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#(it doesn't matter blasting in the bg)
heroquills-a · 2 years ago
( pltbhplbhbh )
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iidasman · 4 months ago
✧*•.:*.• how the main boys would react to you blasting your favorite song in the car
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
notes: i don't normally write my own input but i live for this prompt and i love writing for it (and yall better blow this tf up i spent way too much time figuring out how to write for todoroki </3)
requested?: no.
warnings: swearing, caps lock
wc: n/a
Tumblr media
midoriya would be concerned-? not so much that, he would be wondering why you need to yell so loud, more so.
(song - love by keyshia cole)
• he loves you
• he really does but
• pretty please stop yelling </3
• hes around katsuki all the time, so youd think hed be used to it, but he isnt used to driving with a katsuki clone screaming "NEVER KNEW WHAT I WAS MISSING, BUT I ONEW ONCE WE START KISSIN'-" his ears cant handle it
• once he gets in the car with you more, he gets used to it!
• and he will totally ask you to turn it down if it gets to be too much for him :)
• but the convos you both have while the musics blasting are so funny LMAO
Tumblr media
bakugō would definitely sing with you, no matter the song.
• i hc that he either loves heavy metal or just like 2014 myspace mcr type bands
• he would scream with you 100%
• all the cars around you would be so worried
"hey- hey y/n, put that one song on? the one by skillet or whatever. yeah, that one."
• minas playing pop songs everyone knows the words to, while sero and kaminari are playing stupid good songs like all star
• kirishima just vibes in the backseat
• when a simple plan or all-american rejects song comes on youll hear bakugō screaming and smiling to all the words
Tumblr media
todoroki would be so confused, but hed softly sung along with you.
• why did you have to scream the song at full volume??
• why not just play it at a normal volume-?
• he doesn't necessarily mind it, he would just rather you put the windows down if you did blast your music
• he gets butterflies when he sees you so happy singing your favorite songs
• seeing you happy just
• UGH it makes him so happy too
• if you played one of those catchy "sad" songs like be alright by dean lewis, he would sing with you
• thats the only time he actually knows the words bc hes an edgy teen leave him alone
Tumblr media
denki would be the one to scream the lyrics with you.
(song - dont stop me now by queen)
• loves singing with you!!!
• whether its outside the door while youre doin something in the other room, or blasting music in your/his car!
• it puts him over the moon to see you so carefree and happy
• doesnt really mind the noise, because he blasted his music even before he met you!
• even if its a super short trip to, say, the grocery store, he loves playing metallica and queen with you
• he would sing in such an annoying voice until the parts he could scream came on pls
"tonigght~ im gonna have mySELLLF A REALL GOOD TIME"
• he may or may not use his quirk to turn the music up a little,,,
Tumblr media
kirishima is like a mix of kaminari and midoriya. he doesnt hate the music, but if its on like.. not full volume hes ok with it!
• he wont let you play songs he doesnt know, vise versa
• not bc he doesnt want you to play songs you like, he just wants to sing with you!!
• most of the time that rule doesnt exist if its a more happy song
• he would absolutely love hoizer?? hozier? idk but eijiro would live for his music
• ooh maybe mitski too?
• either way, he wants to shout the lyrics with you versus just sitting there and nodding his head
• kirishima would let you take the lead vocals though like
• if there was ever a part in the song where there was no bg music and it was just vocals, yknow those kinds of songs??
"yo, n/n! do you know that one song? i think it was by a dude named hozier?"
Tumblr media
iida would not let you unless it was your car.
• he would just turn it down slowly,,, or just not let you put music on at all-
• mf would listen to elevator music or just bone at all-
• if you were driving in your car, however
• obvi yk he doesnt really enjoy the loud aspect of your music, so please turn it down for him
Tumblr media
sero would love blasting music with you!
• so bc the mha fandom has collectively headcannoned sero as latino, he would love introducing you to his music (if you arent latino, too!)!!!
• if you arent latino or just dont listen to their cultures music, please please please show him your music
• even if its your favorite fandoms music like anime ops or game osts!! he lives hearing new stuff and learning abt it :)
• also! he loves when you sing his music!
• *disclaimer i dont know anything abt latino culture, so please tell me if these lyrics are wrong-*
"once de la noche en san salvador, el salvador,"
• its his favorite thing ever to sing with you fr
Tumblr media
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