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#(or more accurately into Loki)
i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · a month ago
Just put this together and I know I've made like 800 posts just about episode one but I've been thinking about this for the past two days and it FINALLY makes sense
I have been puzzling over the oddly intense reaction Loki had to finding the collection of Infinity Stones in the drawer. I couldn't figure out why he was so affected by it--I mean, he seems gutted. Crushed. Because of how striking it was, that response screamed "this is an important moment," and I finally have an answer as to what makes it so.
When Mobius leaves the interrogation room, Loki takes the opportunity to escape. This is after Mobius has been psychologically attacking him and both Loki's verbal and physical outbursts have done nothing. He's tried reasoning and questioning, he's tried intimidating, he's tried attacking his environment and his captor, and has even tried other methods of escape--none of these have worked. To his massive credit, Loki keeps his wits about him enough to steal the only tool he knows can get him out of there, and uses it. But though he's escaped the room, he's still in the TVA. He needs something more powerful to get him out entirely.
That's the first, and more obvious, reason that Loki responds as he does when the Tesseract is just sitting in a drawer, lumped in with a bunch of other Infinity Stones. If something that powerful is useless in the TVA, then Loki really can't get out on his own. His last method of defense--escape--is gone, and nothing else he's done has worked. He is, effectively, helpless. I understand why that would cause a pretty dramatic response.
But then he stands, shaken to his core, and says, "Is this the greatest power in the universe?" He looks almost on the verge of tears. And I just...did not get it. Why that question, and why such a strong reaction? But then I remembered: this is 2012's Loki.
Thanos brutally tortured, manipulated, and abused Loki, for who knows how long, all so that Loki could be sent to Earth to get the Tesseract. One Infinity Stone. And the TVA uses that exact stone as a paperweight. If Thanos went to such lengths, and if Loki went through so much, to try to get something that is so inconsequential to the TVA, how powerful must they be? And, the more pressing question--what must they be capable of? They have hardly been hospitable to Loki; he's been being attacked, controlled, or manipulated since the moment he arrived. And Thanos, the last person who'd controlled him, was much less powerful than they were. If Loki went through so much at his hands, what horrors would his new captors be willing to inflict?
Additionally, Loki had just been on Earth, under Thanos' influence and threat, desperately trying to get the Tesseract, that very day. This isn't something he's had time to distance himself from; this is what he's been told mere hours before that if he did not deliver it to Thanos, he would "long for something as sweet as pain". And now it's sitting in a drawer. It can't even help Loki get out of the prison he's trapped in, having gone from one form of captivity to another; it is utterly useless. It's easy to imagine what Loki must have been thinking: it wasn't worth it. How could it have been? All that suffering, all that fear, all the death and destruction and pain he had had to cause, and for this?
The moment he realized that was another huge blow to Loki's mental state. At a loss, and unable to really go anywhere else, Loki returns to the room he'd escaped from, and goes to watch the life he'd escaped from the same. In that raw state, he cries over the family he won't get to see again. Maybe that releases some of the stress he's been feeling, maybe he feels a little safer. Maybe that means something.
And then he watches himself die at Thanos' hand.
For a paperweight.
"Glorious purpose" indeed.
This is the point at which Loki recognizes that he can't go back to his original timeline (despite having said previously that he'd "like to go home"); it's the first thing he says to Mobius when he returns. It breaks him, in a way--even if he were to escape, he wouldn't have anywhere to go. Fittingly, the TVA have left him only one way forward. So, out of options, and exhausted in every way from the sheer amount he's endured over the past 24 hours, Loki presents himself as open to work with the TVA. And while I think he will still be looking for an out, he's stopped actively fighting for his freedom, because--at least for the moment--he no longer believes he could win.
#loki#loki series#loki series spoilers#meta#my meta posts#quality meta seal of approval#not to hype my own post up i just put that on all meta posts so that i can find them#kay can i just catch my breath for a second#marvel#that's what the whole thing is about is it just hammers it into him that he's got no shot#starting from them knowing about his whole life to finding that the tesseract (and all infinity stones) are utterly useless#they are just clearly so much more massively powerful than him and he cannot handle any more than what he's already gone through#so basically i think loki's breakdown was genuine but i can't be 100% on what he says to mobius at the end#i think it's the truth--it is accurately how he perceives himself--but i tend to think he is still being strategic with it#but even the fact that they got him to cooperate is impressive and that is the thing i've been struggling to express#is i DON'T think he's only cooperating because he's 'trying to woo them' he is responding partially because he's being manipulated#and all the emotional elements present in the interrogation contributed to loki's more fragile state#i mean he didn't even need to be threatened too directly (although the tva did like. chase him down and try to kill him)#i don't know idk what i'm saying just it's important we recognize that loki is very fragile atm bc his actions are not normal for him#and i love him but he is vulnerable to manipulation we have seen it happen and that is partially what this is#mobius gets exactly the emotional responses out of loki that he wants. he gets loki to stop fighting back. even a genuine admission#and that last *may* have been strategic but the others were not#we do have that quote from the trailers: 'it's adorable that you think you can manipulate me' so to some degree loki knows what's going on#but i don't know that he fully recognizes the extent to which they're succeeding#anyways!#kay has a party in the tags#1k
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worstloki · 17 days ago
imagine jotun loki,,,,
im always imagining jotun loki. the mcu mayn't provide but my brain is plentiful.
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vitaminxi · a year ago
Harr Silver HC - One eye
Hi-- first of all, I’m not dead and my art style has hiccuped so I went on hiatus for photoshoots for a while. Now you can continue.
Let’s celebrate Harr’s route release in JP with this~
Harr has a mask covering one of his eye, very interesting. I wondered how it could affect his vision and daily life. I did some research and made some HCs; sadly I do not have many so I make up with some doodles. Let’s hope this hasn’t been done otherwise rip me Enjoy~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kudos to you blushy boi, seeing with one eye is actually troublesome; its admiring that you can live like that. Losing sight is quite scary.
Tagging some fellow Harr fans - @youreawizardharr @thecoolsquirrel 
Anyone else 
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worstloki · 24 days ago
Mobius, in the Time Theater, watching Thanos and the Black Order torture Loki: No! No, no, no! Come on! This isn’t right! Oh, this is awful! I can barely stand to watch this!
Ravonna, poking her head in: …are you okay?
Mobius: Yeah, I’m just watching Thanos torture that variant we’re going after.
Ravonna: From the sound of it, it’s pretty upsetting.
Mobius: Well, yeah! I’ve been watching this for like two hours now, and it’s been nonstop physical torture!
Ravonna: …
Mobius, holding up a large stack of notes: Trust me, I’ve analyzed Loki’s mental state and he’ll respond way better to psychological torture, not physical. You’ll see when we bring him in.
Ravonna: Oh, good, for a second there I actually thought you were concerned about the variant.
Mobius: 😂😂🤣
Ravonna: 😂😂🤣
Mobius: Anyway, I need to figure out exactly what to tell him to convince him that he’s a horrible person who got his mother and brother killed and that he deserves to be alone forever, talk to you later.
Ravonna: any progress on breaking that new variant?
Mobius, sipping his drink: he's at his desk now
Ravonna: didn't it take a year for him to break last time?
Mobius: told ya
Ravonna: 🥂 to my favourite analyst
Mobius: im sure the physical stuff he just came out of helped a bit 😂🥂
Ravonna: lucky you got an already unstable one
Mobius: aw yeah :) he's watching the introduction videos already, if you could approve a mission for later today it'd really mess with his sense of importance
Ravonna: sure 😂👌
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zombiewerewolfqueen · 3 years ago
I don't babysit (500 Followers celebration)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Fluff, humor, MamaBear!Loki, nervous innocent little shit peter, embarrassed peter, cringy moments, shitty writing
Pairings: Loki x Bodyguard!Reader, Tony x reader (platonic), peter parker x reader (platonic)
A/N: Thank you for requesting this I had so much fun with this request! I really like this. Also another one shot will be out today if nothing goes wrong in my family. So fingers crossed! Also I tagged the ones in my taglist for the oneshot series if you wanna be removed from my permanent taglist just let me know. Hope you like it anon!
Y/N was a highly trained assassin. The best of the best. She was kind of a killer for hire. But she got away with it because of her connections. Mainly her boyfriend Loki.
The two had just moved in together. It was a pretty big apartment not that far from the Tower. It was nice and Pepper had it furnished for them. Meaning everything was top of the line.
She yawned and stretched rolling over into a kiss from her boyfriend making her hum in delight. When the kiss broke she felt him running a hand through her hair making her purr.
She loved mornings like this. It was quiet and peaceful. Until the doorbell rung.
She sighed and got out of bed putting on her slippers and one of Loki's shirts. She slowly walked to the front door only to be met with the faces of Tony Stark and Peter Parker.
"Y/N! Great you're home! I need you to babysit Peter here." Tony said giving her a lopsided grin.
Peter whined in protest. "Mr. Stark I don't need a babysitter. I am a man..."
Y/N hummed. "And besides Tony you know I don't babysit."
Tony sighed. "Oh come on. Just for two days. I have to go on a mission and this little asshole here has a knack for sneaking on the jet."
Peter blushed and smiled innocently at Y/N. He may or may not have a big crush on her. And Tony may or may not have used this to his advantage knowing that Peter would listen to Y/N.
She rubbed her temples and sighed. "Fine. But I am not babysitting I am acting as his bodyguard." She said firmly.
Tony nodded and pushed Peter in with his things before taking off. Y/N sighed and shut the door.
"Welcome to my place I guess. Make yourself at home. Don't fuck anything up." She said just as Loki walked out shirtless but in a pair of green pajama pants.
"Darling who was at the door?" He asked rubbing his eyes.
Y/N smiled and walked over to her boyfriend kissing him sweetly making Peter blush.
"It was Tony. Needed a babysitter for spiderkid over there. I agreed but on the condition that I would be his bodyguard." She explained.
Peter pouted. "It's uh Spiderman." He said emphasizing the man making Loki chuckle.
"No I think kid is more accurate. Darling I won't be watching over him. You agreed to do it not me." Loki said emphasizing kid.
Y/N nodded. She was fine with that.
But Loki not watching after Peter lasted for all of about an hour. When Peter tried to make toast and caught the toaster on fire.
Loki ran in pushing him back as he used his magic to put out the fire. He turned around checking if Peter was ok.
"Are you stupid you could've gotten hurt, or worse, burned down my apartment. Don't you know how to work a fucking toaster?" Loki scolded.
Peter blushed hard. "Mine isn't as fancy as this sorry." He mumbled embarrassed.
Loki shook his head. "Just try not to be a dumbass."
The next two days were filled with Loki going full momma bear.
"Dear Gods! Don't lean over the damn railing you could fall!"
"That much sugar is not good for your brain function!"
"Don't sit that close to the TV, you'll damage your eyes."
"Blow on your soup first it is hot! You'll burn your tongue right out of your mouth."
Y/N found it very amusing while Peter found it embarrassing. He wished Loki would've just gone about his own business like he had originally planned.
But the worst of it happened a few hours before Tony was supposed to come and get Peter. Unbeknownst to him he had shrunken all of his clothes in the laundry. And he had no clean clothes.
Shockingly enough Loki didn't mind doing laundry so when he went to get Peter's clothes out of the dryer he was annoyed to see what the young boy had done. And he went to lecture him about it.
Only problem was, Peter was in the shower. So when Loki busted in the door Peter screamed and covered himself. But Loki wasn't even phased.
"Are you fucking kidding me? You shrunk your clothes in the wash! Do you not know how to wash clothes? Now you have to borrow my clothes-"
Peter cut Loki off. "OH MY GOD! I AM NAKED! PLEASE GET OUT!"
Loki went to say something else but Peter threw a shampoo bottle at him causing Loki to leave.
Later that day Tony had shown up and Y/N answered the door.
"Hey Y/N how did it go?" Tony asked right before Peter rushed out of the apartment and past Tony with his things.
Y/N laughed. "Well let's just say Peter might not want to come back for a while."
Tag list:
@only-kneel-before-loki @loki-the-fox @marvel-fan-queen @toaster-strudel-witch @lokilvrr @siriusmaraudeers @moodygrip @dark-night-sky-99 @moonfaery @coolzeez1128 @emyhonny @drakesfiance @hollandslut @amor67figment-love @kokogxddess @servamp-addict @xmischief-ladyx @i-also-love-eating-chalk
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knowonesdesigns · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New, more accurate, more Ragnarok ready Loki crown up for sale in our Etsy shop! Link is in our bio!!
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vaimperial · 10 days ago
Also like whhhhy oh whhhhhy did sylvie have to be a Loki variant. Because imo there’s nothing integral to the story outside of the weird and far too literal “self love” message that demands she be a Loki variant. (While also “not” being a Loki variant)
If they had made her say enchantress like everyone expected,nothing would change she could still be taken by the TVA as a child she would still not remember much of her family or home. She could still have her goal of taking down the TVA,and hey even better there’s a solid actual reason for why she isn’t called Loki in the show.
You can even keep the TVA thinking she’s a Loki variant by saying she faked it to make it easier for her to hide from them. If they’re looking for a Loki they won’t spot an enchantress right?. (And hey now there’s even a lil bit of conflict cause Loki probs wouldn’t appreciate being framed,but at the same time that is quite clever and he probably admires that)
and loki can still see himself in her! She can still remind him of his own self! He can still go through his journey of self love and acceptance with out falling in love with what is suggested to be the only female version of himself to exist despite supposedly being confirmed gender fluid.
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worstloki · 21 days ago
The Sylvie Show
this got a bit long so i'm putting it under a cut but basically it's episode summaries of what i would do if the loki show had sylvie as the main character instead, since I do think the plot of the show would be better suited to be focused around her rather than 2012 loki. I've tried to keep it so that a lot of existing canon shots/sets/scenes can be reused.
episode 1: the show opens up with young Sylvie on Asgard. The TVA appear and drag her towards a temportal. She wakes up from the apparent nightmare, gasping heavily. cue title card and cool music. a portal opens within a church, sylvie interrupts the man giving a talk on religion, questioning what he's saying with roundabout logic and being generally witty, even managing to incorporate giving a bar of gum she had in a pocket to a child sitting on an aisle seat who is really happy about it. the man is still coming up with an answer to what she said when the doors of the church are broken open and TVA agents start to file in. Sylvie says "about time," and proceeds to have fun slaying the unit and stealing a tempad. She picks up the charge on her way out, sending a blow kiss to the devil mural on the wall on her way out. cut to stepping out of a temportal, throwing the charge behind her over a shoulder (it lands on a mattress) and taking a heavy seat in front of a set of screens which show the inside of a mall. the cameras are mostly empty and where there are people it does not fascinate her (one of them shows someone reloading shelves). she scrutinizes the screens, drumming fingers on the table, but quickly sighs and pulls out her tempad: it flashes with low battery and she rolls her eyes, throwing it into a bin filled with likewise empty devices. she's about to get up when the cameras show a group of agents walking into the store. among them is one with a jacket reading VARIANT in bright orange. "Sh*t," she says, getting up and going to the mattress, rifling through a pile of clothes on the floor next to it "sh*t sh*t sh*t where is it". She pulls out a dark brown jacket, and the camera pans over to the screens again, where the VARIANT turns: it's Loki. A golden portal opens on the beige walls of the TVA, Hunter C-20 stepping through holding a man in 1940s army uniform by the arm and dragging him towards a desk. the man protests but she places a grenade on the counter and tells the deskworker to log it. "it wasn't a dummy," is the explanation she gives. In the background a single guard steps through a portal, looking around and proceeding to the doors out of this room. It's Sylvie, and she walks alone past other guards and rooms labelled Court and Memory Chamber. A group of people run past her saying a variant is loose and she walks faster. She walks past one court room, catching the words "trust me, you can smell the cologne of two Tony Starks," but continues looking around. An analyst (Mobius) rounds the corner in the direction of the court rooms and seems to be in a hurry, and Sylvie takes a sharp turn opening the closest door to her to avoid being seen. She is in a room with a Sacred Timeline screen, and zeroes in on the man closest to her, "what are you--" she places a hand over his mouth and pushes him down into his desk area behind his trolley, shushing him. "Do you know where the Reset Charge Storage Chambers are?" "Why?" *deep breath* *serious face on* "Tell me where the storaGE CHAMBer iS or I'll GUT YOU like a goAT!" "is that... like a fish?" *confusion* "how do you not know what a goat is?!" she spots a poster on the wall with a location guide and pushes Casey away with a hand to the face. "Nevermind." - We see Loki monologuing "the idea that your little club decides the fate of trillions of people across all of existence at the behest of three space lizards, yes, it's funny. It's absurd." an agent walks past in the background pushing a trolley but no attention is brought to it "I thought you didn't like to talk," mobius says. Sylvie pushes a door reading "Storage: Units" open, but looks and finds bodies in little cyro pod chambers lined up. "wrong door," she says, and pulls the trolley across the hall to the door reading "Storage: Charges." She's in a room with shelves filled up with reset charges, and opens the trolley drawer to find it already filled up with useless junk like infinity stones and such. to which she has no reaction. She shoves all that stuff to the side and out of the drawer, making space to
carefully place reset charges there. She individually picks up the two Tesseracts in it though and admires them, saying they're shiny and placing them on lower shelves in the room instead of on the floor. While she loads up the trolley ("a few more should do it") Loki walks past the door in full TVA outfit, happy and carrying a stack of papers that read RAGNAROK in bright red letters. She closes the drawer, takes her Hunter helmet off to shake out her hair and wipe sweat from her forehead, then puts it back on, pushing the trolley towards the door. Mobius has a hand at Loki's back, guiding him out of the Memory Chamber, Loki has clearly been crying and Mobius comforts him "it won't be so bad, you love being useful. and wearing suits." Sylvie walks past, pushing the trolley in the background. Sylvie continues down the hall, and when she sees no one behind or in front she pulls out her tempad and opens a portal, pushing her trolley and herself through. She's already gone and misses Classic Loki with a collar around his neck being escorted through the hall. - Sylvie and her trolley push through the portal and are in a mall, the lights dim and flickering above. Thunder is heard and lightning strikes as she places a reset charge on a shelf, flicking open a panel on it's side, and then walking a bit further and placing another. "May I help you?" a store employee asks, startling her. She considers. "Actually..." and places a hand to the person's temple - it takes a few seconds of effort but her fingertips glow green, and so does the person's eyes and temple, "don't mind if you do." She walks away from the trolley in a rush, and the store worker behind places a reset charge on a shelf. "I'm a bit short on time," she says to herself, pulling out her Tempad. Suspenseful music as the screen fades to black. - Everything cuts to a desert, with a small town in the background. A portal appears high up, and Loki falls from it to the ground. the words "twelve miles east of Puento Antiguo" appear on screen, and we see Loki formed a small crater in the ground, reminiscent of Mjolnir and the one in Stark Tower. "Ow," Loki says, taking the muzzle off with one hand, and then pulling the cuff chains off. The dust settles around him and he's still extricating himself from the hole in the ground and groaning about sand being irritating and getting everywhere when a golden portal opens up (we get a high shot, showing that Loki did indeed land within a larger crater too). Loki puts his hands in the air. "Appears to be a standard sequence violation. Branch is growing at a stable rate and slope. Variant identified." "Beg your pardon but I--" "On behalf of the Time Variance Authority, I hereby arrest you for crimes against the Sacred Timeline." "I didn't meddle with time, that would be the Avengers." "You're coming with us." *agents point pruners at him* "It's been a long day, I'm afraid you'll have to make me." *loki's hands start to glow green but B-15 presses a button, freezing him in place. Any sand blowing in the wind or any dust rising has also now stopped. There is a bird stuck mid-flight. B-15 pulls out a collar and places it around his neck. An agent places a reset charge on the ground and activates it, it starts to fizz purple. Time unfreezes and B-15 drags Loki going "hey!" through a temportal, and it closes, leaving the audience to watch a few seconds of the charge going off and the radius of the charge increasing, washing the ground in a bright neon-ish light.
Episode 2: this one is a combination of the Loki episodes 1 and 2. Basically, Loki goes on trial, the TVA has no reason he's committed a crime, but Mobius who had been at the church crime scene saves him and takes him to the memory chamber to break. What gets him to stop acting as if he actually wanted to rule all of space and whatnot is Mobius bringing up the topic of choice in Avengers 1, and asking if Loki knew the mind stone was effecting him too, along with him explicitly asking about the torture which happened before, even during - he pulls up footage - the invasion. Mobius pulls up footage of Frigga and Loki pickpockets the collar remote etc. everything else remains the same, including most of episode 2, with Sylvie fighting to "I need a hero" etc, but C-20 is left behind after being enchanted. When the TVA show up C-20 is tied up hastily in leather belts and rope. She's mostly out of it saying stuff like "it's real, it's all real" but she also says "we're variants, we're all variants" which Mobius obviously brushes over casually. Loki narrows his eyes though, and says stepping out of the renaissance fair tent would have them winding up dead like the agents scattered around here, B-15 calls bluff and Mobius says to wait but the people walking in front of the ones holding C-20 up to take her to the TVA for medical help fall dead upon stepping out. Loki was stalling for time with the wold anecdote, and doesn't tell how he knew the death thing would happen ("I see a scheme, and in that scheme I see myself" "bullsh*t" "it's true. my reflection looks quite good, too." "you *sshole." *he smiles softly, as if t'were a compliment*), and everyone gets back by opening portals from within the tent. The dots between the gum and the apocalypses is drawn, they see Pompeii, end up going to Roxxcart, where we see Sylvie watching the screens, now in her leather gear. B-15 and Loki split up together, the guy at the 'hurricane sale' placed a charge on the shelf but no attention is drawn to that bc Loki and 'Loki' are talking. Sylvie emphasizes that she holds a grudge because he's a traitor, specifically for working for the TVA because they're "condescending time fascists." Loki assures her he knows, and that he's seen the charges around the place. She comes to the realization that he's been undercover/faking. We're shown Mobius and co. finding the room with screens but it's just got Sylvie's random junk, nothing really useful. They talk some more, no physical fighting but the vessel sizes get bigger and Loki calls it 'real mature'. While they still disagree on what to do with the Time Lizards (destroy or overthrow) Sylvie settles on leaving the portal open for him at the end and giving him a chance. She waits for him to go through first, with Loki looking back at Mobius meaningfully determined and then walking through.
Episode 3: Young sylvie is going through the stripping/signing/temporal aura process. She's sent into the court room. she bites and runs out of the room, putting distance before fiddling with the tempad she took, figuring it out, while Renslayer gets stuck answering the Judge. Sylvie appears back on Asgard, but there's already a Sylvie there playing with her toys. a TVA portal opens and she presses another "Asgard" on the device to escape quickly. "I just want to go home," she says to herself, appearing in the same room, but the child is a bit older (a teen?) and a boy and black and reading instead of playing but he's clearly also in green/gold and a loki. the kid turns after hearing her and she panicks and goes through another portal. another one with adult loki in the same room, she looks hopeful as if she could ask for help but then sif walks in with insults and slaps him but spots her. "who's the kid," sif asks and a portal opens up next to her. Agents step through and Sif punches one that does, asking Loki what trick this is now. Sif/Loki fight them while they're still coming through, sylvie presses another asgard but sees a knocked out agent has a tempad on his belt and takes it before running again. no loki in the room, it's empty, but a group of people rush across, talking hurriedly about 'the goddess of death' and 'odin's real heir' and 'thor and loki dead' and 'seeking refuge in the moutains.' Sylvie looks lost. Cue titlecard and cool music. They step into the TVA. Sylvie is determined, telling Loki to hurry because they won't have much time the TVA remains in disarray from the reset charges everywhere, but stops when he says he needs to get a weapon. "Why didn't you use magic to get some earlier," she asks. "Spares," he smiles, "magic doesn't work here after all." Sylvie notes that it explains her last attempts to infiltrate failing so badly. They fight some guards together on the way to the elevator rather than fighting each other. The elevator to the time keepers opens but Renslayer and a bunch of guards are in it waiting. Sylvie grabs Loki and tries to use him as a bargaining tool. Doesn't work, obviously, and Sylvie is shaken upon coming face to face with the same Hunter who had caught her as a kid, she doesn't react in time to stop Loki taking her tempad and dropping them somewhere. Same plot from here, the two of them fighting over the tempad, with Sylvie wanting to go back and Loki telling her they clearly already failed and she should explain what's going on first. She says she doesn't need to and if he wants to help defeat the TVA he needs to trust her and give the tempad back. He makes it vanish and she gets frustrated, asking if he gives up on everything that easily, and maybe that's why he's the first Loki she's seen working with the TVA. Etc. They need a power source anyway and get to the train hoping it'll lead to the ship that won't get off-planet anyway. Loki acts a fool Sylvie naps, wakes up to singing. Sylvie calls him out for not actually being drunk and also he downs a glass and offers her one, and when Sylvie asks how he's paying for it he says it's on the house and points to the barkeeper (male. we're implying/showing flirting. maybe a wink at him or a cute wave.). It's blatantly clear he's trying to get info on her backstory along the way and she's not falling for it but allowing him to know a bit of stuff. (eg. "I know everything is watered down ale for an Asgardian," "watered-down watered-down, more like. But you know of Asgard? Do go on...") She softens at hearing his backstory, and shares hers too. The people appear and ask to see their tickets, everything is the same from here forward. The episode ends with them watching the ship getting destroyed.
Episode 4: different music when sylvie and loki look into each others eyes since i didn't like that. cue titlecard and song after the TVA portals open on Lamentis. this episode remains the same mostly with Sylvie and Mobius driving the plot. No narcissist comment but Mobius gets to act jelly of what Sylvie and Loki have going on. Instead of it just being a bad memory loop with Sif we get her three times and then it alternates to Thor who is also angry. If he's not already down Thor will punch him (even though Loki is just happy to see him bc he didn't think he'd see him again--) and then tell him to hold still so it'll hurt less. It's framed as bad and Thor will imply it's only a fitting punishment. Thor is only shown twice, the first time the scene cuts at Loki being hit and held down, the second is Thor leaving the room, chuckling about how Loki didn't need to talk to anyone anyway bc he's alone, says he'll heal soon anyway. Loki isn't shown, but Thor's fingers have blood on them where they hold mjolnir. the loop resets and Loki is back to standing in the middle of the room and ghosts a hand over his mouth and then Mobius arrives. Loki calls the repeated memory boring and cruel, says he hates when Thor is drunk and feeling rash, with Mobius saying at least he didn't send him to Thanos or something and gave his crotch a break. Sylvie asks what her nexus event was and Renslayer doesn't remember. The end of the episode is the same, with Sylvie 1v1-ing Renslayer and beheading a Time Keeper, Loki getting pruned. The credit scene remains the same.
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thetimelordbatgirl · a day ago
After re-reading about Kid Loki....the tv series really messed him up as well.  Like, I get it- the show has Loki say ‘them as a child’ in reference to him, and given Ragnarok said Loki used to stab Thor when younger, its clearly a universe where one of those stabbings was fatal.  But they pulling completely from Kid Loki from the comics as well here, mainly in costume obviously and when we got told all the Loki’s will be coming, its clearly meaning the forms Loki has taken in comics and such.  But....with Kid Loki in the comics....he isn’t the type to purposely kill Thor, let alone act casual about it. He pretty much wanted to change from his prior life, and even before dying, he pleaded with Thor to kill him if he became evil again, because he generally wanted to be good but knew Ikol had other intentions. 
This theme of Kid Loki wanting to change and wanting to be good could have easily fit into the show well. He’s the one Loki who wanted to generally be good, which could easily fit into the show given the implications of Sylvie having been arrested cause she didn’t turn out evil as a kid, and Kid Loki in the show even says when they try to better themselves, they get arrested.  But no, we can’t have a deep Loki. Just have him say he killed Thor and quickly move past it. No time to focus on any other Loki’s really in the OCs show....
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karynsfaro · 2 years ago
I don't think two sentences have ever described Thor and Loki more accurately
Tumblr media
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shiningloki · a year ago
The Price Of Politics - Completed Mini Fic
The Price Of Politics - A Loki Mini Fic
Being Loki's lover automatically put you in a position of danger. You were a target for his enemies, for everyone knew that attacking you was the easiest way to bring Loki down. Because of this, Loki protected you rather thoroughly.
When you decide to sneak out of the palace in order to surprise Loki with a gift, the target on your back seems to grow. You run into his enemies on the street. You're outnumbered, you're alone, and you know they're going to hurt you.
You just hope Loki finds you in time.
A/N: As a celebration of 500 followers, I gift you all with this lengthy mini fic featuring all the best parts of fanfics: fluff, drama, angst, smut, and much more! Thank you for all your kindness and support and I love each and every one of you!
Chapter 1: 3547 words
Chapter 2: 2897 words
Chapter 3: 3887 words
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Tumblr media
Being Loki’s lover came with consequences, you knew that.
It came with showing your face at royal gatherings and learning Asgardian history and vernacular. It came with curling up alone at night in bed, waiting for Loki to return from the duties that held him away from you. It came with putting up with undesirable ladies in waiting that begged to be saddled up with you solely to boost their political standing.
It also came with becoming the greatest target for Loki’s enemies.
These consequences were the reason it took Loki so long to show your face to the public. If it was up to him, perhaps you’d be cooped up in his chambers with only two or three maids knowing of your existence. But he knew that you didn’t want that. Loki understood he couldn’t lock you away, even if it meant keeping you safe.
You weren’t safe on Earth according to him. More accurately, Loki said “you aren’t safe on this useless wasteland of a planet”, emphasized with the most Loki-like eye roll you had ever seen him give you. As long as you were on Earth, he wouldn’t be able to properly protect you. Asgard required Loki’s presence and he couldn’t travel between the two realms so frequently now that Thor was King and he was Thor’s Royal Advisor. Your absence distracted him and people were beginning to notice his flighty mind. He told you this, and you simply shrugged, saying Earth had no value to you and you were ready to leave as long as it meant you could be with him.
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juliabohemian · 3 years ago
"I was just talking to him just a couple minutes ago and he was totally ready to kill any of us.”
LOKI: (kneeling quietly, literally wrapped in chains)
BRUCE: "Look at him just sitting there, being evil.”
I feel like this movie existed in a vacuum or something. Who are these people?
On a separate note, never has one line more accurately summed up the fandom's collective misunderstanding of Loki. So there’s that, I guess.
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fanfic-collection · 3 years ago
Imagine Loki making the Avengers out of snow with you. You steal one of his daggers and stab Thor's to make it more accurate. Loki just shakes his head at you.
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