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#*salted egg i mean
colombiche · 4 days ago
someone who has had mooncakes before do you think they would taste good to someone who’s probably never had smth like them before. ive been wanting to try one for a while now and am considering buying some if i can find them in my city but i’m worried abt not liking them n then just having them spoil 😔
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fictionkinfessions · 2 months ago
Ah shit time flies but I'm actually sending this in advance this time! MPC if you could post this on July 20th please? Thank you 💙
Anyway happy birthday to me! It feels weird saying that since my irl birthday is in October but >:3 I miss my family and to some extent the other harbingers. Hope you're all doing great out there, I'm certainly having a time where I'm at. Eat some cake or pie or something sweet and celebrate your fave (me) or just because!
-Tartaglia/Childe (Genshin Impact)
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tipofthescepter · 7 months ago
Guys I uh poached some eggs for the first time today and
Tumblr media
I don't know what happened with that second one
This was freaking delicious tho
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thewholeguacamole · 8 months ago
Ask meme: 45, 47, 52
45.) Favorite accent?
Basically anything from the UK
47.) What's the most expensive piece of clothing that you own?
My recital dress, which was on sale from $554 to 200-something.
52.). Favorite food?
There's a couple of things that are on my favorite list.
Hominy and scrambled eggs
My family's Spätzle recipe with roast beef and gravy.
#also statistically im basic as an American who likes any accent from the UK#dont come after me#and i mean anything#i don't care if youre crisp or i cant understand you#i unfortunately was into a lot of media from the uk growing up and even now#as someone from nebraska i have a neutral accent apparently#though my family's accent is messed up because we moved around too much#i particularly lean towards sounding minnesotan or a typical canadian accent#i also was trained to have a mid-atlantic dialect#which youd think would fix this#but no#im actually cool with most accents#i find it hella cool that people can be fluent in other languages#i am very mediocre at german#i spent two years studying it i suppose#id like to be more fluent but alas#that would require me to spend time in a german speaking country#and that requires money and time thst i dont have#also my family's spätzle recipe is hella basic but good. its just flour salt eggs and milk#my grandfather immigrated from Germany in the 50s#i think he was 12#he remembers the war but he was more concerned about messing with the other kids#he once led a group of kids into the forest to teach them 'more important' things#while their teacher was out of the room#he remembers he got into a huge amount of trouble and they thought the kids were kidnapped#he's just an agent of chaos#i have my issues with him but he has some funny stories man#he wasnt always the most responsible and i disagree with some of the decisions he made long ago but what can you do 🤷‍♀️#hes my last biological grandparent left
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penstab · a year ago
I dunked a bunch of duck eggs in a brine a few weeks ago to make my own homemade salted duck eggs, and they should be ready in a week or two (I am.. so excited... salted duck egg yolks are a Treasure)
BUT NOW IM THINKING ABOUT SALTED QUAIL EGGS.. SO TINY... SO CUTE... IMAGINE THE YOLKS!! TINY GOLDEN ORB!! IMAGINE MINIATURE MOONCAKES FILLED WITH QUAIL YOLKS............ IMAGINE LITTLE BUNS............. breakfast rice porridge with tiny eg... they'd probably take way less time to cure than the duck eggs too
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atpetrovanity · 3 years ago
acknowledging   a   character   has   been   traumatized    ≠     condoning   her   behavioral   response   to   the   trauma    .
acknowledging   a   character’s   unhealthy   mental   state     ≠      condoning   the   way   she   treats   others   ,      possibly   as   a   result    .
acknowledging   a   character’s   struggles     ≠     forgiving   her   actions    .
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jellybeanchili · 25 days ago
the most disgusting thing i eat?
plain fried eggs on white bread with ketchup.
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zaneswhite · 27 days ago
Okay, so Baal’s trailer basically solidified for me that all the archons being named after demons isn’t just a coincidence or some really interesting Easter egg.
I know we’ve already been making theories about Tevyat is upside down and shit since for ever but I want to take it a step farther. I think there’s a chance that Celestia is a warped version of hell, assuming that other ‘gods’ *cough* demons *cough* live there and the Abyss was/is a warped version of heaven. And Hu Tao’s story quest could imply that there is a warped version of purgatory that you can find on Tevyat. DISCLAIMER: I’M AWARE THAT THIS IS AN INSANELY HUGE REACH AND A LITTLE INACCURATE LET ME LIVE
Venti is able to speak to Davlin, Barbatos(the actual demon) is known to give the ability of speaking to animals. Barbatos is also regularly depicted with four king sounding horns. He has four kings as companions. Venti has The Four Winds. Davlin holds the label King in his title so we’re going to assume the other three beings hold the same title.
Zhongli, my beloved. Demons and contracts have been a trope since forever. There’s no need for explanation on that part. Morax(the actual demon) is explicitly stated to have a vast knowledge of precious stones. The name Morax also means ‘that delays’ or ‘that stops’. Zhongli has ceased being a archon. He has also ceased or delayed the creation of Mora with his ‘death’.
Ei is the one who struck me the most(haha struck, lightning, I’m sorry). Her symbolism is the most outright to me. She’s associated with visions excessively. You know what also has a vision? Eyes. Her elemental burst shows a giant eye. Which leaves me to believe that the Statue with visions is supposed to represent eyes imbedded into its wings. Also the eyes on her ‘halo’ that she often has. Looks kinda
Tumblr media
looking kinda
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kinda like
Tumblr media
like a corrupt biblically accurate angel reference, there, buddy. Also we know that Ei is not the original electro archon. Baal(the actual demon) is stated to have many versions of himself that have been worshipped in the past (kind of a reach). He also has a giant house on a giant mountain, above a city that he flashes lightning from after he kills another god so there’s that reference.
Long story short, me thinks the ‘gods’ aren’t just named after demons for shits and giggles. They’re actual demons and Celestia might be hell.
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neoheros · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
you and atsumu, even only after three months of marriage, have fallen into a pretty tightly knit morning routine.
with your early classes and his early trainings, it’s only expected that the two of you learn how to coexist better in the mornings — but atsumu is atsumu, and he’s never really been eager to wake up so early.
it’s 6:30 in the morning, the alarm clock rings.
atsumu tosses over, taking the pillow from under his head and throwing it at the source of the sound, and with a strained irritated voice, he groans, “clock.”
“stupid stupid clock.” he mutters, his eyebrows furrowing, and his arm immediately takes you in by the waist, pushing you to his chest, and you’re awaken just as much as he is.
the comforters are kicked to the edge of the bed, your pillow on the floor with your shirts and shorts, and you groan at atsumu’s sudden pull.
you yawn, “don’t insult the clock.”
you stay still against atsumu’s chest, his arm tightly keeping you close to him, and you take one more second or two to rid yourself of the remaining sleep in your system.
it’s time to get up.
“tsumu.” you call out.
but he keeps his eyes closed, “five more minutes.”
it’s 6:34 now, an hour away from your respective call times, and even you can admit that it’s still too early to even be thinking of leaving the bed.
atsumu’s hands trail on your back, calming strokes underneath his fingertips, your warm skin on his — and he feels exactly like what mornings should feel.
you take this opportunity to bring your hand up to his face; his nose is red - probably from the cold - and his hair is tousled and knotted.
you kiss him on the lips, a gentle peck, with his eyes closed and all, and your heart flutters when you see him bite back a smile as soon as you pull away.
you tease, “oh, you’re awake now.”
and he opens his eyes, “you’re annoying.”
and he pulls you into a deeper kiss, one that has you smiling and laughing, but still breathless and panting all at once.
he pulls away just to kiss you back and repeat.
it’s only six in the morning, and this is a very nice way of waking up. skin on skin, clothes on the floor, and atsumu’s cologne from yesterday.
“maybe we can stay in bed today.” he tells you, grinning as he peppers the rest of your face with butterfly kisses.
and you shake your head, “after you insulted my clock? not gonna happen.”
so he kisses you again, “i promise i won’t be mean to the clock anymore if we stay in bed.”
it’s 6:45, you and atsumu tread down the lengthy flat to sit at the bright and comfy dining set just by the kitchen, a pot of coffee brewed by your side, and two mugs that are immaturely cheesy adorning the table.
atsumu looks at you, peering over his coffee, “is that my shirt?”
and you reply, “no.” knowing fully well that it is his.
(but to your defense, you just put on whatever was closest to you on the bedroom floor, so how could you have known that it wasn’t really yours?)
(you would’ve still worn it even if you did know it was his though.)
his coffee mug in his hands, he points out, “it says miya on the back.”
and you give him a charming smile, “well, my last name is miya too.”
and atsumu gives you a smile, “damn right.”
he takes another drink from his cup, and he tilts his head, “are you wearing my shorts?”
it’s 7:00 now, atsumu is still latched around your back, his arms relentlessly tight around your waist as he peppers the rest of your neck and shoulders with a myriad of kisses.
you stand in front of a stove, an apron thrown over one of his shirts, and two mugs of coffee sits on the very counter behind you.
he tells you, “go easy on the salt.” peeking over your cooking.
and you reply, “cook your own eggs, asshat.”
the morning will come to an end soon, he’d have to drive you to school and walk you to class before going to his volleyball trainings himself.
but right now, the two of you enjoy the quiet of the kitchen, rings and names being shared anong with laughter and kisses.
and atsumu’s not a morning person, but he’d gladly wake up early just to do this everyday with you.
Tumblr media
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the-illuminated-witch · 11 months ago
Earth-Friendly Witchcraft
Tumblr media
Whatever religious or spiritual tradition they identify with, most witches agree that there is something sacred about the natural world. We draw our power from the earth beneath our feet, the sky over our heads, and the air in our lungs.
And yet, many of us live in societies that are actively contributing to the destruction of the natural world. Most developed nations have a linear economy, which means resources are extracted and then sent on a one-way trip to consumers who will use them and then throw them away. This leads to overflowing landfills, air and water pollution, and quickly disappearing resources. The World Economic Forum predicts that, if our habits don’t change, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. And I dearly hope that by now we’re all familiar with the reality of climate change and its devastating impact on global ecosystems.
I’m not trying to scare you, but I do want to point out the hypocrisy of drawing power from the Earth in our magic while simultaneously contributing to her destruction. If we truly want to consider ourselves spiritual allies of the planet, we need to make an effort to live our lives — and practice our magic — in ways that are less harmful to her.
You don’t have to become an environmentalist or switch to a zero waste lifestyle, but we can all make little changes for a more sustainable life. There’s lots of information out there about how to live a more Earth-friendly lifestyle, so in this post I’ll be focusing on how to apply that same philosophy to your witchcraft.
Steps to a more Earth-Friendly Practice:
Limiting your consumption will automatically lower your negative impact on the planet. Follow my previous guidelines for avoiding consumerism to start shrinking your carbon footprint.
Avoid plastic as much as possible. According to the WEF, 70% of our plastic ends up in a landfill or in the world’s waterways, and according to Julia Watkins, author of Simply Living Well, only 9% of household plastics get recycled. Plastic (unlike glass and metal) cannot be recycled indefinitely — it can only be recycled a handful of times before it becomes too degraded to be repurposed any further. There really is no way to make plastic safer for the planet, so it’s best to just avoid it altogether. Look for tools made of metal, wood, or glass instead of plastics, and try to order things shipped in paper and cardboard when possible.
Create spells that won’t leave leftovers. One of the big contributing factors to our current environmental crisis is that we just produce too much waste. You can avoid this in your magical practice by crafting spells that won’t leave you throwing away a big ball of candle wax, herbs, and paper. Kitchen magic is a no-brainer for this, since kitchen spells are meant to be eaten. If you want to do a candle spell, use small candles that will burn up completely — I find larger candles are more likely to leave leftover wax. Making magical bath salts is another great option for leftover-free spells — just make sure everything you include is safe to go down the drain and won’t contribute to water pollution!
Forage for your own spell materials. One of the best ways to avoid plastic packaging and cut down on emissions from shipping is to use materials from your backyard! Learn about the plants, animals, and minerals native to your area, and take regular nature walks where you can gather what you need. Remember to only take as much as you need and to be careful never to damage the plants you harvest from. Make sure to carefully disinfect any animals bits you pick up — you can do this by burying them in salt for a full moon cycle and/or setting them in the sun/under a UV light for several days. If you find a dead animal and want to strip and clean its bones for use in ritual, this is a much more involved process and will require special research, equipment, and lots of time. And, of course, never eat anything you have foraged unless you happen to have an advanced degree in botany.
Keep a magical garden. Another great way to connect with the planet and shrink your carbon footprint is to grow your own herbs, vegetables, and fruits. You can, of course, grow food for your kitchen if you have space, but even if you live in a tiny apartment you can grow a handful of magical herbs in pots. For a list of common houseplants and their magical associations, check out this post.
Shop for spell materials at a local farmer’s market. Buying local is a great way to avoid the environmental impact of shipping produce, and it allows you to support small farms. Farmer’s markets also typically carry seasonal produce, which can help you align your magical practice with the cycles of nature. Farmer’s markets are a great way to find seasonal fruits and vegetables for kitchen magic, but you can use the produce you find there for other types of spells as well.
Trade paraffin wax candles for beeswax or soy wax. Paraffin, the material used for most cheap candles, is a by-product of crude oil, which is not only highly unsustainable but contains carcinogens (chemicals that may cause cancer). Beeswax is a sustainable alternative, and beeswax candles produce a “clean” burn, meaning it does not negatively affect air quality. Soy wax is a slightly pricier, vegan-friendly sustainable option that also produces a clean burn.
Use undyed, unbleached paper for your written spells. The bleaches and dyes used in most commercially available paper have a toxic effect on the environment. Colored paper cannot be recycled or composted because it will contaminate everything it touches. Use plain, unbleached paper for your written spells, especially if you plan to bury them in the ground or dispose of them outside.
Make sure your essential oils are ethically harvested. Essential oils are tricky — although they are marketed as natural, many of them are produced through unsustainable methods. Because essential oils are concentrated, it may take thousands of pounds of plants to produce a single pound of oil. This can have a devastating impact, especially for endangered plants like white sage or palo santo. Look for ethically-sourced, wild-harvested essential oils — these are oils that are gathered from the wild in ways that don’t hurt the local ecosystem. Mountain Rose Herbs and Eden’s Garden are two brands that are committed to sustainable essential oil production.
Instead of burying a spell in a jar, bury it in a hollowed-out fruit or vegetable. Many traditions call for spells to be buried in the ground. Items like jar spells and witch bottles are traditionally buried on the witch’s property. The problem with this is that plastic and glass bottles do not biodegrade, and will remain in the ground for years. Instead of putting these materials in the ground, bury your spells in a hollowed-out fruit or vegetable. As a bonus, you can choose this item to support your intention. For example, you might use an apple for a love spell or a spicy pepper for protection. Just make sure everything inside the spell is also biodegradable!
Keep a compost pile as an offering to your local land spirits. Compost is an easy way to reduce food waste, and it gives your garden a boost! Even if you don’t have your own garden, you can give your compost to a fiend who does or look into donating it to a community garden. When composting, it’s important to maintain a balance between carbon-rich “brown” ingredients (leaves, undyed paper, cardboard, etc.) and nitrogen-rich “greens” (fruit and veggie scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.) — you want about four times as much brown as green in your compost. Start your compost with a layer of brown — preferably twigs or straw to allow good airflow. Alternate layers of green and brown materials as you add to the pile. Every time you add to your compost, verbally express your gratitude to the land spirits. Your compost should be moist, but not soggy — you’ll know it’s ready when it’s dark and crumbly and smells like soil.
Make your own tea blends with loose herbs and a reusable tea strainer instead of buying teabags. Witches and tea go together like peanut butter and chocolate, but the individual wrappers on teabags create a lot of waste. On top of that, since many of these wrappers are dyed, they may not even be recyclable. Keep your teas earth-friendly by buying dried herbs in bulk and blending your own teas. Making your own blends is not only better for the planet, but also allows you to choose each ingredient for a specific magical intention.
Find ways to use your trash in your craft. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of throwing things away, find ways to use them in your magic! Use food scraps from cooking, like carrot greens and potato peels, in spells. Turn an old shoe box into a travel altar. Add your coffee grounds to spells to ground them and manifest results in the physical world. You get the idea. Be creative!
Research different models for Earth-friendly living, like the zero waste/low waste lifestyle, sustainability, and the solarpunk movement. This will give you more ideas for a sustainable lifestyle, as well as a sustainable magical practice.
The funny thing about Earth-friendly living is that, the more time you spend taking care of the planet, the more connected you feel to it. I encourage you to try some of the ideas on this list — you’ll be amazed by how quickly you develop a deeper relationship with the Earth and all her creatures.
Of Blood and Bones by Kate Freuler
Simply Living Well by Julia Watkins
“By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, study says” from The Washington Post
A Sustainable Mind podcast
Practical(ly) Zero Waste podcast
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fatehbaz · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It is spring in Houston, which means that each day the temperature rises and so does the humidity. The dampness has darkened the flower bed, and from the black mulch has emerged what looks like a pile of snotty scrambled eggs [...]. I recognize this curious specimen as the aethalial state of Fuligo septica, more commonly known as “dog vomit slime mold.” Despite its name, it’s not actually a mold -- not any type of fungus at all -- but rather a myxomycete (pronounced MIX-oh-my-seat), a small, understudied class of creatures that occasionally appear in yards and gardens as strange, Technicolor blobs. Like fungi, myxomycetes begin their lives as spores, but when a myxomycete spore germinates and cracks open, a microscopic amoeba slithers out. [...] When the amoeba encounters another amoeba with whom it is genetically compatible, the two fuse, joining chromosomes and nuclei [...], growing ever larger, until at the end of its life, it transforms into an aethalia, a “fruiting body” that might be spongelike in some species, or like a hardened calcium deposit in others, or, as with Stemonitis axifera, grows into hundreds of delicate rust-colored stalks. [...]
These creatures exist on every continent and almost everywhere people have looked for them: from Antarctica, where Calomyxa metallica forms iridescent beads, to the Sonoran Desert, where Didymium eremophilum clings to the skeletons of decaying saguaro cacti [...]. Throughout their lives, myxomycetes only ever exist as a single cell, inside which the cytoplasm always flows -- out to its extremities, back to the center. When it encounters something it likes, such as oatmeal, the cytoplasm pulsates more quickly. If it finds something it dislikes, like salt, quinine, bright light, cold, or caffeine, it pulsates more slowly [...]. It can solve mazes in pursuit of a single oat flake, and later, can recall the path it took to reach it. [...]
How do you classify a creature such as this?
In the ninth century, Chinese scholar Twang Ching-Shih referred to a pale yellow substance that grows in damp, shady conditions as kwei hi, literally “demon droppings.” In European folklore, slime mold is depicted as the work of witches, trolls, and demons -- a curse sent from a neighbor to spoil the butter and milk. In Carl Linnaeus’s Species Plantarum -- a book that aspires to list every species of plant known at the time (nearly seven thousand by the 1753 edition) -- he names only seven species of slime molds. Among those seven we recognize Fuligo in the species he calls Mucor septicus (“rotting mucus”), which he classifies, incorrectly, as a type of fungus. [...]
Tumblr media
These “ladders” or “scales of ascent,” in turn, inspired the “Great Chain of Being” -- the [...] worldview central to European thought from the end of the Roman Empire through the Middle Ages, that ordered all of creation from lowest to highest [...]. Over time, Linnaeus revised his classifications of Homo sapiens, naming “varieties” that at first corresponded to what he saw as the four geographic corners of the planet, but which became hierarchical, assigned different intellectual and moral value based on phenotypes and physical attributes. The idea that humans could and should be ordered -- that some were superior to others, that this superiority had a physical as well as social component -- was deeply embedded in many previous schema. But Linnaeus’s taxonomy, unlike the systems that came before, gave these prejudices the appearance of objectivity, of being backed by scientific proof. When Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published in 1859, it was on the foundation of this “science,” which had taught white Europeans to reject the idea of evolution unless it crowned them in glory.
But the history of taxonomic classification has always been about establishing hierarchy [...].
I did not learn until college about a taxonomic category that superseded kingdom, proposed in the 1970s by biologists Carl Woese and George Fox and based on genetic sequencing, that divided life into three domains: Bacteria, Eukarya, and Archaea, a recently discovered single-celled organism that has survived in geysers and swamps and hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean for billions of years. 
Perhaps a limit of our so-called intelligence is that we cannot fathom ourselves in the context of time at this scale, and that so many of us fail, so consistently, to marvel at any lives but our own. [...]
Tumblr media
A few years ago, near a rural village in Myanmar, miners came across a piece of amber containing a fossilized Stemonitis slime mold dating from the mid-Cretaceous period. Scientists were thrilled by the discovery, because few slime mold fossils exist, and noted that the 100-million-year-old Stemonitis looks indistinguishable from the one oozing around forests today. [...]
One special ability of slime molds that supports this possibility is their capacity for cryptobiosis: the process of exchanging all the water in one’s body for sugars, allowing a creature to enter a kind of stasis for weeks, months, years, centuries, perhaps even for millennia. [...] The only other species who have this ability are the so-called “living fossils” such as tardigrades and Notostraca (commonly known as water bears and tadpole shrimp, respectively). [...]
In laboratory environments, researchers have cut Physarum polycephalum into pieces and found that it can fuse back together within two minutes. Or, each piece can go off and live separate lives, learn new things, and return later to fuse together, and in the fusing, each individual can teach the other what it knows, and can learn from it in return.
Though, in truth, “individual” is not the right word to use here, because “individuality” [...] doesn’t apply to the slime mold worldview. A single cell might look to us like a coherent whole, but that cell can divide itself into countless spores, creating countless possible cycles of amoeba to plasmodium to aethalia, which in turn will divide and repeat the cycle again. It can choose to “fruit” or not, to reproduce sexually or asexually or not at all, challenging every traditional concept of “species,” the most basic and fundamental unit of our flawed and imprecise understanding of the biological world. As a consequence, we have no way of knowing whether slime molds, as a broad class of beings, are stable or whether climate change threatens their survival, as it does our own. Without a way to count their population as a species, we can’t measure whether they are endangered or thriving. Should individuals that produce similar fruiting bodies be considered a species? What if two separate slime molds do not mate but share genetic material?
The very idea of separateness seems antithetical to slime mold existence. It has so much to teach us.
Headline and all text published by: Lacy M. Johnson. “What Slime Knows.” Orion Magazine. August 2021. Photos by Alison Pollack and published alongside article.
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wandavicky · 3 months ago
hi!! i love your writing and wanted to request a yelena and r one where yelena is like super hesitant when it comes to expressing emotions but she tries for r and everyone notices? thank you :)
Note: jejeje I love Yelena
“Hey, Nat.” You find Natasha walking into the dining room, enjoying her morning coffee, “I heard you and Yelena had different opinions on the mission? She told me she’s upset.”
“She told you she’s what?” Natasha almost choked on her coffee.
You frown, unknowing what she means, “Upset. Why?”
Natasha glances at Yelena walking over to the table, “Nothing, never mind.”
“Hey, good morning, Y/N.” Yelena smiles and takes the seat next to you, but her smile didn’t last for long, “Hey, Natasha.”
Natasha eyeing at you and Yelena, intrigued. “Morning.”
“I made you some scrambled eggs with mushrooms.” You put the plate in front of Yelena, who stare blankly at the golden colored egg.
“What’s wrong?”
Natasha takes a sip of the coffee, “Yelena don’t eat mushrooms.”
“I do!” Yelena picks up the spoon and takes a bite, glaring at Natasha, “I do now.”
“Well?” You look nervously at the blonde, “What do you think?”
Yelena put another spoon full of scrambled eggs in her mouth, “I love it! It’s delicious.”
“You love it?” Natasha blinks twice to make sure she really sees Yelena eating the food she hates. “No witty sarcasms? No ‘need more salt’ or ‘meh’, but you ‘love it’?”
“Shut up, Natasha.” Yelena devores the eggs quickly and turns to you, “Thank you, Y/N. It’s delicious.”
Natasha tries hard to control herself not to record this moment for blackmail. Yelena Belova being all tamed and polite? No one will believe her if they didn’t see it.
“I’m glad you like it.” You chuckle in relief and stands up to put the plate into the kitchen sink.
“Hey, Y/N, just put it there, I’ll wash it later!” Yelena rush to your side, holding your hand to stops your motion. But immediately let go of your hand, “Oh, sorry.”
“Thank you.” You can’t help but add a kiss on her blushing cheeks, “I should probably leave for school.”
“Have a good day, you two.” You turn around before leaving the two stunned assassins in the dining room, “Be nice, Lena, don’t fight with Natasha.”
Natasha looks over to see Yelena’s face all red and her fingers still lingering at where your lips landed.
She can’t help but laughs, “Yelena ‘I don’t have feelings’ Belova falling in love? Now I’ve seen it all.”
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simplepotatofarmer · 13 days ago
You know what- I really like how Techno interacts with people he knows are potentially hostile towards him. Like unless it's a battlefield or something he's honestly just really chill. With BBH, he rambles about Steve and goes along with the roadtrip to the egg. When he visits Snowchester with the syndicate he makes lighthearted jabs at the broken ice road. With Quackity he offers him some Birthday cake and then at the end of the conversation almost says 'you too' when Quackity wishes him a good birthday. (despite being very obviously wary of the dude.) Then with Sam he goes through everything, compliments the prison, and even when Sam's letting down the lava he's like- 'that was nice'
like- sfdsafsad the man can be so unbelievably chill in these types of situations but then 2 of his foxes go missing and he's just like- HEH-
c!techno is such a chill dude and i love that about him.
like, it's clear that he has trust issues, i don't doubt that somewhere in the back of his mind, he has a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. that's just how he is.
but he doesn't want to be.
techno would rather talk to people about his animals, about whatever he might find interesting, whatever crosses his mind. (part of me that considers techno's canon anxiety wonders if it's because he wants to put people at ease and make them comfortable because in return it would make him feel more comfortable, as i know that's how i feel.)
i think it really goes to show that when it comes down to it, techno isn't a violent person, he's a person who is good at violence. his past issues with betrayal and being hurt means that when he gets violent, it's often techno salting the earth because he wants it to never happen again. but we also know he tries to talk his way out of it (stalling for so long at the red festival, begging the butcher army to leave him alone).
so i love this about him because yes, he'll just chat to people who are potential threats to him! he doesn't want them to be, he doesn't want that.
the things he actively gets worked up about are what he cares about: protecting phil, his foxes going missing, steve getting stuck in the nether, and turtle eggs being crushed.
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