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#(it was an accident and I heard the shriek while listening to very loud music)
fluffy-lee · 10 months ago
A Trip to Asgard
Part 6 of the series Vacation.
This is a TICKLE series
PLATONIC Avengers x reader
Warnings: Long read, emotional, some language.
Summary: Thor brings Y/n to Asgard in hopes to teach her a lesson on love and emotions. Y/n continues to struggle with her feelings for Peter. Meanwhile, the Avengers cope with Y/n running away to another realm.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
  Vision’s POV: 
Wanda had just gone back into the cabin to get water for our walk. I stood on the side yard, waiting, admiring the lovely pink flowers and greenery growing along the side of the cabin. Then, I realized I was picking up on something, or should I say, hearing something- voices. It was Thor and sweet Y/n. I made my way around the yard to go visit with them, but I stopped in my steps when I noticed the tone of her voice. Something was wrong. I stayed back a little to listen.
  “-Asgard. I want to go right now.” 
Asgard? I was very surprised to hear that. Why on Earth would she want to leave this place so soon?
 “But what about the others? Wouldn’t you want to tell them?” Thor asked her. 
 “All I need is you, Thor. Please, you promised.” Y/n said, her voice beginning to break
 Y/n not telling the others where she was going wasn’t exactly a new thing for her. She did that just last night, and it got her in some trouble. I wondered why she had started acting like this. She’s never given us a reason not to trust her… I care about her. I thought maybe I will let her go. Maybe, this will be something I keep to myself, just for a while. I heard the sound of them leave, and hoped no one else heard. 
 End of Vision’s POV
  You clenched tightly onto Thor’s chest as your stomach dropped, squeezing your eyes shut. You knew you were moving extremely fast, but you were too terrified to look. It was loud, like a strong gust of wind that wouldn’t stop. Thor’s grip around you was unbreakable. You knew you weren’t going anywhere. 
  “We are in the Bifrost, Y/n! Look around! You don’t have much longer!” He yelled. Thor was happy to bring you to Asgard. He always wanted you to have this experience. He was no longer worried about what the rest of the team thought. He believed you deserved to have this experience. 
  You opened your eyes and saw flashes of shiny, metallic rainbows. You were amazed to say the least. Next thing you knew, Thor was walking, holding you. You were in a golden dome-like building. A man dressed in gold stood in the middle. 
  “Y/n this is Heimdall, who I have told you about.” Thor introduced you, holding you up to him. You were still so shocked from the Bifrost, that you couldn’t let go of Thor, so he just held you. 
 “N-Nice to meet you, Heimdall.” You said, shaking his hand. 
Heimdall chuckled. “How was your journey?” 
  “Um.. amazing.” You giggled. 
  “I hope you enjoy your stay. You are in a different realm, very far away from your home. You can be home in seconds, anytime you want. I will be here.” He reassured. 
  “I think I’ll stay a while.” You smiled. 
Thor chuckled fondly and squeezed you in a hug as he held you. “Can you walk now, Princess?” 
  You nodded and he set you down. You held Thor’s hand and walked alongside him. You limped from your injury still, but it was okay. 
  “Prepare to be stunned.” Thor smirked as you exited the building. 
You clutched your chest in awe. In front of you stood the golden kingdom, and you stepped down onto the rainbow bridge. Tears filled your eyes. 
  “Thor… it’s more beautiful than I ever could’ve imagined. I don’t even deserve to be here.” You awed. 
  “Of course you do! I have always wanted to bring you here. I knew you’d love it.” He beamed. 
  “Love is an understatement.” You whispered in amazement, walking on the bridge towards the kingdom. 
Thor stopped and turned to you. “Love is a strong word, Y/n.” He furrowed his brows. 
You sighed and nodded.  “Thor, the water is so... beautiful.” 
   “It’s called the Sea of Space.” 
   “The sky looks so different here. Are those planets? Look how big they are!” You shouted in excitement. 
  “Yes. You aren’t currently on a planet like Earth right now.” Thor chuckled. 
You couldn’t stop admiring everything and asking question after question, but patient and lovely Thor didn’t mind. He enjoyed your fascination. 
  You and Thor were now sitting out on a balcony off the side of the castle. You both were lounging on a soft, dark purple couch with matching gold pillows, sharing a warm drink out of a fancy golden cup decorated with rubies. 
  “I think we should stay here forever, Thor.” You half-joked. You did not want to face the music when you got home. 
  Thor chuckled. “I think you should visit more regularly, but stay forever? You would miss our family.”
  “I would…not! LOOK AT THIS PLACE.” 
Thor smirked, taking the cup from you and setting it aside. “You play too much, Princess.” He growled, tackling you into the pillows, tickling your tummy. 
You shrieked in surprise before being consumed in uncontrollable laughter. Thor laughed his low, handsome laugh as he tickled you. You blushed as his large hands wrapped almost all the way around your torso, digging his thumbs into the middle of your tummy. 
  “Ticklish Princess! That’s what you are!” He stated casually, looking down at you adoringly. 
  “Now, now, why are you lying? Tell me!” He teased, slipping his hands under your arms. 
Your laughter went up an octave. You tried to thrash around but Thor effortlessly held you in place. You tried to speak, but you couldn’t due to your laughter. Your cheeks and ears burned bright red. Thor couldn’t help but smile at you. He always adored you. You had grown up over the years, but this was something he knew you’d never grow out of. 
   “THOHOHOR! Nohohoho! Not there!” You shrieked as he wiggled his fingertips roughly (but always gently) into your ribs. You tried to turn on your side, but still, you were stuck. 
  “Why are you trying to protest? I know you love tickles!” Thor laughed. 
You swore you turned like 100 shades redder. 
  “No! Thahahahat’s not true!!” You shouted through your laughter, flustered. 
  “Oh, it’s not? Okay, I’ll stop.” Thor said, letting you go and crossing his arms against his chest. 
How dare he stop!
You stared at him with a shocked expression, a smile gracing your lips. He sat back, arms still folded, and a sly smirk on his face. 
  “Hey!” You giggled, scribbling your fingers against his chest.  
  “Haha! I knew you wouldn’t want me to stop.” He laughed, prying your hands away and latching his hands around your sides, squeezing. 
Your bubbly laughter came back and eventually increased when Thor began fluttering his fingers around your neck. You scrunched your shoulders only to trap his fingers. 
  “Okahahhahay! Okahahay! I cahahan’t take ihihit!” You exclaimed, meaning it this time. 
  “But I thought you liked it!” Thor teased, tormenting your sensitive neck and collarbones. 
  “Nohoho!” Your laughter went silent and Thor knew to let up. 
You caught your breath while you and Thor leaned back into the pillows facing each other. 
  Thor’s laughter after his “attack” on you subsided, and his expression gradually turned more serious. You knew what was coming and you couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, but you’ve always been able to trust Thor. The two of you have had a special relationship since you first met. Who else would you drop everything and travel across the galaxy with? One other person’s name popped into your mind. 
  “Why did you have me bring you here, Y/n?” Thor asked.
 Bucky had just woken from a nap. He walked down the stairs of the cabin, looking for everyone. He found almost everyone sitting around on the front porch having cold drinks and laughing, enjoying each other’s company. Peter had just jokingly sat in Tony’s lap, but soon regretted it when Tony trapped him there, tickling his sides. Peter squeaked and squirmed until Tony finally had mercy. Natasha laughed at Peter when he got up and playfully kicked his butt. 
  “Hey! Whahahat wahahas that for?” Peter laughed. 
Nat just cackled. 
  “I’m going inside. Anybody need a refill?” Peter offered. 
Nat handed him her almost empty lemonade and Peter rolled his eyes with a smile, taking it to the kitchen.  
  “Anybody know where my kid is?” Bucky asked. 
  “Yeah uh Vision said she went on a hike with Thor.” Tony answered. 
Vision nodded, his expression blank. Wanda picked up on Vision’s odd behavior, but put it in the back of her mind for now. 
Bucky felt a little jealous that Y/n went on a hike with Thor, but he was taking a nap anyway. Plus, they just got ice cream. 
  Peter opened the fridge, pulling out the lemonade. The mention of Y/n had him thinking. He hadn’t talked to her all day. That was very weird. Maybe they were both just busy? No, that’s not it. More happened last night than just the accident. Before the accident they were dancing really close. A few butterflies swarmed in his stomach at the thought, but went away quickly when his crush, MJ, came to his mind for the thousandth time today. Peter leaned on the counter and sighed. 
 “I have to find her and talk to her.” He whispered to himself. 
He took Nat her drink and walked down the steps out to the yard. He turned the corner and started heading for the trail. Next thing he knew, Thor’s signature stamp was spread out of the grass in front of him. 
  “Oh shit.” Peter said to himself. “Uh- guys? GUYS! TONY! STEVE! SAM! BUCKY!” Peter yelled. He was so shocked he just began calling out their names. 
In seconds, everyone came running. 
  "Oh no." Tony sighed. 
  "Oh HELL no. She didn't!" Bucky stressed. 
  "Vision, you said they went on a hike!" Steve yelled.
  "I lied." Vision admitted. 
  "Why?" Bucky asked calmly. 
  "She needed it."
Tears filled Peter's eyes and he swung off into the woods. 
 "I'm gonna kill her." Natasha shook her head. 
  "I can't protect her here. None of us can!" Steve panicked. 
 "That's why she went. She needs your trust." Vision explained. 
 "This isn't how you earn trust?!" Steve spat. 
Bucky looked at the ground, calmly and shrugged. "She doesn't know that."
  "What do you mean?" Sam asked Bucky. 
Steve ran his hands through his hair. 
  "Barnes is right." Tony added. 
  "She hasn't been taught. It's my fault." Bucky said.
  "No. It's all of our fault. Sometimes we're too busy for her. You know how many times she's been left by herself? We put her right back in the position HYDRA put her in." Natasha explained. 
 "I thought I taught her well." Steve fumed. 
  "You have. But you can't do everything by yourself." Wanda said, comforting Steve.
 "Is she going to be in trouble?" Sam asked.
 "Depends on when she comes back." Bucky said, a small smile gracing his lips.
 "She'll be back." Pepper nodded. "She'll be back today."
 "I trust Thor." Steve said, relaxing.
 "This is like last night all over again! Why don't you trust her? That's all she wants!" Tony argued.
 "You think this is how you gain trust?" Steve argued back.
 "She doesn't know that!" Bucky defended. "I'm going to trust her. As hard as it is."
  "She's in another realm, Bucky!" Steve yelled. "She just took off with a god to another realm!" 
 "SHE'S BRAVE. I don't like this either. But I'm going to hear her out." Bucky explained.
 "Oh so she can just take off to another galaxy whenever she wants?!"
 "Trust me, she won't do it again." Bucky stated, going back inside the cabin.
  "Take a walk with me, Steve." Tony said calmly, patting his back. 
 The Avengers knew this was a serious situation, but they also knew Y/n. Her intention wasn't to hurt anybody, or worry anybody. She just grew up alone, and sometimes she struggled with her emotions. She'd act on her emotions in the heat of the moment instead of logic. 
  Peter knew he caused this. He didn't know exactly why or how. But he knew it was something with him.
"I came here because I got upset, and I wasn't thinking. And now I am scared to go back because they might be mad at me. What if they hate me?" 
  "Y/n they could NEVER hate you. They love you so much. They might not be too happy with you coming here without telling them though." 
  "Why did you let me?"
  "Well, I wanted to bring you here, help you with what you need, but also, I thought… you could learn a lesson from it. You need to." Thor said with a small smile.
You nodded. "I guess I do."
  "Well, we better make the most of your trip here." Thor smirked. 
  "So we can have fun? I'm already having fun! I love it here!"
  "Yes we can, AFTER you tell me what made you so upset." Thor said. 
Your face dropped. "I can't figure out why I have such strong feelings towards Peter. I think I might be… in love with him." You admitted.
  "Ohhhh." Thor raised his eyebrows.
 "And then, I heard him talking about a girl he really liked. And I thought he was talking about me."
  "MJ." Thor cut you off.
 "Yeah, her. So I just kinda freaked out. I sometimes don't know how to handle my emotions. It's HYDRA. I have gone to therapy after I was rescued and it helped, but it still happens sometimes."
 "It's a process, sweetheart."
You gave him a sad smile. "But what if I love Peter, and he loves someone else? What will I do?"
 "Y/n, love, you don't force love. You wait. You trust. Love won't fail if it is meant to be. You're getting older, so is Peter. Your lives will begin to fall into place.” Thor assured, tucking hair behind your ear. 
You looked down at your hands. “I don’t know how I love him, Thor. Is he my Jane? Will… he leave me?” Tears began to pool into your eyes. “How do I know how I feel about him?” 
  “You’re not supposed to know now, Princess. But I have a theory.” 
  “Tell me.”
  “Well,” Thor began, furrowing his brows as he thought. “Y/n, you love Peter greatly, but you don’t love him that way. No, not now. When the day comes that you don’t have to question that love you feel for someone, that’s when you will know.” 
Then, something happened. Something so odd, and peaceful. 
  Y/n’s Memories
“Hi, I’m Peter… Parker. You must be who Tony has been telling me about.” The curly brown-haired brown-eyed boy introduced himself, squatting down to your height. 
He took your small hand in his red gloved hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. 
 “H-Hello. How old are you?” You asked. You had always felt shy around others, but with this boy, you felt at home. 
 “I’m 14 about to be 15.” He answered, giving you a warm smile, almost as warm as his eyes. 
 “Me too!” You gasped.
 “Haha! That’s awesome. We’re gonna be good friends. I know it.” He assured you. 
  “It was nice to meet you today Y/n. May I have a hug before I go? If you're comfortable of course.” Peter asked. 
 You nodded with a smile, and soon found yourself wrapped in the warmest, squishiest hug you’d ever had. 
 “Peter? Will you come back?” You asked, you face squished against his sweater. 
He pulled away to look at you, his hands on your shoulders. “I promise.”
  “Can I go back to that park tomorrow? Not to spy, but to be with the kids? To be friends?” You asked your Maestru.
 “You will never have friends! You will always work! Never ask me something so stupid again!” He yelled, shoving you back into your room, locking the door. 
You quieted your sobs into your pillow, hoping he wouldn’t hear you. You wished for freedom as you stared at the stone wall, before drifting off to sleep.
 “FRIDAY! We need everyone ready on the medbay! Now! Peter has been in an accident!” Tony shouted, rushing through the doors.
 “TONY! Is-Is he okay?” You asked, frozen in absolute fear.
 “I don’t know, Y/n.” He answered rushing to the elevator. 
 “I promised you I’d come back.” Peter smiled as he laid awake in his hospital bed. 
You couldn’t say anything. You just hugged him. 
You heard the elevator ding, signaling that Peter and Tony were here. They then walked in and you launched into your best friend Peter’s arms.
“Oh! Hi! I m-missed you, y/n! And also, thank you. I need your warm hug, b-because I’m freezing!” Peter was shivering and there were snowflakes in his curls. 
“I missed you too, Peter. Come here, by the fire!” You pulled Peter over to the couch and wrapped a blanket around him.
“You can come stay with May and I!”
You didn’t say anything. You just ran and hugged Peter so tight. 
You pulled the mask up to your forehead to see Peter towering above you where you sat on the rug. He had a threatening look on his face. You smiled slightly. 
  “I’m sorry.” 
Peter chuckled and went to take the mask off your head but you pulled it down.
  “Y/n, give me my mask!”
  “It’s my mask now!” 
You were pushing Peter’s buttons in hopes of some playful retaliation, but what he did next, you were not expecting to happen so quickly. You thought you were going to have to try much harder to get Peter to do this.
He gave your tummy a poke and you squeaked in surprise. 
  “Oh? What’s this?” Peter grinned as he gave you a few more pokes.
You turned cherry red as you scooted back and threw the mask at Peter. 
  “Here you go.” You mumbled
Peter hadn’t discovered that you were ticklish up until this point. You always wanted him to, but now that it was actually happening you were a flustered mess and didn’t know how to act. Peter sensed your embarrassment and was definitely ready to have some fun. He tossed his mask to the side and leaned over you. 
 “Are you ticklish, y/n/n?” He teased, crossing his arms.
  “Thank you for letting me stay with you, Peter. I know I may not be your best friend, but you are mine.” You said. 
Peter’s heart sank. “What? You’re my best friend too! I have Ned, but I also have you.” He snuggled you to his side and saw you smile to yourself, before you drifted off to sleep. 
   He meant what he said. 
Happy made Peter drive back, so you sat snuggled up in the backseat behind Peter in your warm coat and pink blanket. You hadn’t learned to drive yet, but seeing Peter drive made you really want to learn. You wanted to be just like Peter, but not in the way you were jealous of him. You just really looked up to him, so now that he had found out your little secret, you were getting butterflies every time you played the events back in your head.
Peter was just silent. You smiled to yourself, waiting to hear his response. Instead of speaking, Peter just leaned his seat all the way back onto you, and flipped over to where he was basically laying on you, with the seat between you both. You giggled at him, confused as to why he was doing that. 
  “You really are just asking for trouble, huh?” Peter said, before launching his fingers under your arms, much to your surprise. He dug in, making you squeal with laughter. You were barely able to move anywhere. He vibrated his fingertips in the hollows under your arms and all down your ribs and all you could do was laugh and squirm. 
 “What was that tickle spot of yours again? You know, the one that really makes you giggle?”
You smiled at Peter. You loved his curly hair. It was so endearing. Peter noticed you staring at him and gave you a questioning look.
  “Why are you staring, Y/n?” Peter asked, raising an eyebrow. 
  “Y-Your curls! I had no idea your hair could do that! It's so cute!” You gushed. You jumped out of the chair and began trying to reach up to ruffle his hair. 
Peter laughed sweetly and bent down to let you play with his hair.
“I’m gonna tickle you WAY more than you tickled me!” He playfully growled, tapping his nose to yours. You blushed profusely. Then, he began squeezing your thighs as you belly-laughed. 
You both ran down the stairs, and when you turned the corner, you nearly knocked into Peter. Thankfully, his spidey-sense warned him and he scooped you up. 
  “Woooah there! Haha someone’s excited!” Peter giggled. 
  “Sorry Pete! I didn’t mean to!” You said smiling up at him. 
“How are your ears ticklish?” You asked with a giggle. 
  “Oh? I bet yours are too!” Peter said, as he began reaching for you, but was held back by Tony. 
  “Stay still! I’m not done!” Tony ordered. 
You backed away with a smile, waiting your turn for the sunscreen. 
  “Finished!” Tony announced. 
Peter rushed toward you, grabbing your wrists with one hand, and began fluttering his fingers on your left ear with the other. You immediately began giggling and your knees buckled. 
  “It tickles, doesn’t it?” Peter teased, now tickling your other ear, occasionally spidering around your neck. 
  “YEHEEHES! I’m sohohorry!” You laughed. 
Peter let up, smiling at you.
 “It’s okay. I know that it’s true and I can be annoying.” You said, quietly looking at the ground. “But I can work on it and I can be better.” 
 Peter furrowed his eyebrows. “What? What are you talking about? You’re not annoying!” 
  “No, it’s okay. It’s just, you know, with HYDRA, I never… had anyone to cling to, so I do it too much now.” You explained. 
  “Y/n, you don’t annoy anyone! Affection from you is not annoying. It’s precious.” Peter said with a small blush. 
You looked up at him and smiled. 
 “Everyone loves it… Everyone loves you.” Peter reassured. 
  “Thank you, Peter. I’m sorry I got upset. It’s just one of my insecuri-” 
Peter cut you off, shaking his head. He looked you in the eyes, and from the look he gave you, you knew to stop apologizing. 
“Yeeeah it was!” Peter joined, wiggling his fingers into your tummy, before slipping past you to the back table to make his s’more. He really tickled you and you nearly dropped your plate as you cackled. 
You both finally got out of the pool after a minute or so and were drying off, wrapped in your towels, when something caught Peter’s eye. 
  “Y/n, look on the trail, in the woods.” He said, pointing toward little blinking lights. They were lightning bugs, and you got really excited. 
  “Let’s follow them!” You said. You both slipped on your flip flops and went to the trail. It was twilight and very beautiful out. The lightning bugs were everywhere and it was probably one of the most stunning moments of your life. You and Peter had made it pretty far up the trail, following the lightning bugs. One even landed in Peter’s hand and he held it out for you both to observe up close. The little bug blinked it’s yellowish green light and you both gasped. It flew away into the woods and you and Peter watched it join the others.
You’d never been checked out before. Peter stepped in front of you a bit to block Max’s view. You saw Peter’s jaw clench. He became a bit protective over you and butterflies began to swarm in your stomach.  “Do you wanna go back to the cabin, or stay? Peter asked, leaning down to you a bit, after pulling you aside. 
“PLEHEHEHEASE! Y/N! I’m soohohorry!” Peter screamed through his laughter as you tickled all over his tummy and sides for sticking an ice cube down the back of your swimsuit top. “IHIHIHI CAHAHAN’T BREHEHEHATHE!” He cried as you cackled at him.  “Serves you right, doesn’t it? Huh?” You teased as you tickled his upper ribs, and he rolled all over the grass in ticklish agony. 
Peter turned around and the expression on his face was pure worry. He pulled you out of the water onto the grass and observed your leg. It was red, swollen, and bleeding quite a bit in a few spots.   “I landed on a rock.” You said.  “Do you think it’s broken?” He asked. “I can’t tell.” Peter scooped you up in his arms, and took off towards the cabin as fast and carefully as he could.   Peter stumbled in the back door with you in his arms. He had a guilty expression gracing his face.
All you knew is that you loved Peter specifically and unconditionally, but romantically? That’s one thing you don’t know. What a trip. 
You straddled Peter and began tickling his tummy, causing him to scream and thrash, and he turned into a puddle of laughter under your fingertips. He nearly bucked you off, but he tried his best not to. You were laughing along with him at his adorable reactions, but made a mistake. You tried to tickle his armpits- his worst spot.  
 “AHAHAHAAA NOOOHOHO! Nooo way!” Peter shouted, using his strength to fight past the tickles and tackle you to the carpet.  
 “NO PETER! NO FAIR! You can’t do that!” You cried.   
“Oh yeah? Watch me.” Peter sassed, before scritching under your arms, making you squeak with laughter. 
…. “I’m sorry I made you cry...” Peter said softly, looking into your eyes. 
You both sat a moment.  “I love you, Peter.” You whispered, tackling him in a hug.
 He laughed and hugged you back.  
 “Are you still my best friend?” He asked.   
End of Memories 
You gasped and looked at Thor. He gave you a knowing smile.    
“Are you still confused, Y/n?” Thor asked, still grinning.   
“No… What was that?” You stared in shock.    
“That cup may have a bit of magic.” Thor whispered.  
  “We have to go back. I need to get back to Peter. I need to tell him the truth. That… he is the best friend that I never could have ever dreamed of. He’s more.” You cried tears of joy.   
“Okay, okay, but how about something to take home with you first.” Thor said with a smirk.  
 “Having a heart-to-heart are we?” Loki teased, leaning in the doorway. 
Your eyes went wide and you looked at Thor. 
  “It’s alright Y/n. Don't mention this to anyone on earth, okay?” Thor chuckled, taking your hand. 
You nodded and walked with Loki and Thor. Loki made you nervous, but you tried to hide it. You soon warmed up to him though as he was kind to you.   
“I think I know just the color for you.” Loki said, as the three of you stood in front of a large mirror in a bedroom. 
You did feel super underdressed for Asgard. Loki swung open a beautiful wardrobe and began shuffling through dresses. Thor began playing with your hair. 
“We always wanted a little sister.” Thor admitted. 
You smiled at yourself as you watched Thor braid your hair.   
“This is the one.” Loki announced, holding up a dress that you couldn’t help but gasp at.   
“For me?!” You asked.
Thor and Loki nodded. They left so you could put it on. 
  You twirled in front of the mirror in your floor length, long sleeved, lavender Asgardian dress. You felt like a princess.  
 “You look lovely!” Loki said with a clap.  
 “Thank you, Loki.” You smiled.  
 “I’m glad you like it, because it’s yours, Princess.” Thor said.  
 “Oh… It’s- oh my goodness! Thank you!” You exclaimed, hugging both of them.   
“Wear it home. Maybe they will go easy on you.” Loki winked. 
A twinge of fear rushed to your stomach at the thought of being in trouble when you got home, but it went away when you thought of Peter. You had to get home.
“I didn’t know what was going on.” Bucky said to Tony. 
Tony had just explained to Steve, and now Bucky what you talked to him about this morning. 
  “We need to make sure she knows she can come to us.” Steve said. 
Bucky agreed.  “I know I haven’t been around long, but I know my daughter. She’s not in love with him.” Bucky smiled.
The three of them sat in silence for a few seconds.  
“THAHAHANK GAHAHAD!” Steve burst out laughing, soon to be joined by Bucky and Tony.
When their laughter subsided, Tony spoke. “I just want her to come home already.”  
“I have a feeling she’s on her way.” Bucky mused. 
“Yeah… She can’t stand to be away from me for more than-” Steve looked at his watch. “More than two hours.” Steve giggled, referencing your “soft spot” for him.
“Heimdall, can we land close to Peter Par-” You were cut off by him nodding. 
You shook his hand. “Thank you, sir.” You held onto Thor and you were sent home.
 You kept your eyes open this time. 
You and Thor landed in the middle of the woods.   
 “What’s Peter doing here?” You asked.   
 “I’m not sure, but we aren’t far from the cabin. I’m going to walk back. You talk to him.” Thor said, pointing down a trail.  
You looked down the trail and you could see the edge of the lake. You followed it, and found Peter sitting in the grass next to the shimmering water. It was sunset. A nice breeze blew through your hair. You were happy to be back here. You were happy to see Peter.  
 “Peter?” You asked, standing behind him. 
  “Y/N!” Peter exclaimed, jumping to his feet and wrapping you in a hug.
 “Where have you been?” He asked, gripping your upper arms, looking into your eyes. 
They were red, as if he’d been crying.  
“Have you been crying?” You asked sadly. 
  “A little. I was worried about you! Wow, you look beautiful.” Peter said.   
“Thank you… I went to Asgard for a few hours.” You said, casually. 
  “Before I ask you a billion questions about the other realm you just traveled to, I have a more important one- Why?”
You took a deep breath, and sat down in the grass, he did the same.  
“I thought I was in love with you.” You said, then slowly looked into his sorrowful eyes. 
“When you mentioned MJ, I got lost in my emotions, and made Thor take me away from here. It was stupid, but- I was scared.”   
“Have you returned with an answer?” Peter asked hesitantly.  
 “Yes… wait here.” You ordered, and stood up to limp off into the woods. 
Peter looked at you confused when you returned with the golden cup.  
 “Woah! This is so cool! Is this from Asgar-” 
 “Drink from it.” You smiled.  
“Uhh.. it’s not a love potion, is it?” Peter asked, his eyes wide.  
“No! This isn’t Harry Potter!” You laughed, smacking his arm. 
“Drink. It’s my memories.”  
 “Okay.” Peter sighed, trusting you, and sipped from the cup. 
Peter looked at you with tears in his eyes. 
 “Now you know how I feel about you… You can see why I might have been confused- the strength of my love for you. You're the best friend I waited my entire life for. You’re so special to me and I’m going to love you forever.” You smiled, tears in your eyes as well. 
 Peter took your hands in his.  
 “Y/n I can’t even live without you now. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you. That’s why I was so worried today. When you got hurt last night, I was so scared… You mean so much to me too. You changed my life by showing how you overcame your past and grew so much. How strong it made you. It helped me be better.” Peter cried. 
You tackled him to the grass in a hug and you both cried.  
Peter sat up, bringing you with him, and wiped your tears. His face was tear stained, his nose red along with yours.  
 “I can’t stop crying!” You laughed.  
 “Well, good thing I always know how to make you.” He said, snuggling you to his chest. 
 “Oh this does help.” You smiled.  
 “You know what else helps?” Peter asked, playfulness very evident in his voice. 
  “Oh no- let me guess.” You said sarcastically.   
“Yo! What’s with the attitude huh?” Peter teased, pinning you down in the grass, and digging into your hips. 
You went straight into belly laughter and started trying to thrash around. “NOHOHO NOT THERE! ANYWHERE BUT THERE!” 
 “Wow! I don’t tickle you here nearly enough! I’ll make sure to remember.” He smirked, raising an eyebrow at you. 
You blushed and tried to give him an evil look, but it didn’t work. He just laughed and kept tickling your hips for minutes. 
“Haha okahahay.” He said after a while. He tapped his chin as if he was thinking very hard about something. “Oh I know! Tummy tickles time!” He announced. 
“Ohohoho no! NOHAHAHAT THERE!” You shouted repeating yourself. 
“Not there! Not there! Not there!” Peter mocked, darting his fingers around your torso with each “not there.”  
You laughed so hard that you couldn’t breathe and had to force yourself to gasp for air even though the only thing you wanted to do was laugh.   
“I love my Y/n so much I just gotta tickle her!” Peter growled through gritted teeth, digging harshly into your ribs. 
Laughter wasn’t enough for that one. Nope. That made you scream.  
“HAHAHA! THAT’S BAD ISN’T IT!” Peter laughed evilly, continuing to tickle that way. 
You nodded your head as you silent-laughed.  
“I know you love the tickle monster!” Peter said in such a ruthlessly teasing way, as he wiggled his fingers in your super ticklish armpits. “Everyone knows it!”  
 “NO!” You managed to lie through your laughter. You thought you would’ve learned that this was never a good idea by now, but you just couldn’t help it.   
“Oh yeah? Well I’m gonna make you tell the truth!” Peter giggled, before pinning your arms above your head. 
You expected him to blow a raspberry, but he just nuzzled the left crook of your neck. You were a giggling mess. The next thing he did was new. You’d never had this happen before. It was new and unexpected. And it tickled. BAD. Peter blew a raspberry, not on either side of your neck, but the front of your neck.  Both you and Peter were shocked. 
 “Oh I can’t imagine how bad that tickles.” Peter said, shaking his head. 
 “I swear I’m gonna show you one day.” You said trying to sound angry, but of course, you loved it. 
 “Bet.” Peter blew another one in the same spot and you belly laughed so hard. “Now, say you love the tickle monster!” Peter warned, leaning back down towards your neck.  
 “Awww come on, Peter!” You whined. 
He didn’t hesitate to blow another one. You laughed so hard your abs ached.  
 “Peheheheterrrr!”He went back to scratching under your arms. “You better say it! Or I’m gonna do it again!” 
Butterflies swarmed in your belly. Peter pinned your arms above your head again and you tensed. He nuzzled into your neck and snuck his way to the front blowing the biggest, sloppy, ticklish raspberry. The buzz sent chills up your spine and laughter poured out of your lips. 
 “I LOVE THE TICKLE MONSTER! STOP!” You yelled and Peter let you go. You rolled over catching your breath. 
 “I love you, Y/n.” Peter said, some seriousness returning to his tone.
You sat up. “I know… I love you, Peter.” 
 “I know… Ready to go back to the cabin?” 
 “I am. I’m scared I’m going to be in trouble, but I don’t care. I’ve been away from Steve for like… hours.” You joked. You were kind of serious though.  
  Something changed in you and Peter’s relationship that day. It was made stronger. You were happy you had your answer, and so was Peter. After this, he knew he would always be there for you, no matter how old you two got, no matter where life took you. In the meantime, he made sure to snuggle you more, hug you more, and, of course, tickle you more. 
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iridescent-petrichor · a year ago
100 bad days
Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader
Warnings: Steve gets into a fight
Words: 1.2K
A/N: holy SHIT I haven’t written anything in so long. I’ve been swamped with schoolwork but this is very very loosely based off 100 bad days by AJR because every AJR song gives me Steve Harrington vibes // also if this is bad i apologize it’s really late and i wrote this all in one without proof reading
“Remember last year when you invited Tommy and Carol over and we all got super drunk?”
Steve let out a loud laugh, throwing his head back against the bathroom wall. “God, and I broke both of my thumbs!”
You shifted your spot on the floor so you could face him better. “I still don’t know how you managed to do that, I mean Carol and I left so she could throw up and I was gone for five minutes!”
He groaned, covering his face with his hands. “Oh my god, I felt so dumb.”
When the laughter died down the only sound around you was the bass from the music playing at the party outside the room. Steve looked up from his hands, smile still wide on his face.
“Nothing, I just like hanging out with you.” He muttered. “I’m glad we went to this party.”
“We’ve barely been out there.” Steve laughed, and you took the opportunity to admire him. It was no secret that Steve Harrington was attractive. “I like hanging out with you too. And I’m glad we dropped Tommy and Carol.”
“God, yeah. A lot less drinking too much.” He nodded.
“A lot less throwing up in your bathroom.”
“Yeah, that’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me in a bathroom.” Steve laughed dryly, and you sucked in a breath.
Right. Nancy.
It had been about four months since they’d broken up, and you still didn’t know if he was even over her.
After a short pause, Steve stood up, holding his hand out to you.
“Wanna get back out there?” He asked, hoping to relieve the sudden tension in the room.
With a nod, you took his hand and followed him out of the bathroom. Your hands lingered for a moment once you left the cramped bathroom, before they both fell to your sides. You held back a frown at the lack of warmth in your hand, smiling up at Steve as you moved through the crowd to get to the punch.
You grabbed two cups, filling them and handing one off to Steve before moving towards the makeshift dancefloor in the living room of Stacy Thompson’s house.
“Come on, it’ll be fun!” You had to raise your voice over the music, not caring to turn to see if Steve was following you. You knew he was.
By the time you reached the dancefloor, the song changed to a song you knew. Excitedly, you turned to Steve, grabbing his free hand in yours. He jumped back, raising his drink in an attempt to keep it from spilling on the expensive carpet.
“Whoa!” He says, a smile growing on his face.
“Dance with me, Steve!” You pull him towards the middle of the room, haphazardly taking a sip of your punch.
Reluctantly, he set his drink down on a nearby table and began to sway along to the music with you. You downed the rest of the punch and tossed it behind you with a grin. Steve sighed, mimicking the smile on your face as he took your other hand.
The moment was nice, and you prayed to anyone listening that nothing would ruin it.
Evidently no one was listening, because it wasn’t long before you felt cold liquid spill down the back of your shirt followed by all too familiar laughter.
“Fucking- shit!” You shrieked, reeling back and nearly falling into Steve’s arms.
“Oh, whoops. I think you got a little something-” Tommy’s smug face made you want to scream, but you stood stock still as the punch seeped into your shirt.
“Tommy, what the hell?” You don’t hear Steve get angry often, so the sternness in his voice makes your gaze snap from Tommy to him.
“It was an accident, Stevie-boy!” Tommy sneered, and you couldn’t help but notice that a couple people were staring. You suddenly regretted wanting to be in the middle of the dancefloor, sinking closer to Steve.
“I’m sure.” He muttered, placing a protective hand on your arm before stepping forward.
“What’re you gonna do Stevie, hit me? You couldn’t even take the Byers freak.” His voice was low, and you felt Steve’s grip tighten on your arm.
When he didn’t react, Tommy laughed loudly, turning to the kids around you that were paying attention.
“Would you look at that, King Steve really has turned bitch! Next thing you know your little girlfriend over here won’t be able to stand you either-” Steve’s fist connected with his face before he could say another word. You jumped back, eyes wide, barely registering that Tommy called you his girlfriend.
The world felt like it was in slow motion as you watched Tommy stumble to the ground, hand clutching his cheek. He was quick to recover, jumping back up and throwing a punch Steve’s way. You cringed, reaching out and grabbing Steve’s shirt gently to try to pull him from the fight. Tommy looked your way, his smile turning into more of a grimace.
“What, do you need your little pet to protect you from the big bad bullies of Hawkins High?” He reached for your arm, and before you could react Steve had Tommy on the ground.
“Don’t fucking call her that.” You heard before Steve threw another punch.
It didn’t take an idiot to realize Steve was clearly winning the fight, keeping Tommy on the ground as he hurled insults you didn’t care to listen to. While he wasn’t actively hurting Tommy anymore, you didn’t know how long it would be before someone like Billy would come along and decided to defend the shitbag.
“Steve!” He finally looked up when you spoke. You grabbed his arm, pulling him up onto his feet and towards the exit. He let you drag him outside of the house, only stopping in front of his car. “Jesus, Steve.” You muttered, folding your arms and sighing.
“Sorry, I uh, think I got a bit carried away there.” He kept his gaze on the sidewalk, hands in his pockets now.
“Well, thank you for defending my honor I guess.” Despite how worried you were about the growing bruise on Steve’s cheek, you cracked a smile.
“Yeah.” A ghost of a smile made its way onto Steve’s face before he fished his keys out of his pocket and unlocking his car.
When Steve started to drive back to your place, you glanced at his fist. A sigh escaped your lips as you realized you’d have to clean Steve up after recklessly getting into a fight again.
At least he won this time. You thought, remembering all too well the day Jonathan rightfully kicked his ass.
Steve put the car in park, and you looked outside to see that you were already at your house.
“Come on.” You said, getting out of the car. He gave you a strange look before complying.
“Why?” He asked as he followed you up the driveway and into your home.
“Well, someone’s gotta clean you up.” You grabbed his uninjured hand, pulling him up the stairs to the bathroom.
“Funny how we always end up here.” Steve smiles, taking a seat on the ground
“Funny how you keep getting into trouble.” You retort, grabbing the first aid kit under the sink and getting to work.
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myreygn · a year ago
Ten minutes
I admit, I’m weak for lee!Iwaizumi. Enjoy my little OS! (I’m sorry @ragewerthers, I haven’t forgotten your prompt and I’m working on it, this one just needed to be written. Maybe it helps you waiting. :))
“Oh, look who we have here! Hey ho, Non-genius and Scary Ace!”
Iwaizumi rolled his eyes and grabbed Oikawa's jacket when the setter twirled to bark something very impolite at Ushijima Wakatoshi, as stern as always, and Tendou Satori who'd just given them these stupid nicknames.
“Don't you dare to call me that, you jerk!”
Iwaizumi slapped his friend on the back of the head and threw an angry glare at the two boys in front of them. “What do you want, idiots?”
“Nothing”, Ushijima responded calmly and Iwaizumi could literally hear the rising level of fury in Oikawa. “We just saw you and thought that we might as well greet you. You're up to Karasuno in your next game, aren't you?”
“Yeah!”, Oikawa hissed and unsnapped his jacket from the strong grip holding it, stepping towards the two Shiratorizawa players. “And if you don't screw up before, we'll get you after that, you hear me, peasants?! We'll go to the nationals and you won't stop us!”
“No need to be so rude, Oikawa.” Ushijima lifted his left eyebrow a millimeter. “You're not like that when we meet alone. Are you that brave because you have Iwaizumi with you? Let me tell you that he wouldn't be a contrary to me in case of a fistfight.”
The problem with Ushijima Wakatoshi wasn't exactly what he was saying, it was more that he was serious about every single word coming out of his mouth. Iwaizumi never knew how to deal with such a brutal honesty. He couldn't blame someone for being honest after all.
Oikawa's face went bright red and he gritted his teeth. “Of course not! I don't need Iwa-ch... Hajime to whoop your complacent butt, Ushijima! Leave!”
It took Iwaizumi a moment to realize that Oikawa was talking to him. “What, me?”
“Yes, you! Get outta here, I need to have a talk with this ox!”
“And where shall I go? The match starts in half an hour!”
“I don't  know, go … into that storeroom. We'll be done in 15 minutes!”
Before Iwaizumi could protest in any way, Tendou grabbed his upper arm and pulled him into the small storeroom Oikawa was pointing at. “Come on buzzkill, leave them to their discussion.”
Boom, the door was shut and darkness fell on the two students.
“Hey, you can't just kidnap me!”
“I wouldn't call that kidnapping. More like guiding you since you were going to be a buzzkill.”
“I'm not a buzzkill! Dry up, spitfire!”
Tendou chuckled. “Calm down a bit you buzzkill. Am I not allowed to make a joke?”
Iwaizumi ignored him and listened for the sirens of an ambulance; he heard Oikawa and his friend was obviously shouting, but he couldn't understand him. The door had to be very thick.
“So, Karasuno, huh?”, Tendou asked after a few seconds of silence. “You're nervous?”
“None of your business. Better focus on your guessing skills or else you won't be able to block me!”
“Ah, you're nervous, I knew it.”
Iwaizumi held back a growl. That snarky bastard.
“I don't think that you need to worry.”
“You don't know Karasuno.”
“But you're Seijouh's scary ace, Iwa-chan.”
Iwaizumi turned to where he presumed the middle blocker in the dark so fast that he tumbled a bit and fell with his back against the door. “Don't call me that!”
“Woah, don't freak out, it's just a nickname.”
Not your nickname!
“Are you alright, buzzkill? Sounded like you were falling.”
Iwaizumi heard some rustling as Tendou came closer and then, suddenly, a hand stroke, presumably by accident, his hip. Out of reflex he flinched to the side and realized a second later that there was nothing to lean on when he found himself on the floor.
No reaction from those outside the room; They were probably bickering too loud to hear them.
“Hoosha! Now you fell, right? Oh wait, here's a light switch!”
It clicked, then a dimmed light bulb flickered at the ceiling. Iwaizumi screwed up his eyes and after blinking a few times, he recognized Tendou, standing over him and … grinning?
“What was that, Scary Ace? I didn't push you. So tell me, why did you fall?”
Iwaizumi went bright red within a second. “Lost my balance.”
“Yeah, I know. But why? I only stroke your hip.”
He knows. Shit. He knows.
“It's nothing.” Iwaizumi felt his mouth getting dry. “Just help me up already.”
“I don't think I will.” Tendou turned of the light and in the darkness, the ace heard his smug voice suddenly a lot closer. “There's something I'd like to try before. I hope you don't mind.”
“Mind wahaht!”
The last part of his sentence came out in a surprised laugh when he felt some fingers scribbling over his tummy, his thin t-shirt doing nothing to protect his sensitive body. Fuckfuckfuck!
“Tickle you, Hajime.” Tendou sounded way to happy with the new discovered weakness as he placed himself on the smaller one's thighs to keep him from squirming too much. “This is going to be fun, don't you think? I mean, you always look so angry, a little tickling will relax your mind.”
“Shihihihit dohohon't!” Iwaizumi couldn't stop the embarrassing giggles slipping out of his mouth when Tendou's long fingers explored the are around his abs. He tried to grab them, but the tickling had weakened him a  bit already and it was easy for the redhead to pin his hands under his knees.
“Don't tickle you? Have you already reached your limit, Hajime?” It drove Iwaizumi crazy that Tendou called him by his first name. “No, I don't think so. There must be worse spots than your abs. Giggling is cute and all, but I'd like to hear your laugh.”
Iwaizumi bucked his hips and shrieked when the evil fingers suddenly moved up and down his sides. “Nahahahao Tehendohou stahahap!”
“Ah, that's better! But you're so loud all the time, why is your laughing so muffled?”
Iwaizumi could literally hear the mischievous grin in the taller one's voice. “Are you trying to hold back, Hajime? Are you afraid people will hear you? Is this a little secret of yours?”
The ace whined and Tendou giggled. “Oh, I see! These ten minutes left are going to be over in a second, now that we got a bit entertainment!”
“Ten minutes?” That was it was Iwaizumi wanted to ask. But he hadn't planned on Tendou's hands slipping into his jacket and starting to count his ribs. “TeAHAHA NONONONO DAHAHAON'T!”
“Alright, that's what I've been talking about! Show me your laugh, Hajime!”
Oh crap, this was so embarrassing! Iwaizumi couldn't remember the last time that he had been in that kind of situation. His ticklishness had been surprisingly secret to his teammates over the last years and Tendou Satori wasn't someone he'd wanted to discover it. Not that he wanted it to be discovered at all, but out of all people, Tendou Satori …
“Y'know, that's a bit like playing the piano. If you imagine the music, it's like your ribs were the keys. Remembers me of my childhood when I took a few piano lessons.” Small talk while being tickled to death. Amazing. “Can you play on an instrument? You look like a drummer or e-guitarist. Something hard and loud. Can you sing? Probably not.”
Iwaizumi almost threw Tendou off of him when the middle blocker's fingers dug into his armpits. “Doesn't matter though. No one needs to sing when his laughter is as precious as yours!”
The ace was surprised that Oikawa and Ushijima couldn't hear his booming laughter; were they really fighting that loud? He wasn't sure if he should be relieved or not. On the one hand he would rather die than having anyone, especially not Ushijima or someone who'd tell it Makki and Mattsun, to see him like that and therefor it was actually good that nobody came to his rescue. On the other hand it tickled really fucking bad.
Tendou clicked his tongue when Iwaizumi started wheezing. “Bad spot, huh? Yeah, I understand you. Tsutomu always cries when I tickle him there.” His left armpit was continued to be tortured while a hand felt if his cheeks were already wet. They were. “But I guess you're actually even more ticklish than my dear Kouhai! Were did I touch you earlier?”
Iwaizumi felt panic rising within his chest when Tendou intensified the tickling in his armpits.
“I mean, it made you topple, it must've been a bad spot. Maybe even your dead spot!” His torturer sounded way too excited. “Was it … here?”
Iwaizumi was so done with the world.
“Jackpot”, Tendou sang as he squeezed his victim's hips and poked and prodded the bones.
“No way, you actually said please!” Tendou chuckled. “That's awesome! Well, we still have like five minutes left. Now that I found the most important spots – let the fun begin!”
The following five minutes were officially the worst of his life. Since it was dark he never knew where the Guess Monster would attack and it seemed to make him even more ticklish than he already was. If that was possible.
Tendou poked his sides, brushed over his neck, scribbled all over his torso and his hips, oh god, his hips grew to Iwaizumi's most hated body part within these five minutes. How were they so sensitive?
Nevermind his pride. He needed help, right now. At this point he was probably going to die of laughter if Tendou continued his torture. And as if god sent him an angel …
“What are you guys doing there?”
Tendou slowed down his tickling and grinned up at Oikawa and Ushijima who had just opened the door and now looked down at the happy redhead and the wheezing ace on the ground.
“Nothing spectacular. I just tickled dear Hajime a bit.”
And then, finally, the tickling stopped.
“An incredibly cute teammate you got there, Oikawa!” Tendou stood up and headed to the exit. “He's not as scary as he looks once you got him to be a giggling mess.” Iwaizumi saw him waving through the tears in his eyes. “See ya, Hajime! Hope you're already as excited as me!”
Then they left and Iwaizumi just lay there on the ground, trying to catch his breath. Oikawa starred at him in disbelief when he offered him a hand and still did when they walked towards the gym where their teammates were practicing already.
“He tickled you?”
“For like ten minutes.”
Oikawa grinned widely. “I'm sorry, how did I not know you were ticklish?”
Iwaizumi shot him a glare. “Don't you dare to mention that to anyone!”
The time seemed to stop when they kept eye contact for a few moments and all Iwaizumi could do was shouting “STAY HERE” when the setter suddenly rushed towards the gym. He would've followed him, but he was still exhausted and so he reached the gym a bunch of seconds after Oikawa had already entered.
And that was where he faced  his doom: Giggling Kouhais, evil grinning Makki and innocently whistling Mattsun. And Oikawa of course, full of visible excitement. It was the moment when Iwaizumi realized that their way back to school would be another torturous trip for him.
Tendou Satori was so going to pay for this!
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drawlfoy · 2 years ago
Faux Diplomacy p.1
Tumblr media
pairing: draco x femilvermornymugglebornslytherin(a mouthful i know)!reader
request: no, i’ve just always wanted to write this
warnings: explicit language, mentions of drinking, and most importantly, the reader has a moment where she thinks of inducing vomiting (not for a disorder but for a reason totally unrelated). if you’re sensitive to that then i suggest maybe skipping the part where she describes the slytherin boy dormitories. also, drink “spiking” (not date rape drugs though, just veritaserum)
summary: ilvermorny exchange fic during 6th year. reader is sorted into slytherin along with nearly all of the other exchange students. they realize they may be there for another reason than just for diplomacy when they discover that all of them are muggleborn. slow burn for’re supposed to hate him in the beginning.
a/n: i drafted this in the very beginning of summer without the intent of showing it to anyone, so this is a pretty large step in my writing journey. feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in the replies, i’m always here to hear them! more requests are coming soon and i’ll try and whip out another original idea once i slough through the requests i have right now. also: the best friend and the reader are going to be very affectionate, and i apologize if that’s not your thing. it’s just how i interact with my friends and i like to insert my favorite people in my stories, even when it isn’t very smooth. also if you’re wondering why i have so many fics based in 6th year it’s because i always found that to be the hottest year for draco lmao
music recs: i listened to a lot of lorde when i wrote this for some reason. i couldn’t tell you why but i did lol
word count: 2,038
“This is ridiculous.”
I turned around to look at my roommate and best friend, Bella, who was sitting sprawled out on my bed and repeated the sentiment.
“This is ridiculous. My application status is still ‘review’, and everyone else already got their acceptance letter. Do you think it means they’re trying to find a nice way to reject me?”
Bella rolled her eyes in exasperation.
“Jesus Christ Y/N, with your grades and qualifications, they’d be a fool to not let you go. I got in. Hell, even Peter got in!”
Her comment made me crack a smile. Peter was in our year, sure, but a whole idiot. He was probably the lowest ranked person in Y/I/H. His parents were super loaded, though.
“Plus,” Bella added, “Hogwarts doesn’t have much experience with muggle electronics. I hear they switched to electric acceptances for foreign matters for efficiency purposes since they were so sick of losing owls over the Atlantic. They’re a bunch of old geezers that might still be looking for the send button on your acceptance email.”
“Wait.” Y/N froze as she saw something pop up in her inbox from Hogwarts’ administration. “I think they sent me something.”
Suddenly, the hot August air was more stifling than ever. Y/N had an urge to get up and open her window, but she couldn’t leave her laptop. Her eyes were glued to the email.
“You gonna open it, or...” 
“YES! Fine, I’ll do it.” Y/N’s hand clicked on the email and hid her face. Bella’s hands began prying her fingers away from her face. 
“You’ve gotta see it, Y/N. You’ve gotta look!”
Y/N allowed her hands to drop, peering at the screen in front of her. 
No way. No way.
It took her a minute to actually comprehend the words “Congratulations!” on the screen, but once she did, her entire body began vibrating with electricity.
“Oh my GOD!”
“We’re going to Hogwarts together!” Bella shrieked, jumping off Y/N’s bed and grabbing her. The two girls clung to each other while Bella spun them in circles until they fell on the bed with dizziness.
After the Hogwarts acceptance letter, Ilvermorny reached out to the students as well to detail their departure. The 16 students selected--a rather odd number, Y/N thought--were to meet on the Ilvermorny grounds at 6am on September 1st. Dumbledore himself had prepared 4 portkeys for the students and expected them to teleport to Hogwarts using them.
As far as Y/N was concerned, this day couldn’t come soon enough. It was time for her to get away from the loudness of America.
The first thing Y/N saw was a very old witch standing in front of her small group of peers. She was wearing a traditional witch hat, something no one ever did back in America.
“Welcome, students.” Y/N was taken aback by just how delicate her voice was. She always forgot how diverse accents were in Europe. “I am Professor McGonagall. We are so pleased to have you joining us for this school year.” 
The elegant old lady fiddled with her eyeglasses before she continued.
“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears as though there won’t be enough time to sort each and every one of you. We do have a rather large group of first years and would prefer to keep things moving along.” 
Everyone groaned in unison. Who did this lady think she was, taking away their chances at being sorted by the infamous Sorting Hat?
“Thankfully,” she continued, “The head of the Slytherin house, Professor Snape, was gracious enough to take all of you in. It appears as though there are exactly 16 open beds in their dorm, so it works famously. I expect you all to behave yourselves and represent your country well so that we’ll consider taking exchange students next year. We have no qualms with sending students home who don’t follow the rules.”
Everyone nodded, nervously glancing around the group. Y/N couldn’t help but wonder if people were going to be sent home, or if that was simply an empty threat.
“Well, come along then!”
McGonagall ushered the nervous group of witches and wizards across the courtyard and into a giant dining hall, much larger than the one Ilvermorny boasted.
As the students entered, the soft chatter that had filled the room faded away as the Hogwarts students examined the newcomers. Whispers replaced the chatter once they saw a magical display above them unfurl an american flag.
So much for getting away from that obnoxious American stereotype Y/N thought bitterly. What’s next, magical reenactments of the Vietnam War?
“Students,” McGonagall called. “Sit at the Slytherin table.”
A long but well kept fingernail motioned to the long table on the right side, filled with students wearing green.
“Good thing green looks great on both of us!” Bella whispered into Y/N’s ear. She giggled. 
“Yellow and red wash me out. We got lucky.”
Unfortunately for the girls, everyone else had gotten to the table first, leaving only two open seats open. When they saw who was across from them, they began to understand why they were the least desirable seats.
One platinum haired boy and a dark haired girl occupied the seats, both wearing disgusted looks. 
“Hello, I’m-” Y/N’s timid attempt at an introduction was cut short when the dark haired girl cut in.
“We know why you’re here.”
“Excuse me?” Bella looked ready to kill.
“She said,” the blond boy met Y/N’s eyes, “We know why you’re here.”
“Uh...yeah, the weather’s great this time of year.” Y/N tried to push for a laugh, but clearly it wasn’t coming.
“No, you idiot.” The girl raised one eyebrow. “Do you not know?”
“Well, whatever you think you know wasn’t deemed important enough to mention to US, so fuck off,” Bella answered.
“Jesus, Bella, we can at least be nice,” Y/N interjected. “Can you tell us? We probably already know, but sti-”
“No.” The blond boy looked slightly amused at our curiosity. “You’re right. It’s so important that of course you would know. Pansy and I are just playing with you. That’s all you mudbloods are good for, anyways.”
Y/N’s jaw dropped. Blood purity discrimination? That shit was outlawed years ago in the US. If anyone even mentioned the term “muggleborn” in a less than positive light, they were blacklisted. 
“What did you just call us?”
“Perhaps you need to get your ears checked,” the girl shot back. “You heard him.”
Y/N sucked in a breath. She’d woken up at 5 for this. 
“So tell me, Pansy.” Y/N leaned over the table. “Was it an accident? Or were you just born with a pug face?”
The girl turned bright red but maintained her composure. 
“I’m sick of talking to you,” she finally said.
“Oh, bitch, you got her!” Bella was cackling to Y/N in the privacy of her dorm room. “You were like, ‘do tell me’, and the second those words left your lips, I was like, oh no, here it comes...”
They both ugly laughed on the bed together until their sides hurt. 
“Blondie was kind of hot though,” Y/N admitted.
“Kind of. I guess, if you’re into racists.” 
“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not.” Y/N chucked a pillow at Bella/s head, just narrowly missing it and instead hitting her suitcase. 
A knock on their door sounded, stopping their shenanigans. Bella crept up to open it and saw Laurel, another girl from their year, with a few other kids.
“The Slytherins are throwing a welcome party for us in the common room,” Lucy informed them. “The nice ones are, at least.”
“There’s nice Slytherins?” Bella asked sarcastically. “Whatever. We’re in. Give us a minute to get dressed.”
Lucy nodded, shutting the door. Y/N could hear their footsteps walk away from their room.
The two rushed to get out of the sad looking sweats they were planning to sleep in, Y/N opting for a skirt and a short sleeved shirt. She’d always been a fan of old-fashioned plaid.
Y/N did not get drunk. It was the unspoken rule between her and Bella: one of them drinks, the other one sips and plays the mom friend. Y/N was always the mom, something she didn’t mind that much, but at the welcome party, she indulged in two cups of firewhiskey. She held her liquor well anyways, and it wasn’t like anyone had to drive. 
A few hours had gone by when a Slytherin girl who introduced herself as Daphne Greengrass stood on a table and yelled, “Everyone, quiet!”
The music quieted a little and the chatter erased itself as the room waited on her words.
“In Slytherin tradition,” the Greengrass girl said, “We’re going to play a game of Truth or Dare. The Firewhiskey has been laced with Veritaserum, so if you’re choosing truth, beware! We’re playing around this table!”
With that, Daphne stepped down and all the Ilvermorny students stood frozen. Y/N couldn’t believe that the Slytherins spiked their drinks. She also couldn’t believe the fact that she accepted drinks from people she didn’t know, violating every bit of party safety rules her father had taught he. He’d be so disappointed.
Against her better judgement, Y/N allowed herself to be pulled to the table by a very intoxicated but very cheerful Bella. She managed a smile--she loved drunk Bella almost more than she loved normal Bella. She’d always heard that people became their true selves when they drank. If that was the case, Bella was the sunniest person to walk the earth.
Unfortunately for Y/N, she was sitting next to Daphne, who announced that the person to the right of her would spin the bottle to see who the question poser would be. That was Y/N.
She sighed, already deciding on asking for a dare. She wasn’t holding back any secrets, but she didn’t want to answer anything with a dumb or embarrassing detail of her life.Y/N spun the bottle, praying for it to land on Bella.
When it stopped, she looked up to meet the eyes of the girl she insulted in the Dining Hall: Pansy.
“Well,” she drawled, a smirk forming on her face,”Truth? Or dare?”
Y/N could nearly see the gears in her head turning to find the cruelest dare she could. Finally, her eyes light up and her smirk deepened.
“You know who I don’t see here?” 
“Draco,” she responded. Y/N noticed Daphne grimace next to her. “Go wake him up and get him to come out. Of course, he probably won’t come out. But you have to at least make a valiant effort.”
“Ok.” Y/N gulped. “Where is he?”
“I’m going to assume his room.” The Slytherins surrounding her chuckled. “But if you want specifics: last door on the right of the boy’s dormitories. Zabini will let you in. You can go now.”
Y/N stumbled off with the boy she assumed was Zabini. He opened the door for her, whispering the password under his breath and looking almost sorry for her. “Good luck.”
The dormitories were exponentially cooler than the common room, and Y/N felt herself shiver at the sensation of the air on her bare skin. The stone walls and flooring made her feel as though she was in a dungeon, something she found to be an interesting choice for a house with so many wealthy students.
Y/N slowly crept towards the furthest door on the right, pondering her options. She could, of course, just come back and lie, saying he didn’t answer. Then she remembered the Veritaserum in her drink. Maybe if she tried hard enough, she could get herself to throw it up, but her logical mind struck that idea down. The alcohol was already absorbed and she would have to explain to everyone why there was a pool of bile outside the door she was tasked to knock on. 
There was something else that was nagging at her, though, a morbid curiosity regarding what someone like him could be bothering himself with on a Friday night. If he wasn’t partying, was he sleeping? 
It simply didn’t add up.
Y/N knew what she had to do. She raised her hand to knock on the door.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Pact, Part 8 [Masterlist here]
Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Reader
Taglist: @rissyrapp20 @idkhaylijah @curlyhairedblueeyedangel @hides2000 @dolans-lover
Sidenote: for those wondering where we are in the timeline of TWD, I placed it loosely around the time where they’ve got the prison going nicely. It’s been a while since I watched TWD but I’m talking about before they get sick in the prison. There’s also another music recommendation in this chapter! Basically this song is what gave me the idea for the story in the first place. I hope you find it fits the situation as well as I did. 
“Maggie was supposed to gather some supplies. We’re doing well at the prison but we ran out of baby formula-”
“Baby formula? You have a baby? In a prison?” Y/N interrupted Glenn. All four of them stood in the living room of the house they had met in front, a town map on the table in front of them. Glenn had marked the store where Maggie had intended to go, as well as the route she usually took to get there.
Elijah shot Y/N a look that told her not to interrupt Glenn, but she couldn’t help it. She hadn’t seen a baby in the last four years after all, this kind of news was big. Carol nodded. “We do. We’re quite a big group of people actually, if you end up finding what you’re looking for...” Carol’s gaze wandered from Y/N to Elijah, something that Y/N didn’t notice. “...if you end up finding what you’re looking for, you could join us. That is, if you answer our three questions right.” Carol’s gaze still didn’t leave Elijah’s face, and he stared back at her with a grim expression.
“Carol, can we please focus?” Glenn tapped on a spot on the map. “This is the store she was trying to get to. It’s cleared out and unless someone broke in, there’s no way for walkers to enter there. We should start here.” While the rest of them started to form a search plan, Carol kept rather quiet, her eyes still focused on Elijah. He could feel her eyes boring into him and he could only hope that Y/N didn’t notice.
The two of them had greeted Elijah like an old friend, hugs and smiles included. In these times, when people left, you could never be sure you ever saw them again, and Elijah could tell that they were genuinely pleasantly surprised by running into him.
“What are you doing here? Where’s Steve?” Carol and Steve had gotten along well in the time they had spent together, bonding over the mutual experience of being a parent to someone. It was only natural that she would ask for him. When Elijah didn’t reply right away, the smile fell from Carol’s face and Glenn cursed under his breath.
“When? How?” It was sad that these two little words could turn into such loaded questions. Elijah averted her gaze and cleared his throat.
“A few months back. Walkers got him.”
The silence that followed pressed on Elijah’s ears. The three of them mourned their friend for a moment, each of them thinking back to a moment with Steve that they had enjoyed. Elijah however could only think about Y/N and the guilt of keeping her in the dark.
“What are you guys doing here?” He tried changing the subject, but from the look on Carol’s face, he could tell it didn’t slip her attention.
“It’s Maggie. She hasn’t come home from what was supposed to be a routine run.” Glenn rubbed his face. He looked tired, worn out from the worry.
“My apologies. Is there anything we can do?”
“We?” Carol’s tone was sharp, and it poked right where his conscience was guilt-tripping him too.
“...right. There is something you should know.”
“Alright then, that’s the plan. You guys check out this side of the town, and Elijah and I take the other part. You guys got walkie talkies? What frequence are you on?” Y/N clapped her hands together. Somehow, having a straight plan, knowing exactly where to look, it made her feel good. Like they were finally on a good track, even if they weren’t exactly looking for her father. Carol and Glenn had promised to look for signs of her father while they searched their part of the town though, so all of this wouldn’t be in vain. And she knew that her father would have wanted her to help them.
Once they were all prepped, the party split up into groups of two. They had reached peak noon hours and the sun was burning down on them with relentless force. The heat flickered over the pavement and Y/N could tell beads of sweat running down her neck while she and Elijah took the first few streets on their plan.
“How do you know them? When did you guys meet them?” She knew she wasn’t supposed to talk because it made it easier for Elijah to scan the houses, listening intently for any sign of life - or undead, for that matter. But she couldn’t help it. This was the first time in over a year that she had run into someone that knew her father besides Elijah, who, much to Y/N’s dismay, was never very keen on talking about him. She missed her father, and being in the presence of people who had known him just made her miss him more.
She sensed that Elijah hesitated before he replied, and when he spoke, his voice had an edge to it. “A little after your father and I forged our alliance. We met Glenn and a few other men of their group out on a supply run. We joined forces for a while.”
They walked on while Y/N digested his words. She scanned the houses for any sign, anything that might look out of place, even though she knew it was mostly useless. Elijah would hear anything and anyone long before she could see them anyway, but it was a habit. Always be alert. Always check your surroundings. 
“Why do you never want to talk about him?” The question had tumbled from her lips before she knew it. Elijah stopped in his tracks, obviously taken aback by her words. 
“It’s just - I mean, I guess you were friends, right? So why do you never want to talk about him? You always get so cold when I ask you about him.” Y/N shifted uncomfortably and kicked a few stones around. When Elijah didn’t reply, she looked up to find him staring at her with a mix of surprise and... hurt on his face. 
“You know what? Never mind. Forget that I asked.” Y/N hurried on, wanting to leave the uncomfortable situation behind. She already regretted having brought it up at all, considering the look on his face.
“Y/N, wait.” He called out behind her and she stopped, half curious what he was going to say, half worried that he was going to dig into some awful memory that she had opened by accident with her stupid, stupid question. 
“I think it’s time that I tell you someth-” He was cut off by the sound of a gun firing. Y/N and Elijah looked at one another before taking of running into the direction that the sound had come from. They hurried past rows of broken down houses and rusty old cars, Elijah leading the way. While they were running, Elijah drew his machete and Y/N grabbed her axe, both getting mentally ready for a fight before they reached the scene.
Elijah motioned for her to halt in front of an old car shop. They were both breathing heavy, although more from the adrenaline that pursed through their veins rather than the jog here. 
“Stay here.” He motioned for her to stay put, but Y/N wouldn’t have it. 
“Are you crazy? We heard a gunshot! You don’t know what’s inside-” she hissed, but Elijah talked over her.
“And that’s exactly why you’re staying out here.” He headed for the door that hung crooked in its hinges, and despite his orders, Y/N followed him closely at his heels.
“Y/N, wait out here!” He hissed, but she ignored him yet again and slid through the opening. Elijah was about to grab her and pull her back when another shot went off in the garage behind the front desk. Y/N immediately broke into a run for the doors and Elijah had no choice but to follow her if he wanted to protect her and Maggie. Chances were that she was the one firing those shots, which meant that he was in danger, and he was a man of his word. He had promised Glenn that he would help bring Maggie back safe and sound.
Y/N slid to a halt in front of the double doors leading back to the garage and peered through one of the muddy windows. Elijah followed her example and couldn’t help but curse when he saw the insides of the big hall.
“Fuck.” How they slipped under his radar, he had no idea, but there they were - a giant crowd of walkers, roaming around between half-lifted cars, pushed over tool kits and trolleys. And in the middle of them, hanging out of a window of a lifted car was Maggie, yielding a lug wrench and bashing in whatever walker head came in the way of the makeshift weapon.
“I’ll distract them. You go get Maggie out of that car.” Y/N was about to push through the doors when Elijah pulled her back. 
“Have you gone mad? Impossible. I will not risk your life to save another one. I will go inside, whereas you will remain waiting out here.” His brows were furrowed and his tone was stern. With such a large crowd of literal walking danger next to him, next to her, his heart was beating so loud he was sure even she could hear it without supernatural hearing. The mere thought of Y/N ending up hurt, or worse, bitten - he didn’t even dare think about her dying - made his stomach turn. He still hadn’t fully come to terms with what he was feeling for her, not sure what the “what” was yet, but he knew that he would rather die before she got hurt. 
“Elijah, there are too many of them, even for you. What if you get bit? There’s no way I’ll let you go in there alone!” Although she was trying to speak quietly, her last words turned into a shriek. He quickly hushed her and pulled her away from the doors and to the side, afraid one of the undead might hear them. 
“Y/N, this is not a discussion. You will stay out here, even if I have to chain you to the wall.”
“No!” Y/N exclaimed, pushing against him. “I know you want to be the boss of everything, but I won’t let you go alone! I can’t - just - what if you get hurt!”
“I will not get hurt. But I cannot fight knowing you are in there with me, Y/N.”
“Shut the fuck up, Elijah. You can’t fight knowing I’m in there? I can’t stay out here knowing you’re in there. I’m coming with you, and you can’t keep me from doing so. Now let’s go and save Maggie, with each minute that we stand here and fight, we’re wasting valuable time. That car could come crashing down any minute!”
Despite the odd circumstances they were in, surrounded by filth, death and impending danger, with the combined look of desperation and fierceness in Y/N’s eyes, Elijah thought she had never looked more beautiful. And in that moment he didn’t care if he was doing the right thing. 
With one quick move, he spun her around and pinned her between him and the wall. He heard the breath hitch in Y/N’s throat and caught the surprise in her eyes before he leaned his forehead against hers until their noses touched and his lips almost touched hers. 
“Elijah, what-” Y/N began, but left the unspoken question hanging in the air, unfinished. She couldn’t concentrate, her vision seemed to go blurry while all her other senses came to life. She felt electricity buzz where his skin was touching hers, on her nose, her arms where he was holding her, the soft static between them where their bodies almost connected. She could feel his breath on her lips and felt his eyes on her, switching back and forth between her own eyes and lips. Before she could say another word, Elijah leaned in and closed the little gap between them. His lips connected to hers in a harsh, demanding way that left her breathless, but she didn’t care. It was as if his kiss cleared her mind and only left a sense of deep, quiet calmness. In that moment, it didn’t matter that they were about to fight against a bunch of walkers, or that she still hadn’t found her father, or that the world as she knew it had pretty much gone to shit. The only thing that mattered were how his lips felt against hers and how his hands felt on her body. She swung her arms around his neck and pulled him a little closer into him, losing herself in the kiss until a loud banging sound from the garage behind him send them flying apart.
They stood opposite of each other, panting, both trying to make sense of what had just happened. Then a giggle fought its way out of Y/N’s throat, causing Elijah to grin as well. 
“Well, I’m glad we got that out of the way. Now if we can please save that poor man’s girlfriend, so they can do later what we just did.” Y/N steadied herself and grabbed her ax from where it had leaned against the wall. She saw Elijah hesitating and was about to give him another piece of her mind, but then he just nodded.
[Listen to this song.]
“Distract them, and then run. I do not want them in your close proximity. Understood?” He waited for her to nod and she did. He quietly counted to three, and then he kicked the door in, sending it into the crowd and taking a couple of undead with it. 
Y/N rushed into the hall, swinging her ax as she went, leaving a trail of decaying splintered remains behind her. Elijah zoomed around the crowd, chipping away at it from the outside, sending arms, heads and torsos flying.
“Come on you fuckers, follow me! Lunch is over here! Come and get it!” Y/N yelled. She knew she should be scared, but the minute they had set foot into the garage, her fright had made way for an intense adrenaline rush that made her feel powerful and invincible. The herd of walkers was slowly turning their attention away from Maggie and instead focused on Elijah and Y/N, splitting the large crowd in two. Y/N could hear the typical moans and groans growing louder and louder as the number of walkers around her began to grow around her, slowly closing her in, but instead of feeling overpowered, she just felt more determined. She swung her ax relentlessly and brought it down on whatever head  or arm came into her sight, disconnecting jaws from upper mouths, splitting skulls and amputating hands wherever she could. Her blood was pumping in her ears and a thick soup of blood and rotting flesh slowly started to coat her while she hacked away at the party in front of her. 
Elijah made an effort to cause as much havoc as he possibly could. He was proud to see Y/N doing such a good job in a different corner of the hall, although he would have preferred if she had lead the walkers that were following her outside where she could have outrun them. He didn’t have enough time to worry about her though as he was becoming increasingly cornered himself, and a fair amount of hungry undeads were still pushing against the metal bars that kept Maggie’s car up in the air, causing it to shake more than he liked. He continued to chop away with his machete while his other hand decapitated heads all on its own, but the number of walkers didn’t seem to decrease. He was starting to get worried that they might have underestimated the crowd when Carol and Glenn stormed through the backdoor, bringing hellfire with them. 
Between the four of them, their axes, machetes, guns and rifles, they managed to eradicate every single one of the hungry beasts within minutes. Elijah rounded up the most numbers with his supernatural speed, but Y/N, Glenn and Carol killed a great amount themselves. Once Elijah decapitated the last one, he dropped his bloody machete to the ground and patted down his soiled clothes. 
“Well. Wasn’t that fun.” 
Y/N broke into a triumphant grin and made her way over to him to check if he was okay, but Glenn only had eyes for the car. He stumbled over the crowded floor towards the car lift and blinked up at Maggie, who had been watching the show from inside the car, unable to help without injuring herself. 
“Hey babe, you good?” Glenn asked, sounding a little sheepish. He helped Maggie climb out of the car window and the two fell into each other’s arms once she had reached the ground. “You’re a bloody idiot, you know that,” Maggie whined into his shoulder, but her face betrayed her: a look of relief was plastered all over it. 
Y/N was helping Glenn and Maggie load their car while Carol and Elijah stood watch. Elijah suspected that Carol didn’t truly anticipate more danger and wanted to talk to him about Steve instead. He silently watched the three pack the car when Carol quietly addressed him.
“You know it’s wrong. She has a right to know her father has passed away. Where do you think this will go? Do you want to keep her on the road forever?” He felt like a little child getting scolded with that voice she was using. 
“I know. I will tell her soon.” He could feel Carol still looking at him judgingly like she had all day, and he couldn’t blame her for it. He what he was doing wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair to Y/N.
Y/N, Maggie and Glenn were saying their goodbyes at the car, hugging and thanking each other for their help, and Elijah wandered over to join them. 
“Thanks again,” Maggie said and hugged Y/N. “I’m really sorry your father is missing, he’s a nice guy,” she added and gave Y/N a sympathetic look before getting into the car. Elijah shook hands with Glenn and Carol, who gave him one last stern look, then Y/N and Elijah watched the car drive off.
“You know, they asked me to join them in their prison. Apparently they have some kind of system going where they don’t just invite anyone in, but having saved Maggie and you and my dad having been with them before apparently earned us a green card. It would be nice,” Y/N said in a very casual tone that told Elijah that it was anything but casual to her. He sighed and cleared his throat, and with a heavy feeling in his stomach, he turned to her. “Listen... I think we need to talk.”
Y/N gulped at his words. “If this is about the kiss, no big deal, you know, it can happen... heat of the moment thing... fearing for your life... it’s okay, you don’t have to explain yourself,” she said while at the same time trying not to blush - unsuccessfully so. 
“No, it’s not about that, it’s - I - Y/N, I know where your father is.” 
She barely registered his words at first, mentally preparing herself for being let down gently, preparing to hear all about how it just wasn’t the right time for them. Once the words slowly sunk in, she turned towards him, confusion spreading in her head.
“What? How - did you find something earlier?” 
Elijah shook his head no, and she thought to find a look of hurt creeping onto his face. 
“He... he’s dead, Y/N.” 
Y/N blinked at Elijah, the words ringing in her head. He’s dead.
“Don’t be ridiculous. Why would you say that?”
The look of hurt on Elijah’s face slowly grew into a grimace of pain, but Y/N barely registered that. Blood began rushing into her head, the sound of it whooshing in her ears, and she could feel her breath picking up.
“Elijah, why would you say that?” Her voice now showed a hint of panic, and Elijah stepped forward and reached out to her to console her, but Y/N immediately took a step backwards out of reach. 
“It was five months after I had met him. We went into town separately like you and I do, and he got overwhelmed by a group of walkers... I didn’t reach him in time, they had already bitten him in the neck. He asked me to find you before he begged me to take his life, he didn’t want to turn into one of them...” The words now sputtered out of Elijah, like all the time he had kept them in they had bottled up and just waited to be released.
Y/N began to stagger. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, unable to grasp the true sense of what Elijah was telling her. Surely, this was some kind of mistake, right? He was just pulling a mean stunt on her?
“Elijah, what are you even saying, my dad, he’s...” She couldn’t finish the sentence. She couldn’t say it out loud in fear that once she spoke the words, it might actually become true. Y/N searched Elijah’s face for any sign that he might just be playing a trick on her, but when she saw his tearful eyes, she felt something break inside of her.
“Why - why didn’t you tell me earlier? Why did you let me believe he was alive?” Her words were no more than a whisper, she wasn’t capable of more. It felt like the breath had been knocked out of her, and no matter how hard she tried to gasp for air, her lungs wouldn’t fill again. Her vision blurred and she stumbled backwards. Elijah reached out for her to steady her, but she slapped his hands away.
“Don’t touch me,” she snarled, her face pulled into a grimace of pain and betrayal.
“Y/N, I’m so sorry, I know I shouldn’t have-” Elijah started, but Y/N interrupted him. She couldn’t stand his voice right now, didn’t want to hear any apologies. Nothing of what he had to say could ever make right what he had done to her. He had given her hope and then crushed it within a second, and she hated him for it. The thought of him kissing her earlier now made her sick, and she just wanted to get away from him.
“Fuck off. Leave me the fuck alone. Leave me alone!” She shrieked as Elijah made another step towards her, and before she knew what she was doing, she swung her rifle around her shoulder and fired a shot directly into his heart.
Elijah stopped in his tracks, his eyes widening. He looked down at the entry wound on his chest like he too couldn’t believe what she had just done. He pressed his hands on the hole from which blood was now pouring relentlessly and tried to speak again, but no words left his mouth. Instead, his knees gave away under him and he toppled over, landing face first on the gravel before Y/N’s feet.
She stared at his lifeless body for a while. A sight that would have left her worried out of her mind just this morning now didn’t move her at all. If anything, it brought her satisfaction. She knew she didn’t have long before he would wake up again, and so she picked up her ax, swung her rifle back over her shoulder and started running down the street, back into the direction of the tree where they had stored their supplies in. Her chances of disappearing quickly enough before he woke up were slim, she knew that, but she had to try. There was no way she was going to face that lying bastard ever again. He had used her, for companionship and blood, using her dead father against her.
The thought made her stumble and fall, but she was back on her feet within seconds. No time to think now. She had to get away, that was her only priority.
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sinderellanightwolf · a year ago
Better Place 27/28 (Chris/Eddie)
Epilogue Part 1
January 2014
 “Hunter called earlier; they want to put you in the hall of fame with me inducting you.”
 Eddie didn’t look up at his husband’s voice, choosing instead to picture the tomato he was dicing as Vince McMahon’s face. “Oh, so they’ll put us in the hall of fame, but Dios forbid we still wrestle,” he muttered darkly, sliding the diced tomato into a bowl already filled with diced onions and peppers, and stirring it in. “You tell him to go fuck himself?”
 “Maybe not in those exact words,” Chris replied as he moved into the kitchen, taking care to stay out of the Latino’s way as he cooked dinner. Long experience had taught him the best thing to do was keep out of the way or he’d be dealing with Latino Heat making an appearance. “But he knows we’re not thrilled with his father-in-law.”
 Not thrilled was a massive understatement in Eddie’s opinion. When it had gotten out they’d married prior to the 2004 Backlash pay-per-view in Edmonton, Vince had nearly had a coronary. Even though they were far more discreet than say, Shawn and Hunter, it hadn’t mattered. Fuck buddies was one thing, but to have actually married one another was apparently just too much for McMahon. He’d released them from their contracts with the bare minimum courtesy, complaining the whole time that they’d screwed up all his plans for the two of them.
 Nancy and Vickie had been surprisingly just as upset on their behalf, with the former willing to go slap the living daylights out of Vince. She’d shown up on their doorstep with her little girl in tow and ready to fight, within minutes. Eddie would later tell Chris he kind of loved her in that moment. Instead, when they’d shared the idea of starting a school, she’d offered to help them get it up and off the ground, having everything mapped out within days. Now, going on nine years later, they had a pretty successful thing going, with Chris’ son David coming down to train with them.
 Joanie, having called Eddie one night after hitting rock bottom, was now a hundred percent clean and they’d hired her on to help train people as well. He still jokingly called her his mamacita every now and again, just to watch her roll her eyes and try to hide her smile. Chris had taken to calling them the new three amigos, which he’d approved of whole heartedly. They were three people who’d been screwed by WWE and were taking their lives back with both hands grasping.
 He hadn’t realized Chris had spoken to him until he heard his name and he shook his head briefly to clear it. “Lo siento, querido, what?”
 “I told him I’d only do it if I could refer to you as my husband.”
 Eddie gaped at him like a fish, the knife in his hand falling to the counter with a clatter. “You didn’t.” When Chris just looked back at him evenly, crossing his arms over his chest and raising his chin in that classic ‘I’m ready to fight’ pose, he barked out a laugh. “Oh, I can only imagine how well that went over.”
 Chris huffed, his irritation with the whole situation obvious. “He was okay with it, though Joanie thinks it’s because they want to be seen as ‘progressive.’ Like they didn’t force us out once it became known we were not only together, but actually married.” Moving to the cupboard to grab plates, he shook his head in disgust as he laid them out on the island. “I told him I wasn’t answering for you, so we’d let him know.”
 The Latino was quiet for a minute as he made their plates, grabbing silverware as Chris took the now full plates to their dining room table. “I don’t know, Chris,” he admitted with a sigh, laying the cutlery down before sitting as his husband set the food down. He knew their respective children all wanted them to have their place in it, but he also didn’t want this to be a PR stunt on behalf of the company.
 “Nancy thinks we should accept and kiss in front of everyone,” Benoit muttered as he grabbed a pitcher of water from the fridge and two cups. His husband’s amused snicker made him smile a little, even as his cheeks warmed at the thought. “But she knows as well as I do they’d probably pan the cameras away or cut to commercial, something.”
 “Probably,” Eddie agreed, taking Chris’ hand in his and bowing his head to say grace. Making the sign of the cross a moment later, they released one another so they could eat. They were quiet for a while before he spoke again. “What do you think we should do?”
 Chewing and swallowing, Benoit thought for a moment. “I leave that up to you, I’ll follow your lead on this one.” Off Eddie’s look, he shrugged, pushing his fork through the remaining food on his plate. “It’s not an actual hall of fame anyway, you and I both know that. It’s just something they put on every year like it’s a big deal.”
 Biting the inside of his lip, the Latino looked at him for a long moment. “No word on if they’ll induct you too?”
 His husband shrugged. “Probably waiting to see how yours goes over and then they’ll see about me. Not that it matters, like I said, it’s all just a show for the company.” He took another bite, considering his words as he chewed. “So, like I said, if you want it, we’ll do it.”
 April 5, 2014 – WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony
 Stepping up to the podium, Chris took a deep breath as he considered what to say. Nancy had offered to write a speech for him, but he’d declined, saying Eddie deserved once again to hear his words, not hers. “When Eddie and I first met, we legitimately hated one another. Might have been because I kicked him unconscious by accident, but I’m not sure.” The crowd laughed, and he could see Vickie, Shaul and Sherilyn in attendance, sitting beside his son, David. “Over time, we became best friends, and that friendship saw us through a lot of ups and downs in life. In the beginning, I never once thought we would be where we are now and yet, here we are.”
 “When I broke my neck in 2001, he was right there with me every step of my recovery. There were days where the pain was so bad, I didn’t think I’d ever get back in the ring. He was the one who talked me through it, helped with my physical therapy, pushed me when I needed it and when I just needed him to be there, that’s right where he was.” Polite applause as he paused and took a drink. “The thing with Eddie is that he’s one of those people who if he cares about you, he does it with his whole being, heart and soul. I’m so very blessed to not only have him as my best friend but also as my husband. With that said, it’s my absolute privilege to be here tonight, and to induct him into the Hall of Fame.” Loud applause as Eddie’s music hit, and Chris stepped aside to watch him strut across the stage, in full on Latino Heat mode. They embraced, and he swore he could hear Shaul and Sherilyn shrieking excitedly over the noise of the crowd. “Je t’aime, my Eddie,” he whispered into Eddie’s ear, feeling the small shiver that wracked the Latino’s frame.
 “Te amo, my Chris,” Eddie whispered back, before they broke apart, with him heading backstage and Eddie going up to the podium. Smiling widely out at the crowd as they sat back down, he chuckled lightly into the microphone. “Hey, who remembers when they called him Mr. Roboto, huh?” He sensed more than saw the evil eye he was likely getting, which made him laugh along with the crowd.
 December 2014
 Eddie glared out the window as Shaul and her boyfriend pulled into the driveway. “I’m not going to like him,” he muttered stubbornly, drawing a laugh from his husband. Turning, he directed his glare at Chris, who just looked back at him in amusement.
 “You promised Shaul you’d give him a fair chance,” Chris reminded as he pulled the Latino in his arms for a slow kiss. Resting their foreheads together when the kiss broke, he met the dark eyes of his husband with his. “Remember?”
 Grumbling to himself as the doorbell rang and set the dogs off, he nodded reluctantly, stealing another small kiss before letting Chris move away to answer the door. Corralling the dogs as he listened to Benoit greet his daughter, he shooed the two German shepherds into the garage and closed the door just as Shaul came into view. “Hey, baby girl,” he greeted with a smile, pulling her into an embrace and only refrained from glaring at her boyfriend thanks to his husband standing off to one side giving him the rabid wolverine stare he was infamous for.
 “Hey dad,” Shaul returned the greeting, hugging him tightly in return before murmuring, “be nice!” in his ear as she let him go, turning to Matthew with a smile. “Dad, Chris, this is my boyfriend, Matthew Rehwoldt. Matt, this is my dad, Eddie and his husband, Chris.”
 Deciding that maybe Chris was going to be the way to get Eddie’s approval, Matthew waited until Eddie and Shaul were cooking dinner to approach the stoic Canadian. Finding the man in question down in the basement gym, he cleared his throat as he approached, making Benoit stop hitting the heavy bag and look at him. “Could I ask your opinion on something?” he asked, getting a small nod and an expectant look. God, Shaul wasn’t kidding when she said he didn’t speak a lot. “I want to ask Eddie’s permission to marry Shaul.”
 Staring at him silently, Chris kept his best poker face on. He had to admit, the kid had some balls, especially since he was willing to ask Eddie for his daughter’s hand in marriage. “Does Shaul know?”
 “I don’t think so?” Matthew said after a minute, racking his brain. “I mean, I already asked her mom, but it’s important to have his as well.”
 Going quiet as he considered it, Chris finally nodded once. “I’ll talk to him.”
 “Really?! I mean, thank you, it really – “
 “I said I’d talk to him; I didn’t say I’d ask him for you.” Turning back to finish his workout, he stopped for a second before looking back at him. “You’re welcome to join me,” he muttered, gesturing to the various workout equipment and getting a startled look before the other man accepted with a grateful nod.
 Rubbing at a sore shoulder, Chris stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom he and Eddie shared. “Don’t ever doubt how much I love you,” he muttered, rolling his neck to try and ease some of the stiffness out.
 Looking up from his perusal of late-night television, Eddie smiled at his husband as the other man approached, tilting his head up for a kiss as Chris climbed into bed beside him. “You know I don’t, querido, but what makes you say that?”
 “I… might’ve tortured Shaul’s boyfriend a little,” he admitted sheepishly. “He tried keeping up with me during a workout, I ended up overdoing it a bit just to mess with him.”
 Staring at him, Eddie began laughing in delight as he climbed over his husband’s lap and bent down to kiss him. “I was wondering why he looked uncomfortably stiff at dinner,” he mused, getting a crooked grin. “I’ll admit though, I don’t entirely hate him.”
 Bringing him back down for another kiss, Chris made it obvious without words what he wanted. “That’s good,” he managed as his husband began kissing and nibbling down his neck. “Because he wants to ask your permission to marry Shaul.”
 Distracted with his husband, he almost missed that last sentence and when it registered in his brain, he slowly lifted his head. The breathy disappointed moan from Chris was almost enough to make him continue but… “He wants to what?” Eddie asked, his tone going dangerously low.
 Opening his eyes, Chris looked at him with pupils dilated in arousal. “What? What’s wrong?”
 “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?!” Sitting up, he glared down at his husband in irritation, resisting the urge to go beat the daylights out of his daughter’s boyfriend. “If that boy thinks I’m okay with him marrying my baby girl, he’s got another thing coming.”
 Sighing as his chances of having sex began to diminish, Chris propped himself on his elbows and looked patiently at the Latino. “Mon mari, he loves her, anyone with eyes can see it,” he pointed out, getting a dark look from Eddie. “The fact that he approached me about it says a lot already. Vickie already gave him her blessing, but he wanted to ask yours as well. Said it was important to him to have it.”
 Eddie huffed, reluctantly allowing his resolve to crumble. “She’s my baby, Chris,” he sniffed, tears stinging his eyes even as he blinked hard to keep them at bay. “No one’s ever going to be good enough for her.”
 “I know.” Chris’ voice was soft. “And you better believe, if he ever hurts her, I’ll go full wolverine on his ass and help you get rid of the body.” That got a reluctant laugh out of his husband, making him smile. “Now, you think we can finish what you started?”
 Matthew froze in mid-workout as Eddie entered the basement gym alone, dark eyes stormy as they locked on him. Swallowing awkwardly, he slowly allowed the weight machine to come to a rest, releasing the bar. The Latino stared at him with his arms crossed over his chest for several long moments before he spoke. “You love my daughter?
 “Very much, sir.” Something flashed in Eddie’s eyes and he fervently prayed it as approval.
 “I don’t need to ask if she loves you, she wouldn’t have brought you here if she didn’t.” Uncrossing his arms, he approached the other man, Eddie pointed at him. “You ever, EVER, hurt her and there isn’t a force in this life or the next that will stop me kicking your ass, comprende?”
 “I understand, and I swear, I’ll do everything I can to make her happy and never hurt her,” he agreed, holding his hands up in surrender. “I know it would mean a lot to the both of us if we could have your blessing.”
 Eddie was quiet for several moments, his eyes roaming over Matthew’s face in an effort to see if perhaps the other man was lying to him. Finally, grudgingly, he nodded. “I’m not doing this for you, you understand,” he muttered, dropping his finger. “She’s my baby girl and I’d do anything for her.” Heaving a huge sigh, he held out his hand for his future son-in-law to shake. “You have my blessing.”
 Shocked, Matthew shook his hand gratefully. “Thank you, you don’t know what it means- “
 “Yeah, yeah,” Eddie grumbled without heat, releasing the other man’s hand. “Just remember, it won’t just be me out for blood if you hurt her. I may hesitate because of my love for Shaul but know that Chris isn’t going to. No matter if she acknowledges him as her stepfather or not, that’s his daughter too and if you think I’m scary, you haven’t seen anything close to how he can be.”
  Onward to -> Epilogue Pt 2
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rockthistowninsideout · 4 years ago
26.08. Universe Alterations
Digimon OTP Week Part 13
Ratings: General Audiences Additional Info: Crack Pairing: Taichi/Koushirou Words: 1479
In which Taichi and Koushirou are chased by one of the evilest Digimon and have to escape in a wild cross country roadtrip.
A black sports car pulled up in the Izumi’s drive way and the driver honked impatiently. Confused, Koushirou looked out of the window and saw Taichi behind the wheel, waving him out.
“Get in here, Kou, quick!” he shouted, revving up the engine. Koushirou was not entirely sure why he should do this, but as he had learned long ago: it was usually better to follow Taichi’s instructions and question afterwards why they were actually necessary.
“And bring Tentomon!” Taichi added as an afterthought. “Okay, so where are we going? And where, in the name of the Holy Binary Code, did you get this car from?”, Koushirou only dared to asked now that they had left the crowded streets of Tokyo behind and were on the motorway where the risk of accidents had decreased. But only slightly as Taichi was travelling with a break neck speed, dodging cars on the lanes and leaving angry honks in his wake.
“Lilithmon is on my tail, or better say, on Agumon’s tail. He crashed a conference of the Seven Great Demon Lords and looted most of their food. I had to hide him in the trunk.” Taichi answered with his eyes straight on the asphalt. At least he didn’t think himself that excellent of a driver that he could look at Koushirou while driving.
“The Seven Great Demon Lords? Are you kidding me?” Koushirou leaned forward to shout at the trunk. “Agumon, you were aware that this has been one hell of a kamikaze mission, weren’t you?”
He only heard a disgruntled mumble but he took that as an admission of guilt.
“But you haven’t answered my other question yet. Where did you swipe up this super car?”
“I didn’t swipe it up anywhere. A friend of mine runs a car rental, he lent it to me when I promised to bring it back to him by the end of the day.”
“And you are confident that we will make it until then?”
Taichi flashed him a toothy smile. “We will surely make it. We only have to lure Lilithmon out to the country side, pick up an equivalent worth of the buffet and await her with it. Then we should be good.”
Koushirou shot him a look. “How do you intend to acquire this? And where is she actually?”
“Huh? Oh, I don’t know exactly. But probably quite close to us. I’m not too sure how fast evil Digimon can go. Regarding the food, I’ve already made some calls. Sora and Mimi are currently rotating in the kitchen in Sora’s apartment. We agreed upon meeting them in fifteen minutes.”
Koushirou’s eyes widened. “Fifteen minutes? You know that we’re still twenty miles away from them.”
“That’s why I picked this car, honey” Taichi replied and pushed the pedal down.
A cloud of dust was rising in front of them, looking strangely solid, blocking their way.
“What is this? I don’t think it’s simple dirt” Koushirou observed. “Hang on a second.” He pulled out his tablet and typed quickly. He went pale.
Taichi noticed it in the corner of his eye. “What is it?”
“Well, that seems to be an attack of Lilithmon. I beg you to not drive straight into it! Taichi, are you listening to me?”
Taichi muttered something that sounded suspiciously like “Oh shit”, then made a sudden swerve. Koushirou yelped. The tires screeched when Taichi left the asphalt road and slid over the grass before he regained his grip and sped on. Koushirou grasped the door handle and saw how the dust wall extended with the same speed as Taichi was driving.
“How do you want to get past this?” Koushirou screamed.
Taichi made a shushing sound, flicked a lever on his steering wheel, and suddenly loud music started playing. Accelerating along to the rhythm, Taichi zipped through the grass, gaze flickering into the right side-mirror, and he smiled.
“Hold tight” was the only warning he gave Koushirou before he slammed hard on the breaks, making an abrupt turn with the aid of the handbrake. Koushirou was too frightened to shriek this time. He just pressed deep into his seat and sent a short fervent prayer up to the skies.
When they didn’t immediately feel a collision with Lilithmon’s attack, Koushirou popped one eye open. There was no dust wall anymore, instead they had plunged into the woods, bumping far too fast over a sandy path.
“Where’s Lilithmon?” he asked in a very small voice.
“Probably right behind us. You see, she just moved the wall adjusted to our speed, it wasn’t an extending wall. So, I just lunged backwards, instead of trying to outrun it. This way here is a shortcut to Sora’s place. I’m still certain that we will make it in time.”
Koushirou snorted, a very uncharacteristic thing for him, and leaned back in the seat. “That is all fine and dandy, but why did you make me part of your suicide squad?”
Taichi smirked. “I thought you would never ask. Well, I will drop you off at Sora’s the second we get there, and while you collect all the food I will lure Lilithmon to a safe place somewhere in the open country. You and Kabuterimon will then follow me and we can present our offerings to the Demon Lords and beg for forgiveness.”
Koushirou’s sigh came from deep within, making Taichi only grin wider. They stopped with screeching brakes in front of Sora’s apartment building and Taichi shouted “Out, out!”, nearly pushing Koushirou and Tentomon out. He hadn’t quite closed the door yet when Taichi already raced away. Tentomon pointed upwards where a blurred shadow flew over them, following the sports car that now was only a little dot at the end of the street. Before Koushirou could ring the bell, the door buzzed open. He hurried up the stairs – why had Sora have to live on the sixth floor? – and reached the door completely out of breath.
“Kou!” Mimi cried from out of the open door and pulled him in a tight hug before dragging him into the apartment. She led him to the living room where Sora packed the box full of prepared meals.
“We thought Kabuterimon could take off here on the balcony” she explained while she sealed the box.
Koushirou could only pant but nodded, because what choice did he have? He took out his DigiVice and looked expectantly at his partner. “You ready?” he asked, his voice still shaky.
Tentomon nodded before he disappeared in a white haze: “Tentomon digivolves to…Kabuterimon!”
When the huge blue beetle digimon had emerged among them Sora gave him the box in one claw, and he took Koushirou in the other. Then they flew into the direction that Taichi had sped off; Koushirou was still not sure where they would meet Taichi but as he knew him, he certainly just had to follow the line of destruction he would have surely left.
As Koushirou had predicted, Taichi’s trail was unmistakable. Cars that had to evade him stood every which way at the sidelines and angry drivers were ranting heatedly. Somewhere on the horizon clouds of fume were rising in regular intervals.
“Is this Taichi sending us smoke signals?” Kabuterimon asked in his sonorous voice.
“That…might be actually possible” Koushirou admitted bewildered and with a knitted brow. They flew towards the column of smoke. At the base of it Taichi was waving, but not at them, they realized. Just a little ahead of them Lilithmon levitated over Taichi, pinching him down with a merciless gaze.
Koushirou took pity on Taichi, so he called out “Taichi, we have the food!”
Even though he didn’t turn, he gave them a thumbs-up. They were close enough now to hear him yell “I have the food, Lilithmon, I have it. Please, just look in the box my friend Kabuterimon is carrying!”
Lilithmon’s gaze flickered to them and she floated over. Koushirou shivered, and he felt Kabuterimon’s unease but they both straightened because they suspected that Lilithmon was feasting on their fear.
“Here, please take it and, please, leave Agumon and Taichi unharmed!”
Lilithmon raised an arm. The box slipped out of Kabuterimon’s claw and glided over to her. It opened in front of her and the meals flew out. She eyed them for a very long time. Taichi, Agumon, Koushirou and Kabuterimon held their breath for what seemed an eternity before the digimon looked up again and gave them a tiny nod.
“Very well, that all looks rather charming. After long consideration I grant you, Agumon, forgiveness for your offense. However, if you shall ever attract my displeasure again, I will certainly not be so generous. Now, out of my sight!”
Her voice was sharp like an ice dagger which made them immediately obey. Taichi scrambled off to the hem of the forest, and Kabuterimon flew quickly after him.
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