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#*purely lol

ok lads, i made a LiveLikeHeroes archive playlist. its mainly for myself, but in case anyone wants it:

if you know of any videos i’m missing, pls send links!

UPDATE: LiveLikeHeroes was able to recover their account, and as a result the linked playlist and all the videos on it are privated. please go send them some love in their comments section!

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Cute boys who compliment your hunting records + butch female blacksmiths who have a “I sleep better if the mattress is hard” line: check 👀👌 

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I’m guessing you mean Dionysius!! Here he is with his wife Ariadne! A goddess of mazes and traps in my oc world. Dionysius and Ariadne have a similar track record with family and friends while they were mortal and relate to each other well. And mazes have their own powers to induce madness so there’s a connection.

Dionysius was born from a foreign princess who was engaged to a high official in Greece! If you know the classic tale things didn’t end well for her. Dionysius was never born a god but achieved his status after recovering mysteriously from Heras curse when he was found out as a creation of Zeus. While he was given a seat amongst the Olympian’s he prefers the mortal relm and actively refuses to show up sober to the heavens when he is called.

How he became a god is unknown to many gods and mortals. Many thinking his father Zeus felt mercy for his son and gave him immortality to cure the curse. That is not the case. Dionysius accidentally came upon an old dead deity and fused him self with said deity in order to break the curse. The deity shows in his power of madness, fueled by the anger of the murdered god and the curse of Hera that’s still over him. So really his curse was never cured.

He’s trans also cause I said so.

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thats true, but the world rules/weird physics/crazy vibes in general of hunter x hunter kind of makes it feel less ridiculous (theres a girl who fights with a vacuum cleaner and the show presents her 100% seriously). plus the hxh fights are a lot slower-paced and reliant on suspense, which works with gon’s fishing pole because then the main conflict becomes “can gon simply swipe this one thing from someone with his fishing rod.” the rwby fights are super quick with a lot of actions going on, so it’s a little funny when clover is just throwing out his fishing line in the middle of a fight haha (like the one against the geist in the dust mine). to be fair though oobleck fights with a coffee cup though so. rwby’s been having abnormal weapons

i feel like i should add that i think clover was actually a pretty badass character, and the way he used the rod itself as a sort of staff made the weapon more versatile. it ended up working really well in the clover/qrow/tyrian/robyn fights. i only wish we had gotten to see more of his fighting style tbh, especially BECAUSE his weapon was unique

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Hhhh waiting for a client to respond after you finish a commission is the w o r s t. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you hate me? PLEASE SAY SOMETHING SO I CAN STOP SPIRALING

Like I know they’re probably just busy at work or asleep or composing their thoughts c’: Heaven knows I’ve taken a day or two before to find the time/energy to gush my appreciation at the artist properly. But that doesn’t make me any less anxious aaaaaa I won’t feel off the hook until they reply

To make it worse we’re both in a discord server together and I’ve seen them toss a quick message or two in there earlier so I feel like I can’t chat or post anything even unrelated in there until they reply to my dms bc I don’t wanna like, be awkwardly skirting around it or seem like I’m pressuring/stalking them or something RIP

I know it wouldn’t be taken that way and tbh they probs wouldn’t even notice but s t i l l

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hi darling!! i actually get it in local shops bc right now i can’t order anything online, so it’s not a big help, im sorry :/

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*about to post naruto related selfie to the gram* wait is this cringe

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Ohohohoho interesting question~

Hmmm I don’t have a lot tbh. The biggest one is probably Karma x Terasaka. I would die for them to be dumbass boyfriends in love. I don’t post of them unless someone requests it tho, since I know it’s not a very popular ship. And it sounds like a crackship right from the get-go lol.

Oh god…nevermind. My biggest guilty pleasure is definitely Okajima x Hayami 😂😭 without a doubt. I actually will apologize if I post about them lmao. Listen it was meant to be a crackship but I take it kinda seriously now haha. All it took was one 1k long fic to change my mind 🤧 Also their dynamic is just generally so entertaining and reminds me of MerHawk

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Mini Fanfic #690: Little Miss Rabbit’s Approval (Sonic X Crash Bandicoot)

1:24 p.m. at the Rabbits and Chaotix’s Household…….

Tails: (Standing in Front of Cream’s Room Door with Coco and Amy Beside Him) I wonder what’s taking Cream so long to set up her Tea Party……

Amy: (Does a Proper British Accent) The preparations of any Tea Parties must be set up with Elegance, Grace, and above all else, Love. (Giggles A Little While Talking Normally Again) …..Or at least that’s what Cream always tell me.

Coco: So this Cream girl….. What’s she like?

Amy: Only the most precious little angel you ever lay your eyes upon!~ You would’ve loved her already…..If a CERTAIN LITTLE FOX would’ve told her about you beforehand!! (Turns to Tails with a Pouty Look on her Face)

Tails: (Place his Hands Up in a Bit of Defense) H-Hey! I’m sorry about that, alright? I just…(Starts Rubbing the Back of His Head Back and Forth Nervously) Kinda forgot about doing so at the time, you know?

Amy: No excuses, young man! Cream is our precious little sister and it is crucial for her to know about these things!

Tails: (‘Sigh’) I know. I know.

Coco: (Giggles Softly at the Duo’s Quarrels) So she’s pratically the cute little sister of the group?

Tails: ('Sigh’) Pretty much. (Smiles Softly at Coco) But Amy’s right though. Cream is the most precious little bunny in the world. I’m sure she’ll love you in a matter of seconds.

Coco: I hope so to be honest. I kinda wanna make a good impression on her already.

Tails: Don’t worry. Your first impression is gonna be amazing. Just keep being who you are and you’ll be just fine.

Coco: (Stares at Tails for a Brief Second Before Smiling Brightly and Confidently at him While Nodding) Right. Thanks, buddy.

'Door Opens’

Charmy: (Walks Out of Cream’s Room With Cheese While Wearing Sun Glasses, and Turning to Coco) Are you Coco Bandicoot?

Cheese: (Turns to Coco While Lowering his Shades a Little) Chao Chao?

Coco: Uhhhh….Yeah. That’s…me alright. Why ask?

Charmy: (Presents Coco to Cream’s Opened Room Door) Ms. Rabbit would like to see you now.

Cheese: (Simply Nodded) Chao Chao Chao.

Coco: Oh. Uh… sure. Don’t mind if I…(Slowly Walk into Cream’s Room) Make myself in.

Tails and Amy follows behind Coco until Charmy and Cheese quickly went in front of them and stop the duo ij their tracks.

Charmy: And where do you think you two are going?

Amy: Uhhh…. We’re going inside the room? For the Tea Party, remember?

Charmy: Yeah. Sorry. (Crosses his Arms) But I’m afraid we can’t let you do that. You guys are staying here until further notice.

Cheese: (Crosses his Arms As Well) Chao Chao.

Tails: ('Sigh’) Charmy, let us pass already.

Charmy: Did you not just hear us? We said you’re staying here.

Amy: (Place her Hands on Both of her Hips) Charmy, you and Cheese let us in or I’m gonna tell Vector and Vanilla that you two have been misbehaving while they’re gone.

Charmy: (Gasps Before Glaring at the Pink Hedgehog) You wouldn’t…..

Amy: (Takes Her Phone Out of her Skirt Pocket While Having a Smirk on her Face) Watch me. (Slowly Begins to Tap on the Screen)

Charmy: ('Sighs in Utter Defeat’) Fiiiiiiiiiine. (Step Away from the Entrance of Cream’s Room on his Side) You guys may enter….

Cheese: (Floats Away from the Entrance of Cream’s Room on his Side) Chao Chao…..

Amy: (Happily Walks into Cream’s Room While Patting Charmy and Cheese’s Head Along the Way) Thank you, boys~

Tails: (Follows Behind Amy While Giving the Boys a Shrug Along the Way)

Charmy: (Turns to Cheese) We really need a raise from this whole guarding business, Cheese.

Cheese: (Nodded in Agreement) Chao Chao.

Couple of Seconds Earlier……

Cream: (Sitting on Her Tea Party Table While Wearing One of Vanilla’s Fancy Church Hat’s) Ah. Ms. Coco Bandicoot, I presume. (Takes a Pretend Sip on her Empty Teacup While Looking at the Bandicoot) Care to have a seat?

Coco: (Oh my gosh. She really is adorable!~) (Comes Back to Reality While Clearing her Throat a Little) Yeah. Um… Don’t mind if I do…(Slowly and Steadily Takes a Sit on the Kids Size Chair While Also Taking a Bit of a Deep Breath) Soooo….You must be Cream, huh? (Smiles Brightly (And a Bit Nervously)) It’s nice to finally meet you in person.

Cream: Likewise. Granted, it would’ve been to meet each other sooner, if a CERTAIN BIG FAT DUMMY HEAD TOLD ME ABOUT YOU BEFOREHAND!!! (Angrily (And Adorable) Pouts at Tails Whole has Just Stepped into her Room with Amy)

Tails: (Sighs While Feeling a Tad Bit Guilty) Cream, I’m sor-

Cream: (Starts Wiggling her Finger at Tails) Nonono. We are going to have a long talk about this later, mister.

Tails begins to pout a little himself while Amy place a hand on his shoulder with a bit of a sheepishly smile on her face.

Cream: Right now….(Turns to Coco) I want to speak to your newfound friend some more.

Coco: Sweet. So uh….What you wanna talk about first?

Cream: Well, for starters, I would like to how you and Tails first ever met.

Coco: Oh. Well, it was a couple of months ago. We met at this really cool Technology Store at the Smash District Mall. (Smiles Brightly) We’ve been best buds ever since.

Cream: I see…..(Have a Bit of a Suspicious Look in her Eyes While Slowly Taking a Pretend Sip of her Teacup Before Putting Back Down on the Table) So….Since you two have been friends for that period of time, it means you love him very much, correct?

Coco: (Smiles Brightly) Well, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be? I love him a lot!

Tails: (Immediately Starts Blushing to Coco’s Words)

Cream: Really? So much so that you’ll do ANYTHING for him?

Coco: (Giggles Softly) Definitely, if I needed the help. And trust me, he would do the same for me too. We got each other’s back after all.

Coco: Oh… Really? I-If absolutely so, then….then….t-then…..(Suddenly Begins to Groans Heavily) I can’t take this polite posture anymore!!! (Pouts at Coco) I’m sorry, Ms. Coco, but I’m afraid I do not approve of your friendship with Tails right now!

Coco: (Eyes Widened in Genuine Surprise) Wait what?

Tails/Amy: (Eyes Widened in Complete Shock) What!?

Tails: Cream, why not?

Cream: I don’t know. It’s just….('Sigh’) What if she starts being mean to you o-or disrespectful one of these days?

Amy: Cream, sweetheart, I promise you that wouldn’t happen.

Coco: (Frowns a bit Sadly at Cream) Yeah. I would never do that to him.

Cream: I know, but….I-I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious about all of this!

Coco: Cream, are you are really worried about your big brother’s well-being?

Cream: ('Sighs in a bit of Defeat’) Yes. I am. I mean, why would I be? Tails is the most precious fox I’ve ever met.

Tails: (Starts Blushing Again) Hey! I-I not that precious…

Amy: (Lovingly Hugs Tails) Yes, you are!~ You’re the most precious fox in the whole wide world~ (Gives the Two Tailed Fox a Kiss on the Cheek)

Charmy: (Turns to Tails from Outside of Cream’s Door) Yeah. I’m younger than you and I believe that’s the case.

Cheese: (Turns to Tails as Well While Simply Nodded) Chao Chao Chao.

Tails: (Starts Rolling his Eyes While Blushing Some More) Not. Helping, you guys…..

Cream: He means so much to me and I want to make sure he’s happy and in good hands. (Looks Away From Coco a Bit Shyly) I know it might be overprotective of me to say all these things, but that’s exactly how I feel in the moment.

Coco: (Stares at Cream for a Few Seconds Before Slowly Smiling a bit Softly) Hey. Cream?

Cream: (Slowly Turns Back to Coco) Yes?

Coco: I know we just met and everything, but can I fill you in on something?

Cream: (Thought About the Request for a Brief Second Before Nodding) I suppose so. What is it?

Coco: You see, to tell you truth, Tails is…. literally the first friend I’ve ever made.

Cream: ('Gasps’) Really?

Coco: (Simply Nodded) Yep. I live in an island with my big brother, his girlfriend, and a talking, magical mask name Aku Aku. I’ve been close to all them for so long that I’ve never really had the chance to make any friends outside of that island. That is….Until I met Tails those couple of months ago. He’s the most sweetest, intelligent, compassionate fox I have the pleasure of even meeting. And like I said before, I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, that I would never EVER do anything to hurt or betray him like that because he means so much to me and I really love him a lot.

Tails: (Almost at a Loss of Words) Coco….

Coco: And you’re right….(Turns to Tails) Tails is a precious little cinnamon bun~ Probably the biggest one there is~ (Winks at her Best Friend)

Tails: (Immediately Starts Blushing Yet Again) Y-You too, Coco!?

Coco: (Playfully Shrugs at Tails) Whaaaaat?~ It’s the truth, isn’t it?

Amy: (Simply Nodded While Still Hugging Tails) It is!~ Very much so in fact~

Tails: (Glares at Amy) Amy!

Cream: (Giggles Softly at the Whole Scene) Okay. Okay. (Gets Up from her Seat and Make her Way to Coco) I think I’ve finally starting to understand now.

Coco: (Quickly Turns Back to Cream) Really? So….does that mean-

Cream: (Happily Nodded) Yes. Starting today, I hereby approve of your friendship together. (Gives Coco a Somewhat Loving Hug) Please take extra good care of my big brother Tails for me~

Coco: (Giggles Lightly) Don’t worry, kiddo. (Hugs Cream Back) He’s already in good hands.

Cream: Thank you. It makes me so happy to hear you say that.

Tails/Amy: (Already Starts Gushing Over How Adorable Cream and Coco’s Hugging Together Are) Awwwwwww~

Cream: (Turns to Tails and Pouts at Him) But I’m still mad at you for not telling me about her sooner, Tails!

Tails: (Sighs While Rolling his Eyes) I’m sorry, Cream, alright? It never came into mind to do all of that up until now.

Cream: No excuses! I’m suppose to the little sister of our lovely group of friends! So it should be very crucial to tell me these kinds of things.

Amy: (Whispers into Tails’ Ear) Told you so….

Tails: (Sighs Once More) Look, I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you. I promise.

Cream: (Slowly Raised an Elbow) Anything?~

Tails: Yeah. Anything you want. Just…. don’t ask for anything too extreme, okay?

Cream: If that’s so, then can we all watch a movie together in the living room?

Tails: Yeah. Sure. We can do that no problem.

Cream: Can we watch a princess related movie?

Tails: Any of them you wanna watch is good enough for all of us.

Cream: With love and cuddles along the way?~

Tails: (Chuckles Lightly at How Adorable Cream is Being Right Now) Yes. With love and cuddles all around.

Charmy: Ooh! Can we drive your airplane after that!? Do a loopie loop five or ten times?

Cheese: (Smiles Excitedly) Chao Chao?

Tails: (Eyes Widened in Fear) Okay! Let’s not get crazy here!!







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To the perfect woman,

I don’t have the words to express how much you mean and have done for me since I met you. You mean the world to me and I will never forget it. I hope I get to spent many more Valentine’s with you and can’t wait to wake up next to you. I got you a little something, I know it’s not much but it’s Valentine’s Day! :)

Love, Gina xo

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The true way of knowing you’re over an ex is when you forget their Tumblr URL.

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(I'mma use this one to talk about Movie!SonicBoom! ;0)

In the Movie universe, Movie!Lyric isn’t a ninja, but she doesn’t eventually become friends with the group at school after becoming fed up with how everyone was treating them.

You can bet Movie!Lloyd plays the “vigilant watches over the girl he likes” card often. Lyric found out he was the Green Ninja though cause she recognized his voice after Lloyd saved her from being mugged while walking home from her friend’s house one night.

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Some anti-trans person: I’m fine with ftm trans men but mtfs??? mhhh no thanks, those are gross actually

People: Hey that’s really transphobic of you to say you know

Anti-trans person: LOL you’re a misogynist for saying that to me!!!! I’m not transphobic obviously!!!! I just don’t like trans people LOL

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@amourise​ || Send 🎡 for a starter where our muses to go on a Ferris Wheel together || Accepting

It had been quite a while since he had last set foot on an amusement park, a very long time. He had only ever been ton one as a kid, so coming back to one much older was different. But it could still be fun regardless. So when they heard about one being in town they decided to go and check it out. It had been a little bit since he and Catherine went on a proper date after all.

The two of them went on several of the thrilling rides having a playful competition of who could endure the adrenaline rush from the rides longer, it really was fun. A good way to kick off the weekend for sure. After a few hours, the excitement of the bigger rides were just starting to get dull, so the couple decided to enjoy the Giant Ferris Wheel. Because it was the evening, the lines at the more exciting rides were longer as opposed to the relaxing ones. So Vergil and Catherine were able to get on the next cycle first. Stepping through the ride entrance gate, Vergil sat down and Cather sat close next to him, reaching around, Vergil put his arm around Catherine and they were locked in and up they went. The couple would be met with a beautifully stunning sight – the bright glow of the moonlight reflecting off the waters projecting an amazing image of the clear night sky.

The sight was one to truly behold, he took in the sight with her, Catherine leaning comfortably against him as they basked in the view together.


[{ 🗡️ }] - “It’s been a very long time since I’ve been on one of these…

[{ 🗡️ }] - “Isn’t it such a lovely sight? Why, It’s almost as lovely as you.

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