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hiii i just finished tsitp series and I absolutely loved it. So I was wondering of you could do a conrad fisher x fem!reader where he tries to get her up like in this tiktok video.
I’m not sure if this makes sense but i really hope it does thank you if you do it tho!! <3
Summer mornings
Tumblr media
Pairing: ConradxReader   Summary: Early mornings with Conrad Word count: 540 words.  Warnings: Grammar mistakes A/N: I really liked writing this one 💗 I’m a sucker for fluff. Hope you all like it 
Conrad has always been a morning person. He loved going for a run on the beach first thing in the morning, surfing, cleaning a bit, showering and cooking breakfast for you and him. This summer that had been hard to achieve because of you. 
You were the complete opposite, a night owl. You were more productive at night. Closing clubs, late dinners, movie marathons, afternoon workouts, you name it. Waking up early was not a choice during summer. 
Yet certain boy whose room you snuck up to almost every night tried his best to drag you with him to his early activities, but it didn’t always work out, like today. 
“Hey” He whispered leveling his face to your sleeping face “Hey Y/N” you buried your face on the pillow underneath your head and that had Conrad smiling. “G’morning” he sang on a teasing voice. 
You knew what was about to come so you just readjusted yourself to have an arm over his stomach and head between his shoulder and neck. He chuckled but accompanied your movements and laid an arm over your back and a hand on your ribs caressing them with his thumb in an up and down motion. 
“Good morning, Y/N” he repeated To which you just grunted. He chuckled. “Wanna go catch some waves?” 
“Uh uh” you muttered. 
“It’s 9am., let’s go do something” he spoke against your hair. 
“No Connie, go back to sleep” you said in a sleepy voice that made his heart flutter. 
“And lose the whole morning?” 
To which he just got a “uh huh”
A few seconds went by before he thought of something to say “Did you know that waking up early supposedly helps you be successful in your career?” He tried
“Good thing you are going to maintain me.” God, you barely said a few words and his stomach was doing turns at the thought of a future together. What had you done to him? He wasn’t like this before meeting you. 
“Come on, Y/N. Let’s get up” You didn’t bulge “We’ll cook some breakfast” Still nothing. He needed to think of something that really would get you out of bed “We can go get some of the good muffins..” he tried 
“Connie please, just- Shush..” your hand moved from his stomach to his mouth and just laid there. He chuckled one again 
He kissed her hand several times until it slipped from where it was “Please. If you get up right now we’ll do anything you want to do” you thought about it for a small amount of time and said
“Will you go to the deb ball with me?”
“Hm.. except that” he immediately replied making you both laugh. A minute went by and your breathing slowed down. “Baby c’mon” he insisted. 
“Can we stay like this for 10 more minutes?” You asked in a quiet voice that once again melted his heart. He’d do anything you told him to. 
“Let’s make that 15. How about that?” He softly said. As he felt your smile against his neck he did too. His lips rested on top of your head and as you were falling back to sleep he thought of how lucky he got. 
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For your celebration Hangman x Reader while Rooster watches. Rooster cleans up everything Hangman gives the reader.
watching l jake "hangman" seresin x reader (jackal, j) x bradley "rooster" bradshaw
word count: 1008
warning: 18+ only. smut smut smut. unprotected piv sex. implications of oral (f receiving). implications of pia sex.
note: thank you so much, anon, for this request! i decided to put this in the same universe as "liar" because i loved the dynamic between those three. i hope you don't mind. i also am using this to answer another request, as that one wasn't too specific other than hangman x reader x rooster. anyway, thank you to @a-reader-and-a-writer for reading this over for me!
lore's follower celebration - requests are open!
Tumblr media
“I want you to know, Bradshaw,” Jake grins as he slowly pushes into you causing you to both moan, “that you did this to yourself.” 
“Fuck you, Seresin,” Bradley spits from his seat at the side of the room. He has the perfect view of the scene. You’re laid bare in the middle of your large shared bed and Hangman has your knees bent, practically pressed against your chest. 
Jake clicks his tongue and shakes his head. “You’d think he’d learn his lesson, huh, baby? He’s been talking about fucking you all day and then he goes and runs his mouth… now he’s gotta watch as I stretch this tight, perfect cunt while he has to sit and watch.” Slowly he pulls back, letting Rooster see every inch before he snaps harshly back in causing you to cry out and arch off of the bed.
“Don’t you fucking hurt her,” Rooster snaps. His hands grip the chair tight enough for his knuckles to go white. 
“I would never hurt our beautiful, sweet angel,” Hangman coos, winking down at you as he repeats the same movement. He’s eating up any sound you give him, especially when he knows he’s hitting all the right spots. “She’s just letting you know what you’re missing out on, isn’t that right?” 
Weakly, you nod and squeeze around the cock pushing back inside of you, causing Hangman’s breath to hitch and his eyes to snap closed. You grin and turn to see Rooster staring at where you and Jake are connected, his jaw slack and his cock hard. When he realizes you’re looking at him, he meets your lust-blown gaze and frowns. “What’s wrong, baby?” You ask through broken moans as Jake starts at a steady, but brutal pace.
He scowls harder at your question and grinds his teeth. “You know exactly what’s wrong.”
“Sad that you can’t join us?” Jake grunts around a full toothed smile. Rooster tears his eyes away to glare at the blond. “Shouldn’t have flirted with that pretty little brunette back at the bar.”
“I wasn’t flirting,” Rooster snaps, jumping forward on the chair.
Hangman scoffs and releases your legs so they can wrap around his waist. He falls over you then, holding himself up on his forearms. You turn to look up at him, reaching up to run your fingers through his sweat-dampened hair. A hum ripples through him as he leans down to smash his lips with yours, licking into your mouth like it held all of the secrets in the world and he was meant to find them.
Rooster whines from his chair, effectively breaking your kiss with Hangman. “C’mon, guys, I wasn’t flirting, I promise.”
“No?” You snort. “Telling her all those corny jokes?”
“I do that with you, too,” Rooster says in his defense. “That doesn’t mean I was-”
“Letting her touch all over you - your arms, your chest, all in your hair,” you continue on as if he didn’t say anything. Your fingers scrape along Hangman’s scalp and he rolls his hips, pushing deeper within you and you both moan. “Letting her touch what’s ours,” you add venomously.
Bradley frowns at that, falling back into his chair and sighing. “I’m sorry,” he says quietly. “I wasn’t… I wasn’t thinking. I’m not used to-” his sorrowful gaze bounces between you and Jake. “You’re right. I’m sorry that I let it get that far. I’m sorry that I was denying it.” He runs his teeth over his bottom lip. “I’m sorry for everything.”
Jake stops at the admission and shares a quick look at you before they both of you turn to see Rooster’s somber expression. He means what he says and you can see the regret in his eyes. “We get it,” Hangman says, moving to sit up on his knees, though he’s still buried deep inside of you. “And we don’t want to pressure you into anything. If you just want fun we can -”
“No,” Rooster quickly interrupts. “I want this,” he insists. “I want you - both of you. Since that night at the bar, all I could think about is how happy the two of you looked and how much I wanted that with you.” He scrubs a hand over his face and sighs. “But I keep fucking up.”
You shake your head and prop yourself up on your elbows. “This takes some getting used to, Bradley, we know. Fuck, we’re still getting used to it, too. But it doesn’t mean we won’t get jealous.” 
“And Jackal gets so jealous,” Hangman adds. 
“You’re, like, the most jealous and selfish bastard I know, Jake,” you frown, falling back onto the mattress so you can shove at the blond’s chest. “Any time I looked at Rooster you’d take me into any dark room and fuck me stupid.”
Rooster’s breath hitches when he hears that and his skin flushes darker. “That turn you on, Bradshaw?” Hangman chuckles, resuming the slow, deep rolls of his hips into you. “Jackal thought about you a lot.” He punctuates that with a particularly hard thrust which gets a whimper out of you. “But so did I. I thought about you fucking her while I watched. I thought about you eating this fucking delicious pussy while I fucked you.”
From his chair, Rooster groans and wraps his hand around his cock, pumping it twice before Hangman snaps at him to stop. “C’mon, man, I’m dying here…”
“You’ll get yours soon enough,” Jake grins. “But first, I’m gonna fill Jackal up until she’s dripping onto the sheets.” His hips start their brutal, pounding pace once more, the sound of skin slapping against skin nearly drowns out the wet squelch of your cunt as he pushes and pulls out of it. “And then, you’re going to clean every bit of it out,” he continues, a devilish smirk on his face, “with your tongue.” Twin groans ring out, one from you, one from Rooster. “Now, be a good boy and sit there while I finish,” Jake ends with a wink.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Alien meets Guy Thats Really Weird And Looks Like A Human They Know
@erexart​ 👀
Also bonus because Allu thinking that Dark is actually engineer mark thats going through his emo phase is so fucking funny for me for some reason
Tumblr media
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Where you are
Where you are.
Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
Summary: After the Sokovia Accords go downhill, your girlfriend has to go on the run, leaving you behind and clueless.
Warnings: just angst ig??
Word count: 1.6k
A/N: @marvelwomenslut wanted some fluff, so it was only the right thing to do to write fluff with a hefty side of angst<3 also, sorry for not posting in ages, college stole all my attention, but I’m hoping to write more now that I've got more free time!! (p.s. briefly proofread)
Taglist and requests are open:)
Tumblr media
It was a nice day to be at the Avengers compound today, it was raining heavily, but it was calming to hear the murmur of raindrops hitting the window in the background. You woke up this morning, if you could call it waking up, unsure of what term to use after a sleepless night, and immediately went to the compound gym to train.
You needed the distraction, and there was no better distraction than a punching bag. Or a dozen.
Everything had gone completely downhill since the fight over the Sokovia Accords. Rogers was off the grid, half of his team were imprisoned in the middle of nowhere, Tony shut himself off, basically, the team had fallen apart.
Your family, had fallen apart.
You could cope with it at first, harbouring some hope that everyone would be able to get on the same side had reassured you, surely if you could all survive alien attacks and robot armies, then a contract should be a piece of cake to figure out. Or so you thought.
After recruiting a few extra members for your team, including some sort of insect boy that Tony had found, you went to fight Rogers and his team. It did hurt you, not so much physically, but you couldn’t help but feel your emotions get the better of you when you stopped to watch everyone throwing punches and shooting god knows what. It couldn’t hurt as much as what it did now though.
From the very beginning, you’d always been on the same side as your beloved girlfriend, the infamous black widow, Natasha Romanoff. When she was helping Rogers find the Winter Soldier and Fury faked his death, you were right there to support her. In every battle the Avengers fought, you never let her out of your sight. You knew that she could defend herself and hold her own, of course she could, but that never stopped you hesitating occasionally to worry about her safety.
It’s because of that, that you felt your feelings were valid when you heard that she had gone on the run and was nowhere to be found. She’d gone on the run before, but you’d either been close behind her, or at least knew about it. This was the first time that you found out from some news reporter on the television, and you had to say, it sucked.
There were attempts to contact her, you knew that texts and phone calls were a long shot given that she went into hiding, but when Nick Fury couldn’t give you any more information than what the public had, you didn’t know what to do. What else could you do? Travel the entire world to find her? She could be anywhere, especially with her wide range of international contact. No matter how you felt towards the situation, towards her, your top priority was that she’s safe.
So, to avoid your brain creating fake scenarios that would only drive you crazy, you threw yourself into your training. Some days you’d wake up and feel too ache-y to even drag yourself downstairs to the gym, so you’d just lounge in the common area that was all too quiet for your liking. The room that was once filled with Thor’s booming voice, Banner and Starks mumbles about some science you never understood but you never had to, you’d be too focused on the woman in front of you to even pay attention, it was all gone. The room was dim, everything was turned off, you swear that if you tried, you could hear your own heartbeat.
You walked over to the fridge, helping yourself to some juice that you bought a few days ago, and when you picked up the carton, you could’ve sworn it felt lighter than when you last held it. But that was impossible, you were the only one here and there was only one other person who had the guts to steal your favourite drink. You didn’t allow yourself to humour the thought. Just a lapse in judgement, nothing else. It can’t be anything else.
Turning to place the glass on the counter, you grabbed the remote that was nearby to turn the tv on, not only to fill the silence, but lighten the room a bit. You didn’t really pay much attention, you just left it on whatever channel it was on and went back to what you were doing.
“Now I thought it was polite to offer your guest a drink.” A voice spoke from the couch.
You couldn’t tell if you just froze or jumped out of your skin. Potentially a bit of both. You didn’t need to see the face to know who it was in the room with you. You could pick that voice out of a million others. You knew it was her, your eyes immediately watering kinda gave it away. Still, you slowly turned back around, a figure you recognised all too well was illuminated by the light from the tv screen, but you could’ve been wrong, because the woman you knew had long red hair that was your favourite to braid, but this woman had hair you could only describe as shoulder length and platinum blonde.
She smiled a little, her hand coming up to twirl the ends of her hair.
“I know, it’s a pretty big change, but I think I like it. What do you think?”
You scoffed a little at her question, crossing your arms and doing everything you can to stop any tears from falling.
“Yes Nat, I love the haircut, you look amazing. Forgive me for not offering a drink, I seem to only have enough for one seeing as I’m the only one here.” You know your guard is up, so does Natasha, but you’re struggling to let it be anything else.
It doesn’t appear to put her off as she takes a few steps closer, still keeping the counter between the both of you.
“Well, you know what they say, sharing is caring, right?”
“Yes, right, just like how you so kindly shared your whereabouts with me? By your logic, it would appear you don’t care as much as you used to.” It was a slightly harsh comment, you knew that deep down, but all of the feelings you’d tried to repress over the weeks were starting to surface beyond your control.
“You’re mad.” She stated
“That’s one word you could use.”
She simply nodded, considering what to say next that’d let her remain in one piece.
“I never meant to hurt you, sweetheart.”
“Hurt me?”
She nodded again.
“Is that what it’s called when everything goes to shit and you’ve been left alone with no idea of where the people you call family are? I knew half of Rogers' team had gone, I knew Tony had hidden himself away, not certain of where, but I knew they were as safe as they could be. Yet, the one person I care about most? nada. You were on the run. That’s it. That’s all I had. You could’ve been with Rogers, you could’ve been in space, God, you could’ve been dead! And I would’ve had no idea.”
“Y/N please, you have to understand-”
“No. No, I always understand. I’m always on your side, no matter what. You know I would’ve run with you. Did you not trust me? Is that it?”
“I trust you with my life. You know that.”
“I just- I don’t- God, I don’t know.” You ran your fingers through your hair in frustration, unsure of what to do. Were you being rational? It feels rational. You know she had to go, the Secretary of state had it out for her arrest. But did it need to be all or nothing?
Tears were falling steadily now, there was no use in trying to hide it. It was near impossible to hide anything from Natasha anyway. You didn’t know whether you wanted to cry, scream, fall into her arms, kiss and make up or offer her your juice so the conversation could be avoided altogether.
“My sweet girl, please. Please don’t cry.” She stepped forward again hesitantly, her hands slowly coming up to pull yours out of your hair, which you didn’t stop her from doing, honestly, you missed her touch more than what you had thought.
“I know it must’ve been difficult since the Accords, especially being alone. You have no idea how many times I picked up the phone to call, but they would’ve found me, or they would’ve involved you, and I wanted you as safe as you could be. Please believe me, I never wanted to put you through that.”
She was stroking your cheeks now, trying to stop the tears from coming, though they’re too fast despite her attempts. You sniffled, wiping your face as well, hoping it could help stop the crying.
“I really missed you.” You shrugged, but smiled for the first time in weeks. Trust Natasha to make that happen. “I was scared something happened to you.”
“Well I couldn’t let that happen when I’ve got my best girl waiting for me at home now could I?”
“Oh? Where is she?” You joked, mostly amused now.
It also seemed to amuse your girlfriend as she shook her head in disbelief with a smile. “You know exactly where she is.”
“And I know exactly where you are.” You wrapped your arms around her neck, pulling her so close to you that you weren’t sure there was going to be any breathing room left, but she didn’t seem to mind as you felt her hands on your back, holding you just as close.
“And you always will from now on.”
With that, you spent the rest of the day relaxing, putting the rest of the world on pause for a little while. For now, it was time for a catch up and making up for lost time.
@wandaromanova @eilarch @natashaswifey @lostandsearching @pottahishotasf @d14n4ol @xxromanoffxx @gimaximoff @marvelwomenslut​ @wandas-lunchbox​ 
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Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Pairing: Rooster x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, Drinking
Request: Yes! From the lovely @kk-18
Word Count: 4.2k
Synopsis: Hangman and Rooster both have feelings for you. There's been a rivalry between them for a while and they won't stop until one of them wins you over.
a/n: yooo!!! first request :D !! this was completely made up along the way but so fun to write so please enjoy!! <3
Tumblr media
You sat at the bar, a cold drink in your hand as you fondly listened to Bob and Phoenix tell you about their most recent missions together. You stayed stationed at Top Gun while they went off on their own, accompanied by Payback and Fanboy.
After the uranium mission, all of you had been inseparable. Even after being sent all over the world, you always managed to find your way back to where it all started.
That being the Hard Deck, where the three of you sat as you awaited the rest of your crew to make their way in. Taking a sip of your drink, you glanced over to see Coyote walking in, followed closely by Payback and Fanboy.
"And now there are six." Phoenix says as she waves the guys over.
"Soon to be eight, I hope." Coyote says as he slings his arm across Bob's shoulder, the motioning jostling the latter so much so that he had to adjust his glasses.
You leaned back in your seat, "They said they'd be coming, they're just taking their sweet old time."
As you speak, Phoenix chuckles into her drink, "Oh, they'll be here."
You raise an eyebrow at her, "Do you know something, Phe?"
She looks up at you, innocently shaking her head, "No. Nope, not at all."
Shifting forward with your forearms resting on your knees, you squint your eyes at her, "You're terrible at lying."
Gasping at you, she places a hand over her heart, "I am not, how dare you."
A smile finds its way onto your face, "Okay, let me rephrase. You're terrible at lying- to me."
Her face falters a bit as she clears her throat, "That's just not true."
You look past her at her wingman, "Bob, back me up here. Phoenix can't lie to me to save her life." Bob opens his mouth to respond but Phoenix holds up her finger, "Don't play into her games, Bob."
"What games?" You ask accusingly, "I am simply just trying to figure out what you know about our friends being late." As you talk, you look around at the others, surveying all of their faces.
As your eyes drift over each person, your mouth drops open, "Oh my god, you all know don't you?"
"I was sworn to secrecy." Fanboy says immediately as he holds his hands up in defense. Payback fixes him with a disappointed look, "Man, you didn't even try to object."
Fanboy shrugs, "Dude, she scares me." You smile at him, "Well, now that Fanboy has basically thrown you all under the bus, what's going on with Rooster and Hangman?"
You're met with silence as each person looks around. Your gaze lands on Coyote, who is staring at the ceiling as if it's the most interesting thing in the world.
"Coyote." You say to him. He slowly drops his head and stares at you, his lips drawn tightly together, "What's up?" He asks, his hands shoved into his pockets.
"Where are those two- and please tell me that they're not trying to kill each other again?"
Coyote looks at you for a moment, before letting out a very dramatic breath, "Okay, fine. They came up with this stupid idea but they made us all swear not to tell, alright?"
You blink at him, "And why's that?"
"Because it'll ruin the fun, Apollo!" Bob says suddenly, his hands waving around in exasperation. You fix Bob with a surprised stare, not expecting the outburst.
Picking up your drink and taking a sip, you lean back in your seat, "Alright then..." You pause for a moment as you think, "Can I at least get a hint? I mean, it's not my birthday or anything so... the hell could those two be planning?"
You watch as the others exchange glances, each one ultimately shrugging as if saying what's the worst that could happen? Phoenix is the one who turns to you, "Well, you know how you're always listening to that one song? Crazy Little Thing Called Love?"
You nod slowly, "Yeah... it's good."
She laughs a bit, "It is good, yes. But Rooster and Hangman have noticed just how much you absolutely love that song."
"Okay?" You're still not seeing where this is going, the confusion clear on your face as Fanboy steps over to you, "I'd just go ahead and order another drink if I were you."
You fix him with a questioning look for a moment before waving Penny over and asking for another. You thank her as she hands it to you.
"I still don't see where this is going." You mutter into your cup, the condensation cooling your hand.
"Oh, well you're about to." Phoenix says to you lowly. You're about to ask what she means when suddenly the music shuts off, "And just a warning, Rooster and Hangman may be a little bit drunk."
For just a moment, you're very confused, but then a familiar song starts playing. You look around as the music grows and fills the air, noticing how your friends have stepped back a bit.
"Enjoy the show." Phoenix whispers to you, before leaving you alone at the bar.
The strumming of the guitar is accompanied by drums, and then suddenly you see it. Both Rooster and Hangman have finally made their appearance, the pair of them sporting their aviators.
Rooster is wearing one of his signature Hawaiian shirts, while Hangman is wearing a very fitted black t-shirt. You can't help but notice how they both look exceptionally good.
"This thing called love, I just can't handle it," The lyrics begin pouring into the room, but within seconds you realize that it isn't the original.
It's Hangman. He's walking towards you, a smile on his face as he sings into one of the karaoke mics. Your hands cover your mouth in shock, in disbelief of what you're seeing.
"This thing called love," You turn as you hear Rooster's voice filter through the speakers, "I must get 'round to it, I ain't ready." He walks over to you, his hand reaching towards you, "Crazy little thing called love."
You take his hand and laugh as he lifts yours up to his lips and places a kiss on your knuckles. You feel the heat rise to your face, just as Hangman begins to sing the next verse.
"A-this thing-" Hangman sings, and then Rooster is right next to him, "This thing!" He repeats.
The two turn and are back to back as they take turns singing the lyrics, both snapping along to the song and staring at you. As the song goes on, you see them shooting looks at each other, ones that are nothing but competitive.
"Crazy little thing called love!" Hangman sings as he finally steps away from Rooster and towards you. Rooster stumbles slightly at Hangman's sudden disappearance, but regains his footing and is by your side almost immediately.
"Sing it, baby!" Rooster says to you as he holds the mic out to you. Smiling so wide your face hurts, your grab onto the mic, your hand on top of Rooster's, "Crazy little thing called love!" You both sing, your head shaking along with the music.
You let out a yell of surprise as Rooster reaches around your waist and pulls you from your seat. He continues singing as he spins you around, the heat rising in your cheeks.
As Rooster spins you out, Hangman grabs onto your hand and pulls you to him. You laugh as he finishes out the song with the loudest, "Crazy little thing called love!" You've ever heard.
Your knees are weak from laughing, and Hangman does nothing but make them weaker as he dips you, his arm around your waist.
"How about a kiss for the performance, Darlin'?" Hangman asks as he plants you back on your feet. You let out a laugh and playfully shove at his chest before sitting back down and tapping your cheek, "Just a little one, soldier."
He laughs deeply as he leans forward and places a kiss to your cheek, his lips warming your face to the point where you're sure you resembled a tomato. Hangman winks at you as he pulls away, his hand coming up to his heart as he offers you a bow.
You clap, "Well done, gentlemen." You say as you look over to Rooster, who you didn't realize was standing so close to you. He's looking at you with a look you can't quite place, his smile from earlier having dropped.
Reaching over and cupping the back of his neck, You grin at him, "Would you like a kiss, too?" You ask, the alcohol coursing through you growing your confidence ever so much.
He looks slightly taken aback before that smile that you loved so much finds its way back to his face. Reaching up and cupping the side of your face, He leans forward and places a slow kiss to your cheek.
Your eyes flutter closed, only opening when he pulls away. You find yourself staring directly into the beautiful mix of browns that were Rooster's eyes. He's looking at you as if you're the sun, and from the heat residing in your face you feel as though you just might be.
His thumb traces over your lips ever so slightly before he pulls his hand away. You find your heart going insane in your chest as he once again kisses your hand, "Hope you liked the show, honey."
And god did you.
You watch as the pair walk away to return their mics to Penny, leaving you to finally catch your breath.
"Hooooly shit." You breathe out, taking a long drink of your beer.
"We did warn you." The sound of Phoenix's voice next to you makes you jump. You fix her with a glare, "Like hell you did- also, you and I have very different definitions of what a little drunk means."
She covers her hand with her mouth as she laughs, "Well, this could all be avoided if you would just pick one of them."
You gape at her, "If I just- Phoenix this isn't some sort of game. You know how I feel about both of them, I can't just-"
"Oh, sure you can." Phoenix stops you, "In fact, I'm pretty sure you already have it figured out in that pretty little head of yours." She states as she taps your forehead.
You wave her hand away, "You're the worst."
"I'm the best."
Shaking your head, you down the rest of your drink and swivel your chair around so that your facing the others, who so conveniently have found their way back together.
They're all casting glances at you as they try to hide their laughter. Crossing your arms, you level each of them with an icy stare, "I'll get you all back for this."
"What? Get us back for helping you decide which one of those two is your one true love?" Payback says, his hands clasped over your heart.
"How the hell was that you helping?" You ask, a laugh growing in your throat. You're sure that one of them was about to come up with some stupid response, but you never get the chance to hear it as Rooster comes up and grabs your hands.
"Dance with me." He says as he pulls you away from the group and to the makeshift dance floor. You roll your eyes as he puts your hands around his neck, before his find their home on your waist.
"So, tell me." You say to him, your hand reaching up to push a stray curl out of his eyes, "How long did you rehearse that?"
He laughs, the sound pure honey to you, "Longer than I'd like to admit."
You hum, your fingers playing with the curls on the nape of his neck, "Well, it was definitely unlike anything I've ever seen before."
"That good or bad?" He asks. You suck in a breath, "Hm, I'll let you figure that out on your own."
He shakes his head at your response, the two of you pulling apart as the song ends. "Thanks for the dance, Rooster." You say as you squeeze his hand before returning to the others.
As you walk away, you miss how Hangman walks over to Rooster, his hands clasped behind his back. He stands next to the man, his gaze fixed on you, "Well done, Bradshaw."
"I'd say the same to you, Seresin, but honestly you were a little pitchy." Rooster responds, glancing over at the other.
Hangman simply just grins, "This isn't over." He says, his voice dripping in fake kindness.
Rooster raises his eyebrows, "Oh yeah? Wouldn't be too sure of that if I were you, man." He says as he walks towards the group.
Following quickly after him, Hangman's voice is quiet in Rooster's ear, "The hell does that mean?"
Rooster just shrugs and sends Hangman a wink. You catch the final exchange and fix Rooster with a questioning look as he joins your side.
"Just friendly banter, hon." He tells you.
You nod, your gaze drifting to Hangman, who waves at you with a smile. You wave back, your mind suddenly looping back to what the others said.
Pick one? Pick one.
But which one?
The next morning you're sure your head is going to burst as you sit down in your seat in the hangar. All of you had been called for a mandatory meeting of some sort. They hadn't really given you that much information and honestly, you weren't even sure you'd be able to retain it if they had.
You rest your head on the cool table, your thoughts jumbling together from the night before.
Pick one.
Why is this so hard? You think, lifting your head as you hear someone walk to the front of the room. To your surprise, you are met with Maverick.
God please don't make me fly right now. Is all you can think as his gaze flicks across all of you.
There's a slight grin that grows on his face, "Okay... with a show of hands, who here is not hungover right now?"
No one in the room moves a muscle. Except for Bob, you watch as his hand hesitantly raises into the air.
Maverick looks over to him and smiles, "Nice, Bob. I'm sure I have you to thank for making sure everyone actually got home last night?"
Bob nods, "Yes sir."
Nodding, Maverick lets out a hum before clapping his hands together, "All right. Since none of you look capable to fly right now, I have a better idea."
With that, he motions for you all to follow him. "Oh god, please don't make us do push ups." You mutter as you slide out of your seat and trail after the Captain.
"I think I'd die." Rooster says as he joins your side. You chuckle lowly and nudge him with your elbow as the pair of you walk together.
"If you're about to suggest Dog Fight Football then I'm going to tell you right now that I will most certainly hurl on you." Payback says as Maverick leads them to the beach.
The hot sun beats down at you and you're already regretting getting out of bed this morning. Maverick puts his hands on his hips and faces all of you, "Nope, no football today, kids. Just swimming."
"Huh?" Coyote questions, his face scrunched together as he squints under the sun.
"You all need to wake up, and what better way to do that than by taking a dip in the nice, cold ocean?" Maverick says, stepping to the side as he holds his arm out towards the water.
There's a beat of silence before everyone lets out murmurs of agreement, moving to untie their boots and take off their flight suits.
Once everyone has stripped down to their t-shirts and shorts, you're all left looking at the water.
"Well?" Maverick asks you all, "Are you just going to stand there like idiots in a line or are you going to go in?"
You wipe a hand over your face, the sweat clinging to your skin. Just as you take a step forward, you hear one of the guys scream.
Turning to the side, you watch as Coyote lifts up Bob and runs into the water with him before promptly chucking him into the waves. "Not my wingman you bitch!" Phoenix shouts as she runs in and tackles Coyote under the water.
Your hand claps over your mouth as Rooster lets out an "oooh" from next to you, "That's gonna leave a mark."
He looks at you and it's as if you can see the thought enter his head.
"Nope-" You manage before sprinting into the ocean, Rooster close behind you. Just as your feet touches the water, his hands are around your waist, "NO!" You shout, laughter shaking your voice as he lifts you and spins you around.
"I'll save you!" You hear Hangman shout as you catch sight of him running over to the two of you, "Wait!" You yell right as he collides with Rooster, who was still holding you.
The three of you crash into the waves, the coldness of it hitting you full on as you land face first in the water. Upon surfacing, you wipe the salt from your eyes, looking up to find Hangman reaching his hand out to you, "M'lady."
You shake your head as you take it, "I wouldn't need help up if you hadn't just shoved the both of us into the water." You state as you stand, faintly aware of your hand still clasped in his.
Hangman grins, "Well to be fair, I was really just aiming for Rooster."
You chuckle, giving his hand a squeeze before letting it go. As you do, you glance over to Rooster, who is making his way over.
He wipes the water from his eyes and if you didn't know him better, you could've sworn there was a look of jealousy in his eyes.
"You good, Rooster? Swallow too much salt water." Hangman asks, his arms crossed.
"Oh, I'll get you to swallow salt water-" Rooster says just as he tackles Hangman into the waves.
You jump to the side to avoid the splashing, "What the fuck does that even mean." You say to yourself as you turn and look at them once you're a safe distance away.
You cock your head to the side as you watch them both struggle to stand, the other getting pulled down just as he comes close to getting to his feet.
You hide your laughter behind your hand as they continue, having seemingly forgotten that anyone else was there. Glancing over, you see Phoenix, who sees you.
She shrugs her arms in defeat, "There's no stopping those two!" She yells over the waves.
Shaking your head, you trudge over to her, "Will it ever stop?" You ask exasperatedly. She lets out a sigh and slings her arm over your shoulders, "Not until you pick one of em'."
"They're such children." You say as you watch them, a part of you wondering if they're actually trying to drown one another with how they're going at each other.
"Yeah... but we love them."
"That we do."
Hangman and Rooster's rivalry didn't ease up like you thought it would. In fact, it seemed to only grow stronger to the point where you weren't sure if they were actually joking or not.
After a certain training session that had left you all a little more than rattled, you found them both on the tarmac. Before even walking over to them, you could tell that they were arguing with how they held themselves.
While up in the air, things had gone wrong but it was no ones fault, really. Just malfunctions that no one could predict. There was a moment up there where you were sure one of you wasn't going to make it back.
But you all had, and in one piece at that.
As you neared the two, they didn't seem to notice as they kept going at each other, their faces mere inches apart.
"Well if you weren't such a cautious little-" Hangman was saying as you finally came within ear shot.
Rooster cut him off with a shove to his chest, "Well if you learned to actually fly as a team instead of leaving people to-"
Hangman shoved back, "It is not my fault that you can't keep up, Bradshaw!"
You could see the fury light up in Rooster's eyes, and for just a moment you were worried about what he was going to do.
As you were so caught up in the two, you didn't notice the others coming over as well. Just as you were about to open your mouth to say something, the words caught in your throat as Hangman swung and landed a punch on Rooster's jaw.
It sent him spiraling to the side for just a moment before he shot back and grabbed onto Hangman's shirt before giving him a punch that sent him to the ground. Coyote and Payback rushed passed you as they grabbed onto Rooster's arms, pulling him back.
Your initial shock at the sudden fight wore off as you ran forward and took a hold of Hangman, who had regained his footing. Bob and Phoenix pulled him back as well.
"You dick!" Rooster spat at Hangman, who only leveled the man with a glare. Hangman shook out his arms, stepping back from the three of you that were holding him, "Yeah, whatever." He said before walking away, his shoulders tense.
You turned to watch him and made to follow but a hand on your shoulder stopped you, "Let him go." Phoenix's voice was quiet as she spoke.
Sighing, you reached up and ran your hands down your face.
"What happened in the sky clearly sent us all close to the edge." Bob says as he passes by, shaking out his hands as he walked back to the hangar.
"I better go with him." Phoenix tells you as she pats your arm before following her wingman. You watch her leave for a moment before turning back to Rooster, who is waving off the concerns of Coyote and Payback.
You don't catch what they're saying as you walk over, your arms crossed. Coyote squeezes Rooster's shoulder before heading out with Payback, who gives you a reassuring nod as he passes.
Once they leave, you and Rooster are left alone on the tarmac. You can see that he's visibly shaking and you want nothing more than to grab onto him and never let go.
But a part of you tells you that now may not be the best time.
"You okay?" You ask instead, trying to keep your voice level.
Rooster sighs, his gaze still fixed on the ground, "Yeah... Yeah, I'm good."
You take a step closer to him, "What happened?"
He just shakes his head, "Nothing. I mean- what happened up there was... I don't know it was unexpected but we-" He pauses and you can see that he's searching for the right words to say.
"I don't know. Hangman and I have always had this sort of... rivalry, but it's never been physical. It's never been that serious... but lately..." Rooster's voice dips as he runs a hand through his hair.
Reaching over, you take a hold of his hands at an attempt to get them to stop trembling. Looking down, you run your thumb over the redness of his knuckles, "What changed?" You ask quietly.
There's a moment of silence that allows you to lift your head and look into his eyes. His eyes that are staring right back into yours.
"You." He says simply, his voice soft.
You shake your head, "What?"
Rooster takes in a breath, "This whole thing wasn't about what happened in the air today. It's been going on for a while." He bits his lip and looks off to the side, his eyes squinting a little at the setting sun.
"I just..." He looks back to you, "I like you. I like you so much, Apollo."
You can do nothing but stare at him, your mouth suddenly dry as he speaks, his tone dripping in absolute nectar.
"And the thought of you with someone else- with him. It drives me insane." Rooster says, his grip on your hands tightening.
Your eyes dip down to his lips as he speaks, your heart beating faster as you look back up into his eyes, "Why... why would you think I'd ever be with Hangman?" You asks quietly.
Rooster's face scrunches up as he shakes his head, "I don't know. I don't know he just- god he infuriates me."
You can feel the beat of his heart through the pulse of his hands, and it's going just as fast as yours. Letting go of one of his hands, you reach up and cup the side of his face, your thumb swiping over his cheek.
"I really care about you. I think about you all the time and today..." Rooster takes a deep breath as he looks at you, his eyes shining with unshed tears, "Today was so scary a-and unexpected that it just-"
He doesn't get a chance to finish as you pull him to you and kiss him. Hard. Both of your hands find their way to the back of his neck and are tangling themselves in his hair just as he's wrapping his arms around you.
He pulls you impossibly closer to him right as you break apart, both of you breathing heavily. You press your forehead against his and smile pulls at your lips, "I care about you too, Rooster." You say softly as you lean back just enough to look at him, "And you're the only one I want."
The smile that grows on his face is one that you're sure could end you right then and there. Pulling him to you once more, you kiss him again but this time it's more gentle, more meaningful.
He feels like magic against you and there's a part of you that never wants this to end. You smile into the kiss and hold him tighter.
He breaks off for just a moment, his breathing hard, "I lied." He says quickly.
Your heart drops, "What do you mean?"
His mouth opens for a second before closing. Then he's shaking his head and a nervous smile is tugging at your lips, "I don't like you, y/n. I love you."
The moment the words leave his mouth you feel your heart grow so much you're sure it might burst out of your chest.
"I love you so fucking much and I-" He starts but you're shaking your head and pulling him closer, "Oh, just kiss me."
And he does. His arms wrap around you and hold you to him as he deepens the kiss, his lips sweet against yours. You both move in synch, fitting together as if you were made for one another.
You smile at the thought and whisper a soft, "I love you too." against his lips. You can feel him smile into the kiss before lifting you off your feet and spinning you around.
In this moment, you swear that you've never been happier as you hold on to the man you love.
He's yours, and you’re his.
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steveluv · 2 days ago
a girly girl having a crush on eddie and wanting to learn how to play d&d
You were crushing on Eddie “The Freak” Munson. Of course, it shocked everyone who you told or everyone who looked at you because you were clearly staring over at him sometimes, fawning over his good looks. Who could blame you?
You were intrigued by him, by the way he dressed and the game he played: Dungeons and Dragons. It was interesting to you and you were wanting to know how you could join in on playing.
You grew some balls and actually walked over to Eddie when you could catch him alone, smiling and tapping his arm, “Um.. excuse me, Eddie right?” You ask him as he turned around and my god, was he shocked.
He was stunned that you tapped him on the arm, you?! Obviously he knew who you were, you were always with the other girly girls in the school who have their own little friend group that everyone knows about.
He gulped and raised a brow, “Oh.. hey y/n, really didn’t expect you to be the one tapping me on the arm but how can i help ya?” He smiled. You giggled at his words and brought up the topic of d&d.
“So.. i see you and your friends play d&d, would you perhaps be able to teach me about it? I really really wanna learn and obviously everyone knows you’re like the leader of the group so i had to come to you about this.” You mumble softly as he leant down a bit, staring into your eyes and seeing if you were joking on with him. No sign of a joke.
You were serious about this. Totally serious. That was the first.
“Wait so- am i hearing this right? Y/n L/n is wanting ME- out of everyone in this whole entire world to teach them about d&d instead? Well, isn’t it my lucky day.” He smirked and took your arm, “I can teach you all about it m’lady, don’t you worry.”
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writingliv · 16 hours ago
Glimpse of Us
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader; Stephen Strange x Christine Palmer
Summary: Stephen has booked a table at one of the fanciest restaurants in the city and you cannot help but hope he will pop the question tonight. Inspired by "Glimpse of Us" by Joji would highly recommend listening to the song while reading.
Tags: Angst
Word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
masterlist - taglist - please reblog if you enjoy it ♥️
“I am almost ready!” You shouted as a soft smile stretched on your lips. You could not help but look at yourself in the mirror, admiring the long red dress that flowed around you. Your hair perfectly styled to frame you face as the softest make-up brought out your features. A tiny sigh escaped your lips as you wondered if he’d like your look. You could not help but look forward to seeing him, kissing him, dancing with him. Life had come all at once, finally falling into place after so much heartbreak. You had found your soulmate, the love of your life and luckier than most, he seemed to feel the same way. 
“He is downstairs! Come on!” Your sister shouted, opening your bedroom door and stopping to watch you proudly. “You look beautiful,” she declared with a soft smile stamped on her lips, “now get going!” 
You nodded enthusiastically, reaching for your heels on the floor and your bag “yes, yes, I am going!” 
Your sister hugged you tightly as soon as you reached the door, sighing at your shared excitement. “You deserve this, love. He is so lucky to have you. You will make the most beautiful bride.”
“Ssh— we don’t know if that is what tonight is about,” you giggled, feeling the juvenile excitement tighten your stomach. 
“Oh, I can just feel it. It makes sense, my love,” she shook her head against your shoulder, tightening the hug. “He is the luckiest man to have you. My little sister, the sweetest person that has walked this earth.” Your sister felt her eyes grow sore as tears started to form. “Now go! Before I start crying!”
“I love you! See you later!” You spoke, quickly walking towards the door, feeling your cheeks hurt from all the smiling. You could not believe it, it was the day, all the hints were there, and everything seemed to lead you to believe he would pop the question tonight. 
The elevator ride downstairs went quickly as you checked and re-checked your make-up through the mirror, making sure everything was perfect. The doors opened, and you promptly walked to the main entrance, opening it to find him standing at the bottom of the stairs, more handsome than ever. You held your breath, feeling your heart swell in your chest as your eyes met his. 
“Hello there, beautiful,” he gave you a crooked smile, opening his arms as you quickly made your way to him, diving into his arms like they were your only safe place. Your love, your soulmate, Stephen Strange. 
“Hello, my love,” you whispered, lifting your head and looking at him with the idolising stare only Stephen got out of you. He looked at you in a similar way, but never for too long, or else he found something he did not want to confront. 
The two of you started to walk toward the restaurant, your hand wrapped around his bicep as he had to remind you that there was no rush, too excited to walk at a calm pace. You were so lucky, in love with an amazing man, your man, your love. He seemed a little distracted today, almost as if he had something else in mind, it was probably work. You tried to brush it off by asking about his week. 
He looked towards the street as he answered, telling you he had been meddling with time a little too much. It was necessary, but it had made him lose slightly touch with himself. You squeezed his bicep a little tighter, trying to reassure him he was okay. It was hard with Stephen, he went through so much, but very few people acknowledged it. “You are here now, and everything is okay.”
Soon enough, you arrived at the restaurant, and he hesitated by the door, asking for a second to catch his breath. His visible nervousness made you excited. You had to be correct; there was no question about it. You entered the restaurant and were guided to your table, sitting looking toward the entrance windows, observing as he paced down the payment, running his hand through his hair. 
He came to a halt as his eyes met somebody else’s in the distance, and even from this far away, you could see his shoulder relax as he exhaled into a smile. His entire demeanour changed in a split second as you watched a couple approach him. The woman let go of the hand of her date, walking towards Stephen and giving him a hug. You watched him hold her tight and inhale her smell, closing his eyes. 
She was the one to break the hug, and as she walked back, you saw his body stiffen, unhappy with the distance. You felt like you were watching your life play in front of you, like a movie, a romantic one for sure, just not involving you. Suddenly all the excitement in your stomach started to rot, forcing you to slouch to not let the pain in your chest burn you through. 
You inhaled deeply, closing your eyes as they started to burn, hoping the interaction would soon come to an end. It must be Christine, you had thought to yourself. You had never seen the woman before, but it must have been her to cause such a reaction in your boyfriend. 
The sound of the entrance door opening forced you to open your eyes excited, hoping the exchange had ended and Stephen was on his way back to you. Instead, her date walked in lonely, sitting a couple of tables away from you, looking slightly confused. 
You felt your stomach drop as you watched Stephen move one step closer to her and a sense of urgency took over your legs, forcing you to stand up and walk to the door. Your steps were almost too quick, as you barely escaped tripping over your dress. You felt your heart in your throat as somehow your body had realised what was about to happen before you did.
The door sat ajar, leaving you close enough to hear them speak without them seeing you too enthralled in each other. “He will propose to you tonight… I-I saw it. I needed to see you before….” Stephen spoke softly as his hand reached for her arm, caressing her skin. 
“Stephen, we would have never worked out.” She answered softly, almost as if she feared hurting him. 
“T-that is not true. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen the future. We can still make it. Christine, there is still a chance.” His other hand reached for her, too, as the desperation in his voice grew clearer. You were frozen, watching the man you love fight for someone else. 
“You are with someone new, Stephen.” Christine shook her head in shock at his insistence. 
“I-I… it is not you. I-I look at her, and all I see is you. She is lovely, but she is not you. My heart is yours, yours, Christine.” Stephen doubled down, sending your head spinning as you had to hold onto the door not to fall. It was like a punch to your stomach, each word destroying the image you had built of your relationship. “Don’t worry about her; she will understand. She is good; she won’t resent me for it. She’ll be there for me if you refuse me, don’t worry about her.”
“Stephen…” she whispered, exhaling loudly. 
“Just listen to me for two seconds,” he interrupted her, clearing his throat and stepping away from her as his trembling hands moved to his sides, looking for something. “Christine Palmer, I have let life get in the way of us one too many times. I know this is rushed, but I have loved you long enough to know there is nobody else I’d like to spend the rest of my life with.” His hand wrapped around something, pulling it out of his pocket as he lowered himself on one knee, “will you do me the honour of marrying me?” 
You could almost feel your heart shattering. You could hear every single piece break over and over again. You turned away, almost as if the simple sight of that expression of love could disintegrate you. A loud sob left your lips before you could press your hand against your mouth; shocked, you were in shock. 
You fell to your knees as multiple people moved toward you, trying to understand what was wrong, but there were no words to describe it. You simply sobbed as a woman offered her arms to you, “I-I am sorry,” you whispered. Suddenly the sound of the door opening pulled you out of your frenzy, shushing your sobs.
Stephen spoke your name over the crowd, and you felt your whole chest recoil. You could rip your eyes out at this point, scared of looking at him. He would just see her all over again. You stood up as he tried to reach you, “keep him away from me.” The words left your lips, and that’s all it took for the people that had watched you cry to turn his way, stopping him from coming any closer. 
You walked out of the restaurant and saw Christine standing on the sidewalk, arms wrapped around her body and a worried look stamped on her face. 
“Congratulations,” you whispered before walking away.
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sm0kebreaks · 11 hours ago
Hello, if you are still open to requests.... Would you want to draw a handsome Elias Bouchard for us? He deserves appreciation and his mustache does too.
Tumblr media
i hope this one is suitable!
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kirby-the-gorb · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
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terry-perry · a day ago
44 from the Little One prompt list with the Moon Knights boys please 🥺
Choosing little one’s name together.
Tumblr media
“So, we’re having a girl,” you said.
You just came back from your latest doctor appointment. All things were good, baby was healthy. And you also found out you were having a daughter.
“You called it,” Steven said, mumbling into your stomach.
 Out of all the three, he was the one who loved resting against it the most. The other two may find any excuse to have their hands on it, but Steven was the one who had no shame. And now that your baby bump was becoming more prominent, he loved it even more. Anytime he was around you, his hands would find their way to it. If not his hands, then his head. At least his lips.  
“I’m happy,” you said, caressing his hair as he kept his head on you. “You guys came up with a lot of cute girl names.”
Since the start of your pregnancy, the boys would text you different names for the baby. It basically become part of your routine to expect a text with a name suggestion. You could tell right away who would be coming up with something based on the choices.
Steven would come up with names that were fancier and/or from literature like Charlotte, Theodore, Emily, Darcy.
Marc liked simpler names that had one or two syllables like James, Amy, Eric, John.
Jake gravitated towards ones that sounded nice in both English and Spanish like Emma, Oscar, Felix, Anna.
“Well, we agreed you’d have the final say, love,” Steven said, now mindlessly tracing shapes along your belly. “Any of them stand out for you?”
“I really like Marceline,” you said. “It sounds pretty. That’s also the name of that poet you really like, right?”
“Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, yes,” he clarified. “The French translation for it also translates to ‘little warrior.’”
“Definitely appropriate for our daughter. It also sounds like the female version of Marc, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, it does,” he peered down to talk directly to your unborn child. “Marceline it is then?”
He felt a small kick just then, getting the both of you to gasp and laugh in disbelief.
“Marceline it is then,” you confirmed. “And what about a middle name?”
“Well, the three of us really liked one name. Mostly because of its meaning behind it.”
“Oh?” You tried your best to remember which one all three of them suggested.
“Abigail,” Steven answered, smiling more fondly than ever. “In Hebrew, it means ‘father’s joy.’”
Hearing that brought out your own elated smile. “It’s perfect,”
So, it was settled.
Five more months, and you’d be welcoming your little warrior that was your father’s joy.
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npcdrawsthings · a day ago
Praying.. for stanley to just...
Hug the ol man... 💘
Tumblr media
hugs AND possibly kisses? maybe?
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thisdastampdoesnotexist · 2 days ago
jerma with the caption "his name is penis he was born without a brain" and hes looking kinda up you know the image
Tumblr media
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ellabxrnes · 2 days ago
Can I please request a Bucky x reader where reader gets hurt and it’s just full of bucky and reader snuggles and fluff? Thank youuuu
I haven't written for Neighbor!Bucky yet, and I thought this would be the perfect chance! This is set post blimp in the apartment complex featured in TFATWS. I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Always So Helpful
Bucky never thought he would be living like this. He knew he couldn't live in Wakanda forever, but he never in a million years thought he would move into an apartment and meet you, the love of his life. Only, you weren't aware that he harbored such feelings for you. At least, not until one day, when you were -stupidly- carrying a huge bag of groceries up the stairs in your apartment complex. 
You were almost to your level; when you reached your purse to get your keys, you tripped and sprained your ankle. That wasn't even the worst of it either. Your neighbor, Bucky, also your friend, was right behind you. It was super embarrassing. Ever since he'd introduced himself to you the day he moved in, you had developed a slight crush on him. At first, it was innocent, he was just a very polite and attractive guy, but it quickly became more. He started to invite you over to watch shows and catch up on the last few decades (you found out later what exactly he meant by that), and you always ended up falling asleep in his arms. You would wake up and apologize profusely before quickly grabbing your things before he could talk to you. You felt embarrassed then, but it doesn't even compare to now. 
You tried your best to get up and make it seem like nothing, but as soon as you put pressure on your right foot, you fell again. That's when you saw Bucky run up the stairs. You tried hiding your face, but you knew it would be useless. So you turned around and saw the shock on his face. His eyes were focused on your ankle. 
"Y/N? What happened?" he rushed over beside you and started to pick up all the groceries you had dropped, seeing if he could save any or if they were all ruined. 
"Bucky, I'm fine. I just fell up the stairs. Thanks for checking on me, though," you held a death grip on the railing, attempting to stand. Bucky quickly grabbed you and carried you up to the landing before setting you back down to get your groceries. You noticed he had sorted through what could be kept and the ruined items. "You didn't have to do that." He looked back up at you. "I mean, sorting my items. I could have done that-" 
He shook his head and started back up the stairs to where you are. "No, you couldn't have. I saw your ankle."
You look down and notice your swollen ankle. You most definitely are not OK. Best to accept his help because you know Bucky, and he is relentless with stuff like this. You meet Bucky's eye.
He bends down to your level. "Let me help you, okay? Give me your key, and I'll get you and your groceries to your place." You knew he would be relentless until you broke down and accepted his help, so you instead nodded your head and held your arms out so he could easily pick you up.
After making it to your apartment, he sets you down gently on your couch and starts putting your groceries away. You turn the TV on and start watching it when Bucky comes back to you with an ice pack. You readjust yourself on the couch so that you are sitting up. You pat the couch, signaling for Bucky to sit beside you. 
"Your ankle needs to be iced and elevated."
You ask him to grab you a pillow so you can rest your ankle with the ice on your coffee table. After Bucky makes sure you are comfortable, he sits next to you on the couch and looks at the TV. After a moment of you both just staring at the TV, he breaks the ice. 
"Nice apartment,"
You giggle. "Bucky, don't act like this is some awkward encounter with a stranger. We're friends!" He goes red at your statement. "Now, can we watch a movie together, without us being on opposite sides of the couch?"
Now it's his turn to laugh. You pat the couch, and he inches towards you and puts his arm around your shoulder. You snuggle up to Bucky but accidentally move your foot, cringing at the pain. Bucky moves back, thinking he did something wrong. "I'm so sorry; I didn't mean-" You turn to him and pull him close to you again. "Bucky, you did nothing wrong. It was me,"
He kisses your forehead, and you look into his eyes. "Thank you for always being so helpful, Bucky," when he looks down at you 15 minutes later, you're out cold. He smiles, and his chest gets warm. If helping you felt like this, he could do it for lifetimes. 
Thank you for reading! Likes and reblogs are greatly appreciated. I do take requests too!
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save-the-villainous-cat · 11 hours ago
Grumpy villain who for some reason has to save sunshine hero, who is badly injured, almost dying. Then when they're safe villain has a break down in front of hero?
Idk if i explained myself well, english is not my first language, sorry.
Have a lovely day/night! I love your writing. <3
“Are you alright?” the villain asked. They felt the shaking in their fingers, how the blood shot through their veins and this oh so familiar feeling of being crushed to death.
They wished they had some power to control their state of panic. They wished there was something they could do, some neat mind controlling trick they could use on themselves to bring their heart rate back to healthy 80 beats per minute.
“I’m still alright, yep!” the hero answered, grinning at the villain, their face still decorated with their own blood. “Just like five minutes ago!”
“Good, good,” the villain said but their body didn’t make any efforts to reduce their own miserable state. They were gasping for air right now.
They could’ve lost the hero.
The villain had recently thought about when losing to the hero had become losing the hero and why the latter was the bigger fear out of the two. But honestly, the villain couldn’t tell. Everything blurred together. It had happened a few months ago, maybe even last year…
“Are you alright, though?” the hero asked cautiously from the (villain’s) big desk chair in which they were sitting. “You look pale.”
“I’m good.” The villain tried to sound as cold as always but their voice seemed to break. “I’m alright. Do you need more painkillers? Do you want to take a nap? You must be exhausted. I can arrange something…my henchmen could…”
They looked at the bloody cloth on the desk, soaked in red soup. They hadn’t finished cleaning up the hero’s face…they knew they had to…
The villain felt their head spin, their muscles tense. They grabbed their desk so they wouldn’t fall over.
“Hey—” The hero made a motion as if they were going to get up.
“Don’t,” the villain warned. They squeezed their eyes shut. “Please don’t move. You’re hurt.”
“You are hurt,” the hero protested. They were still wrapped in all the blankets the villain could find in their basement an hour ago. “What is going on? Should I call someone?”
“No,” the villain gasped. They closed their eyes again, trying to blink the white shapes out of their vision.
“Are you freaking out right now?”
“Kinda,” the villain admitted and then there it was.
They started crying. They didn’t sob. They didn’t contort their face. They simply started zoning out, tears streaming down their face.
And all of it because the nasty nightmares they had tried to fight for the last hours came back into their mind and manifested as too real, too terrifying pictures in their mind.
The hero dead, beaten with blood all over them on their bed.
The hero dead, poisoned with vomit all over them on the ground.
The hero dead, burnt with nothing but ashes all over them in their own house.
“Hey,” the hero said softly, snapping the villain out of their little horror show. “You were great back then, I appreciate what you did.”
“Please stop talking,” the villain said even though this wasn’t what they wanted.
“I mean it.” The hero stood up and to watch them hold their wounds made the villain’s stomach turn.
They could only imagine the pain the hero was going through: their flesh torn apart, one gunshot wound, stab wounds, broken bones, countless bruises…
“It’s okay. I’m okay. You’re okay,” the hero whispered. They took the villain’s hand and squeezed it lightly. They pulled the arm that wasn’t in a sling out of the many blankets and let their fingers comb through the villain’s hair.
“Thank you for saving me,” they said as their fingers pushed hair out of the villain’s eyes, as they scratches lovingly their scalp, as they travelled down to the villain’s jaw and wiped the tears away. “I don’t know what to do without you.”
The villain felt themselves calming down. The hero was there. They were touching them. They weren’t dead.
“That’s a lie,” the villain said, a small smile on their face. Their hands were still shaking though. “You’re good.”
“I wouldn’t have survived without you.” Suddenly, the hero stood up on tiptoes and pressed a kiss to the villain’s cheeks. “This is the least I can do. Let me help you calm down, okay? We can help each other?”
The now blushing villain nodded slowly, eyes lost in the hero’s.
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rickybown · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Summer I Turned Pretty || 1.07
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lowpolypeople · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mermaid from Treasures of the Deep
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jjsungie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Until my breath runs out
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dolce-peach · a day ago
oh can I request an obiwan x Jedi!reader? Where they are on a mission and get hurt and tend to each other's wounds and it ends up really sweet and soft and so one of them confesses and they have their first kiss?? You can change any part of this if you want and if it's too specific! Also, no pressure ❤️
Tumblr media
home (is where you are)
pairing: obi-wan kenobi x jedi!reader
warnings: injury; obi's pretty worried; kinda suggestive; sleazy men 🙄; momentary mentions of abuse, trafficking, drug use/dealing, and gambling
a/n: eeee squealing bc this is adorable! took kinda a diff turn than i was expecting, but hope you like it -- tysm for the submission, anon 🥰 also mullet!obi is so pretty just LOOK AT HIM 😭😭 feel free to send in more requests 😭💖
permanent taglist: @kaitlynmalikisnotonfire @just-another-loki-fangirl
** TO MAKE A REQUEST -- please check the status in my bio **
You shifted uneasily in your outfit, the fabric scratching your skin. It showed more than you would’ve liked, hugging your body tightly. You’d give anything to change back into your warm but comfortable robes, but you had a job to do.
Going over the plan again in your head, it seemed simple and routine, nothing that you hadn’t handled before. But a simple drugs bust seemed like something the Republic security force should be handling, not the Jedi Council.
“How much longer, Obi-Wan?” you groaned into your comms piece hidden in your ear. You walked into the club and quickly scoped out the occupants and an exit route.
“Not much longer,” came a low reply. “Just act natural.”
“Says you,” you retorted, searching the crowd for him as you neared the bar.
He was adorned in a fitted suit. The style was rather conservative, but still looked lovely in the soft light of the hanging lanterns. He had brushed his longer locks back, revealing his freshly shaven beard. You couldn’t help but smile in his direction before turning towards the bar for a much-needed drink.
You sipped your drink, sighing as you adjusted your outfit yet again. “Explain to me why we need to wear these stupid disguises.”
“In order to oust these dealers, we have to look the part,” Obi-Wan explained patiently. “For what it’s worth, you’re beautiful. Are you -- are you drinking?”
You were unfazed by his previous comment and rolled your eyes as you took another sip, its sweet taste on your tongue. “I need something to help me through the night," you pointed out. “Besides, this isn’t our first rodeo.”
Before Obi-Wan could protest, his voice came in low. “There he is, approaching the bar,” he warned you. “All we need is information. The authorities will handle the rest later.”
“But what if things need to get messy?”
“Luckily for you, I’m good at cleaning.”
“Who might you be?” the dealer mused, his eyes floating up and down your figure.
You smiled, locking your gaze with his. “Whatever you want me to be.”
He chuckled. “Good answer,” he said. “How might I help such a pretty creature?”
“Be careful,” came Obi-Wan's voice through your earpiece.
Pouting, your finger circled the rim of your glass suggestively. “A friend told me this is where I should come to find paradise...if you know what I mean...” you trailed off. “I need some help forgetting an ex.”
“Oh,” he laughed. “Must be some stupid bastard if he dropped you.”
“Maybe,” you said. “But how do you know it wasn’t me who cut him off?”
He licked his lips. “You look too soft.”
You downed the rest of your drink. “You’re sweet,” you breathed as you leaned in. “So what do you think? Wanna treat me?”
“Tempting,” he chuckled. “Follow me.”
As you followed him out of the thick atmosphere of the club, you lightly bumped into Obi-Wan, who slipped you your saber. You tucked the hilt into a cutout of your clothing.
The dealer led you to a larger room, more of a warehouse than anything. Your hand immediately shot up to cover your nose from the strong smells. Looking around cautiously, you noticed several armed guards surrounding the work area, where droids and masked workers were busy packaging up the goods.
“This is it,” the dealer said, gesturing. “What do you think?”
“Quite impressive,” you said. “You must be proud.”
“I am,” he said pompously. “You want to know what I think?”
You narrowed your eyes. “Enlighten me.”
His hand shot out, catching your throat in a bruising grip, slowly lifting you off your feet. Panic flooded your body as he nearly dug his nails into your skin. You clawed at his arms, but his hand was unforgiving.
“I think that you’re a Jedi, and you’re not who you say you are,” he said as he pulled his blaster from his belt. The armed guards began making their way over.
You tried laughing. “Oh, don’t be like that,” you managed to croak as you struggled. Seeing his unchanging and rather serious expression, you sighed. “Fine, fine, you got me,” you said with a small smile. “What gave me away?”
“I know your face,” the dealer grunted.
“Well done, you,” you said before quickly drawing your saber and cutting his blaster in half.
He yelled in shock as he staggered back into some oncoming guards. They began shooting blindly at you, hoping one of their shots would land. Unfortunately for them, you were quick on your feet. Even though you had a drink, your senses were on high alert. The only thing that ached was your neck.
You should’ve known it wasn’t going to be that easy.
“Obi-Wan!” you shouted into your earpiece. “A little help would be great!”
“On my way,” he said, his voice taught. “Get out of there if you can.”
A blaster charge singed your shoulder. “That’s going to be a bit difficult!” you protested, deflecting a charge to one last standing guard, leaving the dealer exposed and unprotected.
“Jedi scum!” he growled, pulling a smaller gun from his belt.
Before you could react, a flash of bright blue shot out from behind you, effectively slicing the dealer’s hands clean off. The stench of charred flesh cut through the sweet scent of the drugs.
“Rather unoriginal for an insult, don’t you think?” Obi-Wan shot.
“You chopped my kriffing hands off!” the dealer wailed. “Who do you think you are?”
“Frankly I think you deserve much worse,” Obi-Wan said. “Let’s see, dealing illegal drugs, gambling, trafficking, abuse...I'd say you ticked all the boxes for a one way ticket to prison.”
The dealer's eyes were bloodshot. "I'll kill you!"
By that time, undercover officers came in and took the dealer off your hands.
You felt yourself relax a little, but then the pain began settling in. You knew you’d have a bruise on your neck for weeks, as well as scarred skin from that blaster. Slowly inhaling, you leaned against the railing before Obi-Wan rushed over.
“Thanks for stepping in,” you said.
His fingers swept over your injured shoulder, earning a hiss from you. His expression was filled with worry as he offered a hand. You gladly took it, and he swung your arm over his shoulder to escort you out the back door.
By the time the two of you got back to your speeder, you could feel yourself getting drowsy. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the powdered drug spores in the air.
“Home,” was all you could say.
“We have to get you to the infirmary,” Obi-Wan said as the two of you made your way back to the temple.
You shook your head, feeling yourself fading fast. “I’m fine. I just want to go home...”
As Obi-Wan called your name, you didn’t realize you’d given in to the dark.
A cool sensation to your shoulder was the first thing you felt when you came to.
You opened your eyes to a familiar ceiling. Shifting your gaze to the side of the bed you lay in, you noticed Obi-Wan hard at work trying to spread ointment on your shoulder. His blue eyes were focused on you, on your skin, then the next moment, they were focused on yours.
“You’re awake,” he said with relief. “How’re you feeling?”
“Tired,” you admitted. “I’m never doing that again.”
He smiled through his beard. “Rest. You’re safe now.”
“Of course,” you said, your eyes soft as you looked at him. “Thank you.”
“Although,” he began, “you were a bit reckless.”
You rolled your eyes. “Sometimes you have to be a bit reckless to get results, especially with slippery drug dealers.” You sighed. “And if that means putting myself at risk, then so be it.”
“You sound too much like Anakin,” Obi-Wan groaned.
You laughed. “He has a point, though.”
You were quiet when he ran his fingers over the marks on your neck. Even as his touch was like a feather, pain still erupted over your sensitive skin. Your eyes widened at remembering the sensation, a small whimper escaping your throat. You let your guard down for one second because of your arrogance, and you paid the price.
Obi-Wan bore concern in his eyes, along with a mixture of other emotions that couldn't be mentioned. “A cold compress ought to do it.”
Just as he got up, your hand shot out to grab his wrist. He looked back at you with surprise.
“Stay,” you whispered. “I’m fine.”
“But you’re in pain,” he said softly. “I’ll only be a moment.”
“I just...I need you,” you insisted. “Please.”
He opened his mouth to protest, but ended up sitting back down at your bedside. He held your hand in his, his callused thumb laying gentle strokes across your skin.
You didn’t know where this sudden desperation came from, and you hadn’t felt that way since joining the Jedi Order. You were only an infant when they took you in. You knew you were safe, but there was always some part of you that was fearful. Fearful of the future, fearful that you’d end up a failure, fearful of the people that could leave you.
Although Obi-Wan was a bit older than you, something about him made you feel safe. Maybe it was his presence within the Force, or his warm smile that caught you off guard, or the way he glanced at you across the room during meetings. He gifted you a certain warmth.
Or maybe it was all in your head.
He gently said your name, bringing you back to the moment.
“What's troubling you?”
You furrowed your brow. “Nothing.”
He narrowed his eyes. “I know that look,” he pointed out. “You’re hiding something.”
“Am not,”you insisted.
Seeing that as a battle he wasn't ever going to win, he sighed. “Now will you let me get you something for your neck?” he asked softly.
You shook your head.
He chuckled. “Will you let me take you to get something for your neck?”
That you could do.
Without a warning, he scooped you up in his arms and carried you to the small bathroom attached to his room. He sat you on the counter while he wet a rag with cold water.
He did his best to be as gentle as he could, pressing the cold into your bruise. Your eyes never left his, watching him concentrate.
“I’m sorry,” he said, breaking the silence. “I never should’ve sent you in on your own.”
You shook your head. “It would’ve been too obvious. Besides, I volunteered --”
“I could’ve lost you.” His jaw tightened as he wet the rag again. “It’s...it’s my greatest fear. Losing you.”
“Fear?” you echoed. “But I thought...”
“My fear and strong attachment to you,” he finished. “If left untended, could lead to...”
He trailed off into silence at the inevitable.
You took his face in your hands, making him meet your eyes. “You won’t lose me, not now not ever,” you said. You smiled. “You’re impossible to live without.”
His blue eyes were glossy. “Wh-what?”
“You, Obi-Wan Kenobi, are impossible to live without,” you repeated. “You are my haven. My home. You always have been. It was only a matter of time since I met you before...” You let go of his cheeks, looking away with embarrassment. “Obi-Wan, I --”
You were suddenly aware of how close he was. He was stationed between your legs as you sat on the counter. He had leaned closer as you held his face, now only inches from your lips. You could feel his sweet, warm breath against your skin, along with a desire for more.
But you couldn’t. You shouldn’t.
He was close, so close.
Too close.
Your mind was in a thick fog.
“Can I...?” came the almost inaudible question.
You gave a small nod, your eyes only on his lips.
He leaned closer until his lips pressed into yours for a moment before pulling back. His eyes were wide as he searched your gaze for any signs of panic. When you sighed, grasping onto his robes to keep him close, he took that as a signal to kiss you again, deeper.
You had always heard what kisses could be like, but you never thought you'd ever experience one yourself.
His hands slowly trailed from your thighs to your hips and waist, holding you with so much caution and anticipation, as if you were going to break. You could feel his fingers trembling as yours trailed up his chest to his neck.
Your mind was lost, but you didn’t feel that it was.
His lips fell away from yours, and you sighed.
“I’m sorry,” he said.
You brushed your lips over his cheek. “Don’t apologize.”
He whispered your name in your ear, along with a ghostly, “I love you.”
As he lay fluttering kisses over the bruises on your neck, your breath hitched in your throat. You closed your eyes, imprinting the sensation in your mind.
“I love you, Obi-Wan.”
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skyartworkzzz · 9 hours ago
Still taking Frans requests?
If so, then how about @feelisia 's UnderLust Frans; her UnderLust and UnderLust Frans is so good. Love.
Tumblr media
REMINDER: requests are closed! Im only answering the ones I got while they were open
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