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Pick a card
Future spouse reading ( Intuitive)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Choose one of the six posters above : seven song lyrics from your future spouse. ( Confession , praise , upliftment)
Hey love's hope y'all are doing great 💙 , sending beautiful healing energies towards you . Hope you resonate and if you don't please choose another pile . Alter the pronouns according to yourself . Take what can be applicable to you and leave the rest.
Some of these lyrics are based on your present and the others your future .
I've already answered all the asks that were sent during the Intuitive game ,check it out if you haven't and if you didn't receive an answer Tumblr probably deleted it .
Hope you enjoy 💙.
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 1:
Hit the road jack - Ray Charles
Now baby, listen baby, don't ya treat me this way
'Cause I'll be back on my feet some day
Heaven California - Honey gentry
Take me to heaven when you go
If you want me, let me know
Take me to heaven, California
If you want me, I'll adore you
Sweet but psycho - Ava max
You're just like me, you're out your mind
I know it's strange, we're both the crazy kind
You're tellin' me that I'm insane
Boy, don't pretend that you don't love the pain
Little did I know - Julia Michaels
But little did I know
You would be the one I confide in
Learn how to try with
Little did I know
It was you before I ever decided
Home with you - Fka twigs
I didn't know that you were lonely
If you'd have just told me, I'd be home with you
I didn't know that you were lonely
If you'd have just told me, I'd be running down the hills to be with you
Future games - Fleetwood Mac
So you better take your time
You know there's no escape
The future sends a sign
Of things we will create
Baby it's alright
And so have faith
Oh yeah
You invent the future that you want to face
Dionne - Katelyn tarver
And I know it's not very sexy
When somebody loves you this much and knows you this well
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 2:
Big plans - Why don't we
I got real big plans, baby, for you and me
So love me for who I am and for who I'm gonna be
Ain't got everything you want, but got everything you need
So take a chance, take a chance on me
Never be me - Miley Cyrus
But I hope that I'm able to be all that you need
If you think that I'm someone to give up and leave
That'll never be me, no
It's over isn't it - Steven universe
War and glory, reinvention
Fusion, freedom, her attention
Out in daylight, my potential
Bold, precise, experimental
Who am I now in this world without her?
Petty and dull, with the nerve to doubt her
Freaky deaky - Doja cat , Tyga
I've been feelin' freaky deaky
You're on your way to see me
Got the mirror on the ceiling
You're in the mood to please me
Sad girls luv money - Amarae, Kali uchis , Moily
I really like your body, I really like your body
I don't know why you hide it
I wanna see you behind me
Link up- Tinashe
For my next act, watch-watch me cut these bitches off
Yeah I'm a boss
Our song- Anne Marie, Niall Horan
Just when I think you're gone
Hear our song on the radio
Just like that, takes me back
To the places we used to go
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 3:
Vehemence purity ring
Oh my, an angel
If we are brave enough, oooh
She'll take my anger up
Oh my, an angel
I've waited long enough, oooh
The mountain opened up
Dinner and diatribes Hozier
The look of mischief in your eye
Your friends are a fate that befell me
Hell is the talking type
I'd suffer hell if you'd tell me
All your exes : Julia Michaels
I want to live in a world where all your exes are dead
I want to kill all the memories that you save in your head
Late night waltz - Silk skin lovers
Follow me 'til morning rays
I'll follow you 'til daylight fades
Symphony clean bandit , Zara larsson
I've been hearing symphonies
Before all I heard was silence
A rhapsody for you and me
And every melody is timeless
Rainbow - Kacey Musgraves
Well, the sky has finally opened
The rain and wind stopped blowin'
But you're stuck out in the same old storm again
You hold tight to your umbrella
But, darling, I'm just tryin' to tell ya
That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head
Nikes Frank Ocean
I may be younger but I'll look after you
We're not in love, but I'll make love to you
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 4:
Ugly Nicole Dollanganger
Anything that is beautiful
People want to break
And you are beautiful
I'm afraid
Pink in the night - Mitski
With every drop of rain singing
"I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you
I love you, I love you, I love you!"
Inside out- Zedd, griff
When the lights come off and the night is done
Everybody's left, can I be the one?
If it's all I do
I'm gonna love you, love you
She used to be mine - Sara barailles
She's imperfect but she tries
She is good but she lies
She is hard on herself
She is broken and won't ask for help
She is messy but she's kind
She is lonely most of the time
She is all of this mixed up
And baked in a beautiful pie
The bones - Maren Morris
When the bones are good, the rest don't matter
Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter
Let it break 'cause you and I remain the same
All you need to know - Gryffin
I'll lift you when you're feeling low
I'll hold you when the night gets cold
You'll never have to be alone
And that's all you need to know
You must love me - Lana del rey
Deep in my heart, I'm concealing
Things that I'm longing to say
Scared to confess, what I'm feeling
Frightened you'll slip away
You must love me, you must love me
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 5:
City of stars - Ryan Gosling
A look in somebody's eyes
To light up the skies
To open the world and send it reeling
A voice that says, I'll be here
And you'll be alright
Isabelle - Zach Hood
Now I'm wasting time with Isabelle
Five foot sweet with skin like caramel
Every time it feels brand new
Wish I could rewind the things we do
Daddy issues - The neighbourhood
I'd run away and hide with you
I love that she's got daddy issues, and I do too
Heart shaped box Nirvana
I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks
I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
Cover me in sunshine - Pink, Willow sage heart
From a distance all these mountains
Are just some tiny hills
Wildflowers, they keep living
While they're just standing still
Bonnie & Clyde - YUQI
We don't need money to feel good
'Cause you're the ride or die the rest of my life
Don't need a party to feel high
We're like the modern version of Bonnie & Clyde
The moon song - Beabadoobee
There's things I wish I knew
There's no thing I'd keep from you
It's a dark and shiny place
But with you my dear
I'm safe and we're a million miles away
𝕻𝖎𝖑𝖊 6:
Superstar -Sonic Youth
Don't you remember you told me you love me baby?
You said you'd be coming back this way again baby
Baby baby baby baby, oh baby
I love you, I really do
How true is your love ? - Hannah Grace
I'll take the pain with the glory
I'll let the love just fill me up
I'll let the hurt run through
How sweet? How deep? How blue?
How true is your love?
I hear you in the music
East of Eden - Zella day
Call me wild, drinking up the sunshine
Be my man and show me what it feels like
Safe and sound - Taylor Swift
Just close your eyes, the sun is going down
You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now
Come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound
Dandelions - Ruth B
And I've heard of a love that comes once in a lifetime
And I'm pretty sure that you are that love of mine
Dancing queen - ABBA
You are the dancing queen
Young and sweet
Hey there Delilah - Plain white T's
A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Please decipher the meaning according to your situation , since this is a collective reading .
Hope you resonate !
Tumblr media
Thank you so much 🥰❤️
Have a great day 💖
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xieula · 6 months ago
How they would comfort you if you were insecure
Encanto characters x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: alright, this is a new account.. which is a new start. So I hope I'm welcomed on tumblr in this .. account. First thing I'd like to post a writing of is Encanto. Since it's such a good movie, how can I resist myself? Enjoy.
Also, I do have insecurities of my own. But in this chapter, I'll place SOME insecurities I do not own, because it can't just all be about me.
Tumblr media
Your looks.
Now, don't get me wrong- looks aren't everything. But you fear that Camilo may lose all interest for you.
It's scary to think, "Camilo only goes for looks." But that's what you often think to yourself, which isn't very unusual for people to see you pacing back and forth, thinking ways on how to gain much more beauty.
The people from the village, Encanto started to aware Camilo by telling him all the things you've been doing recently, and has been going on for quite a while now.
Which makes Camilo upset.
Not upset at you, but at himself. He's been so busy with chores recently that he didn't even notice himself any sooner.
"Y/N, can we talk?.."
Now you were trembling, is he planning to break up? What have you done now..? Have you done something upsetting?
"Mi amor.. I fear that you have a.. huge insecurity about.. your looks?"
Oh, this?
How did he catch up ? How did he take notice ? WHO TOLD HIM?!
"waaaaat, me? Insecurity? About my , pfft, looks?! Funny , Camilo."
Now you know he was being dead serious.
"Mi vida , you are perfect in every way, and I want you to never forget that. Alright? No matter how much insecurities you have, my love will never fade for you."
Those words touched your heart fully.
Now, you don't know if your insecurity is going to fade, but all you know is that it will die down for a bit.
C'mon. This guy literally looks at you for 1 second and he has hearts in his eyes already!! He's in love😔‼‼
Tumblr media
Your smile.
Being a good girlfriend as she already is, she caught up to that pretty quickly.
She's always noticed how you'd always look away from her, like turning from the side whenever you'd smile.
From your whole 3 months of dating, I dont think shes ever seen you smile before.
It's either that you cover your mouth when laughing
Or looking away to which she can't completely see your face!
She knows it's just out of habit but she is very sure your smile is as bright as the sun.
"Uhhh, s/o?" Mirabel lightly spoke
"Yes, Mirabel? Need anything?"
"I've been wondering.." Mirabel stops mid-sentence to gather up her words, "why haven't I ever seen you smile before?"
"Huh..?" You asked, knowing full well what she was saying. You just needed to double check if your ears werent fooling you
"I-I mean, it's either th-that or you're always hiding your smile because you're ... insecure?" Mirabel replied rather quickly, in panic of thought that she offended you.
"Oh.. insecure, seems like you've catched up rather quickly than I expected," you spoke.
Mirabel walks up to you and smudges your face in order for you to make a smiley face.
You thought it was adorable and ended up smiling, which you did NOT want.
Mirabel's cheeks started turning red, probably flustered.
"See?! You're so adorable, awhh!~"
Tumblr media
Your teeth gap.
You've always been so insecure about your stupid teeth gap, why does it have to look so stupid?
Due to your insecurity, whenever Bruno made you smile or laugh, it shows your teeth gap- making you cover your mouth.
Bruno's been quite concerned about it for a while
He decided not to make a scene and just ignore it for a while, though.
But that won't help anything, he wants to see your smile, your wonderful smile..
It may seem selfish of him, but he wants to see you laugh without your hand in the way.
He's decided to approach about your certain habit, which he is aware it may seem offensive- which he prevents on making it sound like it.
"Uh.. i-is it just me or you're always covering your hand whenever you smile or laugh.."
"Oh, uh, yeah, just out of habit. Heh, nothing to worry about, Bruno."
Yeah, easy for you to say that.. he just wants to see you smile for once!
"I just wanted to say that.. I wanna see you smile without covering your hand.."
"Uhm." You spoke- not liking the idea of doing so.
"I-I'm so sorry, if it made you uncomfortable then it's alright , again, I am so so sorry-"
You couldn't help but smile, I mean, that was adorable. And you know he's going to apologize for the next few hours if you don't, so you just had to.
Bruno suddenly stopped talking to gaze at you, with love hearts in his eyes. It just like in one of his dreams.
He's indeed lucky to have you, and he sincerely hopes you continue doing this often.
Tumblr media
Alright, that's the end of it. If you want a part two, well I'll try decided that for now.
If you actually want one, do suggest me some characters!
Hope this one was good enough for you, thank you and goodbye!
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faeryarchives · 3 months ago
hi hi! i saw your post and welcome to tumblr i hope you have a good time here! if you don't mind can i request a headcanon about a hutao like reader with scarabia duo and floyd? thank you very much <33
hi anon ~ thank you for the welcome >< i don't know if its gn reader or fem reader so i just wrote a fem!reader hope you enjoy !!
scarabia boys + floyd leech with a hutao-like fem!reader!
the mischievous and playful director of a funeral parlor in her previous world that she took over at a rather young age
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ kalim al-asim
during the entrance ceremony's chaos, kalim was shocked but also amazed to see how you used your spear like weapon - covering it with fire and ran to try and capture grim.
to find out that you became a student in nrc along with grim, boy he was so glad he will get to see you again!
in his mind, the dorm leader was like 'hey! (name) seems fun, i should invite her to our welcome party!' only to be offered by funeral services making jamil alert around her.
"oya oya? aren't you the dorm leader from scarabia? we have a buy one funeral get one free coupons right now, perhaps you want to avail?"
"fuu-nya?! henchman are you crazy?!"
"i don't really get it but sure!"
"kalim no-"
with you around, kalim has never been bored ever since! he loves listening to your stories about being the 77th funeral parlor director back in your world - he could see how you were very serious in job despite being known as a troublemaker.
"lemme show you some fire tricks. first... fire! and then... whoosh! fire butterfly! be free!"
his eyes practically shining when you showed him some of your skills in helping to fight off some monsters.
and he witness it first hand when an assassin suddenly appeared behind kalim. maybe the assassin thought that the dorm leader should be an easy target now because his trusty vice dorm leader was not around. the assassin was dead wrong when you hit him with a blazing spirit - knocking him out in a minute.
there was a time you tried teaching him how to wield your polearm but ... lets just say jamil made you stay away 7 ft away from the scarabia dorm leader.
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ jamil viper
to be honest, jamil thought that you were just like the other students but boy he was dead wrong. especially when he saw you beat up the assassin that appeared when he wasn't around kalim.
like oh, you weren't so normal at all! he once thought of sometimes leaving kalim in your care while he take care of some chores. but jamil erased that idea when the two of you almost burned down the kitchen
even though the vice dorm leader thought that when the two of you became a little bit closer, you would exclude him from your pranks. but unfortunately he isn't.
"jamil look! i found something earlier ~"
"(name) i am busy cleaning right now come back late- is that a beetle?!"
"look at this little creature isn't he cute?"
"get that away from me or else!"
"nah i'm naming him jamil junior!"
the longer the two of you hang out the more jamil realized that he could relate to her in some way. like despite how people view you in a negative way back in your world, you still uphold your responsibility as the funeral parlor director
other than your blunt and factual nature, he really appreciate it when you sometimes offered him to take a break and take care of kalim in his stead but knowing how the two of you often find a way to attract trouble he would pass on that offer.
what he will accept was scheming with you during school activities. your classmates know that having the viper and funeral parlor director team up with each other would end up with a flawless victory
congratulations! you just gain the trust of the vice dorm leader of scarabia.
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛ floyd leech
letting you hang out with floyd became azul's 13th reason why
there was not a day where you two are not chasing riddle around the campus just to poke at his red hair and cheeks which cause the heartslabyul dorm leader to always stick next to trey and cater as much as possible.
the synergy between you and the leech twins were so perfect that azul always tasked them to fetch the students who didn't got to complete the contract and this trio became nrc's nightmare.
"hello there. you must already know why we are here right?"
"ne ne jade, shrimpy. they look so small and annoying. i want to squeeze them!"
"o-ya? o-ya-ya-ya? one client, two clients, three clients! do you want to avail three coupons for our funeral service?"
"s-services for what?!"
"oya, they fainted."
you two just love pranking your peers - especially grim by giving him a spicy can of tuna instead of his regular ones making the cat complain the whole day.
sending memes and going out at 2 am are normal for these two because you might never expect who or what you will witness when everybody is asleep.
"psst floyd isn't that tsunotarou? who is he talking to?"
"let me see ... it's sea lion!!"
yeah you never ran out of interesting things to talk with azul, grim and jade with your night escapades.
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quiquimora · 3 months ago
So, you made a Tumblr blog
You're finally here, after seeing many screenshot on Instagram, and hearing many times this site is dead on Twitter. Here you are, and you got no clue how any of this works. That's okay, this should help
[these are just social cues about how this site works that us old users don't even think about but can feel confusing for users coming from other platforms.]
Let's begin:
How does this site work? Easy! The blood and soul of this site is reblogs (not to mistake them with reposting). Think of it as finding something cool and going "hey guys check out what my buddy did", except way less annoying because you can do it 300x times a day and no one will mind and actually they'll thank you for it. A reblog might sound like a Big Deal but it's the equivalent of an Instagram like, as in the currency of the platform.
What if I don't want to spam the dashboard? Then you can use the queue. Click the options on the reblog window and chose "add to queue", you can configure it from your blog options for when and how it posts. You'll find many users use tags that include the word 'queue' to signal that it isn't an "online" reblog, this is totally optional.
What about the tags everyone treats as sacred? Tags are mostly for your organization, but also for speaking your mind (keep in mind, it's considered rude to diss the creation/fandom/ship in the tags of a positive post! The creator will see it in their activity page and it's a bummer, keep your comments silly or positive. If you wanna vent make your own post and tag it accordingly with anti-fandom/ship/character). If you don't have anything to say on the tags of a reblog don't let that stop you! Reblog without tags, you can always reblog it again later if you came up with something to say (no, OP won't mind).
What about likes? Likes are more like bookmarks for stuff you wanna find easily later, maybe for a personal post of a friend. You'll find you can actually hide your likes page (as the people you follow) on your blog, that's the common practice. Litterally no one will go look at your likes page,,, ever. trust me, it's easier to just have it hidden.
On the contrary, reblogs and original posts tell people what you're interested in, what you enjoy/don't enjoy. This is what it'll decide if someone wants to follow you or not: what kind of content you'll bring to their dash (don't worry if it's not consistent, we'll get to that later). Likes are mostly just for yourself.
What are replies for then? Probably the least used feature. You can use it to reply to a friend's personal post, or if you have a question for OP that needs an answer. This is not like a Twitter or Instagram comment! They won't boost the post and the creator would rather you'd put that praising comment in the tags of a reblog. They'll see it in their activity page for sure 😉
How do I find blogs w juicy posts to reblog as a newie? Search a fandom/ship you like and follow the top blogs there, scroll till you find a post you like and follow the original poster. They might follow back if they check out your blog and see you reblog content they like and congrats! You're mutuals 💕
You can also follow tags and there's always creation hubs blogs that exist solely for the purpose of creating or rebloging gifsets and content of a specific fandom/ship.
Do timelines matter? Is it cringe to reblog old things? An unequivocal no. You'll find its hard to know when something was posted to begin with, and we love that! It doesn't matter if it's from a deactivated blog, if it's 5 days or 7 years old, reblog it anyways, you won't be judged because no one will look at the date it was posted either.
What is it this about "curating your online experience"? Just like Instagram, you can block people, just like Twitter, you can also mute/filter words. On Tumblr you can also filter tags. (They'll appear like posts w a message that they contain filtered content). And like neither, you can turn off all suggestions so you see stuff only from people you follow, in the order it was posted.
How do I do this? Settings > dashboard > preferences > best stuff first/include stuff in your orbit/include "based on your likes!" > Off/on as you prefer!
Next is tags and keywords, these will depend on who you follow and what stuff you're sick of seeing. Filter freely! No one will know except you and the better tailored to your interests your dash is, the more fun using this platform will be. Remember, this site doesn't have an algorithm that hides content from the people you follow based on your activity like other platforms, so don't hold back. (Filtered tags are also great to use like on twitter to hide spoilers or trigger warnings, with the added bonus that tagging those is a popular policy here, it can be more effective than on twitter.)
I'll give you a tip: if you've blocked someone but are still coming across their stuff in people's reblogs, load their URL as a muted word and say bye to their annoying content for sure 😘 I also use it for meme posts that start to get on my nerves.
What about those comments about the likes and reblogs ratios? Well, that's A Thing here. Like I said before, reblogs are the whole point of this site, so when in recent years people seem to have switched to only ever liking stuff (along w many other reasons. It's not one single person's fault), the site traffic has plummeted. This has been very disheartening for creators who started to feel like the fandom communities they loved and interacted with on the daily became silent audiences who are not interested in making the community grow or even engage with it. It sort of escalated from there.
The bottom line is that we all want to support and enrich the fandom/s we're in, so I wrote this in the hopes that it'd give new users an idea of how to best do it in this particular platform 💗
For more info you can check tumblr's official guide
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thelost-in-time · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hi, Anon, just a note before we start. I'm sorry, but Tumblr posted my unfinished thing for me, so I had to start it from scratch again so it's not posted half completed. That's why the ask isn't shown as an actual ask and it is a screenshot. Other than that, I'm sorry and I hope you enjoy this nonetheless
Hi, Anon! You absolutely can, dw ^^ Also, I hope you don't mind, but I've added Xiao and Zen for my own comfort reasons
I'll just separate each character with some sort of dividers, so it's no problem ^^
Hey, I'm here, okay?
How Childe, Diluc, Xiao, Saeran, Saeyoung and Zen comfort a reader with anxiety.
Warnings: Anxiety, panic attacks, mental breakdowns, mentions of drowning and suffocation (comparison only), chest pain because of anxiety. Mysme is inaccurate bc I only finished Jumin and Jaehee's routes.
Reader is gn
Disclaimer: Everyone's anxiety is not the same. My anxiety may not be like yours. This post is based on my anxiety and how I hear my friends talk about their anxiety. Do NOT attack me over this. If you don't like how this turned out, move on instead of attacking me over it.
Tumblr media
He knows anxiety because he was in the Abyss at one point.
And he does have a family he needs to protect.
You have anxiety, but how severe your anxiety gets completely depends on your situation.
Sometimes your anxiety gets so bad that it's like you're drowning in an ocean, begging someone to save you.
Childe will be the one who will help you.
He has younger siblings, so he's learnt to be intuitive with the emotions of the ones he loves.
This includes you.
As far as Childe is concerned, you are part of his family.
Part of his world. I'll see myself out now.
So when Childe sees you placing a hand to your chest with a look of discomfort after a certain situation.
Chest pain caused by anxiety.
He knows.
He's quick to act.
He leads you away from the situation and pulls you into his arms, embracing you.
"Shh, it's okay, my love. I'm here. I'll try to help you feel better."
Anytime Childe sees your anxiety starting to build up, he has his gentle hold on you.
Hands caressing your arm, your back or your hands.
He's trying to help ease you a little.
If someone gave you a panic attack, then they'll come face to face with Childe's blade.
He is merciless to those who give you panic attacks, unless you ask him to show mercy.
"My love, how about later, we play with Teucer? He adores you."
Offers you anything to help you feel better, and Teucer's antics are one of them.
Because he knows about your anxiety, he always is prepared to take care of you.
Tries to ease your mind as best he can.
"But you'll never be alone."
Tumblr media
Master Diluc. Another one who had anxiety in the past after... events in his life.
Except, he wouldn't know about your anxiety unless you brought it up.
He didn't wanna assume anything, that's all, so he waited until you confirmed this with him.
When you do though, expect him to be prepared to help you at all times.
But sometimes, in the dead of night when Diluc is put and you're home alone, it's hell.
You're laying alone in your bed, thoughts swirling around your head.
And sometimes being alone with your thoughts aren't a good thing.
Negative thoughts flow into your mind, and suddenly, it's as if you're suffocating.
Trying to hold back the fiery hot tears that roll down your face, Diluc returns home to you.
"Something isn't right. I can feel it."
Rushes over to your room, not wanting to waste a single moment more.
And he finds you curled up in bed, gasping for air, having a breakdown.
Pulls you into his arms and holds you, making you rest your head on his chest.
"My love, listen to my voice, and my heartbeat. Don't think about anything else."
Tries to ground you by talking to you and letting you listen to the sound of his heart.
It hurts Diluc to see you like this, and he always does his best to ease your anxiety.
Anytime you feel your anxiety getting worse, Diluc is there.
He wraps his arms around you, or gives you his jacket if he can't hold you.
But he will drop everything to help you.
Will make you something to drink, like hot chocolate, tea, coffee, anything.
And if you need to fidget with something to ground your anxiety
Well, he buys you some sort of fidget toy.
Don't fight me. Those things help me through it sometimes bc my mind goes blank and I get grounded
Diluc also offers to do some relaxing activities with you to soothe your mind and your nerves.
"I'll be with you from dusk till dawn."
Tumblr media
Used to have anxiety as well. Have you not seen his karmic debt?
And yet you ground him when he needs you most.
So you better believe that he will return the favour tenfold.
He can see you're anxious with how you absent-mindedly tap your fingers against a surface.
He reaches out, holding your hand in his.
He has gotten used to initiating physical affection after seeing how happy you get.
When you're laying in bed at night, unable to sleep with thoughts swirling around your head.
Then Xiao will be the one to help you to bed.
Gives you a hoodie of his, helps you put it on actually, and helps you to bed.
Cuddles with you, whispering comforting words when your anxiety grows.
Takes you out on a walk through nature when your anxiety grows worse over days.
If you have allergies, he takes the path with less plants and stuff, but still amazing sights.
"I'm right here. I'll not leave your side. I'll help you get through this."
Anytime you start spiralling, he talks you through it, voice gentle and calm
Does all the things to soothe you that you do for him.
Never treats you as if you're incapable of doing things yourself though.
Lets you do things yourself unless you ask him for help, advising you to take it slowly.
Asks you to talk to describe some stuff to him when you're on the verge of breaking.
"What colour is the sky? What colour are my eyes? Can you match your breathing to mine?"
Alternatively asks you to count the number of objects backwards.
Basically find ten of one object, nine of another and so on.
Xiao mainly distracts you from what's growing your anxiety.
But he also gives you a lot of physical affection to help you calm down.
Super patient with you, despite seeming like an impatient person.
"Baby I'm right here."
Mystic Messenger
Tumblr media
Never played his or Saeyoung's routes, but he's my favourite from the two for some reason.
Saeran suffers anxiety even to this day. He has anxiety because of what he was subjected to.
So he understands you having anxiety.
Offers to introduce you to his psychologist so that your anxiety can also get a little bit better.
He knows it may not completely help, but he wants to help you even a little bit.
His psychologist helped him, so he's hoping you'll be helped as well.
However, if you're against the idea, he attempts to help you himself.
When you're feeling on the verge of an anxiety attack, he offers you to get ice-cream.
This man loves his ice-cream, so you don't even suspect its to help you.
Until it keeps happening when your panic attacks hit.
And if you're lactose intolerant? He finds an alternative that won't make you suffer.
Maybe he offers you some Honey Buddha Chips from Saeyoung's endless supply.
He likes stargazing with you, especially on nights when both your anxieties peak.
"The stars have a way of easing my anxiety. I hope it helps you as well."
Offers you his teddy bear to hold and cuddle when you're especially stressed during the day
Likes holding your hand. Feels it helps ground you both.
When your chest hurts, he gently squeezes your hand as a gentle reminder that he's there for you.
Times when your anxiety isn't as bad though, you can be certain to hear him say he's proud of you.
And when you recover from a panic attack, he still says he's proud of you.
Why? Because he knows how it feels.
"I'm proud of you. You're doing so well. You're managing, and that's great."
When you're calm, looks at you as if you're a work of art.
When you're breaking down, looks at you as if you're a delicate flower that needs care.
Always reminds you that he loves you, especially when you're super anxious.
"I'll hold you when things go wrong."
Tumblr media
Did you guys get married at the space station?
He's smart, but he's also stupidly oblivious.
So much for being a sentient boy.
I joke. In all honesty, he's probably trying to balance things, so he doesn't notice.
At first.
When he does notice you have anxiety (or when you finally tell him), he hugs you.
Holds you close, not saying anything for a few moments.
You think he's disappointed, and he is. Except it's in himself for not realising sooner.
After that? He pays close attention to you, not wanting you to spiral.
Anytime he sees someone about to prod at your anxiety to make it grow, he's there.
Pulls pranks on the person. Can't threaten them directly because he has a history.
When alone with the person who overwhelmed you, he's much less forgiving.
He is gentle, treating you as if you were a precious gem that could break.
Talks you through your nerves, cracking a few jokes to help you.
Alternatively though, he holds you close, letting you rest your head on his shoulder or chest.
You know how he cosplays?
He will cosplay for you to see you smile.
Cosplays as your comfort character.
Which means he may not need to cosplay bc he knows his your comfort character here.
"Defender 707 will defend you from your anxiety!"
Suggests activities that could help you.
Go outside? Take a walk? Exercise? Cuddles? Video games?
Maybe not the last one. Unless it's a slow paced game that's calming.
Asks Vanderwood to cook for you to make sure you don't forget to eat.
"I'll be with you from dusk till dawn."
Tumblr media
You know how he has a bunch of rehearsals to do and rarely has time for himself?
Yeah, he always has time for you.
So when you message him saying your anxiety is worse today, he drops everything to go to you. The directors can't say anything, fearing he may quit, and their project will flop.
When he arrives at home, he has your favorite snacks on hand, ready to spoil you.
But on other days, when you're both together, he likes going to quiet places with you.
This is because not only is he famous, but also because he doesn't want to overwhelm you.
Feeds you and makes sure you're hydrated because he knows you forget sometimes.
Another one who buys you fidget toys to help ease your anxiety.
"You know I'm here, right? You don't have to struggle through this alone."
Alternatively, if you ever feel like you're a burden because of your anxiety, he has something else to say.
"You're not my burden. I'll never drop you. In fact, I don't mind having you here. Please never think you're a burden."
Funnily enough, this man was my first love in mysme, but I never had the time to get his route rip
Keeps you away from the media in fear of your anxiety worsening.
He wants to introduce you as his romantic partner, but he doesn't want any hate comments to you.
Also scared the attention will maybe make your anxiety worse.
So he keeps things between you both alone.
"God made a mistake when making us. I'm too beautiful and you're too perfect."
Smack him /j Just let him know you're fine when you're fine.
And let him know when you're not fine
Leaves you little notes around your house that tells you how much he loves you
Alternatively (again), if he's unable to come to you when you're anxious.
He has voice notes prepared to ground you, and notes (again) to ground you.
Is proud to have you as his romantic partner, and just wants you to be okay.
Likes spoiling you as well. Acts of service and gift giving. Wants to reward you for being so strong.
"Baby I'm right here."
Reblogs and friendly comments are welcome.
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sgt-farron · a month ago
but its like so extra sad because in that moment, from Imogen's perspective, Laudna did lie. From the way that Imogen has asked more than once "is she talking to you?" it implies that while Laudna 'hears' Delilah in her head, what's happening isn't really on a mental level and Imogen isn't able to hear Delilah/sense her presence. So everything that Imogen knows of Delilah, of her 'existence' would have come from what Laudna has said and up until now, Imogen would have had no inclination to question it because Laudna's thoughts always matched her actions, Laudna didn't lie like everyone else.
She wasn't thinking rationally in that moment. She was under the corrupting influence of that stone; a stone that exudes warmth and intoxicating comfort, that twist the mind into you keeping it close, keeping it safe. And influence so strong it took a few weeks, extra mounting internal frustrations, and being alone with the person she trusted absolutely asking like really asking how she was doing, to even bring it up, to give voice to that suspicion in the back of her mind that maybe it isn't 'alright' and in same breath being unable to not insist that it 'isn't doing anything' (because it doesn't want you to question it).
And then, Imogen goes as far as to hand it over, because she asked, Laudna asked, and she fought through the paranoia (hesitating, checking they were alone), and even then did not do so with out a clear warning, "Don't do anything with it, Laudna" and Laudna assuring her "I would never do anything with out you permission first."
And then tragedy struck because Laudna didn't, but Delilah did.
Imogen, very vulnerable and fraught with anxiety, paranoia at handing the stone over, watched in a matter of moments it crumble in Laudna's hand, destroyed. Normal, clear headed Imogen would have been able to see Laudna's own distress, see what was happening to know it for truth, but the stone's corruption and influence over her emotional state was not letting her be rational.
It was just her and Laudna, alone in their mind space (from what we can tell) and for the first time, Laudna's words, her promises did not match her actions, and that is what ran a knife through Imogen's very exposed heart.
"You lied."
Hopefully Imogen will be able be able to sleep off the influence of that rock or shake it off soon now that its gone and actually see what happened for what it was, but who knows how long that could take. Clearly it wasn't a clean break, items destroyed and you 'snap out of it' situation.
All of this and I didn't even begin to touch on Laudna's perspective and how absolutely terrifying it was for her to go through that, to have no control (literally), and hurting the one person you care about more than anything, who didn't see you as a monster, and cared for you, too.
To continue to be haunted by your murderer, who ever 30 years later continues to take, take, take everything from you while speaking down to you, calling you 'child' and saying that she is 'handling it', that she has 'taken care of it', like Laudna should be, ought to be grateful for what she did.
The loss of bodily autonomy was just the icing on a very, very sad and emotional cake. I can see this potentially devolving into Laudna questioning even further where the line between her and Delilah is (will she wonder if there even is a line anymore? Or are they truly one and the same? )
I saw on Tumblr a while back about tragedies, about where from the opening act the character was already 'dead'; there fate signaled in a dozen tiny ways right from the get that weren't going to make it to an end where they lived. The super sad gremlin in my brain thought of Laudna immediately (and tbh Imogen to an extent), and not because she was undead. But because of her circumstances generally speaking. She is inextricable tied to Delilah Briarwood, a woman who we now know (thanks Matt) lives somewhere in her spirit, which now has Laudna possibly marching down one of two tragic roads: Delilah corruption succeeds, suppresses Laudna and takes her form or they fight with everything to stop her and in the end, find that they are unshakably linked, one can't exit without the other.
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That scene will never leave my brain...
Tumblr media
Jesus. Just...Jesus. Sweet, merciful baby Jesus. I can not breathe. As I predicted, I am a dead woman.
First of all (before I turn into a COMPLETE horndog!) can I just say how extraordinary that whole episode was!
Summations, theories and gifs of a very nekid Jensen under the cut!
* Kimiko's fight scene with the...*ahem*...unusual weapons
* Her sadness at having traumatized more innocents (as though it was her fault! 😞)
* Her and Frenchie telling each other it's just the two of them together! 😍😍
* Butcher admitting that MM is literally the glue that holds the team together
* Butcher taking the V again, but refusing to let Hughie take it because, "It's not power, it's a punishment and you don't deserve it."
* Hughie taking it anyway - (NO!!! 😩)
* His unexpected nakedness (MM - completely deadpan: "Your dick is out." 🤣)
* Kimiko being hurt and not healing! (Frenchie panicking over her ripped my heart out! 😭)
* Butcher being so completely intent on the mission that he fails to give the proper attention/concern to Kimiko!
* Hughie completely blitzed and in his own world! 😬
* And finally ALEX!! 😩 I fucking knew we were gonna lose him as soon as he was like, "It's the right thing to do." (And as SOON as he talked to A-Train in the elevator I just panicked! I knew A-Train would sacrifice him with no real qualms if it meant getting back into Homelander's good graces. 😠🤬)
This whole episode was absolute gold! And now to talk about that scene!
I don't really have words, mostly drool. The image of that "from behind" shot will never leave my head. His ass is obviously fucking gorgeous, plump and round and smooth and just...fucking...biteable! But even more than that beautiful juicy 🍑, his fucking back murdered me!! I have always been obsessively fixated on his back, so it's probably not surprising, but unph!! Fuck me, I just wanna run my hands over all those rippling fucking muscles, press cresent moons into his shoulder blades with my nails, run my tongue up the line of his spine...
...I'm okay...nope, not okay - DEAD!
Here is the set of gifs I've created for myself to drool over forever, thought I'd share them so we could all drool. I mean, my Tumblr dashboard is COVERED in naked Jensen, so I know there will be lots to choose from (we are truly blessed!) but there were some specifics that I wanted to include.
Tumblr media
To begin - LOOK at the muscle definition here - like that isn't human!!
Tumblr media
The way his shoulders and pecs flex here? 🥵
Tumblr media
1st of all - that look?!! 😵🥴💀 Then of course his fucking torso and bulging biceps are a giant fuck yes!, but also the aggressive way he rips off the heart monitor things. It's all just one big, fuck me!!
Tumblr media
His fingers. His entire torso. His v-cut abs! (Which is hard to see in this particular gif of mine, but do yourself a favour and go check out the episode!)
Tumblr media
I have no words, no words are necessary. All words are pointless in the face of true beauty. (And true horniness! 😜)
Tumblr media
[panting softly] is untrue...I was panting audibly, like a fucking dog. HIS BACK!!! 💦💦💦💦
Tumblr media
Julian Holmes directed this episode, apparently, and I will be forever grateful to them for this incredible closeup of Jensen's perfect fucking torso!
Tumblr media
Yeah, that fucking [grunt] killed me. It should have read:
[soldier boy emits a sound that is so sexual and hot, you will need to change your panties at least 3 times!]
Tumblr media
And thank you again, Julian Holmes for this "torso/back/tush" combo shot! But I would like to ask whoever lit this shot, to please try again. Is it too much to ask that SB run off into a giant spotlight instead of a shadowy hallway? 😜😜
So, those are my SB gifs that I will pour over for many, many years to come.
As to my theory...
This is probably WAY off, but it's just what's been swirling around in my brain since finishing the episode. First, though, I have to say, if they kill off Kimiko, I will find them and smack them very hard.
But I don't actually think that what's going to happen. I think:
Whatever crazy glowing power erupted from SB's chest takes away Supes powers. I think the Russians were doing experiments on him to turn HIM into the weapon they wanted. We saw all the anti-Supe stuff graffiti'd onto the walls, so they obviously hate Supes (at least the American ones) I think that's why Kimiko isn't healing, because SB took away her powers.
I also think they're going to try to use him to take away Homelander's powers! Wouldn't that be incredible?!!
That's my 10 cent theory! 😁
Anyway...to sum up...Jensen Ackles is a fucking god...and this was an awesome episode!
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nut-in-me-jojo · a month ago
Always Will Be - Chp.1
Pairing: Yan!Gyutaro x Fem!Reader
Chapter: 1
Series Warnings: NSFW, extreme depictions of death, extreme violence, dead dove don’t eat, forced relationship, yandere, non/dubious consent, kidnapping, degradation, slut shaming, stockholm syndrome, poverty, dacryphilia, misogyny, dumbification,  (If you don't like dark yandere's this story isn't for you.)
Word Count: 1.2K
Summary:  Gyutaro has lived for over a century now, still plagued by memories of the past and haunted by its ghost. You are one of his only two regrets.
Author Notes:  Hi! I’m super excited to be stepping into the Demon Slayer fanfic scene! After I saw this last season I immediately got this idea in my head and had to see it come to life! I really hope you enjoy this series as much as I’m loving writing it! PLEASE be kind, this is my first time properly posting fics to Tumblr and I haven’t quite figured out how everything here works! Also, this IS an X reader, Yuna is just your past self’s name and it’s intended to be a play on (Y/N). This is going to be a very dark fic so be mindful of the warnings mentioned above! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Promise me...that when we grow up, we’ll run away and never come back. Me, you, and Ume. Promise me!”
“I promise, Yuna.”
Gyutaro blinked, pausing in his meal as the words from an eternity ago echoed in his mind.
More than a lifetime had passed since that promise had been made, yet the bitter winter snow that had clung to her lashes and tattered kimono that day remained fresh in the recesses of the demon's mortal memories. The ones he had long since tried many times to bury alongside his abandoned humanity. Try as he might, they still clawed their way back to the forefront every so often. The one ghost of the past that just refused to die, to stay forgotten, to stay buried in the ground like he had left her that day. For over a hundred years she had followed him.
Two promises. And he had broken both of them. The three of them had never made it out of the Entertainment District. For here he and his sister still were. But yet, things were quite different now. The two of them had power. They weren’t helpless, starving, preyed on children anymore. Now they were the predator; the beast of the night that exacted rightful suffering upon those more fortunate. The tearing of flesh, the gnashing of bones, all tokens of solatium the world would forever owe them for having spit on them.
Gyutaro had seen to it all this time that the two of them were never cold nor hungry ever again. He’d made sure he had kept his promise to Daki by never leaving her side for over a century. Maybe, by upholding that promise to his sister, it could rectify the one he had broken with his only friend. Or at least, that’s what the Upper Moon had settled on telling himself all these years.
“What’s your deal? Keep eating you idiot or she’ll get cold.” Daki’s shrill voice reverberating off the dirt walls of the “store house.”
Gyutaro glances over at his sibling, her pretty face covered in crimson as a half eaten limb laid limp in her grasp.
“Shut up, I’ll do what I want.” Gyutaro snarked as he returned to taking another bite out of his own portion of their victim.
The debt collector didn’t know why she was complaining; this was his catch for the night after all. The siblings had worked out a routine from prowling the nights of the past century. Daki would stay and work and seek out prey among her fellow house courtesans. While her brother would leave her to her work in favor of lurking the city streets.
Ever since he’d become a demon, Gyutaro had never felt whole without the hunt. The innate need to conquer, ravage, and devour his prey was ever present and it gnawed at him with each passing day until the sun gave way to the moon. The high of getting the kill was always the same; as was the feeling of it never being enough.
Besides, sitting on the sidelines to watch his little sister do all the work was never his style. All the providing, all the protecting. No, that was his purpose. That’s what big brothers did. What he did. As it had always been and always will be.
He let her carry on like this all these years because Daki had always been so gung-ho on proving herself to be useful. To be strong. However, Gyutaro was no fool, it was not so much to prove herself to him but rather to Lord Muzan. But he felt it served no harm. Her work provided them with a wonderful cover. One that allowed them to feast all the while plucking the Hashira one by one from the shadows that came in search of their heads. They would never succeed, not as long as Oni-Chan was around.
As long as the two of them were together, they could never be beat. The streets of the entertainment district were practically the blood in their veins and the air in their half-dead lungs. It was their birthright; their domain for all eternity. Nothing and nobody would ever get past them. Nothing would tear them apart.
“You’ll always be my best friend, Gyu-Chan.”
There it was again. That same stubborn ghost. The fragments of the past now so far behind him her voice echoed within him like she stood down a long tunnel. But his vision he had kept of her remained crystal clear. The warmth of her embrace. The way her skin would glisten in the rain. How his chest felt when she laughed at the silliest things. The love he could feel in her eyes. All things that had died along with her.
Gyutaro instinctively shook his head free of the thoughts. Strange, he never thought of her this much anymore. In a way, it was easy to make himself forget; as some things truly are better off dead. But the demon would be lying if he tried to say he hadn’t spent many nights wondering what could’ve been had he only been there. For her. And his sister.
“Ugh, you are acting SO weird tonight Oni-chan!” Came Daki’s voice again.
“I’m just tired.” He muttered lowly.
“Tired? What are you talking about, demons don’t get tired! We don’t need sleep!” Daki squawked.
“Will you shut up already? You know what I mean.” He snapped back. It’s true, demons don’t need to sleep but it didn’t mean they couldn’t. The sun was about to rise and there was nothing else to kill time with anyhow. So Gyutaro would often spend the days sleeping. Or at least trying to, if Daki wasn’t yapping his ear off about whatever stupid meaningless human had pissed her off and how she was going to rip them apart limb by limb. But often, she would follow suit as her brother into dreamless slumber.
Once finished with his “dinner” Gyutaro lazily ambled over to the bed he and Daki shared. A plethora of pillows and blankets they had accumulated over the years that more so resembled a nest rather than a bed. But that was how they liked it, certainly more luxurious than what they had in the old days but still not straying too far from those same old roots.
“Are you coming or what?” Gyutaro grouched at his sister as he laid down.
She said nothing, only skipping over to him as her response. Daki laid her head down on his outstretched arm as she nestled closer into him. All these pillows at her disposal yet she always chose his bicep as her pretty little head's resting place. Gyutaro proudly remembers her telling him once that he was her favorite pillow. And as always, he had made it his job to provide his precious sister with only the finest. Day by day, this was how they would sleep all these years.
Though, it hadn’t always been this way. Once upon a time, there had been the three of them sleeping together in a heap.
But that was then and this was now. Now, it was only just the two of them. Come dusk, it would be no different as well. Always the same and always will be, he had told himself.
Tumblr media
Hi again!  I know it’s canon demons don’t sleep but I meannnnnn Nezuko sleeps? Sooooo lol.
Chapter 2
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takaraphoenix · 2 months ago
I really enjoy your BTVS meta! May I ask how you would respond to the claim that Spike supposedly “Took advantage of Buffy’s vulnerability to lure her into a sexual relationship??”
First of all, thank you! I'm glad you like my thoughts on the matter. ^-^
And then, well, for that we would have to open up with one particular question: If they view Angel, a century+ old immortal having sex with an impressionable minor, as him using her vulnerability to lure her into a sexual relationship too.
This isn't even so much meant as a "gotcha", but it's a simple matter of determining whether or not you're wasting your time with this conversation. Because if they don't, then you are talking to a branch of shippers where anything you say will go in one ear and out the other without being registered by the part between. Something I've learned in my time on tumblr; there are shippers on here who completely absolve their own ships of absolutely any fault or flaw while hounding the shippers of other ships for the exact same thing that their ship is "guilty" of.
No fault or flaw or "problematic" thing that happens in canon is a reason why anyone shouldn't sail their ships, since we're talking about fictional relationships between fictional characters and if that works for them, good for them. But it's the hypocrisy here that's the problem, because it will genuinely not matter what you say, they will not be open to listen and you're just wasting your time and energy because this is the brand of shippers who just really, really want to hate this ship and they will continue hating it.
Now, if they do acknowledge that this angle can very well also be worked for Angel and Buffy? This person might actually be seeking a dialogue and be open to a conversation so your words may not be wasted (they still might be, but that's a given on tumblr).
In this case, we will continue with Buffy's agency. And yes, I'm aware that "agency" is always a bit of a tricky angle in fiction since in the end, the characters do what the writers want them to do and aren't real people with a real agency that they can make full use of.
But saying that Spike lured her into a sexual relationship implies that she had limited agency here and didn't fully want that. And that's just... wrong.
Even before they start having sex, and I'm talking in the season before that, in the season before Buffy is in this "vulnerable" state due to being back from the dead, it's Buffy who first initiates physical intimacy between them. After Spike got tortured by Glory and didn't give Dawn's whereabouts up. Buffy goes to him pretending to be the Buffybot to see if Spike spilled Dawn's secret and when he didn't... she kisses him. This was Buffy in full control and instead of verbally thanking him for protecting Dawn's secret, she kisses him full on the mouth. I don't know how you thank your fellow associates, but I personally don't do it by kissing them on the mouth. That kiss already is something that implies a certain degree of attraction on Buffy's part.
And again, before they start having sex, in Once More, With Feelings, it is Buffy who kisses Spike first. It's not Spike who plants one on her, she's the one to initiate this kiss.
And even when they first have sex in Smashed, it is once again now for the third time Buffy who kisses Spike first.
So it's not as though their sexual relationship started entirely out of the blue and without any set-up. And it's not like Spike was the one to initiate it.
Heck, it's not even like he learned about her vulnerability by being sneaky or overhearing something - like, say, her song in OMWF - no, he is the only one to whom she offers that vulnerability. She is the one to volunteer that information to him, specifically. That she was dead and in heaven, that things now feel wrong. He didn't have to worm his way in somehow, she let him in.
She feels a connection with him, because he too came back - I think that that moment, in the house, when he was the first one to not accidentally mistake her for the Buffybot but immediately saw that it was her, and when he noticed her bleeding knuckles and he could relate, I do think that this did factor into the trajectory of their season 6 relationship, because nobody saw her, only he saw her and only he understood, to a degree. What it was like to die and come back. And later on, to come back wrong.
Her attraction and attachment to him had been building up before; she lets him get away with a lot of things in season 4 already, I mean, come on, they kept him as a pet vampire in the bathtub. Instead of dusting him. When, repeatedly, they showed a moral compass of "demon = kill". By taking him first in, she opened the door for them both.
He protected Dawn's secret and he got a kiss on the mouth for it. When Buffy decides to ditch Sunnydale with her family, it's Spike whom she trusts to organize a vehicle and keep her family safe with her. He could have very much ditched them if he wanted to and actually be safe, but he didn't. And she chose to rely on him - and honestly, that is its own brand of vulnerability to me. When you trust someone with those you love the most.
And then she trusts him with her own biggest secret in the next season; that she was in heaven, not hell. She chose him, of everyone she could have told this to, she chose him.
Buffy used Spike. That's... just a fact, I mean she even says so in canon. That she used him. She liked feeling wanted and oh he wanted her so much. Especially after she returned wrong, she liked the way he made her feel, because he still wanted her. Even though she didn't even want herself back then, and all her friends and family gave her the feeling that she was wrong - that she needed to get over it faster, that she needed to do a million things they deemed as important while nobody offered her what she really needed. Only he did, because he still wanted her and she wanted that. She wanted to be wanted.
Spike was hers, in a manner that nobody and nothing else was, because everybody else had expectations of her and put pressure on her and made her feel guilty, while he just so gratefully took everything that she offered him. Be that kisses, sex or pain. He was her sexual partner and he was her punching bag, sometimes both at the same time. He was whatever she needed him to be. He was the one being used in their season 6 relationship - he was very happy to be used, because he loved her and wanted to be wanted by her, so in a way it was a mutual using each other because he used every bit of physical affection she would give him, but it was always Buffy who came to him.
But if you look at season 6 and think that Buffy was somehow the victim of some kind of brilliant mind-game masterplan on Spike's part and absolve her of her own part in initiating this relationship then you're really missing the point of Buffy's character arc in season 6.
Buffy, in season 6, is losing control of her own life, she is lost and helpless - about being back from the dead, about how to interact with her friends, what to do with the mortgage, how to deal with the trio that's tormenting her in a gaslighty manner - and Spike is the one element that she chose for herself, the one element that she could control.
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kleishl · 3 months ago
𝐃𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬!
summary: reader is a cocky detective that assist's naoto with completing his jobs, makes it easier in just a few minutes...
by the way, this is my first time writing on tumblr, it may not be as good as the other's!
Tumblr media
Naoto wanted more information of what type of dangerous organization the Manjiro Sano's currently leading, to lead Takemichi with the information he needs.
And he knew the right person to approach.
"Takemichi, I'll warn you about this person.. please do not leave insulting statements towards this person. They are incredibly valuable, and we're in real need of their help.." Naoto repeated, engraving it into Takemichi's head.
After Takemichi's nodded his head, Naoto shakily opened the door to reveal.. A short person, resting their legs on a table, eating.. sweets?
"Um.. is this the person, Naoto..?" Takemichi hesitantly whispered to Naoto, as he nodded in affirmation.
"Oh, Nao-kun. You're early." The short person removed their legs off the table, sitting back up properly as Naoto sat down on the chair right beside their desk.
"Hmmm~ Isn't this about your sister's death?" They guessed, which made Naoto furrow his brows.
"I.. I'm asking for your help, Y/n-san." Naoto bowed his head, as you just leaned back to your chair.
"Oh, this again? Not really interested. It's an easy task, not really that fun." The so called 'Y/n-san' took a few candies from the bowl on her desk and started eating it.
"Y/n-san.. please don't be so harsh." Naoto said, desperate for their help. Takemichi was surprised that he still went on with asking them, they were clearly declining it.
"What's it in for me anyway? A bonus? Still not interested." They gave the impression to Takemichi that they're absolutely heartless, who wouldn't help a guy who's mourning over their dead sister? It felt horrible to just leave the guy alone to him..
"Please, Y/n-san! I'll give you.." Naoto paused for a second, as Takemichi looked at him.
'What else could he have up his sleeve..' Takemichi thought, as Naoto opened his mouth again to say..
"I'll.. I'll give you praise." Naoto said, which completely shocked Takemichi.
'Eh? WHAT DID HE SAY?!' Takemichi felt like this was the last chance they had, before they'd get kicked out the room, shockingly, what he'd expected didn't happen.
"..what did you say?" Y/n looked at Naoto, with wide eyes.
"I said I'll give you praise, Y/n-san." Naoto said, with full confidence.
"Well you could've said that earlier, Nao-kun!~" Y/n took down their legs from the table. and stood up.
"Where we headed, huh? huh? huh?" They felt excited, were they really just getting won over by Naoto's praise..?
"May I talk with my assistant first?" Naoto said, as Y/n started looking Takemichi up and down.
"Who the hells this anyway? He looks lame. And your hair's so oily! Have you even taken a bath?" Y/n left these weird remarks, feeling oblivious to how these words damage his ego.
"Now, now. Let's not say that, okay? I just need to talk with him for a bit." Naoto said, calming Y/n down a bit.
"This lame ass kid is really your new assistant? I feel betrayed, Nao-kun." Y/n looked seemingly upset, but sat back down on their chair anyway.
"...I don't believe it." Takemichi said to Naoto, as Naoto crossed his arms.
"You don't believe what?" Naoto asked.
"Did she really just get won over by praise?" Takemichi said.
"Well.. Y/n was my own assistant before they became an independent detective. Y/n likes praise, but it fits. Y/n is incredibly talented and good looking." Naoto said, smiling.
"Looks aren't what we're talking about here.." Takemichi said, with a frown.
"Hahaha, to sum it up, Y/n-san is just a childish person that likes praise and sweets. That's how you bribe them." Naoto said, feeling a wave of relief as he's almost forgotten their greatest weakness.
"By the way.. how old is Y/n-san?" Takemichi said, catching Naoto's attention.
"Ah, you thought Y/n-san was young? Y/n-san is 29." Naoto said, surprising Takemichi once again.
"Eh?" "Y/n-san is really full of surprises, aren't they?" "Do you like them or something? And aren't you hurt by her words?" Naoto freezes at the first question. "I got kind of used to Y/n-san's insulting remarks." Naoto said, avoiding the 1st question.
"Woooiii. How long are you gonna take? I'm already impatient!" Y/n whines.
"Sorry, Y/n-san." Naoto walked away.
"Did he just avoid the 1st question?" Takemichi asked himself.
"Oi. Lame guy, aren't you coming?" Y/n asked, getting ready to go outside.
"I-I have a name!"
Tumblr media
tbh, I have no idea what to write. Just sm random lol HASHJDADJASDA HELP IT FEELS LIKE A BORING END
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0aurelion-sol0 · a year ago
SNK keeps on being amazing. ( A rant that is not really one. )
Tumblr media
Just this panel alone is able to confirm everything that I wanted from this manga.
Eren's condition has always been what I suspected.
Ever since he sided with his brother Zeke, who manipulated Marley in attacking Eldia to retrieve the founder and other titans. Something THEY DIDN'T WANT TO DO, because they were being pressured by many other countries and were not as powerful as before due to their lack of powerful weapons like the ones in the Middle Eastern Alliance which were able to PIERCE through the fucking Armored Titan.
Tumblr media
THIS resulted in the fucking festival and we know what happened then. Dozens of people died including children continuing the cycle of hate that has been started for god knows how long. And Eren WILLINGLY took a part in it because he wanted his actions to be a little easier while he was going to genocide the whole fucking world.
INCLUDING his own island because let's be honest when Eren is done with the Rumbling, destroying every ecosystems. EVERYTHING that keeps a planet alive, his little island won't live for long.
"The ground... It's crying." CHAPTER 131 said by one of the goddamn kids he fucking killed.
Marley is now sure, let's fucking kill all Eldians.
He did his attack on Liberio, he betrayed everyone. Crushing Hange's every possibilities of finding a peaceful way of settling things down after having been hidden MANY useful informations by Eren, Zeke and his group but also the Azumabitos.
Sparking a civil war inside Eldia, leading to an Eldian supremacist group cause let's be honest when Floch killed that Marleyan and than gave his little first king Fritz speech, it was like seeing Hitler all over again and the Klux Klux Klan.
I MEAN... FLOCH OF ALL PEOPLE! A guy who has PTSD after seing dozens of his comrades died, their faces exploded by fucking thrown rocks. He bastardized Erwin's ideologies and no matter how good willing he was, he was just a dead man walking acting like a fool.
He also betrays his own party now, the Jeagerist by allowing the very people they tried to stop the power to stop him. By activating the Rumbling, he also caused the death of Eldians inside the walls as we've been shown with Hitch.
AND THE WORST... destroy every connection he has with his friends. Hurting them, putting them in danger by the very group he created and the Titans.
Oh but that's not all...
He uses the titan the same way Marley did it, with oppression and violence. He is not stopping the cycle of hate, he is continuing it. And it will have repercussions inside the very group of people he tried to defend.
People killed each other inside the walls and they will kill each other without it. Mikasa as shown us that when her parents got murdered and she almost became a slave.
And he killed Hange with these same titans. I don't care if they sacrificed themself. He didn't live up to what he preached. They died and Hange was someone close to him and was concerned with his well being. Maybe it was too late but they also had many other priorities as Hange was commander. They also fell into depression because of their position. One of his mentors and friends, one who tried to talk with him while he was in that cell planning to destroy the world...
talking to himself...
Tumblr media
At this point, you know where I'm going with this. We've all suspected it, we all know it. Let's not be blind about it.
Eren is influenced by the Attack Titan. Not Ymir (at least I hope so and I think so), not Kruger and certainly not Grisha.
It's pretty clear now.
I mean Eren's change happens off screen, every time we see him he is completely different from what we used to know of him.
He barely cares about his friend and don't give me the bullcrap of (hE dOeS tHiS fOr tHeM.) If he was he would have secured them and put them in a place where they wouldn't interfere, he would have tried to convince them. HE WOULD HAVE COMMANDED FLOCH NOT TO HURT THEM.
He would have not commited genocide after knowing what it led to with Reiner, Annie and Bertholt.
That's not Eren. And the stupid argument of "hE's aLwAyS bEeN vIoLeNt". That's just bullcrap and it just destroy every bit of beautiful empathy we have seen of him. With Mikasa, Armin and Historia. Levi who he respected a lot.
It just isn't coherent. Every action he does is not coherent since the timeskip.
I mean is no one questionning this, doesn't it seem off from what we've seen of him.
Eren is no strategist BUT... he isn't stupid. Every sane person would know that these actions will not benefit anybody.
But... they still happened.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If we look back again, here is Eren being positive trying to put Armin in a good mood.
The outside world... endless possibilities. It's a man who wonders.
Yet, AT THE RIGHT MOMENT... he has a flashback of Faye. And his face just change.
Isn't it just weird ? Like at the right moment where he can have a positive outlook on thing. NOPE.
And this has been going and going and going...
Chapter 130.
Eren arrives in Liberio what does he see.
Tumblr media
A flashback of his mother's death
I mean it's pretty clear now.
Eren has been influenced and convinced by the Attack Titan that there's no way out. He's been reliving past memories of his and others, past memories that were traumatic. It put him in a state of depression and dread through 5 FUCKING YEARS. On top of that, he is able to see the future and what he saw will happen and has happened hence his reaction to Sasha's death.
A fucking mental breakdown.
Jesus Christ, I don't know if I've ever cursed that much in my life.
It's impossible to stop what is going to happen, because what is going to happen, needs to happen.
But as we know Sasha is in the afterlife with Erwin, Hange and the others. And we have been confirmed that this is the afterlife. So we have time-travelling, afterlife, 13 years curse, people who can turn into titans, parallel dimensions and Eren who can see through birds.
But the fandom said, no, the prospect of him being manipulated by the Attack Titan is impossible even after knowing it has special abilities.
Tumblr media
Umm... This has happened before. And I saw no one complain.
So why this ?
Tumblr media
Is impossible ?
Especially when Eren's whole arc is about questionning his perspective of the world and becoming in control of his violence and rage. Having an agency. HELLOOOO!!!????
What better way of having the main threat of that being the very thing that causes all of his problems and his powers.
Doesn't this remind anyone of anything ?
Yep. The Uprising Arc. And who ? Historia, the girl whose all life, she couldn't act as herself or have any real agency.
Yes, you know the girl whose pregnant and decided to live the rest of her life Little House On The Prairie style. ( I mean I don't think it's her but... that's what it's looking right now. )
And who is a descendent of Ymir Fritz. With too much uncanney similarities between the two.
Tumblr media
They could have said the Founder, Eren Jeager or something else but no they said... "It's the Attack Titan."
And it's not Ymir, if she was the one to control Eren. Why wouldn't she free herself on her own if she's able to do that ?
And in 131, she was clearly in a position where she was questionning her choice.
And perhaps she probably tried to stop Eren but the Attack Titan took over him and her. Using her powers as she is the founder.
And now just like Eren, she has no eyes. She is still a slave. Why ? I thought Eren freed her. So ? This is the only logical explanation right now.
I mean when is the last time we saw Eren.
He was sleeping inside his titan in 131. Having a dream about seeing his "sight" of freedom as a kid. And also potentially watching things with birds.
It's just weird. If he was fully in control, the characters wouldn't have questionned it and none of this weird shit would be happening.
He clearly doesn't have a free will.
This requires too much energy and Eren is a normal Eldian, not one of Royal Blood. Being both in Paths, watching this " sight ", communicating, watching with birds, moving his titan which is enormous and the thousands of colossal titans is clearly hard and too dangerous for only one person to do.
Isayama has fooled us all and me in the process.
All this time, it was that goddamn thing pulling the strings. And with the help of Isayama since he is the goddamn author of this series
In chapter 88, we learn the true meaning of Shingeki No Kyojin.
The beauty of the japanese language, as confusing as it is, can be translated by Attack On Titan, at least for us american and western audiences.
( yes because as someone pointed out in the comments, it's a mistranslation but since I don't understand how to give credit by linking because I don't understand how it works, i can't credit. So you can find the person in the comments. DO NOT JUDGE ME, tumblr is not the best place to post sometimes. )
But it's not the Attack on Titan anymore.
Tumblr media
It's the Attack Titan.
( piece of shit is it's surname. )
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distort-opia · a month ago
I see a lot of people say they don't want Joker to be important in The Batman sequels, that they're sick of Joker, etc. but is it just me or do people kind of overstate how ubiquitous Joker is in Batman adaptions? He appears in most of them yeah but that's to be expected when he's Batman's archnemesis. There are some where he doesn't show up, or if he does, isn't necessarily the main/only focus of the villains. The only time I can think of where it got egregious was in the Arkham games, but even then other villains still got a good deal of attention. Or do most of the people making these complaints just not like Joker in general?
Mm, no, I would agree Joker isn't as ubiquitous as he's made out to be in Batman media. However, I do agree with the complaints regarding him to an extent. I'd say it's less about how often he shows up and more about how he does it. Him showing up frequently should be a consequence of him being crucially important. Whether people like it or not, Joker is essential to Batman, that's impossible to dispute -- as you said, he's Batman's archnemesis. But there is a difference between writing a good Joker story and just... sticking Joker in one because he's a popular, titular character.
For instance, in the current Batman run they had Joker be the one who hired Deathstroke to kill Robin way back in the day, and I rolled my eyes so hard. They shove Joker in whenever they're in need of a Plot Twist (aha, it was Joker all along!) or when they have something horrible happen, because of course Joker would do that, he's deranged! Even if the act itself is not in character for Joker. He's come to be used as a plot device when writers don't know what villain to pull out of the hat, and it wouldn't annoy me as much if it were well-written. But instead of trying to fit the story within Joker's core characterization, his personality tends to get rewritten a lot, in order for the writer to tell the story they want. That's how you get... one-dimensional, shallow, typical serial killer and not-actually-funny Joker. So I get how this might make people feel Joker shows up too much, because a lot of the time he's not showing up in the right way, and it becomes grating. I love Joker, but even I am torn between watching his character get skewered vs. not reading about him at all.
Plus, something to keep in mind is the fact that a lot more people watch movies, and not nearly as much read comics. For many fans, the contact they've had with Joker has been through live-action films, and The Dark Knight (2008) especially. Ledger's iconic performance forever influenced what came after. Every attempt at playing Joker since then has had elements from it, and this after Joker got turned into a mascot for dudebros who watched TDK and thought "I'm an agent of chaos" is all there was to him. So many people associate Joker with this "We live in a society" kind of message now -- which Joker (2019) played into heavily, creating a completely different version of him -- when Joker in the comics is so much more than that. It's actually baffling to me how Joker, such a heavily queer-coded character (even within TDK) came to represent toxic masculinity for a lot of people. This, I would say, is another big reason why Joker has become so hated. People have heard of Joker inspiring a shooter to go into a theater and unload a gun into the audience, they've heard about Leto sending dead rats to his colleagues, they've seen all the toxic mysoginist 'alpha' males with Joker posters in their room, and they've landed on this horrid image of him. Which does annoy me to no end, because that's not who Joker is. Joker isn't about wanton destruction, the same way Batman isn't about mindless vengeance. But that's an essay for another day.
Also... it's become a bit of a trend in the last five years, especially on Tumblr and Twitter; to complain about Joker's every appearance, to wish for Batman to kill him or for Joker to disappear entirely, etc. Obviously not saying there aren't people who genuinely dislike Joker (and that's their prerogative), but there's a bit of a 'getting woke points' aspect to this more recent wave of hatred, which has become more prevalent right now for villains in general. Hating on Joker is an easy way to show your moral superiority -- after all, he did so many horrible things. And it's tough to even introduce nuance in a discussion about Joker with people like this, who only view the world in black and white, because they do not seek to understand. The goal, conscious or not, is more the performance a 'pure' moral stance so that they feel good about themselves, and so others flock to agree with them (which in turn makes the commentators feel good about themselves, and on it goes).
Sorry, anon, this got way longer than I expected :)) In the end, this Joker fatigue many DC fans are having right now is influenced by many factors, and it’s such a pity. When done right, Joker can be an absolute delight.
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hellishunicorn · 4 months ago
Personal thoughts on the Cap, Havers situation.
Mainly whether or not Havers liked him back.
I'm not gonna delve into what other people have said, I like some theories/headcanons, love others and dislike a few (namely the ones where either one of them is a german (read: nazi) spy. But, let's not dwell on other people's opinions. Anyway, here's mine:
(I apologise for the low quality of the photos I used, I just took some screenshots while re-watching the episode the other day.)
Okay, so originally I thought that The Captain realized his feelings for Havers when Havers told him he was leaving. aka in this scene:
Tumblr media
But, turns out according to Ben (there was some screenshot of a tweet I saw here on tumblr, don't remember quite what it said exactly), he doesn't realize his feelings until the show takes place, so when he's dead and has been for about roughly 70 years.
So, that made me question when exactly does he realize this about himself? And I think that before this episode, Redding Weddy, he may have noticed some things that got him thinking about it. Because he says certain lines ("the handsome one, the chap with the arms, very strong. Probably." just as an example) and I think he maybe starts wondering about that, but never looks that deep into it, but maybe thinks to himself 'wait, why did I say that?' or 'why did I think that?' but of course, him being the Captain, he decides that's probably not that important.
But in this episode, he is thinking about Havers quite a bit. And I don't think that would just happen out of nowhere. I know from personal experience that I didn't start questioning my own sexuality until I noticed a disconnection between me and my peers in terms of this particular topic.
And I think it happens slowly over the course of this episode, that he fully realizes what exactly Havers meant to him.
So when this happens at the end *cue intense sobbing noises*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel like this is the scene where Captain has realized that he did love Havers and now that he has realized this, he can let him go.
Now on to the Havers part of this post, because I can't make this into two posts, no not at all. (that was sarcasm, btw. I can. I just don't want to)
I think Havers returned the Captain feelings, but didn't know that his own feelings were reciprocated. So, Havers has feelings for the Captain and knows about his own feelings, but doesn't know about the Captain's feelings. Until this scene.
"I shall miss you, Havers."
Tumblr media
There is something about Havers' face here that just looks like personification of the ever so famous line in fanfiction.
I don't know what I'm planning with this post, I just wanted to put my two cents onto this.
But, basically, yeah tl:dr: They both had feelings for each other, but The Captain didn't know about his feelings for Havers until he had been dead for 70+ years and Havers knew of his own feelings for the Captain but didn't realize the Captain loved him back until Havers is literally leaving that very evening. When it is too late to do anything about this, also he probably realizes that the Captain isn't aware of his own feelings due to how quickly he takes the 'I' back in the line 'I shall miss you' and turns it into 'we'.
(Also I am completely basing my theory on Havers having loved the Captain back by how he looked at him in that first scene we see him in. Which I can't seem to get a good enough of a screenshot of, unfortunately, so you'll just have to imagine it.)
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meandeternity · 2 months ago
This work week was heavy; sorry I have been away. I have quite a bit of catching up to do. For those of us who cannot handle Twitter, stop visiting the site. If you DO decide to visit it and get freaked out by whatever is being taken out of context for the millionth time, do not come running and crying to Tumblr because Twitter bit you. And if you truly have doubts about the spinoff for Caryl happening, please share that doubt for Isle of the Dead and the Rick Grimes movies in equal amounts, as well, thanks.
This post is proudly sponsored by my undying need to analyze anything and everything Caryl related.
And it is inspired by everyone's favorite blogger, @my-mt-heart. It is her fault for giving me something to revisit. I accept no responsibility, lol, unless she wants for me to.
So, the scene in 10x07. I watched it again and again and a couple of things jumped out at me. Stitching it together with Caryl related scenes from previous episodes, here's what I conjecture:
Vulnerable Caryl. In 10x03, 10x06 and 10x07 to my recollection, we have Carol and Daryl in their respective bedrooms. We have Carol looking over her shoulder to see if Daryl is there (like he is in her dreams).
And in 10x07, I noticed something. When Daryl departs from Carol after their slightly tense exchange, we see him in the next shot putting the acorn set gifted to him carefully on his table. He undoes his shirt (I'll come back to this in a moment) and then he does something rather curious to me now that I re-watched it:
Daryl looks behind him. Over his shoulder to the left, and to the right; it focuses on back on him instead of it being a wide-shot. He is looking straight on, not down and around. So what am I concluding? Daryl was looking to see if Carol was behind him. I am almost certain of it. I believe its reflexive and wishful, like how Carol looks after waking to see if Daryl's there. Remember he waited to see what Carol would do in 10x21 at the gate? I think it is similar energy. He wants Carol to follow him. And the fact that he looks behind him AFTER he places the acorns down and AFTER he undresses himself in pretty telling.
But the other part of him knows Carol isn't going to be there. Sooo...he whistles for Dog, the substitute, who he cuddles with. I love my-mt-heart's interpretation on Daryl eating donuts to satisfy an emotional craving he has. I believe I stated this in one of my posts a while back, but I do think Dog is being used to curb Daryl's loneliness and inner longings for affection. But then we see the scarred chest and back and understand why he struggles with the long-term companionship that Carol was speaking of earlier. Lastly he looks at the acorns and is seen being contemplative. That Carol gave him an idea and aim, the seed -if you will- to pursue something more. He has a choice he can make, now. But for now, he stays with Dog.
I also found it interesting that Carol is seen dressing, while Daryl is undressing. Carol going to tango with the Whisperers; Daryl's just getting back after dealing with one. But Carol is only shot dressing quite literally below the belt and while Daryl is only shot undressing above the belt. Hmm, right? I think that means something.
Daryl sheds his vest and lets it land on the floor. We all know how iconic that part of his wardrobe is for this character, but the fact that it is the only part of his outfit they make a point of him removing means something. At the end of the day, Daryl's insecurities are underneath that vest he wears. The "true" him. The vest functions more like a superhero outfit. Underneath all that, it is a different story. And the question arises, "well, who can I possibly share THIS part of myself with?" Dog? No. Leah? No. Connie? No. The double-capper being the first and last shot of this scene, brings the answer back to Carol. That he is contemplating her words and considering her.
Carol: now, maybe my eyes don't work well, but in the opening of 10x06 after she gets dressed, and before she leaves the room, she pauses and we see her open a drawer with a couple articles of clothing and a gun. Now. Call me crazy, but I think those two items of clothing are the ones from her dream in 10x03! And then we see the gun. And Carol -we can visibly see the inner struggle she's got going on: "a life with Daryl" or "a life alone". Carol treats herself very much like an outcast, deriving from many seasons ago. We know she obviously chooses the gun, because she believes she's fooling herself and that it is already too late for her to be anything else but alone. Her scars are more internal. The gun (like Dog for Daryl) brings Carol some sense of control, comfort. But it proves to be very unsatisfactory for her after Alpha is dead. Just like Dog, while the best boy, is not enough for Daryl.
I don't know if my explanation was clear enough, but basically the 10x06 and 10x07 Caryl scenes mirror each other and show Carol and Daryl to be struggling with the same issue. Both use clothes to cover up who they are underneath metaphorically speaking. Both look for the other to be there, in their private spaces. Both have an issue that the other could help them with, but they avoid each other. Daryl dodges in question: "what's it matter?" Carol literally tries to dodge Daryl, lol.
But they both can't hide from each other, because Daryl can track Carol's ass and Carol can read Daryl like a cookbook. So ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
Another note: I fondly remember this scene from season 2.
Tumblr media
It was a scene Daryl had with Andrea, whom he forgave for accidentally shooting him. Now, we can infer that although Daryl has grown in leaps and bounds since this scene, his insecurities are still very much with him. How he hides it may have changed (he used to lash out, pretending not to care. Now he just remains more quiet when he is upset or hurt about something and tries not to talk until he can't hold it in anymore). But again. The insecurities? Still there.
But his scarred chest that we can clearly see in 10x07 or his chest in general he isn't trying to hide from Andrea. He DOES, however pull that sheet up around him when Carol visits him after he got shot. He DOES, however, look behind him in 10x07 when he's got his shirt halfway off his body.
And Carol's wardrobe change is not lost on me, either. She covers up a lot -which speaks to her modesty, for sure. But she is also struggling with exposing herself to Daryl on an emotional level. Daryl doesn't seem to have many qualms about acting like an ass in front of Beth or Andrea or whomever. But Carol? He really does try to be better for her, from way, way back. It is imbedded into this character.
I look forward to analyzing more Caryl scenes.
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plan-d-to-i · 5 months ago
All these arguments around LXC is making me remember of that one long post dissecting his character. It was a very informative post too; it talked about how LXC's neutrality was a result of how we was brought up in a heavily Confucian environment, because being neutral was considered the appropriate move in politics, and how this shaped his actions and decisions in the novel. It also talked about how the Venerated Triad could be seen as a "mirror" (or something, the English language is failing me at the moment so I'm sorry if this ask is worded out weirdly) of the Three Poisons in Buddhism:
In his early teachings, the Buddha identified “three poisons,” or three negative qualities of the mind that cause most of our problems—and most of the problems in the world. The three poisons are: greed (raga, also translated as lust), hatred (dvesha, or anger), and delusion (moha, or ignorance).
It's easy to see who has what: JGY has greed, NMJ has hatred, and LXC has delusion (or ignorance).
My memory of the post is fuzzy but what I got from it is how LXC veers between neutrality, such as making sure there's peace between NMJ and JGY and listening to both their grievances, and willful ignorance. There are canon instances of it in the novel, of how he didn't want to know why his mother killed one of the teachers in the sect and him denying the accusations of JGY being the real enemy before he gradually decided to accept it when the evidences couldn't be denied.
Despite his ignorance, he IS still righteous, and his neutrality also helped in listening to what LWJ and WWX wanted to say against JGY which eventually made LXC realized how he was played like a fiddle.
Sadly, I can't give you a link to the post because I wasn't able to save it, but I'm sure it's in Tumblr somewhere. (Also, I could have remembered wrong, but that's what my memory gave me. I'm open to being corrected of this.)
Hm... ironically it's jc’s sword that's called Sandu (lit. three poisons).
I don't know about this: "LXC veers between neutrality, such as making sure there's peace between NMJ and JGY and listening to both their grievances, and willful ignorance"... LXC's behavior is a reflection of the rules of his Clan.
I prefer to take Wei Wuxian's assessment on LXC during empathy w NMJ (just as I think he sharply sussed out Xue Yang during empathy with A Qing):
"In his heart, Wei WuXian shook his head, ZeWu-Jun, he’s still… too kind, too pure.
After a second thought, however, he concluded that he was only so guarded toward Jin GuangYao because he had already known about the various suspicions, whereas the Meng Yao in front of Lan XiChen was someone who had gone undercover without a choice, enduring humiliation alone. The two held different viewpoints, so how could their feelings be compared?"
As for his mother, isn't it better of LXC to no be fixated on the desire to know... She is dead. He will never hear it directly from her. At best he will get rumors or gossip. He will get a version of events from people who judged her and didn't like her. It won't change anything in the present and so it's better to be left with what he knows of the person he loved (or at least that's how I read it). Regardless, he's not the same about JGY. He trusts in what he knows first hand of JGY's character enough to believe that it will be reflected in JGY's actions, even when faced with hard choices. But he supports LWJ and WWX in investigating him and opening his treasure room. Even when JGY comes out of that squeaky clean, when WWX presents him with the theory of the melody, he's willing to investigate that too.
Wei WuXian played with the bookmark in his hands before giving it back to him, “Your brother received quite a big shock.”
With care, Lan WangJi put the dried herb peony back into the book. He shut the pages, “Now that he has found the evidence, he will not tolerate this.”
Wei WuXian, “Of course. He’s your brother after all.”
No matter how close of a relationship Lan XiChen and Jin GuangYao had, he was still from the GusuLan Sect and had his own principles.
I remember when MXTX clarified that just because LXC can read LWJ doesn't mean that talent extends to other people. And ppl ran away w it and were like "she's saying he's an idiot 🤪". She's saying, he grew up with LWJ and that's why he's exceptional at reading him so not to expect that with someone as masterful at hiding their intentions as JGY. I think when people judge LXC for not sussing out JGY, they're twisting both his character, insinuating that he was doing it on purpose and intentionally wronging NMJ and the cultivation world, and missing out on how good JGY was at being manipulative, especially towards LXC whom he actually liked, so his behavior would ring even more truthful! Which is clarified over and over, even through WWX's own eyes!
Jin GuangYao sighed, “HuaiSang is used to being spoiled, but he can’t be Qinghe’s idle Second Young Master for his whole life. One day he’ll realize that you’re doing this for him, Brother, just like how I realized that you’re doing this for me.”
Wei WuXian, Bravo, bravo. I wouldn’t be able to say such words even if given two lifetimes, but Jin GuangYao can adjust his tone so that it doesn’t sound strange at all. It even sounds a bit pleasing to the ears.
Nie MingJue, “If you really do understand, then come see me with Xue Yang’s head in your hand.”
Yet, Jin GuangYao replied almost instantly, “Yes.”
Nie MingJue looked toward him. Jin GuangYao stared back, then repeated, “Yes. Brother, if you give me one last chance, in two months’ time, I’ll come see you with Xue Yang’s head in my hand.”
Nie MingJue, “If you’re unable to do it?”
Jin GuangYao’s tone was firm, “If I’m unable to do it, Brother, you can do whatever you want to me.”
Wei WuXian was almost starting to respect Jin GuangYao.
People are just like :well he should've caught it. As if JGY didn't fool the entire cultivation world for years.
NMJ is a hot head about everything who sees the world in a black and white way that doesn't really account for human frailty. I mean obviously he carries a huge grudge towards the Wens because of what happened to his father, and later because of the war, however he also doesn't know WN and WQ saved, sheltered, and treated jc and returned to him the bodies of his parents... but he operates on a pretty stringent code of honor. I wonder what he would've made of knowing jc isn't speaking up even though he actually owes them a life debt, or if he could even imagine it. I think this moment between him and JGY is very interesting:
He looked up, unknown fires dancing within his eyes, “But, Brother, I have always wanted to ask you something—the lives under your hands are in any regard more than those under mine, so why is it that I only killed a few cultivators out of desperation and you keep on bringing it up, even until now?”
Nie MingJue was so enraged that he began to laugh, “Good! I’ll give you my answer. Countless souls who have fallen under my saber, but I’ve never killed out of my own desires, much less to climb up the ladder!”
Jin GuangYao, “Brother, I understand what you mean. Are you saying that all of the people you killed deserved their deaths?”
With courage gathered from nowhere, he laughed and walked a few steps closer to Nie MingJue. His voice raised as well, asking in an almost aggressive manner, “Then, may I ask, just how do you decide if someone deserves death? Are your standards absolutely correct? If I kill one but save hundreds, would the good outweigh the bad, or would I still deserve death? To do great things, sacrifices must happen.”
Nie MingJue, “Then why don’t you sacrifice yourself? Are you any nobler than them? Are you any different from them?”
Jin GuangYao stared at him. A moment later, as though he had finally either decided on something or given up on something, he replied calmly, “Yes.”
He looked up. In his expression were some of pride, some of calmness, and some of a faint insanity, “I and they, of course we are different!”
JGY thinks he is better and different than other people and can therefore tread on them to reach his own goals or assuage his own suffering, which is reminiscent of another character ...
Why did you have to kill his entire clan? Don’t tell me that a single finger of yours was equal to more than fifty human lives!”
Xue Yang actually pondered upon the matter, as if he found Xiao XingChen’s questions strange, “Of course. My finger was my own, while those lives were other peoples’. They wouldn’t be equal no matter how many lives I killed. It was only around fifty. How could it have possibly been equal to one of my fingers?”
NMJ is a hothead however he does actually treat himself with the same black and white mentality as he does everyone else. After all when he wants to kill JGY, for killing his men, in front of him no less, he's ready to kill himself as well:
Meng Yao also seemed as though his energy had run out. He tried to avoid the attacks, yet his feet had almost slipped, revealing how difficult of a situation he was in. After taking a while to catch his breath, it was as if he had finally exploded. He suddenly shouted, “ChiFeng-Zun!!! Don’t you understand that if I didn’t kill them, you’d be the one who died then?!!”
This was actually the same as saying, ‘I’m the one who saved your life so you can’t kill me or else it’d be immoral.’ However, Jin GuangYao was indeed worthy of his reputation. The same meaning but a different wording, and he was able to create a contained sense of frustration and a reserved sense of sorrow. As he had expected, Nie MingJue’s movement halted. Veins stood out under his forehead.
Having paused for a while, he clenched the hilt of his saber and shouted, “Very well! I’ll kill myself after I kill you!”
I have zero doubt he would've done it too.
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rafaelblackbird15 · 10 months ago
Teen Wolf Fic Recs Part 2: Steter
It took me quite awhile to gather all these together, so please enjoy discovering more parts to the incredible world of Teen Wolf, provided to you by the wonderful writers of our fandom.
Leave comments and kudos for these writers if you can, they really deserve it, they're wonderful. And it's my honour to try and share their creations with tumblr.
These are Steter, Stiles Stilinski/Peter Hale fanfictions. Read them at your will. Check the tags on the actual fics for warnings and such.
I have included links to authors that write a lot of Steter as well, and some of their fics for examples. I'm sorry this post got so long, haha, but enjoy the stories, they're worth it.
If any of the links don't work, just comment and I'll fix it.
Check out my other Sterek fic recs [Part 3] and [Part 4] and Steter fic recs [Part 1]
Broken Bones and Broken Bonds by twothumbsandnostakeincanon(somanyofthekids) on Archive of Our Own
Words: 20148
Chapters: 4/?
Stiles kind of wished that he’d at least tried weed before this. 
Or something, you know? Maybe taken up a graffiti hobby, or even just skateboarded in front of City Hall often enough to get a citation. 
He wished he’d done something to be deserving of the looks people gave him now, rather than just being the recipient of his dead father’s unused power. 
Stigmata by twothumbsandnostakeincanon (somanyofthekids) on Archive of Our Own
Words: 1661
Chapters: 1/1
He feels so hollow that he almost wonders if he's been turned inside out. This emptiness he feels; is it the vastness of the entire world?
How do you fill a world? With people, he supposes. But his people no longer want him.
He needs people.
Beefcake Mountain by twothumbsandnostakeincanon(somanyofthekids) on Archive of Our Own
Words: 14565
Chapters: 7/7
Shortly after moving back to Beacon Hills, the left hand of the Hale Pack opened a text from a mysterious number.
"Is there a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them."
What the f—
Steter Week 2019 by twothumbsandnostakeincanon(somanyofthekids)
Works: 4
Complete: No
There isn't a summary listed so I've included the first fic underneath:
Marvelous Miss and Magnificent Mischief by twothumbsandnostakeincanon(somanyofthekids)
Words: 3346
Chapters: 1/1
also Part 1 of the Magnificent Mischief series
“Marvelous Miss and the Magnificent Mischief!” the carnival barker shouted just outside the corridor with all the food tents. “Come see Miss Paige do amazing tricks with her talking raven! He not only speaks, but he jokes! He teases! He philosophizes!”
Author: twothumbsandnostakeincanon(somanyofthekids)
This author has a lot of wonderful Steter fics, and their writing of the pairing is really worth having a good look through.
Blood Runs Cold by Smalls2233 on Archive of Our Own
Words: 111408
Chapters: 22/22
“So then why are we letting Scott and Derek search for it if you know it's useless?”
Peter looked down at Stiles and cocked his head with a grin. “Because I think seeing my nephew and your best friend run around like headless chickens while I think up a plan is hysterical.”
“And the plan is…?”
Trusting Peter Hale is something that Stiles had repeatedly told himself to never do. He had seen first hand the results of Peter's plans and schemes, but when a shadow began tormenting Beacon Hills, he found that sometimes he'd have to to play along with Peter's games.
This story does include a dose of Chris&Stiles interaction about midway and carries on throughout, and then Chris/Peter towards the midend, which also carries on. And it kind of dissolves into Chris/Peter/Stiles. If that's not your taste, that's fine, because the majority of the story is Stiles/Peter, and that majority is really really good Steter.
No One Listening Tonight by Smalls2233
Words: 6985
Chapters: 1/1
That left… well it left Peter and only Peter. Relying on Peter for help was only slightly better than stabbing himself through the eye with a hot poker. But desperate times called for desperate measures.
Of course, there was always the option of packing up and letting whatever was trying to destroy the town succeed this time. Stiles snorted under his breath as he thought about how that would probably leave him with fewer injuries than dealing with Peter would. But unfortunately, that wasn’t an option. Stiles knew he needed to head downtown to Peter’s apartment and pray the man was willing to work with him.
Stiles stumbles into a magical trap forged by a wannabe warlock.
Author: Smalls2233
Blue by Wynnebat on Archive of Our Own
Words: 3179
Chapters: 2/2
Derek brings both Scott and Stiles to the hospital to prove a point about hunters, but Stiles isn’t sure the point he’s getting is the point Derek’s trying to make. Especially when his black and white world explodes into color the moment he looks into Peter Hale’s eyes.
The Long Way Around by Wynnebat on Archive of Our Own
Words: 15569
Chapters: 3/3
When Peter leaves Beacon Hills for good, he expects that to be it for the broken bonds of the last remaining members of the Hale pack. Fate and Stiles Stilinski aren’t of the same opinion.
Prowl by Wynnebat on Archive of Our Own
Words: 3454
Chapters: 1/1
Laura's body is never found, but instead of continuing with his murder spree, Peter gets distracted by the scent of his mate. Stiles gets very distracted by the huge wolf that starts showing up at his house all the time.
Author: Wynnebat
This author writes some really interesting, deep stories about Steter that are really beautiful.
your last white lie (everything is not alright) by snowdarkred on Archive of Our Own
Words: 4023
Chapters: 1/1
Stiles says yes, and things go downhill from there.
reflect by snowdarkred on Archive of Our Own
Words: 569
Chapters: 1/1
Part 1 of the dig your teeth in and tear until you taste (peter/stiles oneshots) series
(previously posted to tumblr)
When he dreams, he can sometimes still hear his mother’s voice, explaining it to him: Reflections are the price we pay for what we are.
sentire by snowdarkred on Archive of Our Own
Words: 1027
Chapters: 1/1
Part 2 of the dig your teeth in and tear until you taste (peter/stiles oneshots) series
[to feel]
Stiles hears the whisper of death before it strikes.
This author writes some really intense, interesting stories about Peter and Stiles. Not as long as some fics are, but they're really good adaptions of Steter with a lot of feeling.
The Striking Complication by aurevell on Archive of Our Own
Words: 27235
Chapters: 4/15
The smile slips off Stiles’s face. “Hey, um. Why am I here?” he asks, voice unsteady. “I’m—I have this weird feeling like I shouldn’t leave you. I’ve felt all day like...” He can’t finish the thought.
Peter looks as surprised as Stiles feels. A strange expression passes over his face, there and gone before Stiles can decipher it.
Stiles snaps awake each morning with the sense that he’s missing something. Weirder still, he can’t wrap his head around his sudden, inexplicable trust in Peter Hale, who seems to know way more than he’s letting on. Nor can he guess why a half-remembered nightmare seems to haunt his every move.
Rinse and repeat. Because time loops suck, apparently.
Author: aurevell
This author has 11 Teen Wolf fics under their belt. 5 Sterek and 6 Steter. Happy rummaging!
the teeth right down to the blood by sazzafraz on Archive of Our Own
Words: 2133
Chapters: 1/1
‘We’re pretty fucked right now.’ Scott says. Stiles doesn’t speak but there’s something singing in his bones that says Scott got the message anyway. (In which both are bit and things are gruesome.)
This has a sprinkling of Scott/Stiles, Scott/Stiles/Peter, and Scott/Allison as well as Steter, but it's worth the read, a good story with an interesting concept.
Author: sazzafraz
This author doesn't have that many Steter stories, although they do have a few. Although they do have some pretty lengthy Teen Wolf fics about other characters of the show.
Everything goes (wow) by midmorning_bomb on Archive of Our Own
Words: 8215
Chapters: 5/5
Part 1 of the Aranea & Babewolf series
It was supposed to go like this:
1. Peter summons demon to the circle.
2. Demon remains in said circle until Peter outlines their contract.
3. Demon agrees to elegantly crafted contract, becoming loyally bound to Peter and Peter alone.
Instead, the creature steps casually out of the circle, tosses its things onto the leather sofa, and starts immediately meddling in Peter’s immaculate space, touching all of Peter’s very expensive things.
It's only by midmorning_bomb on Archive of Our Own
Words: 2905
Chapters: 3/5
Part 2 of the Aranea & Babewolf series
“Darling, please don’t pout.”
“You’re pouting.” Stiles pouts, from the upper corner of the library, everything from his hip bones down an angry mass of hissing fangs and venomous chelicerae. “Why would we ever go back to that garbage town? Everyone there is the worst, the only good thing is the very rad and awesome curse I laid.”
You are a memory by midmorning_bomb on Archive of Our Own
Words: 900
Chapters: 1/1
Part 2 of the Little glimpse series
If he has to bleed to breathe warmth back into Peter’s icy body, he will.
Because Peter’s done the same for him.
Author: midmorning_bomb
This author has 16 Steter fics. A little unfriendly to some of the other characters, but it's only kind of obvious because it's not subtle about it, and not exactly underserved. Has some really interesting ideas as well as some kind, well developed Steter. Definitely have a read through.
151 notes · View notes
demonslayedher · 3 months ago
I've heard some people theorize that Tanjuro is a reincarnation of Tsugikuni Yoriichi. What are your thoughts on that?
I've never heard this, but I also don't crawl out from under my Tumblr rock! If we assume reincarnation is so prevalent in KnY that Yoriichi would had already been reincarnated, and we also follow the implied notion that people are often reincarnated later on in their own family lines* or along people close to them, then there's no one else it would make sense for Yoriichi to be (except maybe dead Mr. Tokitou, who he at least shares blood ties with). As Yoriichi didn't have his own offspring and he had the special connection the Kamado family who passed down his earrings and Breath, it makes sense that his soul would find his way back there. However, I don't think Yoriichi needed to be reincarnated for his role in the story to still work, nor so I think this story needed any of the emphasis on reincarnation that it had**, for the "inherited memories" is such a unique part of the world building that this should have served that purpose well enough on its own, or even been explored more. *To come back to the implication that the main cast is reincarnated among their descendants due to striking resemblances, I don't like this because... because that makes it feel like Tanjiro is Sumiyoshi, leaving sleep-loving Suyako as Nezuko. Nope. No thank you. Don't need or want this. Please just stress inherited memories instead, thanks. Let Tanjiro see one of his mother's memories just to balance it out instead of letting us think he *is* Sumiyoshi, please and thank you, just my preference.
**Hot Take: ObaMitsu is the only reason this whole series even needed any mention of reincarnation. Look what you got us into by dying, kids. Just go survive and get married, please. So... if I have a preference, I'd prefer to think of Yoriichi and Tanjuro are entirely separate individuals. Not because I don't appreciate a good reincarnation story, I just like seeing it worked into plots in better ways.
Plus, I think it's key that Yoriichi was naturally perfect at Breath technique and Tanjuro was not, he put himself through a lot of physical stress before he was able to truly adopt Sun Breathing as his own skill. A lot of what makes Yoriichi special is how unusual he was, a part of the tragedy of his character is how no one could ever match up to him, so that's why I like the distinction between two very skilled Sun Breath users and how they attained that.
I feel like having Yoriichi come back just to have to work at and remaster something he wasn't all that interested in in the first place isn't worth as much as the sly inclusion of him with Uta and two small children in Chapter 205. But at least according to that extra info about the characters in Chapter 205 as recorded in the Volume 23 extra and Fanbook #2, the wording says which characters are descendants, but the extremely familiar looking background characters are never actually described as reincarnations! So... so if canon will be cowardly and leave it lose, then I will accept the freedom to reject them all as reincarnations if I so chose!
...but yeah I generally consider everyone in Chapter 205 to be a reincarnation even if I'm not always pleased with how it was executed, and I play with them sometimes anyway. Likewise, the loose execution of reincarnation may be found elsewhere within canon, making this Yoriichi-Tanjuro connection generally believable, even if I don't necessarily like it.
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anxietysslave · 7 months ago
Trauma (Ethan Winters X Male!Reader)
No one requested this, but I had this idea. I also know there are hardly any male readers x Ethan, so I'm going to make this one specific for males. If you guys would like me to add a female version, or non-binary version, feel free to let me know!
I'm sorry I haven't been posting much on here either... I've been writing on wattpad as I haven't had many ideas for Tumblr. But here you go!
Warning: This contains mentions of past abuse, and some arguments. If you do NOT feel comfortable with any of that, then please do not read this. Thank you.
Description: Y/N and Ethan were arguing about how Y/N was not being careful enough.
Bit of information; This takes place after RE8. Ethan is not dead, Mia and him are divorced, and Ethan has some overprotective issues as he's worried that it will happen again.
Y/N means reader, E/X means ex's name, they/them will be used for your ex, B/N means best friend's name
Y/N's point of view:
I sat down on the couch while his back was facing me. "YOU SHOULD'VE CALLED ME BEFORE YOU HEADED TO B/N'S HOUSE! THEY COULD'VE WAITED A DAMN MINUTE!" He exclaimed. "OR DO YOU WANT TO END UP DEAD!?" He questioned.
I jumped in surprise, and he rushed over to me. "I'm getting so fucking tired of you not telling me where you are!" He exclaimed as he stopped in front of me. "Do you just find it fun to make me worried!? Do you like to see me have a fucking panic attack because I have no clue where you've been!?" He exclaimed. "N-No! Of co-course not!" I stuttered. He huffed in frustration and rose his hand up.
I flinched as I expected him to hit me.
Ethan's point of view:
I froze up as I watched him flinch away from me. He was shaking like a leaf and looked scared as can be. "Baby..." I spoke gently. He slowly peered his eyes at me. "You thought I was going to hit you...?" I whispered. "I-I..." He stuttered.
I wrapped my arms around him and brought him to my chest. "I'd never ever lay my hands on you. I don't mean to ever scare you, darling... I'm just.... I'm just scared. You're one of the few good things I have in life, and I don't want to lose you." I whispered. "N-No, it's not you, Ethan... I..." He started. "I was in a relationship before..." He admitted. "And... It was nothing like this relationship..." He whispered.
I gently stroked his hair, which caused him to lean into my touch. "You don't have to explain it if you don't want to." I whispered. "N-No, I think it is time..." He disagreed.
I broke apart from him and sat down on the couch next to him. I then brought him back in my embrace. "I... I started dating this person a while back. Their name was E/X, and they were one of the kindest people I knew. We started dating when they asked me out, a-and... Thing's just took a bad turn from there." He whispered.
"Every day was filled with them accusing me of cheating on them with people I never even knew, and they were constantly stalking me. I-I just thought it was because they loved me, and wanted me to be safe..." He stuttered. "And then things turned... Turned violent. They were violent towards me, always... A-Always causing injuries to me, or making me feel worthless... An-and I was scared to leave them. I was scared they'd end up killing me..." His voice cracked as he spoke.
"B-But, B/N got me out of it. Hence why I spend so much time... I owe it to them, because god only knows what... What could've happened to me if they didn't get me out of there.." He whispered. I held him tighter and started rubbing small circles into his back.
"I never knew that... I'm so sorry you ever had to go through anything like that... I-I... I never meant to ever scare you, or make you think I'd lay a finger on you. You're everything to me, so no matter what arguments we may get into, I'm never going to hurt you. That ex of yours sounded like a complete piece of shit. If he put his hands on you, and made you feel horrible, then he didn't deserve you. You're so fucking perfect. So handsome, so kind, and so loving. You've never ever been a failure to me or anyone else. So for him to think that, means he's jealous because he feels bad about himself." I whispered.
"I promise that from now on, I won't ever get on you like I did tonight. I never want to see you coware in fear because of me.." I whispered. "N-No, it's really not your fault. You never knew..." He whispered as he lifted his head up to look at me. I cupped his cheek in my hand and started stroking his cheek.
"If you don't mind me asking, what ever happened to that douche?" I questioned. "I-I put a restraining order on him. They did stalk me for the first part of it, but ended up gettng jail time for it. And ever since then, they have left me alone." Y/N explained. "Good. If they know what's best for them, they won't ever mess with you again. Because baby, I'm not going to let them ever touch you again." I whispered. He chuckled sadly. "Thank you.." he spoke gently. "I love you so fuckng much..." I whispered. "I love you too, Ethan." He responded.
(Thank you for reading! This was more of a filler kinda thing and was kinda rushed- But I hope it's good!)
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hitodama3 · 8 months ago
Substitute MC?
I tried to use a different word then replaced because I know a lot of replaced MC AUs exist and this isn't that.
So I haven't gotten to chapter 16? but if you're on obey me Tumblr you'll quickly get spoiled so spoilers for you know what beneath the cut.
Okay so question/idea/brainrot thing.
From my understanding Barbatos does not save MC in chapter 16, the MC from that universe dies completely and totally, he just snags an MC from another universe right before the deed is done to replace the one that died.
Barbatos is also very meticulous! So to make sure there were no conflicts he very carefully selected an MC from a world that had the exact same experiences as the MC from the OG world so there would be no conflict in memories / interactions with the characters.
So my question is about the OTHER reality. Because there are a few possibilities.
A. We know he's meticulous. So did he find a reality where everything lined up experience wise but even though the boys acted nice they didn't care for alternate!MC. Considering the MC was plucked from that reality, probably alternate!Barbatos knows what's going on but unless he shares with the others ,alternate!MC just disappeared. So OG!Barbatos would need to pull alternate!MC from a reality where they wouldn't care but still act enough like they did so that MC's memories line up for assimilation.
B. Or alternatively the dateables just all dropped dead for some reason in that moment? God struck them down for not protecting the human idk.
C. Because otherwise there's just this alternate universe where the brothers are FREAKING OUT because Belphie tried to harm the human and the human went poof! AND THEY CANT FIND THEM!!! Until Alternate!Barbatos tells them they got snatched to another dimension.
C.A Does the guilt for harming alternate!MC make them willing to not try and get MC back. The whole they're better off somewhere safer.
C.B Or do we have a bunch of demons unable to answer the call of their pacts but feeling alternate!MC when they're in danger or call for them going feral and probably yandere as they try to tear through space and time to retrieve alternate!MC.
C.B.2 Does that mean that just a side plot the OG!dateables do, and probably hide from alternate!MC, is fighting off the alternate!dateables to keep alternate!MC in their reality.
D. For angst or creepy purposes alternatively you could also make it so Barbatos wasn't so meticulous, and pulled a close enough MC that MOSTLY had aligning memories with the OG!Realm. So randomly alternate!MC will reference some past event that hasn't happened in this reality, and is reminded this isn't their world. Imposter syndrome-like.
E. What did they do with OG!MC's body? Is there a grave? Did they eat it? Was there a funeral considering alternate!MC is here? Do the boys ever think about how they failed OG!MC and even though an MC is HERE it's not the original?
F. Would they allow alternate!MC the option to return? I haven't heard differently so I assume the boys never asked if MC would like to return to the other timeline. It was just assumed since the realities were pretty much the same alternate!MC would stay.
F.A Because if I learned that I had been killed in this reality and they were using me as a substitute for their failures I would be bailing out of there faster than a sinking ship.
F.A.2 Would they let you leave though? They failed their jobs they were given to protect the human, and potentially had to go through the feeling of there contract breaking briefly until Alternate!MC arrived and re-established the connections. Once the alternate!MC arrives they could be relieved because they have a second chance they didn't mess up THAT bad MC is right HERE!
Oh because they hurt you? Don't worry just give them a chance they'll do much better this time! Queue the yandere potential music. If the alternate!dateables are trying to get them back it turns from a retrieval to a rescue scenario in this reality.
F.A.2.A Does that mean pacts cross realities? That if you've made a pact with a demon you hold that pact across realities. That leaves some room for an Evil!MC or Evil!Solomon who hold the contracts to cross worlds and try to take over the other world, and use the demons against their will to do it because they must obey the pact holder. Could be a good idea for an ACTUAL replaced MC fic.
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