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jisungs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you can really see the single braincell bouncing between their heads
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spilledtee · a day ago
𝐒𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐀𝐬𝐥𝐞𝐞𝐩
Word Count: 3.2k
Warning: smut, established relationship, slight bondage, dirty talk, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), consented somnophilia, slight choking praise kink, thigh riding, riding, switch!reader, switch!Jisung
Synopsis: In which Jisung puts an idea inside of your head and decide to act on it, however, it seems it might have back fired on you
A/N: I didn’t proof read this and I wrote it while in class but I still hope you enjoy this :) Based on this request, please note that requests are still closed unless you pay for one my ko-fi. I am sorry about that but I am going to get quite busy so those requests are going to be my priority. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One arm folded behind your head, you laying on your back, listening to the soft breathing rhythms of your sweet, sweet boyfriend next to you as he was in deep sleep. Unsurprisingly, you had been restless and now were now looking over at him. It wasn’t completely dark in his dorm room, thanks to the low light of the lamp that was on in the corner, and you could barely make out his features beside you. Now, what was keeping you up? Well, it had been your boyfriend’s crude mouth. It seemed the longer that the two of you were together, it seemed that the longer the two of you were together, the more naughty his comments would get. One comment that had definitely caught your attention was when he mentioned the idea of you waking him up while your mouth was wrapped around his cock. You had laughed it off, but it seemed that he had been serious, even going so far to say that he would enjoy watching you above him using his cock while he was fast asleep.
In truth, that had been the cause of most of your sleeplessness. He’d know what he was asking for since the beginning, and now here you were, your gut telling you every night that you should attempt it. You knew that he was vocal though. He would moan, pant, whine and even be a little squirmy and with his roommate, Jeongin, being there all the time you wouldn’t want him to suffer through hearing the both of you. Even the rest of his members. However, it seemed that the weekend had given you such luck that it was only the two of you in the dorm tonight.
Unconsciously, you licked your lips, trying to remember the last time that the two of you were actually intimate. It had been so long, especially with his busy schedule and endless nights at the studio with the other two in the producing team. You shifted slightly, remembering his taste, the feeling of his body pressed against yours… you shifted slightly beneath the blanket, your body suddenly heating up. Really, you should not be thinking such dirty thoughts while your sweet, hard working boyfriend was right next to you, but you also realized that you definitely were not tired and the image of him, cock buried deep inside of you, refused to leave your mind. 
Suddenly, you froze, as if Jisung had caught you in your dirt though. Instead, he simply turned over, giving a soft sigh in his sleep. Judging by his peaceful expression, it seemed that the strain of working all day had completely disappeared. You smiled, touching his chubby cheek and caressing it with your thumb. He didn;t so much as twitch, making you smile. Han was always hard to wake up, especially after a long day. Maybe this was a good thing though. He deserved some stress, so why not offer him some? You’d do anything to help your boyfriend after all. Carefully, and as silently as possible, you slipped the comforter off the both of you and you nearly laughed out loud. It was no surprise that Jisung was horny almost always, so the growing bulge in the front of his sweats was definitely expected. Better for you actually.
You pulled down the sweats, along with his boxers, his cock springing free. A small, sleepy, hiss when the cool air touched his hot flesh, wanting nothing more than to have you settle on top of him. You were sure to do that, though, you wanted to have some fun with him first. You bent down, licking the underside of his cock and he responded almost automatically, groaning in his sleep. His tip didn’t even meet the threshold of your lips, your lustful eyes staring up at him. He wanted him to wake up, to see what you were doing and how you were going to him. Without warning you took him as far into your mouth as you could. “Fuck.” He cursed out with a strangled moan, eyes fluttering open finally and head lolling to the side as you dragged your mouth along his shaft. The action completely robbing him of comprehensible speech. 
As soon as he started to really enjoy himself, hand going to grab your hair, your mouth disappeared. “No touching baby.” Your hand replaced your mouth, grasping firmly onto his length. You stroked him, this time at a steady pace while your other hand was giving his balls a gentle massage. A shudder wracked through his body, his hands balled into first in the sheets. You beant down once more, replacing your hand with your mouth, taking one of his balls in your mouth, and then going to the other.
Jisung let out a gasp, his unintentionally thrusting upward. “Please…(Y/N).” He whimpered out.
You smirked, seeing that he was already a mess from this. However, you weren’t satisfied yet. Your tongue darted out, licking along his shaft. You stopped short of taking him into your mouth, lips puckering to suck just beneath his tip. “Please? Please, what naughty boy? This was your fault, naughty boy. You wanted me to fuck you like this and you’re getting it.”
Jisung groaned, muttering something under his breath. You wanted to hear him, wanted him to beg for you. To beg to please just by you. You rubbed the head of his cock, running it along the outline of your lips then dripping your saliva against it. “Sorry, baby,  I couldn’t hear you.” You said, almost cruelly. 
“Please.” His frustrated voice sounded a little louder this time.
A kiss was placed on the head of his cock, lingering there and teasing him with the suctioning motion of your lips, knowing he desired to have you wrapped around him again. “Louder, Ji.” You encouraged. 
“Please! Fuck...please suck my cock.”
“Good boy.” You purred. Jisung nearly lost it hearing your melodic voice sound so seductive. You did as he requested, taking the entirety of his cock iny our mouth. A small gag sounded through you, you took it though, responding with a pleasant hum. The vibration made him twitch slightly in your mouth, his toes curling and the sound of him nearly pulling the sheets again. Gripping the base of his cock, you began to bob your head, keeping in rhythm with your hand. Your cheeks hollowed out, sucking hard enough to earn a string of curses that only seemed to spur you further. 
Practically pushing off the bed, Jisung’s hips thrusted back deep into your warm, wet mouth, attempting to keep up with your pace. Your teeth grazed him slightly in response, your free hand dragging your nails against him, and pushing his hips down as a warning. Tensing against you, he let out a string of praise. Though you were happy to hear that your boyfriend was enjoying himself, you still released him with a pip of your mouth. The look of Jisung’s cock was clear that it demanded attention, but you had other plans for him. Leaning up to him, you kissed a greedy kiss to his lips, thrusting your tongue into his mouth and allowing him to taste the mixture of your mouth and his cock on your tongue. This was returned by the exact same desire. It sent a pool of wetness to your core. “You’re such a good boy, Ji. Don’t you think so?”
“Yes…” He let out, breathlessly.
You placed your hands on his shoulders, pressing against him so that he could feel your boobs against his chest before withdrawing to straddle him. Slowly you grind your hips against him. He practically cried out for you. Jisung was aching beneath you. The feeling of your mouth and now you moving your hips against him was going to be the end of him. “Do you want a reward baby?” 
Jisung shivered. “I...ah-!”
“Tell me, baby. I can’t read your mind.” Jisung gasped at your words, but you didn’t stop, rocking your hips against him again, creating a friction between the two of you. He writhed beneath you, trying to express himself. “Do you want me to use your cock baby, hm? That what you want?” A whimper escaped him. His hands pulled at the sheets again, expecting you to let him touch you. However, he was completely wrong as you positioned yourself against his exposed thigh. The contact made you shiver, already feeling sensitive and needy for your endless nights of thinking about doing this. You began grinding down on his thigh, settling for a harsh pace, wanting to tease him further. “Beg for it Ji, or I’ll cum on your thigh instead.”
He arched up, the sound of the mattress and his groans echoing through the room. He wanted to touch you, he wanted to take control, you could easily read that in his eyes. You ignored it though, rocking your hips back and forth, speeding up and spurring him further. Swallowing the last bits of pride he cried out. “Please fuck me! I’ve been good!”
You didn’t respond, only removing yourself from his thigh to climb up top of him, position yourself above his swollen cock. Inch by inch you took him, gpasing when you fully bottomed him out. His girth had always taken you by surprise. You began to rock your hips back and forth, bouncing slightly on his cock. Trying to take some control, Jisung thrusted up, meeting the movement of your hips. He gripped against the sheets, pulling at them hard wanting nothing more than to touch you. He pushed upward again, his strokes filled with certainty, having committed where your g-spot was. You arched into him, beginning to pick up the pace, testing just how far you could take him. He was holding on as best as he could, as he could feel his own high starting to come over him.
As if you could read his mind, the friction you were creating between them halted. A whine escaped him from the loss of contact. His eyes snapped open, seeing her hips over his cock once more. “Did I say you could cum?” Your voice firm, question him. 
“N-no.” He whimpered.
You patted his cheek. “Good boy. You can only cum when I say so, understood?” He nodded in response, voice catching in his throat. You sat down on him again, taking him with one smooth motion. Both of you cried out in unison, ragged moans escaping from the two of you. Your hands went to his chest, bracing yourself, as you began to move once again. The mixture of skin meeting skin and moans being heard, only encouraged your actions further.
The bed creaked and the headboard banged loudly against the wall. You were certain that if anyone was home, that they would have definitely heard both of your pent up frustrations by now. A loud groan echoed as he once again tugged at whatever he could, wanting to touch you. Then he saw it, the way that you had been so engrossed in riding him that the grip on his chest had loosened and you were starting to lose yourself in pleasure. The pent of frustration he had felt during work suddenly reclaimed its place in his mind, and his hands went to your hips. Your eyes snapped open in realization but you had little time to reach for anything to stop him as your back met the bed. A primal glint appeared on Jisung’s face as he hovered over you. “Oh, you looked scared, pretty girl, what's wrong?”
You gulped, seeing the devilish expression lining his face, but you were set on being the one in charge right now. “What? You're gonna punish me now?”
“No-well, yes. One of these days, however I think the best teach you a lesson is a good fucking, don’t you think baby?” He told, voice growing husky with desire. The words seem to affect you almost immediately, a pool of wetness already spreading around your core. His hand gripped around your wrist, while the other pulled his shirt off and wrapped your wrist. “Now, my pretty girl, I want you to scream for me. Think you can do that?” That was not a question you were expected to answer because he knew that you would regardless of what you said. A hand trailed down your body, his finger brushing against your breasts first. Goosebumps littered your skin and you shivered, Jisung shaking his head, clearly not gaining the reaction he desired. For you, though, your body was suddenly hyper aware of each brazen touch, lighting sparks up in you. “I love looking at you. You’re so beautiful like this.”
“I’d be more beautiful if you let me go.” You stated, clearly not enjoying the revenge he was taking out on you. 
Jisung was clearly taking pleasure in having you like this. You were about to question what he was doing but the only thing that escaped your lips was a whine. You were desperate for any contact, desperate to have any sensation back. He was kind enough to trail his fingers against your wet slit. “You know there was something I always wanted to try.”
“Wh-what?” You questioned, through gritted teeth as you pulled at the cloth around your wrists.
“Well…” His voice trailed off, slipping his fingers quite easily into you, the rings he wore brushing against the velvety patch of skin that lined your inner walls. Without warning his fingers curled, causing you to gasp. You pushed off the bed from the sudden spike in pleasure that coursed through you, mouth opening but only a mewl tumbling off your parted lips sounding. Jiung only took that as encouragement, repeating the action of his fingers pumping and curling. 
In and out, in and out of you. Your eyes rolled back, head lolling backwards. You had already been sensitive and you were slipping, the world almost turning white as the pressure in your core was building. “Ji, I’m-”
He pulled his fingers out of you, a smirk plastered on his face as you whined from the loss of contact. You had lost your composure more quickly than he had. “No.”
You whimpered. “Please...please, please.”
“Say you want me.” He commanded, suddenly hovering over you. 
“I want you.” You repeated.
A hand came down to mack one of your breasts, causing you to scream, before the hand that had just come in contact with you went to your throat. He squeezed, appling just enough pressure to see you struggle slightly. The anger was clearly evident in his eyes. “After not letting me touch you and tease me, you should be begging me to fuck you. Try again.” You bit down your lips, to which he shook his face, hips moving forward so that he cock brushed over your entrance. “Speak, (Y/N).”
“I want you to fuck me.” You whimpered out, hand clasping over his wrist. 
Jisung pressed his fingers against yours once more.  “Again.” Hi fingers applied more pressure, a warning that you should ask him properly. “Beg me.”
“Please, please fuck me Jisung. I need your cock inside of me.” 
A grunt sounded from him, again squeezing at your throat one last time before, turned you over so that you were on all fours and your ass was pressing against his. He slammed into you in one smooth motion, pressing his fingers against your mouth to muffle any noise out of you. You mewled, nonetheless, writhing beneath him. Jisung filled you once again, an overwhelming cry could be heard from you. His hips rocked against yours, slamming himself fully into you, then withdrawing entirely over and over again. Slapping sounds of skin meeting skin filled the room, each harsh, brutal thrust of his hips, making jolt forward each time, only to be pulled back by Jisung’s hands. His freed hand went to lift your hips slightly, causing each thrust to press you closer to him, your clit rubbing against him as he did so. The friction was delicious, and overwhelming. Your senses felt like you were drowning in your own pleasure. Jisung was everywhere at once. His calloused fingers toying with your clit and his merciless pace never slowing. Every movement, every touch, every incoherent word that tumbled from both of you reflected the pent of frustrations that the two of you felt. “Is this what you wanted, pretty girl? For me to fuck you like this even though I was sound asleep?” He questioned, finally speaking up.
“Yes.” You pleaded, eyes glazing over and your state completely in daze.
“I’m going to ruin you.” He told, the words coming out as a promise. He was relentless as ever, causing you to cry once more. Jisung’s hips snapped harshly against yours, one hand moving to the front of you, ring cladded fingers pressing each one of the tips of his fingers around your throat once more. The crude sound of his cock sliding so easily into you made the world around you seem to spin. A whimper left your parted lips, tears streaming down your cheeks as another build up for your orgasm came to you. Jisung forced you upward, so that your bodies were flush against each other. “Cum, pretty girl. I want you to fall apart just from me.”
“Fuck...Ji. I love when you ruin me.”
At the words, Jisung let out a snarl. His fingers, that were previously around your neck, found your clit, rubbing furiously at the sensitive bundle of nerves as he continued to piston into you mercy abandoned. Learning down, his lips pressed against your spine, a rather comforting sentiment as his fingers pinched at your clit. A scream ripped through your throat, the wave of pleasure sending you over the edge, the pleasure being too unmeasurable. The stimulation from you clenching onto him triggered his own orgasm, his movements becoming erratic and sloppy. His body went slack, hands gripping onto your skin with a bruising force as he let out his own cry of pleasure. His chest heaving as he pulled out of you slowly, allowing you to lay yourself down.
He slumped next to you, sheets torn off his bed, every scattered and sighing in content. “Are you okay?” He inquired, realizing that he could have been too rough with you. 
“Yes.” Came your breathless reply. “Don’t worry.”
His eyes turned towards his lower half. He was still hard, the previous orgasm doing little for him and his endless stamina. “Good. I was thinking we could wash up together.” He said, waggling his eyebrows as he removed his shirt that was tied around your wrist.
You rolled your eyes at him. “I think I’d rather sleep… you tired me out.”
Placing a kiss on your forehead he nodded. “Alright. Just know you’re gonna be punished later for what you did.”
“That wasn’t my punishment?” You said, suddenly feeling wide awake.
With a devilish smirk, he simply shrugged. “I should clean you up though.” And suddenly he was getting up on his feet and heading to the bathroom. Oh, you’d be in for it tomorrow for teasing him.
Tumblr media
taglist: @geniejunn @jsung01 @woofwoofbangbang @hanjiswaq @ofsake @flightoftheflightrisk @jonecb-97 @yutaalove @changbinscypher @eunoia-kth @lemon-boy-stan @seungminyoongi
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
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mafedida · 2 days ago
𓂃 𝘄𝘄𝘄.𝗃𝗂𝗌𝗎𝗇𝗀   𐇵 ֶָ֢֪
#도영 : why did it take so long?
ː࿓ ˚ 𝐍𝐂𝐓 ⁞ ✵ ★☆ 私はこの世界の何よりもこの男の子を愛しています。
#𝐓𝐀𝐄𝐘𝐎𝐍𝐆: y᥆ᥙ αrᥱ my gαlαxy, i αm y᥆ᥙr gαlαxy ⭑🍀🥢*
#𝐘UTA; 7 billion smiles and yours is my favorite.
世界上有那么多桃子,但我选择了你 𓂃 #𝐉𝔸𝐄ℍ𝐘𝕌𝐍 🍑 ﹪ (your pronouns) • 𝑷𝑹𝑬𝑻𝑻𝒀 . . ★☆
★. . . On my happiest days, you're there, on my saddest days, you're also there. Thanks for everything, Haechan, I love you and always will . . .★
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eurobagel · 2 days ago
stray kids reaction - hickey
✉ anon asked: could you maybe do the other skz member‘s reactions when they see your hickey from your s/o??
˘ ° thank you for requesting and i hope you like it ! (if you wish to request, everything you need to know is in my bio)
bang chan
Tumblr media
he would either pretend he doesn't see it or take you aside and have a talk with you. he probably won't pry too much, but he'll just warn you to be more careful so no one else sees it. maybe he'll even ask the make-up ladies to help with covering it up.
lee know
Tumblr media
he'll just give you a side look and a nod of acknowledgment. it's none of his business, but he'll probably suggest to you that you and your sweetheart ;) try to keep it on the down low.
Tumblr media
he won't say anything. not a word. to you at least.
he will have a word with someone to cover it up. and have a good talk with that not-so-careful member who did it.
Tumblr media
he just, kind of, stops in his tracks. you know how when something inconvenient happens he just freezes up for a second or two? yeah, that's how he would react.
he would recover quickly and just shoot you a quick look meaning something, but hard to decipher and that would be it from him.
Tumblr media
"oh. my. god!"
the poor guy is simply shocked that: a) you actually walked out with a hickey and didn't cover it and that b) the member who gave it to you was bold enough to do it in plain sight. manners, people, manners.
Tumblr media
"hey, how are you? good? i'm great! just wanted to show you-"
he would diligently manage to cover up the evidence before anyone else sees and before you notice. he will have to have a talk later with a specific friend of his (subtlety, my friend).
Tumblr media
"hey, so, i just wanted to warn you that people have started noticing it so do you want me to talk with the make-up ladies or someone to help cover it up?"
he would be so kind and understanding to not make you uncomfortable. while he might be somewhat upset by the member who left the hickey in plain sight, he would first make sure no one confronts you about it. and then later he would confront the member >:)
Tumblr media
"oh my my, what do we have here?"
he'll tease you to no end. you gave him the material to work with and he'll make do. you won't be his only victim though, don't worry.
the only other downside is him pestering you nonstop for the next 2 weeks. (he'll help you cover it up though :))
(gifs are not mine, © to the owners)
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chans-bad-girl · 8 hours ago
I just read through all of your works and I love how you write. That changbin one had me 🥵💨. I also like your skz reactions a lot! I never requested anything like this, but I was wondering if you could do a skz reaction to you having a mark kink? Like bruises and scratches, things like that lol. Or like maybe just one members reaction? Whatever works for you! Thanks 💖
Skz reactions: marking kink
Tumblr media
!!Beware: mature content ahead!!
hard kinks/trigger warnings: none? (feel free to lmk if I should add something)
warnings (but in short because we're not trying to write the length of a grocery list for a wedding): switch!skz and reader engaging in sexual activities of which the focal point of my elaboration is the marking kink
how long would it take for him to lose his mind, you ask?
.01 second
because the literal millisecond you say marking kink he's sucking on your neck
"one more so you can remember me when I'm gone."
and when you accidentally scratch his back a bit he goes
"you like em on me too?"
then says you can scratch his back all you want
will know from the way you dimple your fingertips in his skin how close you are
loves sucking on your lip for good measure after he left your thighs and collarbones all bruised with hickeys
"look, you're literal art. with love bites."
greet the master of teasing (after seungmin djdjdjd)
"you want me to suck here?"
will only lightly kiss your tummy first
then move to your thighs
and his face: gone
all you get to sense of him is his mouth sucking hickeys
u bet this sneaky mf will have the hickeys spell out a crooked m
loves the thought of marking you with a "making you his"-connotation
"now everyone knows you belong with me."
cuming in you is his personal favorite though
likes when you're cunning with it too and do little things like nibble on his earlobe
soft strokes on his back that gradually turn to pressing down on his skin
will make him literally lose his mind
watch this man lose every ounce of dominance by the time he's close
spanking becomes his primary love language the second you tell him you like being marked
"look at my bunny, such a pretty red ass. all because of master's spankings."
will definitely call you out on how wet you've gotten from it
will also spank your pussy
and loves seeing you squirm as a reaction
isn't a big fan of biting and sucking, really just loves the marks his hands leave (scratching, bruises,...)
and here is the key to make him soft for you: kiss on his thighs or arms, leave some hickeys and mimick his domineering attitude
either he'll call you a brat or just let you do whatever
because when he doesn't have the energy, he likes being reminded how dedicated you are to him
after all, the man's a leo
also, he's soft under that "I like dark"-shell so show him some love
his lips
have you seen this man's lips?
so once you say it he'd be a bit confused like
huh marks?
but then he just smiles for a second, looks you in the eye and ambitiously goes for your neck
will also pull at your hair a bit
and nibble at your ear
loves it when you do the same to him
likes leaving hickeys on your collar bones and stays sucking on a spot with a linger
spanks you also but only until some redness appears
when you moan, he moans back
also, please suck his nipples, this man is a sucker for that
will just smile at you and go at it as a reaction
uses his teeth
bites your bottom lip while you make out
would implement it into foreplay
sucks not only at your nipples but also on your cleavage so it leaves a small mark
not too obvious but if somebody looks there on purpose they'll see
bites at your thighs a bit too before eating you out
wants to try being marked as well
as soon as you get the opportunity to go down on him, you trail hickeys down from his stomach to his pelvis
and he tenses up when you grab his boner and gently suck this pre-cum off his tip
also imagine him moaning and squirming while you go down on him oh my god he's probably the only man that I actively wanna suck off
would be the one wanting to be marked
literally before you can even say anything he's already mentioned he likes it
throws his head back to give you better access
closes his eyes when you leave nail imprints on his shoulders because, for him, it's THE sign that he's making you feel good
also likes it a bit messy, meaning that he likes getting lost in your messy hair and the anklet that slaps his back
bonus point if the anklet leaves imprints also
will also give back to you when you give him consent to and actually admit you kinda have uhm a marking kink
will smile at you like "cute that you're so shy about it when you always scream like you're at one of my concerts"
so get ready for Jisung to leave his own little teeth imprints and sucks here and there
ugh will not stop licking spots like a puppy because "can't give you everything at once, don't wanna overwhelm you"
will use that as an excuse you painfully tease you
picks up on all the small turn ons so foreplay will be 50% marking
because he knows it's one of your biggest kinks
will take his time
but I stay thinking that, as soon as he let's go, he'll REALLY let go
like dandy boy Seungmin can't always have a perfectly gentle personality
he cracks
and when you actually ASK him to mark you
so when you actually verbalize what he's already picked up
then, congratulations, you have managed to remove to constraints on the bull
have fun babes😉
also for some reason I feel like he'd be into ropes
so tying you up and then the imprints of them on you
or on him
it's kinda a theme of restriction and letting loose with him
he marks you however it's convenient for him atm
loves to show off his muscles to you
so he'll grip at your hip and leave a little red mark
hold you up against a wall and leave red spots on your torso
loves sucking on your neck and shoulders, especially during missionary
also slapping is a big one with him
loves to see the redness and jiggling of your thighs/ass
when he's in baby bread mood and just likes being taken care of after a long day, he likes some hickeys and how they look at him
maybe also like receiving some scratches on the back
but all in all likes marking you a bit more
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kpopincorrect-quotes · 20 hours ago
Chan: Is that cheese?
Jisung, holding a very large block of cheese: Thirty pounds! It’s for my camping trip.
Chan: ...alright cool. Who else is going?
Jisung: Me, Felix, Yeji, these two girls we met at the junkyard, and Yeji’s grandmother.
Chan: Why are you taking Yeji’s grandmother?
Jisung: In case there’s bears.
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