wrote this out and thus is apart of my canon of how season five happened.  I’m not going to write EVERYTHING out or anything like this and I’m aware this glosses over things BUT if you want a more in depth look at something or have an idea for a drabble in this let me know and I will do it.  DO NOT TAKE THIS AND USE AS YOUR OWN.  THIS WAS NOT MADE FOR OTHERS TO PIGGY BACK OFF IT WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION FIRST.                                   DO NOT REBLOG THIS  !  LIKE /  COMMENT ONLY.
Characters mentioned:  Henry,  Caroline,  Roman,  Hope,  Hayley, Linsina  Mr.  Whiskers (Teacher),  Dorian.                                        1,526 words 7,759 characters
September  2nd,  2027.
Thursdays are meant to be dreaded by everyone but also bring a sense of excitement in the air as it is just ONE day until Friday.  The classes are BORING beyond belief and Hope has to keep herself awake with coffee and tea but unable to eat her lunch that day because there feels like a butterfly might have lodged itself into her stomach and can’t find the exit.  The most important guy at the school has noticed her and that is IMPORTANT for both Henry and herself.  If she can get to be friends with them then maybe she can get Roman and his crowd to stop being such an ass to Henry,  who was actually her closest friend at this hellhole.
Henry tells her over and over again as she puts on her makeup that this is a bad idea.  That the guy was a JERK and there is something off about him but Hope is too blinded by her plan to notice.  Roman Sienna might be an ass but he was cute and she couldn’t go wrong with a popular guy that could work in her favor.  She remembers leaning down and kissing Henry’s cheek before leaving in a plain shirt and jeans.
The date was pretty simple and fun with a stop at the Mystic Grill,  where Hope had to fight her attention from zooming in on the guy in blue that took their order that she flirts with often.  It might be a dick move on her part (she really doesn’t know the rules of this game) but it wasn’t like he had asked and Roman did.  From the Mystic Grill it was to a movie that she barely paid attention to because all she could focus on was the HAND in hers and how it felt so weird to her.  The worry of him noticing that she is out of place constant.  Does he think she is lame?  Does he plan to use this against her?  Hope knows where her hard limit are but when he kissed her goodnight in front of his friends that waited up for him it felt weird in a good way.  It wasn’t sloppy and forced with a tongue in her mouth like some girls seem to brag about their boyfriend’s doing to them.  It was soft and over pretty fast but it still makes her run straight to her room to tell her mother on the phone.  It was different than kissing Henry’s cheek and claiming to be his girlfriend in the ways of children on the playground do of hand-holding.  Sure,  as Henry and her got older Hope noticed her feelings did change to the more I wish he would just ask me out already.  but that isn’t important at this very moment.
Hayley laughs at her and tells her that her nerves are normal.  Asks all of the right questions and tells her that she needs to be careful BUT not to let careful ruin all of her fun.  Hope is a good girl and thus there is no worry.    ❝ I know,  mama. ❞   The annoyance drips through each word but of course,  by the end of every conversation Hope ends up not in a sour mood even if her mother does remind her often to be careful.
January  20th,  2028.
Henry had been asking for a good MONTH now to turn her because while Roman being his “friend” has lessened the abuse on the poor guy from the vampires it doesn’t change it all the way.  It doesn’t change the fact that the boy was clearly on death’s doorstep and that things could get a lot worse for Linsina if she doesn’t do something now.  If she doesn’t TURN him then he is going to end up dead for REAL and Hope can see it now.  Henry is in tears most nights anywhere sleeping next to her  (which just adds to rumors that there is something going on there but she swears up and down to Roman that there isn’t and he believes her  * Or maybe he just doesn’t care for he has gotten what he wanted from her.  Hope can’t tell anymore but in the past two weeks he has gotten spacey and was acting more of a dick than normal.).
Hope knows that this isn’t the right thing to do as she chokes down wolfsbane and vervain with knees on the cold ground of her private bathroom.  Vomit stains her pajamas by the time that she is able to get just enough down to make her blood thin out and for her body to be ready for what she needs.  If I can’t save him from the bullying at least I can save him from himself.  Hope is a smart girl that knows that this is going to end up being very bad for her as it will likely expose her but as long as she has Henry and her boyfriend? Things shouldn’t be so bad.  
Knife cuts into her palm and Hope watched as the blood runs like water down into the bowl.  The lame songs about love playing on the radio right now and yet she can’t enjoy them.  It is a bad idea to cut yourself in the school building BUT Hope knows how to get around it with magic to mask the smell of blood hitting a vampire's nose.  Tears pull from her eyes when she finally has enough for him and transfers it to vials to pass to him during the breakfast rush when no one is paying attention to anyone but their group.
She shows up to breakfast drunk for the first time that morning.  Sure,  Hope drank alcohol with Roman and his friends a few dozen times but her body never soaked it in as harshly as it does when you are mixing other things.  She signed a death sentence of just about everyone that she loves and has no idea that it was about to happen
Her first-period teacher,  Mr.  Whiskers  (Or that is what the kids call him but really it is just that he is hairy in a way that makes him look like a cat)  sends her to the office when he notices the sheer telltale signs that the kid is clearly wasted.   Caroline lectures her about her behavior and how much that she is risking herself by hanging out with Roman,  about doing this and that wrong and Hope has to keep her mouth shut the whole time.   ❝ I don’t really CARE,  Caroline. ❞   Not the respectful,  Ms.  Forbes-Salvatore that normally falls from her mouth but this wouldn’t be the first time that she has seen the inside of Caroline’s office lately and it won’t be the last.
Roman has really been the bad egg for her and as long as Hope plays the game and does it in a way that no one fingers out who she is?  She keeps it going.  Roman has earned her detention a total of THIRTY TIMES in their relationship from PDA,  to coming late to class,  to the backtalking teachers,  to letting her grades slip so fair that the teacher had to punish it.  Her mother tells her to cut this guy from her life during calls and Hope ends up in fights with her over it.  Another mark on her once clean record was given and thus she is told to go sleep it off in her room and then maybe try to do some of those missing assignments.  
Hope rolls her eyes and scuffs but heads straight to her room after stopping to talk to Roman by the boys' bathroom to tell him that she was drunk  (already starting to sober up sadly thanks to her body) and that she was told to go take a nap.  He laughs and kisses her only to tell her that he would be up during lunch with a sandwich.
Somewhere in the middle of her little nap there was a knock on the door and Hope is forced to open it to see Mr. Williams standing there telling her that she is going home and Hope KNOWS what happened.  She can see the disappointment in his eyes and her stomach drops.  HENRY DID IT AND SHE WASN’T STRONG ENOUGH TO BE THERE WHEN HE WATCHED.  She hates herself for not being the girl that he needed in that moment.  She created something and didn’t take responsibility for it right away.  She left her best friend to die alone.
When Henry comes out of the office with a dazed look on his face and the conversation happens all Hope wants to do is tell him how sorry she is,  that she hates herself for what she did,  that this shouldn’t have had to happen but instead what comes out is the annoyance that he blow her cover.  When her mother gets there with a look that tells her that she really should be digging her own grave now the thought that crosses her mind is:  I really should be high for this.
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poisonapplecakes1312 · 2 days ago
I know I've had a pin in this one for a while now but I think it's time we give best girl and(* cough *and apple muns favorite character cough*) miss Shiki Misaki some dating headcanons of her own
dating Shiki headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Note: the pictures ain't mine, I do not own Shiki or the world ends with you, it belongs to square enix,Jupiter Corporation and the brilliant artist Tetsuya Nomura
You/your name is reader
Okay so let me be straight with you if the relationship was pregame then there would be a few edges in the relationship Shiki had a tough time with confidence in herself so in the start of the relationship she might be a little insecure on if you'll stay with her or not. She needs you to remind her of how amazing she is that you'll stay (she is a beautiful smart girl fight me I dare you)
Post game I can see things being a little more stable but with edges still being there but hey no relationship is perfect you need to take time and communicate your problems and solutions.
In either case Shiki is a sweet understanding girlfriend who's not afraid to point out the smallest details and say her mind.
Hugs;please for the love of mr mew, and the composer give this sweet girl a hug. She is touch starved and needs lots of love. She loves hugs especially even though she might be a tad bit shy at first. Your hugs reassure her everything is okay and she can be herself around you. When Shiki is the one to hug first you can feel every stitch every ounce of love she puts into making her clothes and her love for you. You may also catch a faint scent of something sweet like vanilla perfume
She likes your jokes they always manage to make her laugh and smile all day
Gifts:I see her making a lot of homemade and handmade gifts. handmade clothes that she made just for you, handmade stuffed animals, homemade sweets and even jewelry she made herself.
She will make clothes for you and have you model them for her and the clothes are always suited to your tastes
(congrats you got a girlfriend with an eye for style)
Kisses;okay she is actually a little new to it and very shy but that's not to say she's bad at it. Her kisses are soft like feathers and very very gentle and overall sweet. She loves you very much and you can tell this with how she takes her sweet time holding you while she raises one leg up(it's a romantic movie cliche I know but I think it's cute). You will often taste something sweet and maybe a hint of coffee from wildcat.
Dates include: Going clothes shopping(I know it was obvious ) walking around Shibuya starting at the hachiko train station and statue of hachiko, dates at ramen don, sometimes its home dates with movies(don't leave her by herself if you're going to watch a horror movie) her (secret) favorite movies are action films
Nicknames: I see her using some pretty cute nicknames. Honey, sweetie, Doll,(cute shorter version of your name)
If you give her any nicknames her face will erupt in a blush, her entire face a bright pink so try to keep that in private for her sake
Overall Shiki is a sweet girlfriend that loves you very much and deserves the world that she wishes to give for you. Your relationship won't be perfect because no relationship is but you learn communication is key to happiness in your relationship . She just wants to be able to make you happy ,and never ever break her heart because her friends will stick up for her. She is gentle, good,unafraid of speaking her mind,sweet,caring,creative and very very kind.
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