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diazchristopher · 22 hours ago
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#i just know he’s tired
[Image Description: 4 large gifs from 9-1-1, of Ravi Panikkar.
Gif 1: A scene from season 4, episode 6. Ravi stares at Hen, Chim and Buck with a baffled expression on his face, holding some books. Text reads, “#wtf why are they talking about curses and jinxes”
Gif 2: A scene from season 5, episode 2. Ravi has an awkward smile on his face as he looks between Eddie and Ana, waiting for Eddie to introduce her. Text reads, “#this is so awkward help”
Gif 3: A scene from season 5, episode 5. At the dinner table with the rest of the 118, Ravi says, “You guys are so weird.” and laughs.
Gif 4: A scene from season 5, episode 9. In the firetruck, Ravi stares at Buck, who is sitting next to him and asks, “Women flee you? Routinely?”
/End ID]
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stevenrogered · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
9-1-1 on Tumblr’s 2021 Year in Review
2020: Ships: #26, Evan Buckley and Edmundo Diaz (not on the list in 2019) Top Live Action TV Shows: #38, 9-1-1 (not on the list in 2019) Actors/Celebs: no one on the list in 2020 or 2019
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tylerhunklin · 14 hours ago
congrats on 1.5k lovely!! u deserve it all and more! 🥳🥳 to celebrate, can i request 💃 + 75: kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing ?
(also on ao3)
“Oh no,” Ravi says — squeaks, almost — as he stares out of the locker room. He hasn’t looked this scared since — well, since the first time he dealt with Buck with a clipboard in his hands and a steely determination in his eyes.
“How does he always end up with one of those?” Hen says, looking over Ravi’s shoulder.
“Could we make a run for it?” Ravi whispers. “Hide out in the supply closet between calls?”
Eddie slams his locker door — not hard, just normally — and they both jump. “You know he’ll find you,” he says. He almost feels bad watching them deflate in defeat. “Best just to face him now.”
“Or,” Hen says as she turns towards him, a sweet but devious smile growing, “you could face him first for us.”
Ravi nods from behind her. “He likes you better anyway.”
“I should hope so.” Eddie looks over for himself and sees Buck talking very sternly with two new B shift probies, both of whom looked less pale during the high rise five alarm they faced a couple days ago.
He bites back a laugh. It’s kind of funny when you’re not the one on the business end of the clipboard.
“Fine,” he sighs back toward the other two. “But you guys are taking over my chores for the next week.”
“Deal,” Hen says. “You better hurry before Adams and Lazaro quit.”
He rolls his eyes as he heads toward the truck bay, coming up behind Buck as the probies scamper off with their tasks in hand, Buck’s yell of “I want those chairs in straight lines, you two!” following after them. Eddie places his hands on Buck’s hips, and when he whips around to face him, he can see curls coming out of their gelled hold and a flush high on Buck’s cheekbones he only gets when he’s genuinely stressed.
“There you are!” He doesn’t shake Eddie’s grip on his waist, but he brings the clipboard up right between them. “We still need to find the extra coolers and IV poles, and there should be an extra box of needles in the closet. Where are Hen and Ravi? I need them to go pick up the snacks, plus goody bags still need to be stuffed, and there’s also—”
Eddie doesn’t let him finish — he gently grabs his shoulders and pulls him forward, close enough to drop a kiss on his cheek, his nose, the other cheek, finally landing on his lips It’s gentle, just a reassurance, a reminder that Eddie is here to help and support him, even if he’s spiraling, and Eddie can tell this spiral is getting a little deep.
Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for Buck’s shoulders to relax underneath his palms, but there’s still something tensing his jaw when Eddie pulls away to look at him properly.
“Are you okay? You’re more drill sergeant-y than usual.”
Buck shrugs, and Eddie runs his hands down his arms to tangle their fingers together, ducking down to force him to meet his eye. “Buck,” he prods.
Buck sighs. “I’m fine.” He looks up, finally. “Just— Chimney ran this blood drive so well for so long, and he’s trusted me with it, and the pediatric hospital really needs us to hit our goal, and—“ He swallows, tips of his ears turning pink to match his cheeks. “I just want everything to go perfectly.”
Eddie pulls him in for another kiss, relieved to feel the hint of a smile against his lips. “It’s probably not going to be perfect,” he says as they break apart, and Buck looks close to murder again. “But,” he adds, “that doesn’t mean it won’t be great. You’re clearly putting your heart and soul into this. That’s what will make it a success.”
Buck scrunches his nose at him. “That was really cheesy.”
“I know,” Eddie smiles, “did it help?”
A matching smile. “Yeah.”
“Good.” Eddie kisses him one more time, for good measure, before peaking at the clipboard. “The coolers are out back, I’ll hose them down and bring them inside.”
“Thank you,” Buck says, standing taller and looking lighter. They both turn when they see Hen and Ravi come over, slowly, like they’re afraid to spook a sleeping bear.
“Hey guys,” Buck says in a distinctly less clipboard influenced tone of voice. “Do you mind doing a snack run? There’s an order of cookies ready at the store down the block, you should be able to get everything else there too.”
“Uh,” Hen says tentatively. “Sure?”
“Awesome, thanks so much for the help.” He checks the clipboard again, reaching out to squeeze Eddie’s hand one more time. “I’m gonna go find the extra needles, come find me when the coolers are set up?” Eddie nods and definitely does not preen at the sunny smile he gets in return.
But he does lean in to kiss Buck on the cheek again. “Love you,” he murmurs.
“Love you back,” Buck says. He disappears to the back supply closets, patting Hen and Ravi in the shoulders as he goes. They both gape after him for a minute before turning back to Eddie.
“You have got to teach us how to do that,” Ravi says.
“Sorry,” Eddie shrugs as he walks backward toward the garage door. “Husband privileges only.”
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zainclaw · 14 hours ago
the amount of post 5x09 ficlets I’ve read today in which Buck reasons staying with Taylor by saying that no one has ever told him they love him before is making me go fucking feral because that is absolutely it, isn’t it? fuck.
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from-nova · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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djdangerlove · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Please forgive me for this.
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911bts · 7 hours ago
5x10 promo (new)
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tinselbuck · 5 hours ago
to live without a lifeline
buddie (966 words)
Honestly, Buck expects it to take longer for Eddie to find him. Actually, if he’s really being honest, he hadn’t expected Eddie to find him at all. Not because he’s hiding (although he is doing that), but because finding him means talking to him, and they don’t really seem to do that anymore.
“I’m fine, you know,” Eddie says, dropping down next to him and bumping his shoulder.
“Yeah,” Buck rasps.
He knows. Eddie’s fine. He’s always fine. Fine until the day he’s not and then-
Buck swallows and looks away.
“Are you okay?” Eddie asks, soft and tentative.
No. “I’m-” Not fine, not fine, not-
“The answer is allowed to be no, Buck,” Eddie sighs.
Buck shakes his head. “Is it?”
“I know what it looked like,” Eddie says quietly.
Except no, he has no idea what it looked like, because he wasn’t the one watching the wench when his line snapped, he wasn’t the one making the desperate grab for a rope that was already gone, he wasn’t-
Buck chokes out a sob.
“I was two feet from the ground,” Eddie reminds him gently. “I’m okay.”
“I’m not,” Buck says, staring resolutely at his feet. Two words, and all of a sudden everything’s pouring out of him. “I’m not okay and I haven’t been okay, Eddie, not in months.”
“I know.”
Buck laughs bitterly. “Of course you do.”
They sit in silence for what feels like hours. The first light of dawn begins to paint the horizon. The roof of the firehouse is usually one of Buck’s favorite places, but this morning, it feels like a prison.
“I know you’re not okay, either,” Buck whispers finally.
“I’m not,” Eddie agrees.
“What are we doing, Eds?”
Buck chances a glance at him. Eddie’s eyes are closed and his head is tipped back against the wall. He’s got one knee drawn up to his chest, and in the watery morning light, he looks younger than Buck’s ever known him to be.
“Drowning, I think,” Eddie answers.
And yeah, Buck knows the feeling. Intimately.
“Buck, what do we do?” Eddie asks, and he sounds like he’s cracking apart. On instinct, Buck grabs his hand.
“I don’t know,” he says. “I don’t-”
“Why did you break up with Taylor?” Eddie asks suddenly.
The change of subject feels like whiplash. Buck would know. “W-why?”
“You never told me,” Eddie says simply.
Buck wants to laugh, or maybe scream. Of all the things they still haven’t talked about, this is the one Eddie wants to bring up? He shakes his head. For all he hasn’t said, he’s never lied to Eddie. He won’t start now.
“I couldn’t do it,” he says. “Couldn’t keep lying to myself. She and I were never going to make each other happy. We were both too fucking damaged.”
“I’m proud of you,” Eddie says, and Buck’s heart clenches. “I know the idea of losing people scares you.”
“I was never scared of losing her.”
Eddie looks at him then, brow furrowed and gaze seeking. “Why?”
“Losing her was never going to hurt the way losing you did,” Buck says. He bites his lip and looks away.
“You didn’t lose me,” Eddie says gently, almost pleading.
“I’ve lost you so many times,” Buck says. His throat feels raw, like he’s been screaming for hours. Maybe he has been.
“Buck, I-”
“I lost you to the tsunami. To the lawsuit. To the well. T-to Ana. To a sniper in broad daylight, and today I lost you to faulty equipment,” Buck says tonelessly. “I have lost you over and over again and every time it happens I think, this, this is going to be the thing that kills me.”
Eddie shakes his head, eyes shining. “No, no you can’t-”
“I know,” Buck says. “I know because you made me promise to survive losing you, but I don’t know how to do that.”
“You have to,” Eddie rasps.
“Please don’t make me,” Buck begs.
The sun finally crests the horizon, dying everything orange and gold. The hazy Los Angeles air makes everything look soft, like there are no sharp edges left in the world to impale himself on.
“I’m terrified of leaving you,” Eddie says finally. “I- I know what that would do. That’s why, okay? I need you to have a reason. I need both of you to be okay, one day.”
“For him- you know I would. I’d figure it out. Somehow.”
“I know.”
Buck’s eyes burn. “Please don’t leave me,” he whispers, and it’s unfair, he knows it’s unfair to ask this of Eddie. To ask it of anyone.
Eddie turns to face him, folding his knees beneath himself. He gently cradles Buck’s face in his hands, tugs him closer until their foreheads rest together.
“Never, okay?” Eddie says. “If there is still a shred of life in my body, I will use it to come home to my family, and that’s you. You and Christopher, I promise.”
Tears pour hot and heavy down Buck’s cheeks. He fists his hands in Eddie’s shirt.
“Can I-”
“Yes,” Eddie cuts him off.
Buck laughs wetly. “You don’t even know what I was going to ask.”
“Anything. Everything. Yes,” Eddie says.
“You don’t mean that,” Buck whispers.
“Evan, I do,” Eddie says, pulling back just far enough to look Buck in the eye. “Anything,” he repeats.
“Can I come home with you?” Buck asks, so quietly that if Eddie was more than three inches away, he probably wouldn’t have heard.
Eddie’s face softens impossibly. “Always,” he says. Buck opens his mouth to speak, but Eddie beats him to it. “I mean it.”
“Okay,” Buck says, willing himself to believe it. “Okay.”
Eddie stands and holds his hand out to Buck.
“Come on,” he says. “Shift’s over. Let’s go home.”
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rewritetheending · 13 hours ago
it wasn’t enough (a post-5x09 ficlet)
“How many times have you been in love?”
Eddie drops the spoon he’d just pulled from the silverware drawer, wincing at its too-loud landing on the kitchen floor, apparently as surprised to hear Buck’s question as Buck is to have asked it. Buck had been wondering, of course, and he’d figured he’d find a way to bring it up at some point, but it’s 2:00am and they’re at the station and it’s really not the right time or place.
Then again, he and Eddie seem to be having trouble finding times and places for a lot of conversations these days, so maybe letting his thoughts just tumble from his mouth without warning is the way to go. Eddie bends to pick up the spoon, then turns toward the sink to wash it, his back to Buck when he answers.
“Twice—once. Once?”
Buck waits for Eddie to return to hot cocoa he’d been preparing before the interruption, two mugs on the island between them, everyone else sound asleep in the bunk room. It had been a long day, and Buck wonders if he’s just sentenced them to an even longer night.
“One and a half?” Buck asks.
Eddie sighs, intent on staring at the swirl of steam as he stirs. “I—yeah? Maybe.”
“Can you do that, though? Be half in love? I thought it was one of those all or nothing things.”
“No. I mean, yeah, it is. But if you’re trying not to—” Eddie stops stirring and finally looks at Buck. “Why are you asking me this?”
“If you’re trying not to what?”
“Why are you asking me this?” Eddie repeats.
Buck doesn’t answer right away, thinks maybe there’s still a chance to pile this onto all the other things left unsaid, a precarious tower of words that might choke him if they ever tried to make themselves heard. There’s no doubt Eddie would let him change the subject – whether it’s denial or faith, Eddie seems sure the tower will remain standing, no matter how much the shadow it casts has grown.
Eddie steps away and Buck waits until he’s reaching for a bag of mini marshmallows to answer.
“Taylor told me she loves me, and I said it back.”
The mini marshmallows fall from Eddie’s hand, tracing the path of the spoon from just a couple of minutes before. Eddie makes no move to pick them up, his face frustratingly neutral in the wake of Buck’s confession. Buck isn’t sure how he’d expected Eddie to react, but the nothingness stings a little. He walks around to Eddie’s side of the island and scoops the bag off the floor, holding it out for Eddie as though the contact will be all it takes to make Eddie respond.
Somehow, it is.
“Okay, so you love her,” Eddie mumbles, adding too many marshmallows to each hot cocoa. And maybe he’s just over-tired, but Buck thinks Eddie’s hand is shaking a little.
“I said I love her,” Buck clarifies. “But it—I’ve never—I think maybe it was supposed to feel different than it did.”
“How did it feel?”
Buck pauses, frowning as he tries to describe that moment in his kitchen. “Distant maybe? Or like they were words that sat on my tongue too long and got stale? I don’t know—I just didn’t feel like me.”
There’s a flicker of something in Eddie’s expression – finally – but the early morning hours aren’t kind enough to allow Buck to define it. And Buck wants to grab him by the shoulders and beg him to stop standing there with nothing to say, wants Eddie to explain what’s wrong with him or with them even though Buck hasn’t figured out which him or them he even means. He’s exhausted and confused and they should just drink their cocoa and go to bed, but the silence forces Buck to fill it instead.
“It’s all I’ve wanted—or thought I wanted. Someone to love me and someone I could love back. But then we were there and—”
“It wasn’t enough.”
It’s quite a blow, that almost-echo of a question Buck had once asked about Ana, and Eddie tries to soften it by handing one of the mugs to Buck. It does nothing to lessen Buck’s confusion when their fingers brush as Buck wraps his hand around the warm ceramic.
“No, I guess it wasn’t,” Buck admits. “But that’s why I asked you. Because you can tell me how it really feels to be in love.”
“I don’t think I can,” Eddie whispers.
“But you were in love with Shannon and then you said twice, so—”
Buck’s voice fades and his stomach turns, though it’s not altogether unpleasant, and Eddie watches as Buck reaches the end of a riddle he hadn’t known he was supposed to solve. He’d just assumed the second person was Ana, and that Eddie’s hesitation was because he was never all the way in like she had been, but Eddie is staring at him with eyes too wide to shutter and a million little things suddenly make sense.
“Yeah,” Eddie says, lifting his mug toward his mouth. “Yeah.”
They both take a minute to drink, and Buck doesn’t know whether the quiet of the station taunts them or offers some comfort. It does give him a chance to think, and there’s so much to say, but—
“I’m sorry.”
And he’s not totally sure what he’s apologizing for, except that it was never supposed to happen like this, even if Buck hadn’t realized it was going to happen at all.
“Don’t be,” Eddie tells him, scrubbing a hand over his face and waiting another several seconds before he continues. “Being in love is wanting to know more, see more, touch more, all the time. Wanting the other person to be near you, because something feels off when they’re not. Wanting to make them happy, because their smile is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. And all of that can sneak up on you because being in love happens without your permission, kind of like breathing. It’s just there one day, the most natural thing in the world, even if you don’t remember the second it started.”
Too many memories of their friendship – each one layered with more emotion than the one before – wrap themselves around Buck’s heart and make every beat that much stronger. They’re standing closer to each than they have in a long time, a warmth both familiar and not, and it’s all terrifying and dizzying and far too late to pretend he has any control over it at all, but Buck argues anyway.
“People stop breathing, though. And people fall out of love.”
Eddie gives him a tired shrug. “Sure. But in both cases, it means something else has gone very, very wrong.”
Buck’s next inhale is slow and deliberate, but he doesn’t know why. He does know that he wants to kiss Eddie senseless, and that any question he’d had about Taylor was answered a while ago, but he takes a sip of hot cocoa instead, swallowing it with the bitter need to deny everything just a little longer.
“And it’s worth it anyway?”
“Yeah,” Eddie murmurs, pressing his palm to the side of Buck’s face and swiping melted marshmallow from Buck’s lip with his thumb. “Because for as long as it lasts, it will give you a hand to reach for in the worst moment of your life. It will give you someone to see before the rest of the world goes black.”
It’s selfish, and maybe unfair to everyone, but Buck nuzzles into Eddie’s touch and lets his eyes fall closed. He wants this, whatever bit of forever Eddie might be promising, and he thinks he can have it soon. He just needs to—
“I have to talk to her. I—she’s not—”
His voice breaks, but Eddie nudges him to finish. “She’s not what?”
Buck opens his eyes then, and everything he feels – the guilt and hope and desire and fear and love – is reflected back at him.
“She’s not the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.”
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patroclusdefencesquad · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
holy shit
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evcndiaz · 17 hours ago
oliver when there's buddie content in an episode: don't forget to tune in to 9-1-1 tonight! :) it's going to be fun and we had a really good time filming :)
oliver when there's BT content in an episode: hm? oh is today monday? i didn't notice. what, do you want me to tell you to watch it? i'm not your mother lmfao??? this is a free country, do what you want. or don't. i mean you probably shouldn't. i wouldn't. but you can if you want, but i mean. do you want to? really? REALLY? i mean, hey whatever floats your boat, knock yourself out i guess..... just checking, are you really... no, you're sure? okay, alright, well that's your funeral i guess. i'm going back to sleep goodnight
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capseycartwright · 20 hours ago
25. Warming cold hands for buddie ❤️
Eddie couldn’t help but gasp, as the first icy-cold drop of rain hit his skin, the drop quickly turning into a torrent of freezing cold rain. “Oh my god!” he almost yelled, blinking through wet eyelashes at Buck, who was equally as soaked as Eddie was, the two of them having been entirely unprepared for the downpour of rain they’d just been caught in.
“Come – come on,” Buck tugged on the end of Eddie’s sleeve, and pulled the two of them under the nearest shelter, the doorway of a closed café. The rain was getting more and more intense, somehow, the sound of it battering off the pavement loud, despite the crowds of people who were shrieking, searching for their own cover.
“It’s like snow,” Buck grinned, and his hair was free from its gel prison, now, the rain having washed the product away, leaving Buck’s dark blond curls to fall over his forehead. Despite being soaked to the bone, he looked delighted, his grin wide and lopsided and the only thing Eddie ever wanted to see for the rest of his life.
Eddie laughed. “Buck, it’s rain!”
“I know,” Buck peeked out from their hiding spot, transfixed by the rain. “But it’s as close to snow as we’re going to get in Los Angeles.”
Eddie couldn’t argue against that. Of all the crazy, freak weather incidents they got in LA, snow wasn’t one of them – though, given their luck, Eddie assumed he’d just jinxed them by even thinking that. Shivering, Eddie shifted from foot to foot, trying to get warm again.
“Cold?” Buck inquired. Their shelter was small, barely wide enough to fit two grown men, and Eddie was suddenly very conscious of every move his best friend made, the way it felt like Buck was encroaching on his space in the very best way. Just – not in the ways Eddie wanted him to. Not yet, at least.
“Yeah,” Eddie admitted, shivering again. “My hands are freezing.”
“You’re such a Texan,” Buck teased, reaching for Eddie’s hands, wrapping them in his own. Buck’s hands weren’t much warmer than Eddie’s own, but Eddie knew Buck felt the cold a little less than he did, most of the time, so he let Buck hold tightly to his hands, gentle, familiar fingers rubbing against the skin, trying to bring some warmth back to Eddie’s ice-cold fingers.
“That’s why I have you around,” Eddie shrugged, his hands slowly but surely feeling as though they were regaining feeling. The rain really had been ice-cold, and totally unexpected – otherwise, Eddie would have suggested they join the insane queue in Starbucks, if only to see the delighted grin on Buck’s face when he bought the younger man something ridiculous and sugary from their Christmas menu.
“To keep you warm?”
And, oh – Eddie hadn’t planned, to tell him like this, in the middle of a rainstorm in downtown LA, when they were supposed to be doing their final bits of Christmas shopping, Buck on a determined hunt for mulled wine, but maybe it was as good a moment as any. The street was bursting with Christmas decorations, a giant Christmas tree just out of Eddie’s line of sight, the evening lit up by bright, golden light. There was even Christmas music playing over the tinny loudspeaker system, the garbled opening of Fairytale of New York playing faintly in the background.
Eddie smiled, softly, and judging by the look on Buck’s face, he knew what kind of answer he was about to get. They had been on the edge of something more for so long now, and maybe – maybe Christmas Eve was as good a time as any to take the leap into whatever that something more was.
“To take care of me,” Eddie breathed, and admitting that would have been hard, six months ago – admitting that he needed someone to take care of him, that he wanted someone to take care of him – but now, it was something he wanted, something he was willing to ask for. From Buck, at least.
“I’ll always take care of you,” Buck was still holding tightly to Eddie’s hands, but they were both warm, now – their hands, at least.
“I know,” Eddie reassured, because he did – he knew. Buck had proved it over, and over so many times in the last four years.
“Are you still cold?” Buck asked, and well – Eddie could blame his cheesy reply on the spirit of the season.
Quirking the corners of his mouth into a smile, Eddie grinned at his best friend. “Just my lips.”
Buck laughed, the sound magical, more magical than the Christmas joy they were already surrounded by. “You’re so cheesy,” he accused, and still, he let go of Eddie’s hands, cupping the back of Eddie’s head, now, leaning down to capture Eddie’s lips in the best, dampest first kiss of Eddie’s life.
“Merry Christmas, Evan,” Eddie breathed against Buck’s mouth, the music changing to It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – and well, he couldn’t disagree.
Buck kissed him again, long and slow, the best gift Eddie could have ever asked for, warmth starting right in his toes and spreading across the rest of his body as they kissed, and kissed, and kissed, the storm having finally passed. “Merry Christmas, Eddie.”
send me a christmassy prompt
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evanbuckley-dumbasser · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
From the extended preview! (X)
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