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Tumblr media
india romance. there’s something about it. good week. minor back discomfort. 
last weekend was a blast though. out-of-town trip with adb tennis club. LU. minor waterfall trek on the side. first play and easy hike since the back injury. hope i get to go back to old active regular programming of sorts. hopefully. soon. twas so good to be out in a group for once.
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livesunique · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Taj Falaknuma, Hyderabad, Telangana, India,
The length of the table is 108 feet, breadth is 5.7 and height is 2.7 feet. This is world’s largest dining table.
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sbrown82 · a year ago
Tumblr media
SWV (1993)
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Tumblr media
My friend's silken has been missing since July 2nd, 2020 from Gladstone-Riverside Park.
We had 2 sightings, however we have received no new leads. Our team has placed hundreds of posters on major intersections, high foot-traffic areas and into people's mailbox. Three scent dogs have been used, and we are in contact with PetSearchers Canada. Local shelters and vet clinics have been contacted.
If you have sighted Taj, DO NOT APPROACH or CHASE. Please immediately contact Harriett or Ron (604)-818-5740 or (604)-818-5756.
Please share this poster far and wide on all your social media accounts!
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sketch-and-write-lover · a month ago
Thanksgiving Anyone?
A/n: While I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, I had a little scene play in my head so... naturally I had to work this in with my OC Izzy for an upcoming series for TAJ. Hope you all enjoy.
Word Count: 788
Pairing: Anders x Oc
Warnings: A little steamy make out... no smut..
On the couch all tangled up in each others arm, Anders and Izzy were making out with little time to breath or really think of the turkey that was cooking away in the oven and the side dishes on the counter waiting for their turn to be cooked. It was their first time celebrating an age old holiday from the States that Anders was willing to try and celebrate with the Goddess of Poetry and anything erotic. If it meant whipped cream and fucking her after having a (much anticipated on his part) delicious dinner. He was all for it. But there was a catch.
There was always a catch, as Izzy would say.
Izzy, even after trying to use his powers on her, invited his family for the Thanksgiving dinner. Something he was not looking forward to at all. But, he was going to have his revenge with having to endure his family for a couple hours. As his lips left her own, he began to follow the length of her neck and find her soft spot just before the base of her neck and began to work on his favorite hickie spot. Her soft moans only validated him that his plan was working. Oh how she was going to be loud tonight he thought.
"A-Anders… I gotta keep cooking." Izzy moaned and let out a sharp gasp as she could feel how hard he was through their clothes.
Letting out a deep hum, Anders pressed his hips down to insinuate his own situation. "It can wait. We have plenty of time, sweetheart."
Practically purring in her ear and letting his scruff tickle her now sensitive skin, he easily lifted her dress to add a little more contact. Her back arched at the much needed pressure and friction which earned him a hungry and pleading moan.
"Ooh, someone's ready to be sacked. Maybe I should… then again. You did invite my family to ruin our meal." Anders stated in a matter-of-fact tone and slowly relieved the pressure from his hips to hers and sat back on the couch casually.
Izzy lifted her head up with a glare that could kill people if she had the ability. Anders on the other hand smiled casually and looked down at her disheveled stated and a great view of her lingerie that she was wearing. He let his hand caress her inner thigh which, instinctively, made her close her legs and pull her dress down. She pulled his hand out from under her dress before shuffling into the kitchen to throw whatever needed to go into the oven and poured them both some wine.
"You are so damn lucky that you're sexy as hell, Anders." Izzy said as she sat down next to him and handed him his glass of rich wine.
"You're welcome. Now, c'mere…" Anders wrapped his arm across her shoulders and pulled her flushed to his side.
His lips found the exact same soft spot he was working on earlier and continued his torture on her skin and on her mind. This man was a fucking God send for her. Until he bit down which made her gasp and shudder under him. The feeling of his lips curling up against her skin made her mentally scowl at him, but let out a breathy moan escape her lips. Damn Norse Gods. Damn Bragi. Luckily the doorbell went off, signaling them both that Anders' family had arrived. Jumping slightly, Izzy swiftly captured Anders' lips in a brief, hungry kiss before hurrying over to the door.
"Oh, Izzy. You got something on your neck." He pointed with a mischievous smirk. And a proud one at that as well.
She glanced in the mirror in her hallway and gasped at the dark hickey that he happily left for her and glared at him once more. Pulling her hair out of the pony tail that it originally was in, she laid her dark wavy hair over and across her shoulders to hide the dark mark on her light brown skin. Once she felt satisfied with how she looked, Izzy opened the door to see the rest of the Johnson family at her doorstep.
"It's about time you answered." Mike huffed before accepting a small hug from Izzy.
"Hello to you too, grouch." She teased before welcoming everyone else inside.
Anders had stood up once his older brother walked in and gave a slight nod. He was not looking forward to this meal. But if he was wanting some good and long sex from the Greek Goddess herself, he was going to go with it. He was just glad that he brought the handcuffs in his weekend bag. 
A little surprise never harmed anyone.
Oh my Anders... this is my very first posted fic for our beloved Anders. I hope I did him justice. @blairsanne @laurfilijames please let me know if I did okay.
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blairsanne · a month ago
7: Joy
Drabbles for December based on this prompt list.
The Almighty Johnsons - Axl Johnson (and co)
Tumblr media
Axl chucked his empty milkshake cup in a nearby trash bin. “Corkscrew next!” “Roller coaster? Now?” Mike grimaced. “Let’s do the bumper boats again,” Anders agreed. He liked having fun, but he’d never really been fond of heights, and roller coasters weren’t his first choice.
“But the corkscrew’s the best ride.” Axl looked at his amusement park companions with an incredulous expression.
Zeb pat his gut, then belched. “Mate, I just ate fried chicken and a banana split. If I go on a coaster I’m gonna chunder.” Ty winced at Zeb’s comment. “Maybe the Log Flume first?”
Axl glanced at the log flume as they walked toward it. He was still leading them all toward the roller coaster, but he was concerned they wouldn’t make it there. “We can go on that after.”
Olaf looked back at the rest of the group and spoke with a resolute yet light-hearted tone. “It’s Axl’s birthday, so if he says corkscrew, then corkscrew we must.” Axl laughed. “Corkscrew!” Zeb sighed, but took a deep breath and mustered his enthusiasm. “Yes, my lord Odin.” “Chunder in the back,” Anders commented, slapping Zeb’s chest with the back of his hand.
Not long later, all six of them were seated on the ride, starting the initial ascent - Zeb and Olaf in the back, Ty and Mike in the middle, and Axl and Anders at the front.
Axl turned to Anders, noting his older brother’s nerves. “Should we do the Fearfall or the Power Surge after?” He winced slightly, but flashed Axl a grin. “Whatever you want, baby brother.” Axl laughed.
Just before they reached the apex, Anders looked over to Axl again with a warm expression. “Happy Birthday!” “Ta!”
As they started their speedy descent, Axl started cheering. He heard Anders make what started off as a panicked sound that turned into a sort of manic laughter, and looked over to see him clearly having a good time despite himself as they flipped upside down.
Axl laughed, his chest filled with joy. It was a great birthday. “WHOOO!!”
December Drabbles Masterlist
TAJ taglist: @midearthwritings
A/N: Yep I'm still behind, but surprise, I'm still planning on working my way through the prompts, lol. Feel free to send requests for any of them! :)
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jprgirl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A handy chart I made my IRL friends when I was spamming them about The Almighty Johnsons.
IDK, what do you think? XD
(Please note that we don’t slut shame in our house, we slut appreciate. Anders is sex-positive and we STAN.)
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freightzeit · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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legolaslovely · 3 months ago
You can't just say Fíli has the best ass and not show pictures. I want pictures of that baby
All right LISTEN UP. I did research for this post omg. 
Fili is a BUFF LAD okay? Like he's shorter than his brother and he's shorter than Thorin, but the babe is WIDE and has MUSCLES for DAYS. We know that dwarves are pretty conservative in their dress, meaning lots of long and over sized tunics, but there is no ignoring the buff babe. And the babe is buff all over. Fili never skips leg day apparently, which in turn, means GLUTE DAY.
He's got gluteus maximus to the maximum baby.
PRIME example here
And here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like look at the way that belt sits. Gotta leave room for the booty at all times. The bootyus maximus cannot be contained, not even by that big jacket of his. I STILL SEE IT BOY-O. And I’m not saying I would want to bite a little pink mark into those nice round globes of his but I’m also saying yes I would appreciate that yes.
But I really feel like we have Deano to thank for the round Fili butt we all just admired. Like he is the original baby got back and honestly I think they could have skipped that part of his body suit altogether and he still would have filled Fili’s pants shoes just fine.
So not to objectify Deano any further, but just to respectfully study:
Example 1
And *sweats* Example 2
And here:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
In conclusion: Fili has the best ass. Class dismissed.
But not before these honorable mentions that I saved while staring at Fili’s ass at work researching
Back and shoulder appreciation:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And, of course, Iolaus
Tumblr media
You’re welcome
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unauthorizedrhapsody · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like Father, Like Daughter.
Seriously great casting choices made by The Almighty Johnsons. 
Shane and Brooke look like they really could be related. 
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spectralprongs · 18 days ago
Re: your reply → "Honestly, if anything, Jinkook has given me more pause to explore my Jikook perceptions."
I'm just curious! Lol, care to expand?
Lol, I can give it a try, this is very vague in my brain and in no way a fully formed opinion or even observation. It could be a weird fluke. But I'm an extroverted thinker, so it always helps me to talk it out a little (hence why I reply so much to your stuff, sorry if that ever comes off as annoying or me being self-indulgent. I'll admit it's probably a little of the latter, but it really helps me think and clarify my own thoughts and I truly appreciate your patience with me as I do so).
I've been paying more attention to Jinkook of late (though in no way do I side-eye them; there's a very clear definition to their bond, for me, in that Jin practically raised him, but it's so endearing to see so much of Jin reflected in Kookie BECAUSE he raised him. I truly adore their relationship).
But, in paying more attention to them, I've noticed that Kookie does similar, neutral (sometimes odd) actions with Jin that he does with Jimin (hand holding, playful touching, kissing random body parts, etc). The neutrality of the action, however, is eventually discarded and the action is shaped into a specific vibe based on how the OTHER person reacts to it.
Like, when JK kissed Jin's shin in that one photoshoot... random, weird, but neutral, in that JK has done similar weird things to his other hyungs. There is no definition to this action, it sort of hangs there. BUT, Jin reacts by screeching and being grossed out by it and suddenly it becomes defined as brotherly and playful. Jin sets the tone. We, the viewer, now know how to contextualize the original action. Plus, our interpretations seem to be further confirmed by JK reflecting this same brotherly/playful feeling back (he chomps at Jin, laughs, shoves him, makes the same joke, mocks him, whatever).
Now, if JK did something similar to Jimin, which he has (but not exactly - and I don't count Rose Bowl because the context of that was very different), Jimin reacts by being shy, by blushing, by dropping his voice into a playfully flirty tone, by playfully shoving him, by pouting, etc. He doesn't shriek, he doesn't get grossed out or shove JK away, he doesn't define the "neutral" action in the same way as Jin. He makes it more "other", more pause to give it the old side-eye. BUT, AGAIN, JK reinforces this interpretation as being valid by matching Jimin's giggle, his flirty tone, his playful shoving, whatever.
Does this make sense?
it's just interesting to me because on the face of it, JK does a lot of odd shit to all of his hyungs and his intention behind it is hard to interpret. But we're given shape to it by how THEY interpret it, context clues, if you will. And then the old stamp of approval that that is an acceptable interpretation of his intention by JK himself in how he reflects their behavior. If he wasn't ok with Jin being mock grossed out or Jimin being flirty, he could easily act offended or stop instead he behaves the same way back.
And I guess where this all has been leading is to me wondering about JK's adaptability to his hyung's vibes and needs and what that means in his relationships with them all. And how this affects how we, the viewer, interprets these relationships. IDK. It's a jumble and just the beginnings of a thought and I think I have a head cold, so I'm sorry if this doesn't make a lick of sense. My head is VERY congested right now, lol. Please feel to expand or theorize with me. I always appreciate your input! <3
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livesunique · a year ago
Tumblr media
Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India
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middleearth-tolkien · 5 months ago
"I'm A Dangerous Man"
TAJ - S 1 / E 6
Tag In The Video Is My Instagram, Visit Me There ^^
Wow, That Song... I Mean, Heh... XD
It Fits ABSOLUTELY And I Love It!
I Hope You All Like It!
TAJ Tag: @laurfilijames
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dixieforsmash · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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thefrogwild · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Taj's refsheet is here!! The dad has logged on. And now I finally have another Genshin oc for Tatiana to be friends with! (Here’s his TH page)
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blairsanne · a month ago
Picnic (Warm Pt. 2)
The Almighty Johnsons Ty Johnson x Reader
Summary: You and Ty go on a picnic date. Fluffy fluff.
Originally based on a request from @midearthwritings , this fic is getting out of hand. Part 1 here. All fics Masterslist here.
Tumblr media
You had waited three days. That’s what all the popular media said to do, so you didn’t come on too strong when setting up a date after exchanging numbers.
Well, you hadn’t actually exchanged numbers, you realized, holding Ty’s business card between your fingers. He hadn’t had any way to contact you directly, so the ball was officially in your court, and you felt simultaneously like you were going to die if you didn’t call him soon, and like calling him might be what put you in the grave.
Swallowing your nerves, you punched in the number. “Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza! How can I help you?” “What? Sorry- wrong number!”
You hung up and looked down at your phone to see you’d transposed some numbers in your panic.
You emitted a high-pitched screech from your closed mouth, running a hand through your hair in frustration with yourself. Fucking relax, you told yourself.
You took a few calming breaths and pictured the beautiful ice carving from the other night. Ty’s wide, pale eyes and nervous smile when you’d pulled him into a dance. How he’d laughed bashfully as he talked about his baking. The surprise on his face when you’d asked to kiss him.
Carefully this time, you typed in his number, triple-checking it before you hit ‘dial’.
“Johnson Refrigeration. You’ve got Ty.” “Hey.” You gave your name and quickly followed with, “-from the wedding the other day.” He laughed on the other end of the line. “Yes, I remember. Good to hear from you.” You grinned, sitting against your counter as your brain went offline at the sound of his voice. “Thanks.”
There was an awkward pause. You winced, giving your head a shake. “I mean- It’s good to talk to you again! Um, I was just wondering if you wanted to grab a coffee sometime? Or…” “That sounds great!” Ty grinned, pacing in his workshop. “Actually- Would it be too forward to suggest a picnic? I know a great spot in Newmarket Park.” He’d been thinking about it since the wedding. “I can bring cupcakes.”
You chewed your lip, put at ease by his enthusiasm. “That sounds lovely. I’ll bring lunch. Any requests?” “Naw. Anything you make will be delicious, I’m sure.” He was genuinely excited, hoping it would taste as flavourful as it had the other night. He ran his hand over his head. “Are you… free tomorrow?” “Tomorrow’s perfect.” “Perfect.” You heard him let out a relieved sigh. “I’ll pick you up? Say half past noon?” “Sure. I’ll text you my address.” “Ta.”
Ty smiled down at his phone when your call ended, mind racing with excitement over your plans the next day.
“Oh, what’s that face?” Ty looked up in alarm to see Anders strolling through his workspace toward him. “What?” “You have a hot date lined up, bro?” In truth, Anders had heard the tail end of the conversation and didn’t need Ty to confirm it.
Anders seemed deeply amused by the idea, which got under Ty’s skin in a way he didn’t care to admit. “If I did, I wouldn’t talk to you about it.” “That’s cold. Here I was, happy for you.” Ty rolled his eyes. “I’m sure. Why are you here?” “If you need pointers on how to get your end away-” “God- It’s always about sex with you.” He shrugged. “That’s the fun bit?” Ty rolled his eyes. “Yeah, whatever- Why are you here, Anders?”
Anders giggled, but put his hands in his pockets and let Ty off the hook as he started to explain the latest development in their search for the Frigg.
“Sorry I don’t have a smaller vehicle.” Ty winced apologetically as you put on your seatbelt in the front seat of his van. You waved dismissively. “No worries. I’m used to this sort of ride, believe me.” “Right. Your catering van probably smells better though.” He let out a soft, self-deprecating laugh.
His van smelled a bit like a mechanic’s shop, you thought. You tried to picture what he looked like when he was elbows-deep in a fridge repair job. Did he get greasy? Wear a jumpsuit? You’d only seen him twice now; the first time in a well-fitted but understated suit, and today in nice jeans and a button-down short-sleeved shirt. He smelled like laundry soap and aftershave, competing with the lingering scent of refrigerator oil from his vehicle. If he got dirty at work, he sure knew how to clean up well.
“I kind of like the smell,” you murmured, looking out the window. He blinked, raising his brows at you momentarily, but quickly turned his attention to starting the vehicle and getting you on your way. He could already feel an unfamiliar warmth under his shirt, silently confirming to himself that it must have been you that made him feel this way.
“How’d you get into fridge repairs?” “Oh, uh-” He winced, the reminder of his god powers unwelcome. “I developed a bit of a knack for it?” “Just sort of happened?” You nodded. “I think I can relate. You cater a few parties for friends, and next thing you know, you’re booked up every weekend.” “Business is business.” He grinned and shrugged. “Yes. Have to pay the bills somehow. Oh, but- your carving! That must be a real passion you have. I’ve never seen anything like that.”
You noted the ghost of a blush that graced his pale cheeks as he focused on the road. “I like ice. It’s tangible, solid. But also temporary. Unforgiving and fragile.” He let out a small huff and smiled to himself. “It’s fun to work with.”
“You like that it’s temporary?” You couldn’t imagine creating something so beautiful only to have it disappear into nothing. It would never occur to you that you did the same thing when making food. “It’s nice to think the cold won’t last,” he answered without thinking. Then he pursed his lips and furrowed his brow. That’s a weird thing to say, Ty.
But you were watching the road, taking his statement at face value. “Mm. I reckon.” You were distracted, wondering how many masterpieces he’d carved and disposed of over the years.
When you arrived at the park, he tried to take the picnic basket you’d packed from you. “I can carry it. I’m stronger than I look.” “I’m sure you are, but-” He held up the large tote with the picnic blanket in one hand and his container of cupcakes in the other. “I’ll feel like a rotten date if we don’t trade. Please?”
The part of you that might argue with other men that you didn’t need their help carrying things was somehow not offended by this gesture, and so you shrugged and let him trade. His wares were admittedly much lighter, and you were grateful for the swap once you started making your way down the unfamiliar path through the park. Apparently it was further than you’d assumed.
He led you to a lovely spot with lush green grass, trees, and a view of the lake.
Once you settled on the large gingham picnic blanket, you let out a happy sigh. There was a slight breeze, and between the bright sun and the dappling of shade from the trees, it felt like the perfect picnic weather.
“Do you come to this park often?” “Sometimes.” Ty nodded. “It’s a good path for running, especially in the morning when there’s not so many people around.” “Running, right.” You nodded. “Do you like to run?” “I… haven’t run since school?” You laughed. “I don’t mind walking. Especially in nice parks with the right company.” You tilted your head at him. He wet his lips. “Walks can be good.”
It was then that you got lost in the blue-grey color of his eyes. You’d been right to think they’d look different in sunlight than in the creamy din of the reception hall. They shone like storm clouds ready to streak silver lightning, but the look in them was kind and inviting as he smiled back at you.
“Hungry?” His face lit up. “Starved.”
In fact, he’d skipped breakfast in anticipation. The food at the wedding had been so good that everything he’d eaten since was a huge let-down. He’d gotten used to cold food for so long, but the temporary reprieve had reminded him what he’d been missing out on.
You opened the lid of the picnic basket and carefully laid out several containers of food. Two small glass jars of fruit salad, another two with pasta salad inside, and then a two-tier container of all manner of appetizers like the ones from the wedding. You were secretly both showing off and trying to figure out what sorts of things he preferred to eat at the same time.
“Oh wow.” He stared down at the spread with wide eyes. “I clearly got the better end of the deal, here. I’m not sure my cupcakes are worth all this.” You disagreed. Surely just his company was worth this much. Worth more. There was something about him that drew you like a magnet in a way you couldn’t explain. “I’m testing out recipes-” you lied. “So tell me which ones are winners.” “Keen.”
And he was. Once again you watched as he slowly savoured everything he tried, unable to contain the marvel at every new flavour. You’d cook for him every day if it put that dumbfounded smile on his face.
After a few minutes he looked over at you with concern. “Aren’t you going to eat?” “Oh!” You let out a small laugh and nodded suddenly. “Of course. I was just waiting to see what you thought.” You grabbed one of the pasta salad portions and opened it up as if to prove you were a human who consumed food. “This is, easily, the best lunch I’ve had in years.” “Oh, you don’t need to be hyperbolic.” “I’m not.”
You looked up to catch the earnest expression on his face, though the breathless way he’d voiced his assurance was convincing enough. What the hell had they been feeding this man his whole life? Dirt?
Ty opened one of the fruit salads next, unphased by your nonverbal state. “The strawberries are cut into roses.” He held one up on his fork, marveling at it. “Oh, just a little trick I picked up for catering.” You’d also used cookie cutters to cut the melon into little stars and diamonds. Obviously you’d tried to make the meal special, but now that he was remarking on it, you were second guessing yourself. Maybe you’d overdone it. But he was delighted. “That’s amazing. Best fruit salad ever.” You let out a small laugh. “Ta.”
He noted the faint blush on your cheeks as he looked over at you. The sun behind you bathed you in a soft glow, like a golden aura. He shook his head slightly. “You didn’t have to go to all this trouble.” You shrugged, trying to hide your bashful smile. “It’s just food. But I’m glad you’re enjoying it.”
As your picnic wore on, you settled into a game of asking each other endless questions. Favourite movies. Holidays. Music tastes.
“Favourite type of weather?” “I like all weather, but…” Ty hummed in thought, laying on his side on the blanket. “Hail?” You snorted, but then nodded. “Right. Ice.” He laughed at himself.
“And you? Favourite weather?” “If I have to be outside, weather like this is perfect, but if I can hole up inside?” You winced. “I’m sort of partial to thunderstorms?” “Really?” You nodded. “Especially if the power’s out. Then you can cozy up under a blanket and watch the rain outside, and then- flash of lightning! And the louder the thunder, the better.”
He imagined it easily. Cuddled together on a loveseat, candles lit, and you beaming as the sky split open outside. Holding you safely against him as the rolling thunder shook the house. “Sounds like heaven,” he murmured.
“You don’t think I’m a nutbar?” He shrugged, smiling. “I’m partial to nutbars.” The two of you shared a small laugh. “It’s like I said, I like all weather. Wind. Rain. That special kind of rain that comes in sideways.” He grinned with a twinkle in his eye that made your stomach flutter. You let out a soft hum.
“How ‘bout those cupcakes now?” You raised a brow, eyeing their container. “Oh! Yes.” He sat up and opened the box. Inside were four chocolate cupcakes with caramel-flavoured frosting on top. He pulled one out and offered it to you with some mild trepidation. “Not sure they’ll hold up to a caterer’s standards, but I’ve been told they’re not bad.”
“Oh, it looks amazing.” He watched with amused confusion as you carefully pulled the cupcake in half and flipped the top upside down, creating a frosting sandwich. You took a bite and let out a pleased sound.
They were good, no question. Just dense and moist enough for a chocolate cupcake to be decadent but not disgustingly rich. There was a hint of salt in the caramel frosting. You would have no problem serving these to your clients. You nodded to him. “Really good.” You took another big bite.
You caught Ty staring at your mouth, fighting a grin. “What?” “You have some crumbs,” he murmured, leaning toward you to brush his thumb over the skin just beside your lips. He hovered there, and you searched each other's eyes for a moment. When your face moved slightly closer to his, he closed the gap, pressing a tender kiss to your mouth.
Despite the heat on the back of his neck at the kiss, Ty felt calm. Patient. His lips curled into a satisfied smile that could have melted any ice sculpture you placed before him. “I’m having a really good time,” he murmured. “Me too.”
Later, the two of you strolled lazily along the paved path, eventually coming to a bench with a picturesque view of the lake. “Let’s sit for a bit,” Ty suggested, doing just that. He pat the bench seat beside him. You followed suit, sitting a little closer than could be considered casual. Ty smiled and stretched his arms out to rest one behind you on the back of the bench.
It may not have been as subtle or smooth as he’d have imagined, but it was an open invitation when coupled with the glance that met your raised brow gaze. You slid over and laid your head on his chest, draping an arm loosely around his torso. His arm that had been behind you wrapped around you easily and you both settled into your new arrangement on the bench.
You could hear - feel - his strong heart beating a slow, steady rhythm. Like a metronome, it seemed to set a pace for your breath, and you stared out over the water feeling quite relaxed.
Ty was just as at ease. Looking out at the lake, no troubles crossed his mind. There was nothing but this moment of peace and you in his arms. The warm feeling in his veins that seemed to tell him all’s good. He trailed his fingers up and down your side absent-mindedly.
After some time in pleasant silence, his hand stopped its idle movements. “Are you… comfortable?” He raised a brow, not wanting to outright ask you if you were cold without context. Surely he could only get away with that so many times before you thought he had some weird complex.
You hummed happily, pressing against him even more. “Very.” Maybe you were too comfortable. Maybe Ty thought it was weird that you felt completely at ease snuggled up on a bench in public with someone you’d only met a few days prior.
“Ty?” “Hm?” “You like ice because it’s temporary?” “Not- exactly.” He wanted to be honest, but needed to be careful what he said. “I like working with ice. And I like that ice is temporary.” “Mm.” “Why?” He turned to look down at your face, soft worry playing on his features. “I was just wondering… if you prefer other things to be temporary.” He scrunched his face, not sure what you were getting at. “What d’you mean?” “Nothing. Nevermind.”
There were plenty of things he wouldn’t mind being temporary. The stress over the hunt for Frigg. The stupid bickering between his older brothers. Being Hod.
But none of that mattered right now. Right now he was bathed in warmth and easy comfort unlike anything he’d known. Whatever he was feeling - for you, because of you - was welcome indeed.
“Some things I’d like to never end.” “Like what?” “This?” He laid his head on yours, closing his eyes. You felt the color rising to your cheeks. You couldn’t help but agree.
TAJ taglist: @midearthwritings
Tagging because of those comments about Anders punishing us: @sketch-and-write-lover @werelywrites
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jprgirl · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know y'all love some Anders stills so enjoy these close ups of him talking to Mike on the phone in S1E2.
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freightzeit · 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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redbyrde · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So I've been watching The Almighty Johnsons and holy shit Stacey is so hot I love her 😍
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unauthorizedrhapsody · a month ago
The God Hunters kept their files on Anders, and they want to know Who, and where the others are. 
When Anders goes missing it becomes clear to the Gods and Goddesses that the time for peace is over, and it is time for the Æsir Gods of War to fight.
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