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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Can’t wait for Stella to wear a slutty cheerleader outfit while singing a Hedwig song to try and convince Ms. Dowling to let the students perform it at some musical event

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Oof I know a lot of non natives seem to love Buffalo Wing from LGG, I need to see it for myself to see if it’s as racist as it looks but I’m struggling cuz that design is painful to my eyes. Plus I’ve seen so much racist art from it I’m scared ya’ll. I know I need to watch it to get a proper analysis but it’s gonna be hard. Why they gotta make her look like….that? And changing Buffalo Wing to BW isn’t fooling anyone.

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i cant believe i used to simp for chris evans

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I made my first tiktok.

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the jo persephone art was on my dash again and gave me a whole heart attack

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Kpop stans saw the xenophobia and yellow fever of weebs and decided to be even ~ w o r s e ~

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oh thats. thats crunchy

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What’s that? A disease? I hope not.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, no go draw that picture exactly to your taste because in my experience, it’s going to haunt you until you get it out of your head.

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thank uuuuuu !!!!!!!! how was ur day ? also, if ur from the states did u watch the inauguration ?

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hhhhg i hope i don’t get added to any servers with people i don’t know

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deep down i knew the fallout frontier mod was going to be just total trash when one of the trailers proudly declared the team “disciples of kojima”

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Just finished FotJ: Apocalypse and if I never read another book with tentacles again, it’ll be too soon.

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no i got out of that hell hole a while ago

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