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lizhly-writes · 5 months ago
here is your orv fic of the week.  or, ageswap au: lgy and sys will gang up on you, together, if given adequate reason.
“You two bicker like little kids around each other, do you know that?” Lee Jihye says with a sly little smile. “Aren’t both of you older than me?”
Shin Yoosung and Lee Gilyoung pause mid-argument.  They share a look.
“I don’t think you get to say that about me and Gilyoung,” Shin Yoosung says.  “Not when you get into arguments with ten-year-olds.”
Lee Jihye flushes.  “Hey!  Don’t make it sound so bad!  I argue with Yoo Joonghyuk, do you think that brat is a regular little kid?”
“Yoo Joonghyuk,” Lee Gilyoung drawls, crossing his arms, “still gets distracted by candy if you wave enough of it in his face.”
Seriously, it had been really funny, to see this serious, mature kid with his eyes all wide and shiny when Lee Gilyoung had found that jumbo bag of lemon candy the other day. 
“I - well, yeah, that’s true, but he’s really mature besides that, though!”
“He’s still ten,” Shin Yoosung says cheerfully.  “And you keep losing arguments with him.  What kind of person does that make you, huh?”
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fancyx05 · 11 months ago
-ORV Chapter 46-
Lee Jihye: *repeating what Kim Dokja said to Yoo Joonghyuk about Yoo Jonghyuks child and why Kim Dokja is staying by his side*
Kim Dokja: *realized that Lee Jihye misunderstood the Situation*
Lee Jihye: "Ahjussi, you and Master..."
Kim Dokja: *sigh* "Think what you want"
Lee Jihye: "Don't worry, I'll give him the love letter!"
Kim Dokja: *shrugged and turns around*
Lee Jihye: "Wait, how did u give birth to a child?"
Kim Dokja: "Ask Yoo Jonghyuk"
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wellschoolkilledme · a year ago
kim dokja: nobody really loves me.
yoo joonghyuk: are you sure about that?
kim dokja: yeah.
yoo joonghyuk: *aggressively pointing at kim dokja’s company and himself* ARE YOU REALLY FUCKING SURE ABOUT THAT.
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czarinadoyle · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
ORV RAREPAIR WEEK DAY ONE: First Meeting Reposted from my twitter, Kim Neewon and Li Jihye! this was cute and quick lolol
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dragonolong · a month ago
Tumblr media
ORVtober [25]
LJH thinking about possible ships (for sea battle). //bad pun
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lizhly-writes · 10 months ago
ageswap au: 26 year old ljh vs 10 year old yjh
“You’re an annoying little shit, huh,” Lee Jihye says, hefting the tiny child up to eye-level by his tiny, tiny black trenchcoat.  He scowls at her.  It’s adorable.  She wants to squish his cheeks together, but to do that, she’d have to put him down, which — well, she’s not going to do that.
Oh well.  He’d probably bite her if she tried.
“Put me down or I will make you regret it,” says the tiny child, very serious.  He gives his sword a little wave, as if to emphasize his point.  He sounds like the tiny, rich young master of a chabeol or something.  It’s so cute Lee Jihye wants to die. 
“Wow.  You’re bossy, too,” Lee Jihye says, instead of laughing hysterically like she kind of wants to do.  
Sure, Lee Jihye knows he could totally do it — the fact that he’d been able to take out all those weird rat monsters with his oversized sword while she’d only made a dent makes that very clear — but despite the fact that she knows that he is ridiculously overpowered for a ten-year-old, this is so surreal that she can’t take it seriously at all.
“Alright, young master,” Lee Jihye says, dropping him unceremoniously.  “Let's hear you out.”
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ghosteddy · 9 months ago
Ch 46
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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spacegays001 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
when the bad guy was made too sexy
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redevenir · 11 months ago
"lover of mine" for the fic title ❤️
Sorry it took me some time but eventually I found where I wanted to go ! I kind of cut it short because I felt like I could really go on with it for, like a long time, and I have already other longer pieces on the stove. But it was a sweet title, and a nice exercice for me, like, I feel I need to learn to write cute moment so that’s what I tried to do here.
lover of mine
You plant your nails in the fragile skin of your cheekbone.
When did you become so cautious around him ? When did you first get the idea that maybe he didn’t want you to be this close to him ? When did it start, the tingling in your cheek when the both of you sat together at the cafeteria? You let out a groan of exasperation and shut your book with a most unnecessary vigour. Just call him, you think. Just call him, vomit your love, and get your essay done. You briskly take your phone, looking for Jihoon’s contact. You saved him like that. Jihoon. Your last conversation is from months ago, when he was looking for the right lecture hall – little did he know he had also forgotten the right hour of the class. Since you see him almost every day, it seemed a bit useless to text him – if you want to tell him something you just have to wait the next day. It’s also a protection of some sort, you like to believe. If you keep yourself from talking to him until the late hours in your bed, maybe you will avoid this typhoon of feelings – it doesn’t work like that, and you think about him very often anyway.
Your turn off your phone again. It is too much. It is too much. It is too much. You put it under your pillow as if it would make it disappear and try to go back to your paper on indo-european languages. After what feels like second you hear it vibrate. You unconsciously take it back before you know it, until your eyes land on Jihoon’s name.
Hey. I feel like there’s something weird these days. Did I upset you?
This is it. This is your chance. You bite your upper lip. It must have taken him some gut to send it. You have to answer.
You have to.
A new one comes in.
I finish in 30 minutes. Do you want to talk ? You type as fast as you can. This is your shot. This is your time.
Jihoon gasps so loud even his professor notices and asks if he’s all right. He shooes Mingyu with a bump of the right elbow to keep his friend from looking at his phone. He can already feel his hands getting clammy. Oh, god, what do I do now?
Yes, I’m sorry, I’m madly in love with you. Please don’t disturb me I have a really hard essay due in two days. See you later. 
Send me a made-up fic title and I’ll tell you what I would write to go with it !
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