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#(that one comic guy) I GUESS
jokidden · a month ago
Im not actually reading any recent dc stuff and only saw the bi tim news here but man. Can i just hear the bernard haters screaming in the distance how he ruined their ship but like. He made tim canonically bi give him some respect damn.
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scooby-doo-is-best-robin · 4 months ago
Don't mind me on my everlasting quest to prove to absolutely no one at least one person that Dick and Tim care about each other as brothers...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Robin (1993) #33
Dick: *pushes Tim out of the way of gunfire*
Tim: hmmm imma do a pro gamer move and one up you *tackles Dick away from an explosion*
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eijiroukiriot · 7 months ago
kirishima “ei-chan” eijirou. age 14. who looks kinda nerdy so you look over at his notes when you don’t get what’s going on in class only to find that he’s been scribbling variations of CRIMSON RIOT CRIMSON RIOT RED RIOT?? RED RIOT CRIMSON RIOT MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE for the last ten minutes. who is panting his guts out and looks pale and clammy but still refuses to stop doing pushups because he’s 50 away from surpassing the record written on the gymnasium whiteboard. who does a speech about why he wants to become a hero for an english presentation and he has notecards but he’s clearly not looking at them and you can’t tell the reason he’s speaking so loud and standing so rigidly is that he practiced his speech all night and is worried about messing it up or if he’s completely adlibbing and just that passionate about this and while he speaks everyone in the room is kind of sharing looks of “there’s no way he’ll get in but he cares so much that it makes me feel bad” only to be proven completely wrong when the test results come in two months later
#hi :( i'm sorry about the lack of posts lately#i have had very little energy and what little i have has been going to novel writing#or like. wishing i was working on a comic instead of my book#and then getting overly invested in writing fake lyrics for this book to the point that i'm excited to work on it again#leaving me without much room for krbk :/#i do love my boys very very much though and i am still Thinking....#thinking about their growth#kirishima specifically had entire life before the parts that we saw#and we've only seen a little sliver of his time in middle school#what was he like as a younger kid? was he really shy and timid or more like middle school him trying to be really brave and tough?#did he have friends? did he do well at the sports festivals at his schools growing up?#did he get obligation chocolate and get way too into trying to figure out what to give back on white day?#did he visit his family in the country in the summer and come back to school super tan...what normal childhood things did he do#and how was he known#i guess we're supposed to infer no one really knows him from how ashido's friends react to him#but those bullies knew him as 'guy who talks big but doesn't even have a strong quirk'#so i wonder. what other versions of kirishima did people know#fun to think abt bc it's fun to imagine that he had a full life :) before during and after ua#anyway i hope you guys are also thinking abt kirishima#if you're still reading my tags know ily and hope you have a nice dinner tonight#thoughts
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carry-on-my-wayward-butt · 5 months ago
JSYK that in the club video with the statues was made by a TERF (OP of your reblog reposted it and isn't the TERF in question)
this gave me something to mull over last night.
at first its like,, usually if it’s like a random meme or fandom reference (as opposed to regular-degular terf rhetoric stuffed under a ‘funnie joak’ coat) and the deplatforming is done, it’s basically any average post. which is the function of reposting. but.
i dont really like thinking too hard these days if im being honest. but that video in particular, while neat, is her actual artwork. i suppose because it’s not some random post or benign tweet and its like, her actual work,, i dont think the ‘my post now’ gag works as intended in the situation where it’s the person’s actual artwork that they created. i cant articulate why because my brain is made of cranberries rn but thats my vibe. so im deleting it cuz i dont want it anymore.
anyways i appreciate these messages, as always.
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