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she’s an up and coming musical artist who got her start on youtube. her following granted her the eyes of an agent looking for new clients and well, she got signed and brought down to los angeles pretty soon after. nina’s known for singing at her piano at home rather than creating something super produced, and no one really expects that to change on the whole even if she does create some more mainstream music with her new label. 


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I try to make sure that the pictures I post are of people who are healthy, and are more toned than skinny. This motivates me more to eat healthy and work out, unlike obviously unhealthily skinny girls who clearly got to where they are through starving. there’s a difference between ribspo and fitspo.

if i do have public images of unhealthy thinspo that’s completely on accident! i try to make sure those are posted privately or saved to drafts so that they’re just for me and not anyone else to see. so I’ll double check and make sure none of those are up because you are absolutely right that thinspo is a form of encouraging ED behaviors.

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honestly i think that’s also something that factors into real life as well. if a female is blunt and outspoken she’s bossy and overly-opinionated whereas a man can do it and have nothing said to him. i do understand where your coming from. a lot of people that i write my females with, especially my powerful females, they just get overlooked and the threads dropped. however my females that are those that struggle to say no to people and are complete pushovers tend to get attention for all the wrong reasons. the most important thing is don’t change your muse for anyone and don’t give up ! have that female be a blunt boss ass bitch and people just have to deal with it. you’ll find people that will love to write with them, and give them the attention they deserve.

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not to bully her but. is that not just a black tank and a beige skirt how is that unique 😭

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