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#(it isn't)
lazylittledragon · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Part of a doodle dump I’ll post later that relates to the AU @iridescentbee​ and I made (most of the drawings are WIPs or shitty sketches and I want to refine them a bit more so give me a minute).
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shakerrmakerr · 2 years ago
characters from any other show: *are romantic*
me: yah but is it nico kissing marti’s fingers on a rooftop overlooking Rome at night?
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kitschandretro · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
The rebuttal: It isn't, it isn't, it definitely isn't.
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People are talking about how one show shouldn’t get all of the awards but if Mean Girls won all of their nominations no one would be complaining. 
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rainhadaenerys · 4 months ago
I know people like to blame the show for all the misinterpretation that happened to the characters, but I really wish people wouldn't forget that the misinterpretation of Dany's character didn't come just from the show. There were plenty of self-titled book snobs who dedicated years of their lives to write thousands of metas on several forums and social media (, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr and even Wordpress) about how horrible Dany was, mischaracterizing her on everything, saying she was arrogant, that she lacked self reflection, that she was stupid, nothing without her dragons, tyrannical, etc. Blaming it all on the show erases the role that these antis had in shaping the fandom to be what it is today in regards to Dany. And that's something that bothers me, because I consider the role these people had in influencing the fandom to be crucial for the view the fandom has of Dany as a villain, and it might have even influenced D&D to do what they did.
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2y5dean · a year ago
isn't it funny how jaskier dropped the "gorgeous"/"lovely" part in her sweet kiss after the happenings of episode six
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dyaz-stories · a year ago
Inuvember 2019: Day 5 — Inuyasha
It was very early on that Inuyasha realized that Kagome’s smile was the best thing in his world. He didn’t have much choice in it. By the time he understood, it was already too late. But then again, maybe it had been too late the second she’d woken him up, when he was still pinned to the tree. Maybe it had been too late the moment he’d laid eyes on her, mistaking her for someone else. Maybe there had been no other paths for him from the beginning. Maybe they were destined to be.
He’d watched that smile fade anxiously over the year when they’d hunted Naraku and the Jewel shards. He didn’t know if she noticed. He didn’t know if she knew it was shining less and less bright every time, if she knew it barely reached her eyes now. He didn’t know if she could pinpoint the moments when it brutally dimmed as precisely as him.
He didn’t know if she knew it was his fault.
He was, at least, convinced it was. Indirectly, if you asked him, and he didn’t want it to happen, but it was the secondary consequences of his actions. Collateral damage, some would have said, but the words disgusted him.
Kagome wasn’t secondary. She was everything to him. She wasn’t negotiable. And yet he failed to convey that to her.
What drove him insane was that he knew all of that, and he didn’t do anything about it. Sometimes he told himself it was because he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave Kikyo behind. Others, he told himself it was because he was a coward. Of course he could leave Kikyo behind. It was a choice. His choice. And for some reason, he kept doing the wrong one over and over again.
His sense of duty, perhaps. It would be wrong to abandon Kikyo.
But it was wrong to hurt Kagome too, in a way he felt much more deeply, much more painfully, when the smile didn’t reach her eyes and when she clenched her fists because she thought he wasn’t looking.
Perhaps that was it. He was a coward. He feared the guilt he would feel if he left Kikyo to fend for herself, feared the pain he’d feel if she died again. So because of that fear, he was willing to let the best thing in his life be destroyed.
So as devastating as it was that she was gone, during those three years, part of him thought that it might all be for the best. He’d hurt Kagome like no one else had. He didn’t deserve her. Without him, she’d heal. She’d get better. She’d be happy. She’d smile again, like she used to.
Then she’d come back.
She still wasn’t smiling like before. It was better than right before she’d left, but not by much, and Inuyasha had found himself faced with a problem he had to do something about but that he couldn’t resolve with a sword.
So he brought her flowers.
He knocked on her door, and during the terrifying moments it took her to get it, he considered running away. Sure, she was back, and that had to mean something, but what if didn’t mean that? What if she made fun of him? Worse, what if she told him apologetically that he was mistaken? This was a terrible idea.
“Inuyasha? Are those… flowers?”
“Keh. Obviously.”
Bad. Bad.
“They’re… for ya.”
Nobles did that shit all the time, back when he was a kid. Got flowers for girls. And the noblewomen would giggle behind their sleeves and whisper about it.
Kagome just blinked, and Inuyasha wanted the ground to open under his feet.
Then, carefully, she reached out, taking them from his arms, brushing against him, and they’d touched before, but her touch felt like melting him.
“They’re beautiful,” she said softly. “You got them… for me?”
What was up with the surprise? He did nice things.
Almost exclusively for her.
“Certainly wouldn’t have gotten any for Miroku or the old hag.”
Kagome laughed at that, and warmth spread through his chest. That was something he didn’t do often, something he wasn’t very good at. Making her laugh, that was.
Not at making her happy in general either, now that he thought about it.
“I love them,” she said sincerely, holding them against her like they were the most precious thing she’d ever had, and when she looked up, she was smiling.
Really smiling.
“Thanks, Inuyasha,” she added, and she was blushing vaguely, and then the smile faded again. Like she couldn’t believe what was happening.
“I could— I could get you more,” he blurted out urgently, terrified of watching her slip away again.
“Or we could— I could show ya where they are and we could, y’know, go— pick some together?”
What was he even saying? His face was warming up. God, he hoped he wasn’t blushing.
“That sounds great,” she said, and the smile was spilling out on her lips, like she couldn’t contain it.
“Good,” he mumbled gruffly. “Then I’ll— Later today? When you’re done with that priestess stuff you’re doing?”
“That’s perfect.”
“I’ll come and get you.”
“Don’t make me wait for too long.”
“That’s not my choice.”
“I’ll see you later, Inuyasha. Thank you for the flowers.”
She was smiling when she put them in a vase, and then she didn't stop all the way when he walked her to Kaede’s house. She didn’t stop when she waved him goodbye, again with the promise that they would go pick some more flowers together later.
Thanks for the smile. And for everything else.
Thanks for everything.
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straighttma · 8 months ago
Sorry if you already got an ask like this but Melanie going to therapy and getting away from the institute is portrayed as a betrayal
therapy is a pseudoscience in this universe sigh
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eirstormheart · 2 years ago
Just because the WoW narrative isn’t going the way you like, it doesn’t equate to “bad writing” sorry. I find it enjoyable, even if I primarily play Alliance, because things don’t have to make sense. Look at real life, ffs, shit doesn’t make sense here, either. It’s REALISTIC! Warcraft fans, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BECOME THE NEXT STAR WARS FANS. I swear to all FUCK
Tumblr media
I’m going to put my opinion out there. I have played Warcraft 1, 2, and 3, and then World of Warcraft. The orcs, the trolls, the Tauren, and the Forsaken pretty much embody the Horde in various ways. Ever since its conception, the Horde has been “Dark” and the ANTAGONIST. Thrall was the only warchief to seek to turn that around, and he was heavily criticized by other members of the Horde for wanting Peace or civility among the Alliance. 
You know why they wrote Thrall out? It’s pretty much because the ORCS wanted someone more bloodthirsty and warlike. The Horde is bloodthirsty and warlike. They want war. This is it. The Horde is what it’s supposed to be. Warlike, bloodthirsty. Honorable? Well, that’s where the “morally grey” part comes in, I guess(I’m a bit at odds with Ion’s bullshit in general, but he’s not the writer). Some of the Horde values honor. The others? Not so much. The Horde is a mixture of all the race’s cultures combined into one.
The orcs are savage and bloodthirsty.
The trolls are also savage and bloodthirsty.
The Tauren are not all honorable and peaceful. *eyes Magatha Grimtotem and many of the tauren aim to fight for the horde because they’re fulfilling a debt*
The Forsaken are... varying. But they are basically free willed zombies. A majority of them are evil, and follow their lawful evil Banshee Queen, and say things like “Death to the living!” and “We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way!” Sounds pretty evil to me!
The Blood elves, oh, don’t get me started. They’re petty, racist, and power hungry. Highborne as a whole are pretty fucking petty in general(which is fucking great lmao) and we have Nightborne with the Horde too.
Goblins are... well, they are greedy dudes who will probably be evil if it means money. They’re more true neutral, but that doesn’t help.
Am I saying that the Alliance is all good? No. I’m not. Garithos was a bigoted prick, and many Alliance people are still unleashing their hate at the Horde for shit that happened three decades ago. (And the Horde are feeding the Hate, too!) But the Alliance only seek justice. They’re a bit zealous about it, sometimes... but they are entirely reactionary.
But for the most part, Horde has ALWAYS been the aggressor. This isn’t new, it’s not something that’s going to change, and you’ll just have to see the whole picture. The Horde does war shit to the Alliance and the Alliance retaliate. This isn’t a new development, and this is just how things go.
Warcraft has and will always be good vs evil. Blue vs red. Humanity vs Chaos.
Those members of the Horde who aren’t evil or petty, bloodthirsty or warlike... well, you chose the wrong faction! I’m also going to put this out there. There’s nothing wrong with playing a faction neutral character, either. ;)
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i-am-kind-of-lost · 19 days ago
Why should Sylkie and Lokius shippers even fight at all when there's Sylokius to ship instead?
I am not saying that Sylkie and Lokius shippers should fight.
I don't think anyone should ever fight.
But a lot of people are acting as if Sylkie is the worst thing on the planet, when they were pretty okay with Thor*i all these years. Sylkie is literally not problematic when you read about Loki in norse mythology. Most people just want to fetishsize gay men.
EDIT- Someone made a very good point about how Sylkie was thrown in the viewers’ face since the 3rd episode when they first interacted and she tried to enchant him by touching his neck. So maybe people should stop pretending that it was a surprise or it was sprung on them.
I know Marvel Queerbaits, and a lot. I know that sucks but there is nothing I can do about it. But hating on a director, writers who have actually done a commendable job with the character because a ship that they want to be canon but isn't, is stupid. It always has been.
Not going to lie, I like Sylokius. It sounds fun. And the few posts I have found about them were amazing.
Also, I like both Lokius and Sylkie, so either way I win. And if they don't go with either of them, because I believe Tom will probably not return for a season 2, I don't feel so strongly that it makes me mad.
The only MCU ship that has ever made me mad was Bruta**a. After Cap:TWS, it made perfect sense to go for Romanogers or no romantic pairing at all.
Anyway, this went really long. Sorry about that. You are my first Ask by the way. Thanks.
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grandenchanterfiona · 5 years ago
Young LGBT kids who follow me, and even some older LGBT people too, I know it’s hard to live in a world that seems to hate you. Vilify you. Treat you badly. 
But know I’m glad you’re here and you’re alive and that you’re important.
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rimbaux · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
I had a sudden urge to draw the god of wine and madness
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watsonshoneybee · 4 years ago
my favorite thing about watching fantasia now is the bit where the guy is introducing the nutcracker suite and he’s like, “it wasn’t very popular and nobody performs it nowadays” because fantasia was made in 1940 and in fact it wasn’t popular and nobody performed it. tho the ballet was first performed in russia in 1892, it wasn’t performed outside of russia until 1934 and then only in abridged versions. it didn’t start to gain popularity until the san francisco ballet performed the complete version it in 1944 on christmas eve, and it was such a huge success that they started doing it every year. then in 1954 the new york city ballet ran a production of it, and suddenly by the 1960s ballet companies nationwide were doing holiday productions of the nutcracker and now it’s become this incredible huge holiday tradition. anyway live your dreams. be the nutcracker. it might have been sixty years late but goddamn if we don’t all listen to it at least once a year now to make up for it. 
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homeboundrunnerfive · 2 years ago
Sam, internally: Wait, is she into me? Quick, make a bad joke and see if she laughs.
Sam: What do you call a famous turtle? A shellebrity.
Five: [laughs] That’s really funny.

Sam, internally: Well, that’s not a fair test, that joke’s hilarious.
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