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eddie-diass · 8 days ago
there’s something about eddie getting shot and his blood splattering all over buck’s face that tells us they’re inextricably linked. the damage done to eddie is reflected back to him on buck’s face—both literally with his own blood and the shock in his eyes.
it was the moment eddie realized he couldn’t do This without buck. he didn’t quite understand what that meant. What that looks like.
they’re a unit. they’re buckandeddie. they’re two universes revolving around each other—caught up in each other’s gravitational pull—any movement by one moves the other, but they’re so tied to one another that it’s impossible to decipher the origin of the shifts in their positions.
and now they’re heading for a collision the moment the force becomes too strong to overcome.
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etherealsteggy · 7 months ago
ɢɪᴠᴇ ɪɴ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ | ᴀɴᴀᴋɪɴ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ᴏɴᴇꜱʜᴏᴛ
Tumblr media
I refuse to say how long it took me to decide on an appropriate gif
Warnings: smut, Top!Ani, Bottom!Reader
(if you were tagged, it means u interacted with the original WIP post. If you want to be untagged pls dm me and I will!)
Story below the cut! Enjoy 🥴
"Ani! You're home early! I thought you weren't going to be back for at least another week." You say to Anakin, surprised at his return.
"We got finished early, so I have the entire weekend to spend with you, Angel." Anakin says, cupping your face. He brings you in for a kiss. "I've missed you," he adds, his hands slowly roaming your body.
"I've missed you too, Ani," you breathe, pulling him in for another kiss. His hands roam up your shirt, feeling your smooth skin. They roam a little higher, tugging at your bra.
"This needs to go," Anakin mutters in between kisses.
You slide your hands down the waistband of his pants. "I could say the same about you," you respond.
"Fuck," Anakin groans. You both begin to make your way to your bedroom, never parting as you make out.
Anakin kicks the door open, leading you to the bed and effectively pinning you to it with his body. He works at the buttons on your shirt as you help him out of his pants. You kiss him with desperation, arousal pooling in your core, parting only so he can take his tunic off.
He resumes kissing you as soon as it's off.
He fumbles with your bra, anxious and impatient, and he ends up ripping it off of you in annoyance.
You wince a little at the sound of tearing fabric. "Ani! That was once of my nice bras!" You complain.
"I'll make up for it," he mutters, pressing a kiss to your collarbone, and his kisses slowly make their way down your body.
He reaches the waistband of your panties, wasting no time in helping you out of your underwear. He ghosts a finger over your clit before moving lower to your entrance.
"You're so wet for me, Angel," he says, fingering you with ease. "...Were you playing with yourself before I got here, baby? Thinking about me? Thinking about my cock?"
"Fuck, yes." You admit, moaning wantonly. "I was."
Anakin smirks. "Naughty girl." he removes his fingers and you squirm, whimpering at the loss of them.
"I need you now," you demand.
"I don't think you're one to make demands right now, Angel," Anakin whispers in your ear, using that voice he typically reserves for when he's on top.
You shudder in anticipation.
He kisses you passionately, entering you at a tortuously slow pace.
After what felt like an eternity, his cock was finally fully inside of you, accompanied by that delicious stretch. You felt satisfyingly full.
"Fuck, I missed this. Look at you, Angel. Look how pretty you are taking my cock," Anakin says, thrusting lazily, pressing open-mouthed kisses to your neck.
"Harder," you demand.
Anakin tuts. "We have all weekend, Angel. Can't I take my time?"
"Y-you've been teasing me all day." You complain, wiggling your hips in an effort to make him move - to do something, anything.
Finally, he rolls his hips experimentally, slow and teasing. "What's my name?"
You swear your brain short-circuits for a second. "I-Oh, maker- Ani," you gasp.
He slaps your ass, making you moan. "Not good enough. Say it louder." He growls.
"Anakin!" You yell, desperately. You can feel his cock twitch ever so slightly inside of you.
"Good girl," he purrs. "Now tell me exactly what you need," his fingers comb through your hair.
"I- fuck, I want you, A-Ani,"
Anakin tuts once again. "Use your words, Angel. What do you want? I can't fuck you unless you tell me what you need," He thrusts gently, teasingly.
"I- Maker, I wa-want you to fuck me," you plead shamelessly. "Please fuck me, Ani."
Anakin smiles coyly. "See? Was that so hard to ask, Angel?"
You open your mouth to respond when thrusts hard, leaving you speechless. He quickly sets a rough pace that leaves you reduced to a moaning mess.
He presses a searing kiss to your lips, and you find yourself getting lost in the kiss, lost in the feeling.
But you needed more. You were insatiable at the point. "Ani, I need-" you're cut off as he hits your G-spot just right.
"So needy," Anakin murmurs, and you can feel his breath against your neck. "You just can't get enough of me, can you?"
You were so close, now, with the way he kept hitting your G-spot with every thrust. If you could just get- "M-more," is all you can manage.
Anakin chuckles. His real hand finds its way to your clit, rubbing tight circles. You hiss, clenching around his cock in response.
"Fuck- you feel so good," he grunts.
You respond with a whine. Fuck, you weren't going to last very long if he kept this pace.
He kisses and bites your neck, determined to leave a hickey. Your nails dig into the skin of his back, leaving half-moon shaped indents. You were so close, you could feel your own orgasm approaching hard and fast, and you could tell by the way his thrusts were getting more erratic that he, too, was close.
"Ani," you moan brokenly. "Ani- more, please, 'm so c-close-"
"You need to cum, baby?" He asks. "Go ahead, cum on my cock." He says, and you're sure those words alone could make you cum on the spot.
His teeth graze your earlobe, "Cum for me, Angel." he accentuates the command with a deep thrust that you swear makes you see stars.
You cry out his name as your orgasm washes over you.
His hips stutter, and he captures your lips in a kiss when he finally cums.
He pulls away, resting his head on your shoulder and you both attempt to catch your breath.
"...That was..." You pant.
"I love you," Anakin breathes, pressing his forehead to yours.
"I love you too, Ani." You whisper.
He rolls off of you, now lying on his back. You turn so you can face him.
"What do you want to do now?" Anakin asks.
You sigh contently, laying your head on his chest. "I was thinking a nap first," you admit.
Anakin laughs breathlessly. "I was thinking the same thing."
Oh Lord. That was mildly scary to write, hope it wasnt too cringe lmfao? If you did enjoy tho, feel free to comment or reblog 🥰
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bopbopstyles · a year ago
Tumblr media
RATING: R/smut (sex, heavy alcohol use, smoking, lots of cursing)
CATEGORIES: fratboy!harry
MASTERLIST (check it out for extras) | INSPO TAG | PLAYLIST 
a/n: as a recently graduated srat girl and lover of a good frat party, this one shot was intended to fill the whole in my heart which is LEGIT frat Harry. he is fratty and hot and long haired and a mess. if u like this try out TEMPTATION which is my other frat!h series and the first thing i ever wrote on this gd website (he’s not as fratty but we love him a LOT)
a/n pt.2: as a note, i want to make very clear that frats and greek organizations frequently harbor predators and abusers. i do not in any way condone that behavior or that reality, and i would like to bring attention to a petition to remove a fraterity that had done truly many horrible things--your signature would be a huge help. for survivors of assault, you are not alone, and it is not your fault. 
As you rose up, your eyes locked on a figure in the doorway of the basement. His long hair was loose, curls that had been pulled out from the hair tie he always had on his wrist, a tight white shirt that you knew meant all of his tattoos were on display. Harry was watching you, you realized as you twisted your hips and bounced your arms up and down with the beat, singing the words. So you kept his gaze, and just to taunt him, when the chorus hit again, you dropped down, ass hitting your heels, eyes on his the whole time.
Harry is a very fratty frat boy and Y/N is a really good dancer
pls reblog and share with your friends 💕
“We really should not be still going to our own mixers,” Emily said to you, fluffing her hair and rotating to check her ass in her jeans. You looked up from where you were sitting on your bed, a gin and tonic in one hand to get your blood flowing before the party started. Emily sighed, and then turned from the mirror to you, grabbing the coffee cup that had never seen coffee, just alcohol. “Are people even going?”
You nodded, tossing your phone next to you and leaning against the bed frame. “Alexis is on her way over—she got held up finishing an essay. Maya said she might come, I tried to convince her by promising I’d bring my flask and you’d have your Juul.”
“I swear, she has to just give in and get one of her own.” Emily took a long sip and crossed her arms.
“She claims that will make her addicted.”
Emily rolled her eyes. “She’s already addicted—she uses half my pods and ends up hanging out with whatever guy will let her take a hit. Is it just going to be us and all the new members?”
“No, I think some juniors are going. And definitely the sophomores—they’re all on the little hunt.” You got up, going to your computer to change the song, scrolling through your comprehensive and well-curated pregame playlist. “Plus, who gives a fuck, we’ll only be there for an hour or two for the free alcohol and then we’re hitting the bars.”
“True.” A knock came from the door, and Emily hollered to come in, and Alexis appeared in the doorway, her makeup looking utterly flawless as always. You had always wanted Alexis’s wardrobe and told her constantly, to which Alexis always replied that she wished you were the same size. Unfortunately, Alexis was a solid five inches shorter than you and had a completely different bra size, making sharing quite difficult.  
“Bitches, I brought tequila!” Alexis swung into the room in a cloud of perfume, and threw her arms around you and Emily’s shoulders. “Come on, we need to get tipsy before we get to this mixer. Nick already texted me making sure I was coming.”
“Grab the shot glasses,” You replied, nodding to the makeshift bar cart in the corner, which as laden with glasses of all kinds and all your alcohol. “Are you hooking up with him tonight?”
Alexis shrugged, pulling her tequila from her bag and setting it on your desk before turning and going for the shot glasses. “Probably. I don’t know, he’s been weird lately—we hooked up on Monday night, but then he got all weird and left like immediately after and hasn’t texted me since. Barely acknowledged me when we saw each other in the library.”
“Was the sex weird?” Emily asked, unscrewing the top on the tequila so she could pour.
“Yeah,” Alexis replied, holding the glasses steady while Emily poured. “Like weirdly…intense? I let him come inside me which was probably a stupid idea, but I’m on the IUD so we should be all good. And then I offered to let him stay and he just got all flustered and said he had to go.”
You took your full shot glass, and you all clinked before tossing them back, the alcohol burning on your throat.  You hated tequila shots but Alexis loved them, and you did admit they did their job. “Do you think he’s caught feelings?”
Alexis’s eyes widened. She had been pining after Nick for ages, his tall basketball stature and surprisingly good fashion sense a dime a dozen. Much less, apparently the sex was insane, so what wasn’t to like? “You think? I thought it might’ve not been his vibe.”
Emily grabbed the bottle. “Another?” You all nodded, and she poured again, The Weeknd crooning in the background. “Just see what happens tonight, feel out what his vibe his.”
“Good idea.” You slammed back another shot, hissing before setting down the glass. “Okay, that’s enough tequila or you two are going to be carrying me home tonight.”
Emily and Alexis laughed, before taking seats on your bed, continuing to chatter about the night ahead. It was a Friday, your favorite night because it was usually just mixers, no general parties, which as a senior you had grown to despise. The fighting for watered down alcohol, packed bodies and horrific gender ratio was simply no longer something you had the energy to deal with. Mixers were your preferred zone, filled with your sorority sisters who you adored, the opportunity to actually hang out with the frat brothers whose presence you enjoyed, and usually pong. Sometimes they even let you DJ because you had the best party playlists. The president of Sig Ep had actually asked for the link one time and you’d heard they used it sometimes when the brothers didn’t want to man the computer anymore.
You surveyed your outfit in your narrow mirror, the black denim jeans and simple white tank that showed a bit of stomach and your tan you’d worked hard on during your winter escape to the Caribbean with your lineage. It was simple, yet it suited your needs—after three and a half years of college parties, you had discovered getting dressed up for frat parties was a useless activity, since your clothes would get drenched in jungle juice and sweat anyways. You left your best outfits for Saturday nights spent clubbing downtown.
If you were being honest, the whole reason you were going tonight was because at the last mixer you’d had with Beta, you’d turned around on the dance floor to find Harry’s eyes on you. You were already dancing with another one of the brothers and ended up making out with him in a corner until you got bored, but you hadn’t been able to get the sight of his eyes on you out of your head.
You’d known Harry since freshman year, your interactions limited mostly to mixers and the occasional run-in in the dining halls when you exchanged pleasantries, or the one time he’d volunteered for a karaoke team for your sorority philanthropy event and you’d been in charge of his team. But the two of you had rarely ever spent time together.  That didn’t mean you hadn’t had a lingering crush on him since you’d first laid eyes on him, though, and over the years he’d only gotten more attracted. A body that filled out his white t-shirts and black jeans, hair long and sweeping his shoulders to where he wore it in a bun most times, a jaw that could cut glass. He was hot and he knew it, as did everyone else on campus.
As juniors you had both been on the executive boards of your respective Greek organizations and had ended up in meetings together about housing violations and social calendars, but it hadn’t ever led to much more than you both complaining about how fucking annoying FIJI and their insistent requests for a house was, considering they’d trashed their last one. But this year, you’d found his eyes on you multiple times, and you wondered if perhaps your time had arrived. You’d both always danced around each other and you were curious after all these years if he was finally interested in hooking up. Not that you really expected much more, or were looking for much else—you were a senior, after all, and you were enjoying it.
“Y/N.” Alexis’s voice ripped you from your musings over Harry, her fingers snapping from her spot on your bed. “What’s got you thinking hard over there?”
“Harry?” Emily guessed, one eyebrow raising. “Emmett said he’ll be there tonight.”
“He’s always there,” you replied, because he was. Like you, he seemed to enjoy the mixers, but usually avoided the open parties unless he was on door duty.
“You’d hook up with him, right?”
You looked at Alexis. “Obviously. He’s so fucking hot.”
She laughed, as did Emily. “Then go for it, girl. It’s not like he’ll say no.”
You shrugged. “He might. Never know.”
“I seriously doubt that. You look hot as fuck, as usual, and are the life of the party. Beta adores you. They literally asked you to move in this year when they had an open spot.”
“It was a joke,” you reminded them, because it was—you wouldn’t ever be allowed to live in the house and they knew that. It was true though, you had become a bit of a groupie over the past few years, preferring the more laid back vibe in their house. You’d become friends with all the senior guys, except the weird or obnoxious ones, and had become a regular invite to Bachelor Monday watch parties in their second floor living room. You brought snacks and your friends, they provided the booze and the cable.
“Still,” Emily said, nudging you the toe of her black booties. “Don’t sell yourself short, babes. He is missing a brain if he’s not interested in you.”
“And seriously missing out,” Alexis added. You shot her a look, but she just chuckled. “Bitch, I lived next door to you last year. You are loud.”
“Shut the fuck up,” you said, laughing, but she was right. You were. Guys had told you on countless occasions, but you really couldn’t find it in yourself to care all that much. “Come on, we should go. Maya is texting me asking when we’re leaving.”
“Do you have your cigs?”  Alexis asks you, downing the rest of the drink she’d made while you had been staring into space.
It was your vice, one you had picked up during a semester abroad and only did when you were drunk. You knew you should stop, but something about it made you feel powerful, a bit badass, so you kept doing it. “Obviously. Emmett will have a fit if I don’t.” You swiped your pack from your desk drawer and your trusty pale blue lighter, and shoved them into the pocket of your jacket. With one last swig of your drink, your veins buzzing with alcohol just the right amount, the three of you were off, singing an old Hannah Montana song in the elevator down to the lobby of your dorm.
One of the pledges was working the door, but happily let you three into the frat house. The lights on the main floor were off, except for the ones in the front study that doubled as a coat room, where you tied the arms of your jackets together and set them in the corner so you didn’t lose them. Your cigs were transferred to your back pocket, and you just prayed you didn’t forget they were there and crush them again.  
Josephine and another junior were the sober sisters, and offered you three hugs before checking your names off the list. You got positive points for being there, as if that was the main reason you had shown up.
“Emmett!” Emily called, and the blond-headed boy’s head flipped up from where he was standing behind the bar. A Gatorade water cooler was sitting on the high bar, stacks of red solo cups and boxes of white claws and beers sitting on top of one another.
Aka, your happy place. “He’s bartending, thank god,” you said, and grabbed Emily and Alexis, weaving through the crowd. Girls stopped you all as you moved, hugs and squeals at your appearance. You had to admit, you were popular in your sorority, but mainly because you had made it your mission to get your money worth. As a result of your exec position, you’d gotten to know the sophomore member class and you adored them all, chaotic messes who always turned up with you and made you laugh hysterically. Honestly, you were sad to graduate because it meant leaving behind so many fun friends and memories.
“We’ve been waiting for you three,” Emmett said when you arrived in front of him. He was wearing the frat’s homecoming shirt from the previous year and his eyes were dilated, obvious that he had smoked before. “What are we drinking?”
“What’s the mix?” You asked, pointing to the cooler.
He grabbed three cups, knowing you would be taking it. “Shit ton of vodka, Kool Aid, water, the usual.”
“My favorite,” you replied, blowing him a kiss. “How is it downstairs?”
He filled the cups and handed them to you all. “They just wrapped up pong so it’s still getting moving.”
Alexis took a long sip before grabbing your hand. “Sounds like we need to get people dancing.” With that she turned around, her long slick black hair moving in a circle. “Let’s dance!” She called, and the girls around you cheered, following the three of you down the slippery steps to the basement.
Downstairs, The Motto was playing and you bobbed your head along with the beat, moving your hips as you entered the large basement space. It was dark except for a glowing sign with the Beta letters in narrow neon lights, casting the room with a tint of green. Your battered frat shoes, an old pair of white Vans, stuck against the beer and jungle juice-covered floor as you made your way to the middle. A couple of other girls and brothers were scattered around the floor, and you broke from Emily and Alexis’s hands as you twirled on the floor.  
You raised your cup above your head and started dancing, rapping the lyrics by heart, moving your hands and hips along with the song. Emily and Alexis sang along with you and some of the younger girls showed up, then some other seniors who shared your love for frat parties. All of a sudden your little was screaming and running towards you, Mallory’s arms wrapping around your waist.
“Oh my fuck god, MOM,” she screamed, using the nickname she’d had for you since you’d taken her as your little two years ago. You laughed and threw your arm around her shoulders, screaming the lyrics. There was a specific reason you had taken Mallory as your little, and it was because she lost her shit at parties just as much as you did. You two were a dynamic duo like no other, and if your grand little didn’t have a huge exam on Monday, she’d be here too and you would all be dancing together as usual.
You downed your jungle juice, the sugary drink combined with the loud music blasting and your friends making your adrenaline kick into high gear. And then Maya appeared, arms waving like crazy, and then she dropped it low and you remembered why you adored her, even if she always stole Emily’s Juul. She had a beer in one hand and a white claw in the other, ready for the night ahead.
Then Emmett appeared, trailed by some of the other brothers in tank tops and t-shirts, one carrying a six pack on his shoulder and handing out warm beers to the brothers he passed. Emmett beelined for Emily, his arm thrown around her shoulder, their completely platonic friendship on show for everyone. The song ended and you took a breath, crushing your cup and tossing it into the corner so you could have your hands free. Emily pulled her Juul free and took a hit, passing it to Maya next without a question between them.
The opening notes of Come Get Her started and you immediately grabbed Alexis and Emily, beelining for the bar that the speakers rested on, something you weren’t even sure how it got there, but it was your favorite elevated surface of all time. Wide enough to dance, tall enough to be high but not too high where you couldn’t mostly stand. You clamored up, coming to nearly full height and turning to your friends.
“Somebody come get her, she’s dancing like a stripper!” You screamed, your friends coming in a circle in front of the three of you, some other girls getting up on the bar. When the line came through again, you decided fuck it, and you dropped your ass low, bending your knees and tipping your head back.
When you danced, you didn’t give a single fuck about impressing guys or any of that. You just simply loved to dance with your friends, move your hips, and didn’t care what you looked like. Mallory screamed when you got low, your name falling from her lips in a squeal of joy.
As you rose up, your eyes locked on a figure in the doorway of the basement. His long hair was loose, curls that had been pulled out from the hair tie he always had on his wrist, a tight white shirt that you knew meant all of his tattoos were on display. Harry was watching you, you realized as you twisted your hips and bounced your arms up and down with the beat, singing the words. So you kept his gaze, and just to taunt him, when the chorus hit again, you dropped down, ass hitting your heels, eyes on his the whole time.
That had him moving. He joined a circle where Emmett and some other senior guys were dancing with some other girls, beers in hand as they shifted back and forth. But you knew what would have them all actually dancing and screaming and jumping along with you. You needed to see Harry like that—loose and free. So you turned around and grabbed the attention of the sophomore on aux, his name something along the lines of Justin, and screamed your song choice to him. He gave you a thumbs up, and then you turned back around. Your hair was sticking to the back of your neck, and you rolled it into a loose, high bun, pulling the elastic on your wrist around it as you swayed to the song.
You could hear the song ending, and with your eyes on Harry, you decided you would get down. He was next to a pledge with a six pack, and you wanted a beer. You were mixing alcohols like nobody’s business tonight, but you’d done worse. You squatted down and kicked your feet out, Mallory’s hand coming out to help you down. “You good?” She asked, leaning in to you.
“Yeah, just hot,” you replied. “Going to get a beer.” She nodded and let you go. There wasn’t a need to watch your friends as much in a normal party, since you knew all the girls here. Maya pulled you in for a hug as you moved, and then the current president called out your name from where she stood with her boyfriend, a white claw in her hand.
Squeezing next to Emmett, you nudged the waist of the pledge next to you. “Can I get one?” You asked, pointing to the beers.
“Yeah,” he replied, pulling one from the case and handing it to you. It was a Natty Light, but you really could’ve given fewer fucks—they were a frat after all, they didn’t buy the good stuff.
You popped the tab and took a long swig, the liquid quelling your rough throat from singing. And then, the song changed, and you smiled, eyes meeting Harry’s. You decided you were going to draw him out. “I got hoes, callin’!” You screamed, the song starting the speakers, and the boys all joined in. Fuck it, you thought, and chugged the rest of your beer so that you could jump, your arms outstretched and pumping up and down. Your bun was bouncing on your head and you were grinning, the music flowing through you.
Harry was watching you, his head tapping, hair swishing back and forth. You needed more. So you moved into the center of the circle, knowing the guys would hype you up, and reached for him. “Why aren’t you dancing?” You asked him playfully, and his eyebrow shot up.
“Fuck! Shit! Bitch!” The best lines of the song ran through the speaker and you just grabbed his hand, which was warm, and pulled on him. Suddenly his body was in front of you, close, and you tried to process what your original plan was. But then, Harry started moving, back and forth, head bopping, rapping the lyrics in time, and you knew you had gotten him. “I be ballin’, like a motherfuckin’ pro,” you sang, starting up to jump, and to your surprise, Harry joined you, a carefree expression finally crossing his face. He was screaming the lyrics then, hair bouncing as he moved. He rotated, grabbing the shoulders of another one of the boys, who joined in with him, them screaming the lyrics at each other.
You couldn’t help but laugh, the change in his demeanor so sudden. When the song changed, T-Shirt by Migos coming on, he turned back to you. All of a sudden, his lips were next to your ear and you choked on air. “Fuckin’ love that song,” he said, accent smooth in your ear.
“You and every other frat boy,” you replied, stepping backwards. You had ended up at the side of the circle closer to the wall, and so you moved towards it, freeing yourself from the heavy circle of boys.
The song was slower, not a jumping and dancing song, but one that suggested the slow grinding of hips and closeness of bodies. Which fuck it, you wanted. Desperately. He was looking at you with an intense stare, smile sloppy from alcohol, Harry sweaty on his forehead, arms straining under the fabric of his shirt. He was following you, taking a step away from his friends and following your body as if magnetic. So you just went for it, putting your weight lower, and rolled your hips back and forth to the music.
Mama told me/not to sell work/Seventeen five/same color T-shirt
Your eyes met his, and the shared intensity of his gaze stirred something inside of you. Desire. A need to know what his skin felt like, a desire that had been lingering since you first saw him. Your hands moved on their own, draping over his shoulders, and his hands found the curve of your waist, and suddenly you knew what his skin felt like on yours. They found the bare skin between the hem of your shirt and the top of your jeans, burning your already warm skin.
Justin-something on aux changed the song, deciding that was enough, and then No Role Modelz was on, and you moved, swaying back and forth, your chests coming closer and closer. His face was inches from yours and you wondered what his lips would taste like. The slow rap and smooth feel of the beat had your eyes fluttering shut, mind twirling from the alcohol and the lowlights, the heat of the packed basement. If you didn’t have Harry under your hands, you might have left for a smoke break, an excuse for air. But you weren’t letting go of him anytime soon. So you turned around and when your ass touched his dick you couldn’t help but smile—he was already hard. You felt his arm move and watched him sip his beer, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he drank. You rolled your hips against him and then reached up, grabbing the can and bringing it to your own lips, taking a sip and watching him watch you. The two of you were taunting each other, acting on a feeling that had always been an undercurrent in every one of your interactions, a slight sexual tension that if you pulled on would become taught.
Which as you pressed against him, you fucking yanked on. His free hand clasped around your hip, holding you close and swaying in time with you. You could feel the sweat that had soaked through his t-shirt a bit, but you didn’t care—you  were sweaty yourself, so was everyone in the room. It was part of the appeal, the fact that everyone was a mess and no one cared. He was rock hard between the denim of both of your jeans, and you could feel the power racing through you, the fact that you had him like this going straight to your head.
When Mr. Brightside came on, you decided that was your smoke break time. You couldn’t stand the song after so many years, and the feeling of bodies pressing together as they jumped was too much for you. “I’m going to get some air,” you said, turning around so you could face Harry.
He was so close to you, just inches away, when his tongue licked over his lip. “Can I come with?”
“Sure.” You grabbed his hand as you moved through the crowd, pushing between frat brothers and your sorority sisters who were all dancing together to the song. When you made it through the exit you sighed, the stale air of the stairwell even feeling better than that room.
“Fuck it was hot in there,” Harry said, your hand dropping from his. He followed you up the stairs and you nodded. You pushed open the door and a Doja Cat song was playing, some people upstairs scattered around, drinking and talking, some sitting on couches together. You waved to Maya, who seemed to have also needed a break, and nodded to the door as if to tell her you were getting some air.
“I’m going to smoke if that’s okay,” you told him as you made your way to the door, pulling your cigs and lighter from your back pocket.
He nodded. “Can I bum one?”
You opened the heavy oak door and said hello to the handful of guys sitting on the steps, who were manning the door and making sure no one random got in. “Sure,” you responded to Harry finally, sitting down on the concrete half wall that lined the landing. You could hear the slight thump of the music, but for the most part it was quiet, the the frat house a couple yards away not throwing anything tonight.
Harry leaned against the wall close to you, taking your offered cigarette. You flicked the lighter and raised it to your cigarette, taking a drag when it lit. Then you handed it to Harry, who accepted it gladly, doing the same. The smoke filled your lungs and your drunken mind considered that you should quit, but at the same time, you liked having something to do when you got air, an excuse to be on the steps. One of the other guys asked for one, and you handed one over, making a new friend.
And then you looked back to Harry. “So,” you said, tapping the ash on your cig. “How have you been?”
You hadn’t seen him since your last mixer with Beta, but you two hadn’t talked in ages. “Good,” he replied. “Busy with classes and stuff.”
“What are you studying again?”
“Political science,” he answered, and your eyebrows shot up. You had expected business or economics, like most of the Beta brothers.
“Why poli sci?”
He shrugged, tapping the ash before taking another drag. “Dunno, really. Took a class freshman year and liked it enough.”
“You don’t want to work in politics or something?”
“I don’t really know what I want to do, honestly.”
“You make it sound like that’s unusual,” you tell him. “Most people don’t.”
He chuckles, a low sound from the back of his throat, and you like the sound of it. “I’ll tell my dad that next time we talk.” You could tell there was a story there, but didn’t push. It wasn’t that kind of moment. “What about you?”
“Psych and pre-law,” you reply, the answer rolling off your tongue with ease.
“Oh? What kind of law?”
You took another drag before answering. “Criminal defense, but I want to work with people on death row.”
His eyes widen, just as you expected. It’s the usual response from people. “Fuck, that’s awesome. What made you interested in it?”
“I just got really into true crime when I was in middle school and ended up doing research on the criminal justice system and what a fucking disaster it is. Death sentences and death row especially. So I want to overturn false convictions.”
He puffed a cloud of smoke, and you watched his lips form a circle, a dark pink color that drew you in. “And you said most people don’t know what they want to do.”
A breeze made the hair on your arm hair stand up, and you rubbed the skin to warm up. It was cold tonight. “I’m unusual,” you told him. “Most of my friends have no idea what they’re doing after graduation.”
You had reached the end of your cigarette, so you dropped it to the ground and stamped it out, the combination of the nicotine and alcohol making your head deliciously hazy. “I’m going back in.”
Harry dropped his cigarette too, putting out the bud. “Lead the way.” He swiped his ID card on the door to let you both in, and you held the door for him, the sound of Post Malone sweeping through the house. “Want another drink?”
You mentally considered how drunk you were, came to the conclusion that you could take some more, and nodded. “White claw, please.” If you laid off the jungle juice you would last a bit longer, and you weren’t particularly wanting to get wasted tonight—you wanted to see where this went.
Harry nodded and walked towards the bar, while you turned to the group of girls closest to you, who were drinking juice and chattering amongst themselves. They immediately started asking you about Harry, about what was happening, and you shrugged because you truly didn’t know. “He’s hot,” one of them, a sophomore named Cat said. “You going to go for it?”
“If the opportunity presents itself,” you replied. You weren’t going to push with Harry, the last thing you wanted was to embarrass yourself in front of him. You’d follow his lead, see what he was interested in, matching his flirting and  see where it went. Not to say you weren’t forward, but you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable either. “What about you guys?”
Cat launched into an in-depth analysis of the weird flirtation she’d been having with a junior guy in Beta, how they’d hooked up once but not again, but he kept looking at her. You encouraged her to go for it if she wanted, and she grinned, perhaps just needing an extra push. All of a sudden, you felt a hand on your back, and Harry was next to you, a Black Cherry white claw in one hand, a Heineken in the other.
“If I’d know there were Heinekens I would’ve had that,” you told him, accepting your white claw.
His hair fell behind his shoulders when he tipped the beer back. “Most girls don’t like beer.”
“Well you’ve met one now.” You liked messing with him, dropping flirtations into the conversation and pushing buttons. It made him smirk at you and you loved it, the twinkle in his eyes and the pinkness of his lips.
“H.” A guy appeared behind Harry. “We’re out of vodka.”
“How are we out?” He asked, taking another sip of his beer.
The guy, a pledge from the looks of him, grimaced. “Someone took one of the bottles.”
“Fuck,” Harry said with a sigh. “Have one of the other pledges go get more and keep the receipt. Get more claws while you’re out, we’re running low.” With that, he turned back to you, exhaling sharply. The boy disappeared, sensing that was his cue.
Right as you were about to speak, you heard the opening notes of I Love It from downstairs, and you turned to the girls around you. “Downstairs,” you told them, and they all tossed back the rest of their drinks before tossing them into the trash can a few paces away. You opened the door to the basement and then looked back to Harry. “Coming?”
That made him move, following you down into the dark stairwell that smelled of stale beer and sweat. He stayed close to you, and when your foot slipped on a stair he reached out to steady you, a hand to your side that made your body warm with more than just the temperature of the room.  The girls in front of you streamed into the room, screaming the lyrics to the song.
“You’re such a fucking hoe/I love it!” You joined in, laughing at the lyrics in spite of yourself, but the truth is you fucking loved the song. It was absurd and was filthy, but you liked screaming the lyrics in a room with a bunch of your friends.
You twirled around and walked into the room backward, moving your body with the beat, taunting Harry to follow you. Which he did, as if connected to you by a magnet. You could see his lips moving, the lyrics falling from his lips to match you. You stopped moving in the middle of the room and Harry’s hands found your hips. Turning in his hands, a coy smile on your face, you knew what this song was going to involve. Hips moved on their own accord, grinding hard against him. You could feel his breath on your neck, the lyrics I’m a sick fuck/I like a quick fuck/I like my dick sucked/I’ll buy you a sick truck in your ear. Hearing the words on his lips for some reason had your blood pumping,  and you wanted to hear them again on a loop.
His dick was hard against your ass and your hands stretched behind you, finding his hips to hold him close. His head fell to your neck, nosing at your skin, his fingers on the bare skin at your waist clenching. Your hips moved in time  with each other, his body dropping to be at the height as yours, chasing the desire that was running between you. Your head tipped back against his chest and eyes fluttered shut, letting the alcohol in your veins and the music pounding in your ears take over. All you could feel was him, the cut of his body and the strength of his arms next to you, his hips insistently rubbing against yours and you couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to actually grind on him.
The song changed, Work Out by J. Cole sounding through the speakers and you pulled away from him and turned to face him. You were going to put on a bit of a show, you decided, because why the fuck not. It was clear at this point that he wanted you as much as you wanted him, so why pretend like anything else was happening?
So when the lyrics Let me see you get/High then go low/Now, girl won't you drop that thing down to the floor? fell through the speakers you dropped to the ground, Harry’s eyes following you came back up slowly, your body just inches from his. His hands fell on your body, grabbing at your waist to keep you close, pressing his hips forward to grind right over the front of your jeans and you panted from both the heat in the room and the pleasure ripping through your body. When the chorus came again, you dropped down, and this time you ran your hands down his legs lightly as you moved, fingers dancing down and then back up the seams of his jeans.
“Fuckin’ hell,” he said and you could barely hear him over the music.
His eyes met yours, searing into yours, a question passing between you. And then you were moving towards each other, an answer to the question in the way your lips met, slotted together and pulled at one another. Your hands were pulling at his shirt, grabbing at the material and the skin underneath, one of his hand holding your head close to his,  the other at your waist. It was fast and messy, your lip pulling on his bottom one, before chasing him, his tongue brushing at the seam of your lips before dipping inside.
Kissing Harry was hot. It was like setting your whole body on fire with desire and you just wanted to know what the rest of him felt like because his lips were sending you to another planet. He tugged on your bottom lip with his teeth and a moan escaped you, desperation clear in your throat. You could feel bodies press around you, the notes of Fire by Louis the Child ringing through the room. When the beat dropped, you knew people were jumping, the guys doing that thing where they slammed into each other like some kind of mosh. But Harry just stayed there, pulling his lips into yours, drawing wet pants from your body. He was holding tight to you as if you were going to slip away, even though that was the last place you wanted to go.
But you decided you wanted to tease him a bit more. Not let him get away, but just…push him a bit. So you drew away, enough to where you could dance, your sorority sisters at your back—you had seen Alexis move behind you. You grinding on her, your asses touching, and you could hear her laughter, before moving against you. It was something you two always did, dancing partners since the moment you met.
“If I go down in flames/The smoke going to spell my name,” you sang.
Harry watched you, his eyes burning a line down your body, the ministrations of your hips against Alexis’s. And then he was moving towards you, his front pressed yours and his lips were at your ear. “Drink?”
You nodded, and let him pull you through the crowd and towards the stairs. People were moving down them and you pressed yourself to the wall to let them pass, before following Harry up the stairs to the main floor. “Is there anything better than that shit?” You asked him when you stood next to him, his arm loosely around your waist, holding you to him.
His gaze drifted to the bar and then back to you. “I’ve got some stuff in my room.”
You knew he lived in the house, the result of being on exec last year and having first dibs after the current exec board was placed, the hierarchy the same as in your own sorority house. “Do you have mixers?” As much as you drank, you still hated drinking most straight alcohol, especially if you were going to be sipping on it. When he nodded, you replied, “Let’s go.”
You caught the eye of Emily who was standing on the other side of the room, watching you, and you pointed upstairs to tell her where you were going. After she gave you a thumbs up, letting you know she’d check in before leaving, a silent conversation well rehearsed over the years, you followed Harry up the stairs. Other guys and girls streamed down them, coming from rooms where they were smoking or using the bathroom or drinking just like you.
“What floor are you on?”  You asked when you passed the first floor, twisting to go up the second flight.
“Third,” he replied, not pausing no the stairs. “It’s quieter.”
That made sense, as you could imagine if he didn’t feel like partying one night it would be kind of hard to avoid. You followed him up, the sound of the music fading as you made your way higher into the frat house. You passed other girls on the way you exchanged hugs and promises to catch up after chapter on Monday night. Finally, you made it to the third floor, and Harry pushed open the door to a room with his name on it.
You followed him in and the first thing you noticed was how much of a boy’s room it was. Messy comforter, clothes on the floor, alcohol bottles lining the window sill, the frat’s flag above his bed. Some posters and photos littered the opposite wall, a single framed photo of what looked like his family on his dresser, along with some random items like cologne and a brush and hair ties. A pair of athletic shoes and boots were shoved into one corner, and a tub of protein powder sat on top of his mini-fridge, along with a stack of solo cups. On his desk was a bong and a couple of lighters, his computer sitting next to it on a charger. The dorm room was narrow, most of it taken up with a double bed that you were a bit confused by, since most rooms just had a single.  
“Sorry, it’s kind of a mess,” he said, shutting the door behind you. If you focused on it, you could hear nerves in his voice, a low laugh in the back of his throat as he surveyed his room. “Didn’t expect to have people up here.”
“It’s fine,” you told him, moving into the middle of the room to get out of the doorway, taking in the space.
“Uh, I’ve got Tito’s, Jack, some gin one of the guys got me.”
It drew you back to the whole reason you were in his room. He was standing next to his mini-fridge, a solo cup in his hand as he looked at you. “What mixers do you have?”
“Coke, juice, and tonic,” he replied. “Sorry, it’s not much.”
You shook your head. “Tito’s and tonic,” you told him. Usually you would’ve been all over the Jack and coke option, but considering how much you’d already drank the last thing you needed was to mix clear and dark liquors.
You watched him pour, leaning against his desk as you waited. He handed you the cup, asking you to try it and tell him if it was too strong. You took a sip and it was strong, but not too much. Then, he made a whiskey and coke you were jealous of, and the two of you stood in his room, not quite sure what to do. You didn’t want to go back down the party, the feeling of fresh air—even though it smelled vaguely like college boy, a mixture of sweat and cologne that you keenly recognized—feeling good on your skin.
“Want to listen to some music?” He asked, moving towards you. There was a bluetooth speaker on his desk, you realized,  and shifted away so he could get at his computer.  
You decided to sit on the bed, thighs resting on the soft comforter. “Sure.” You pulled your cigarettes and lighter from your back pocket, before looking back at him.
He fiddled with the speaker, the sound of it connecting ricocheting in the small room, before clicking keys to wake up his computer. “Any preferences?”
“I’m good with whatever,” you replied. “I like pretty much everything.” It was true, you had everything from country to Top 40s and rap on your Spotify, a variety of playlists to fit the mood.
He pulled on his bottom lip with his thumb and forefinger as he perused his Spotify and you tried not to focus on the sight. Low music began to sound in the room and you immediately recognized the beginning notes of Let Her Go by 6LACK,  a smile drifting onto your face. He must have noticed, because he turned around, his cup in his hand. “You like 6LACK?”
“More like obsessed,” you replied and he chuckled.
He sat on the edge of the desk, his knees falling open, his back slumped a bit. “I don’t know a single girl who even knows who he is.”
You took a sip of your drink before replying, resting your body back on one hand. “They must not have good music taste, then.”
Harry gave you a small smile, an edge of playfulness to it. “Where’s home for you?”
“Denver,” you responded. “You?”
“Holmes Chapel.”
“Where’s that?”
He brushed a hand through his hair, the long locks slipping between his fingers and you couldn’t help but wish you were the one doing it. “South of Manchester. It’s a small town, lots of fields and shit like that.”
You’d never been to England so you had no idea of where Manchester was, but you didn’t ask. “Do you like it?”
He shrugged. “It’s fine. I don’t want to like, move back or anything. But it’s a good place to go home to.”
Denver felt the same way to you—it was home, but it wasn’t a place you saw a future in. You’d go where law school took you, and then the work, wherever you could make the biggest impact. “Where do you want to go?”
The solo cup hung in his hands, and he twirled it a bit, the rim of the cup pressed between his fingers. “LA, maybe. New York. Not sure, really. London, most likely, unless I can get a job and someone to sponsor my Visa so I can stay.”
“Do you like the states?” You knew you were asking a lot of questions, but you’d never had a conversation like this with him and you were curious. Curious about him, about who he was, underneath all the frat shit that he loved so much.
“It’s different than home,” he replied, and you understood what he meant. “I don’t think I’ll want to be here forever, but it’s good for right now. Got friends here now.”
You took another sip of your drink, and then pushed yourself up, the need to pee suddenly overtaking your body. “Where’s the bathroom?”  
“Down the hall. Make sure you slam on the door before locking it—it got fucked up during homecoming and hasn’t been the same ever since.”
You nodded and took your cup with you, four years of college ingraining some lessons into your bones. Down the hall, you found a blond wood door and a doorknob that was barely attached to the door. You pushed it open and shut it quickly, shoving against it with your shoulder so that you could flip the lock. Inside, you wondered for the millionth time why boys were in capable from having a properly stocked bathroom. Head & Shoulders shampoo littered the floor of the shower,  a flimsy shower curtain that had come free from a couple of the rings. You squatted to pee, grabbing the toilet paper roll that sat on top of the toilet, no one even bothering to properly put it away.
As you peed, you scrolled through your phone. Mallory had texted saying she was going bar hopping with some of her friends and you told her to text you if she needed anything and a heart, before checking her on Find My Friends to see she was, in fact at a bar. Then you texted your group chat with Emily and Alexis and Maya, who had asked how you were doing. You told them you were with Harry and most likely going to be here for a while, which got excited responses and Alexis sent the eggplant emoji, which made you snort. They told you to text you if you ended up staying the night so they could keep track of where you were, which you agree to do.
When you went to wash your hands, you rolled your eyes because of course they couldn’t even buy hand soap. You went to the shower and found a bottle of body wash, and squirted some into your hands before going back to the sink, rinsing them off. Then you looked at your face in the mirror, eyeliner and mascara still in tact, but your hair was a disaster. You pulled the bun free and let your hair tumble down your back, running through it with your fingers to calm the strands that were askew.
Standing the mirror, you had the opportunity to consider your choices. Did you want to hook up with Harry? Yes. That was a clear answer, despite your alcohol-hazed mind. Did he want to? Most likely—every indication had pointed towards yes. So your mind was made up as you pulled the door open and made your way back to his room, your phone tucked into your jeans and solo cup in your hand.
“You guys really need soap.”
He was still sitting on the edge of his desk, scrolling through his phone and sipping on his drink when you came into the room. At the sight of you, he put his phone down. “I know—it’s fucking disgusting. I have my own, though. Sorry for not sharing.”
You set your cup on his dresser, deciding you were done, and moved towards him. “It’s fine. I made do.” His eyes trailed down your front, the sexual tension thick in the room. When he pulled his bottom lip into his mouth and chewed on it, you decided fuck it you were done waiting.
You crossed the space between the two of you in second, slotting yourself between his knees. His hands found your waist immediately, his solo cup moving to rest on the table once your body was pressed to his. Without pausing, you pressed your lips to his, reconnecting them in a fire—you needed him, you wanted him, you craved his hands on your skin. Now that you were alone, it was like you couldn’t hold yourself together and neither could he. His hands moved up and down your back, tugging you into his chest as your hands curled in his long hair. Lips fought for dominance, teeth tugging and tongues pressing for more. When he licked into your mouth a wet moan left your lips and you pressed into the crotch of his pants without even meaning to.
6LACK was still flowing through the speaker, and the smooth RnB just adding to the desire rolling through your body. When his lips dropped to your neck, sucking and biting on your skin, a desperate, filthy noise fell from your mouth and you couldn’t help but smile when Harry grunted into you. “I—fuck,” he mumbled, squeezing at your hips.
Suddenly your clothes were too warm, burning against your skin. You leaned back and pulled at the hem of your tank top, pulling it up over your head and letting it fall to the floor. Harry’s eyes went wide, blown out irises from alcohol and desire criss-crossing over your body. “You can touch me,” you said, confidence coursing through your veins and just desperate for him to do something.
He didn’t hesitate, pulling you back into him and attaching his mouth to the swell of your breast, right above the lace of your bra. Hot breath on your skin had you keening into him, back arching up into his mouth, your fingers tugging into his hair. You loved his hair, having something to hold onto and anchor yourself, and from the pleased hums he liked it too. His hands fumbled with your bra clasp, and when he got it free and pulled the material away, he pulled your nipple into his mouth and you audibly sighed. When he sucked on it, then laved over it with his tongue you couldn’t help but buck into him. You were putty in his arms and he had barely done anything.
Your hands pulled at his shirt, the desire to see his skin overwhelming you. He didn’t make you wait, helping you tug it over his head, and let it drop to the floor. Black ink scattered across his skin, words and images that made a million questions swirl in your mind. The G on his shoulder, the ship on his bicep, the name Jackson scrawled above a rose, the swallows across his collarbones and a butterfly on his stomach. He sat there, chest heaving as he caught his breath and your fingers brushed his skin, curiosity getting the better of you.
“Y/N,” he rasped, “bed?”
“Yes.” The word fell from your lips with ease, and he was backing you into it immediately, hands in your hair and lips on yours. Your bare chests touching sent you into overdrive, the brush of your nipples on his warm skin, a sheen of sweat covering both of you from dancing all night.
The comforter was plush underneath your back as you scrambled up the length of his bed, his body following yours immediately. Your legs fell apart so he could fit between you, and when he did, his dick rested right against your clothed clit and it made you gasp. “Feel good?” He mumbled, the words a haze in your ears as he plucked your lips between his.
All you could do was buck up, your knees finding either side of him. You wanted to be on top, to be in control. You wanted to grind on him properly, after waiting for so long. With a hand at his chest, you pushed slightly, enough for him to move back. He must have understood what you wanted because he flopped onto the bed next to you, one hand on either of your thighs and you mounted him, your ass sitting on the top of his thighs.
When you moved your center over his dick, both of you groaned, deep and drawn out, your head thrown back in pleasure. It was bliss, after so much waiting, to finally be able to do this, his hands crawling from your thighs to your hips to hold you in place, exactly where he wanted you. You put your hands on his chest to hold yourself up, and let your hips find a sinful rhythm, one that was making pleasure curl in your stomach. Pants left your mouth, matched by Harry, who was watching you as if you were a fucking art exhibit, eyes trying to take in every inch of you. Fingernails curled into his skin, red marks that you expected to be there tomorrow, when he nudged at your clit, and you rubbed that spot a few more times, his name falling from your lips in a beg. “Harry.”
That had him moving, pulling your lips down to his so he could kiss you again, his fingers cradling the back of your head. It was just rough enough where you were scrambling to catch up and it felt good, that this was consuming every part of your brain. You rolled your hips again, your hands pressing into the pillow under his head. Then, you felt his thighs agains your ass, and he was pushing up into you, making him snugly flush against you, the only thing between you two being your clothes.
Which you wanted off, and wanted off now. You moved back, crawling between his legs, and his eyes followed you, panting as he watched you pop the button on his pants. He lifted his hips to help you and you tugged the tight skinny jeans that showed every inch of his thickness underneath them down his legs. Then, you pulled on his briefs, and he was bare in front of you, exactly as you wanted him. Your jeans were constricting your movement so you turned tot he side, pulling the denim off of your body so you were left in your underwear.
Then you were on him again, but this time, it was your hand on his dick, fingers running up the length of him.
“Fuck,” he said, voice husky in your ears. He was gorgeous underneath you, desperation making his eyebrows crease, his long hair a mess on the pillow. Why had you waited so long to act on this desire? You suddenly couldn’t remember.
He watched you spit onto his most sensitive part, and then slide your hand over him, spreading the moisture. He hissed at the feeling and you knew you wouldn’t be able to last long here—he was already hard, his tip red and throbbing. The fact that you had him this turned on and you’d barely done anything made your ego soar, to be honest. You pumped him three times before licking up the underside of him, his hands curling in the comforter, a stream of curses falling from his lips.
When you took him into your mouth, a low, rough grunt filled the room and you smiled. You hollowed your cheeks and immediately took him all the way into your mouth, resisting the urge to gag when he hit the back of your throat. “Shit,” he rasped. “You—shit.”  
You’d done what you were about to give him just a handful of times before, only with people who you knew you would feel pleasure from too when they did it, and trusted. And Harry fit both of those categories, because he could fucking smile and you’d want to fuck him. So you grabbed his hand and placed it on the back of your head, before taking him all the way to the back of your throat. Your mouth was full of him and it felt so good.
“Want me to fuck your mouth?” His eyes were glimmering in the light, completely focused on you. You were happy you had left the lights on, because it meant you could every inch of him, every reaction you drew from him.
In response, you licked at his tip, hoping he knew that meant yes.
He seemed to, because he curled his fingers into your hair and pushed his hips up, his tip hitting your throat immediately. You groaned around his dick and he cursed at the vibrations. Then, he kept his hips on the bed and instead pulled you up and down him, fucking your mouth just as you had wanted. You couldn’t do much from this position, so you focused on inhaling through your nose and running your hands over his skin, scratching at the butterfly on his torso. Leaving reminders of this night, of you, on his body.
“Shit,” he mumbled, pulling you off. “I—I have to stop. But, shit, you feel so good, babe.”
The pet name made you smile, sitting back on your heels to wipe at your mouth, the taste of his salty precum still on your tongue. “Do you have a condom?” You asked, because all that you had done had left you more than ready—you needed him inside of you.
Harry’s eyes went wide and he scrambled up. “Fuck,” he exhaled, grabbing at his desk drawer and pulling it open. Watching him look through his drawers completely naked was, you had to admit, a bit amusing, but you kept your thoughts to yourself. He wrenched another drawer open, tossing the contents about as he looked. Then he sighed, and looked back at you. “I’m out.”
“Go find one,” you told him, leaning back against the wall, letting your knees drop open to show your underwear. You could feel the wet spot on them and you knew he saw it too. “I’ll wait here.”
“Yeah, okay, I’ll—yeah I’ll find one.” He pulled on his jeans, not even bothering with his briefs, eyes flickering to you every once and a while. “Shit, I’ll—I’ll be back.”
You couldn’t help but giggle at how flustered he was, pushing open his door and letting it slam shut behind him. Through the door you could hear him knocking on the door next to his, some muffled words, and then him knocking again. He was going fucking door to door looking for a condom, you realized with amusement. Then, the patter of feet on the stairs, and you knew he was going downstairs, that no one else was in their rooms.
While you waited, you grabbed your phone and scrolled through it. Caught up on texts, liked shit on Instagram, checked Snapchat even though you barely used the app. Most people were at bars, as far as you could tell, but it looked like they’d set back up pong downstairs according to Emily’s story.
All of a sudden, feet pounded on the stairs and you knew it was Harry. You pushed your phone back onto the desk, and when the door opened, he was standing there holding probably ten condoms. “How many did you get?”
He looked down at the wad in his hand and visibly blushed. “I—I thought I’d re-stock.”
You let it slide, even though you knew exactly why he got so many. He was hoping you’d have a couple rounds, and  you were not opposed to the idea. “Come here,” you said, and let your legs fall back open.
He was on you in second, his pants kicked down his legs as he moved and you were surprised he didn’t trip. Hands found your skin and he pushed you up the bed, this time he was the one hovering over you, lips drawing eager mewls from you. You pressed your hips into his unclothed erection and he cursed, a grimace crossing his face that you knew was from him restraining himself. “Can I take these off?” He asked, fingers pulling at your underwear.
“Please,” you replied and that made him smile at you. He peeled them down your legs, tossing them to the ground, a forgotten memory. Then he brushed a finger over your slit and you gasped, cool touch sending waves of pleasure through you. “Need you.” The two words made his head snap up from where he was looking at your pussy, eyes connecting with yours.
“I was going to go down on you,” he said, and although the thought was tantalizing, you needed him inside of you.
You shook your head. “Later.”
Harry wasn’t complaining. He grabbed one of the condoms from his desk and ripped it open, rolling it down his dick with a concentrated gaze. Then, he crawled up your body, reconnecting your lips, and you both sighed at the feeling of his dick rolling against your center. “Okay?” He asked, pulling away just a hair to check in.
“Please,” you begged, and that had him moving immediately.
He tugged one of your legs around his waist, and then he gripped his dick, brushing his tip to your slit once, twice, three times. On the third time, though, he pressed in, and your wetness accepted him immediately, allowing him to push in about halfway before he stopped.
It burned a bit—mainly just from his size, which was bigger than most other guys you’d been with. You hands scrambled across his chest, grabbing at his skin, struggling to get your breathing under control. “You’re big,” you said, unable to stop the words that fell from your lips.
A cocky smile drifted over his face and you mentally kicked yourself for adding to his ego. “Can I move?” He asked though and you nodded. His head bobbed down, and you realized he was watching where you two were connected as he pulled back and then pushed in all the way. A choked moan left your mouth and a similar one sounded from Harry’s, although his had a string of curses attached. “Fuck, you’re tight,” he rasped, hands adjusting so they were next to your head, his face above yours. “Fuck.”
You were about to tell him to move when he did it on his own accord, pulling out and back into you, the impact making your body shift on the comforter. There was a very real possibility of you having sore legs tomorrow, but you really didn’t give a fuck because he felt so good. “Holy shit,” you babbled, those words the only ones you could find as he thrusted in and out of you, finding a rhythm that made you both pant with pleasure.
Sounds drifted out of you without you even realizing, something that always happened when you had drunk sex. You couldn’t control yourself as much, unable to process how loud you were being, what you were saying. Looking back you couldn’t even remember exactly what you had said, but you knew it was a mess of curses and his name and God and just pants and mewls that were feeding Harry like a fucking three course meal.
He loved your sounds, used them to figure out what you liked, where to move and shift. You could tell because when you’d let out a sharp gasp he’d say, “Yeah, there? That’s the spot?” and drive in and out of you, hitting your g-spot perfectly with every move of his hips. Your hands were clutching at his hair as he thrusted into you, your ankles hooked around his lower back, and your body was desperate for release.
But you could also tell he was not going to last. His eyes were heavy, eyelids drawing shut with pleasure, fingers curling in the pillow next to you. Shoulders tensing and abdomen tight as he swiveled his hips, a broken moan falling between you. “Close,” he finally said, and dropped down to his elbows, so his face hovered above yours, only a hair away. “You feel so good, shit, oh my god—how do you feel so good?” His words were broken and that made them even better, that he had no control over what he was saying.
“Want you to come,” you babbled, “want to feel it, come on Harry, come for me, please, I need it.”
“Holy fuck—“ that had him snapping into you, hips slapping against yours, the sound of skin on skin overpowering the music that still played in the background. You gripped his shoulders when his head hung in the crook of your shoulder, and you knew he was about to come.
So you said one more thing. “I need you to come, Harry, please.” The words came out as a beg, exactly as you intended. His hips were stuttering immediately, curses falling between you like a broken record, repeating over and over again as he shot into the condom. He smattered kisses on your shoulder as he collapsed into you, sweat sticking to your skin.
He laid there for a second, panting, and you didn’t mind, even though you desperately needed to come. Perhaps it was how you clamped down on him, or you shifted your hips to feel slightly more of him, but Harry seemed to figure out what you needed. He lifted his head, took one look at you, and then pulled out, ripping off the condom and tossing it into his trash before crawling down your legs.
When his tongue licked your slit, you mewled his name, your hands moving into his hair immediately. You tugged and pulled on it as he licked over you, drawing circles that pulled desire from your flesh. And then he went inside, darting his deftly skilled tongue into you and practically thrusting it into you. His thumb brushed across your nub and you let our a shuddering moan, bucking up into his face. You were close—insanely close—the combination of his tongue inside of you and the thumb on your nub drawing you closer and closer to the edge.
“Harry,” you rasped, voice broken from panting. “I’m close.”
He seemed double his effort, tongue moving in and out of you at double time, his thumb brushing a brutal pace over you. You were twisting in his arms, hips bucking, curses leaving your lips. And when he pulled his thumb away and sucked on your clit, that’s when you came, in a mess of his name and broken gasps, choking on air. Your fingers curled tightly in his hair, anchoring his face to your center as you came, bucking up into him. He didn’t mind though, he just held your hips and took it, licking at you to draw out all of your aftershocks. Your eyes squeezed shut and your mind was a mess, swirling without the ability to grasp onto a single thread of thought, just a mess under his lips.
When you finally regained the ability to breathe, you pulled your hands from his hair and he sat up. You watched in awe as he licked his lips, gathering your juice, and swallowed them, a smile on his face. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re really good at that?”
He gave you a cocky expression and then flopped down next to you. “They have, in fact.”
“Good. I’d be concerned about the other girls if they hadn’t.”
He laughed, and then pulled you into his body. You were surprised at his desire to cuddle, but you weren’t mad. “You can stay if you want. There’s people downstairs still and it’s cold out.”
You propped your head up on his shoulder. “There’s also all those condoms.”
“That’s true. Wouldn’t want them to go to waste.”
You trailed your fingers up his torso. “Might have to just stay the whole weekend if we’re trying to use them all.”
His eyebrows quirked, but he wasn’t mad at the prospect. “Wanna be my study break for the weekend?”
You smirked, leaning up to quickly peck his lips. “As long as you’re mine.”
He hauled your body on top of his and curled his fingers into your hair. “We’ll get your shit in the morning, then.”
“It’s a deal.” You kissed him, lips slotting against one another, slower and less hurried than before, but that same undercurrent of desire stringing between you two. You were already grinding into him, hips brushing over his as you moved.
Suddenly, a pounding sound came from the door, and you froze. “Fuck off!” Harry called, pulling the comforter that had ended up at the bottom of the bed over the two of you.
“Fuck—sorry—I need a condom, man.” The words were muffled, but you heard them all the same.
Harry snorted, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Go ask Nick,” he replied, “and leave me the fuck alone.” His hands grabbed at you, kneading into your ass, and you licked at his nipple.
It was going to be a long weekend.
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kindofokayimagines · 9 months ago
a small reminder
bill x reader
a/n: this was requested but i cant find the request but jealous bill shjsjs, it's been so long since i wrote for him oml
contains: fingering (f!receiving) , oral (f!receiving), exhibitionism, in public, praise, jealousy, some fluffy parts but mostly smut, car sex !!
likes and reblogs always appreciated!!💕💖
"would it be pathetic if i begged?"
bill chuckles as you suggest it, raking a hand through his wet hair and ruffling it through. you take a moment, in this very unfortunate circumstance, to appreciate how pretty your boyfriend is.
"i'm being serious, bill, they might not let us in," you say, a light giggle escaping as you say it. you and bill walk through the doors of the aladdin. bill insisted on date nights at least once a week, whether it was take out while you lounged on his bed or a dinner where he dressed up to the nines and still fawned over you while you think he looked like an actual god.
you were hoping the movie would still be open even if you were a little late, you figured there was no harm in trying to get in, if it was closed, you'd leave and grab something to eat on the way back to bill's house.
he nudges you, "s-sorry i made us late," he says, kissing the top of your head as he says it. he sounded so genuinely sad to mess up your night together. it makes butterflies go to your stomach.
"it's okay, it was cool watching you play anyway," you say, failing to keep the admiration out of your tone as you walk to the front to hand over your tickets.
bill had forgotten he had baseball practice today so, yes, he had made you late, but you couldn't really be mad at him when he was running around in that jersey, his baseball cap stuck over his head, especially when he shot you a wink and a wave mid-run. nope, no complaints at all.
bill thanks god it rained earlier so practice ended a little early so you wouldn't miss it completely. he tugs at the sleeve of his letterman jacket you're wearing and hums, "you look c-cute in this."
you roll your eyes playfully and go up to the ticket stand. holding the tickets out, you pray you're not as late as you think you are, "two tickets to-"
the guy had glanced upwards at your outstretched hand then back down, "-sorry, it's closed."
you turn to bill. he looks so crestfallen and you know it's not because he really wanted to see the film, it's because he thinks it's his fault. you give his hand a reassuring squeeze,  "it's okay, baby, do you wanna go get some take out?"
the guy at the ticket stand nods, half-listening, "yeah, there's a diner open down the road pretty late.."
bill turns to the guy when he trails off. the guy has his eyes fixed on you as you're talking. seeing you, eyes widen, raking over your figure appreciatively whilst you're playing with the tickets in your hand, oblivious. bill watches as the guy straightens out his posture and fixes his hair. a hot flame of jealousy flares up in bill's stomach as he says, "actually, theatre three was it? yeah, thought so, not a lot of people are in there, maybe like five in total, you two can go ahead."
you've turned, letting out a soft oh in surprise, "really? we don't want to be a bother.." you say nervously.
despite wanting to go see the movie to save the rest of your night, bill prays this guy takes it back. he doesn't. the asshole doubles down. he's talking to both of you but his eyes remain on you, "no, it's fine, go ahead, let me know if you.." he gives another appreciative once-over, "need anything."
your face softens sweetly. bill almost wishes you weren't so nice, "thank you so much, that's so nice of you," you say, wondering why bill's arm has gone around your waist protectively but, again, no complaints.
bill leads you hastily into the theater, you don't question it, assuming he's just eager to see the film without missing too much of it. he holds you close as he pushes the door open, his hands held possessively at your hips.
as promised, there were only a handful of people in the theater, none of which seemed to mind when you and bill sneak in to make it to your seats. once you both sit down, you instinctively press yourself to bill's side, your head leant against his shoulder. at the weight of your head nestled into the crook of his neck, he relaxed minutely, though not completely.
you glance up at him. noticing the slight tension in his face, you couldn't help but think how cute it made him look. you rub his jaw as though you're trying to smooth it out.
he held you close to him, arm wrapped securely around your shoulder as though he was trying to keep you all to himself.
he relaxes further when you press your mouth to the side of his neck, whispering into his ear, "thank you for tonight, i love you."
letting his body go lax at those three little words, he reminds himself that you were his and only his, that no ticket stand guy could take that from him.
"i love you t-too, yn."
the next time was worse than the last.
this time, the losers were there. it was apparent to everyone except you exactly how bill felt.
this time, you were peering over the counter at the cinema. your arms held out in front of you with your hands flat against the cool glass of the counter. it occured to bill how low-cut your shirt was, which he never had any qualms about until now.
you look up at the display, humming, "hm, baby, what do you want?"
you, he thinks in an instant sort of way.
bill looks up at the display with you, he's about to say he'll just split whatever you have when the guy from a couple days ago comes round for his shift.
this time, bill catches the name tag. brendan.
brendan's eyes light up when they catch hold of you. when he sees how you're stood, your chest pushed out purely by accident, he grins with the kind of familiarity of an old friend, "hiya, can i help you?"
bill doesn't miss that: you. not you as in the losers, not to you as in you and bill, just you.
you recognise him as the guy from last week and smile, "hi, can i have one large popcorn and.."
bill tunes the rest out, too focused on brendan's wandering eyes and light smirk, how he cracks a joke and you giggle at it. how insistent he seems on ignoring bill's glare on him.
behind bill, scoffing down a handful of popcorn, richie snorts out a short laugh, seeing the tension in bill's jaw and brow. he nudges eddie and coos, "aww, you gonna let your girl get stolen away like that? damn, i should'a tried scoring with dollface sooner-"
bill shoots him a glare, "shut u-up, richie." though, truthfully, bill would rather have richie coming onto you than brendan. at least bill knew richie.
".. and that's it, yeah thanks," you start digging around in your bag for your purse. bill perks up slightly, his fingers drumming against the small of your back, eager for this encounter to be over.
brendan sees you bring out your purse and he shakes his head quickly, "it's alright, go right ahead, it's on the house."
your eyes widen as you look up at him, you blush in mild embarrassment, "oh no, i really couldn't, you're too sweet."
asshole, bill thinks irrationally, looking at you with a hungry sort of possession, mine.
after a few moments of fussing over i dont mind paying and a girl like you shouldn't have to pay (that pissed bill off in a whole new light. the first time brendan had spared him a glance this whole exchange was to give him a look, like he was a joke, as if to say, why aren't you paying? bill glares right back. he wasn't paying because you took turns every other date and if he offered, you'd probably refuse), you accept the free snacks.
holding the bucket of popcorn, you turn to bill to ask to hold the candy you bought for him. you notice the look in his eyes as he pulls you away from the guy, he has his arm slung over your shoulders, surrounding you with him.
as you glance up at the dark look in bill's usually doting eyes, the inside of his cheek puckering as he bit down on it, you recognised something that was only confirmed by the hand around your arm pulling your back flush against his chest. bill was jealous.
as you glance down at your handful of snacks you got for free, you realise there was a reason for his jealousy. ohhhhh.
bill leads you into the theatre, the grip he had on your hip could've made you whimper. you sit down in your seat closest to the theatre wall, bill next to you with the losers next to him, his jaw set so tight it ticked.
though you hate to admit it, his jealousy made your thighs press together and heat flood your cheeks.
you lean over to squeeze his arm, to tell him there's no reason for him to be jealous, that you love him and only him but then you feel a large hand coasting down the inside of your thigh.
your eyes widen and the heat that's travelled to your cheek gets worse. he taps your inner thigh, drawing your attention up to him. he cocks a brow upwards. you don't understand, narrowing your eyes slightly, prompting him to lean forward in his chair. he murmurs against your hair, soft, hot breath grazing over your skin, "tell me to stop and i'll s-stop."
he says nothing else as his hands strays further up, hiking the fabric of your miniskirt upwards smoothly, like he has a dozen times, in random bathrooms, his bedroom, you laying on the couch underneath him, you on your knees sucking his cock and him kicking your legs apart and pushing your skirt up in the same motion, telling you to touch yourself for him. those memories flooded his mind, filling it with a dozen images of you, each thought spurring him on further and making his cock harden in his jeans.
you don't tell him to stop, instead, your thighs spread further apart at his hand moving between them. he smirks, grabbing your thigh and pulling it further apart, you really were his girl.
he cocks his head towards you. his pinky grazes over the hem of your panties, teasing you, making you push your hips against him, "you b-belong to me, don't you yn?" he says, voice a low murmur that only you could hear.
you nod wantonly, your breath fluttering, desperate for more than the teasing finger hooked at your underwear, "yes, bill, just yours."
he hums in approval, low and biting in his throat, it was a challenge for you to disobey. god, if you weren't in the middle of a fucking cinema with your best fucking friends, you would've sunk to your knees by now. "eager g-girl," it doesn't even begin to describe how badly you want him right now. he tuts as your hips ride the cleft of his hand cupping your soaked panties, "poor baby, n-need me so bad don't you? you have t-to show you're gonna be a good g-girl first, so keep that mouth shut unless you want us to get caught."
your heat-addled mind scrambles, rutting down to meet his hand, you needed him. you needed to prove it.
he chuckles lowly, "poor p-pet," he says, shifting his hand to give you the sweet friction you're craving. the feeling of his hand meeting your bud through the thin fabric pushes the air out of your lungs. you bit back a whimper, the thrill of getting caught sending unexpected sparks down your spine. his gaze flickers from the screen back to you, "unless my dirty little girl wants to get caught?"
you shiver. biting your lip, you rode his hand harder, opening your legs further for better access. it was so wrong, driving your hips into a steady roll so his fingers hit against your slit. anyone could see you right now. would the losers be able to hear your heavy breathing? could the see the shake in your legs as you brought your hips down to meet his hand? it was the knowing how wrong it was that made you wetter. without even meaning or trying to, bill was a golden boy. perfect grades, baseball team captain, he stuffed your locker full of love letters each valentine's, he was your perfect boy.
somehow, the thought of someone so perfect being caught doing something so filthy made the wetness between your thighs grow.
he coos, "is that what you're s-so wet for? letting everyone know y-you're mine a-and mine alone? letting th-them see you getting o-off on my hand on y-your own accord? anyone could see you right n-now, baby, our friends will kn-know that you're mine, mine to play with, m-mine to tease," he leans into you, so closely you can feel the warmth of his skin. you become all the more aware of the languid movement of his hand, "mine to fuck."
this was so different to how bill usually was with you. he was always so doting and loving, taking care of your every need like he got off on your pleasure. well, you suppose now was an example of him taking care of your needs, but it was so much more possessive, so much more dominating.
suppressing a moan, you push your hips down. suddenly, the feeling of his hand over your panties wasn't enough. you slump weakly against his shoulder, voice whiny and quiet in his ear, "b-bill, not uhn- enough."
his smirk is slanted and teasing in the soft, low-light of the theatre, the toying of him at your underwear has become unabashed pawing and groping, his cupped fingers making you press your mouth to his shoulder in an attempt to muffle your noises.
"so cute, you want m-more, dont you baby?" you can only nod in a weak, broken way, he can't help but smirk.
he caves, hooking a long finger around the seat of your underwear and pushing it aside, you mewl at the feeling of the cold air against your wetness, of bill's fingers dragging through your heat.
next to him, stan catches your whimper as you nuzzle further into bill's side. he nudges bill, "is yn alright?" he asks, glancing to him from the screen. bill nods nonchalantly, continuing to glide his fingers along your slick entrance, making it difficult for you to form a single coherent thought. "she's just scared, she's such a-a pussy when it c-comes to scary movies," bill mutters back, his lips tilted in a smirk. stan nods and turns back.
relieved that stan's turned away, your eyelids sink shut as the overwhelming sensation takes over, bill's finger pushing into you, swirling against your sensitive walls. he shushes your soft whimpers, pressing his thumb over your clit, moving it in slow circles and slowly pumping his fingers into you, the action causing your thighs to press together shakily.
mouthing at the curve of his neck left visible above his collar, you whine, "bill, please."
raising an eyebrow, he hices you a sideways glance, as if you were asking if he was enjoying the movie and wasn't pumping his fingers into you at a pace that made you fucking shake-
"-what's wrong? you're so flustered, b-babydoll."
you keep your mouth shut out of fear any words will turn to begging and moaning and god please bill just fuck me already. at your silence, bill chuckles, so stubborn, and his hand stills completely, his fingers stuck deep in your dripping entrance. he had no problem with reminding you who you belonged to. "baby, h-how am i gonna give you what you want if you don't u-use your words?"
it still takes you a moment to respond, to process the words with your head swimming with warm pleasure, every whining breath seeming to press his digits further into you.
"f-fuck me, bill," you whisper at last, your hips bucking and face red with shame and arousal. his mouth twitches into a smirk as his fingers slip out of you, making you whine quietly as he forces your legs further apart, your arousal evident at your inner thighs.
"that's all y-you had to say, baby," he murmurs, burying his fingers into your cunt once more. before you have a chance to make a noise, they hit up at your gspot, the stimulation on the sensitive spot making your hips jerk. at this point, you were biting onto bill's shoulder to muffle your moans.
he continues his pattern of thrusting his fingers into you, curling them up perfectly to make you shudder in need, ecstasy tightening in your stomach.
you feel yourself getting closer and you clutch his arm tightly, warning him as his movements send you into a spiral of want and need. he swirls his fingers harder angling them upwards, "is my good girl gonna c-cum already? poor l-little thing, were you that worked up?" you give a wanton nod, "cum on my hand, show me how good you are."
the rolling of your hips is reduced to helpless twitches and weak grinding with little regard to how open the two of you are. all anyone would have to do to see you was a turn of their head. the thought makes your climax hit you harder, your hand clutching onto his shoulder as you shake, panting softly into the crook of his neck. bill's soft praises soothe you through your high, good girl, good little thing, cumming all for me, pretty little girl.
the praise makes your eyelids flutter, disoriented, as bill slows his hand, bringing you out of your ecstasy with a push. he quickly closes his mouth around the digits, cleaning them off. the sight sends heat to your core despite just finishing. he pulls your ruined panties back over your soaked core, patting your clothed clit and smirking. he wasn't done with you yet.
his large hand wraps around your wrist, tugging you to your feet on shaky legs. he mutters to stan, yn's g-gonna take a breather, pulling you down the stairs and out of the theater. you blink at the light, adjusting as bill pulls you outside, right past the counter where brendan is. bill makes sure he can see bill's hand at the curve of your ass as he guides you outside. aw, he thinks, her legs are still shaking.
bill pulls you to where he's parked his car. opening the door, he doesn't wait for you to get into the backseat; he scoops you up in his arms, his hands placed firmly at your hips and he lifts you and drops you down, your body bouncing onto the seats. the roughness made you whine and he chuckled, liking that he could hear your noises fully now.
"don't w-worry baby, m'gonna g-give you what you need."
he climbs in after you, shutting the door and positioning himself between your thighs, squeezing them and holding them apart. he looks at your panties, ruined between your thighs.
grabbing your hips, he pulled, yanking you closer to him. in the same motion he pushed your panties aside, he leaned down and buried his face between your legs. his warm tongue flicked over your slit, dragging up to your bud as he started lapping at your entrance. you whimper, over sensitive still, but his hands held you in place. now that you were in a -mildly- more isolated space, you whimpered loudly, "f-fuck, don't stop baby, so fucking good." at your praise, his tongue moved over you, working expertly over your pussy, knowing every and each sensitive spot to pay attention to.
your eyes rolled back as his tongue moved from flicking over your clit to him slipping it inside of you. with a soft gasp, you reached forward, carding your hands through his soft hair, pulling slightly on the strands. at the tugging of your little fists on his hair, he moaned against your heat, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure through your body. it started getting hard to stop your thighs from collapsing on either side of bill's head with the intense feeling of it all.
he hums, throwing your thighs over his shoulders to support your legs better. at the feeling of his tongue pushing deeper, your back arches, a soft gasp escaping your lungs. the feeling of his tongue moving in and out of you, out of his good girl, made heat bloom in your stomach.
he nudged against your sensitive walls, the angle he was filling you up with made you whine, pushing your hips down to further accommodate him. he keeps at that pace, lapping at your clit before dipping his tongue back into you, messily bringing you closer to that release.
you cry out, moving your hips down to meet his face, your thighs pressing on either side of his face. he thinks he would happily die between them.
the tip of his tongue nudges up the that tender curve of your sweet spot. you curse out, grinding your hips faster, "bill! fuck, m'close, please, don't stop, don't stop-!" mercifully, he doesn't stop, drawing out those moans and whimpers from you. he was dimly aware the car was shaking but that was a distant thought, his tongue alternating between thrusting into your heat and nipping your clit.
your hands curl up into fists in his hair as you cum, his mouth wrapped around your swollen clit as you climax, almost roughly sucking on it. you give a harsh cry of his name, your muscles tightening then loosening, your over stimulated body shaking. you pull back, your chest heaving and breathing laboured. looking down, you see bill wiping his mouth with his thumb and humming.
his voice comes out rough and heady, "fuck, y-you taste so g-good, baby," he mutters, sitting up and dragging a finger through your slick folds once more, cleaning up the mess he left, seemingly enjoying the wrecked whimper he pushes out from you as he does.
your weak body sits up, your hand reaching forward and palming his bulge, feeling the throb of his cock through his jeans which felt considerably tighter. he clicks his tongue, pulling you off of him by a dismissive hand at your wrist, "save your e-energy for when we get home, baby, you're gonna n-need it." he says, that dark, dominant look in his eyes once more. your thighs clench together in anticipation. he smirks, "c'mon, w-we have a movie to finish, yn."
once you've calmed your unsteady breathing and managed to get most of the control back into your legs, bill leads you back to the aladdin, you holding onto his arm for dear life. the losers greet you in the entrance, the movie had already ended by the time you've managed to limp through the front door.
richie rolls his eyes at the two of you, "told you, stan, they got away for a little romantic tryst," he hums. at your side, bill scoffs and tells richie he's a fucking idiot but his smirk gives him away.
he can feel brendan's eyes on the two of you as you cling to bill's side. bill's eyes glinted at the thought of how wrecked and claimed you looked; his jacket was back on you now, his arm at your waist, your legs shaking and your inner thighs slick with need.
if that wasn't enough for him, your panties were visible from bill's back pocket as the losers left to go to the quarry, a small reminder of who owned you.
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givemesomeboobies · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
HELLLOOOOOOO!!!! so first, i would like to say thank u to everyone that has read and reblogged my work since the beginning. i’ve been on tumblr for over 3 years and i never expected for people to actually enjoy my writing and follow me. i am so so so so thankful for all the friends i have made on tumblr and i truly don’t know where i would be without them :,). with that being said, i‘m gonna hit quite a large milestone in followers soon SO, i’ve decided to make this little fic challenge! 
the theme is “To Lovers”, as you can see by the header, and this means that you can write anything along the lines of:
- friends to lovers
- enemies to lovers
- strangers to lovers
- neighbors to lovers
- co-workers to lovers
- boss/employee to lovers
there aren’t a lot of restrictions to this either! if you’d like to make your fic a holiday fic for whichever holiday you celebrate this season (or new years), go ahead! if you’d like to make your fic a normal, non-holiday fic, that’s fine as well! if you have a specific “to lovers” trope that isn’t listed here that you would like to do, you are completely free to do so!! the minimum word count is 500 words and there is no max, you can write as much as you want! smut is ALWAYS welcomed, but definitely not required!! you can make your piece as sad and angsty as you want, or as fluffy and cute as you want, it’s completely up to you! of course, the fic has to be “harry styles x reader” “harry styles x y/n” “harry styles x oc”, but i’m sure that was already pretty obvious. 
here are a few (optional) prompts that can help bring inspiration for your piece:
“Are you going to kiss me or keep staring?”
“If you don’t stop looking at my lips without doing anything about it, I will take you right here on this counter.”
“Don’t hesitate, just kiss me.”
“You keep saying that we’re friends but you look at me for a moment too long for that to be true.”
“I’m not materialistic. I like being happy and having lots of sex.”
“Will you stay the night?”
“I think we need to talk about the fact that I’m in love with you and also that I’m pregnant.”
“You keep that photo of us in your wallet?”
“We could be an epic novel of forbidden lovers, like Romeo and Juliet without the ending.”
“If you didn’t have two fingers inside of me right now, I’d kick you in the shins.”
“I think I’m in love with you and I don’t know what to do.”
“I desperately want to take you out for dinner and slow dance with you until the sun comes up, but I also want to grip your hair as I watch you writhing underneath me.”
“I fell for you without even knowing it and, jesus, does it hurt that you can’t see it.”
“What if we ran away together?”
I think I'm in love with you." / “You only just met me."
“Catch me if you can!”
“I have never hated anyone more than I hate you.”
“Why do you keep coming back to me?”
“It’s [insert holiday] and you think now is the time to tell me you’re in love with me?”
“Do you think anyone heard us?”
when you post your work, make sure to @ me and use the tag “to lovers fic challenge”!! i will be making a separate masterlist for everyone’s fics as well. 
the deadline is january 5th
sign-ups are CLOSED
if you need more time, just message me and let me know!!
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ozarkthedog · a year ago
I don’t know if you have done anything like this yet but nomad Steve with size and breeding kink. He loves how small you are and how u take his large dick.. can’t wait to get you pregnant over and over 🥵🥵🥵🥵 as dirty as possible. Love your work BTW
Combining 3 things I love most. Steve, Size Kink and Breeding :)
Word Count: 290
Tags under the cut! 💙
📖 Master list  
Reblogs and Likes are amazing! Feedback and Comments are encouraged!
Tumblr media
Steve would never tire of seeing your tiny body work to take his cock. You’d whimper as his girth stretched out your slick hole, “Almost in, Doll.”
The way your body would arch under his splayed, large hands as he grabbed your ribcage when his cock bottomed out, smashing against your cervix with nowhere else to go would have him ravenous.
“God, I don’t know if I can move. I’m stretching this pussy so wide.” His fingers travel around where your connected feeling your opening pulled taunt around his girth.
Steve pulls back only to have you let out of high-pitched whine when he shoves forward, nudging your cervix again. He could’ve sworn he saw a slight imprint of his cock jutting out of your skin when he moved his hips.
He grabbed your hand and laid it over your lower belly. “Doll, you’re so fucking full of me. I’m almost in your belly.”
The thought had you spinning as he easily manipulated your body, wrapping an arm around your shoulders making sure you couldn’t pull away. “Do you think there will be enough room for my seed?”
He wanted to flood your cunt, he needed to see if his girth would trap his cum in your cunt like a plug or if it’d be pushed out with every stroke.
“Imagine being so full of my cum, you look pregnant?”
The image of you round with my child spurred his need to fill you.
With every thrust of his hips, his arms would pull you onto his cock. Your screams of raw pleasure egging him on with every brute plunge against your cervix.
“Maybe giving birth will loosen up this tight cunt… I guess we’ll just have to find out.”
Sinful Saturday/Sunday
Permanent: @jeremyrennermakesmesmile @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @stargazingfangirl18 @putinovertime @ifuckedchrisevans @bcriss11 @maynay43 @xoxabs88xox @widowsbarnes @harrysthiccthighss @denisemarieangelina @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @waywardodysseys @bval-1 @ballyhoobarnes @turtoix @badreputationlove @mrsbarneswillseeyounow @just-bran @nickysurfer28 @evansweaters @keiva1000 @charmisticdisappointment @efferuse @buckybarnesplumwhore @chuckbass-love @hurricanerin @cevansrogers @you-taste-so-sweet @notyourtypicalrose @xoxloaveasre @lickmymelaninn @poeticbookwormcat @coffeebooksandfandom @tenaciousperfectionunknown @wonderlandfandomkingdom @lady-pswrld @dummiesshort @honeychicanawrites @hevans-angel @cockyboysandsugarism @saiyanprincessswanie @bronzechild @nerdypinupcrystal @jack-skellingtons-stuff @cevans-fics @mariaenchanted @poisonkills @kelbabyblue @ilovemarvel-andcats @oneoftheprettynerds @coconutqueen21 @muralskins @inlovewiththefictionalcharacters @speechlessxx @simply-heaven @gigievansss @hermayone @earthworthies @farleighg @foxyjwls007 @buckysbaby32 @inmoix @thiskindahotkindamusic @la-cey @luckybucky18 @bwbatta @the-soulofdevil @cdaddyevans @kakakatey @ckorinne @ineedpineapple @ickastewart @starlightcrystalline @retrogeekgal @afriicanhoe @tinystudentfirepurse @daddys-slutty-snow-bunny @collette04 @before-we-get-started @rebloggingeverything @sapphiresane @xelizabethvalentinex @valkrylie @sweeterthanthis @tvckerlance @chris-butt @bluemusickid  @labella420   @eva_lovely1989  @Imamybubbles @mkaybluewhy @Bubblegabs20 @asteriodluvr @Horneyandtiredbeedeepbop @Comebackandhauntme21 @dxlxnbby @Nothingrhymeswithangel @Sign-of-the-times-sweetcreature
Steve Rogers: @eater-of-hopes-and-dreams @peakyrogers @patzammit @onetwo3000 @kylorenxbarnes @donutloverxo @captainrogersbucky @corebore123 @misplacedorphan @arseofrivia @chezdricks @gamagun46 @itsstacybitch-blog @stxvercgersslut @ghghghghghghgh @hamiltonwrotetheother51-xo @thinkaboutmara @bxtchboy69​ @Animenerd @okaymarveldc @srtevans @Imamybubbles
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f-orever-and-ever · 3 months ago
waa hi i wanna ask um,, how did you like- start your selfship blog? cause i wanna make one and i wanna make f/o prompts for other people but im not really sure how to begin. at all.
sorry if this is confusing i just think ur blog is really cool an wanna know how u got started so i can start thinking of ideas aha,,,,,
Hey nonnie! Thanks for asking! ^_^ And I appreciate the love! 🥺💖
My selfship journey has been a wild ride over the last year and a half, and I’ve loved being here so much. It actually started with me discovering selfship blogs before I even had a tumblr, scrolling through them, getting ideas.
Honestly, the first piece of advice I would give you is don’t wait for anything. Just go ahead and make a new blog, set it all up, and start posting stuff! The best time to start is right now! Bios and pinned promo posts are great first things to add to a new blog; you can check out other self-shippers’ blogs for inspiration. Carrds are also fantastic tools to put everything beautifully in one spot, although those do take a little more time to plan out. (Just look up the carrd website online and it should be one of the first results.)
If you need inspiration for writing prompts, try looking at your personal headcanons or stuff that happens in your everyday life. • Sometimes I’ll be out on the town, shopping for groceries, having dinner, watching a movie, whatever, and I like to think, “what would my F/Os be doing if they were with me right now? How would they behave in certain situations, what kind of cuteness would they bring, what kind of chaos would they cause?” • If they’re from a different culture than you, wether that be from below the surface, from 500 years ago or from outer space, how would they react to being in your world? If they’re non-human, how do their unique traits make your relationship special? • What kind of things would you want your f/os to do to you? How do they make your day exciting, how do they bring happiness into your life? What crazy shenanigans would you get into? What special extravagant headcanons do you have for them? • Now, if there’s some of these things you want to keep personal, you have no obligation to make them prompts. But if there’s some ideas that you think other people might benefit from while imagining them and their own F/Os, go ahead and write them down!!! When you put your heart into writing your prompts, it’s a powerful and beautiful thing, and others will feel it too.
Tags are your best friends. Only the first 5 tags will have your post show up in them, so make them count. I usually use stuff like #f/o, #f/o imagine, #self ship prompt, etc. so I’m able to reach more people.
Interaction is key! Take some time to explore the community. Say hi to people. Make some friends. Find common ground with others over a shared fandom or F/O. Hell, I met one of my best friends on this hellsite when they came into my DMs at 3AM and asked for advice about self-shipping stuff. The more you interact with people, the more they’ll feel at home on your blog. Of course, don’t feel pressured to suck up to people you don’t feel comfortable around, but don’t be afraid to start a conversation with someone if you want to get to know them better! Even if it’s just reblogging ask games at first (make sure to practice reblog karma—send an ask to everyone you reblog from!) or sending stuff in their inbox.
Don’t feel pressured to “sell yourself” 100% of the time. You’re a human being, not a brand. It’s okay to take time to gush about your f/os, show your fanart, to reblog others’ prompts, to post stuff that isn’t even related to prompts. Remember, your blog is your personal space, so don’t be afraid to post what you feel like posting.
These are just some tips I’ve realized over the years that have helped my blog grow; feel free to take whatever advice you like. I wish you the best of luck on starting your selfship blog—come back and say hi when you get it up and running! I’d love to see you again! ^_^
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missclaaire · 3 months ago
hihihihihii imn claire or rio or ven………… u can calll me venny if we’re close!!! though i see everyone i know as close if weve interacted at all go ahead LOL
estp 6w5 i dont know Anything ab typology but thats there i guess
he/she/it/fizz/pop/spark/wisp/mew/ghost/ri/rey/bug/bee/buzz!!!!!1!1!! i use rly any pronounss just dont use they/them 4 me
lesbiann demiromantic asexual agender catgender gendervoid ghostgender ambiamorous👍
currrrent interests r witch’s heart, yttd, omori, bandori, undertale/deltarune, shelter, hollow knight, mlp, celeste, nitw, madoka magica, cookie run, animal crossing andd more..
immm. claire and a couple others!!!1!! /srs mutuals can ask 4 tha rest
im 5’11 👍
i type in caps a lot andd double lettters i guesz????1 if its ever hard 2 readdd let me know :3
i like cats and sea slugs thyer so coool
i tag triggers and stuff with tw __ or __ tw!!!! mutuals i will use ur respective tag mwah
i also tend 2 speak in third person somtimes
um um yeah
Tumblr media
tagz and stufff!!!!
#🌙 ;; claire rambles ; justt random stuff and shitposts
#🌙 ;; friends ; askss and general interactions w people
#🌙 ;; claire’s favs ; reblogs
#🌙 ;; claire plays ___ woa ; watch me play games while i suck at it and cry
Tumblr media
mutualz tag these with ‘rio dont look’ !!!!
the name atlas/mentions of it
siriclaire n safaranger
bug hate…… big comfy for me </3 roaches r exempt from this fuck those guys
i dunno what else 2 put tbh i may update it thouogughg
Tumblr media
dni pretty pleasee
if you’re @faerociousbeast /j /j
basicc criteria
dsmp fans
anti of any of my interests
bashes ppl for harmlesss stuff
overr 25 or under 12
i guess thats it tbh idfk what to put
thin ice
danganronpa fanns
bug haters.
idk wat to put here tbh ur freee to interact unless i say otherwise :3
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lazarus-harp · 2 months ago
I hope this isnt strange, but do u have any etn fanfic recommendations? Been trying to read more hehe and you seem p active here in the fandom so I figured u might know of the good ones that are out there. Dont really care about format, like it could be either here on tumblr or on something else like ao3 idc. I like seasons 2 3 and 4 and dont have any triggers or whatever so I'm pretty much good with whatever you think deserves a read!! love your blog by the way, also if you wanted to recommend any other blogs to also follow that would be pretty nice, no pressure tho. Thanks in advance 😊
this isn't strange at all! i'm super honored to have someone ask me for recommendations on anything, so thanks so much for this ask! love engaging with people so, ya know! i'll go ahead and start with blogs to follow because that'll be a nice start to this, and then the fanfiction recs will be under read more.
some etn blogs to follow are :
@escapethenightcrack : i think this blog is a given! before i even started this blog, this one has always been floating around. there's all kinds of different content out there from varying seasons. not to mention the person running the blog is super nice and open to having conversations about the characters! highly recommend them for anyone looking for etn blogs to follow. you always get what you come for and they occasionally post questions you can respond to! fun time overall and i admire them a lot. please go check them out and follow if you haven't already! <3
@poeticpains : a newer blog on the scene but one of my favorites already, personally. they make a variety of things from embroidery to playlists which you don't often see in this fandom ; so following them is worth it because you never know what art form you might get for etn! and thanks to the abundance of reblogs, this fan blog helps you find other accounts if you haven't seen them already. overall a new blog that kinda has it's own unique style! they also reblog quotes and tag etn characters which i personally really enjoy and, again, haven't really seen done before. the person running it is also someone i highly respect! so yeah, go follow!
just realized that me singing praise to every blog tagged could get very tiring to read, so lemme just. finish up recommending blogs without all the theatrics. but every single one im @-ing deserves praise and they all post some intriguing etn content that either makes you laugh, makes you think, is simply just fanart/writing, or they have some sort of creative ideas for it they wish to talk about! and all of those things are cool to see! ahem so : @fishyspider, @thatotherothersideblog, @lydiais-dead, @elfie-loves-you, @remaking-machine , and @warning-rune !
obviously there's more blogs out there but these are the ones i would personally recommend for branching out. you'll probably find more blogs from these ones alone! for starters, i will immediately say that i have my own ao3 account! WitchyTwitchy! and anything in my bookmarks is highly, highly recommended. there's also my stories which are a tad old, honestly, but they're not the worst ever! but besides that, let's get into the nitty gritty fanfic recommendations!
then they kill you ( and then they love you again ) - the moment you asked for fic recs for etn, this was actually the first fic i thought of. it's a s4 fic that focuses heavily on rosanna and the trials she endures mentally in purgatory. this is a work that has stuck with me since it's original posting and always puts me in this weird grief-stricken mood due to how vivid ro's emotions are. the format could be a bit confusing to read given the long paragraphs and lack of dialogue marks ( " ) but since you don't mind that, i highly recommend! whenever i want to get in my s4 feels or even get inspired to write something heartwrenching, this is the fic i always go to.
how the story goes - another s4 fic that's just a nice, quick read. it mainly follows destorm and how his dynamic with alex changed over the course of the season, while adding a layer of depth to it. though this isn't a big fave of mine, i adore it nonetheless and believe it's one of the few etn fics that focus on alex/destorm in that season anyway, so! but that leads me to the next fic rec, which is from the very same author who wrote this -
love, and how to kick it - honestly, this is one of the first fics i ever read in the etn tag ever and it was a pretty solid introduction. if you're a fan of soulmate aus and hopeless situations, this one is for you! it's s3 and the main character is nikita, who goes through the story torn between her love for manny vs her soulmate-love for mat. which is handled extremely well and pulls at your heart, just how nikita's being tugged around by hers. there's some good ro/mat moments as well! genuinely a good fic all around and makes you want to see more soulmate aus in etn in the same vein as this!
if i fall - a s3 fic that's an au, but instead of changing the outcome of a death ( as you typically see ) it's making up a new challenge entirely and forcing the final five to endure it! this one is a refreshing fic to me and elaborates on dynamics in the current setting of the show in a very intriguing way. there's angst galore and everyone who has to do the challenge has thoughts that feel extremely in character for them to have, causing you to feel awful and torn between both teams. it's a decently long read, which the fandom definitely needs more of, so that's a plus as well! there isn't much more to say without spoiling it, but the creativity taken and the twists and turns are excellent. also, fyi, if you want to read more etn fics, this person is chalk full of them on their ao3 account! so check them out in general.
right down to the second ( i can feel my breath unfold ) - another s3 fic ( sorry! they just have the most fics ) but this time it's a nicely wrapped up 'how the final six can potentially live' au. the main reason im placing this down is because of how recent it is in the fandom, and i think it's very important to support works that have been posted recently. especially since writers ( and editors ) are the only ones keeping this fandom afloat! however, besides that, this fic is one of the better ones ive seen recently. i was not expecting the plot nor the friendship development this fic expertly dishes out. you can tell they really adored each member of the final six, and you'd be surprised how rare that is in the fandom. it's heartwarming and follows matthew caring deeply for everyone there and it deals with amazing trauma in the second work. definitely recommend
okay! to be brutally honest, besides the fics listed here and the fics you can find in my bookmarks, i can't really think of any other fanfics to recommend you? this took a while to come out, seeing as i looked through the ao3 tag a couple times and tried to pick my favorite ones. or the ones off the top of my head! while the fics here isn't a lot, every author on this list has at least one more etn work attached to them ; so feel free to gather more that way! i really hope this helped, and im beyond honored to be asked for fic and blog recs! makes me feel like im doing something in the fandom, if that makes sense? either way, thanks so much for this ask and for enjoying my blog ---- feel free to message/ask me things at any time! this was fun 🧡
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fuckingrealityshifting · 10 months ago
Hi! You’re here!
You’re here from a video about shifting ->
Awesome! Welcome.
If you don’t believe and plan to express that, go ahead! Please read the entirely of this post before interacting. The FAQ might help you as well.
I know Anthony’s video is out. My thoughts on it are here.
My name is Jade, primarily they/them, here’s about me!
Most important info from that is I’m a minor and I have minor but chronic depression which means inactivity because of sadness will be gradual/partial but likely long-term. What I lose motivation for usually goes in the order of: socialization/dms/interactions in general, motivation to work on my own shifting journey, informational posts or stuff I need to research for, and then other quicker asks answers. It gets better in the reverse order of that usually!
When I am not talking about shifting, I’ll probably be dropping random thoughts about whatever media I’m consuming at the moments or stuff about my day either tagged under not shifting + relevant tags or just not tagged unless it’s for a trigger. Feel free to ask me to tag anything! No judgement!
CEO of starting “Shiftblr”™️ and CEO of the Shiftblr Directory ™️ therefore I am your overlord. bow to me /j /lh
Blog stuff!
I follow and like from edgywords.
Here’s my
which includes my
FAQ that answers what shifting is
+ answers to useful asks or reblogs, a list of my informational posts, a list of my subliminals, and it includes the Shiftblr Directory!
If you want an ask to be included in the Masterlist that isn’t, just ask!
It would be more timely for you to skim my Masterlist to check if there’s an ask that obviously answers ur question before asking, I know there’s a lot so it’s natural to miss something so it doesn’t matter to me if you don’t, it’s just I take some time to respond and it’ll be in ur best interest lmaoo luv u
If you reply to a post and I reply, I’ll reblog and tag you! I will not be replying in the comments (this is a sideblog)
And since THIS IS A SIDEBLOG! I follow and like from my main!
Asks, dms, submissions, etc are as of now always open! I do answer asks and such out of order based on factors such as what I can answer without researching, what I need to make a long response to, etc. Dms tend to get a bunch of quick replies soon after and then they dwindle because I’m forgetful.
I have gotten suicide baiting before. I am a minor. I have depression.  Please keep that in mind when making commentary to an audience. 
If you’d like to repost or use my content on another site for whatever reason, including “look at these losers” compilations (not that I’m encouraging you but I can’t stop you) and such, please ask for permission first so I’m aware but the answer will be always be yes on the grounds I can’t stop you lol
My Shifting Journey Stuff!
Regarding what I believe about shifting: as of right now, I do believe that shifting is a projection of consciousness into an alternate, real reality. As of now, my answers and information on shifting do tie into that. I speak for those who believe the same as me when I make statements about shifting and such. Regarding what I believe shifting is is liable to change depending on the results I get from experiments when I do shift. It is completely possible experiments I do bring me to the conclusion it’s a meditative, in-the-mind thing, in which case I probably will keep shifting terminology but have a different personal understanding/definition of stuff. As I have not shifted yet, I’ll get to all that later.
My shifting schedule is terrible lmaoo I barely try
I have not shifted yet but y’all will be the first to know!!
My DRs/DR ideas include:
•(Incorporated with other realities as well) Reality with something we don’t know here/some sort of ‘proof’ thing, post with context here (shifters PLEASE check out)
•Reality so I have more time to study
•Reality with different economic systems in society to see the differences
•Reality of my novel(s)
•Reality where I have a dog and/or a cat
•Reality where I’m a famous YouTuber/streamer
•Minecraft (including dream smp)
•Good Omens
•The Witcher? Perhaps?
I think you’re mentally unstable.
Sure. You can totally not believe in this, and thus think I’m delusional, ‘insane,’ etc.
You don’t have to believe anything I believe. You don’t have to keep believing if you already have. This stuff is strange, I totally get it.
I’d just prefer you don’t apply specific disorders to me or shifters on the basis of believing of shifting, out of respect to those with the disorders.
And you’re still welcome on my page no matter what your beliefs—as long as you’re respectful. If you’re not respectful I’m probably not gonna treat you seriously.
I just need you to understand that there’s just really no point in responding to people who don’t offer any sort of points to go off of.
For example if I receive, “shifting isn’t real,” “shifting is daydreaming,” or my personal favorite /s “kill yourself,” in my inbox, I am going to treat it lightly as there’s no specific evidence outside of opinion or general statements to discuss and for some of the sentiments, I have already responded to. 
If I receive something like “some people can pass reality checks in lucid dreams,” “I don’t understand the differences between daydreaming and shifting/don’t think there are any because X” or “the escapism in shifting worries me,” etc. I can totally discuss this and I welcome that kind of feedback.
There’s also no point in getting in our tags with pointless statements like “shifting isn’t real” if there’s no points to go off. I probably won’t engage with that sort of thing either because again, it’s so general, and I’d have to address every single possible reason they would feel that way before we could have a proper conversation.
If I’ve ever been hypocritical in what I will respond to seriously or not, which I probably have been, that is my fault, and I will do my best to be better. You can point hypocrisy out to me.
So if you’re here to simply roast me or shifting PLEASE be funny. I’ll be rating ur jokes out of /10 and I’m not gonna sugarcoat. I want quality. This applies to YouTube videos as well. If you use me in a video please drop a link I fr wanna see
Current record: 6/10
But if strangeeons ever tumblr deepdives into this I need you to know I love you w my heart and soul. you can make fun of me however u want I’ll thank you /J
In all seriousness this is good guideline in how you handle delusions. If you think we’re delusional, please be mindful in how you go about it. Nobody’s saying you can’t say you don’t believe in it but purely insulting people to their face because of it isn’t being helpful.
You are also not being helpful to the mental health of people you claim to care about by hating on them and sending large audiences their way. I don’t like shifting tiktok but I feel terrible for the mostly teens who are getting most of the heat regarding shifting. It must suck.
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meshlasolus · 6 months ago
Cruel Irony
Bale!Bruce Wayne x Reader
Alright so ima go ahead and just post the Jerome chap tomorrow bc I'm too lazy to post it tonight okay bye also if u like this story pls like and share/reblog it means a lot!!!
Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.
Chapter Warnings: more fatherly angst, fluff... pinky smut idk
Tumblr media
"You keep blatantly disobeying me, and you do so openly, without remorse." My father had yet again caught me leaving Bruce's room after spending the night with him. He didn't pull me straight from the door this time, as he had other matters to attend to, but he did make a point to separate me from whom I was training with later in the day. "I cannot keep letting you do this without punishment."
"You can't keep treating me as a child, I'm nearly a fully mature woman." I tried stand up for myself, but he wouldn't be hearing my remarks today, he had a point to make.
"You are a child! Twenty years gives you no authority in this world. You need to listen to me, because I know what your future holds if you don't..." He said, his voice becoming more gentle at the end. I knew he had my best interest at heart, but I wanted so much more than this provincial life.
"I can't avoid making decisions for myself. How must one learn to do something if someone else does it for them?" I tilted my head, trying to appeal to his fatherly side. It was much gentler than his leader of warriors side.
"I fear you may be drifting apart from the bond you once possessed with the league... with me." He bowed his head, and he looked troubled, which was not a common occurrence. He got upset sometimes, but never usually wore a look of worry. The man never faced anything he couldn't handle, so when he was distraught and uncertain, it made for a strange and unpredictable outcome. "I trust you to make the decisions, but I am afraid of the actions you might take to make them despite me."
"My loyalties lie with the league, just as they always have. Since the time I took the oath and even before that I have been nothing but faithful. You know that." I assured him. Really I couldn't help but feel the truth in his words. I was not close enough to any one member of the league except my father, for myself to wish protection on them all over a singular person who wasn't even sworn into our ranks yet.
"One can lay their loyalties with more than one thing, Moyra. Be careful who you trust, and never turn your back on anyone. They could just as easy rip you to shreds when you aren't looking." He said, the words of wisdom pouring from his mouth. He was right, I couldn't always trust everyone. Maybe I couldn't even trust him, my own father.... and even after making that comparison I still knew in my heart that I could trust the person he suspects my loyalties lie more firmly with. I believe that they do myself.
I just nodded at my father and left his presence. He couldn't stop me from strengthening my relationship with Bruce, but I wasn't going to push that fact in his face anymore. I wouldn't blatantly put him into a state of distress, however little the affects may be. I would not flaunt the way that I was simply delving deeper into a new place I'd never gone before. I cared for my father, and would not purposely defy him in a way that he felt I was doing despite him. He'd done so much for me to just throw it all away now.
I was exploring these feelings, and though I still did not understand them, I more often indulged them just so that I could try and figure them out. It was a wild and somewhat dangerous thing I suppose, for these feelings could push me to do some crazy things I had not thought of before with myself. Maybe not crazy.... but not things I had ever warranted necessary until now. Very personal, private things.
I more often spent the night with Bruce, for he was someone to keep warm with, especially on rainy nights... and he would often spend the might with me, too. Sometimes he'd be tired after a long day with my father, and would simply collapse in my room before he even had the chance to consider moving back to his own.
I often wondered if my father had similar discussions with Bruce like he had with me. Bruce surely would talk to me about them if he did, and moreover he would act differently towards me... wouldn't he? Unless he, like me, could not be bothered by my fathers words.
I doubted Bruce felt the same feelings I did. It made sense to think something was there, but I couldn't really identify it well. I wanted to let time pass, and see if the feelings got stronger, or if they faded.
They definitely got stronger on my side of things... so much stronger.
Bruce and I sat side by side one night, opening up different past events to the air, and letting each other see more vulnerable parts of each other... although I hadn't told Bruce about my most horrible trauma, because I'd be saving that one for when the time is right.
"I was just scared he might be coming for me, I still have this crazy idea that he might...." Bruce trailed off, leaning his head against the wall as he spoke, a little embarrassed to admit something only he thought about.
"You know I'd always protect you, right? You never have to worry... I'll have your back." I told him sincerely, as we talked about the reason he ran away. Falconi. Also the reason why he'd strung me up in that random house the first time we met.
"I'd be more concerned about protecting you..." he chuckled, pulling me closer to him as I leaned on his shoulder, gently massaging the muscles there. He'd gotten so buffed up the last few years, and I couldn't even imagine what a few more could do for him.
"We'd protect each other, then." I said, and he nodded in agreement. The next words to come from his mouth would be so profound to our future, and would most likely be our mantra to one another for the years to come.
"Whatever we face, we face together... so we can protect each other." He suggested, and I looked up at him with a soft smile.
He didn't say anything, or even nod, but held up his pinky finger to me as if I knew what to do with it.
"What does that mean?" I asked, turning back to him while he furrowed his brows.
"Isn't this what girls do when they make a promise?"
"Like I would know..." I laughed at his dimwitted moment and took his pinky along with mine anyway. Such a childlike gesture that simply meant the world for a second. We were like two twelve year olds, making pinky promises while telling stories and trying to get the other to laugh. After the rain comes the rainbow, so after sharing trauma, we told each other lame jokes that even Dad's would be too cool to tell.
We didn't fall asleep next to each other that night, for we needed to avoid getting caught by my father, who'd throughout the last year, been implementing heavier rules. We still found ways to break them most nights, but tonight was a lovely night... too lovely to spend time plotting against the rules of our leader.
I slept well, but not as well as when I'm clinging onto the warmth of Bruce Wayne.
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elisabeth515 · 9 months ago
(Some) Greek Gods as Historical Figures
So some days ago I secretly logged back into Mythology and Cultures amino and I stumbled across post of casting historical figures as the gods from Greek mythology. Of course, I hated it, so I made my version of this.
Note: Of course, this is going to have quite a lot of Napoleonic figures, since I am more familiar of this period, but please do reblog this post (or tag me on another post) with the hashtag “#mythical figures as historical people” and add some more of your historical figure Greek God fancasts!
Note 2: this post is for entertaining purpose, and just me introducing some guys to y’all and I am not a historian myself and hopefully you all would still like my takes😅
1. Zeus - Louis XIV of France
Tumblr media
First and foremost, I shall introduce the king of gods featured in Greco-Roman myths. You may ask, why don’t I cast Henry VIII of England? Well, my reason is very simple: Henry is far from accurate to Zeus in actual myths.
To be honest, Zeus has a more “absolute power” energy in it, and Louis XIV totally has rocked it (like that iconic line “l’état, c’est moi (I am the state)”). Well, Henry also has that kind of energy but everyone only remembers his six wives and the uncountable number of bloodshed (not to mention Catherine of Aragon is a much better fighter than him—got this from Horrible Histories OwO)... Anyways, Louis XVI is basically a Zeus.
2. Hera - Catherine of Aragon
Tumblr media
This brings to Catherine of Aragon herself. She’s a total Q U E E N and if you have watched “Six” the musical you already got what I mean (like, being the wife who married to Henry the longest). There’s also the early warlike aspect in Hera (featured in Homer’s works) that Catherine has it as well (at least you know that she’s getting more victories than Henry if you have watched Horrible Histories season 6, in the episode with Rowan Atkinson playing Henry VIII (which is sad because I want Ben Willbond to play him—he iconic to the HH fandom)), making her a great casting of Hera.
Hera, in my opinion, is a very strong woman who has to take Zeus’s shit and I could totally understand why she took revenge on the girls that Zeus has slept with—but anyways, hopefully you guys would like it :3
3. Aphrodite - Pauline Bonaparte
Tumblr media
This is half-self-explanatory, really—just look at that statue she posed as Venus, the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite.
Tumblr media
Pauline was famed for her beauty in her time, also a big chunk of scandals from her affairs (which bugs her big brother Napoleon, a lot). Nevertheless, despite her big spending habits and a great sexual appetite, she always helped Napoleon in some surprising ways (like she sold her house in Paris to the Duke of Wellington to get the funds for Napoleon).
Just like Aphrodite herself, Pauline harnessed her beauty very well. Thus, I rest my case.
4. Apollo - Joachim Murat or Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria
(Warning: long content ahead)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Firstly, let me briefly introduce them because you guys might not know them much.
Joachim Murat was a marshal of France, also one of Napoleon’s brother-in-law, grand duke of Berg and Cleves from 1806 to 1808 and the King of Naples from 1808 to 1815. After the wars, he attempted to escape yet was caught and executed in 1815 in Pizzo, Italy (if you have read of Alexandre Dumas’s “Famous Crimes” you might know him—by the way no one has cut his head off and sent it to that big nose King Ferdinand).
For those who have watched “Elisabeth” or the “Sissi” movies, you might know Franz Joseph I of Austria already but you might not know much about himself besides being the husband of the (in)famous Empress Sisi (ie. Empress Elisabeth of Austria). He was the Emperor of the Austria from 1848 to his death in 1916—one of the longest reigning European monarchs in history. During his reign, the empire had been through a lot of change, most notably, the creation of Austria-Hungary. Nevertheless, he was also the Emperor who started World War I and he died of old age in the midst of the Great War.
For Apollo, I’m not casting musicians because this is quite overdone. I rather want to shed a light to the other arts that he represented in Greco-Roman mythology. This makes me want to draw a parallel to Joachim Murat as he was also a great sucker of classical literature. Plus, he also was known to be a flamboyant dresser (his nickname was “the Dandy King” by the way), also the designer of the uniforms of the Neapolitan army (with an excessive amount of amaranth, perhaps his favourite colour). Really, everyone just sees him as a great flamboyant himbo but in reality, he’s iconically badass in the battlefield as the First Horseman of Europe. Well, also he’s known for being extremely good with women even though his wife Caroline was fierce as hell. So, in my opinion, he fits the image of Apollo that we know.
However, you guys might feel surprised why I picked Franz Joseph for Apollo. Well, he really... was a rather mediocre ruler in my opinion, and perhaps our most memorable image of him was the senile emperor who signed the declaration of war to Serbia. Nevertheless, he was a well-liked man among his subjects, at least to some old citizens of Austria-Hungary telling future generations. Besides, culture flourished in Vienna under his reign—with notable figures like Sigmund Freud, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Erwin Schrödinger. Despite the series of unfortunate events which made the empire started to crumble, Austria-Hungary arguably has its cultural importance in Europe. Sounds like what Apollo would do if he’s a ruler, somehow.
Well, enough of his political achievements, let’s talk about his private life... which was probably the actual reason why I picked him.
Enter Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria, the Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, also known as Sisi.
On a side note, Marshal Louis-Alexandre Berthier of France, Prince of Neufchâtel and of Wargram, was Empress Sisi’s grand-uncle in-law via his marriage to Duchess Maria Elisabeth in Bavaria
Tumblr media
Absolutely love Pia as Elisabeth in the musical so please don’t mind me using a gif from this :3 ((also, “Elisabeth” spoiler alert
Franz originally was to marry her sister Helene (nicknamed Néné), nevertheless, on the first meeting in Bad Ishl, he has fallen for the young Elisabeth, head over heels—making him defying his domineering mother, Archduchess Sophie, for the very first time. Elisabeth also liked him and did not expressed her refusal either, so they got married in St. Augustine’s Church in 29th April, 1854.
However, the marriage was not well. Sisi was not accustomed to the strict Austrian court especially Archduchess Sophie (also she was not really a fan of intimacy). Poor Franz was rather helpless in situations between his mother and his wife, and eventually, Sisi chose her freedom over her duty as Empress, traveling around the world. They two briefly went back together during the Austro-Hungarian compromise, yet she was constantly not there. Eventually, Sisi was assassinated by an anarchist named Luigi Lucheni during her stay in Geneva, Switzerland, and Franz was devastated over her death (“she will never know how much I love her”).
To Franz, he loved her so, but he really didn’t understand her needs. Even though he had countless mistresses and female companions in Vienna, he still missed his wife. I say, he was really unlucky when it comes to love. Like Apollo himself, he dated countless nymphs and humans, but a lot of his notable relationships did not have a good end. (Probably Cyrene was the most lucky one, yet she also has chosen to be left alone after mothering several children with Apollo.) For this, I picked Franz Joseph as Apollo.
5. Ares - Jean Lannes or Michel Ney
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As usual, for those who don’t know much history, I shall briefly introduce my babeys these two great soldiers.
Jean Lannes was one of the marshals of Napoleon, known for being one of Napoleon’s closest friends and his fiery personality, and is considered one of the best marshals of the 1st French Empire. His finest moments including the Battle of Ratisbon in which he led his men to storm the well-guarded city with ladders (hence his nickname “ladder lord” in our very humble Napoleonic marshalate fandom :3). Sadly, he died of the wound he received in the battle of Aspern-Essling in 1809.
Michel Ney was also one of the marshals of Napoleon, known for his extreme valour (yep, he is known as the “Bravest of the Brave”). As you might know, he was one of the marshals who was in Waterloo, yet, his finest hour was during the retreat from Russia in the disasterous 1812. Sadly, he was arguably the most prominent victim of the White Terror under the second Bourbon restoration, executed in 1815 (**I am not accepting any kind of conspiracy theories of my babey survived and died in America😤).
Speaking of Ares, I have a lot of things to say (that’s my dad ;-; no jkjk). He is really not that bloodthirsty idiot who casually hates humans. Well, he’s more like a fiery dork and a man who was very faithful to his lovers, and fights very well (by the way also one of the best dads). So, the bois that come into my mind are automatically two of the most courageous marshals of France.
Lannes, if I have to get him a godly parent, it would definitely Ares. He resembled the god a lot (also I sometimes imagined Ares as a smol bean with dark hair), probably looks the most like Ares himself. He got that fiery temper, that faithfulness to his wife Louise, also being a very courageous fighter in the field—well he literally was like, “NO LEMME STORM DAT CITY *grabs ladder*”.
Tumblr media
There you have it, my big bro our ladder lord Jean Lannes who can pull off a perfect Ares.
Ney is like a slightly introverted (and mature) version of an Ares person. You can guess his temper already through his famed auburn hair, and indeed despite his shy exterior his temper sometimes was a bit explosive, and a bit impatient (which was somehow one of his fatal flaws). He was a great fighter, known as a skilled swordsman in his youth. And you all know how brave he is in his famed epithet. Michel Ney is purely badass (and C U T E) you know (and he needs a lot of hugs because he has really been though a lot in the wars, and was a possible case of PTSD which was shown in his arguably suicidal behaviour during the battle of Waterloo). That’s why I casted him as the Greek god Ares OwO
And there you have it, my interpretations on the Greek gods via people in history. I originally would like to include more but somehow I realised that I have written too much about my picks. So, if you want to add more, reblog this post or tag me on the post you made on this topic (and please use the hashtag “mythical figures as historical people” so that I could look into your choices via the search bubble on this app🥺).
Last but not the least, I hope you all lovelies like this, also have learnt something new via my brief introductions on some historical people. Have a great day!
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punkbxt · 5 months ago
I saw the first green spock = antisemantic years ago in 2015?
Anyway I'm still partial to green blush but I have since seen Hulk spock and read a lot on how that's antisemantic. Also it makes a lot of my Jewish followers uncomfortable so - green spock antisemantic. I agree.
And I didn't see green spock for years - and I'm CRAZY obsesive. Since 2014 every since day I have scrolled the spock tag every single day for new content of my boy(hey! Hey this is important to wat I'm saying dont come at me I have plenty of other hobbies, it's just 5-20 minutes. Some folks read news, I look at spock)
Anyway after that thing bubbled up I didn't see green spock for ages.
Then I did late 2020 I rember that day, cold chilly the art was good. But he was green and I don't reblog green spocko for my fam.
So I leave a comment
Hi I love ur art its very good. But did you know 'drawing spock green' is 'antisemantic' because of 'quoted reasons.
Anyway love it but I can't reblog it.
At this point I was msging someone new. I considered hey I haven't seen any discourse posts recently, maybe they're new here and arent aware and this is an innocent honest mistake.
Little did I know....
They knew, and they, and their entire fanbase was F uRiOus.
My inbox, my tags were being picked up and beaten.
'what is this 2015!?!? I know u rude ass bitch and I dont listen to that shit' or something along those lines. As well as my comment screenshot and posted.
So to start with I was like?! Oh was this discourse wrong and I missed out on a important update? But after a little investigation I discovered this wasn't so.
The op was simply evil. Not because of the racist art alone. For if they had simply said 'I know I drew this in?? And I didn't want to delete' I would have been more understanding - although I maybe would have suggested editing the work and adding a message. Like 'I spent 8000 hours on this I don't want to delete but green spock is racist please don't draw him like this'
But no. No instead I was bombarded with nasty comments from op - and hate anons from people-I wasn't even talking to??? Like mind yo damn buissness -
I litterally felt like I'd gone on a famous YouTubers pages dissed them, and then that famous YouTuber had sent a horde of sweaty, stinky fan baby freaks to me to bully me. Like? Was I wrong? Anyway I no longer give a heads up to artists drawing green spock I get hate. - I GET HATE.
I've never sent hate and I'm real sorry u did gate I can't even imagine the stressxxx
Anyway I think if peope see a comment worded:
Op Did you know "thing" is "racist/sexist/ect" because of "loose quote/ or place to find information"
Then other folks the comment isn't directly addressing should mind their own buissness. Also if anyone wants to use that as a template message go ahead.
Anyway. The green spocks are on the rise. And I dare not slip into their anons, which thus is creating more green spocks.
Who will Kindly let these people know? Perhaps by even using said template... I feel the wrinkles coming on, time is calling me, and stress has me lined in the execution block. I can no longer carry on my polite msgs, for not all who draw allow anons. Will anyone ever keep my work up for me when I am gone? How could they when I still breathe and do not. It is but a weary, polite, kind notification to give.
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what-the--curtains · 8 months ago
Chapter 8 – The Foil
(Mando x f!reader)
Summary: Outposted on Hoth while you heal, you, Cara and Grogu keep each other company. But your nightmares quickly return, and the dark forces sending them can no longer be kept at bay.
TW: Major character death (briefly), blood, swearing
Notes: Thank u all for reason still every like makes my heart go 🥺 and every reblog/comment makes me WEEP with joy! Hope y’all are staying safe! Two chapters left!!
Word count: 4.6k
Tagged: @crazycookiecrumbles
“What?” Din asks, noticing your face scrunch as your feet hit the ground.
“What is this?” you question, squatting down and picking up a handful of the white powder covering the planet's floor. The cold bites at your bare skin causing your hand to instinctively release.
“What never seen snow before?” he taunts, in a manner you had often used on him, as he and Cara stride ahead, each carrying bags twice the size of the average person. An impressive sight that left you feeling less than inadequate. You kicked at the snow turning around to grab a bag from the ship in an effort to demonstrate you could carry your own weight. In the meantime Grogu had managed to form the snow into a small ball which he promptly pelted towards the Mandalorian hitting him square in the helmet.
The thunk causes you to turn around in time with Din whose head was accusingly cocked towards you. You point to the kid who mirrors your movements causing him to grin underneath his helmet. He watches as you throw a bag over your shoulder, wincing in pain when you bend down to pick up the child. Anya bounds behind you, enamoured with the snow. The Mandalorian stops and begins tracing his steps back towards you.
“Here” he says reaching for the bag, any other day he wouldn't bother, he knew you could carry your own weight, hell you'd carried his literal weight before.
“If I can carry your ass, I think I can handle this bag” you roll your eyes, as the bag strap digs further into your shoulder causing you to quickly move past him. He watches you push through the snow and towards the concrete base a few feet ahead. He wished you’d let him help you. He knew you were strong; he wished you were a touch less stubborn.
“Well not the beach vacation I was hoping for, but it’ll do for now.” Cara say’s placing the sac carrying the medical supplies and food rations on a nearby table. You drop your bag the second you enter into the abandoned rebellion base. Slowly rolling your shoulder out attempting, and failing, to masquerade your pain. Din comes in behind you grabbing the bag you'd just dropped effortlessly tossing it, along with his own bag, up on the table with the med supplies.
“Looks like there's plenty of room here, enough bunks for us to have our own, amenities seem to work well enough, not sure about hot water, but at least its water.” Cara says appearing from a hallway.
“What about the camouflage? Is it still in place?” you ask as Din begins to type away into one of the dust covered computers. He grunts hitting the machine rather harshly while swearing under his breath.
“I can't tell, we need parts to fix it.”
“Should be some on the base.” Cara offers, more as a question than a statement.
“No, we need new technology to reinstate the old. I'll have to go out and get some.”
“That safe?” Cara asks
“If it's just me? Yes.”
“So I'm playing caretaker. You wanna tell her that or is that gonna be my job” she says, looking over at you as you unpack the preservatives into the kitchen area with Grogu tucked under your arm. The Mandalorian emits a low grumble. This wasn't going to go over well.
“We need food, I’m going to get some,” he states firmly, but from a safe distance.
“I'll come with you, you’re not much of a hunter” you say, placing Grogu down on the counter and brushing your hands off on your pants.
“Not hunting here, I'm going to get credits, I need to buy some parts to get the camouflage working again.”
“Alright, well I can help with that too” you say, confused as to why he was being so dismissive.
“No, you're injured,” he says, taking a cautious step towards you.
“I’m fine” you reiterate for what feels like the hundredth time since they’d saved you.
“Really?” He says rolling up your left sleeve, revealing scars still raw from the electrocutions. You push his arm away and roll your sleeve back down wincing when you graze the raw flesh. “When was the last time you slept? Really slept”
“No worse than it was before” you mumble out.
“You spent two weeks with the empire being treated like a caged animal, you need to rest.” he persuades, placing a tentative hand on your arm. The contact briefly causing you to shift away before settling into the gentle grip.
“And you’re leaving Cara here to babysit me?” you ask, eyes skirting to the side.
“ Yes. Normal circumstances you’d be fine, but you’re not in any shape to be fighting.” slightly taken aback by the honesty, but not surprised by his lack of bedside manner.
“This is crap you say.” shaking your head, if positions were swapped, sure you would be saying the same thing, but there's no way he would listen to you.
“If someone comes, you and Cara need to be here,” he states. Why he didn't just say ‘I just got you back, i'm not risking losing you again’ he doesn't know, but he’s sure it’s for the best. With no response from you he takes his leave. You watch his cape sway in the wind as he renters the ship and takes off leaving you behind once again.
“He’s infuriating.” You say to Cara who's hesitantly appeared by your side.
“Yup. But he’s also right. Common I want to see your light saber.” She says tugging on your elbow until you comply. You enter into one large open area of the base where various mismatched chairs littered the scene. You pull out the box containing the lightsaber as Cara burritos Grogu into a blanket propping him up on one of the strewn about chairs with a cushion.
“You're probably gonna want to hang back” you say, turning it on. The light purple aura shoots out vibrating softly. You move across the floor swingin it about a bit before finally closing it.
“Not bad,” Cara says, a smirk forming.
“We got anything disposable here?” you ask side eyeing her, eyebrows slightly raised.
“Ya. Want me to throw it at you?” she responds, seemingly reading your mind. You nod your head excitedly. What started as a relatively safe game of toss and slice had progressed into something slightly more dangerous. You were blindfolded, three beers deep and Cara was no longer throwing soft items at you. After another piece of food smacks you in the face you rip off the blindfold only to see Cara giggling like a schoolgirl.
“You know if I was smarter I'd say you were doing this on purpose.”
“Good thing you're not any smarter.” she laughs, waking up Grogu who immediately reaches for the saber.
“No,” Cara says, grabbing him in the knick of time. You both begin to clean up the mess you had made, well at least the half that would smell bad by the morning. What would have been a 15 minute job turned into an hour long ordeal with most of the time being spent preventing Grogu from eating the splattered food and opening up the lightsaber.
“He’s got a predisposition for danger” you say, grabbing him away from the saber for the 90th time that night.
“I wonder where he learnt that from,” Cara laughs.
The next morning you wake up from another nightmare, at least it had been of the no name variety this time, nothing quite as drastic as being suffocated in your sleep. You pull yourself up onto a barstool and lean over the counter clutching the back of your head as a plate of food enters into your eye line.
“You're chatty in your sleep” Cara says, watching as you take a bite.
“Sorry did I wake you up?” you ask scrunching up your forehead and hiding your face in your hands.
“No, don’t worry I’ve got my own demons keeping me up at night. You sleep walk as well, had to turn you around or you would have walked right out the front door.”
“Well, that's embarrassing. Thanks for stopping me from freezing to death, ill strap myself into the bed tonight” you say with a chuckle.
“So what are yours about?” she asks.
“Some weirdo in a cape” you say, taking another bite. “you?”
“The war mainly,” she says “if you ever need to talk”
“Thanks, you too” it was nice to have her in your corner.
“Sorry by the way if you know, what we did to you has caused any nightmares” it was the first time you’d seen Cara look remorseful and soft.
“Ya those stopped after a few months, around the same time the bruises did. Not sure if it was thicker skin or I just got better at fighting.” Cara nods, emitting a relieved sigh.
“Who do you think would win in a fight? Me or Mando.” she asks, stopping any further awkwardness from continuing.
“Tough call, doesn't matter though i'd beat you both.” You smirk.
‘Oh please I could drop you with my pinky finger!” She laughs waving around the frying pan she’d been cooking with.
‘I’m stronger than I look” you say pointing your fork at her with a mouthful of food.
“I know that but i'm a better fighter. At least at hand to hand combat. Though from what I've heard if I give you a spear or a bow you’d probably destroy me.”
“Games were more rigged than you think. It was largely a performance.” you admit.
“Killing the devaronian part of that?”
“No, that was a fun surprise. They like to pit fan favourites against each other. Who told you about that, or were you there?”
“No, I don't take pleasure in forced fighting. Mando told me, when I asked if you were a strong fighter. He was convinced. Also told me you saved him from drowning. How'd you do that his armour weighs as much as a ranakor.”
“Gods I honestly don’t know how, could barely move the next morning between the freezing water and unexpected heavy lifting.” you respond, shaking your head.
“How’d you survive it, cold waters a killer even if it doesn't drown you?”
“Fire, thank god his cape was fast drying or I think the hypothermia may have gotten him.”
“Just the cape that kept him warm?” She asks innocently enough
“What did he tell you?” you shoot back, your eyes telling her there was more to the story.
“I don’t know what he should have told me?” she says now increasingly interested
“Is this why you made me a delicious breakfast? To grill me? You laugh
“Oh you are not getting out of answering that question by complimenting me”
“Body heat” you mumble, quickly stuffing more food into your mouth to shut yourself up.
“So you guys have..” she starts.
“No, oh my god, I don’t even think he's allowed to. No in order to survive we had to maintain body heat. Which we did with our clothes on, there's nothing more to it”
“Well from what i've heard he's definitely allowed to, and has on multiple occasions, but if there's nothing to it.” she lifts her eyebrow.
“Survival was the only thing to it.” you stress.
“Oh im sure neither of you enjoyed being cozied up to each other”
“I’ll get the saber if you're not careful” you threaten stuffing more food in your mouth in an attempt to shut yourself up.
“Seriously, him lugging around that armour all the time, he must look pretty nice under there and I mean, you’re... you so nothing to not enjoy there.” she rambles on.
“I'm getting it” you say sliding off the stool.
“Threatening to kill me, won’t get you out of this” she hollers after you
“Oh no Cara don’t worry it's for myself. Gonna use it to burn out any remnants of this conversation.”
“I'm just sayin!” Of course she was just saying, of course he hadn't told her about that because it meant nothing. Would you mind being wrapped up in his muscular arms again no of course not, you're not blind, but your also not stupid. You know there was nothing more to it than a debt and a friendship, and that was fine. F-I-N-E, fine with you.
The Mandalorian walks towards the base sporting a bag holding parts he hoped would patch up the base's broken down systems. The sun had set and the white snow glowed a light blue from where the moonlight reflected down on it. The grey clouds forming above indicated that a storm was brewing and the last thing he wanted was to get caught out in a blizzard. The doors whir as they close behind him preventing any cold from seeping through. Placing the bag down on a nearby table he pulls out some food and warmer clothes he'd grabbed while he was out. He walks over to the kids room cracking the door and peering in. The sound wakes Grogu causing him to start fussing only stopping when he's picked up. Din follows the trail of inanimate objects sliced and strewn across the floor until he sees Cara whose on the couch carving a wooden stick into a point.
“Welcome back” she says, not looking up from her project.
“Got the stuff, he wasn’t too much trouble?” he asks, referring to the kid and tossing her a blanket.
“Nope” she smiles, catching the quilt and wrapping it around herself.
“You two have fun?” he asks, directing her attention to the various metals that she had meant to clean up before he got home.
“You know we should really get lightsabers, it's not fair only Jedis can have them. She's something else, I can see why you enjoy her company so much” Cara says, hoping to provoke a reaction.
“What's that supposed to mean?” he spits out.
“Well it wasn’t supposed to mean anything but, I guess it's more than her company you'd like to enjoy? I heard about the cave, interesting the details you left out” She says, eyes glancing up at him as a smile spreads across her face. He's about to respond, but the distinct sound of doors opening brings about a silent truce as they shift into action mode, blasters in hand maneuvering quietly towards the door. Noticing a figure, Din takes aim, but Caras hand stays his shot.
“What’s she doing?” he asks, reholstering the blaster and moving towards you
“Sleepwalking.” Cara responds “she didn’t do this when you were around?” he shakes his head, he knew about the nightmares but this, this was an escalation he didn't see coming.
“We should wake her up, she’s going to freeze” he says
“You’re not supposed to wake them up,” Cara returns
“So we just let her wander out and die?” Din argues
“No we just turn her back in the direction of her room smart ass.'' The argument ceases when they remember the door being opened. You had managed to make your way out into the blizzard concerning both Din and Cara. He hands Grogu to Cara and trudges through the thick snow, which you were moving through with ease. Cara, not one to be left behind, follows him out sheltering the kid under the quilted blanket.
“Someones with her.” Cara shouts over the wind. She's right; he watches as you reach out for the cloaked figure turning it around to face you.
“Y/N!” the Mandalorian calls out.
Your name being called pulls you back to reality. You look down seeing Anya whose ears are back and emitting a sound the likes of which you’ve never heard. Your name’s called again further indicating this was not a dream, despite the surroundings feeling uncannily familiar. The figure stands before you, unmoving, still present, what the fuck was going on. Your heart races as you reach out this time your hand makes contact with a bony shoulder. Your eyes widen as you turn the figure around to face you. Your eyes flutter side to side trying to piece together the situation playing out before you. You hear the Mandalorian shouting for you, but you don't turn away.
Your hand reaches up to pull down the hood as you do a familiar buzzing fills your ears as a scarlet flash lights up the sky. A burning sensation radiating in your stomach causes you to look down just as the saber retracts back into its hilt, the red light dissipating as it does. Your hand grasps at the cloak tearing a piece off as the figure disappears into the night. You fall to the ground, it's cold, you can feel your light fading, it wasn’t supposed to end like this.
Din makes it to you first, dropping to your side. He places a hand under your waist lifting you onto his lap scanning your body for the damage. Your hands cover your abdomen. He moves them away revealing a substantial hole where the saber had cut straight through you. There was no blood, there was no fixing this, there was nothing he could do. Too many vital organs had been hit. He watches as you try and fail to intake the surrounding air into your lungs. He can see the panic in your eyes as you try and fail to breathe. Cara’s run comes to a halt. She stares down at the Mandalorian as he cradles a body that would never heal. You’re trying to say something, but all that’s emitted is a series of bloody splutters as you cling desperately to life. You look at Cara and the child before looking back up at him. Your purple eyes bore into him as your body goes limp. Anya throws her head back howling loudly into the night as Cara continues staring down stoic as even, placing a hand on the beskar armour. The Mandalorian doesn't move, he can’t, he won’t let you go. Why didn't he say anything, why couldn't he offer you some comfort in your final moments. He had failed you. As the howl fades back into the wind the silence becomes deafening.
Cara sees them first, Dins hand moves to your chest where small palpitations seemed to be occurring. His head swivels around staring up to see Grogu’s small green hand reached out, head wrinkled and eyes squinting in focus. As quickly as it had stopped your breathing begins again punctuated by a loud cough and several gasps for air which launch you upwards. The Mandalorians arm braces your shoulder as you do. He pulls up the hem of your shirt running a hand over skin that was beginning to smooth over. Grogu collapses back into Caras arms. Din breaths out for the first time in what felt like forever, swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat back down. Your hands found their way up to his helmet tracing around its edges in an attempt to ground yourself.
“It’s okay, I’m here, you’re alive, you’re safe.” he whispers, as he brings his helmet down to your forehead pressing them together lightly. Your arms quickly wrap around him as you bury your face in his chest. The metal suddenly feeling like the most comfortable thing in the world.
“Makers get a room” Cara shouts. He hears you mutter something which he eventually makes out as “the child”
“He’s fine,” he says, watching the relief rush over your face as your arm reaches out to pet Anya before your eyes start close again.
“We have to get her inside, and warm, she’ll be fine, but we have to move quickly.” Cara says as Din lifts you up carrying you back inside.
The following days blur together for Din he left shortly after you were secured back in bed in search of supplies and medicine that would help ease your recovery. In all truth it helped keep his mind off the fact that you may not wake up. Despite Grogu’s best efforts you had been dead for a solid five minutes, that's not something many people recover from. He took up a few extra bounties along the way hoping they may have some answers as to who was with you in the blizzard that night, but nothing turned up. The killing helped him feel better, and coming back with supplies made him feel useful. No matter where he was, he always made sure to return with blankets and warm gear, especially after Cara had said you felt cold to the touch. He couldn't have that.
“I think we’re good for blankets, Mando anymore and she’ll sweat to death” Cara says with a small laugh unpacking yet another massive sheet made from some type of animal hide.
“You said she needed to be kept warm” he states, as if his actions were completely normal and reasonable.
“Well why don’t you just crawl in there with her that'll keep her nice and toasty” she teases “or you could just wait until she wakes up then you’d be able to keep her really warm, at least based on what I’ve heard from some of your past lovers” she laughs, as he leaves the room embarrassed.
Your mouths dry, that’s the first thing that alerts you to the fact that you were still alive. You open your eyes slowly permitting the fluorescent lighting to creep through causing a dull ache to pulse in your forehead. Closing one eye you move up in the bed causing multiple blankets to cascade down from your shoulders pooling in your lap. You turn to the side reaching for the glass of water precariously placed on your bedside table. A sharp pain shoots through your body as you reach out causing your hands to jolt down to the source of the pain. The scar tissue reminds you just how lucky you were to be alive. Your hands positioning is quickly changed as Anya nuzzles her snout underneath it. You scratch her ears, smiling as she licks at your face. You're distracted by the sound of footsteps inching closer to your door. You sit up and straighten your shirt, suddenly aware of how you must look and smell. Your fussing with your hair as the door clicks open.
“You're up!” Cara exclaims “wait here there’s someone who’ll want to see you. “
“Like I can go anywhere” you respond, shifting slightly as you do. She re-enters with Grogu who she places in your arms. He stares up at you with his big eyes, his hand reaching out for your chin. You lower your head so he can touch it eliciting a small contented gurgle.
“Thanks for saving me,” you say, as he worms his way underneath the blankets.
“Mando’s off getting supplies, mainly bringing back blankets for you though” Cara remarks causing you to roll your eyes.
“Five bounties so I’ve been out what? a day?” you ask shuffling through the thick fur covers which were, to be fair, keeping you nice and toasty.
“How are you feeling”
“Like a shish kebab”
“You looked like one. Do you remember anything about that night?”
“What apart from dying? I remember taking this” you say pulling out the small swatch of fabric you had torn from the figures cloak. “Nothing after that. I figured the only way this hole was closed was because of Grogu. Did something else happen?” Cara contemplates telling you about the tender moment she had witnessed between you and the Mandalorian, but opts to let him tell you himself.
“No, nothing. Get some more rest, you look like shit.” she laughs leaving the room allowing you to fall asleep with Grogu tucked neatly under your arm.
“Fuck” you shout, shooting awake. Your eyes water and your chest heaves. Another nightmare. Whoever this figure was, it knew it had not succeeded in killing you. Whatever it was you, and your friends, would not be safe until they, or you, were dead. You maneuver out of bed, careful not to wake the child as you do. Your feet hit the floor with a light slap, the sound being enough to rouse Grogu from his slumber. He blinks sleepily watching as you grab some clothes, a blanket and the ripped fabric tossing it all into a small leather bag. You whistle for Anya who begrudgingly hops off the bed and makes her way over to you. The child, now awake and apparently savvy to your plans scowls.
“I know, but we’ll be back once it’s dealt with” you say leaning over the bed to stroke his ear.
“Once what’s dealt with?” the familiar modulated voice asks behind you. “You’re leaving.” he continues, noting the rucksack tossed carelessly over one shoulder.
“Just for now.” You say, offering him a reassuring smile as you turn to face him, “I have to deal with something.”
“We can help.” He responds. You turn back to face the wall, not wanting to meet his gaze.
“Not this time I can’t put the kid at risk. It’s too dangerous. Whatever came here, it’ll come back once it feels I'm alive. I’m going to find it. See what it wants.” you unpack and repack your bag making sure everything you need is there.
“How do you know this isn’t what it wants you to do.” he poses, causing your hands to stop shuffling around inside the bag.
“I don’t.”
“And how do you think you’re getting off this planet.” he asks, a touch too smug for your liking. Especially considering you had not figured that part out yet.
“Gotta be some spare parts around here, maybe even an old ship.”
“Can you even fly?” Was that worry you detected in his voice, or amusement at the notion of you piloting a spacecraft.
“I'll be fine.” You say closing your bag.
“Let me help you.” he takes a step towards you, closing the space between you both.
“I’ll be alright” you say, turning and haphazardly throwing the bag over your shoulder. He steps in front of you, not willing to let you pass without a conversation. Not wanting to put him in danger you stand on your tiptoes and place your hands on the helmets sides, causing him tense up. You pull his face down to meet yours planting a kiss where his mouth would be.
“You’ve helped me enough” you say staring into the visor and slowly removing your hands. He remains where he stands, giving you enough time to skirt around him. Entering the kitchen you grab some preserves and a knife out the cupboards tossing them into the bag.
“Tell her she’s not leaving,” Din asserts to Cara, who had witnessed the previous events from a nearby chair.
“You can’t go by yourself, you’re smart enough to know that. Let us help.” She says. Realizing this isn’t a fight you can easily win you agree.
“Someone has to stay here with the kid. He won’t be safe where we're going. Din you should stay with him ” you say.
“I can’t fly a plane.” Cara lies in an attempt to force you both to confront your feelings for eachother, though she wasn’t entirely sure either of you knew how deep said feelings truly ran.
“I’ll take you.” Din says without hesitation
“I know you don’t like to be away from him.” you whisper quietly, your actions from before suddenly creeping to the forefront of your mind.
“We won’t be gone long” he says, evidently unfazed by the kiss. “You know where we’re going.
“No, but she does.” You nod in Anya’s direction.
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herorps · 6 months ago
Hi Flo! I just wanted to get in touch to see if you had any tips, or knew of any posts out there already about how admins can encourage diversity (and combat a lack of) within their rp's? Thanks!
g*d i can’t think of any particular posts in mind right now that i can link/reference but !! there are a lot of things i’ve seen that ( imo ) have encouraged people into joining with diversity. 
i think first things first, the admins have to set the example themselves. there’s already a lot of think pieces out there about this point---it’s not enough that you encourage it or ask for it, you have to put your money where your mouth is and not only take up a character that’s of color or not-cis or body diverse, etc. but also actually take the time to develop them into a character that you want to play. i can’t tell you how much of a turn off it is for me as an enby poc to look at the admin roster ( of like 3 or 4 admins ESPECIALLY ) and see maybe 2 characters of color of the 10 the admins have taken up. don’t treat your diverse characters as tokens, im begging u, diversity points dont exist, ur just a dick if u think it does. 
but i also think on the other hand of that, don’t try to enforce quotas or bans unless it makes sense. it’s the right energy but in my experiences when g*nder bans were a thing, people just took up characters randomly just to get the ban lifted. 
what i would suggest you do instead is create incentives for people to join as diverse characters. if your rp runs on a points system this is a great way encourage people. offer maybe 20 extra points for bringing in a diverse character or allow them to be accepted quicker if your rp accepts only on certain days. 
another way i personally would encourage diversity is to make it a rule. there will always be people in your group who want to play multiple characters so make sure that, say, if they play 3 characters at least 1 of them has to be diverse in some way.
if you’re running a skeleton or bio rp, i think it’s a little simpler---you can suggest/cast diverse fcs almost exclusively for characters you want to see diverse. don’t be afraid to be firm about these things, yes, the portrayal of the character is utp but you as an admin and the “creator” of that character has every right to be stern about the way you want to see this character on the dash. if, when you were creating this character, pictured someone who was plus sized, the only fcs you would accept should be plus sized. and of course, you can also be as flexible as you want, for example if you casted riz ahmed because you liked his overall vibe but you could also see chay suede in the role, that’s valid too. 
you could also give the more diverse characters a bigger role in the group’s plot. sometimes i can tell in an rp which character is supposed to be the “main character” and who’s just supporting. give your diverse characters more to do, give them interesting bios/skeletons, make them important to the rest of the cast of characters. make it so they’re one of the bios/skeletons that gets 10 applications. some of the rps i used to be in would have all the white characters taken up but very few of the characters of color taken up. and also not a single body diverse character in sight. 
as for combatting the lack of diversity, i would say make sure you’re interacting with diverse characters. i have left several rps and given up certain characters because i wasn’t getting the same amount of attention as my other characters. and it wasn’t for lack of me trying either. rp is interactive, it thrives off giving each other attention and interaction. if half of my characters are being ignored, i’m going to feel like it’s not worth my time and effort to play them anymore and it’s terrible to think but it’s true. you as an admin or you as a player who wants more diversity needs to make sure that these diverse characters are wanted and needed in the rp. if they only have 4 notes in the starter tag and 3 of them are just likes, go ahead and reply to them. 
these are all things that i personally implement or that i personally look for before joining an rp. and because of that i haven’t had an issue where i was in a group with people who weren’t game to write diverse characters in a very long time and it also has to do with the people in your roleplay too. don’t be afraid to implement these tips because the people that you want to actually be in your rp --- people that will not only bring diversity but will also write them well -- will 9/10 be fine with it. 
i hope this is helpful and if you found it so, feel free to reblog and share this post. and if you have more questions or more suggestions please let me know! 
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gaudiumzuko · a year ago
Just Friends I / Drew Starkey
Tumblr media
not my gif, credits to owner!
You can read part two here.
A/N: Okay so this is my first time writting something so it sucks, sorry about that, I was thinking about maybe doing a few parts of this if you like it. Also, english is not my first languague so sorry if there are any mistakes. This part is a bit boring because it’s just an introduction so, sorry about it.
Summary: You and Drew have been friends forever, and when you start to acknowledge your feelings for him, he is casted on Netflix’s show ‘Outer Banks’.
Pairing: Drew Starkey x reader
Warnings: Just my bad writting I guess, lmao. And it’s boring, I’ll try to do better in the next parts.
Word count: 1,132
You couldn’t remember the exact moment you and Drew met, but you could remember like it was yesterday all the time you spent together, at each other’s houses, at school, at sleepovers and even traveling together. You had been friends for your whole life, sharing every important moment together, being there for each other during the ups and downs of your lives, so you were really excited when he shared with you the news.
‘Y/N! I got the part! I can’t believe it! I’m gonna be on a netflix show!’ He came into your house like it was his own as he always did, you were reading a book that you left on the table the second he said it. You got up from the sofa you were sitting on to jump into his arms, hugging him.
‘Yes! I knew you would be casted, you’re so great! You deserve it.’ You kissed his cheek and for a moment you thought you had seen him blush, but you just supposed it was because of the excitement of the moment and the fact that he came running to your house.
‘I’m leaving in a couple of weeks, we’re filming in North Carolina, but I can try to invite you for a couple of days if you want to come’ He smiled at you shyly, not sure of what you would say.
‘Of course, I have nothing to do so I can go with you if your boss lets me, no problem. And you know my parents trust you so yeah, that would be great!’ You hugged him tightly. ‘I’m so happy and proud of you right now you have no idea’.
‘Thank you, love, I’ll go tell my family now, I’ll text you later’ He left for his house and you just sat on your couch again, too excited to be able to pick up the book again. You would be lying if you said you didn’t love Drew, he was the most kind and charming person you had ever met, but you knew he wouldn’t return your feelings and you weren’t even sure yours were true or just because you had been friends forever. You also knew that going to North Carolina with Drew would be just for a couple of weeks before you had to go back to work, and that he would probably meet someone more interesting than you in there, so you tried to put aside the thought of you two being something more than just friends and focused on your book again, but it was impossible.
A couple of weeks went by and you were on your door waiting for Drew to pick you up before leaving, you had a few hours of driving ahead of you, so you prepared your best playlist and waited for him to arrive, with your parents by your side, who wanted to say goodbye to him too. When he arrived he helped you get your stuff in his car and started talking to your dad.
‘Take care of each other, love, and call me if you need anything’ Your mother said to you, kissing your cheek and hugging you. ‘I love you, have fun’
‘I will mom, don’t worry about us, I’ll call you if I need anything’ You told her, hugging her. ‘Bye dad, take care of mom while I’m away’ You said smiling.
‘Always, darling. Have fun and be safe, love you’ You hugged and you got in the car, ready to start the party with Drew while he drives. 
‘Okay so, first stop in my great playlist of great music where no one can dislike a song in it is ‘can I call you tonight?’, what do you think?’ You said, plugging your phone to the speaker. ‘I think your taste in music is impeccable’ He said smiling at you, and your heart melted.
After a few hours driving you arrived in North Carolina, you headed to the apartment complex that had been rented for the whole cast, where you met them all. You clicked instantly with all of them, especially Madelyn and Jonathan, who were super fun to be with. 
When Drew started working you would usually stay in the apartment you now shared or go grab some coffee for the cast and hang out with them between takes while they were free. The first Friday night you all decided to go somewhere to get dinner and a few drinks. You and Drew were always together talking and fooling around, and you could feel your heart skip a beat every time he looked at you with his pretty blue eyes. 
At one point of the night Drew left your side to get you some drinks, so Madelyn took the chance and sat next to you. ‘So… How long?’ She said. You looked at her not understanding anything she was saying.
‘How long what? Are you drunk already?’ She laughed and shocked her head. 
‘No, I mean how long is it gonna take for you two to take a step forward and ask each other out’ She said, smiling widely, and your eyes widened 
‘What!? I don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re definitely drunk’ You said, shaking your head while taking a sip of your drink and avoiding Madelyn’s gaze. 
‘Yeah, sure. I’m just saying that you look at each other like there’s no one else in the room. It’s cute, and I’m not the only one who sees it, so…’ 
You looked at her ‘That would never happen, we’re just friends, we’ve been since we were kids like, I don’t even remember when we met, I just know we grew up together and he’s the most important person in my life, but that’s all, he doesn’t look at me that way, I know it’. Madelyn looked at you like you were fucking with her.
 ‘Okay, okay, I was just saying… But do you like him that way?’
‘I mean, I love him, but I know it’s not going to be more than what it is now, so I try to push those feelings away I guess’ You said, starting to feel a bit sad because of the topic and the alcohol running through your veins.
‘Hey, it’s okay, you don’t really know if he feels that way but, luckily for you, I’m here and I have my secret ways of finding the truth, she said, winking an eye. ‘I’ll help you find out how he feels’.
After she said that she left her seat and moved next to Chase, and started talking to him. You moved next to Rudy and Maddie, who were just playing with napkins to see who made the prettiest figure with them, while you kept an eye on Drew, feeling like your heart exploded everytime he laughed.
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With A Friend Like You (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Summary: Just some banter between friends. 
(A/N: Part 2. I have thoughts and feelings. Wanted to get them out in a fun way. Umm... only warnings are language. This pic cracks me up, but I think it’s suitable for the content ahead. Bold bits are yelling lmfao. Likes, comments and reblogs are welcomed. Divider is by @whimsicalrogers. Hope you all enjoy.)
Part 1
Tumblr media
“So you ready to confess how long it’s been since you’ve had sex?”
“Sir, I don’t have a thot box. Unlike you, with your thot cock.”
“T-h-o-u-g-h-t cock?”
“You t-h-o-u-g-h-t.” She snickered, “Thot. T-h-o-t.”
“I do fucking not.”
“Yes, you fucking do. Because you’re a thot.”
“I invite you over and you insult me this way. In my own home.”
She tries to hold in her laugh but fails miserably, “I’m not judging you. You are what you are.”
“In that case, so are you.”
“What am I?”
“And how the fuck would you know that?”
He laughed, “You just told me with how defensive you got at just the mention of it.”
She exhaled through her nose, “So what? It’s been awhile.”
“What’s “awhile” exactly?”
“Over a year.”
He sputtered choking on his beer, “A what?!”
“Chris, I swear to god...”
She shrugged.
“Oh bullshit. Spill it.”
“My vagina is sacred.”
He frowned slightly tipping his beer back to take a sip, “So are my balls.” He mumbled.
“I heard that.” She lightly kicked his leg.
“Then tell the truth. The whole truth.”
“That is the whole truth.”
“Smells like a crock of shit to me.”
She shrugged again.
“Fine! Fine, I’ll let it go. For now.”
“Very gracious of you. Fuckin’ punk.”
He laughed deeply startling Dodger awake.
Tumblr media
The night was winding down. They both were lazing on the couch, quietly staring at his TV.
“Why do you do it?”
“Do what?”
“Fuck anything that walks.”
“Stop it! I do not.”
“Okay. That’s fair. But why?”
He glanced over at her before shrugging.
“What are you afraid of?”
“Who says I’m afraid?”
“You do.”
“Wh-... Ho...”
“Every time you do something like this.”
“Nothing happened.”
Her head lolled to her right, “You really gonna sit there and tell ME of all people that nothing happened?”
He sighed, “I’ll tell you if you tell me why you haven’t been with anyone in over a year.”
“No deal.”
“Then I’m not telling you shit.”
“Fuck.” She grumbled, weighing it. She knew he wouldn’t let up or change is mind. For a Gemini he wasn’t fickle about some things. “FINE. Fuck, okay. BUT only if you go first.”
“That’s bullshit! I asked you first!”
“No deal! I asked first.”
“You’re such a fucking brat.”
“So are you. That’s why we get along so well.”
She reached behind her and threw a pillow at the side of his head.
“Any day now, sweetheart.”
“Alright alright, asshole.” She took a deep breath and really mulled over her answer.
“Are you...”
“It’s just been rough, ya know? Emotionally.”
He was mentally kicking himself no expecting a genuine answer from her.
“It gets exhausting putting yourself out there and being rejected or used or both or whatever disaster comes may. It’s hard to navigate. It’s hard to distinguish between true interest and someone that just wants to get their dick wet and then scurry off back to whatever rock he crawled from under to come disrupt my life. And I’ve had enough.”
“So this is self-mandated celibacy?”
“More like self-mandated protect my energy and only share it with those who deserve it. It’s self-preservation. It’s waiting for the one to fall outta the sky or some shit. But it’s also not settling for whatever comes my way anymore.”
He nodded. He understood that, “That’s a lonely way to be.”
“Tell me about it, stud. I know you relate.”
“Way too much for comfort considering.”
“That you’re almost 40 and aren’t married or a dad yet?”
“Well why aren’t you?”
“I haven’t found her yet.”
“You’re so full of shit.”
“Well if I had...”
“Oh my god!”
Her eyebrows rose at his admission.
“I want forever with someone and I just feel like if I chose the wrong person, I’m going to be miserable. We’re going to grow apart and I’m...”
“Going to end up like your parents?”
He slouched down, resting his head back on the cushions staring at the ceiling, “That sounds incredibly fucking stupid when you say it.”
“Thank you?”
He rolled his head to look at her.
“Look, you aren’t your parents. Divorce happens. People grow apart. It’s pretty fucking normal nowadays. Your happiness is important.”
“Yeah well...”
“Honestly, if I ever got married and we grew apart or whatever the fuck people get divorced over, I’d rather get divorced.”
“What’s the fucking point in staying with someone that makes you miserable? And I swear to god if you say love I’m going to smother you with a pillow.”
He turned back to staring at the ceiling.
“I know it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Marriages take work. Yours would be special because of who you are and your work ethic. It would have it’s own set of things to go through. I’m not saying settle by any means, but if that’s what you want, buddy, you gotta take the leap.”
“You’re just saying that because you wanna see me fall on my face.”
“You’re such a dumb ass. In this case, that’s not at all what I want for you.”
“What do you want for me?”
“I want you to broaden your damn horizons for one. Stop looking for the next Jessica.”
“Ouch. You would be the person to notice that.”
“I keep tellin yo ass, I see you. You can fool a lot of people, Evans, but not me.”
He rolled his eyes exhaling through his nose, “Anything else?”
“Yeah. Be brave. Be present. Stop fucking the first girl that minorly draws your interest so you become cannon fodder for the tabloids. Maybe stop fucking your co-stars.” She shrugged shaking her head, “Just a few minor things.”
He chuckled, “You’re a punk.”
“So are you. So are you. And I still love you despite that.”
“Yeah, love you too.”
He reached across the back of the couch pulling her into a one armed hug that turned into a headlock and him lightly digging his knuckles into the top of her head..
Tumblr media
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idabbleincrazy · 11 months ago
We Are Gemini
Tumblr media
Patreon  Tip Jar
Fandom: Blonde (2001)
Chapter Rating: M
Pairing: Cass x Starlet!Reader x Eddie G.
Characters: Cass (Charlie Chaplin Jr.), Eddie G., Reader, Jeremy (OC)
Word Count: 3829
Chapter Warnings: Fluff, fake relationship, pre-canon, actress reader, Starlet!Reader, 50′s slang/terminology, puns, 1950′s Hollywood, 50′s Hollywood misogyny 
Series Warnings: Fluff, polyamory, coming out, poly triad, smut, angst, pining, oral (all receiving), vaginal fingering, anal fingering, anal, acceptance, exploration of bisexuality in the 1950′s, tags to be added...
Summary: Begin a journey of self-discovery and acceptance in the Golden Age of Hollywood. After spending a few months letting the press think Cass is your boyfriend (at the behest of your agent), Cass introduces you to his best friend, and a life you never imagined possible. Can you succumb to their turbulent lifestyle without ruining your chances to make it to the top of the call sheets?
A/N: Can u believe there is no Blonde fanfic out there???? I’m so disappointed. Anywho, this, like so many others, started out as a one shot and snowballed into a full on multichapter fic. Future chapters will include smut and an eventual triad. Yes, I know Eddie G. and Cass were fucked up, don’t @ me. This fic is set before their relationship with Norma, and may end with a chapter set after Cass’ death as a wrap up and a look into how I perceive Eddie’s feelings for Cass.  Divider by @firefly-graphics Big shout out to @thinkinghardhardlythinkingogblog​ for being such a great cheerleader while i write this!!
Square Filled: Fake Relationship ( @anyfandomgoesbingo )
Feedback fuels my creativity! If you like my work, plz comment/reblog!!!!
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Tumblr media
Chapter One: Rave On
You knew from the beginning you should have stayed away from them, you knew their type. Used to money and a lifestyle they could no longer afford, rich parents who no longer acknowledged their existence, so they latched themselves onto the newest promising starlets they could find, tag along for the ride for as long as they could. Men like them were a dime a dozen in this town, and they weren’t the first to flock to your side. But there was something about them, something that drew you in, snared you in their web, and promised never to let go. 
Eddie G., with his vibrant green eyes, luxurious dirty-blonde hair, and kissable pouty lips. A face that would have inspired every artist in Venice, his angelic beauty timeless in its perfection. How he wasn’t all over the silver screen, you just couldn’t figure out. A guy like that, young and full of life, could make any of the big studios a pretty penny.
Cass Bulut, Charlie Chaplin Jr. himself, all sharp-jaw, blue-eyed grace wrapped up in a sweater and a tacky dinner jacket. Thick black hair you wanted to run your fingers through, find out just what sounds would pour from those ever-smirking lips if you tugged lightly, or scraped your nails over his scalp. The charm that rolled off his tongue must’ve brought many a conquest to their knees. Made you wonder if he ever fell to his, for anyone. 
Tumblr media
Your agent had taken it upon himself to have Cass escort you to a premiere a few months back, telling you it was unbecoming for a rising young actress to appear on the red carpet unaccompanied, that the reporters would be expecting it. Unable to come up with an adequate reason to decline, you had been introduced to the dark haired stranger, his polite attention winning you over right away. At least he wasn’t like the lecherous old men who began to paw at you two seconds after meeting them.
The premiere had gone pleasantly enough, and when Cass had asked you over for an after-after party drink, his eyes wide and hopeful, who were you to refuse?
The two of you had become fast friends, though to the cameras that followed you from event to event, it seemed like more, just as your agent had hoped. Cass still had clout left from his family name, from those that knew it, anyway. Wanting to be able to distance himself from his father’s infamy, he mostly chose to appear under his stage name. You were very grateful that he agreed to keep up the charade for appearance’s sake, it kept your agent from trying to pawn you off on any of the other, less congenial men who would gladly have taken Cass’ place. 
You hadn’t met Eddie until two months into your friendship with Cass, the green-eyed beauty showing up with him at dinner one night. If you hadn’t known better, you’d have sworn the two of them were brothers; the easy way they revolved in each other’s orbit, not a step out of place as they approached you and took their seats across from you. The blonde pausing as Cass took your hand and placed a soft kiss to your knuckles before they sat.
“Evening, y/n, you look simply gorgeous tonight. This is my old friend, Eddie G.”, Cass gestured to him. “Hope you don’t mind that I brought him along tonight, he’s been out of town for a few months and just got back.”
“Oh, no, Cass. That’s perfectly alright.” You took Eddie’s proffered hand, your cheeks heating as he raised your hand to his perfectly full lips, his brow quirking up slyly. “I just wish I had known ahead of time so I could have dressed accordingly. I thought we were going dancing, but now-”
“By all means, Miss…?”
“Y/l/n. But, you can call me y/n/n, just like Cass.”
“Hmm, by all means, y/n/n, don’t let me spoil your plans. We can still go dancing, I don’t mind.” Eddie flashed you a smile, the tip of his tongue peeking out between his teeth. “That is, if Cass here hasn’t filled your card already?”
You ducked your head away shyly, feeling heat rising in your cheeks again, letting out a soft chuckle.
“I believe we can find a way to squeeze you in, Eddie.” You shook your head at your boldness, catching the grin Cass pulled at the banter happening before him. “But, gosh, whatever will the ‘razzi say? Showing up at a dance hall with two young, single men? Oh, Cass, Mr. B won’t be happy if that gets out.”
“Don’t you worry about that, sweetheart”, Cass winked at you. “I’ll get him to see things from the right angle, y/n/n, after all, there’s no such thing as bad press.”
Dinner was different with Eddie there, his mere presence showing you a new, less reserved side of Cass. A side that had you feeling and thinking things you hadn’t yet considered when it came to the man who, while he had become an actual friend, only went out on the town with you like this as part of the charade your P.R. people had insisted you keep up. A ruse to keep the tabloids interested. But as you sat there with them, watching the way the smile barely left his lips as they caught up on each other’s lives, you felt yourself being drawn in, mesmerized by the sparkle in their eyes, your heart fluttering oddly at the way one or the other of the men would always be sure to keep you looped into the conversation. 
“You know, I’m very glad that I finally got to meet you, y/n/n.” Eddie stated as the three of you waited for the bill. These evenings were always taken care of by the studio, as part of their upkeep of your dating charade, all you ever needed to do was sign off on it, and then the slip of paper would get sent to their payments department. “Sometimes I can’t get Cass to shut up about you when we’re talking on the phone.”
“Oh, really?” You flicked your gaze over to Cass and felt your cheeks heat once again at the soft smile on his face. “You’ve been talking out of school, Cass? All good, I hope.”
“Doll, he only has the best things to say about you. And yet I find I still wasn’t fully prepared for the delight that you are.”
“Cass, your friend sure is one smooth talker. Maybe I should ask Mr. B if I can pretend to date him instead?” You chuckled at the way Cass’ eyes narrowed, tossing him a playful wink to assure him you were just joking. “Although, you’ve been quite charming yourself tonight, more so than usual, at any rate.”
“Mm, well. Maybe I’m just trying to make sure this one doesn’t show me up in front of my girl.”
Your breath caught in your throat as you tried to gauge the sincerity in his comment. You were still trying to figure it out as he helped you into your coat and led you out of the restaurant, his hand resting lightly at your hip, Eddie following close behind. As you approached your hired car and the chauffeur opened the door for the three of you to pile in, you pushed the comment aside. If you kept down that road, who knows where you might end up. Better to focus on enjoying the rest of the evening.
On the drive to the nightclub, you found yourself wedged between Eddie and Cass, arms and thighs brushing against yours every so often, the brief bits of contact thrumming in your veins each time. The ten minute drive seemed to stretch out into eternity.
Once the car pulled up to the club, the chauffeur came around to open the door on Cass’ side. Cass stepped out and you slid across the bench seat, accepting the hand that reached out to help you from the car, expecting it to be the driver. As you straightened up, you found yourself face to face with Cass, his blue eyes bright with mischief as he squeezed your hand, leading you onto the sidewalk. 
You tore your eyes from his, looking around to take in the few lingering reporters and cameramen hanging around the entrance to the latest hotspot your agent had set up an appearance at. They were slowly turning their attention to you, their flashpots sparking in the dark and you forced a soft smile onto your face as they began to crowd closer. 
You felt Cass’ hand at your waist again and sensed Eddie stepping up behind you. With a quick look up at Cass, you decided to throw caution to the wind. Turning around, you caught Eddie’s hand in yours and tugged him to your side. If pressed, you couldn’t say what made you do it, there wasn’t much thought put into the action, really. A split-second decision, fuelled by the thrill of pushing limits, of seeing what would happen if you just went with your heart instead of your mind. 
Eddie looked down at you, eyes wide with questioning surprise, lips tugging into a bright grin as he caught on quickly, his arm winding around your waist like Cass’, hand resting on your other hip. You grinned up at him and looked back over at Cass to find him holding back laughter at your bold action, his head shaking in bemusement. 
“You are very surprising tonight, y/n/n. Sure you wanna go in there like this?”
“Oh, Cassie, don’t tell me you’re getting shy on me now? This was half your idea, after all.”
“Don’t worry ‘bout me, sweetheart, if Eddie’s in, I’m in.” The two of you looked over at Eddie, cameras flashing all the while. 
“I’m very in, Cass. Shall we?”
You let out a squeal as both men suddenly leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to your cheeks, the clamor of the reporters leaving no doubt that they had caught the moment for posterity. As they straightened back up, in unison they moved to offer you their arms. You wound a hand each bicep, and the three of you finally began making your way up the short red carpet that led to the club’s doors. The doorman held the door open for you as you approached, both Cass and Eddie nudging you slightly in front of them to enter. 
The club was beautiful and lavish, rich colored cloths draping the tables and hanging down from the sides of the stage where the band played. The dance floor was huge, with a glittering chandelier hanging from the ceiling above it. The three of you stood near the door for a second as you drank in the glitz and glamour of it all, Cass’ arm around your waist once again pulling you from your reverie as he tugged you close. You looked up at him, and by this point, you felt that the blush burning in your cheeks might as well become permanent as you took in the heat in his gaze as he smirked down at you. You felt Eddie pressing up behind you as Cass leaned in to whisper in your ear.
“Remind me to thank your stylist for picking out the perfect dress for this place.” You felt a shiver run along your spine as his breath tickled over your skin, his lips grazing over your earlobe as he spoke. “I forgot to mention earlier, but, darling, you look absolutely stunning tonight.”
You inhaled sharply, the gasp stuck in your throat as pulled back to stare up at him in awed confusion. Lines were blurring more and more the further the night went on, it seemed. What was supposed to be just a publicity grab set up by the studio, was quickly turning dangerously close to something real. 
As you watched his expression for anything to belie his true feelings, you felt Eddie’s lips graze the skin below your ear, your breath hitching even further as he spoke, his voice like honey.
“He’s right, doll. You’re the most gorgeous woman in this place, y/n/n, and you have no idea, do you?”
You cleared your throat, and eased yourself from between them, turning to face them both. You pushed back the emotions that were clouding your mind and decided to pretend their words hadn’t affected you. 
“Alright boys, I’m not sure what games you two are playing at, but we came here to dance, did we not? So, are you gonna come dance with me, or am I going to have to find someone else to take your place?”
Eddie and Cass looked at each other, Eddie’s brow raised in question and Cass just shaking in his head in defeat. 
“Come on, Eddie, you heard the lady. Guess we better get out on that floor before she trades in her dance card.”
“Well, if you insist, doll.” Eddie stepped forward and offered his hand to you. 
You cast a mock frown at him and shook your head, instead stepping over to Cass and looping your arm through his.
“You may be a smooth talker, Eddie, but I am supposed to be here with Cass. It’s only fair that he get the first dance.”
Both men let out a joyful laugh, and Cass pressed another kiss to your cheek before ushering the two of you ahead of Eddie. You could feel Eddie’s eyes on the pair of you as Cass led you onto the dance floor, the upbeat rock number that was playing not one you were quite used to dancing to, but fun just the same. 
Cass couldn’t seem to take his eyes off you himself as he twirled you across the dance floor, the two of you getting lost in the beat of the music, his grin contagious. His hand found its way back to your waist, the other taking yours as he dipped and swayed you to the rhythm. When the song ended, he brought your hand to his lips and pressed a kiss there before giving you one last twirl, letting go just as you reached the end of the extension.
Eddie must have caught some subtle cue as Cass spun you away from him, because just as Cass let go, there he was, snatching you up in his own hands, spinning you into his embrace before you were even done moving. 
You looked over at Cass, unsure, and he simply nodded at you before stepping off the floor as the band started its next number. With the assurance that Cass wasn’t upset at the sudden change in partner, you let Eddie draw you further into the throng of dancing couples. 
The tempo of the song soon slowed before you even realized, Eddie capturing your attention so fully that you were caught by surprise. He paused as a slow song started, deferring to you as to whether you wanted to continue dancing. You smiled and slid your arms around his neck, stepping closer against him as he placed his hands around your waist. 
You felt like a drastically different woman from who you were at the beginning of the evening, your heart pulling you in three different directions; towards the alluring, delicate beauty of Eddie, towards the charming smolder of Cass, and towards home, where the only decisions you would have to make is whether to shower before, or after getting some head-clearing rest. What were these men doing to you? It left you feeling slightly scared, of the possibilities, not knowing what could be just around the corner if you kept down this path. But it also left you feeling exhilarated, these new emotions and experiences bright and tantalizing as they lured you further through the night.
As the song ended, you took Eddie’s hand and led him off the floor, scanning the room and quickly spotting Cass where he had snagged a booth in the corner. The table was set with a bottle of champagne and three glasses, Cass reaching for the bottle as you slid into the booth next to him, Eddie scooting in on your other side. 
“You havin’ fun, sweetheart?” Cass asked as he popped the cork on the champagne, pouring out glasses for all of you. “Tired yet?”
“Oh, I’m havin a gas, Cassie!” You nudged your shoulder into his and took one of the glasses and took a sip from it. The bubbles tickled your nose as they always did; you were still new enough to the business that you didn’t have the fancy stuff all that often. “What time is it? I think Mr. B said we had to stay at least a couple hours for appearances sake.”
“Still early, y/n/n. Been here, oh, about an hour or so?” Cass handed Eddie a glass and then took a sip from his own. “Couple more turns on the floor, then I think we should be good to leave whenever you want, darling.”
You finished your glass and poured another flute full as the three of you watched the other patrons dance. Your feet were starting to hurt in the heels your stylist had laid out for you so you eased your feet out of them to let them breathe. Eddie caught the movement and turned bodily towards you. You were surprised when he urged you and Cass further back along the seat and reached down to lift your feet into his lap.
“Eddie”, you gasped, the champagne making you giggle as his hands smoothed over your stockinged heels, the sound turning into a soft moan as his fingers dug in. “Oh…”
“Just let him help you feel better, y/n/n. Wouldn’t want you hobbling ‘round the studio ‘cause you danced your feet off, would you?” Cass spoke against your ear, maneuvering you so that your back was resting against his chest. “Feel okay?”
“Yeah…” you breathed out, biting back another moan as Eddie’s fingers worked their way up to your toes. “Mm, Eddie…”
“I got you, doll.” Eddie flashed you a cheeky grin as he massaged your feet, tongue just visible between his teeth once again. 
After a couple minutes, Eddie finished and eased your feet off his lap, scooting across the seat to sandwich you between him and Cass. Your heart kicked up at the way he looked down at you, his face inches away from yours, lips tugged into a smirk. 
“Scoot back, Eddie, you got the poor girl all flustered, here.” Cass whispered, his voice teasing. Eddie sat back with a soft chuckle and rolled his eyes at Cass. Cass hooked a finger under your chin and urged you to look up at him. “‘Sides, I believe it’s our turn to dance, right, sweetheart?”
Struggling to keep yourself from getting lost in those sparkling blue eyes, you nodded and sat up to reluctantly squeeze your feet back into your heels. Eddie left the booth and helped you out, his hand leaving yours to pull Cass up too as you smoothed down your dress. You noticed a look pass between them but, tempted as you were, you decided not to question it. 
Cass came up beside you and guided you back onto the dance floor, his hand resting on the small of your back. Another slow song. You turned to face Cass, your hands winding around his neck as he pulled you close. You rested your head on his shoulder as he began to move, his hands at your waist as the two of you rocked back and forth. You felt him rest his cheek against your temple, his breath ghosting over your ear, and you fought back a sigh of contentment as he held you. 
You barely noticed the song changing, content to just sway to the rhythm in his arms as the world turned around you. So lost in the moment, you were startled when you felt the warmth of a body pressing against your back. You lifted your head from the curve of Cass’ neck and looked over your shoulder to find Eddie staring down at you. You looked back at Cass and he winked, that mischievous look back on his face. 
Eddie leaned in and rested his head on your shoulder, his hands resting next to Cass’ as the two of them moved you to the slightly faster tempo of the next number. The amount of people on the floor had grown in the last few minutes, so you weren’t all that worried about too much attention being cast your way as you let them carry on with whatever they seemed to have in mind. As Eddie nuzzled lightly into your neck, his nose brushing along the curve, you let yourself get lost in Cass’ intense gaze, your mouth drying out as you noted the way they slowly darkened. 
“Doll,” Eddie murmured against your throat, his lips feather-light on your skin. “If we asked really, really nice, you think you’d let Cass and I take you away from here and show you some real fun?”
Cass quirked an eyebrow, his eyes never leaving yours as the two of them waited for your answer. You were so out of your element with these two, but you couldn’t find the conviction to care as you let your eyes flutter closed.
“Yeah, Eddie”, you whispered, leaning into him as he pressed a kiss behind your ear. “I think I would. If you ask real nice.”
Cass’ grin spread from ear to ear as he moved a hand from your waist to cup your cheek. He leaned in and brushed his lips across yours in the barest of kisses. 
“That’s my girl.”
Eddie straightened up and twirled you around to face him. As you tried to pull yourself out of the daze that Cass’ lips had sent you into, Eddie took your hand in his, raised it, and bowed with a silly flourish. 
“M’lady, would you allow two lowly men such as ourselves to escort you away from this inadequate setting, that we might find a place much more befitting someone as radiant as you?”
As he pressed his lips to your hand, a peal of laughter bubbled from your lips, and you shook your head at him.
“Well, good sir, when you ask like that, how can I say no?”
“Is that a yes?”
“It’s a hell yes, Eddie.” Without overthinking it, you laced your fingers through his and leaned close to press a quick kiss to his cheek. “Lead the way, smooth talker.”
As Eddie led you through the throng of couples dancing around you, you grabbed Cass’ hand and tugged him along with you, his deep chuckle echoing in your ears as the three of you made your way to the door. 
Chapter Two --->
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐈𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 ~ 𝐀𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐳 𝐅𝐅 ~ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐓𝐰𝐨 ~ 𝐓𝐰𝐨 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐈𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 ~ 𝐀𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐳 𝐅𝐅 ~ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐓𝐰𝐨 ~ 𝐓𝐰𝐨 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬
~  What would await her? She knew not what to expect ~
Genre: Supernatural AU, Suspense, Mystery, Romance, Angst (?) 
Warnings: Murder, Kidnapping, Mental instability, Violence, Blood (?)
Tumblr media
Her eyes fluttering open slowly, all of Bailey’s fear and panic came rushing back to her. Even before she could twitch her muscles she was in a state of panic.
She thought it wise that she didn’t move, for she was in a car with the mysterious man driving. In the pitch black of the ever persistence darkness outside, she could make out nothing of the vehicle or the road. She did manage to see that another man was also in the front of the car with the masked man, but she could not make out his features.
Sprawled out in the back seat of the car, she felt a chill run through her body. She did not have a coat on, and her dress was only thin blue chiffon. Her feet were bare, as she recalled, because she had kicked her shoes off before attempting to run from the mysterious man.
She shivered again.
“Good morning.” The mysterious man said. He didn’t even spare a glance, but Bailey knew he was talking to her.
The other man turned toward her, eyeing her up and down. Her gaze fell downward under his invasive eyes.
“I know this is confusing, Bailey.” He stated quickly and calmly. “But it will all work out if you don’t do anything foolish. You can call me Seonghwa and him”- He gestured to the man driving- “Hongjoong.”
Bailey sat up slowly as Seonghwa talked. She was dumbfounded by the way he addressed her. He just introduced himself like this was a business deal or something, and talked as though she had some choice in this matter.
“W-why?” Bailey stuttered. It didn’t complete all she meant to say, but Seonghwa seemed to understand.
“I’m sorry.” He turned away from her, looking out his window into the gloomy world outside. “I will tell you more later.”
Bailey became angry. Why her? She needed to know and they would not tell her. Fear temporarily left her as she yelled;
“No! Tell me now!”
Both Seonghwa and Hongjoong silently glanced at each other in surprise. This girl had a lot of audacity to challenge them. Or was it just stupidity...? 
A question was in Hongjoong’s eyes and Seonghwa nodded reluctantly to it. He pulled the car over to the side of the road while Bailey still screamed at them to explain what was going on.
The two silent men switched drivers and (to Bailey’s dismay) Hongjoong opened the back door, sitting down beside her. She was in trouble.
Seonghwa sat motionless in the drivers seat, holding the steering wheel in both hands, but not driving away. Hongjoong stared at Bailey with his half savage terrifying eyes, saying not one word. Silence engulfed the car for a moment, Bailey did not dare to even BREATHE too loudly, for fear that Hongjoong would decide to kill her. 
Suddenly, the low, sadistic chuckle vibrated from Hongjoong’s throat again. At the sound of it, Seonghwa gripped the steering wheel tighter, grimacing. Bailey’s eyes became wide as she turned her head in the opposite direction. She trembled uncontrollably, the cold and the fear giving her no control of her body.
Hongjoong yanked her arm, causing her body to turn toward him again. She cried out in pain and surprise, her eyes met with his. They were close, TOO close.
Bailey whimpered in fear, causing the corners of Hongjoong’s mouth to lift up slightly. He was entertained immensely by her fear. He knew the effect that his eyes had on people, he reveled in the joy of their reactions. Those dark brown orbs, so full of the fire of his cruel passions, were a sight to behold to the innocent eyes of this girl. 
“Now...” Hongjoong whispered darkly. “Don’t you EVER challenge us again. You will know WHAT we want you to know WHEN we want you to know it. Understand?”
Bailey didn’t answer, her mouth hung open slightly, then pressed into a thin line.
“Answer me.” He ordered, his grip on her arm tightening.
“I u-understand!” Bailey stuttered.
Seonghwa let out a long sigh, giving Hongjoong a strange look through the rear view mirror. He began driving without a word to either of them, keeping his eyes glued to the long dark road ahead.
Hongjoong separated his body from Bailey’s, leaving her to scramble as far to the other side of the seat as possible. She could still feel his gaze locked on her shaking frame, but she dared not look...
Hongjoong took off his coat, throwing it at Bailey. She yelped in surprise, causing him to chuckle cruelly. 
Seonghwa spoke for Hongjoong:
“Put it on. You look cold.”
Bailey nodded. She put the coat on backwards on purpose, so that the front of her body was warm, once again Hongjoong chuckled at her. She shot him an angry glance, before remembering how dangerous that was.
Hongjoong’s eyes darkened for a moment, his body visibly tensing. He breathed in a deep breath, calming his anger.
“You better sleep.” Hongjoong suggested, but it sounded more like a command. “We couldn’t keep you in the city, and it’s a long way to where we are going. You may as well rest since it will be a while.”
The last thing she wanted to do was go to sleep. It left her vulnerable and unable to observe her surroundings. But on the other hand she did not want to be awake to feel the stares of Hongjoong, and the night was too dark to see anything.  
Her mind was made up for her by a look Seonghwa gave her through the mirror that seemed to say;
“What are you waiting for? Go to sleep.”
She reluctantly laid her head on the cold glass of the window, putting her freezing feet up on the seat beside her, under the tails of the long black coat. 
She drifted to sleep, leaving behind the indescribable terror for now, until she would wake up again. What would await her? She knew not what to expect.
~    ~    ~    ~    ~     ~    ~    ~    ~    ~     ~    ~    ~    ~    ~     ~    ~    ~    ~    ~
When they finally reached the hideout Bailey was still sleeping. Seonghwa carefully lifted her limp body into his arms, carrying her into the house. Hongjoong followed closely behind, staring at her sleeping face.
Once inside, Hongjoong and Seonghwa parted ways. Seonghwa carried Bailey to a bedroom that was up the narrow stairs and down the hall, laying her gently on the bed.
He sighed as he watched the poor kidnapped girl. The only motion in her limp body being the slow heaving of her chest as she breathed. 
Seonghwa tried to pull the blanket over Bailey, but his cold silver watch bumped her leg, causing her to wake up in panic.
She screamed loudly, while Seonghwa placed a calming hand on her arm.
“It’s okay!” He murmured gently. “It’s okay.”
“N-no!” Bailey began crying. Being startled awake after being kidnaped was too much for her nerves. She trembled hopelessly while sobbing. “It’s not okay! I don’t know what I’m doing here! I don’t know where I am! I don’t know why I’m being put through this!”
Seonghwa sat on the bed beside her, his gestures strangely fatherly. He rubbed his hand lightly on her arm in soothing circles, relieving the tensed muscles.
“I will tell you why you are here,” He said. “Right now. And...”
Bailey sniffled, wiping away the tears from her flushed face.
“And...” Seonghwa replied, looking deep into her eyes. “Do you want to know a secret about Kim Hongjoong?”
This chapter was kind of... boring? IDK. Anyway, next chapter will have all the juicy details about the strange and mysterious Kim Hongjoong + the story of how she came to be kidnapped!
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tag game tehehe
tagged by: @bluejaem my love
1. Why did you choose your url?
the name i go by online rn is "asic" and when i removed the "a" and added loves, it became sicloves but that looked too crappy so i cool-ed the loves into luvz and made it sicluvz :D
2. Any side blogs? If you have them, name them and why you have them?
2 very seggsy side blogs without any purpose or reason
@havenarchives = for my pic inspos and just a visual dump
@helpmepassmysats = me rambling about studies and life but i dont do much on there, only the occasional reblog lol
3. How long have you been on Tumblr?
since feb? i had an alt which i used when i was 13 but then i deleted it lel ig it got lost somewhere :D
4. Do you have a queue tag?
ahh what's a queue tag? help a girl out
5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?
for fun i think??? for some reason twitter wouldnt really load on my laptop (its dead now rip) and so i decided to go back to tumblr because i'd been here for a long time and i missed the underground vibes it gave off lol
6. Why did you choose your icon / pfp?
because that's jae's instagram pfp plus it's just so iconic and it gives off untouchable vibes lmao
7. Why did you choose your header?
it was too seggsy to be ignored, i made it myself and it's among the few of my graphic designs that i'm actually proud of and i think it does a rrly sexc job of conveying who i am/ what i aspire to be sksks
8. What’s your post with the most notes?
my dive into you fic!! it took me only 15 minutes to write that one yet it has soo many notes when the fics i took more time to write have lesser notes lmao
9. How many mutuals do you have?
more than 10 but less than 100 for sure lmao :( hmu if u want to be moots, i don't bite grrrr
10. How many followers do you have?
100 right now but i think half of them are bots because no one ever interacts with me lol :/
11. How many people do you follow?
40 seggsy people
12. Have you ever made a shitpost?
my life is a shitpost
13. How often do you use Tumblr each day?
i use it for like some time? im online but i hop on for like 30 mins or sumn everyday? idek im bad with time grrr
14. Did you have a fight / argument with another blog once? Who won?
naurr but if you want to fight, we can geddit ;)
15. How do you feel about ‘you need to compare this’ posts?
i think they are irrelevant its too toxic ahhh
16. Do you like tag games?
yesss i love tag games so muchhh i find them super seggsy and super fun and super sweet :D
17. Do you like ask games?
yesss but i barely get any asks, i'm too lonely for this world
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is Tumblr famous?
i think @bluejaem and @hwiseungs i see them on every blog i go to and i think it's super seggsy of them ;)
19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?
nahh i dont have time for love rip
20. Tags:
@hwiseungs @floraljae @mango-mina @chicksung @hyuckster ahhh i cant think of any other people?? sorry if i missed you just go ahead and do it skskkss
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