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radiation a year ago
when i was a kid i was completely obsessed and enamored with the word art in microsoft word and when they got rid of it i was genuinely crushed. literally does not get any better than this i miss you so much babe
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egophiliac 2 months ago
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this started as a reply to someone but got out of hand when I remembered what Trey鈥檚 unique magic does, and therefore what the cutest solution to white queen Riddle would be 馃尮
and then it very quickly spiraled out of control
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moonlightint a year ago
in my overwhelmed era
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wdcseb a month ago
what's the rarest pairing you've ever been into and how many works are in their ao3 tags
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toukatan 2 months ago
anya and yor looking extra cute/pretty when the pov is from damian or loid 鉂わ笍馃槱
loid 馃 damian: putting the shoujo filter on their beloved
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as they should!鈥 they鈥檙e in love your honour. i rest my case.
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ash-and-starlight 5 months ago
Zuko's crew. T_T I'm now convinced every night had some sort of family activity soused with boiler room hooch. Zuko has zero poker face on mahjong night, while Jee wipes everyone clean with his RBF. And let's not forget Zuko and Aang are Azula-lightning-scar buddies, too. In through the chest and out through the back.
SOBBING!! you are so right about everything omg. I mean zuko lived on the ship with that crew for three whole years, and like. ok yeah he was at peak bastard mode during that time but they MUST have bonded in some way!! Mandatory game night at least once a week! zuko might be shitty at table games but they find out he obliterates everyone at charade.
And AAA OMFG DID U READ MY MIND. I DO HAVE a doodle of aang & a very crispy zuko being 鈥渕ortal wound from azula鈥 buddies lmao. Slapped some color on it just for you. mwah.
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(while we鈥檙e at it they also have an epic tsungi horn duo going on as a side gig)
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stonelions 8 months ago
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all the drawings from Don鈥檛 Swing That Way聽
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daswarschonkaputt 10 days ago
an incredibly subjective kinnporsche fic rec list
a few caveats before i get into it: i have probably missed fic. this is all my opinion, and if you disagree with it, that鈥檚 fine. i鈥檓 not giving these fics ratings, or picking out my extra special favourites because that鈥檚 just a dick move and inevitably results in writers feeling like shit. (i鈥檝e been there.) if it鈥檚 on this list, i enjoyed it enough to remember it. which is saying something because i read a lot of fic. like, so much firefox fucking crashed when i was opening tabs from my ao3 history. i bsod鈥檇 my fucking laptop for this. oh and my fic is on this list because hell yeah i recommend it. i fucking wrote it.
these aren鈥檛 in any particular order, because they鈥檙e mostly in order of my ao3 history. bear in mind that a lot of these were written whilst the show was airing, so they鈥檙e not so much canon as canon-adjacent. where i can remember what they go by over on this hellsite, i鈥檝e tagged the author鈥檚 in question. if you know any of the handles for authors i鈥檝e missed, feel free to tag them too.
under a cut because there are quite a few here:
A Guide to Living a Mafia-Adjacent Life by puckbaes https://archiveofourown.org/works/39870123
What? Post-canon fic about Chay adjusting to his new life as a mafia-adjacent college student, and making peace with his relationship with Kim. WIP. 20k, 8/11 chapters posted.
Why? This story primarily makes me feel peaceful, to read. Chay鈥檚 just trying to get through his life, whilst trying to pick himself up and move on. It鈥檚 such a breath of fresh air whenever it updates. Also P鈥橞ank is the best.
for you (i'd burn the world to the ground) by cuteandtwisted https://archiveofourown.org/works/40134927
What? AU where Porsche grew up with the Theerapanyakul鈥檚, and has been Kinn鈥檚 faithful bodyguard the entire time. He and Kinn have a tortured relationship. WIP, 24k, 4/5 chapters posted.
Why? This one is not a peaceful read. This one rips out your heart and stomps on it. But unsurprisingly, I鈥檓 an angst queen, and I very much enjoy these losers ruining their lives (and each other). Also badass Porsche. We all love badass Porsche, don鈥檛 we?
but you鈥檙e everywhere (yes you are) by fortunehasgivenup https://archiveofourown.org/works/39221205
What? Canon-divergence where Porsche remembers the kiss on the pier, and talks to Kinn about it. Despite the summary, they are softer than canon. Complete, 90k.
Why? Reading this I kept expecting the other shoe to drop, and it didn鈥檛. Kinn and Porsche fall into each other and figure each other out. It鈥檚 just a nice, long canon-divergence fic with low drama and high heat.
within the ablaze by lightshine https://archiveofourown.org/works/39897795
What? A/B/O mpreg AU. Check out the content warnings on AO3 before you brave this one, folks. Porsche gets pregnant, and has to figure out what he鈥檚 going to do about it. WIP, 9k, 3/16 chapters posted.
Why? Okay, so only a few chapters have been posted of this one, but what鈥檚 there has me intrigued. There鈥檚 some interesting worldbuilding here, but again, check the content warnings on AO3. It鈥檚 omegaverse, and some of the trope鈥檚 more dystopian elements are folded into the world here. This is one of the fic I am subscribed to and am watching to see how it develops.
You picked a dance with the devil, You lucked out by aby01 https://archiveofourown.org/works/39718185
What? A/B/O AU where Porsche is a feral alpha, terrified of being used as someone鈥檚 weapon, and Kinn is, well, Kinn. Porsche would like desperately to steer clear of him for forever 鈥 there鈥檚 just one problem: Chay鈥檚 dating Kim. Alpha!Kinn/Alpha!Porsche. Complete, 34k.
Why? Someone tags their fic with Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics and I am there so quickly, you have no idea. I really enjoyed the worldbuilding here. I followed it right from the first chapter and faithfully read every update 鈥 I vibed hard with it.
Where Power Resides by Laughsalot3412 (@laughsalot3412 on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/38407180
What? Canon-divergent AU circa episode 2. Vegas demands a steeper price for Porsche hurting his brother, and Kinn ends up going along. Somehow this results in them falling into a BDSM relationship. Complete, 65k.
Why? C鈥檓on guys. This is a fandom classic for a reason. Laughs really knocks it out of the park. The BDSM stuff here is mostly non-sexual, and written really tenderly. It鈥檚 really clear what Kinn and Porsche each get out of the relationship, and the way they both come to rely on each other is really beautiful. Also I have a soft spot for Laughs鈥 Kim, who鈥檚 my favourite brand of feral.
The power in the taking by iffervescent (@iffervescent on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/29002584
What? Porsche and Kinn fuck around (sexually) and then find out (about feelings). Kinn鈥檚 a dominant asshole, and Porsche hates that that seems to do it for him. Written before the show aired, based on the Filmania trailer, and got a shocking amount really right. Complete, 17k.
Why? Iffy鈥檚 a fucking powerhouse, guys. This one is a little darker in tone than the show liked to keep it, but so, so fucking good. Obviously it doesn鈥檛 get everything correct canon-wise, but that鈥檚 to be expected. It鈥檚 still a really good fic.
playing with fire by acrobats (@fractured-ice on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39521733
What? Porsche character study through the lens of smoking. Complete, 2.5k.
Why? A short fic that looks at Porsche and his use of smoking as a coping mechanism. Damn good characterisation. Almost meta, really.
i'm the violence in the pouring rain by theleftboobgrabber (@histypeisnice on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39205392
What? Porsche has a side-hustle on onlyfans. Kinn has no sense of boundaries. Twisty and incredibly hot. WIP, 20k, 2/3 chapters posted.
Why? Um. I have no excuse? I saw a snippet of this posted on tumblr and was absolutely hooked. When I say I want these losers to ruin each other, I think of fics like this one.
tiny spark, mighty flame by BeStillMySlashyHeart https://archiveofourown.org/works/38828970
What? Soulmate AU where your first touch leaves a mark on your soulmate. Gee, wouldn鈥檛 it suck if the first time Kinn and Porsche actually touched was when Kinn strangled him in episode two? Wouldn鈥檛 it suck if that was how they found out they were soulmates? (Distant laughter.) Complete, 29k.
Why? This was one of the first soulmate AU fic I read that actually approached the matter that Porsche would need a security detail, once it was discovered. Which: I would recommend it just for that on its own. BUT, it鈥檚 also a neat fic. There鈥檚 a really cool use of the author鈥檚 worldbuilding at the end of the fic, which I won鈥檛 spoil, but I still think about it. It鈥檚 short, it鈥檚 sweet, it hits the mark.
Nosy, Nosy by snickerdoodlles (@thecookiemonster77 on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39562044
What? Tankhun and Kim character study. Incredibly in-character, and also incredibly funny. Complete, 13k.
Why? One of the first fic I ever read where the author seemed to just get Tankhun on a subatomic level. This fic is the Tankhun character reference, guys. Also Kim is just so funny to throw at the rest of the cast. Yes, Tankhun. Invade his space. Irritate him. Understand him.
Head.Cars.Bending by hotlemontea https://archiveofourown.org/works/39744693
What? Tankhun ends up halfway across Thailand after a wild night of partying. Porsche and Kinn go to pick him up, and Porsche鈥檚 driving puts the fear of God into Kinn. As it fucking should. Complete, 4k.
Why? You ever read a fic that just sets the tone and sticks to it? It鈥檚 a simple idea, very straightforward, and utterly sticks the landing. I really enjoyed it. One of the few fic I was able to recall off the top of my head by name when I wrote this list. It鈥檚 that good.
Assumptions about you by Sirvaria (@antique-forvalaka on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/38101582
What? Smut fic, Porsche likes being manhandled. Complete, 6k.
Why? Um. UM. I read it for the鈥 character development? Yeah. We鈥檒l go with that. Seriously though, this is the good shit.
gone fishing by snickerdoodlles https://archiveofourown.org/works/39384114
What? Post-canon social media fic. Chay takes over Wik鈥檚 Twitter. Complete, 1.5k.
Why? I didn鈥檛 realise until I put together this list that this is the same author as 鈥淣osy, Nosy鈥. It all makes sense. Cute, funny, in-character, which I guess is snickerdooodlles鈥檚 trademark now.
A Stacked Deck by Patterpea (@winterberrysea on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/40217793
What? Time travel fic where Porsche is sent back in time after taking a bullet for Kinn. WIP, 39k, 4/16 chapters posted.
Why? It鈥檚 time travel fic with badass Porsche. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I was all over this the moment it was posted and will continue to be all over it until it鈥檚 complete and then probably for a few months after that. This scratches so many itches and I love it to bits already.
fake love and hennessy by yeetlegay (@yeetlegay on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39083298
What? Pretty Woman AU. Porsche is a prostitute, and Kinn hires him for a week. They have a lot of sex. WIP, 53k, 8/17 chapters posted.
Why? This is another one of the fandom juggernauts, and for good reason. The writing鈥檚 swell, everyone鈥檚 in character, and Yeetle works hard to maintain their title as the ruling monarch of the horny Kinnporsche fandom.
The King's Tree by LuckyDragon (@luckydragon10 on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39298218
What? Soulmate AU where prior to canon, Kinn got his soulmark removed. Porsche didn鈥檛. Porsche is now faced with a reality where his soulmate was so opposed to his very existence that he had him burned out of his flesh. So, he鈥檚 not really best-inclined to letting Kinn in on the secret. WIP, 64k, 12/14 chapters posted.
Why? It鈥檚 so good. Like. It鈥檚 criminal how underrated this fic is, relatively. Whenever this one updates, I drop everything to go read it. You may know Nemi (the author) from the meta doc 鈥 but damn can she write. This one rips my heart out on a daily basis, holds it outside my chest, and then returns it, wrapped in cotton wool. I鈥檓 not kidding. It鈥檚 so fucking good.
Intent to Cherish by Iffervescent https://archiveofourown.org/works/40304811
What? A/B/O AU with shades of sugar daddy thrown in for fun. Porsche is an atypical omega, and hyperaware of that fact. Kinn wants him really fucking bad 鈥 but wants to spoil him more. Complete, 47k.
Why? It lures you in with the promise of scalding hot sex (Iffy鈥檚 trademark), only to sucker punch you with fascinating worldbuilding and Kittisawat feels. This fic is so fucking good, guys. This Porsche makes me absolutely lose my mind, and Kinn does too.
cover up, walk away by Ronan Vespertine (Akina1521) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39225051
What? Porsche character study, post-diamond auction. Canon-typical content warnings apply. WIP, 5k, 2/4 chapters posted.
Why? In the aftermath of episode four (and episode five, really, too) I had a lot of feelings about what had happened. In order to process these feelings, I went looking for fic, and cover up was one of the first I found. I enjoyed it a lot, and am secretly waiting for the author to finish it.
whiskey sour by cardamon https://archiveofourown.org/works/39632343
What? Post-canon, a little AU. Kinn and Vegas do business. Pete and Porsche come along. Complete, 1.8k.
Why? It was written before the season finale and it shows, but it鈥檚 still pretty fun. All very bloody brutal murder boys. I鈥檇 definitely recommend it, if you鈥檙e into that.
Tiger Tiger by LuckyDragon 聽https://archiveofourown.org/works/38000350
What? Slight canon divergence, Kinn investigates Porsche and watches him at the fight ring. Small ficlet. Complete, 2k.
Why? I really love Nemi鈥檚 Kinn POV. Just a neat ficlet, with a slight AU to it. Could fit into canon.
A Little Wicked by midnightsurge https://archiveofourown.org/works/40197588
What? Canon-divergent AU. Porsche doesn鈥檛 sell the watch, and Kinn doesn鈥檛 kidnap him to recruit him. That doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 prepared to leave him alone. Complete, 11k.
Why? I love canon-divergence. It鈥檚 one of my favourite tropes. And fics like this are why. They鈥檙e so soft in this one 鈥 wound-tending, bathing, all the hurt-comfort tropes. And Porsche鈥檚 confused horniness for Kinn is great and wonderfully in character 鈥 he really gets kissed once and goes, Okay, I guess I like guys now. Good shit.
All for Us by rebellconquerer (@rebellconquerer on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/40326297
What? Post-canon character study. Porsche gets a new tattoo. Complete, 3.5k.
Why? rebellconquerer writes these fantastic, short snapshots of character interaction. This is no exception. Wonderful fic, wonderful premise, wonderfully executed. If you want more where this came from, check their tumblr.
wrapped around your finger (is my ring) by kittysawat https://archiveofourown.org/works/40793439
What? Fake relationship AU. Kinn hires Porsche to be his fianc茅, to dodge an arranged marriage. WIP, 7k.
Why? So I guess Kinnporsche has cured me of my burning apathy for fake dating because I am all over this shit, and it鈥檚 only one chapter in. Author-san I am looking with Both My Eyes for your next update.
Machine Gun Kick by majestictortoise (@majestictortoise on tumblr) https://archiveofourown.org/works/40501785
What? Post-canon fic where Porsche investigates the incident at Yok鈥檚 bar during the finale -- and his investigation leads him to Kim. Complete, 14k
Why? I live for the Porsche and Kim dynamic, which we didn鈥檛 get to see at all in canon. It鈥檚 so much funnier if they actually get along. It鈥檚 so good. It feeds us so well. Heartfelt, entertaining, well-written. I love this fic so much.
between the sheets by DasWarSchonKaputt (dat鈥檚 me) https://archiveofourown.org/works/39409224
What? Fake dating/bodyguard AU. Porsche is hired to pretend to be Kinn鈥檚 boyfriend whilst secretly being his bodyguard. Complete, 70k.
Why? Cards on the table, I wrote this. And I think it鈥檚 fucking great. I know that sounds arrogant, but I really do rate this one. If you haven鈥檛 read it, or even if fake dating鈥檚 not really your thing 鈥 give it a shot. For me?
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lilbeanz 12 days ago
I love your art! Thank you for making me smile when I'm feeling down. Love you!
P.S. Do you think Draco likes to see Harry dressed in Auror robes?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think you might have put him on the spot there...
Also thank you so much! Really makes me pleased that I can put a smile on your face鈽衡潳
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artsekey a month ago
Blob Boy [Part 5 &6]
[Please expand the post and full view!]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Please full-view! [Part 1]
[Part 2]
[Part 3]
[Part 4]
[Counting with Cas and Dosia]
Post Timeskip:
[Meet Lena]
[Dosia Sets Out on an Adventure]
This original comic follows the lives of Casimir, a little eldritch being who thinks he鈥檚 a regular ole鈥 person, and Dosia, his fully human little sister. It鈥檚 based off the character I鈥檓 playing in our 5e Curse of Strahd campaign. You can find more of my Dungeons and Dragons art here! And, if you like my content, please consider buying me a ko-fi聽or supporting me by picking up my Guide to Building Fool-Proof Tabletop RPG Worlds!聽It鈥檚 free, but you can opt to donate a few dollars when you pick it up.聽
Extra notes below the cut:聽
I really cannot express how touched I am that so many people have been interacting with this comic and it鈥檚 characters. I鈥檝e received so many positive messages over the last few months, and seeing as this was something I started simply because it brought me joy, it鈥檚 extremely humbling to see that it鈥檚 reached so far!聽
The themes of this comic (and this character) are very important to me. I won鈥檛 say the theme outright because I want them to come across in the narrative and I want readers to feel free to interpret it in their own way, but please know that the focus on being聽鈥渘ormal鈥 here is a big part of that theme!聽
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yukipri a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Inspired by Stuart Beattie's script for Obi-Wan back when it was a movie.
Quote from interview:
鈥淵eah, yeah. Cody was the big one. I love the idea of Obi-Wan having a buddy on Tatooine. Like a secret buddy. So like the first time he goes into town, you see, Cody, and he鈥檚 following him through the streets and attacks him, takes him into an alley with a knife to his throat and says, 鈥榊ou鈥檙e dead.鈥 And then you realize, 鈥極h, no鈥 Cody鈥檚 making a point.鈥 Like, 鈥楥ome on. You got to be more careful.鈥欌
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, EDIT, TRANSLATE, OR OTHERWISE USE MY ART. To share, please reblog! Reblogs and comments greatly appreciated!!!
鉂 You can see the rest of my art through the Masterpost pinned to the top of my blog!
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grumpywheeler 3 days ago
when they fight and Will screams 鈥渂ecause I love you Mike!鈥 and expects Mike to scream something awful back but instead Mike goes 鈥測ou love me?鈥 in the softest use of the Will voice鈩笍 ever then what
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lanyuan 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鉃 inspired by @yibo-wang鈥榮 creation | for the @creatorsevents gif style exchange event
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mitchmarner 5 months ago
Tumblr media
please drop your responses. mine is 鈥渢rade mitch marner鈥
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princehoneytea 4 months ago
emmet just saw the guy who laughed ominously in the twins faces like the week before ingo vanished camping out with binoculars to watch the funeral and laugh at the whole thing and put the pieces together and has prepared the wrath of a god
yeah :) you know what they say in the documentaries and all that, the perpetrator likes to return to the scene of the crime and killers statistically LOVE to attend the funerals of people they killed and although this is not exactly the same... Emmet is ready... like This
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teriongai a month ago
Max in his cell
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loulines 2 months ago
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cleans the tumbleweed from the porch blows away the dust looks around anxiously quickly dumps this and runs away
I made art for @cuteshinymew 's and my fic, "Show me love", (shameless plug but stay away if you're under 18, please) because I know no one else will do it 馃檭 Just kidding, we're just having lots of fun with it and I love creating concept art for it.
It's been way too long since I last posted art here and I miss that, but it's hard to finish anything these days 馃様
Anyway, yes this is a friendly reminder I still ship them, sue me.
Also this is kinda a redo of my pretty similar art from 2020's rexsoka week because god I hate how it turned out lmfao
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