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1025cherrystreet · a day ago
i love you so much more, trouble
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something quick and messy since i was excited abt Blondie dropping red (tv) :p im a major swiftie. this is rlly short and late lol ik red was released like almost a month ago now. but i rlly just write for my own pleasure at this point. :) hope ya like it? if not, soz.
warnings: none? fluff. my love for taylor swift does jump thru heavily tho not sorry >:).
in which switfie!y/n is excited for Red (Taylor's Version) and harry should've known he'd be dating two for the price of one when he met y/n.
"They say all's well that ends well, but I'm in a new Hell Every time you double-cross my mind You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine!"
Y/N screams the lyrics at the top of her lungs, her voice echoing off the walls of their living room.
Y/N loves Taylor Swift. Always has, always will. She remembers Taylor in every core memory of her life; from her debut album being one of the only things downloaded on her iPod Nano (sans a couple of songs from Nickelback, Eminem, 3 Doors Down, and that one song by Hot Chelle Rae), to drowning in her first break up with the help of Dear John. She had instinctively played 22 over and over and over for the entirety of her 22nd birthday. Taylor was there in Y/N's fondest memories, painted in beautiful shades of red when her high school girlfriend learned Holy Ground on the guitar for her. And after, when said girlfriend dumped her and Y/N laid in bed listening to I Almost Do for a week straight.
Taylor has always been there for Y/N. In every breakup, every first date, every fight, every memory and moment... Y/N never felt alone because she knew she had Taylor Swift. Someone to put her deepest feelings into words and explain every emotion possible through gorgeous melodies.
So when Blondie had posted about the release of her re-recorded music, Y/N started counting down the days. She was so excited (and devastated) to listen to one of her favorite artists' music for the first time all over again. Being able to relive the time in her life when she first heard the addicting songs, when she was younger and knew less about the impending future. Before she knew that one day in August, she would run into the love of her life at the studio (a place she never frequented and was only there on the accompaniment of her best friend who worked there, her friend needing to "swing by the studio for something quick before we go to the movies"). Before she knew that the love of her life would be a world famous, tall, British man that sold out stadiums and had the voice of an angel, who loved her cat socks and red painted nails. Who never refrained from calling her the nickname he had given her after always seeing her so shy. The name 'Skittish' becoming something she loved to hear despite her countless empty pleas to stop to the gorgeous man. And who didn't complain when she had developed her own special name for him, 'Trouble', after finding out that she was a swiftie.
For once, she was able to understand the true love that her favorite artist always sang about. Not even bothered by the fact that her boyfriend had once dated Taylor. In fact, after Y/N and Harry's first date, with the call of a goodbye and her front door closing, she had giddily ran around her apartment, listening to Style and Gorgeous playing from her phone. Taylor was there for their first date, their first kiss, and even the day Y/N moved in with Harry.
Since the alarm had sounded from her phone at the drop of midnight, Y/N had been blasting Red (Taylor's Version) from her speakers and screaming (and crying) along to the familiar lyrics. Gasping and replaying the new tracks on the album when she eventually got to them. After only the second time fully running through the entire record, Y/N had already been singing every lyric to every new song and shouting a passionate "Fuck Jake Gyllenhall!" in the short silences between the tracks.
"And that made me want to die!" Y/N shouted so loud, she would've been nervous about getting several noise complaints if she hadn't recently moved into Harry's place. Clad in her fuzzy cat socks and her warm, oversized cardigan, she stood dancing like a mad woman on the kitchen countertop—singing into the TV remote in true "I'm home alone and I'm throwing my own dance party" fashion.
Harry had told his love that morning before he left that he would be stuck in meetings all day and probably wouldn't be home until late. Y/N pouted a little, always missing him loads when he left, but she understood that his job was very important to him, which made it important to her, and that his new line of beauty products for Pleasing would have him away from home a lot more than she preferred.
So it was no surprise that amidst the blasting music and dancing around with a glass of wine in her hand, she didn't hear Harry come through the door.
Harry stands quietly in the foyer, trying so desperately to keep his amused chuckles to himself as to not disturb the little show she's putting on. The smirk that keeps growing bigger on his lips almost makes his cheeks hurt as he watches Y/N scream out lyrics from his ex.
If it was anyone else, their boyfriend would probably be upset or uncomfortable at their girlfriend singing along to their ex's music, especially if one of their favorites was rumored to be about him. But Harry couldn't be more flattered, he loves to see her so excited about an artist and despite his history, Harry actually listens to Taylor's music quite often. Significantly more now that the two are dating.
As Y/N, still unknowing of Harry's presence, sings out to the empty kitchen, Harry sneaks closer towards his adorable love belting her heart out.
He loves hearing her sing. Something about her voice always makes him feel a certain way. Y/N never really sings in front of him because she knows she's not a professional like him and she thinks it's embarrassing. Harry, on the other hand, cherishes the few moments he's been able to hear her sweet voice and so there was no question he got very excited when he walked into their home to hear her harmonizing with the melodies.
After she made her way off the counter top during Harry's quiet admiration, he sneaks up behind her and slinks his arms around her waist.
Frightened at the fact someone was home, Y/N turned around frantically in his arms with a gasp, "Ah!".
"You have such a lovely voice, Kitten." The familiar pet name slipping from his lips with a giddy smile.
"H, you scared me! I thought you weren't gonna be home 'til later." She pouts, trying to catch her breath.
"'M sorry, lovie. Meetings wrapped up sooner than I thought." He kisses her pout away to see her smile back at him. "And I'm glad they did because I quite enjoyed the little performance you put on."
An embarrassed blush flushes her face, "Stop, H." She whines out, looking down at her hands playing with his button up blouse.
"Oh, don't get shy now. You were playing MSG just then." He teases, his hands lovingly squeezing at her sides.
"Actually, I was playing to Rose Garden." She playfully quips back with a Taylor reference.
Harry playfully shakes his head at Y/N's antics, leaning in to plant a kiss on her lips. Her soft ones fitting between his, Y/N hums in content into his mouth, the two taking in the sweet moment they have in quiet. They never really have the time to be like this—so loving and touchy in an intimate, quiet moment—since Harry started working in the studio more and going to meetings, and Y/N working on her portfolio for the new graphic design firm she's applying for.
Harry pouts when Y/N pulls away from the intimate kiss to sing out the next part of the song coming up, "It's supposed to be fun, turning twenty-one."
Harry drinks up her giddy smile, twirling her around under their conjoined hands and joining in with her to scream the next verse, "Time won't fly, it's like I'm paralyzed by it. I'd like to be my own self again, but I'm still trying to find it!"
The couple dances around the kitchen like it's a dance floor, singing out the sad lyrics with passion as they jump around with contradicting, giddy grins on their faces. As the song comes to a slow end, Harry pulls Y/N closer into his arms.
"I love you so much, Skittish." Harry gushes, her special nickname falling from his lips.
"I love you so much more, Trouble." Y/N smiles with his own pet name.
"Impossible." He whispered before kissing her soft lips once more.
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thenotefromthelocket · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i drive down different roads but they all lead back to you (x)
z's 1.3k follower celebrations requested by @explorerswiftie
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seegoldendaylight · a day ago
I know you’ve got a million requests rn but I wanna add one - could you make icons from the I bet u think about me mv where she’s 🖕🖕🖕 tysm 😆
sure, here you go! 
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six icons, 150x150
please like and reblog if using or saving
please do not re-edit, repost, or claim as your own
please message me if you would like different color icons
all icons under the cut
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Tumblr media
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swiftthought · 2 days ago
POV: Taylor after releasing a highly intellectual album
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lanalovestay · 22 days ago
the queasy feeling when dylan and sadie start to kiss.... the growing panic when you realize they’re fully making out... that’s exactly how people should have reacted to seeing jake and taylor. people either ignored this gut feeling or completely didn’t have it, and that’s a problem. how blatantly the film cuts to the chase and doesnt beat around the bush isn’t just a perfect demonstration of how taylor is committed to allowing herself to fully present and process what she really went through, but of how committed she is to using her art to prevent other young women and vulnerable people from finding themselves in similar situations, whether it’s from their own heightened awareness or the awareness of people around them who can step in if need be
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dirtyhandsbrekkers · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
all too well (ten minute version) (taylor’s version)
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pharmaswift · 23 days ago
get in loser, we’re driving a new maserati down a dead end street
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folklres · 23 days ago
i’ve seen a few people make fun of the “and you were tossing me the car keys, ‘fuck the patriarchy’ keychain on the ground” lyric, but i actually think its a really interesting and deep lyric, and it comments a lot on the persona of taylor’s partner in this song. he puts up this pretence as the feminist guy who respects women, but we learn from the rest of all too well, and other songs on the album, that he has manipulative and disrespectful tendencies towards women: he dehumanises taylor into some trophy to reflect better onto him (all too well, ten minute version), ignores her needs and emotions and makes her feel ‘needy’ (all too well, ten minute version), the likelihood is that he also cheated on her (babe), and he lied to her as well (the moment i knew, all too well, ten minute version), not to mention the whole thing with younger women (“i’ll get older but your lovers stay my age”, all too well, ten minute version). the keychain being on the ground is pretty significant too — he dropped his façade and revealed who he truly was to taylor, and it led to the destruction of their relationship. idk i think its a pretty loaded lyric, actually.
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swiftiediaz · 23 days ago
"how can a person know everything at 18 but nothing at 22?" hits too close to home. brb i'm gonna go cry in the refrigerator light.
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sincenewyorks · 22 days ago
the way taylor swift managed to capture what it’s like being gaslight in a relationship and how easy it is to accept a fake apology because deep down you feel like perhaps they’re right and you overreacted
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mrperfectlyfine1989 · 2 days ago
So, we had this mcq test yesterday and there was a question I didn't know the answer to but one of the options was 13, so I circled it and guess what? IT TURNED OUT TO BE CORRECT!
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swiftthought · 7 hours ago
If you have to make someone fall in love with Taylor which 5 songs would you make them listen to ??
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