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#*insert any ramona baby ocs that you’d like*
[Raph and Donnie are REALLY drunk]
Raph: April! Donnie liiiiikes you!
Donnie: Raph! You said you wouldn’t tell!
April: Uh, Donnie, sweetie, we’re marri-
Donnie: Backstabber! I’m going to tell Mona Lisa you like her!
Raph: *GASPS*
Donnie: Hey Mona! Raph has a crush on you!!
Mona Lisa, holding her and Raph’s baby: Really? I never would’ve known.
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[Future AU where Mikey is babysitting Raph and Mona Lisa’s baby and is trying to make the baby laugh]
Mikey: Well, I think I’ll go down stairs for a while.
[Mikey makes it look like he's walking down stairs by going behind the couch]
The baby: *starts crying*
Mikey: No, don't cry. I'm still here. It’s just a bit. I'm your Uncle Mikey, funny is all I have!
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incorrect-tmnt2012-quotes · 11 months ago
[Fishface is fighting a now adult Raphael. Soon Mona Lisa and their kids rush in to help Raph]
Fishface: *sees Raph with Mona Lisa*
Fishface: No way! A salamander?! Haha! You married a salamander?!
Fishface: *sees Raph and Mona’s kids*
Fishface: AND GOT BUSY!!
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