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Hmm how about a combo of 62 ("You're not at quiet as you think you are") and 66 ("I won't let you get hurt")?

Drabble challenge

“Didn’t get started without me, did ya?”

Damian greets his brother with little more than a scowl, because their patrol was meant to begin half an hour ago, not whenever Richard felt it appropriate to finally show up. He hits the rooftop with practiced ease, a sense of grace Damian has found himself marveling at on occasion—for all his tricks and showmanship, each of his movements is careful, measured. Despite his asinine remarks, his moves are as graceful as they are concise.

“You’re late,” he says, to which Richard hesitates before approaching him. Damian surveys him carefully, his own shoulders squarely to contrast with the looseness in which Richard carries himself, the slant to his mouth to coincide with his arms folded. His musculature lacks the familiar tension it carried upon their first few patrols together, and especially so after he’d first donned the cowl.

Richard is too relaxed, too jovial, which is how he knows it’s all fake.

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If I asked all of my characters to sit down and have dinner with me, I don’t know if they’d get on. They’re all quite different people. All I can say is I always seem to be playing somebody that aligns with wherever I’m at in my own life, with the lesson I need to learn or something like that.

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Rules: Answer 21 questions and tag 21 people you would like to get to know better

I was tagged by @antistae (thanks Anna, love you❣️)

Real Name? Iga

Nickname? -

Zodiac? leo

Favorite musicians or groups? lana del rey, mitski, deftones, system of a down, fleetwood mac, led zeppelin, lady gaga, depeche mode, arctic monkeys, the smiths etc.

Favorite sports teams? sports? I don’t know her

Other blogs? nope, just this one

Do I get asks? a very rare occurrence lol

How many blogs do I follow? 357

Tumblr crushes? -

Lucky numbers? - 

What am I wearing? a black longsleeve and black sweatpants

Dream vacation? so many options but I probably want to visit japan or italy the most

Dream car? listen… one of those fancy vintage ones that people drive in hitchcock’s movies. that’s THE dream

Favorite food? oatmeal with fruit and seeds and peanut butter, vegan burgers, toast with hummus and veggies, chocolate (most sweet things tbh) and traditional polish cuisine (if I can get a vegetarian alternative)

Drink of choice? green tea 

Instruments? I used to play drums but now I really really want to play bass and maybe piano

Languages? polish, english, a bit of french

Celebrity crushes? violet chachki, crystal methyd, indya moore, rachel weisz, ezra miller, margot robbie, ansel elgort 😬 etc.

Random facts? a poem I wrote at 10 or 11 was published in a book and that’s been the highest point of my writing career so far asdglfjgsfhg

i tag @myellenficent@guroshitsuji @violetreddie @disarray @hanilecter @foreheadtouch

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hcs for a michael who when touching their s/o sees the world in full color insteads of black and white? based on the color = soulmate au

of course babie!!!! i love that au

also i was halfway through when i realized it said touching and not seeing i’m dumbass

michael myers | the shape

soulmate AU

  • greyscale was quite useful in michaels case. everything was simple and easier. color would only add complication,, which wasn’t something he wanted.
  • his routine hadn’t changed. he didn’t do anything. so why was his sight suddenly intruded? the comforting dull tones had been ripped away by something he couldn’t even hurt. that he couldn’t stab.
  • he had two victims the day it happened. he didn’t notice anything special at first, but he decided it must have been them. he approached the one he though was the culprit. he had been stalking them for a while, but after making the world vibrant he decided the only way to make it return to normal was to kill them right away. no matter how much he planned on stalking him.
  • when the color didn’t immediately vacate, he thought it must be an overnight thing.
  • he wasn’t scared of the color, so to say. he’s michael myers, of course he wasn’t scared of colors. a better description might be wary of change.
  • speaking of change, there wasn’t any when he woke up. it took him an entire hour to notice the difference, and by the time he did he was nearly shaking with rage.
  • so it must’ve been the other one.
  • he made it to the house in record time, his power walk even quicker and heavier.
  • and you were just lounging about on the couch when the usually silent man barged into your house, knife raised.
  • without even giving you time to react appropriately he slammed you against the wall, and effectively onto a tack that was sticking out
  • of course, upon the pain you cried out. it didn’t phase the shape, he still towered above you with his knife held tightly in his grip.
  • he was about ready to stab you between the eyes. your eyes. even in his state, he noticed how your eyes were full of life. so different compared to his beautiful yet emotionless eyes. they seemed so dull compared to the ones he had in front of him now.
  • something caught his eyes. in his peripheral vision, he noticed more. your blood, coming from behind you. the tack that stabbed into your lower back had made a small wound that was now dripping blood. the color of it interested him. it was dark, yet intricate in a way.
  • and that was what stopped him from taking your life. the fact that some colors were okay, even fascinating
  • he had planned on keeping you as a “pet”, to see what other colors he tolerated. the shape part of him wanted to kill you on the spot, to avoid confusion, but he resisted.
  • over a period of two weeks, he grew attached to you. he’d rather die than admit it, though.
  • and maybe you found yourself growing fond of him too, or maybe that’s just Stockholm Syndrome kicking in.
  • truth is, to get into a relationship with michael you need stockholm syndrome, no matter if it’s mild or intense.
  • he starts making small gestures. leaving clothes (that he stole) near your bed. food (that he stole) on the table. you wanted those new headphones? oh, what a coincidence. you must’ve forgot you bought them
  • he thinks he’s sneaky, don’t call him out or he’ll stop
  • he doesn’t really ask for a relationship. it just happens. you know, and he knows.

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