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#*sucks in deep breath*
evcndiaz · a month ago
#Okay so I just had an idea for a scene#or like a headcanon is more accurate#but what if at some point over their partnership Bobby pulls Buck into his office because he's heard rumors yk?#He's heard that Buck's been jumping down on Ravi pretty hard and he just wants to make sure everything is okay and all#And like the MINUTE Buck has the opportunity to freely express himself he's just /ranting/#'Ravi doesn't do this...' 'Ravi did that...' 'Ravi doesn't understand...' and he just goes on and on and on for five minutes#gesturing wildly and becoming more agitated with every passing second#and Bobby watches him quietly until finally#when Buck is sucking in a deep breath to continue his little tirade#he says 'You know Eddie's going to be okay right?'#And that just stops Buck in his tracks. He freezes for a moment before all the breath in his lungs comes rushing out#He drops down into the chair in front of Bobby's desk suddenly exhausted and huffs a weary sardonic laugh. 'I'm not so sure about that'#'Well I am' Bobby says firmly. He leans forward. 'What happened wasn't your fault Buck. You have got to get that into your head.'#'Eddie still would have gotten shot. That's just the way it happened and I'm sorry it did but there's nothing you could have done. And#coming down on Ravi the way you have isn't going to change that.'#Buck leans forward too. 'But he needs to understand that people die if-'#'If what?' Bobby prods. 'People die anyway even when we try our best. That's the job Buck. But you know who didn't die?'#He points toward the main room#'That man in there. Eddie is alive because of you. When are you going to understand that?'#And Buck looks down at his hands and Bobby can see he's thinking of that day. Thinking of the blood that had stained his skin#Buck's swallow is audible. 'It doesn't feel like enough Cap.'#'It never does.' Bobby waits until Buck meets his eyes. 'But this time? It was. You brought him home Buck. You need to find a way to#forgive yourself for not seeing into the future.' He pauses. 'And you need to find a way to forgive Ravi for not being Eddie.'#That teases a scowl from Buck but it's the kind of scowl that lets Bobby know Buck knows he's right. On both counts.#'Fine' Buck says reluctantly. 'But I'm not going to be happy about it.'#And Bobby knows they're talking about Ravi but he thinks maybe with a little more time Buck will agree with him about the other thing too.#Anyways yeah what if we got a scene like that#(Also this is in the tags because I do my best thinking in the tags lol)#jack.txt
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winepresswrath · 5 months ago
Half the time I'm like, I prefer the drama because its so much more hopeful about these clown brothers making up and they probably don't in the novel :(. The other half of the time I'm like, lol, novel!WWX refuses to acknowledge that he has feelings unless forced, he could not keep his nose out of JC's business at gunpoint, at some point Jin Ling is going to get sick if his uncles constantly keeping tabs on each other while pretending ~the past is in the past~.
CQL is my favourite for many reasons, and it's definitely the universe I'm thinking of the most when I think about yunmeng bro recon because it's the universe in which I think it is extremely obvious that they would both really like to be in each other's lives again but haven't figured out how to do that. Wei Wuxian spends the entire second life making yearning faces at Lotus Pier and then makes this face when Jiang Cheng walks away from him:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at how smug Jin Ling is as he plots his uncle trapping:
Tumblr media
Sad pining uncles everywhere:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He has a lot to work with.
The end of the novel on its own is hard mode. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are running away together to elope and fuck in a ditch, their future connection to and level of engagement with the cultivation world is uncertain, and leaving the past in the past feels much more plausibly like something Wei Wuxian wants for himself, as opposed to the CQL version where it really just comes across to me as not knowing what else he can do to break the sadness cycle. The novel version of the temple scene has a sad lack of tender face touching! Wei Wuxian seems very exhausted and allergic to feelings and definitely to feelings about Jiang Cheng, except maybe when he's making fun of Jin Guangyao being sensitive about his mother's profession to draw fire. And when he tells Jin Ling to go to Jiang Cheng, and the Jiang Cheng giving the chenqing back to him clearly means something to him, there is stuff to work with if you're so inclined, but the heart of my clown car agenda is that I genuinely think they both love each other very deeply and are capable of being in each other's lives in a way that's good for both of them and something they both want. The novel is not making the same case CQL does.
But then we find out that a few months later they're literally night hunting with each other's children and Wei Wuxian is sitting down for heart to hearts with Jin Ling where he tells him he should trust and rely on Jiang Cheng because pushing him away to protect him will only hurt him and I'm like oh ok we're on like Donkey Kong never mind.
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goldencorecrunches · 11 months ago
things i think about 25/7
meng yao still wearing the nie braids in nightless city
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jotaros-massive-tiddies · 6 months ago
me: i’m not gonna start writing for jjk, i’m literally about to start a temp job and need to focus on finishing commissions
my brain: but what if you write siren!sukuna
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batshit-birds · 7 months ago
I never really thought I'd get into Marvel comics because like as salty as I can be about DC, it's always gonna have a permanent place in my heart but WOW I'm really digging Comics!Spiderman. MCU spiderman really got on my nerves because of the fandom but the comic version looks wayyyy more fun.
Sorry about rambling about Marvel on a DC Blog lol, pretty sure that's like a cardinal sin or smtg
i mean i like Marvel too, I just enjoy DC better. Its not really a sin on this particular blog lmao
And i've been considering looking at the comics, but the only ones I'd be interested in is Moon Knight and Spiderman lmao. Especially Spiderman. I've seen some pages and panels of his comic self and i absolutely dig his character
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shenandoahcafe · 9 months ago
So someone appears to have become distressed in response to my post about Blue and Orla's relationship and I'd like to clarify that Blue's behavior is absolutely slut shaming at times, but that it's denying her nuance when we leave it at that. She can be both a hypocrite and be a 17 year old with no options and no psychic abilities having to see a cousin with many options and plenty of psychic ability. Blue isn't above shitty feminism, but a lot of her conflict with Orla stems from the fact that Orla has everything Blue is insecure about and trying to convince herself she's not insecure about. Why do I feel mad at my cousin for getting to have as many boyfriends as she wants -> it can't be that I'm not ok with being alone forever because I am ok with it -> so clearly it's because Orla is in the wrong. There's more layers to their relationship than flat out slut shaming.
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plan-d-to-i · 8 months ago
jiang cheng stans about to drop some canonically incorrect bs to try & make their toxic bae look like less of a turd: “oK deEp bReAth ...”
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quietlegends · 4 months ago
Ive got a big interview coming up tomorrow and the nerves are finally setting in.💀I haven't been this nervous in a while but at least it's in the morning so I won't be internally freaking out all day tomorrow
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rantdragon · 4 months ago
Ah, there’s that social anxiety catching up to me.
Tumblr media
And that is my cue to sleep.
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piracytheorist · 8 months ago
Not me, having a near breakdown during a rehearsal through ZΟΟM and having to keep myself together because people are watching and how do I even begin to explain and now that it’s over I can’t break down because the feeling passed but not the leftover pain from it
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sentinel-lyons · 5 months ago
/puts face in hands
so i found an interesting video on youtube about a new isometric post-apocalyptic RPG that's coming out soon that piqued my interest because, y'know, i like fallout! so i crack open the video and settle down and honest to god i am going to transcribe the LITERAL OPENING OF THIS VIDEO:
Bethesda's Fallouts are pretty polarising games. There's a huge chunk of players who feel betrayed by them being just shallow husks of what Fallout used to be in the Interplay days, but also a good many people who love them with a passion.
and i'm like... okay weird start but thanks for acknowledging people actually like the bethesda fallouts on account of, y'know, opinions of games being subjective. ONLY TO THEN GET WHACKED WITH:
So if you say stuff like "Fallout 3 is rubbish" or something like that somewhere online, it's not unlikely for stans to jump straight in the line of fire and rebuttal you with something like "Wellmmmake your OWN game then mnmnmnmn!"
i cannot stress enough that i am reaching a fucking breaking point of veering into truly visceral hatred of anti-fallout 3/anti-bethesda fans, and also (because i know it can be blamed for like 99% of this horseshit) new vegas. i truly am. i have gone from rolling my eyes abt it to pointedly ignoring it to now actively hating every fucking inch of that stupid fucking game. every time i try and watch a video about ANY (LITERALLY ANY) post-apocalyptic game some sweaty clownass decides to go on a tangent about how bad fallout 3/fallout 3's fans/bethesda is and i am honestly getting so sick and fucking tired of these people and these stupid fucking tangents i could literally cry.
like? do you new vegas fans think you're objectively in the right here? do you truly think that new vegas is objectively the best game ever made? that if you play new vegas and don't enjoy it as much as fo3 (as i did) that i'm just objectively fucking wrong? that i clearly fucked something up if my eyes were not Opened to how amazing fallout new vegas is? i cannot! open! a single fucking video! about post-apoc rpgs without some dense motherfucker acting as though fallout 3 "stans" occupy 99% of the damn fandom space when 99% of the time i physically cannot get away from new vegas posts and art and writing and discourse and bullshit PLEASE SHUT UP. I AM BEGGING YOU.
i have never ever EVER seen a fandom so determined to act like they're the victim of a fucking Gamer Hate Crime when all they do is go online to yell that people who enjoy fallout 3 killed their fucking dog or whatever. PLEASE shut up. i am trying to mind my own fucking business and you people are in EVERY FUCKING VIDEO I HAVE THE DISPLEASURE OF SEEING. GO AWAY!!! LEAVE!!!
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rena-te · 7 months ago
I just realized that, along with the usual Joshua drama that’ll come with the new fans, there’s also gonna be...wrong takes about him to say the least. Like there’s probably information that won’t be in the anime, so ppl will just assume that Joshua is some basic, troublemaker, asshole character and That’s It. Oh boy that’ll be a thing to deal with.
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