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kataara · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
make me choose:  avatar: the last airbender or the legend of korra
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.
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devilsss-dyke · a year ago
I was rewatching Good Omens, and I realized something which I may have discussed here before. I can’t remember. But basically, Crowley spends a lot of time calling other people by descriptors rather than by their name (i.e. “book girl,” “angel,” “army human,” “mad American woman with the bicycle,” etc.), whether he knows their names or not, and we think it’s really funny and cute, but to me, it seems like he’s not doing it to be funny or cute, but because that’s how things are where he’s from.
He spent several thousand years being called “demon Crawly,” which wasn’t a name so much as a description of him chosen by his superiors based on the way they saw him. And he didn’t like it, so he eventually formed a new “human” name for himself. He changed Crawly to Crowley, added Anthony to that a couple hundred years later, and at some point tagged “J.” in the middle just so he felt more like a person, like an individual.
Now, I definitely don’t think that he does it to be cruel either. He probably doesn’t even think about it when he does it because it’s so ingrained in how he was brought up. It’s just a bad habit, and one he probably feels bad about from time to time. He has such a big heart, though he can’t always admit it, and he cares so much for humanity. He isn’t doing it because he doesn’t care; he does it out of habit, because it was what was done to him practically his entire existence, until he finally stood up for himself and said, “I don’t want to be called that anymore. This is what I want to be called.”
As an aside, I also find it interesting that Hell honored that wish once he finally made that decision, but that’s an entirely different discussion.
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lovelylogans · 3 years ago
fic i wanna write: fandom au ft. the sides/a social media fic. probably centering around a Cheap Ripoff of sanders sides. logan’s the one with the long meta posts at three am. patton is fandom dad. virgil is a fic writer and shitpost maker. roman is a fanartist/photoshop person. idk if i’ll actually write it tho it might enter the Void of unwritten ideas, but also i’m gonna make a bullet list so, like, ficlet? 
ideas for this au:
virgil calls princey sir sing a lot and roman changes his url for a solid week
someone once jokingly asked logan to write meta about a particular tie pin or watch or tiny prop with no relevance other than repeated appearances and he did it in absolute seriousness and now people spam him with “please analyze the notepad they used” “what aboUT THE LONE SHOE???”
virgil and princey become “friends” bc they get assigned to work together for some kind of collaboration week or big bang or something. 
they really mostly make joking callout posts like “callout for @princero: does not know the difference between the words sand, salad, and sad” “@anxv THAT WAS ONE TIME”
logan is so Tired of the Discourse™
patton will reblog logan’s post ft. dumb comments that get way more popular than the meta and it only infuriates logan some of the time
in reverse, logan will invest Deep Meaning into patton’s post about, like, clouds having feelings or whatever, and it becomes the new fanon
virgil can, will, has before, will do again, blocked roman for some really tiny opinion that irritated him. like roman once drew a character with blue detailing instead of purple or roman was like “your favorite fruit is trash”
it will take patton relaying their banter back and forth for like three days for virgil to unblock
only for roman to immediately block him as payback
their followers aren’t entirely sure if they like secretly hate each other or
one of them will vague about the other when they think they’re asleep and it’s immediately reblogged with a comeback and then “WTF IT’S LIKE 4 AM WHERE U R GO TO SLEEP SO I CAN ROAST YOU IN PEACE”
“@staff delete this blog”
patton has sent them snapchats of him trying to buy plane/and or bus tickets with the caption “me on my way to get you to GO TO BED”
roman will make art based off of logan’s serious posts™ and it’s gorgeous and everyone cries
virgil will write crack fics based off patton’s shitposts and everyone cries, but for different reasons
patton has cute tags for all their interactions. like virgil’s tag is “my dark strange son” and roman’s is “the bravest prince” and logan’s is like “smort boi” and patton will comb back through their tags on his blog when he is sad so he can see all their interactions and dumb jokes
their group chat is named, like, “the Illuminaughty™” or something equally dorky
it changes on like a thirty minute basis
lots of puns. it’s mostly patton changing the names based on whatever funny thing’s been most recently said
someone once managed to hack logan’s phone to the point of like, sending the dumbest monologue of the show and/or the shrek script and logan left the chat in his fury only for patton to immediately add him back in
patton is like 50 days behind all memes but he loves them anyways and any interpretation he posts will be lovingly reblogged by all of them
logan, in reverse, pretends to not Get memes and it’s explained to him a million times and then one day he drops a meme he shittily photoshopped and everyone loses their shit but he never speaks about it again
the way virgil and patton became friends is bc virgil was a Shy anon back in his first days in fandom who sent him daily asks about his day and signed it off with the purple demon emoji and patton was so happy to hear about him and one day virgil finally revealed himself and patton Adopted Him Immediately
just. Nerds. you feel
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professorflowers · a year ago
Tumblr media
EDIT: This version is out of date! Check the ineffable lovebirds tag to see the new reference for Zira!
My reverse AU Aziraphale! 
He would have changed his name but he had his tongue removed when he was cast from heaven so he couldn’t voice it if he wanted to. Eventually he just settled into people calling him Mr Fell (in the modern day it’s technically Alexander Fell, but that’s just for mortals). Crowley still nicknames him Angel since he’s one of the few demons that still has white (though a little grey in places) wings. 
His animal is a Mute Swan!
Tumblr media
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fuck-customers · 3 years ago
I worked at a sanwich shop in the sketchier part of town, we always got really weird customers. This guy takes the cake for most creepy though. I'm a baby faced guy and my voice never dropped, so I get mistaken for female a lot. Luckily my female coworker was prepping because... The guy starts out with "Hey man, what's up," standard greeting. The moment I speak, his demeanor changes, and he has a smile on his face. He starts addressing me by going, "hey honey", "babygirl", "babycakes".... all while I'm just trying to make his sandwich. I get to the end and I'm cashing him out, and he says, "When do you work, babygirl?" And I just replied with, "Babyboy, you mean." I point to my name tag. "I'm a boy, but you can still be my sugar daddy," and I winked when I handed him the receipt. He just silently stalked out... As funny as it is now. I was just... disgusted. I couldn't imagine how he would have treated one of my female co workers... oof.
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robboyblunder · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~Please click and/or open in new tab for better view!
This doubles both as the Ink Demonth day 26 - Favorite AU, and the cover for my fanfiction! 
Coming soon, Reeling off the Wheel is a personal AU I’ve turned into a 334k fiction with lots of hard work and love over the course of over seven months now! If editing and artwork stays on course, the first few chapters will be released on Ao3 soon (when I figure out how to use it and how to tag all this). Each chapter has its own title name, as well as featured drawings to help readers better envision the world I’ve made!
I’m very excited to be sharing my story soon, especially with the changes I've made to the characters (and a few added ones) that I think give a unique but great twist! There are LGBT relationships added in too because i’m an LGBT author/artist myself :D
And now, the synopsis:
When Henry finds himself trapped in a Hellish infinite rewind created by his former partner, he dedicates himself endlessly to finding a way out. Something different, anything to break from the loop- however, that break comes to him instead in the form of a new friend. With the help of his once beloved cartoon come to save him from Joey’s nightmare, Henry finds that making old enemies into new friends never goes as expected. Old wounds resurface, memories come and go, and the nightmare begins to unveil much deeper and darker secrets, including a whole new level to it all- magic. Magic Henry hadn’t believed, yet Joey had known about all along, and it’s intricate workings wrapped into every part of the studio. With the help of new friends and a dedication to break free, Henry learns that what it takes to leave the studio is far more complicated that finding any door. Before they can leave, they must rekindle their hopes, learn to let go of the past, and come together despite all odds to defeat their biggest enemies: Joey Drew and the racing hands of a running clock.
This AU features implemented magic elements including demon/angel magic and soul magic, as well as hope magic! It also has many various themes ranging from darker violence, death, betrayal, and such to humorous banter, self-discovery, and even romance. The overall idea is that Henry starts to break the infinite loop by changing everything he can, and getting help from everyone to break it further. As a result, things start to unravel quickly to the point reality itself begins to change, and they need to escape before it’s too late. Coming together, uncovering secrets, and using hope to ultimately break free will lead to their end where everyone hopefully gets to choose for themselves outside of Joey’s influence!
I look forward to having people read it, and hopefully find it as enjoyable as writing it was!
(please don’t repost or use these images, and leave my description; thanks! reblogs would be SUPER appreciated for this one!!)
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everyhowlmarksthedead · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
❛ with Angel Reyes: romantic.
Tumblr media
WORDS: about 550.
Warnings: fingering, mention of bodily fluid.
❚❙ A/N: this writing hasn’t been edited, you may find some grammar mistakes, I’m sorry about that. This work also contains words in spanish —pet names—. If you find a description about body or a word out of place, or something that it makes you feel uncomfortable / unrepresented, let me know by a private message and I will change it delighted ❤
❚❙ GIF credits: to my wonderful @sonsofeorl ✨
Tumblr media
When Angel pulls away his hands from your eyes, you sigh after watching what he has prepared for you, turning around at him. Pouting at your boyfriend and him smirking at you, the two of you get melted into a loving hug. You have been through some bad days at the hospital and he has just wanted to make you feel better. Angel has decorated the bathroom with a lot of perfumed candles and he has filled the bathtub with warm water and bath salts. The smell is so nice, making you feel chill with some soft music playing in the background.
In silence, he helps you to get undressed, before doing the same with himself. Sinking your bodies into the water, you accommodate your anatomy between his legs to lie back over his chest. Your eyes closed, his arms around you and his lips kissing your head; you can't ask for anything else. These last few days have been chaotic. Too many messy emergencies and some complicated surgeries. Your hands and your back need a rest. And so your head.
“Spread your legs, mi amor”.
You obey automatically because of the hoarsely and sensually voice muttered into your right ear. You can't help but bite your bottom lip feeling his huge and calloused hand going downtown, sinking under water. His forefinger finds your swollen clit needed for attention, tilting your neck to the opposite side of his head to give him more space to kiss. Doing circles, he prepares you for an incoming pleasure, pressing your eyelids strongly closed at the moment Angel slides two curled fingers into your cunt. You groan uninhibited, surrounding the tattooed forearm around your chest with your hands.
“You're so fucking beautiful”. He purrs in your ear, placing soft and dearly kisses close to your ear. “Do you like it, ah…? Am I doin' it as you like?”
You just can nod ecstatic, barely gulping. At first, his pace is low, sweet… Until he feels you need a little more and he speeds up the circles move of his wrist, without needing you beg for. Your walls clench his skin, dragging his teeth over your neck with ephemeral caresses, biting it slightly. Every touch of him pushes you to the stars and beyond, using his free hand to stroke your clit with slow moves. Your vocals get a little louder, a little constant, whispering his name with an enraptured voice.
“That's it, baby girl… let yourself go… let me please you”.
Angel steals your breath when he introduces a third long finger, filling you up completely, feeling how his digits stretch your wet pussy. Biting and licking your lips, he bows his head to catch them between his. Every move is deep and well-aimed to your g-spot, hitting it until your legs start to shake dangerously close to the orgasm.
“Cum for me, mi dulce… I wanna hear you scream out my name… I wanna know that I'm pleasing you… making you feel good”. His lips brushes yours, provoking you some chills down by your back.
Closing your legs to catch his hand digged inside you, you cling your hands to his arm, drowning the loud and delighted moan against his skin; when the sweet orgasm hit your anatomy.
“Ah, fuck, Angel…” You sob, feeling the suffocating heat wrapping your whole body. “Fuck…”
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How about a Susan AU in which our intrepid FA "Susan" works a regular commuter route frequented by James Fraser who begins to notice the curly haired, whisky eyed FA who, for some reason, keeps changing her name tag. He's determined to figure out who she is but his only clue is that her travel bag has the initials CEB.
@abbydebeaupreposts : You are an enabler so here you go, first installment.
He was running late. That’s what tended to happen when Geneva ‘forgot’ to mention he was due in London to meet with corporate. It was usually Glasgow every other Wednesday, London every other Monday and Dublin once a month on the third Thursday of every month. This meeting was an extra one, so casually forgotten- it didn’t make it on to his iCal. 
His assistant had hurriedly rushed him out the door this morning- what she had even packed for this quick jaunt to London he didn’t even know, but as long as there was clean underwear and a toothbrush, he knew he could survive a night.  
Jamie sighed as he was rapidly running through the terminal. The boarding door was still open as he made his way to the podeum. 
“Ah dhia, please tell me the boarding door is still open!” He muttered as he reached in his jacket pocket for his boarding pass.
“Yes, sir. It still is! Welcome aboard.” Said the pretty red headed gate agent as she smiled at Jamie and scanned him on. 
He nodded, shoving his boarding pass back into his pocket, making his way down the jet bridge. 
He was greeted by a tall, beautiful flight attendant smiling at him, standing right inside the galley. Her navy blue dress form fitting yet not too revealing, her long legs made even longer by her black heels. 
“Ah, Mr. Fraser, so nice to see you again! Welcome aboard. Would you like the usual whisky neat for your pre-departure beverage?” The flight attendant said.
“Ye have me at a disadvantage, lass. I dinna ken yer name, I apologize.” Jamie said as he walked on the plane, stowing his bag in the overhead bin and taking his seat in 1A.
“It’s Susan. I usually work this route and you usually fly it on Monday’s usually twice a month. You’re one of our regulars and this is a usual route for me.” She said as she placed his drink on his arm rest, her blue eyes looking into his, warming his soul. 
“Ah, yes. Normal route for me.” Jamie said as he felt the blush arise in his cheeks. He watched her turn on her heel and sashay back to the aisle. 
For the first time in his many years of traveling, Jamie watched the safety demo, eyes glued to Susan the flight attendant. He watched as she dawned the oxygen mask, told him how to fasten his seat belt and pointed out all emergency exits. 
She smiled softly at him, as she reached above his seat, switching her heels for her more comfortable flats. 
It wasn’t until they had landed in London and he was grabbing his own bag, that he noticed the black crew bag next to his, initials stitched into the handle. ‘C.E.B’ 
He grabbed his own roller board, making his way towards getting off.
“See you next week, for Dublin, right Mr. Fraser?” Susan asked as the gate agent opened the boarding door.
“Aye, ye will.” Jamie said, the initials ‘C.E.B’ burning at the back of his head. He took the small step off the plane onto the jet bridge, whispering quietly to himself. “I will figure yer real name out, lass. See ye next week.”
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caddiea · a month ago
Long ago, the four Pink Parrots lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Alarm At Wilbur Soot's Office attacked. Only the Firemen people could stop them, but when the world needed them most, they didn't even say???? if there was actually a fire????? what?????? A pretty bad game of Tag passed and Timmy, Tech and I discovered the new Wilbur, a dude named Philza. And although his elytra skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Philza can save the MCC.
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railmeharrypotter · 21 days ago
tomarry fic recs👉👈
a little help from a snake by onyxjay (ongoing)
It was a normal day for Harry. He woke up, made breakfast for his relatives, ate some leftovers, and went out to do the chores set for him. Then it all changed when he accidentally disturbed a snake in the grass.
how to tame your boyfriend by duplicity (3k, completed)
Harry has an overprotective, seven-foot-tall demon boyfriend named Tom who moonlights as a golden retriever.
iridescent by BloodyWar2411 (87k, completed, read tags before indulging!!!)
A mob boss. Draco Malfoy: A vengeful prick. Harry Potter: Stuck as a cleaning boy for Tom's office as a way to make up for something Draco claimed he did. Bottom Line: Damn all rich people to hell.
all your stars by lordmarvoloriddle (53k, completed, dark!harry, tw for cannibalism yeah i know but it's totally worth the read)
“I will fix this, fix you. Fix your mind, make you happy, kiss you all day long, whatever you wish. I will do it, me. No one else but me.”
The rendezvous at The Department of Mysteries spirals into a series of events which change the future of the wizarding world. As always, Harry is right at the middle of it all, yet in a situation he couldn’t have ever fathomed and alongside the very person whom he was supposed to hate. It changes them both.
inevitabilities by EclipseWing (103k, complete)
Tom and Harry are inevitable in any universe.
OR: While Dumbledore and Grindelwald play their chess game across Europe, two young wizards form an unlikely friendship.
[That one where Tom and Harry are born in the same generation.]
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scarlettheartist · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suuuuuuper Craig Redesign! I had Green Arrow and Ezio Auditore[Assassin’s Creed] in mind while designing him. I feel Craig has such an attachment to his Feldspar character that when playing Super Heroes, he just modernized him and changed his name to Super Craig. He clearly had no inspiration [or maybe not enough time?] for a super hero persona that he just found some sharpies, tape and paper and just was like “Super Craig it is” 
Reposting Wonder Tweek so y’all can see them side by side and so I can tag this as creek
P.S If you’re wondering, Tweek would be an Elementalist/Brutalist(Or maybe Psychic I hadn’t decided fadsfj;l)
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skygemspeaks · 3 years ago
a hero’ll save me (just in time)
Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia Pairings: None Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Toshinori Yagi | All Might Tags: family, actual-dad-might, all might is izuku’s bio dad, identity reveal, future fic, post graduation Summary: The hero Deku is friendly, charismatic, and above all humble.
And so, when he opens his own agency a week after graduating, and officially changes his hero name to “All Might,” to honour his mentor, the man known unanimously as the greatest hero the world has ever seen, it causes a magnificent uproar.
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30 Days of Thanks Days 1~10
So I’ve been away from tumblr for a while attempting (key word there) to work on Nanowrimo, and even before that I’ve been pretty MIA. I meant to do this as a daily thing but that’s just... not... gonna happen. Not with my schedule the way it is now. But! I definitely wanted to give a shout out to my favorite authors and reads, so this is Glitter’s 30 days of thanks, part 1 of 3! All of the authors will be tagged, and if you want to follow the thread, follow either “glitter’s 30 days of thanks 2018″ or my general fic rec tag, “to all the fics I’ve read before” (aren’t I clever :P). Also, these are in no particular order! I love them all just the same. 
Day 1: A World Like None That You’ve Ever Known by sparklepox
Prince Han has led an easy life as the youngest of six brothers in a peaceful kingdom, but all that changes when he and his men are attacked on the road home. Now he must rely on an elf named Minseok and other kind strangers to keep him safe, help him find his way home, and face what he finds there.
Starting off with a non-Voltron fic. I honestly have lost count the number of times I’ve read this fic. I am SUCH a sucker for high fantasy stories (side-eyes my nanowrimo project) and honestly, you don’t have to have really ANY knowledge of k-pop to enjoy this fic. If you like fantasy, give this a go, seriously. You won’t regret it.
Day 2: As Color Fades Away by @icypantherwrites
"There is no escape for you, Paladin," Haggar whispered, voice echoing from from the very depths of his mind and filling Lance with a horror and dread he could not begin to describe. "Not from this ship. Not from death." She let out a soft laugh that rang with dark promise. "And especially not from me." / In which Zarkon desires the Black Lion and the Blue Paladin pays the price.
Lions and Druids and Galrans, oh my! This is a looooong longfic and it’s major, major whumpage on Lance. There’s a lot of physical and emotional torture, so be mindful of the tags in case you’re senstive to certain triggers. That said, Icy does a wonderful job of delving deep into Lance’s psyche and doesn’t make light of the effects of the trauma, and her exploration of that is really just heartrending. Later chapters are more focused on Lance’s healing, so it’s not whump for the sake of whump! She even went through recently and rewrote the first... third of the story, give or take, so even if you’ve read it before, it’s worth going back and reading it again. Icy is the sweetest human being, too. Drop her a comment (or eighty!) and check out my unofficial soundtrack for this fic here.
Day 3: Moonset Deep by @milkteamiku
All his life he’d been told to make sure he was never seen – it was what all the children were taught from the moment they were born. Never let a human see you, never fall in love with a human, and most importantly, never kiss one.
For Lance, humans were a mystery. He'd lived beneath the surface of the ocean with his shoal his entire life, and had intended to remain there. He knew the danger humans posed to his kind, and what would happen if he came close to one. That's why, when he found one drowning, his first instinct was to save him.
He'd never been good at following the rules anyway.
Wow. Wow wow wow. This is such an incredible fic so far. The world-building, the characterizations, the plot itself. I mean, I read a lot of mermaid AU fics, but this is one of the most memorable ones, by far. The updates are sporadic, though, so if you’re sensitive to long waits, maybe wait til it’s finished. But it’s a stunning, gorgeous fic. Their entire list of works is great, too; the Seven Days series is adorable and thriling and Chestnut and Onyx is on my “to-read” list. 
Days 4 and 5: Ghost of the Future and Shadow of the Past by @wittyy-name and @zizzani
When Lance is thrown through time, his future self from one year ahead is transported to the past in his place. This Lance is faster, stronger, and markedly more mature. Not only that, but he's distinctly more intuitive about his teammates and A LOT more touchy with Keith. The team must try and work out how to reverse the two Lance's places and restore them to their original timelines. Things only get more complicated when the Future Lance can't seem to remember where he was when the switch happened, and he refuses to reveal anything about his own time for fear of influencing the team's decisions. and When Lance is thrown through time, he finds himself one year in the future, in place of the Lance that should be here. He finds his team to be remarkably familiar, yet distinctly different. They have more scars, a better grip on the whole saving the universe thing, and over a year’s worth of teamwork to bind them together. But the weirdest part? Keith seems to be a lot more touchy with him. Not that he’s complaining… much. The team must try and work out how to reverse the two Lance’s places and restore them to their original timelines. 
Holy whoa. I love time travel fics, but this? This is not just a time travel fic, it’s a time swap fic. Each author writes one fic and they update simultaneously, so you can see what’s happening on both sides of the divide at the same time. Not only is it a pretty ingenius idea, writing mirror fic, but it’s really well executed too. The Klance is established in the future but not in the past, which makes for an interesting dynamic when their signficant others are suddenly swapped. I definitely stayed up way past my bedtime reading these.
Day 6: Trouble’s Making Everything All Right by @thisgirlhastales
Two Paladins become two rough and tumble mercenaries, donning their leather coats and gun holsters, righting wrongs (while committing a few heists of their own), and fighting to get off this bleak, crime-filled planet. Also known as Lance and Keith’s Space Cowboy Adventures.
The space opera to end all space operas. Every other space opera can go home. Why? Because it’s SPACE COWBOYS. I will never not love this fic. It’s still currently ongoing and I’ve not read any of the most recent installment because MY HEART CAN’T HANDLE THE HURT but it’s definitely worth setting aside your weekend to read it. It’s so well done, and by far one of my favorite fics of all time. And, if I’m not mistaken, I believe Mytay will be converting this to original fiction? In which case, GIMME. I need it. Check out my unofficial soundtrack here!
Day 7: Picket Fence in a Yard of Stars by @reader115
The odds of the universe interfering in the life of any one inhabitant are so astronomically small that one should never hope for such things, but instead make an honest effort to choose the best path. But, "astronomically small" is not the same as "impossible" ... as two certain beings are about to learn ...
After all, who better to help fate put Keith and Lance back on the right path than … Keith and Lance?
I love this fic so much. It’s so soft and sweet. Not so much a time travel fic as it is a reality-swap fic, but I am an absolute sucker for fics in which Keith and Lance raise a family together. And I might be biased because Luna and Sol remind me of my own niece and nephew (seriously, the resemblance is uncanny) but I was so invested in this fic. It was so worth the wait for the back half of the fic. Check out my unofficial soundtrack here! Also check out “though he be but smol, he is fierce!” if you need a laugh!
Day 8: The Ones Who Were Left Behind by ContreParry
The paladins may be lost across the universe, but their loved ones back home have not forgotten them.
When I found this fic, it was exactly what I was looking for: a fic that addressed what was going on back on Earth in the wake of the Paladins being swept to the stars in Blue. It’s an intricate web of reactions from their families and I love that even Keith has someone who cares about him, and in the later updates we get a significant plot twist that makes it all the more enticing! It’s been a long while since an update, though, which makes me sad, and all the more eager to see more!
Day 9: Ignorance is Bliss by YouAreInAComaWakeUp
As it turns out, learning that your house is haunted makes the ghosts a lot more aggressive. Who knew?
Ah, well. At least one of them is hot. And he's the less-evil one, too, so that's always a plus.
This is a REALLY interesting take on your typical haunting story. I’m a little late for Halloween with this recommendation, but it is 100% worth the long read, and it’s finished, to boot! And the ending is so satisfying that it just wraps me up in warms and tucks me in to bed. Seriously, if you like the spooks, this is a great read for you. If you like the romance, this is a great read for you. Just. Read it. You won’t be disappointed.
Day 10: Cores of Diamond by @speakswords
Falling in love is easy, as it turns out. Painfully easy. All it takes is one smile, one tender unguarded second with the boy beneath Lance’s bravado, and that’s it. He’s done for. No questions, no bartering, no phase of denial. But if falling for Lance is the easiest thing Keith has ever done, then learning to express it is the hardest. So if he can’t say it, can’t put into words the way the entire world hinges around the moment Lance barged into his lifeㅡ
ㅡwell then he’ll just have to settle for showing him.
Picking just one of speaks’ works to recommend is like picking a favorite child. You just can’t. But if I had to pick ONE representative work, it would be Cores of Diamond. I was literally left breathless at the end of this. The imagery was STUNNING. My heart was all aflutter. It’s one of those that stays with you for a while after you finish. “All the Way Down” is another fun one, too. It was a toss up between those two to rec. But honestly, just go read everything by speaks. Everything. 
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sparklebitch · 2 years ago
Summary: Lance has everything he's ever wanted in life.
A/N: I'm currently on a social media break for mental health reasons, but I wanted to post this real quick before I leave again. I'm sorry for not being active, but I just need some time.
Trigger warning are posted in the tags.
Lance has never wanted much. As child he craved attention. He craved love and validation for all the hard work he did. As a teenage, Lance feared that this would never happen. At the garrison he was constantly ignored, even though he worked hard and improved rapidly. He was one of the top pilots there, and still, no one recognized him. Even his rival couldn't remember his name.
But then that all changed.
When he became a paladin of Voltron people began to notice his hard work. They praised him for his skills and his accomplishments. People across the universe know who he is. They cheer for him in the streets when he steps out of his lion. Their praises fill his chest with warmth. It climbs up his throat and spills over his mouth in the form of a smile. Every comment, every acknowledgement of his skills were like a weight lifted off his chest.
Lance had never been happier.
His teammates even saw Lance for who he really was. They supported him and appreciate him for everything he brought to the team. They noticed his strengths. They laughed at his jokes, they didn't call him annoying or think he was a bother, like so many had before.
Everything in Lance's life was going exactly the way he wanted it to.
"Amazing job today, Lance" Shiro said, patting Lance on the back. "Seriously, we couldn't have done that without you and your sharpshooting abilities" Lance beamed.
"Thanks" he said. "You did amazing too. I mean, that swingy move with your robot arm?" Lance swung his arm down in front of him, imitating what he had seen Shiro do earlier. "That was awesome!" Shiro laughed at Lance's impression of him.
"Thank you" He crossed his arms. "You should get some rest before training tomorrow. Seriously, you did some good work today" Lance grinned and glanced at his feet bashfully.
"Okay, I will. And thank you" Lance turned and headed down the hall to his room, the smile still on his face. He passed Hunk and Pidge as he walked.
"Heading to bed?" Hunk asked. Lance nodded.
"Yeah, gotta rest up before training tomorrow" he flexed his arm with a smirk. "Don't get this way by sleepin' in" Pidge snorted.
"Okay, see you in the morning" Hunk said, waving at him. Lance nodded and continued on to his room. Lance turned the corner and headed to his room, the smile still bright on his face.
After entering his room Lance busied himself with his nighttime routine. He grabbed a fresh change of clothes and then headed into the bathroom. He put the clothes in the bathroom counter and then paused.
Everything was going Lance's way. Everything was perfect. Lance couldn't think of a single thing that he could ever want.
Lance stared at himself in the mirror, watching how his bright smile dimmed until it slipped completely off his face. Here, in the silence of his room, he could let everything fall away.
Lance had everything he could ever ask for.
And it still wasn't enough.
Without another thought Lance reached into the bottom drawer next to his sink and pulled out the blade. He lifted the hem of his shirt and stared at the rows and rows that lined his stomach. Some were fresh, the skin around the jagged scars was raised slightly. Lance ran his finger across a particularly large one. He felt numb.
He didn't understand it. He had everything he'd ever wanted. He had people who loved and cared for him, and yet he was still unhappy. It wasn't enough. He faked it as much as he could, hoping that maybe someday it would be true, but it didn't work. Nothing worked. Lance cut himself just to feel something.
With a quick flick of the wrist Lance ran the blade across his skin, slicing it open. He sucked in a sharp breath and then dropped the blade onto the counter. As Lance watched his blood drip down his body and onto the floor, he considered ending it all. What was the point of being alive anymore? Before he could tell himself that if he could just hold on a little while longer, just until he had this or that. Until people respected him. Until people took him seriously. Until someone loved him. But now, now that Lance had all that and more, he had no more excuses. He was living day to day, waiting for night. Waiting for a few hours of sleep when he got a reprieve from everything.
He had everything.
Why wasn't it enough?
~   ~   ~
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littlecofieart · 3 years ago
i squinted when i first read alfive’s name but he’s such an fabulous character- i’m a changed person now: i don’t squint anymore because i’m confuzzled about his name; i squint because i’m looking for his name in the tags B|
Gosh! I’m so happy Alfive is to your liking.
I often thought about renaming him to make him less of a joke thing (also redesigning him but he -is- an allura mirror so... not gonna happen), but he wouldn’t be the same without his name/looks. And since Coran has 4 names, I assume the people who are part of the royal family have like 7 or more, so now I have to come up with a full name for Alfive. 
I wish we would have at least a family name for Allura.
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elles-choices · 2 years ago
Godsend II: Chapter 3 (TRR AU, Liam x MC)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Liam x MC (Catherine aka Cathy), Drake x OC (Meg)
Summary: After Leo’s abdication Liam saw his life and dreams fall apart. Years later, due to an emergency, he comes face to face with his past, finding out a secret that will change his life.
Disclaimer: Some characters belong to Choices by Pixel Berry
For more chapters go to my MASTERLIST in my bio.
Chapter 3: Isn’t She Lovely
Cathy looks slightly upwards, deep into Liam’s baby blues and smiles, whispering, “She is your daughter, Li”. He lets out a gasp of relief, closing his eyes while the tears stream down his face. “She has so much of you. We all see so much of you in her”, she gently brushes away his tears.
“Cathy… why did you keep her from me? I can’t understand…”, he shakes his head and she takes his hand walking him to the living room. Sitting on the couch, Liam watches Cathy making her way to the side board.
She starts looking for something and comes back to the couch with four photo albums, “I tried”, she whispers - her voice is calm and there is some sadness in it, “I called you on your US phone as soon as I found out. Your assistant answered the call”, she looks down at her hands, handing him one of the albums, “He told me you were in Paris on a trip with your fiancee”, she looks at him and a couple of tears leave her eyes. “What should I have done? I was the one who told you to find happiness with someone else. You were in the most romantic city in the world, with your future wife… celebrating your engagement”, she covers her eyes with a hand, trying to hide the tears that she managed to keep inside for so long, “My child and I were nothing but a scandal waiting to happen… so I decided I would take care of her on my own. It was tough. Especially because I had just started my residency, it wasn’t like I was earning a lot of money… most of it went to pay the bills, a nanny and baby sitters for weekend and night shifts. It was tough having to leave my newborn baby at home but I had to go back to work”. Liam pulls her into his arms and she continues, “But every time I saw her face, every time she smiled at me it gave me the strength I needed to go on. To finish my residency and get where we are today, where we can afford all of this. You don’t have to worry, Leah has everything she needs and more”.
“Leah…”, he says, smiling, “It’s a beautiful name”. He takes a deep breath, thinking of how much his life has changed in the past few minutes. Not only he has the woman he loves in his arms, he just became a dad to a lovely little girl. He opens the photo album and looks at the pictures of Cathy pregnant and little Leah when she was born, “Oh my God”, he glances at Leah’s hospital tag and can’t hold back the tears, “Leah Grace… you named her after my mother”, he brushes away the tears and places a lingering kiss on her forehead, “Thank you, my love…”, he stares at the photos feeling so much love for these two, “I can’t believe you’ve done all this alone”, he shakes his head, looking into her big green eyes, “You should have told me… I would have given up everything to be with you and take care of our daughter. I could have offered you a comfortable life”.
Cathy smiles, cupping his cheek with a hand, “I’m sorry. I did what I thought was the best for all of us at the time. If I could turn back time, I would have done it differently… now that I know your engagement isn’t real but at the time…”.
“I know, love", he sees sorrow in her eyes, “We can’t change the past but we can work on our future together… so let’s focus on now for a moment. Tell me more about Leah. Does she know about me?”, he takes her hand in his and brushes his thumb over her knuckles.
She picks up a photo album, “She does. We always talk about you”, she opens it, handing it to him “Leah and I made this together. She chose the photos”. Liam sees photos of Cathy and him together when they were at university - they looked so happy and in love. “Whenever she misses you she ask me to see daddy. She is so friendly and loving… she has your eyes and your smile. She is just perfect”.
Liam is touched by the gesture - even though she thought it was best for them to keep their distance, she wanted their daughter to know about him. Knowing that his daughter misses him, touches his heart on so many levels. He looks deep into Cathy’s eyes, “She is so lucky to have you as her mother…”.
Cathy blushes, glad to hear these words coming from him, “Do you wanna meet her? She would love to see you”.
“Of course!”, his eyes start to well up, “But I don’t have anything to give her… I should go buy something”, he says nervous.
She lets out a giggle, thinking about how cute he is when he is worried about disappointing his daughter, “Seriously, she wouldn’t care if you came empty handed. She loves you… you are her dad!”, she stands up and takes something from a wall cabinet, “She will turn three in a few months and I bought it for her already, she’s been talking about it non-stop”, Cathy hands a teddy bear to him, “but you can give it to her now”.
“I couldn’t possibly…”, he says looking at her.
“Liam, don’t overthink it, just take it and give it to Leah. I’ll find another gift for her”, she places a kiss on his cheek, “I’m gonna go and I’ll be right back with her. Please, don’t cry or I’ll cry and if I cry, then she will cry and we don’t want that”. He watches as she walks out of the room and feels so nervous about meeting his child.
Cathy walks upstairs and into the room, smiling, “Leah, honey”, she walks up to her and sits down on the floor while her daughter brushes a doll’s hair, “There is someone downstairs waiting for you”.
“Oh… who is it, mommy?”, she looks at Cathy with her big blue eyes, “Aunty Meg?”
“No, honey”, she pauses, “it’s Daddy”, she smiles, “Daddy is here and he wants to see you. Would you like to say hello?”.
Leah smiles widely, “Daddy is here? Yay!”, she stands up and starts dancing in the middle of the room. Cathy watches her for a moment and her heart melts. Leah stops and takes her mother’s hand, trying to pull her up, “Let’s go, mommy… daddy is waiting”.
“Okay, okay!”, she stands up and picks Leah up, “Daddy loves you so much, sweet pea”.
Leah wraps her arms around Cathy’s neck, “I love daddy too and I love you”.
“And I love you too, honey”, she carries her downstairs and puts her down, holding her hand while they walk into the living room.
Liam looks at Leah and smiles - instantly he feels this overwhelming love for her, he knows that from this moment on his life has a new meaning and it is all because of her. He kneels before her, “Hi, baby girl!”.
Leah jumps into his arms and holds him tight, “Daddy!!!”. Liam looks up at Cathy and sees she is smiling and trying everything not to cry. Leah says, “I missed you, daddy”.
“I missed you too, honey”, he closes his eyes, “I’m sorry I couldn’t be around but I promise we will spend a lot of time together from now on”. He takes in her scent and he can barely believe that he and Cathy have created this beautiful human being. “How are you?”, he strokes her back gently.
“I’m hungwy”, she says and Cathy lets out a laugh.
“Aren’t you always, baby?!”, Cathy says, giggling, “This is all you, Liam… 100% you!”
Liam chuckles, “Well I brought enough food for the three of us and you know what? I got something for you too”, he hands her the fancy brown teddy bear with a red ribbon around his neck. “Do you like it?”
Leah takes it into her tiny hands and smiles, “Wow…”, she looks at Liam with her baby blues, turning to Cathy, “Mommy, look!”
“I know, honey! You’ve been wanting this for a few weeks now… But what do you say to your father?”, she smiles.
“Thank you”, she smiles getting up and doing her happy dance with her teddy while Liam and Cathy look at her, so proud and happy to have her in their lives.
“You are welcome, sweetheart”, Liam reaches out for Cathy’s hand, standing up and wrapping an arm around her waist. He looks at Cathy, smiling like a fool and whispers, “She is adorable. We make beautiful babies…”.
Cathy giggles, “We certainly made a beautiful baby girl”.
“I love you”, he says looking deep into her eyes.
Cathy blushes, turning her glance to Leah, “I will always love you, Liam. Regardless of whether we end up together or not”, she turns her head back to him, “You gave me her and for that I will always love you”
They watch their child playing with her new toy for a moment. Liam looks at Cathy and smiles - what this young woman has accomplished amazes him and he can’t help but feel proud of her. He wonders what kind of things she has been through all by herself, how often she had to be strong for her and for Leah and how his engagement might have hurt her.
Suddenly they hear the doorbell, “Pizza!!”, Leah says, running out of the room. 
“You should not run around the house, young lady!”, Cathy raises her voice slightly and Leah stops immediately.
Liam looks at the scene trying to stifle a laugh, “I’ll take care of this. We’ll be right back”. He walks out of the room and picks up his daughter, “You have to listen to mommy, Leah. You could hit your head somewhere!”, he explains.
“I’m sowy, daddy!”, she gives him a kiss on the cheek and he smiles.
Liam opens the door and greets the young pizza boy. He pays, giving him a big tip and the young man says, “Sir, your daughter looks just like you!”. Liam smiles proudly, thanking him and puts her down to take the pizza in his hand, heading inside. When Leah starts running again he says, “Leah, we talked about this already!”
“I forgot, sowy”, she looks up at him, smiling and in that moment he knew, he could never be mad at her. 
“It’s okay, baby. Give me your hand”, they walk into the kitchen and see that Cathy had already the table set. Liam hands Cathy the pizza and places Leah in the high chair. He brought Mexican food, Cathy’s favorite food and now they have far too much food on the table. They enjoy this time together eating and chatting as a family - Liam helps Leah with her food whenever she needs help and Cathy loves to see him as a dad, so careful and loving with his baby girl. Once they finished eating, Cathy tells Liam to watch a few cartoons with Leah while she cleans the kitchen and tidy up the play room. 
Before heading upstairs, she looks at Liam with Leah on his lap and smiles. She is having a full conversation about the cartoon, trying to explain to him something about the characters. Forty minutes later, she comes down the stairs - thanks to Liam taking care of their daughter she could enjoy a shower before putting her to bed. 
Cathy walks down the stairs in leggings and a Mauve Taupe cashmere sweater dress, her hair is up in a bun. From the door to the living room she says, “Hey munchkin, time for bed”. Liam looks at Cathy and his heart skips a beat. His eyes sweep over her long defined legs - he loves when she has no makeup on.
“Mommy, I wanna stay with daddy”, Leah says and Cathy walks into the room, sitting next to them.
“Baby, it’s late and you are already tired”, she picks her from Liam’s lap and she starts crying, “What is wrong, baby?”, she says stroking her back.
Leah reaches for Liam, crying,  “I wanna stay with daddy!”
“Hey, baby girl, I’ll be back tomorrow, okay? But now we have to go sleep so we can play tomorrow”, Liam says and Cathy puts her back on his lap.
“Do you want daddy to put you to bed?”, she looks at Leah and she nods, “Okay, he can do this tonight”. Liam looks at Cathy nervous and she smiles, “We will do this together. She already took a bath, all she needs is her pjs now”. They walk upstairs together and get her ready for bed. Liam lets her choose a book and he reads a story for her until she falls asleep. They take the baby monitor and head downstairs. Cathy looks at Liam and smiles, “You are such a great dad. You are a natural”.
He wraps his arms around her, one hand on the lower of her back, looking deep into her eyes, “I could get used to this... here with you two”. 
“She loves you so much, Liam”, she places her hands on his chest, feeling his muscles flexing under her touch, “Do you have to go now?”
Liam kisses her forehead, “No, I can stay a little longer... we could drink a glass of wine, talk about a few things”.
“Okay”, she pause, “Let’s go to the backyard”. The pick up a bottle of red wine and two glasses and walk out of the kitchen door to the small backyard. They sit on the lounge couch and Liam hands her a glass of red wine, pulling her into his arms.
They stay in silence for a moment, enjoying this feeling they have missed for so long, their touch and the warmth of the bodies so close once again. “You are breathtaking, my love”, she looks up at him, “I was dying to tell you this since the moment I first saw you at the hospital. I love you so much”, he smiles, looking at her. He takes their glasses, putting them on the table and pulling her onto his lap and she straddles him. He brushes a strand off her face, “I miss this... the way we used to be”, he places a hand on her neck, “I’d trail kisses from here to here”, he brushes his fingers from her neck upwards and along her jawline, “And then I’d end up kissing you passionately here”, he brushes his thumb over her lips.
“Liam...”, Cathy closes her eyes, “We talked about this already! And you are making it really difficult for me to resist you”, she places her head on Liam’s shoulders, placing a wet kiss on his neck.
He wraps his arms around her and whispers, “I'm going to call off the engagement. I have waited all these years for this moment and now I just wanna be with you”.
“Liam, are you sure you wanna do this?”, she pauses shortly.
“Cathy... don’t talk about this engagement as if I’d care about it. All I want is here - you and Leah”, his hand roams up her things and they feel an electrical feeling running through their bodies. He tries so hard to fight the desire he has for her, as he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable. Shaking his head, he tries to distract himself with other things, “We have a lot to discuss, love. I wanna help you financially, I wanna try to spend half of the month in New York with you two and I also wanna recognize her officially as my daughter, which means she will become a princess of Cordonia... she will need a security detail and some day we will have to announce her existence to the Kingdom”, he strokes her arm and she looks at him nervously.
“Liam, you cannot take her away from me!”, she feels her heart pounding and tears pouring out, “She is everything I have”.
He looks at her confused, “Love, I would never do that to you or Leah! What are you talking about?”, he brushes away her tears, “I want a life with you two. I’ll wait patiently for you, until you are ready. But know that I want this... you and me always! I love you...”
“I know, but when you talk about her being a princess and what if the council  wants her to move to Cordonia... the thought of it gives me major anxiety. She is just a baby, everything she knows is here”, she says crying.
Liam pulls her into his arms, “Nobody is taking our daughter away from you. I will never allow it to happen. Never... Do you trust me, love?”
“I... I do but even you can’t do whatever you want - they got you into this miserable engagement”, she rests her forehead on his.
Liam doesn’t know what to say, “I promise, I will do whatever I can to protect our child and nothing will happen without your consent”, he holds her in his arms for a moment until she calms down, “Unfortunately I have to go now. I have a few things to do”, he looks at her and she sees a hint of sadness in his eyes, “Can I come back tomorrow for breakfast?”
She smiles, “Do you wanna spend the day with us? I am on night shift tomorrow. We could have breakfast together, go to the park with Leah and spend the day as a family”, they stand up, heading inside.
“I’d love that. I can bring fresh rolls and croissants”, he wraps his arm around her, “Is 8 o’clock, okay?
Cathy opens the door for him, “8 o’clock is perfect”. 
“I really want to kiss you, baby”, he places a hand on her neck, caressing it. She turns her head, taping on her cheek, “This is not what I had in mind... but okay. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Have a good night, my love”.
She smiles, “Good night, Liam!”
Back at the hotel...
Liam walks into his hotel suite, heading to his room and lying in bed. He looks at the ceiling, smiling, feeling this amazing bliss. He is staying in a beautiful three bedroom presidential suite, which he is sharing with Drake and Madeleine. He picks up his phone and send Drake a text:
“Are you still awake? We need to talk!”
Within three minutes there is a knock at his door and Liam opens it to see Drake standing there, looking exhausted.
“What’s going on, Liam? Is Constantine okay? Oh, please don’t tell me something terrible happened!”, he walks into the room. 
Liam smiles, “No, dad is doing much better!”, he sits on the bed, “I have big news”.
Madeleine approaches the hallway to Liam’s bedroom on her way to her own room. She hears Liam and Drake’s voices and approaching his bedroom’s door she realizes it is slightly ajar. She gets close enough, listening to what they are talking about.
“We found Cathy. She works at the hospital”, he smiles, taking a deep breath, “Man, she is so beautiful. Far more beautiful than I remembered. When I first saw her my knees began to buckle”, he lets out a laugh.
Drake smiles widely, “Liam, this is huge! We have to celebrate it!”
“This isn’t all...”, he picks up his phone and shows him a photo of Leah.
His best friend looks at the photo, “What? Are you going to adopt a child?”, he stares carefully at the photo while Liam chuckles, “This girl has your eyes... Ohhhh...”, he looks at Liam surprised.
“It’s because she is my daughter. Her name is Leah and she is so precious... When I saw her I was in shock but then I just felt this unexplainable love for her. And my love for Cathy just doubled, tripled. There is so much I wanna tell you but it will have to wait until tomorrow”, he pauses, “I will call off the wedding. I’m done pretending... I wanna be with her finally and make her my wife!”
Madeleine feels her heart sink by Liam’s words. She feels dizzy and can barely believe that everything she has worked for was for nothing. She clenches her fist, furious with the news - ‘How dare he do this to me?’, she thinks, ‘He can keep her as his mistress and the baby as his bastard but I’m not losing the crown...’. She compose herself and leaves to her bedroom.
Drake pulls Liam into a hug, “Look at you all grown up... you got a daughter with the woman you love and whom you wanna marry”, he takes a deep breath, “Have you heard anything about Meg?”
“Sorry, brother, I was so overwhelmed with everything that I totally forgot to ask but tomorrow we will spend the day together and I promise I will ask her”, he places a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it lightly “Now, I’m gonna try to talk to Madeleine”, Liam and Drake stand up, leaving the room. 
“Man, good luck! She is gonna kill you... anyways, I’m too tired for the drama. We talk tomorrow!”, Drake says heading to his room.
Liam frowns, knowing he is right. He makes his way to Madeleine’s room, knocking at the door and promptly she asks him to come in. “Good evening, Madeleine, we have to talk”.
Madeleine turns to him, lying in bed, “I’m sorry, Liam. I haven’t been feeling well the entire day. I think it’s the stress of what happened last night and me worrying about Constantine”.
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear. Do you want me to call a doctor?”. he says.
Madeleine lets out a quiet gasp of pain, “No, thank you so much, love. I just want to rest and hopefully I’ll be feeling better within the next days”.
“Okay. We can have this talk another time then. Get well soon!”, Liam turns around, leaving her room and heading to his.
Madeleine sighs, sitting up in bed, “If you think you can embarrass me in front of the entire court by dragging this engagement for almost 4 years and then calling it off you are so mistaken, Liam...”, she speaks under her breath.
To be continued…
For more chapters go to my MASTERLIST in my bio.
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realityrewind · 2 years ago
alex stims w his legs the most like he bounces his legs like those old rubberhouse toons n when he gets even more intense he just jumps up and down in place he endlessly paces in circles he's just one leggy boy thathk u for coming to my Ted talk
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yourcringybrother · 12 days ago
sorry if this is an annoying question but whats the redstoner?
Not annoying at all! I love talking about mcrp shit! :D /gen
redstoner is a minecraft rp series done by yourpalross! It’s about this guy stuck in a desert making contraptions. And he’s at the whim of redstone and the red sun. Basically a fun decent into madness
There’s two seasons and previously, no one could find all the episodes because blah blah company changing shit, they were basically lost to time. But! Recently, they’ve been recovered so now you can watch the whole thing :))))
When i remember the name of the person who has the whole thing i’ll tag them here! If you’re at all interested definitely give it a shot. It’s an olddd rp, one of the og mcrp series and was definitely a jumping spot for a lot of people getting into it.
EDIT: @jadespadegames has the whole thing somewhere on her blog ! Big props to the person who swooped in last second to grab it, @brlck
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